RAdm AC Zuriyev: BEGIN SIM
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::on the bridge, hoping for some news from Earth::
CounselorTempest: <<brb>>
CounselorTempest has left the room.
Kiela Merienn has entered the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<belatedly realizes she never sent out last week's chat log, and is now getting consistently a week behind with that task ... d'oh!!>>
ShannonYannuss: ::hovering at Zuriyev's elbow like an annoying gnat::::as usual::
Kiela Merienn: ::sidles toward the console, striding uncomfortably past what appears to be an... unusually large... bun?::
Kiela Merienn: ::sniffs Dante's cologne near the bun::
Kiela Merienn: ::is puzzled, goes to station::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::at Alexi's side::
Kiela Merienn: ::studies for psychology test while on duty::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ACTION> Incoming communique from Starfleet Command.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Stands on the catwalk overlooking the warp core::
Cdr Sullivan: :::back in her office, relaxing, as she sips some interesting blend of something or other tea:::
Kiela Merienn: ::looks up:: Incoming communique from Starfleet Command.
ShannonYannuss: ::surreptitiously eyes Brooke::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Types onto a PADD, noting his engineers working::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: I'll take it in the ready room. ::gestures for Brooke to follow:: Merienn, you have the bridge.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::walks to the RR::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::wonders why Shannon always seems to cling to the Admiral so much::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::follows her husband::
Kiela Merienn: ::has the bridge::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::also wonders why her husband is on a first name basis with Kiela::
Cdr Sullivan: :::her finger idly tapping through the crew manifests for the other ships in the party::::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::sits down behind his desk and patches the comm through::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::figures the crew must just find him a very friendly, approachable man::
Kiela Merienn: <<No, the screen name is actually reversed. I fussed with it the first few weeks I had the character then gave up. Her name is really Merienn Kiela. >>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<ah. you are a BAD BAJORAN!!!>>
Cdr Sullivan: <<What is wrong with being Bajoran?????>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<nothing as long as you observe the proper name tradition>>
Kiela Merienn: <<In whatever the hell the episode was where they got Ensign Roe... was it "ENsign Roe?"... anyway, she said that most Bajorans in Starfleet assimilated by swapping their names.>>
Cdr Sullivan: <<We're not BORG!>>
Kiela Merienn: <<Dude, Kiela was raised by Cardies!>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<CHILL!>>
Kiela Merienn: <<She's as bad at Bajoran as you get!>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<LOL!>>
Cdr Sullivan: <<::::dumps ice on herself and then continues::::>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: Admiral Nguyen> Admiral Zuriyev? Are you there? The transmission is ... and I am trying ...
ShannonYannuss has left the room.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<God, and you haven't even been around Allen yet!>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: Nguyen> ... Fleet ... utter chaos ... recommend ...
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Admiral Nguyen, this is Admiral Zuriyev. Go ahead.
Cdr Sullivan: <<::::chuckles evilly::::>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: Brooke> +Kiela+ Can you clear up this transmission? It's breaking up?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Ambles towards his office::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Nguyen> ::crackle, crackle, hiss:: Get out of ...
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> +Brooke+ Trying, sir.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::strains to hear the message::
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> +Brooke+ The problems are originating at the source of the transmission.
Cdr Sullivan: :::glances out her office window and frowns as she watches the other ships::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Nguyen> Admiral, I can not ... unless we ... breaking up ...
CmdrBrookeDolan: Nguyen> ::hiss, hiss, crackle, pop:: ... you there?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Heads into his office and sits at his desk::
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> +Brooke+ Using alpha sub-thermal algorithms to patch the missing data... may give you a few more minutes.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Yes, Admiral, you are breaking up. Please augment your signal if possible.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Computer, coffee.
Cdr Sullivan: :::mutters::: I liked it much better when we were alone..... too many variables.... too much to account for.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Nguyen> ::clearing up slightly:: Zuriyev, I may not have ... time. You need ... get the hell ... of there, take your ... and go.
Cdr Sullivan: If only he had let me fire on them when I had the chance.
ShannonYannuss has entered the room.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Understood, Admiral. Safe journeys.
Cdr Sullivan: <<take your..... satin panties?.... and go??>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: Nguyen> Transmission ... maximum output ... bandwidth ... insufficient. ... Be careful ... try ... survive. ... Utmost importance that you ... alive. ... may be ... last remnants of ... -ation.
Cdr Sullivan: :::snorts as she slams the cup on the table:::: Cold.
