VAdm AC Zuriyev: BEGIN SIM
LtTommySpark: <<Good. I was trying to get a... rise out of you. ;-)
EnsignRuder: ::In engineering::
Taev trTei: ::steps into the security office, humming to himself::
CounselorTempest: ::is asleep with her head on her desk::
Eng Jorge Valdes: ::in engineering::
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<You try too hard>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::on the bridge:: Zinthys! Departure preparation status?
Taev trTei: ::relaxed, after a nice sonic shower..::
EnsignRuder: Hey Jorge, what did you do with our minimal time of shore leave?
TKirr: ::walks into her quarters, sighing in relief::
: :: wakes up in a cold sweat from a really bad dream and gets ready for his shift::
: ::Hiding in office::
ErisedNatas: ::is in the turbolift heading to her quarters::
CounselorTempest: ::the paperwork she was completing at 2 am the night before lies abandoned on her desk where it dropped when she finally surrendered to slumber::
CounselorTempest: <<Keep to those tactics, please, Timmah. ;-)>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::having finished window shopping on the promenade of the starbase, takes her purchases back to her quarters::
Eng Jorge Valdes: Nothing why?
Agent DanteSmith: ::sitting behind the usual::
Eng Jorge Valdes
: just run a couple of Diagnostics
EnsignRuder: Sounds familar, just conversation...
ErisedNatas: ::steps off the turbolift and heads to quarters::
ensignjerryswiss: Ensign Jerry Swiss reporting for duty LT sir!
: ::tries on a new outfit:: Ooh! How slimming.
Taev trTei: ::breaks into a whistle, glad to have the data on the goo stored away and the past::
Jack Cahalan: ::in Ten-Forward, polishing glasses::
Taev trTei: Greetings, Lieutenant. ::nods::
CSciAxelalexa: ::Works in science, occasionally proclaiming "Science!"::
Lt Allen Zinthys: We are almost ready to go, sir.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Is everyone back aboard?
Agent DanteSmith: ::nods:: Ensign
: Jorge, we are getting ready to depart and we are going to go to warp. Would you go and increase the power to the inertial dampers?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Maybe I'll wear this to Ten-Forward to ... break it in. Yes. It *is* a bit tight.
TKirr: ::walks over to her Shurata lizard's terrarium and stares at it, watching its tail dance across the purple sand::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::His normal spot at Tactical:: Aye, sir.
Eng Jorge Valdes: no problem sir....
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<I think... I hope...>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Transfer us to internal power.
ErisedNatas: ::gets there and finds a boquet (or hooever you spell it) of wildflowers waiting for her
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::Moves swiftly through corridors to Tommy's office, having managed to keep Zinth and his crew from actively pursuing Tommy::
EnsignRuder: Logan!
ensignjerryswiss: anything you want me to do sir?
Eng Jorge Valdes
: ::increases power to the dampiners::
EnsignRuder: Logan> Yes sir?
Taev trTei: ::perks a brow, looking around the security office:: Sure is quiet in here, eh?
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Oh, God. Are you targeting me again?>>
EnsignRuder: Logan, iniatiate the warp drive power up systems.
ErisedNatas: ::immediately walks out and heads somewhere, anywhere, else::
EnsignRuder: Valdes, warm up the warp engines.
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::reaches them, enters unnanounched. Tommy is curled up in a ball facing away from her::
Agent DanteSmith: ::shrugs:: quiet morning is all
: Kina> I thought I'd find you here.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Presses buttons:: Internal power, sir..
Agent DanteSmith: kind of happens when Bob sleeps in
: ::Walks to a console and decouples the dilithium matrix, and then reinitializes it::
Cdr Sullivan: :::in her office, sipping some warmed cider, just reading:::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::strolls to the lounge, enters::
ErisedNatas: ::gets to the turbolift, gets in, pauses and finally decided on ten forward:: Ten Forward please
Lt Allen Zinthys: We're ready to go on your mark.
Taev trTei: ..Bob?
Agent DanteSmith: have you not met Bob yet?
Taev trTei
: No, I haven't.
Eng Jorge Valdes: ::finishes increasing power::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::monotone:: You entered unannounced.
Agent DanteSmith: ah...well then...forget I said anything ::smiles::
: :: decides to go to ten forward to get some food to eat::
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: Contact the dockmaster for permission to launch.
Eng Jorge Valdes: Hey ruder?
LtTommySpark: Kina> Since when have I ever asked before coming in?
ErisedNatas: ::arrives at ten forward and sits ina corner booth alone::
EnsignRuder: Yeah...
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::swishes across the room to a seat by a window::
TKirr: ::dumps some Reptilian Supplement 13 onto the sand and watches her pet pick it up lightly with its tail, slowly feeding it into its mouth::
Taev trTei
: Aye.I was thinking of running a check on the armory..
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Taps on console::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Pauses::
EnsignRuder: ::Walks over to another console attempting to listen to Valdes. Increases power to the thrusters::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::turns, looks at her. His face is now tear-streaked. He wipes them off::
Eng Jorge Valdes: how about when we finish hear we go to ten-foward and get ourselfs a drink or two
Jack Cahalan: ::marvels at the number of solitary corner booths this place has::
CSciAxelalexa: ::occasionally looks over his books on terran psychology, while muttering "they're all obviously insane"::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> I--
Taev trTei: I'll be there if you need me...unless I have other orders?
ensignjerryswiss: sees Eris sitting in the corner alone:: is this seat taken?
: ::notices the commanders new outfit. whispers:: nice
Agent DanteSmith:'s on the go to it I guess
: Kina> ::silences him:: Shh....
ErisedNatas: ::startled:: umm no
EnsignRuder: Might have to, but I have an engagement that needs to take place before that.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::turns to Erised and smiles:: Ensign.
CounselorTempest: ::shifts in her chair, twitching as she dreams::
LtTommySpark: Kina> It's alright. You're not allowed to apologize.
ensignjerryswiss: :: sits down:: so how are you Eris?
Taev trTei
: Aye..::grabs a PADD, and sets off down the deck, leaving the security office::
Lt Allen Zinthys: Permission granted. ::Grins:: He also added that he wishes you leave under standard Starfleet regulations, even though he doesn't expect us to
Eng Jorge Valdes: really... well just thought I ask
TKirr: ::lowers herself to her knees so that she is eye level with her pet, and looks into its deep, gold-rimmed eyes::
: ::smiles:: hey. ive been thinging about you
EnsignRuder: Thanks for the invite.
Jack Cahalan: :::admires Brooke's outfit from the corner of his eye as he polishes the bar::
Taev trTei: ::steps into a turbolift:: Computer, deck <#>.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> I pushed you. I physically attacked you.
ensignjerryswiss: nice outfit commander
Eng Jorge Valdes
: no prob sir
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::snorts::
Agent DanteSmith: ::sighs and leans back in the chair::
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: Clear all moorings.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::raises an eyebrow:: Thank you, Mr. Swiss.
LtTommySpark: Kina> You were angry. ::smiles:: And I can take care of myself.
Eng Jorge Valdes: ::contimues work::
Taev trTei: ::steps out of the turbolift, heading to the armory::
TKirr: Lizard> ::rumbles lightly, staring back at T'Kirr::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Clears his throat:: We're clear, sir.
EnsignRuder: ::Sees Hoskins doing something wrong:: Hoskins, you doing it wrong. Take the plasma torch and go up and down, not side to site.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::notices Jack noticing her, smiles to herself::
ErisedNatas: you want anythign to drink?
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::smiles. I bet you can.
EnsignRuder: ::takes the torch::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: One quarter impulse to spacedoors.
EnsignRuder: ::Runs up and down, then burns his hand::
Taev trTei: ::steps into the armory, nodding to the Petty Officer on duty::
ensignjerryswiss: a rootbeer with no ice would be nice
: Tommy> ::after a moment:: I killed him, Kina.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::violates regulations again::
EnsignRuder: Damn it...
ErisedNatas: ok ::walks to the bar::
LtTommySpark: Kina> No you didn't.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Aye, sir. ::Ship accelerates to 1/4 impluse::
Taev trTei: ::begins counting off type I phasers, comparing the numbers with those on his PADD::
ErisedNatas: hey can i get a rootbeer wtih no ice and a vodka and tonic?
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::pause:: You're right. I didn't. But I feel like...
ensignjerryswiss: :: stares out at the stars and station::
: ::turns toward the bar and stares, willing Jack to notice that she is sans drink::
Eng Jorge Valdes: ::turns to ruder:: are you ok sir?
EnsignRuder: Valdes, you have Engineering. I have to go to Sickbay, that burnt like a Katarian Acid Worm...
LtTommySpark: Tommy> I think he cared about me, Kina. He really cared about me.
Jack Cahalan: ::pours Brooke a cranberry juice and takes it to her, smiling::
TKirr: ::puts her hand to the glass in a vain attempt to communicate with her pet::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Imagines the dockmaster cursing up a storm::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: That is one regulation I love to break.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::smiles and nods::
Eng Jorge Valdes: ok sir
Cdr Sullivan: :::begins preparing a recommendation of equipment that she would like to see Zinthys implement::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::flashes Jack a winning smile:: Thank you.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> I have no idea who shot him... why they were in that room... but if they were after me... no one had any idea he'd be there.