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> +Brooke+ THe communication has been terminated at source.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Nguyen> Good luck ... hope we meet ... ::crackle::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Nguyen> ::SILENCE::
Kiela Merienn: <<after that line>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<LOL!!!>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::sits silently for a moment::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::sighs heavily:: That didn't sound very good.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Sits, sipping his coffee and reviews the report he just made::
Cdr Sullivan: ::::grabs her duty tunic and puts it on over her black tank top as she heads for the door:::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: I believe that is all of the inducement I need.
Kiela Merienn: Ensign Yannuss?
ShannonYannuss: Yes, ma'am?
Cdr Sullivan: :::exits and steps into the corridor::::
Kiela Merienn: I... nevermind.
Kiela Merienn: Please take helm, if you would.
CmdrBrookeDolan: So ... now what?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: We get as far away from Earth as possible.
ShannonYannuss: Aye aye.
Cdr Sullivan: :::enters the nearest TL and is taken to the appropriate deck::::
ShannonYannuss: ::takes helm::::gets a distinctly evil grin::
CmdrBrookeDolan: (m) About time.
CmdrBrookeDolan: I couldn't agree more.
Kiela Merienn: Ensign, what is our distance from Earth?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: We have two options. Intergalactic space or trying the delta quadrant.
Cdr Sullivan: :::exits the TL and steps into main engineering, looks around sharply to see if anyone questions her presence and then looks moodily into the warp core::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Well, Starfleet has a less-than-stellar history of adventures beyond the borders of our own galaxy, whereas we have at least some familiarity with the Delta quadrant.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Hooks his PADD into the main computer and forwards the report to the Admiral:
RAdm AC Zuriyev: The delta quadrant may be contaminated, too.
ShannonYannuss: We are currently 5,0002.7 light years from Earth.
Kiela Merienn: USS Grisson - Felicia Black> ::toys with a silver strand around her throat, looks to her AMO:: Did you get any more cases in today?
ShannonYannuss: <<err, 5,002.7>
CmdrBrookeDolan: That was going to be my next thought. ::smiles at him::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Intergalactic space is unknown, but probably safe, as it is fairly empty.
CmdrBrookeDolan: That's true, yet the Federation in general has not had the greatest luck "out there" ...
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Heads out and leans against the railing, gazing into the warp core::
Kiela Merienn: USS Grisson - Felicia Black> You haven't - you and I... and the Captain... we're still the only ones who know, aren't we?
ShannonYannuss: USS G -- Hald'wie ::snarls:: No.
ShannonYannuss: USS G - Hald'wie> Yes.
Kiela Merienn: USS Grisson - Felicia Black> Good. Then it's stopped spreading.
ShannonYannuss: USS G - Hald'wie> For now. Things can always get worse.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: So this is a tough decision.
Kiela Merienn: USS Grisson - Felicia Black> I didn't want to do this until I was sure. ::yanks at the chain, her arthritic fingers pale, bloodless:: ::gives Hald'wie a PADD:: The Captain gave this order three days ago.
Cdr Sullivan: ::::almost ceases to breathe as the atmospheric harmonics in the room change subtley::::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Where to take the future of humanity?
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::nods thoughtfully::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Or whatever's left of it.
Kiela Merienn: USS G - Felicia Black> ::picks up a black bag filled with vials of poisonous dilluted Bromine "sweet tea"::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: I think this calls for a staff meetings.
Kiela Merienn: USS G - Felicia Black> I will administer the doses. If you volunteer to help me, I won't turn you down, but if I'm going to break quarantine... I have an extra vial in here. Clear?
ShannonYannuss has left the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Good idea. ::taps:: +Shipwide+ Commander Dolan to senior staff, assemble in the conference room immediately.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Sighs and heads for the TL::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Um, that would be everyone in the room at this point, wouldn't it?>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: Deck 1.
Cdr Sullivan: ::::tilts her head slightly and catches sight of Zinthys in the reflection of a pane of glasslike material, hears the call and slinks from the area::::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<Yes, everyone.>>
ShannonYannuss has entered the room.
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> ::gives tactical to April Madison:: ::goes to the RR::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::gives Alexi a strong hug:: We'll figure it out. We've got the finest crew in the fleet.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::hugs her tightly:: This is a decision everyone deserves to be in on.
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> ::sits at the table, head held high. Gives a sharp nod of acknowledgement to Brooke::
Cdr Sullivan: :::waits until Zinthys has cleared out before entering her own TL::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::returns Kiela's nod::
ShannonYannuss: USS G - Hald'wei> Understood. I shall assist you.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Walks into the Conference Room, and takes his seat::
Cdr Sullivan: :::brooding as it takes her to Deck 1:::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<We're in the RR, not the CR. :-)>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Shall we go to the meeting?