Taev trTei: ::sighs, seeing one of them is missing, and sets to counting off the type II's::
LtTommySpark: Kina> You can't know that.
ErisedNatas: ::gets the drinks andheads back to the table::
ErisedNatas: here you go
TKirr: ::stands, gazing at her lizard, then turns for the shower::
: ::Walks out and into a TL:: Sickbay.
Jack Cahalan: Of course, Commander. ::returns to the bar, still admiring her::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::sips her juice::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> I just keep thinking... if I hadn't carried ona relationship with someone I didn't love...
ensignjerryswiss: :: sees himself in the reflection and realizes he looks like shit::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: <<Something tells me I should really read the log that you wrote, Tim>>
EnsignRuder: ::Rides the turbolift up to Sickbay:: Exits out and walks into sickbay.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::Watches the ship clear the spacedoors::
ensignjerryswiss: thanks
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: Set course for Eta Mu IV. Warp eight.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::wonders when Jack will get up the cajones to sit down and talk to her::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> If I hadn't been so selfish as to put my sexual pleasure above someone's life...
ErisedNatas: soooo... ::sighs:: whats going on?
CounselorTempest: ::shifts into half-consciousness, blurred by a fuzzy headache that throbs at her temples::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Blinks:: Aye, sir.
LtTommySpark: Kina> He wanted to be with you!
ensignjerryswiss: not much i didn't sleep too well last night
: ::shouts into sickbay in a yelling but not loud voice:: Doctor?
Taev trTei: ::moves on to the Type III Phaser rifles and compression rifles, seeing all type II phasers are accounted for::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Taps on the secondary console::
Jack Cahalan: ::finishes arraying the liquors in easy reach::
ErisedNatas: really? whats wrong ::takes a sip of her drink::
Eng Jorge Valdes has left the room.
CounselorTempest: ::feels her stiff mucsles protesting the treatment of being forced to sleep upright::
LtTommySpark: Kina> Listen to me -- you didn't know he was going to die. You didn't cause this.
CounselorTempest: :;blurs back into a dream-filled sleep::
Agent DanteSmith: ::drifts off to sleep in his chair::
: <<afk one quick sec>>
EnsignRuder: Doctor?!
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Execute.
CounselorTempest: <<Imitator. ;-)>>
LtTommySpark: Tommy> No? Well... maybe not. But at least I could've prevented it.
Taev trTei: ::fights off the wearyness flowing through him due to his lack of sleep, barely keeping his eyes open, and continues to count off rifles::
Agent DanteSmith: <<hmph ;-)>>
: just thinking of my friend Damion and how he died instead of me
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::grumbles:: You can't possibly understand...
Eng Jorge Valdes has entered the room.
ErisedNatas: you want to talk about it?
TKirr: ::over the faint hum of the sonic shower, hears her pet thrashing within its terrarium::
Agent DanteSmith
: <<like I can read what everyone else is doin :-P>>
: Kina> No!? I can't!? Try me!
EnsignRuder: ::Walks around a corner and sees Tommy and Kina talking:: Excuse me?
ensignjerryswiss: Eris you're the first person i let get this close to me
: i guess
: <<back>>
ensignjerryswiss: << wb>>
: ::blushes:: thats nice to hear
ensignjerryswiss: ::smiles
Agent DanteSmith
: <<look! more love on Atlantis! where's Isaac?!>>
: i just hope i dont dissappoint you
LtTommySpark: Dr. Crawford> ::approaches Ruder:: May I help you?
ensignjerryswiss: i don't think you will
: Crawford> Mr. Spark is otherwise engaged.
CounselorTempest: <<Isaac?>>
CSciAxelalexa: ::Tries doing this human "humming" thing, but lacks the physiological developments required to do so::
EnsignRuder: I burnt my hand on a plasma torch...pretty bad...
Agent DanteSmith: <<yaknow...the bartender...>>
: ::Shows hand to the doctor::
TKirr: <<lol Axe>>
: ::smiles:: im glad at least one of us has faith in me
Taev trTei: ::checks off the number on his PADD, and then turns to the more heavy equipment, the isomagnetic disintegraters [Insurrection], and the TR-116's [DS9]::
Eng Jorge Valdes: ::works in engineering::
EnsignRuder: ::winces in the pain::
CSciAxelalexa: ::Instead makes a sound like a cat in a blender fighting off a horde of vicious badgers::
ensignjerryswiss: what do you mean?
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: Zinthys, you have the bridge.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::enters the RR::
Agent DanteSmith: <<loveboat...>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: Aye, sir
TKirr: ::darts out of the shower, glancing around the corner to look at her lizard, perfectly still within its cage, staring back at her::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Sits at Tac::
Agent DanteSmith: ::dreams of olden days and open seas::
: Assistants> ::back away slowly from Axe::
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::viciously:: I can tolerate being pushed around in a corridor. But if there's one thing I can't handle, it's when those most important to me make assumptions about who I am... what I've been through.
ensignjerryswiss: Eris you can tell me anything and it won't affect our friendship
: ::sips her juice::
ErisedNatas: i dont know. im just in one of those moods i guess ::looks down::
ErisedNatas: its nothing to do with you
LtTommySpark: Kina> You think I don't understand guilt!?
ensignjerryswiss: ok
Jack Cahalan: ::finishes his work at the bar and looks to see if anyone needs drinks::
EnsignRuder: Can you fix it doc, I am sure all it needs is some dermal regeneration. Although I figured that another opinion could be useful.
Eng Jorge Valdes: Logan... Take over here... I have been here for 15 hours streight and I need to take a break... see you later
Taev trTei: ::finishes his tally, and turns to the Petty Officer:: There's one Type I Phaser missing, crewman...I'll be reporting this to main security ASAP.
TKirr: ::raises a brow at her pet, then resumes her shower::
: ::finishes the rest of her juice::
Taev trTei: ::sets down the deck, not giving the Petty Officer time to respond::
Taev trTei: ::taps his com badge::
EnsignRuder: Crawford> No problem./
EnsignRuder: Logan> Aye sir.
ErisedNatas: ::looks at her empty glass and raises her hand to jack::
LtTommySpark: Crawford> What seems to be the problem., Mr. Ruder?
Agent DanteSmith: Petty Officer> ::frowns at his back in response::
: <<I got it Spark>>
Eng Jorge Valdes: ::leaves engineering::
Taev trTei: +Com/Smith+>tr'Tei to Smith, Lieutenant, we have one Type I phaser missing from the armory..
ensignjerryswiss: the thing is Damion didn't even have his pilots licence and i did and we were flying too low and didn't even see the other shuttle craft
Jack Cahalan: ::arranges a tray of drinks and makes a round, filling everyone's glass and saving Brooke for last::
LtTommySpark: <<kay>>
Eng Jorge Valdes: ::goes to ten Foward::
Agent DanteSmith: ::snores through comm...dosn't respond::
Taev trTei
: ::steps into the T/L:: Deck <#>.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Tries again, making a sound kind of like a burning human::
ensignjerryswiss: :: starts to cry a little::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::purses her lips as Jack makes her wait::
EnsignRuder: Crawford> ::Runs a dermal regenerator over his hand::
Taev trTei: ::blinks..
Taev trTei: -::
Taev trTei: +Com/Smith+>..Lieutenant?
ErisedNatas: swiss, thats the past. you cant keep swellingon it and still expect to be happy
EnsignRuder: Thanks Doc. ::Leaves Sickbay::
Agent DanteSmith: ::still no answer::
: you have to let it go
Jack Cahalan: ::arrives and fills her glass:: Commander Dolan! How are you today? Was the shore leave to your liking?
EnsignRuder: Crawford> Come again.
ensignjerryswiss: i know but i can't help thinking about it
Taev trTei: ::steps out of the T/L, walking toward the security office::
CSciAxelalexa: ::Clicks:: Looks like I'm not fit to be a human. Of course, knowing how crazy they are, now, I don't see that as a flaw.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Don't you usually want swelling to go down?>>
Agent DanteSmith: ::sees a big boat with many canons shooting many smaller boats::
Eng Jorge Valdes
: ::enters ten Foward::
LtTommySpark: Kina> Let me tell you about guilt. I spent years asleep in the adjacent room, listening as my mother was violated by man after man.....
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::smiles sweetly at him:: Shore leave was fine, thank you. I bought a few new things. Did you get off the ship at all?
Taev trTei: ::steps in, the doors making a swishing noise as he does so::
LtTommySpark: Ferengi... Orion... Federation... the scum of the galaxy...
Taev trTei: ....::resists the urge to chuckle::
Agent DanteSmith: ::sleeps through Taev's entrance::
: maybe if you went to the holodeck and relived it and changed a few things, it might help. you could tell him good bye
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<depends on the kind of swelling, Zinth>>
ensignjerryswiss: it might help
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<::bites lip::>>
EnsignRuder: Logan> +Ruder+ Logan to Ruder.
Agent DanteSmith: <<ewww>>
: ::finishing her shower, changes into a fresh uniform and walks over to her tiny table and sits herself tiredly::
Taev trTei
: ::walks over to Smith, moving behind him, and fills his lungs with air::...