Kiela Merienn: USS G - Felicia Black> ::removes the silver chain and puts it down on a rack of instruments, amid the glass, its shining silver barely discernable::
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Ready*>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Kiela screwed up, let's all magic edit there. BEEY-OOP!!>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::is now in the CR::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::looks around the CONFERENCE room at the assembled senior officers::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Shows up in whatever room he's supposed to be in and sits::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<LOL!>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Slightly puzzled look on his face::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::takes his seat at the head of the table::
Cdr Sullivan: ::::steps off the TL and passes into the CR, does not look or acknowledge anyone...except a sly glance at Brooke::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::sits herself at his right hand, as always::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::flicks her gaze over everyone, pausing momentarily on Suli::
LtJG Taryn has entered the room.
Kiela Merienn: USS G - Felicia Black> Look, Hald'wie. If there are any more occurences - don't wait. Quarantine sickbay. No one comes in here, unless you see the signs. The first flushed face, let them in. And don't let them out again.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <Everyone's in a meeting in the conference room, Taryn.>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<except for lowly, lonely Ensign Yannuss>>
Kiela Merienn: USS G - Felicia Black> ::in a rushed, hushed voice, her fingers trembling in an unsteady grip on her back:: I don't care what the Captain says. We're being selfish. If you think there's contamination... my codes are in that padd.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::stands, an impassive mask on his face::
Kiela Merienn: You can use them to flood the ship with poisonous gas. Tell the Atlantis first. He'll know what to do ...
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Word from Earth is not good. Admiral Nguyen sent a garbled message basically telling us to get away.
Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at the Admiral expectantly:::
ShannonYannuss: USS G - Hald'wei> ::nod:: I understand.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Looks up at the Admiral::
Kiela Merienn: USS G - Felicia Black> ::takes the bag and enters the quarantine unit:: ::doses the victims, then herself. Puts an emergency, unbreakable seal on the door and sags to her knees, waiting for the sweet tea to rush her into
Kiela Merienn: transcendency then oblivion::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: I intend to take this warning to heart.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: We have four well-equipped ships at our disposal.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::silently backs up her husband with moral support::
Kiela Merienn: USS G - Captain Adela Timon> +Hald'wei+ Lieutenant to my Ready Room, please.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Our choice lies in whether to go to the delta quadrant, which may also be affected, or to try intergalactic space.
ShannonYannuss: USS G - Hald'wei> +Captain+ On my way.
LtJG Taryn: <<should I watch or sim>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<sim.>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: The floor is open to discussion.
ShannonYannuss: USS G - Hald'wei> ::heads to TL::::barks:: Bridge.
Cdr Sullivan: I'm sorry.... I don't seem to have this in my notes.... do we know from which direction this current danger came FROM?
Kiela Merienn: *Captain Adela Timon> ::sets up a force field and sits at the back of the rr::
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> It swept past the Romulans first, decimating them.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Stares into his coffee::
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> We assume it was from the Beta Quadrant.
Cdr Sullivan: :::frowns as she taps through her PADD::: Ah, yes... here it is... thank you, Merienn.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Unfortunately, we still have no solid ideas about what exactly it is we're facing. Therefore, no one has figured out how to combat it.
ShannonYannuss: *Hald'wei> ::arrives on bridge::::enters RR::::strikes a pose of attention in front of the captain's desk::
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> I don't see how this is a choice. What percentage do we have in heading toward the Delta Quadrant? It is equally unknown and potentially hostile.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Looks up:: Shields protect us, correct?
ShannonYannuss: *Hald'wei> ::stands silently and impassively, waiting::
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> And I urge you to remember that we are infected pariahs, and we may bring this scourge with us.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Yes.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Shields keep it out.
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> And if it's adhered to the shields? It may come with us.
Lt Allen Zinthys: So why do we not attempt to head towards the Beta Quadrant and see if we can find some species that is unaffected?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Valid points, if what we're dealing with is a disease or something similar. But if not ...
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> IT may be carried in our warp wake. We don't know WHAT it is.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Try to find a cure to it!
LtJG Taryn: <<I will watch>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Indeed a valid option.
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> What has defeated the best scientists of the Federation is unlikely to be thwarted by our limited resources. Coupled with the fact that we are unable to even leave our environs.
Lt Allen Zinthys: And it has already spread, at the least, throughout the quadrant without our help.
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> We have no realistic choice. We should prepare a memorial archive and self-destruct.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: However, if we could find an unaffected race in the midst of this...
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::sighs in exasperation:: Oh for God's sake, Kiela.
Lt Allen Zinthys: A memorial archive for whom?
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> Then we will not play Typhoid Mary to the rest of the galaxy.
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> The species that have been decimated. The Federation. Perhaps our computer core.
CmdrBrookeDolan: What if we're the ones who can find out how to put an end to this? What if we're the only people left with the technology and knowledge to combat this? We should kill ourselves and let any other survivors die?
Lt Allen Zinthys: Besides, what I propose is t go towards where the... scourge has been coming from, therefore we would not be introducing anything new
Cdr Sullivan: ::::looks at Merienn as if she's lost her damn mind:::
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> The center of the Federation is gone, and ify ou've paid any attention to the GNN reports, you'll have seen that all the races between the Beta Quadrant and Earth have suffered an equal and total loss of life.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<to*>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: That defeatist attitude will not help.
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> Other survivors survive due to virtue of incompatible physiology or ditance. It is unredeemably idiotic of us to rid them of the distance advantage through the use of our warp engines.
Cdr Sullivan: You want to play lemming, Merienn..... I'll show you to the nearest airlock if you like.
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> IF we continue, it must be through the unpopulated space.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: There is no IF about whether or not we continue!
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> ::rolls her eyes at Sullivan:: Typical of a Cardassian not to understand the cardinal tenant of Vulcan philosophy: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
RAdm AC Zuriyev: I have a responsibility to the lives on this ship, and I will not just throw them away!
RAdm AC Zuriyev: The GNN reports from the Beta Quadrant are scarce, just as is our knowledge of that area.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Look, we're not here to debate philosophy. We're going to continue, not go kamikaze. The only question is not IF, but to where?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: However, I wonder who is left to cure.
Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at Kiela through narrowed eyes::: Leave it to you to hide behind another culture other than your own...
Kiela Merienn: *Adela Timon> Thank you for coming, Lieutenant.
ShannonYannuss: *Hald'wei> ::nods::
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> You've already made the sane suggestion. Intergalactic space.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Ladies, that's enough! This is not the time for personal bickering.
Kiela Merienn: *Adela Timon> I imagine you'll be undergoing some acute stress following the incidents in sickbay. Your brother was among the afflicted, yes?
Lt Allen Zinthys: And what's in intergalactic space?
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> No stars. No planets. No non-space-borne populations.
Kiela Merienn: <<I think?>>
Cdr Sullivan: :::shrugs and sniffs her disinterest in Kiela's ranting, turning her attentions to her PADD::::
Lt Allen Zinthys: So what good could we possibly do there?
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> We could search for a cure without possibility of carrying our scourge elsewhere.
ShannonYannuss: *Hald'wei> ::his face remains impassive save for an almost imperceptible twitch of the corner of his lip:: Yes.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: I am not sure what could we could still do here, Zinthys.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: There is no one left to cure.
Kiela Merienn: *Adela Timon> We thank you for your dedication. *sighs* I'm afraid Doctor Black, well? She's been a wonder, hasn't she? Living through such good times, and always a beacon of hope and optimism.
Lt Allen Zinthys: You said that you got a message from another admiral, correct? There is obviously *somebody* else out there.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Unfortunately, they're probably not out there for much longer.
Kiela Merienn: *Adela Timon> A great loss, but not able to adapt to our current circumstances... *sighs*... I'm afraid I had to ask the computer to report on her last few actions. I knew when I gave her that order that it was contradictory to her
Kiela Merienn: natural urges and... well. She gave you her command codes, didn't she?
CmdrBrookeDolan: From what little we've gathered, Earth's solar system, along with most of the Federation, have been decimated.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Why wouldn't they be? They're on a starbase with shields, right?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Shields fail sometimes.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: There is nothing but chaos back there. We were warned to get away.
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> Perhaps our shields are not an interminable protection.
CmdrBrookeDolan: The Admiral's message was badly garbled, there were communication problems at the source, which is not a good sign.
ShannonYannuss: *Hald'wei> No, she did not. She was deliberately evasive the last time we spoke. ::twitch::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Perhaps not, but the warning was clear. We need to get away. Far away.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Yes, shields can fail. And if that happens, I want to be in a safe area.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Going back will help no one.
Kiela Merienn: *Adela Timon> I have the records, Lieutenant.