EnsignRuder: +Logan+ Go ahead Mike.
Taev trTei: ATTENTION!
Jack Cahalan: ::nods:: I did, went and enjoyed myself with some shopping.
ErisedNatas: ::AA::
ensignjerryswiss: it's like a piece of me is missing
Taev trTei: [...]
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<LOL!!>>
Cdr Sullivan: ::::continues to contemplate things as she keeps busy in an isolated kind of way:::
Agent DanteSmith: ::eyes fly open...arm flies up, socking Taev in the gut::
: Pick up anything interesting?
EnsignRuder: Logan> +Ruder+ We are experiences weird power readings, can you go to the bridge and check it out?
ErisedNatas: <<lol sorry. instinct>>
Taev trTei: ::stumbles backward, winded::
EnsignRuder: +Logan+ No problem, on my way.
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::cnt:: When you're an Orion Animal WOman.... no one looks at you as anything other than an object... a safe vessel for dumpin any unwanted sexual frustration.
Agent DanteSmith: <<good instinct::
: ::Walks to TL:: Bridge, Deck One.
Agent DanteSmith: ::spins around in chair:: what the heck was that?!
: i understand
Taev trTei: ::steadies himself::..your alarm clock..
Taev trTei: ::chuckles a bit, then coughs::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Looks around the bridge, realizes why he has the bridge::
EnsignRuder: ::Rides TL to the Bridge and steps off onto the bridge::
ErisedNatas: do you want to go somewhere?
LtTommySpark: Kina> Most Orion children are separated from their mothers at birth. Sold off to the highest bidder.
CSciAxelalexa: ::considers trying this human relationship thing he read of on the book, approaches the static antimatter arrangement generator::
TKirr: ::stands, taking in a deep breath, then exits her quarters, heading for the lounge::
: :: wipes the tears >from his eyes:: sorry you had to see me like this
CSciAxelalexa: STAG, you and I have known each other for quite some time.
Agent DanteSmith: ::rolls eyes:: yeah well...guess I deserved that...
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Sees Ruder enter and nods::
Jack Cahalan: Yes, a couple of interesting things.. mind if I join you?
CSciAxelalexa: STAG> ::hums::
Taev trTei: You're lucky I wasn't some senior officer..::snickers::
EnsignRuder: Evening Lieutenant.
ErisedNatas: ::hugs him:: dont worry about it
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<LOL, Axe!!!>>
LtTommySpark: Kina> My mother was on good terms with the owner of her establishment.
ensignjerryswiss: thanks
EnsignRuder: ::Walks over down to the Engineering Station::
Eng Jorge Valdes: ::takes seat in launge::
Taev trTei: ..erm..anyway..we've got one type I phaser missing from the armory.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::tilts her head and smiles:: I thought you'd never ask.
LtTommySpark: Kina> She negotiated a deal to keep me... raise me.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Greetings. ::Turns back to his monitors::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Please, do sit down, Mr. Cahalan.
CSciAxelalexa: STAG> ::continues to generate statically arranged antimatter::
ErisedNatas: well, i better get back to sickbay
ensignjerryswiss: ok bye
Taev trTei: ::slides the PADD onto the desk, displaying the statistics::
ErisedNatas: call me if you need me ok?
CSciAxelalexa: So, I was thinking, would you like me to kill you?
Jack Cahalan: ::takes a seat and pours himself some cranberry juice as well::
ErisedNatas: anytime
Agent DanteSmith: hmm...have you checked all the weapons lockers? could have been miss-stored
: ok
TKirr: ::enters the Lounge, moving to the replicator where she orders her usual herbal tea::
: +Logan+ Logan, the power readings are fluctuating. Only at 0.003 microns, no biggie.
Jack Cahalan: Thank you, Commander.
CSciAxelalexa: Wait, I think I did that wrong.
CSciAxelalexa: ::looks back at the book::
LtTommySpark: Kina> So I could lie awake at night and watch her degrade herself, sacrifice herself, lose touch with all that gave her independence, integrity, beauty...
EnsignRuder: Logan> +Ruder+ Thank you sir, sorry to worry you.
CSciAxelalexa: Oh, wait, not kill, date.
ErisedNatas: bye ::stands and heads to sickbay::
CmdrBrookeDolan: So ... uh ... how do you like running Ten-Forward?
EnsignRuder: +Logan+ No problem...
LtTommySpark: Kina> And there was NOTHING I could do to stop it.
LtTommySpark: Kina> So don't TALK to me about guilt.
CSciAxelalexa: Damn, humans are weird.
CounselorTempest: ::wakes, feeling sweat dampening her neck::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::goes over the reports from engineering:::
Eng Jorge Valdes: ::walks over to replicator::
Agent DanteSmith: shuttlebays...cargobays...bridge...
Taev trTei
: I checked every inch of the armory. No sign of the thing.
ensignjerryswiss: hey jack can you give me that dish you gave me last time i really liked it
Jack Cahalan: It is a prized job.
TKirr: ::Makes a sweep of the room with her eyes, seeing occupants, then realizes she forgot her PADD of Distraction and curses silently::
: Indeed? How so?
CSciAxelalexa: Assistants> ::edge away more quickly from Axe and the STAG::
CounselorTempest: ::blinks, trying to clear her blurred vision, and presses her palm to her forehead, trying to cool the heat::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::narrows her eyes at Swiss' interruption::
EnsignRuder: ::Looks around to see only him and Zinthys on the bridge:: Well, Lieutenant, what a commanding position you have here.
Agent DanteSmith: transporter rooms and what not...
Taev trTei
: is possible it was routed to the wrong deck...
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Tempest, I think you have the flu. It's going around. Get to sickbay!>>
Eng Jorge Valdes: oh hello ensign.. T'kitrr right?
ensignjerryswiss: :: blushes:: sorry commander
Jack Cahalan: ::picks up his remote control, zaps it at the replicator, causing the Tarkalian flopbeast pot pie to appear for Swiss::
LtTommySpark: Kina> You want to blame yourself for something you had nothing to do with? You want to decide the sex you had with Miguel... good sex. Affectionate sex. Consentual sex....
ErisedNatas: ::enmters sickbay and sits ar her desk sighing::
Agent DanteSmith: that's one possibility
Agent DanteSmith
: we should have that looked into
: ::stands, and feels her joints ache::
TKirr: ::turns to see Valdes:: Yes.
Taev trTei
: However, I doubt it. The armory was full when I got onboard.
CounselorTempest: Damn.
LtTommySpark: kina> You want to decide that sex somehow incriminates you in his death, go right ahead.
ensignjerryswiss: ::digs in and eats it::
ErisedNatas: ::begind paperwork::
LtTommySpark: Kina> But don't expect any sympathy from me.
ErisedNatas: <<afk>>
LtTommySpark: Kina> You think you're selfish?
Taev trTei: And the only mission since I've come onboard was the away team mission. We used Type III's.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Yes. As you can see, virtually everybody else *must* die, in order for me to command this ship.
Jack Cahalan: ::twirls the remote and jams it in his pocket::
Eng Jorge Valdes: ::smiles:: finally I get a name right around here.. so how are we this evining?
Agent DanteSmith: +taps+ Smith to all junior security officers...please check all weapons lockers near your positions...and check in with what you find...that is all
: I hear you, well if you die, that puts me closer to command.
CmdrBrookeDolan: So ... Jack ... where were we?
EnsignRuder: ::Smiles and leans on the tactical console::
ensignjerryswiss: +smith+ aye sir
EnsignRuder: Whatcha doin?
LtTommySpark: Kina> You want to know what's really selfish? Blaming yourself instead of committing yourself to finding Miguel's real murderer.
Jack Cahalan: Shore leave. Did you buy that outfit? It's gorgeous.
Agent DanteSmith: ::waits for responses::
: Kina> Shutting yourself off instead of letting in those who care about you. I care about you, Tommy... and dammit...
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Glares:: Excuse me. This bridge is rather spacious for two people. YOu need not crowd me.
TKirr: ::looks around the lounge, wishing she had brought a book:: I am well. You?
: ::smiles again and lets her eyes roll just a little:: Oh, this old thing? I've had it for years. I only wear it when nothing else is clean.
Agent DanteSmith: see...that's a lesson for you right there...if you have a big job to do...let your subordinates handle it ::grins::
: ::steps back:: Sorry, what are you doing?
ensignjerryswiss: :: heads for the nearest locker and sees that all the weapons are there
EnsignRuder: Anything I can do to help?
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::places hand on Tommy's shoulder... this time he does not flinch:: He was my friend too.
Eng Jorge Valdes: fine just spent the last 15 hours in engineering
Taev trTei: ::snickers, then realizes that he's Smith's subordinate, and it fades::
Lt Allen Zinthys: And, for the record, I am monitoring our status en route to our next station.
CSciAxelalexa: ::looks at the book:: So we date a while and then get murdered... no, no... m-a-r-r-i-e-d... Maryed? What does that mean? ::sighs as he looks up another weird human word::
ensignjerryswiss: +smith+ all weapons are here sir
Agent DanteSmith: just's more of a delegating power thing
Jack Cahalan
: ::chuckles:: I'm sure.
Agent DanteSmith: +Swiss+ understood
: ::looks slightly surprised:: Engineering problems?
Cdr Sullivan
: :::stands and exits her office, leaving the cup behind::::
Lt Allen Zinthys: No, that's alright. If there's anything, the Admiral's in the next room.
LtTommySpark: ::TOmmy starts to open his mouth:: Kina> And if you dare to say you're sorry -- I'll walk right out that door -- and this time, I won't come back.
EnsignRuder: How is it goin'?
Taev trTei: So..same thing, but putting it that way makes you feel better? ::chuckles::
Agent DanteSmith: +Swiss+ wait...which locker are you at officer?
: ::is interrupted by Dr. Craford:: craford>here is a report on a burn that rudder had
ensignjerryswiss: :: heads back to ten forward to finish his breakfast
ErisedNatas: Natas>thank you craford ::craford exits::
Agent DanteSmith: ::glares at Taev...smirks::
: So ... ah ... tell me about yourself. You know, where you're from, how you got here ...
ensignjerryswiss: +smith+ the one by Ten Forward
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::after a moment:: You're right.
Taev trTei: ::picks up his PADD, waiting for Swiss to answer through Smith's com badge::
ErisedNatas: ::begins paperwork but canr seem to focus::
Taev trTei: ::checks off the weapons locker on the deck that the Ten Forward lounge is on::
Jack Cahalan: I'm from Betazoid... I've spent my life moving from place to place, learning new things... listening to people.... things like that. Quite enriching.
CSciAxelalexa: ::puzzles out the meaning of 'married' from the dictionary::
ErisedNatas: ::decides its hopeless and heads back to quarters::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Half-smile, still looking at his console:: Are you really so bored that you came up here to BS with me?
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::sighs:: I just wish I knew what we were going to do about it.... I don't know where to start. At least I'm an identifiable target.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Yes, I'm sure. So then ... are you a full telepath?
CounselorTempest: ::stumbles out of the room, and through the corridors to her quarts::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Zinth, he's cruising ...>>
CounselorTempest: ::collapses on the bed::
Jack Cahalan: ::nods:: Yes, I am.
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::You can start by showing up for your interrogation with Zinthys.
Cdr Sullivan: :::makes the brief trip to the bridge and squares her shoulders as she enters::::
ensignjerryswiss: +smith+ i'm going to see how sparks is doing
Agent DanteSmith: <<that'd be deck 10 ;-)>>
Eng Jorge Valdes
has left the room.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::sighs:: Fuck... he must be pissed at me.
ErisedNatas: ::arrives in quarters and, ignoring the flowers, cjamges into workout attire::
EnsignRuder: ::Kind of wannabe cries:: You don't want me to talk to you? Logan is in charge of Engineering, Valdes is probably off somewhere else on teh ship.
Agent DanteSmith: <<in the forward section ;-)>>
: But you don't ... you don't ever read anyone, right? You're not allowed, yes?
Agent DanteSmith: ::gets other reports >from all over the ship::
: Ok, so.... I'm going to need a wrench, a blow torch, two hammers, a block of old cheese, and three lab monkeys...
CounselorTempest: ::fragmented dreams pass through her consciousness, barely differentiated from the waking state,and permeated by the ache of her head::
Taev trTei: Any reports of surplus?
EnsignRuder: There isn't much to do at Warp Eight, I did all of diagnostics before we departed...
CSciAxelalexa: Alright, I think I can do this marring thing.
ensignjerryswiss: :: knocks on Sparks door:: you there ensign spark?
LtTommySpark: Kina> You may have some explaining to do. Fleeing a crime doesn't look really great.
ErisedNatas: ::heads to holodeck 1::
Agent DanteSmith: so surplus...nothing missing...
Jack Cahalan
: Of course not, that would be unethical. I can of course, sense vague emotional responses, but reading body language can accomplish that as well.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::eyes widen and he looks up at Ruder:: I was just curious....
TKirr: <<Axe you're just crazy =-O>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: <<Hush, Commander-person>>
Taev trTei: ::grunts:: I'll get ready to file a possible theft, then..
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Do you think... can it be anytyhing other than murder?
ErisedNatas: ::arrives in the holodeck and runs a sparring program::
Agent DanteSmith: ok...only places that havn't checked in are the bridge and main engineering...
: ::smiles borderline seductively:: So ... can you read me? I mean, without actually reading me? What do you sense?
EnsignRuder: Well, if you don't want me to be here, I am sure that I can return to engineering.
Agent DanteSmith: +Zinthys+ Smith to Zinthys...
: :: walks in and sees Kina and sparks talking:: am i interupting anything?
LtTommySpark: Kina> Well... Miguel wasn't exactly the suicidal type. But Zinthys can't know that for sure.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Excuse me. ::Taps:: +Smith+ Zinthys here. Go ahead Smith.
CSciAxelalexa: Oh, and I'll need Bob.
ErisedNatas: ::begins beating the fuck outta the simulated sparring partner::
Agent DanteSmith: +Zin+ you're on the bridge right sir?
Cdr Sullivan
: :::notes Ruder and Zinthys thick as thieves and heads directly to her console, thinking that certain questions regarding his sexual preferences have been answered:::
CSciAxelalexa: ::Takes Bob out of cold storage::
LtTommySpark: Kina> I'm sure he'll be following up on every possible angle... including you... You will be a suspect, TOmmy. You realize that?
ensignjerryswiss: are you ok tommy?
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<doesn't anyone knock around here?!>>
LtTommySpark: ::Sees Swiss:: Yes, Mr Swiss. May I help you?
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<LOL, Suli!!!!!!!!>>
Taev trTei: ::leans on the balls of his heels, rocking back and forth out of boredom::
ensignjerryswiss: can i talk to you alone for a minute?
EnsignRuder: <<Whose sexual preference?>>
ErisedNatas: computer increase difficulty by 2 levels
Lt Allen Zinthys: +Smith+ Yeah...
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::turns, sees Swiss:: I should get back to my duty shift. We'll talk later. Contact Zinthys. He's expecting you.
Jack Cahalan: I can tell that you enjoy my company. ::smiles, glad that he figured out how to phrase that without looking like an arrogant fuck::
ensignjerryswiss: see ya Kina
Agent DanteSmith: +Zin+ we're checking for a missing Type I...could you check the weapons locker on the bridge...oh, and have you seen Bob?
: ::kina leaves::
ErisedNatas: ::begins to just beat the simulated sparring partners::
EnsignRuder: ::Hears Smith and whispers:: I will check it...
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<I haven't had a chance to read that log, yet, TIm, so I don't know what's going on>>
Taev trTei: ::perks a brow at the mentioning of this Bob fellow again..::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Oh ... really? Am I that transparent?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Sullivan+ Zuriyev to Sullivan.
TKirr: ::walks over to an empty table and seats herself, sipping her tea... watching Valdes::
: Did you want something, Mr. Swiss. I believe my staff are fully capable of treating any ailment you might have.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Gathers the necessary equipment to do this marring thing::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Well, I suppose I could play it coy and get all defensive. Lie, even. But I guess you'd see through that too, huh?
LtTommySpark: I'm not technically on duty right now.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Slaps head at mention of Bob:: +Smith+ Did you consider that maybe Bob has the phaser?
Jack Cahalan: You don't have to be a telepath to tell, Commander, but I would not call it transparent.
CSciAxelalexa: So, I need to slowly melt the cheese onto Bob's head like so...
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::mouths "thanks"::
Agent DanteSmith: <<bad Axe! we just got him sane again after the last batch of experiments!>>
: ::Checks weapons locker and shrugs at Zinthys, no phaser::
ErisedNatas: ::gets kicked in the gut::
ErisedNatas: ::doubles over in pain::
ensignjerryswiss: no i just wanted to say i know what you are going through i lost my best friend Damion a few years before the acadamidy
Cdr Sullivan: *Zuriyev* Sullivan here.
Agent DanteSmith: +Zin+ it's possible...but I'd rather not count on that...
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Nods::
ErisedNatas: ::gets hit in the back::
Jack Cahalan: Deception can be read fairly easily by smell-sensitive races as well as empaths.
EnsignRuder: ::Walks onto the TL, off the bridge::
ErisedNatas: ::falls to the floor::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Sullivan+ Please report to my RR.
Agent DanteSmith: <<lol Jack>>
: ...while making the monkeys juggle the tools...
LtTommySpark: ::Didn't realize Miguel's death/relationship w/ Tommy was public knowledge... decided Swiss must have overheard:: Oh... Thank you. Was there anything else?
ErisedNatas: ::jumps back up and roundabout kicks the simulation::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::nods, leans closer to him:: Fascinating ... do go on.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Clears throat, making sure Smith can hear:: Computer, locate Security Creman Bob, Bullet.
ensignjerryswiss: Damion was like a brother to me
Agent DanteSmith: <<lol>>
: ::the simulation goes down::
ensignjerryswiss: i thought maybe we could go to the holodeck together sometime
Jack Cahalan: It's a matter of pheremones. ::leans in as well, swirling his glass:: And the effect they can have on others.
Taev trTei: ::yawns, feeling a bit drowsy::
Agent DanteSmith: Computer> crewman Bob is in the main science labs
: ::another one comes at eris::
Agent DanteSmith: ::frowns:: that can't be good...