Kiela Merienn: *Adela Timon> Tell me what you think of our recent actions.
CmdrBrookeDolan: I propose a straw vote. Non-binding, just to get an idea of everyone's thoughts.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Agreed.
Lt Allen Zinthys: So if shields don't protect us, then we should be even more motivated to fix the problem, beacuse we aren't safe!
CmdrBrookeDolan: Speak, one at a time, the option which you are in favor of.
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> We go into intergalactic space.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Our options?
Kiela Merienn: *Adela Timon> *sensing intractability, presses her thumb and forefinger to the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes, wishing she didn't have to make these decisions*
ShannonYannuss: *Hald'wei> I am of the opinion of Doctor Black. What we are doing does not make sense. There is no hope left, but to attempt not to infect anyone else. We have no idea what could happen if we continue.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Intergalactic space, the delta quadrant, or elsewhere, Zinthys.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::nods::
Kiela Merienn: *Adela Timon> Thank you.
Kiela Merienn: *Adela Timon> I appreciate your honest, Lieutenant. I really, truly do.
Kiela Merienn: *Adela Timon> I'm sorry things have to be this way. Wasn't it yesterday we were all at home?
Cdr Sullivan: Let's put as much distance between us and it as possible..... Naplolean's greatest flaw was not knowing when to fall back and regroup.
CmdrBrookeDolan: But which direction do you propose, Commander?
Kiela Merienn: *Adela Timon> *with a quavering smile, presses a button on a command console that sends Hald'wei into the bridge and will, after a delayed reaction, expose him to an electrical jolt and beam his charred remains into space::
ShannonYannuss: *Hald'wei> Yesterday an eternity ago, captain.
ShannonYannuss: <<LOL>>
Kiela Merienn: <::grins:: Eternity was right. ;-) >>
Cdr Sullivan: Let's take it to space..... less chance of having to fight another defense at the same time.
ShannonYannuss: *Hald'wei> ::is zapped::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Intergalactic space, you mean?
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::nods:: I, too, think we should head out of the galaxy's boundaries.
Cdr Sullivan: :::nods:::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Zinthys?
Cdr Sullivan: :::turns to look at Zinthys::::
Kiela Merienn: Byzantium> ::opens comm system to the USS Socrates:: Dr'Dak!!! Are you getting the same results I'm getting???
Lt Allen Zinthys: elsewhere. I just don't think we can do any good in either location.
Cdr Sullivan: :::opens her mouth and shuts it::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Any alternatives, Zinthys?
Lt Allen Zinthys: My opinion is already on the table. ::Folds arms::
ShannonYannuss: $ Dr'Dak> ::chitters incoherently, his translator struggling to keep up:: Yes results are matching like the sister moons of homeworld!
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Taryn, do you have anything to add?
Kiela Merienn: <<::dies::>>
Kiela Merienn: Byzantium> So it's, what?... alive?
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::pokes Taryn::
LtJG Taryn: I am here...no
CmdrBrookeDolan: And Admiral? What do you think?
Cdr Sullivan: :::rakes her eyes over Zinthys' *Rebel without a Cause* body language:::
ShannonYannuss: $ Dr'Dak> It is possessing the qualities of life.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: I am also in favor of leaving the galaxy.
Kiela Merienn: Byzantium> It's so small. I'm reading a metabolic rate that is consistent with that of known space-faring organisms.
Kiela Merienn: Byzantium> But why would our shields keep it out?
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::nods:: Well, then.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Taryn, take your station, and inform the other ships of our plan. Then set a course for the Andromeda galaxy.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Oh, you know, I hear the Andromeda galaxy's lovely this time of year ... ::half smile::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::glares at Brooke::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: By the time this ship makes it there, none of us will be alive.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: However, our descendants will be.
ShannonYannuss: $ Dr'Dak> It is the possibility that it does not like the composition of our shields. I
CmdrBrookeDolan: Well, we could put ourselves in stasis.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Maybe we'd outlast whatever's back there,
CmdrBrookeDolan: And we could come back in a hundred years or so.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: We are leaving to go on living. That is not my idea of living.
Cdr Sullivan: :::mutters::: Let reproduction begin.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Atlantis is home to many of us anyway. And it will continue to be.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM
CmdrBrookeDolan: So we're starting a colony ship then?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM
ShannonYannuss: $ Dr'Dak> Our shields are perhaps consistent not with some aspect of its survival and something thus to be avoided. Like the greenleaves of the Hibouchar tree and the stomacks of my peopkle.