Cdr Sullivan
: :::stands and crosses to the RR, rings the chime:::
LtTommySpark: Mr. Swiss... I don't mean to be rude... but I would appreciate you staying out of matters that don't... concern you.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Enter!
ensignjerryswiss: ok
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::smiles, leans closer, drops her voice:: Pheremones? Can you sense those as well?
CSciAxelalexa: <<once you sign the release waver, forever will we control your destiny>>
ErisedNatas: ::she does a backflip mortal kombat move and knocks him down::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Sighs:: Hang on ::taps:: +Axe+ Axelalexa....
Taev trTei: Shall I go fetch this Bob, Lieutenant?
ensignjerryswiss: sorry about that it was stupid of me
LtTommySpark: I.... ::taken aback:: If you want to hang out sometime... I guess... I don't see why not.
Taev trTei: ::seems a bit curious about Bob by now..::
Agent DanteSmith: ::sighs:: have you met Mr. Axelalexa yet Taev?
: It's okay, Mr. Swiss. Just... a word of advice.
Jack Cahalan: Unfortunately, no... but I don't need to in some cases.
ensignjerryswiss: thanks i got a program you might like
ErisedNatas: ::beats another sim upside the head::
LtTommySpark: If you're going to eavesdrop, you might want to keep it to yourself.
Taev trTei: No.
Cdr Sullivan: :::enter with her professional face well in place:::
ensignjerryswiss: ok
CSciAxelalexa: ::continues preparing the ceremony while the assistants watch with a combination of horror, confusion, amusement, and desire for chinese takeout::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::waits for the door to close behind her::
ErisedNatas: ::screams absently:: damn you nick, damn you!!!
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::nods:: I see. Well, after all, it would be unfair for you to have too many advantages ...
Lt Allen Zinthys: +Axe+ Bridge to Axelalexa
TKirr: ::thinks to herself:: I suppose this could be an opportunity to increase my knowledge of my fellow crewmen. ::does another scan of the room, studying its occupants, including Cahalan::
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: Sullivan, we got this mission directly from the President of the Federation.
Cdr Sullivan: :::door slides shut::: You asked to see me, sir?
ensignjerryswiss: :: leaves tommy to himself::
EnsignRuder: Deck Eight, Officer's Quarters
CSciAxelalexa: +Zin+ Axelalexa here.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Nods to Ruder::
ErisedNatas: ::realises she is screaming and stops. sees another sim coming at her, puches it out cold:: computer end simulation
EnsignRuder: ::Rides TL to Deck Eight and walks down the hallway::
Jack Cahalan: I don't like to think of it as an advantage, but as a time-saver.
Agent DanteSmith: <<oh...don't even bring up the food Axe...we'll order from you sooooo fast...>>
Cdr Sullivan
: Would you like me to get Commaner Dolan, Sir? :::head tilts:::
ErisedNatas: ::sighs and walks out of holodeck::
CmdrBrookeDolan: A time-saver. You mean ... so you can skip the preliminaries ... ::leans closer still::
EnsignRuder: ::stops at the Counselor Tempest's door and presses the button::
Taev trTei: ::takes a seat, thinking it might be awhile..::
ensignjerryswiss: :: heads for holodeck 2:: computer run swiss1
CSciAxelalexa: <<::grins:: where's our pizza, damnit!?>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: +Axe+ Is security crewan Bob there?
LtTommySpark: ::sits::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: I will brief her seperately. I want SFI's take on this.
Cdr Sullivan: :::curiosity twinkling in her eyes::::
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Oh, God.... not again>>
LtTommySpark: ::scratches head... that was bizarre::
CounselorTempest: :;hears the door::
CounselorTempest: mmph...
Cdr Sullivan: Yes, sir.
ErisedNatas: ::goes back to quarters and begins to shower::
ensignjerryswiss: :: walks in and is met by an evil knight and prcedes to beat the shit out of him::
CounselorTempest: ;;which the door interprets as enter::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: This issue has raised quite a fuss.
Agent DanteSmith: alright may not be pretty...but I want you to go to science and "negotiate" for Bob's release...and get us some chinese while you're there...I'm hungry...
: +Zin+ Yes, he's participating in one of the science experiments. Due to the fact that he's the only crewman who has signed a waver allowing us to experiment on him, we have to use him quite a bit.
LtTommySpark: ::Suddenly remembers Swiss was at crime scene::
Cdr Sullivan: Which issue, sir?
Jack Cahalan: So that I don't have to waste my time with those who aren't interested in my company. ::smiles at her as she leans in::
Lt Allen Zinthys: +Axe+ Umm... yea. Did he have a phaser?
LtTommySpark: ::had forgottent in the midst of his emotional fog... still doesn't excuse his intrusive behavior... very odd.::
CSciAxelalexa: ::looks over Bob::
ErisedNatas: ::showers and gets dressed::
CSciAxelalexa: +Zin+ No, no phaser on him.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Eta Mu IV was given out for a colonization contract by the Federation to a group of civilians, and then revoked after they had invested quite a bit in the project.
CSciAxelalexa: He does have the five dollars that he owes you, though.
Taev trTei: want a human of Oriental descent?...::slowly stands up, his eyes bolting to the door::
Lt Allen Zinthys: +Axe+ Thanks. Zinthys out.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::lets her hand brush his arm ever so slightly:: I hope you're not wasting your time with me ...
Cdr Sullivan: Have they divulged a reason?
ErisedNatas: +counselor+Counselor are you busy at the moment?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Taps:: +Smith+ Dante!
EnsignRuder: ::Walks into the quarters:: Commander?
ensignjerryswiss: :: then 2 more knights come and help the first one he uses his klingon trainning to take them all on:: Why did you do this to me Damion?
Jack Cahalan: Of course not, Commander... your company is captivating.
Agent DanteSmith: no Taev...chineese food...what humans of oriental decent used to eat...
: ::smiles, brushes his arm again:: Oh, sorry.
Agent DanteSmith: +Zin+ sir?
Taev trTei
: ..oh...r-..right.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Through my clearances I have learned that a large quantity of olivium exists on the planet, an element that is supposed to be too unstable to exist for more than a few seconds.
Taev trTei: ::wipes a bead of sweat from his forehead, and steps out the door::
Cdr Sullivan: :::furrows her brow:::
ensignjerryswiss: :: takes a sword cut to the arm and it starts to bleed at the sight of his own blood makles him fight harder::
Taev trTei: ::steps into the T/L:: Computer, deck <#>.
Lt Allen Zinthys: +Smith+ The phaser wasn't on Bob. Track it down.
Jack Cahalan: ::feels a shiver at the brushing:: Not at all...
Agent DanteSmith: +Zin+ we're on it sir
: ::continues preparing the ceremony::
ErisedNatas: ::takes that as a yes and decides to dispose of the flowers... without readinf the card attached::
TKirr: <<swiss, no safety protocols?>>
Taev trTei
: ::steps out of the T/L, walking down to the science lab::
EnsignRuder: <<That is what I was thinking>>
LtTommySpark: ::taps badge:: +Zinth+ Spark to Zinthys.
Taev trTei: ::slowly enters the lab, looking about for "Bob"::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: This is worth a lot of money to the Federation, and would be a great loss if it were to fall into the wrong hands.
ensignjerryswiss: die die die :: he yells as he fights all three of the knights::
Cdr Sullivan: Normally, this makes this difficult to obtain in large quanities. :::puzzled:::
Agent DanteSmith: ::heads to ME:: must be with Kev...
Agent DanteSmith
: Bob> ::starts to thaw::
: Brooke's Commbadge> ::chirps:: Duty shift begins in five minutes.
CounselorTempest: Wh... what?
ErisedNatas: ::takes the flowers and throws them out into the corridor::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: We paid the colonists back their investments plus ten percent, but the profit to be made >from this will dwarf that.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Taps:: +Spark+ Zinthys, here. Go ahead.
Taev trTei: What in the he...
CmdrBrookeDolan: Brooke> ::sighs:: My little "alarm clock."
Taev trTei: ::drops his PADD in shock, watching the frozen man::
Ahmai DaCleric has entered the room.
CounselorTempest: ::dabs at her fever-dampened neck::
Jack Cahalan
: Interruptions, always on cue. ::smiles::
CmdrBrookeDolan: I'm afraid I have to deprive you of my company, Mr. Cahalan.
Taev trTei: ::taps his com badge::
ErisedNatas: ::dusts off hands:: well that takes care of that huh?
Jack Cahalan: My loss, Commander.
Taev trTei: +Com/Smith+>..s...sir...Bob...Bob appears a bit....cold..
CSciAxelalexa: ::Ceremony continues::
LtTommySpark: +Zinthys+ ::swallows nervously:: I'm ready to meet w/ you at your earliest convenience... for my interrogation.... I apologize for my earlier behavior.
EnsignRuder: ::Notices that Tempest is out cold:: Leaves quarters and heads for Engineering::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::smiles sweetly:: And mine. I'll see you again soon, I'm sure.
EnsignRuder: ::Enters TL:: Main Engineering
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::offers her hand to him::
Jack Cahalan: Please make sure of it.
Agent DanteSmith: +Taev+ well...get him a blanket or something...and get me that Peiking Duck!
Jack Cahalan
: ::takes her hand and kisses it lightly::
Lt Allen Zinthys: +Spark+ ::Guardedly neutral:: Very well. I will contact you when I'm ready.
ensignjerryswiss: :: then he gets another cut on his other arms and kills all 3 knights once and for all and then ends the program and heads for sicbay::
ErisedNatas: ::decides to do a little cleaning and heads into room::
Taev trTei: +Com/Smith+> He's...frozen, sir.
Cdr Sullivan: What is it that the President asks of us?
LtTommySpark: +Zinthys+ Sure... very well. Spark out.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::smiles and tries not to shiver too much:: Good day, Mr. Cahalan. ::sways out of Ten-Forward::
Agent DanteSmith: ::enters ME...heads for the Security station down there::
Taev trTei
: ::takes a step towards the man, the shock wearing off a bit::
CSciAxelalexa: ::pours the boiling hot old cheese onto Bob, which defrosts him quickly::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: To make sure that nothing happens to that olivium.
EnsignRuder: ::Exits TL and enters ME at the same time as Dante::
ErisedNatas: ::takes the shattered PADD lying on the floor and throws it out with the flowers::
EnsignRuder: Hello Mr. Smith...
CounselorTempest: ::passes back into unconsciousness::
Agent DanteSmith: +Taev+ like I said...get him a blanket
: Can I help you with something?
ErisedNatas: <<whats me>>
ensignjerryswiss: hey doc can you fix my cuts i was in a little battle on the holodeck?
Agent DanteSmith: ::looks up::
Cdr Sullivan
: We are to guard it? Claim it? Obtain it??
Agent DanteSmith: oh...Mr. Ruder...hi
: ::starts to mentally chastise herself:: What am I doing in here, anyway? I should be working.. ::stands, taking the remains of her tea to the replicator and exiting the lounge::
Taev trTei
: ...
Agent DanteSmith: ::looks around:: where's Ensign Kev? he's supposed to be on duty down here?
: ::Notices Taev:: Hello... you look new... would you like to sign a waver?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: When we paid back their investments, we also gained the equipment they bought. We will be intercepting a mining convoy to provide protection.
Taev trTei: ::mutters, and looks around for a blanket::
CSciAxelalexa: ::Stops pouring cheese on Bob::
ensignjerryswiss: << brb>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::heads for the bridge, smiling to herself::
EnsignRuder: He was monitoring the power relay flow in Jefferies Tube 113 Beta 49 Gamma.
Taev trTei: ::turns to see Axelalexa, having not noticing him before:;
Agent DanteSmith: <<roflol>>
: ::enters sickbay, sees Swiss::
Taev trTei: ::perks a brow:: Clarify..
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::enters bridge, humming softly::
Agent DanteSmith: odd...he dosn't like tight spaces...
: ::looks at the shattered vase and flowers lying with thte broken PADD in the hall::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::smiles at Zinthys:: I have the bridge, Lieutenant.
Cdr Sullivan: Olivium is something that SFI has a great interest in..... its full usefullness has not yet been realized.
LtTommySpark: Mr Swiss -- why did you not engage the holodeck safety precautions.
Agent DanteSmith: ::looks around again:: which tube is it?
: We're always looking for more subjects... ::scuttles quickly over to Taev's side:: no, I haven't seen you before. We would experiment on you for the good of science.
ErisedNatas: someone will come along and clean them up soon. ::she tells herself
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Sees Brooke:: Commander has the bridge.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::takes her seat, still smiling and humming::
EnsignRuder: ::Points to one right past the warp core:: That one...
Taev trTei: ::leans down to pick up his PADD, and steps toward Axelalexa::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: I figured as much. Get in touch with the home office and see what their interests are.
Taev trTei: I believe you should step back for the good of your own health..
TKirr: ::outside the lounge:: Computer locate Lieutentant Axelalexa.
Cdr Sullivan
: :::nods::: As you wish.
ensignjerryswiss: << back>>
Taev trTei: Now, unfreeze to Bob::
EnsignRuder: ::Hears bickering up above, level 2::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::shuffles through paperwork:: Reports, engineering, security, murder on board ...
Taev trTei: ::finally notices the pips::..
TKirr: Computer> Lieutenant Axelalexa is in Main Science Lab.
Taev trTei
: ...sir..
Agent DanteSmith: ok...thanx... ::starts over...stops:: oh Ruder...could you check the Weapons Locker down here...see if there's an extra Type I phaser in it...
: ::goes back into quarters::
CmdrBrookeDolan: La la la ...
CSciAxelalexa: ::blinks:: There's no need to threaten, and I really wouldn't if I were you. He's unfreezing as we speak.
ensignjerryswiss: i was venting
VAdm AC Zuriyev: And see if there is anything on the intel network about a possible attack.
TKirr: ::heads for the TL, riding it to the lab::
: He's aiding in a ceremony right now.
LtTommySpark: I may be a doctor, but I don't appreciate the use of my staff to repair unnecesary physical damage. I'm going to request that Commander Dolan restrict your use of the holdeck.
CSciAxelalexa: Apparently it's something humans do.
EnsignRuder: ::Climbs ladder and checks locker, watching Crewman Hoskins and Lathup fight::
Taev trTei: ::shudders, resisting the urge to get out of the lab at once::
EnsignRuder: ::yells to Dante:: No sir, not here.
Jack Cahalan: ::does another round of drink-filling, smiling without realizing it::
Agent DanteSmith: ::head in tube...un aware of the fight::
Agent DanteSmith
: ::dosn't hear Ruder::
Taev trTei
: ...Aye....
ErisedNatas: ::cleans her quarters SPOTLESS:::
ensignjerryswiss: i was going to talk to her soon anyway i'll see if she can do that for me
Taev trTei: :;steps into a corner, and taps his com badge::
TKirr: ::enters the lab, smacking into Taev, who stands right inside the door::
: You two! What is going on.
CSciAxelalexa: In an attempt to understand the mammals that seem so prevalent in this universe, I'm attempting to mimic them...
EnsignRuder: Lathup> Nothing sir, just his imbecile can't do anything right...
Taev trTei: +Com/Smith+>Si-::stumbles back,and looks up to see T'Kirr::
Cdr Sullivan: I'm sure the Ferengi will be interested... but I shall do the bookwork.
ensignjerryswiss: that's the first time i ever did that i don't know what i was thinking
EnsignRuder: ::Hoskins hits him in the face:: Shut up.
EnsignRuder: ::Runs over to the two fighitng::
EnsignRuder: Knock it off!
LtTommySpark: Well... obviously not much.
Taev trTei: ::taps the com badge once more, deactivating it for now::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Thank you Commander. Dismissed.
Taev trTei: Hello, T'Kirr..
CSciAxelalexa: ::Sees TKirr:: Hello, Ensign! How are you today? I am glad to see that you did not perish since we last spoke.
EnsignRuder: Lathup> ::Smacks Ruder in the face, blooding his nose and knocking him down::
TKirr: Forgive me, Ens... ::views the scene before her::
: it's just i have my accident on my mind here of late
CSciAxelalexa: ::all proud of his human mimicking abilities::
Cdr Sullivan: :::snaps to attention, salutes and exits:::
EnsignRuder: +Security+ Security to Engineering!
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::stops humming suddenly:: ... murder???
ensignjerryswiss: +ruder+ on my way
Taev trTei: ::turns around, giving Axelalexa a disturbing look::..
TKirr: ::stands to attention, attempting to collect herself:: I am well, sir... what exactly...
: Hoskins> ::Dives and nails Lathup and starts swinging punches::
ensignjerryswiss: runs for engneering::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::turns to Zinthys:: Zinthys! Come here!
ErisedNatas: ::now that her quarters is clean doesnt know what to do::
EnsignRuder: ::Gets up and over his blood pulls Hoskins off Lathup::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::goes back to reading his reports::
Taev trTei: ::sighs, overwhelmed with long until he's able to speak?
EnsignRuder: ::Kev jumps out of a jefferies tube with a phaser in his hand::
LtTommySpark: Right. Well... best of luck with that. I need to get going. ::sighs:: I've had a long day.
ensignjerryswiss: :: walks into engineering and sees the fight and yells:: alright you 2 break it up!
EnsignRuder: ::Ruder ses him:: Damn it. +Smith+ Dante, Kev is in here and he has the phaser.
LtTommySpark: :;approaches Kina:: Babycakes... how long before your shift's over?
EnsignRuder: Hoskins> ::Throws a punch at Swiss::
LtTommySpark: Kina> A few hours...
LtTommySpark: Tommy> You up for a movie?
LtTommySpark: Kina> Sure...
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Sorry, but I can't find you. Where you at, Brooke?>>
ensignjerryswiss: :: ducks and flattens Hoskins::
TKirr: ::furrows her brows:: I came to study the recent bio samples we've been working on... what is going on here?
Agent DanteSmith
has left the room.
CSciAxelalexa: Monkeys> ::wander over towards TKirr and Taev::
EnsignRuder: Lathup> ::Tackles Swiss and then beats on Hoskins::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<bridge>>
CSciAxelalexa: Oh, it's a human ritual I've been reading about.
CSciAxelalexa: Marring.
Taev trTei: ::perks a brow at the monkeys..::
EnsignRuder: +Security+ Security Teams to Engineering.
TKirr: ::furrows her brows further:: Interesting.. I am unaware of this ritual.
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Looks up at Brooke:: Yes, yes Commander?
Taev trTei: Commander...are you feeling well?
CSciAxelalexa: It's something they do after da-ching.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Er.... only once>>
Taev trTei: ..da ching?
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::shows him the report:: Is this a joke? Wasn't April Fool's Day last week? What's this about a murder? This can't be right.
ensignjerryswiss: :: sets his phaser on stun and fires on Lathup and Hoskins knocking them both out::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::walks out onto the bridge:: Report.
TKirr: ::turns to Taev, question in her eyes, knowing he's the closest person to "human" here::
: Tommy> Can I... stay at your place tonight? Security doesn't want me going back home yet... and I don't want to be in guest quarters alone tonight.
CSciAxelalexa: ::suddenly unsheathes a large, wicked looking scythe, which he uses to gesture at a padd:: It's described in that book over there.
ErisedNatas: <<lmfao@axe>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Dammit, I'm trying to get through the log!>>
EnsignRuder: ::Swiss, not seeing Kev, gets shot at by Kev with the phaser on stun. SWISS DOESN'T SEE KEV::
ensignjerryswiss: :: then turns his phaser to Kev:: drop it Kev
CmdrBrookeDolan: Why weren't we informed of this immediately?!
LtTommySpark: Kina> Yes. Absolutely.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<all you need to know is someone was killed>>
LtTommySpark: Kina> Will you be okay for the next few hours?
ensignjerryswiss: << now you tell me ruder>>
LtTommySpark: Tommy> SUre. Yeah. Yeah, I'll be fine.
LtTommySpark: ::exits quietly and makes his way to Kina's room::
TKirr: <<what is the state of Bob?>>
Taev trTei
: ...Commander, I suggest you see a medical officer immediately..or a full blooded human.
ErisedNatas: ::decides to head to sickbay::
CSciAxelalexa: <<Unthawed, stunned, and cheesy>>
ensignjerryswiss: :: gets hit by the phaser blast syunned but not out cold::
EnsignRuder: ::with Hoskins and Lathup stunned, Ruder dives behind a console and pulls a phaser from the compartment::
ErisedNatas: ::gtes to sickbay::
Lt Allen Zinthys: I am currently apprising myself of the details, Commander.
CSciAxelalexa: <<If anyone really like cheese-flavored snacks, they'd probably consider eating Bob at this point>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: A murder?
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::turns to Zuriyev:: You didn't know either?
ErisedNatas: <<< mmmm booooobbb.....>>>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: This is unbelievable!
Taev trTei: I have no knowledge on these, I am under orders to contact hopes of locating a missing Type I phaser.
EnsignRuder: ::Zinthy's console starts flashing that phaser fire has been detected::
ensignjerryswiss: :: crawls and hids behind a console:: what is this world coming too?
CSciAxelalexa: So, if I read right, I next set the cheese on fire...
EnsignRuder: +Zinthys+ Ruder to Zinthys. Crewman Kev is armed and is firing at people. Swiss is down!
CSciAxelalexa: And shout "Ooompa" or something like that.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Why was I not informed earlier>?
TKirr: ::studies the dripping Bob::
: ::overhears Ruder's comm:: What the hell is going on around here?!
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Looks at his console and screeches an expletive::
ensignjerryswiss: :: realizes his phaser is in the middle of the room:: damn!
CSciAxelalexa: Bob> ::doesn't even believe he's here::
EnsignRuder: ::Phaser fire erupts above the console that Ruder is behind::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Hurriedly:: I don't know, sirs. There should've been messages to the both of you
CmdrBrookeDolan: Reports of phaser fire on lower decks!
ensignjerryswiss: :: yells over to ruder:: you ok ruder?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Christ, Zinthys! Get your people down there!
EnsignRuder: Kev> You all are going to die! ::Aims and fires at the warp core::
Agent DanteSmith has entered the room.
Agent DanteSmith: <<bah>>
Taev trTei
: ::raises both his eyebrows, and steps between the Lieutenant and the cheese:: Commander, please..
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Taps:: +Smith+ Dante, get to ME, NOW!
Cdr Sullivan: :::murmurs as she walks past TAC::: Just gas them.... all of them.
LtTommySpark: ::Enters Kina's room, plops onto bed, massages temples::
Cdr Sullivan: :::chuckles and exits the bridge:::
EnsignRuder: ::rolls over to a console:: Computer, initiate emergency forcefield around the warp core, Authorization Ruder Omega Epilson 12.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Waits for Taev to continue, not moving::
EnsignRuder: Computer> Forcefield engaged.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Quirks an eyebrow at Suli::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Yes. Good idea, Sullivan. Flood the area with anesthezine and sort it out later.
Agent DanteSmith: ::wiggles himself out of the tube real fast like::
: Computer... play Sex in the City, Season Two, Episode 1.
Taev trTei: Your knowledge on human rituals is flawed...
EnsignRuder: Kev> ::Fires at Swiss on teh floor::
StarfleetUFP has entered the room.
EnsignRuder: Dante! Help us!
ensignjerryswiss: +Sprite+ Swiss to Sprite get coke and pepsi down her i need back now!
LtTommySpark: ::watches and hums along to the familiar opening credits.... halfheartedly::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Dispatches two security teams to ME::
Agent DanteSmith: ::rushes for Zinthys' position::
: It is?! Damn!
StarfleetUFP: <<sorry bout that>>
Taev trTei: [Lieutenant, rather..]
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Zinthys, gas the area.
ErisedNatas: << i love sex and the city!!!>>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<or to ME rather ;-)>>
: Sprite> +swiss+ on our way sir
EnsignRuder: Kev> ::Fires at Dante as he crawls out of the tube::
LtTommySpark: Computer. Please... turn that off.
CSciAxelalexa: Are you sure?
LtTommySpark: ::grumbles... paces::
Agent DanteSmith: ::ducks and rolls::
Agent DanteSmith
: dag blast it Kev!
: I was quite certain I had it right this time.
LtTommySpark: ::runs hands through hair::
StarfleetUFP: ::in his Quarters::
ensignjerryswiss: +sprite+ oh and bring me another phaser
Lt Allen Zinthys: Aye, sir. ::Recalls the teams, including Smith, and releases knockout gas into ME::
Agent DanteSmith: ::lunges for the large Klingon::
: +swiss+ aye sir
EnsignRuder: Kev> ::Fires as Dante still rolls, despeartely trying to hit something::
Taev trTei: Yes. Now, please, unfreeze this man now.
Agent DanteSmith: ::punches him across the face a few times::
: Well, I suppose you mammals would know best. :::hands the cheese covered, unfrozen, stunned Bob to Taev:: Here you go.
Agent DanteSmith: <<ewww...that's gooey...>>
: Kev> ::Steps to the side, punches and leaps down to the lower level::
CSciAxelalexa: There are emergency showers to the left if you feel the need to remove the cheese topping from him.
ensignjerryswiss: :: sees the fight and runs over to help smith
TKirr: ::minding her rank, attempts to ignore Bob and walks nervously to the cooler to collect bio samples for study::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Everybody in Main Engineering is knocked out::
Taev trTei: ::resists the urge to vomit, and takes a step backwards::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ACTION> EVERYONE in engineering is rendered unconcious.
Taev trTei: ::taps his com badge::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Now go sort it out, Zinthys.
ensignjerryswiss: :: just then sprite, coke, and pepsi enter the lower level::
EnsignRuder: ::falls to the ground knocked out, the phaser falling to the side of his body::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::shakes her head:: And we want a full report!
Taev trTei: +Com/Smith+>Lieutenant, we've got a situation in the science lab..
Jack Cahalan: ::watches the situation unfold on a screen::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Taps:: +Medical+ Sickbay, we need medical teams in Main Engineering
EnsignRuder: Kev> ::Falls down unconscious, still holding the phaser towards the door::
Taev trTei: +Com/Smith+>It's kind of..cheesey.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Clean up, aisle 3>>
StarfleetUFP: ::still in his Quatrers!!!::
ensignjerryswiss: :: falls on the ground and everything goes black::
ErisedNatas: on my way sir
TKirr: <<lol Taev>>
: ::heads to engineering::
Cdr Sullivan: <<Better than Blue Light Special. :D>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Stands and takes a deep breath:: I'll figure this out ::Almost snarls::
CounselorTempest: ::regains enough consciousness to tap her comm badge:: medical... think i have the flu.
ErisedNatas: ::with a medical pack::
LtTommySpark: ::kicks Kinas bed::
CSciAxelalexa: ::Looks over at TKirr:: So, how are those studies going?
Taev trTei: ::brushes some of the cheese off his uniform, disgusted::
ensignjerryswiss: :: starts to dream of the accident again watching the 2 shuttle crafts collid::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Activates the fans to suck all the gas out::
Agent DanteSmith: ::dosn't respond do to bein unconscious::
: ::realizes this is a bad idea.... searched for something he can break.::
Taev trTei: +Com/Smith+>..Lieutenant..Lieutenan t?
ErisedNatas: ::arrives at engineering:: whats going on here?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Walks into the TL:: ME
Taev trTei: ::taps his com badge again::
EnsignRuder: ::Slowlys regains consciousness and stumbles to his feet:: Sees Natas...
LtTommySpark: ::chokes back another lump in his throat as he approaches replicator....::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::turns to Zuri:: We should probably get down there too.
StarfleetUFP: ::hears commotion Outside leaves quaters::
ensignjerryswiss: :: wakes up with a jolt:: wh wh where am i?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::The TL lets him off in Main Engineering::
LtTommySpark: Computer.... one... glass giraffe statue. Two giraffe's interlocking at (specified measurements)
TKirr: ::turns, looking down at Axe:: I have only just begun... but I believe I left off with the acolyte tests.
Taev trTei
: +Com/Zinthys+>tr'Tei to Zinthys..Lieutenant, I can't get a response from Lieutenant Smith..did he doze off again?
ErisedNatas: ::begind running scans on everyone::
LtTommySpark: ::the statue materializes::
EnsignRuder: ::sees Zinthys has phaser pointed at Kev, isolated behind forcefields around diagnostic console 112::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: Good idea.
StarfleetUFP: ::goes into TL and heads to enigneering::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Sees a couple people regaining their feet:: Everybody stay seated and here. THis is now a crime scene.
CSciAxelalexa: ::nods:: Oh, I finished those earlier, so you're on the next step.
ensignjerryswiss: for once i was glad for that dream i told you about Eris
LtTommySpark: ::chills run through his body simply seeing the piece::
CounselorTempest: <<did anyone in med rrespond to me?>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::enters the TL::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::to Suli:: Commander, you have the bridge.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::exits bridge::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Turns to ruder::: What happened?
LtTommySpark: ::vehemently:: If I can't point my finger at the person who killed him... at least I can send a big fuck you to Will....
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ME!
Taev trTei:, locate Lieutenant Dante Smith.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::waits for the TL to arrive::
Agent DanteSmith: <<that gas gone yet?>>
: ::nods indifferently, picking up a PADD with a checklist::
: ::Nods to Zinthys:: I don't know. Smith wondered into the tube, Kev was supposed to be working there...
StarfleetUFP: ::gets off TL and goes to Engineering::
Taev trTei: Computer>::beeps:: Lieutenant Smith is in main engineering.
ErisedNatas: ::runs scans on everyone deciding that no one is seriouslt injured::
Cdr Sullivan: :::curses herself for not leaving sooner::: I have the Bridge. ::::sighs and goes to the seat of doom:::
LtTommySpark: ::lifts the statue, and in a frenzy of deja-anger, sends it hurtling into the wall::
Lt Allen Zinthys: +Tei+ Smith is indisposed at the moment. ::Cuts connection::
TKirr: <<...acolyte? What word was I thinking of? LOL>>
: ::to Ruder:: hey boss what is happining here?
EnsignRuder: Hoskins and Lathup started fighting ::points to the two knocked out people:: and then I got hit...
Taev trTei: .....
Jack Cahalan: It was so peaceful a few moments ago...
ensignjerryswiss: :: walks over to a chair shaking and sits in it and starts to cry::
EnsignRuder: ::Points to bloody nose::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Turns to UFP:: Out.
Agent DanteSmith: <<electrolyte?>>
: <<I have no idea, but I guess you can work on the deacons or something now... :-D>>
Jack Cahalan: ::polishes glasses, shrugs::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<ARGH>>
TKirr: <<Don't think so, oh well>>
: Jorge, go and meet me in the Mess Hall.
Taev trTei: ::turns to T'Kirr and Axelalexa:: Do any of you know what's going on in engineering?
ErisedNatas: ::goes and kneels in front of swiss:: hey, listen dont cry please
EnsignRuder: Kev started firing, hit Swiss, fired at me, fired at Dante, jumped down here and we got gassed.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Summons a pair of sec crew who let nobody without a blue shirt or a rank below LTSG in::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::TL doors open:: Well, here we go.
TKirr: ::turns, surprised:: Going on, Ensign?
: ::pulls him into her arms::
Taev trTei: ....occuring.
StarfleetUFP: ::to Zintys:: What? I just go there .. was wonder ing if I could be of assistance
ensignjerryswiss: :: sniffs:: ok
LtTommySpark: ::looks at the mess of shattered glass, and collapses into the floor in a fit of laughter.::
EnsignRuder: Valdes, go... ::stern voice::
CSciAxelalexa: Is there something going on in engineering? They don't really talk to us much.
TKirr: ::blinks:: I have not heard of anything unusual. Why?
Lt Allen Zinthys
: No. This is a crime scene. Unless you want to be sequestered here, leave within the next two seconds.
StarfleetUFP: ::sternly:: ok sir..
CounselorTempest: <,anyone planning to go to the acad tomorrow night?>
CounselorTempest: <IM me please>
StarfleetUFP: ::leaves::
Taev trTei: I can't get a response from Lieutenant Smith...
LtTommySpark: <<Are we almost done? I feel done.>>
CounselorTempest: <Axel if you can go tomorrow, i would appreciate it.>
TKirr: Are you sure he's on duty?
: <<me too>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<LOL>>
StarfleetUFP: gee... thats gratitude for you
Taev trTei: Yes.
ensignjerryswiss: what knocked us all out?
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::enters ME with Zuriyev::
Agent DanteSmith: ::starts to sit up:: what happened?
Lt Allen Zinthys
: A gas. THere was phaser fire.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Report!
CmdrBrookeDolan: Alright ... what the HELL happened here?
ErisedNatas: they issued gas in ehre to knock youy all out
Agent DanteSmith: Kev> ::groans::
: Anything I can do Lieutenant? ::said as I wipe blood off my nose with my sleeve::
LtTommySpark: ::continues laughing::
LtTommySpark: Computer... clean this shit up.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Gets a team which gathers up all phasers on unconscious bodies::
StarfleetUFP: ::stands outside engineering::
Taev trTei: ..I'll try to contact him again. I apologize for being any sort of burden.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Get yourself fixed up and then come talk to me.
LtTommySpark: ::watches as glass is beamed away::
TKirr: ::to Taev:: Perhaps you should ask the computer.
: ::Sees Natas:: Eris, do you have a towel or something in that kit for this bloody nose?
ensignjerryswiss: << were you talking to me LT?>>
TKirr: It is no trouble, Mr. tr'Tei. ::turns back to her checklist::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: <<no>>
Taev trTei: I tried that already. He is in engineering...I'll be going now. ::steps out of the science lab, a bit embarassed::
ensignjerryswiss: << ok>>
LtTommySpark: ::to himself:: 24th century anger management.... the miracle of technology.
ErisedNatas: turns to nearest officer:: sir everyone here is a little groggy. some minor scrapes and ::cuts at best but no major injuries
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Who's awake that wasn't before?>>
LtTommySpark: Computer, one bag, Swedish Fish.
Agent DanteSmith: <<::raises hand::>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: ::Waits impatiently::
LtTommySpark: ::grabs the candy and begins stuffing it in his mouth::
Agent DanteSmith: << Kev> ::raises hand:: >>
: ::points to nose:: I would call this a major injury, I am bleeding severely, do you have a towel or seomthing?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Let's just throw everyone in the brig and sort it out later.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Dante! What happened?
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::approaches Ruder:: Calm down, Ensign.
Taev trTei: ::taps his com badge again..::
ensignjerryswiss: << my dream woke me up lol>>
CSciAxelalexa: ::Sends Bob to follow after Taev::
Agent DanteSmith: I dunno...I went in that tube ::points:: when I came out...stuff was goin down...
: ::pinches his nose and tilts his head back::
ErisedNatas: ::pulls a towel outta her pack::
LtTommySpark: Computer... resume video.
ErisedNatas: here. and dont be such a baby
EnsignRuder: ::Rubs bloody nose with his sleeve:: Sorry Commander. I never liked blood.
Taev trTei: +Com/Smith+>tr'Tei to Smith..Lieutenant, are you all right?
EnsignRuder: ::Takes rag:: Thank you.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Elaborate.
CmdrBrookeDolan: I understand. But it's not as bad as you think. You'll be fine.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::looks disapprovingly of the whole situation::
EnsignRuder: ::Rubs off nose::
CSciAxelalexa: ::After hosing him down::
Agent DanteSmith: +Taev+ I"m fine ensign...
: Settles into bed, slightly calmer, and tries to ignore big empty hole, pit in stomach thing he's got happening as he waits for Kina to come home::
StarfleetUFP: ::still waits outside engineering::
TKirr: ::moves to the cooler and removes purifying agents and carries them to her workspace::
: ::settles into doctor moder:: Alright, who is most seriously injured here?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Sec guard looks menacingly at Valdes::
ErisedNatas: <<folks im going to have to be done soon>>>
TKirr: ::attempts to ignore Axe's actions in the background, concentrating on her work::
: all i know is ruder called me down here to break up a fight and kev comes out of nowhere and shoots me
Agent DanteSmith: Ruder was yellilng...and Kev was shooting at things...I jumped him...tried to knock him out...and next thing I know...I'm waking up on the floor
Agent DanteSmith
: .....did he hit me?
: <<Me too, running late>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev