RAdm AC Zuriyev: BEGIN SIM
Agent DanteSmith: ::is tied to biobed...still::
Agent DanteSmith
: <<sound check>>
Agent DanteSmith
: <<ok>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: <<Testing 123, testing>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::on the bridge, attention focused on the viewscreen, still trying to figure out what another Fleet vessel is doing out in the middle of nowhere::
Agent DanteSmith: <<a'ight it sounds good...Mr. Seinfeld...you're on...>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev
: Capt. Harper> Atlantis, this is Captain Kathryn Harper of the USS Yeager, please respond.
Cdr Sullivan: :::is standing at the Tac station, having agreed to help out with the rotation to give some other people some free time:::
Agent DanteSmith: ::sleeping soundly...or noisily actually::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Standing next to the core, tinkering with one of the panels::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::notes how at home Suli seems to be at Tac::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::eyes Suli attentively::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::wonders why they don't see more attractive women on the bridge, besides herself and Kiela, of course ... ::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::NOT that she's attracted to Suli, it was just a random observation::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::NOT that there's anything wrong with being attracted to Suli, of course::
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Because they're all in bed with me :-)>>
Cdr Sullivan: All you have to do is give the word, and I shall blow them conveniently off the screen. :::calmly intoned, as if she was asking for sugar for her tea::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::mentally thwaps herself and turns back to the screen::
Agent DanteSmith: <<riiiiight>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev
: Put them on screen.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Captain Harper, this is Admiral Zuriyev. I must say, it is a surprise to see you out here.
Agent DanteSmith: ::eyes pop open...look of shock::
: << {S thwap} anyone remember that?>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Doesn't do anything for me>>
Cdr Sullivan: Putting Captain Harpy... on screen. :::quietly muttered as she does so:::
Agent DanteSmith: ::turn head toward office window:: woah...bad dream...bad dream...no death...no death...
RAdm AC Zuriyev
: Harper> We followed you, Admiral. Things are really a mess in Starfleet back home.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Repeteadly presses button-thingys, hoping it'll force a response::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Harper> What are your plans, sir?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: We intend to wait things out here, Captain, hopefully out of reach of whatever is causing this.
Cdr Sullivan: <<I've got some buttons you can push.....>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Oh, I enjoy pushing your buttons>>
Agent DanteSmith: ::looks around sickbay...looking from patient to patient::
: <<vom ... it>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Hey! There was actually a non-sexual pun there.>>
Chr Nathan Weiss: <Not only are you all sick, you are also twisted.<
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Harper> ::nods:: Well, with the disarray Starfleet is in, I would request to join you.
Agent DanteSmith: ::wonders why they're all in here...wonders if they...were...attackedbyMan-Sulitoo!!!!! :: eeep!
Lt Allen Zinthys
: <<Okay, that I'll admit to>>
Agent DanteSmith: ::looks around quickly for his assailant::
Agent DanteSmith
: eeep!!!
Cdr Sullivan
: :::scanning the Yeager throughly::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::raises an eyebrow, surprised that Harper is agreeing with their decision instead of trying to coerce them to return::
Cdr Sullivan: <<Man-Sulitoo? Is that the sequel??>>
Agent DanteSmith: oh...just a nice young nurse...mmm...nice caboose on that one!
RAdm AC Zuriyev
: I will let you know in a few moments, Captain. ::motions to Suli to cut the comm::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Eyes the panel suspiciously::
Agent DanteSmith: Young Nurse> ::turns:: excuse me?
Cdr Sullivan
: :::cuts it decisively:::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::flicks her gaze towards Suli, then back to Zuriyev::
Agent DanteSmith: uh....how'sabout youse and mes havins a drinks togethers?
: ::briefly wonders where that nice young Ensign Yannuss is::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Thoughts, Admiral?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Thwacks it::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: I know my thoughts. What are yours? ::looks to his wife and Suli::
Agent DanteSmith: Young Nurse> uhm...we're not allowed to date the patients...sorry ::shrugs...rushes out of the room::
Cdr Sullivan
: :::eyebrow twitches a tiny bit as she sees the flickering eyes and makes a mental note:::
Cdr Sullivan: I don't trust it.
Agent DanteSmith: <<oh...out of women? thwacking inanimate objects now?!>>
Cdr Sullivan
: Or her.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<I never thwacked females>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<riiiiight>>
: I'm surprised, frankly.
CmdrBrookeDolan: I expected a fight.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Want me to come thwack you?>>
Agent DanteSmith: oh yeah...she digs me!
Agent DanteSmith
: <<ewww>>
: An argument, at least.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: The Yeager is in Third Fleet.
Cdr Sullivan: <<It's not called thwacking.... unless your talking about the sound that my head.... nevermind.....>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Captain Harper has always followed my orders unquestioningly in the past.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Yes, and you're in charge, but that doesn't mean they won't question your orders.
Agent DanteSmith: <<hey...you said it...not me...::whistles innocently::>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: <<Who''s which head?>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: If they possibly seem unusual. ::thinks "treasonous"::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Anything anomalous on the scans?
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::looks back to Suli::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Smiles as the panel lights up properly::
Agent DanteSmith: ::smiles at the other patients...wondering why they get to sit up...why they aren't tied down::
Cdr Sullivan
: At this point, no. Although I would question the frequency of the shield modulation.... I'd have to check with Mr Zinthys :::thinks Studmuffin::: to verify.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::purses her lips:: Do it.
CmdrBrookeDolan: If you think anything is even slightly unusual, pursue it, Commander.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Smiles at an engineer walking by and tells him to be sure that the panel is working properly::
Cdr Sullivan: *Zinthys* Sullivan to Zinthys. :::tone is cool and impersonal:::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::turns back to the big Z:: Do you feel he is trustworthy? Any intuition on this?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: I have always known her to be an excellent officer and Captain, Brooke.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Sighs and heads toward his office:: ::taps:: +Suli+ Zinthys here, go ahead.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<he=she, dur>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<see!!! now both Suli's are guys!>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: <<LoL>>
Cdr Sullivan: *Zinthys* Mr Zinthys.... I need a verification on the field modulation frequency of the Yeager, there seems to be some discrepancy in relationship to the engine output and energy signature that does not add up to me.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Harper> ::Wonders what's taking so long:
Lt Allen Zinthys: +Suli+ Sure. I'll be right up.
Cdr Sullivan: <<Everyone.... put on your boots.... it's getting awfully deep.>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Heads to the TL, PADD in hand::
Lt Allen Zinthys: Deck 1.
Agent DanteSmith: <<::pulls on waders::>>
: <<::loves that technobabbleshit::>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<PADD or TL? :-D>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: <<Does it make me weird, then, that what she said made perfect sense?>>
Cdr Sullivan: He'll be right.... up.
Agent DanteSmith: <<I understood it>>
: <<You were already weird. And I'm afraid we probably all understood it too, as we are collectively weird.>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<but that dosn't mean you're not wierd>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::TL stops and he walks onto the bridge::
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<True 'nough>>
Cdr Sullivan: :::continues to scan and feed information into the computer::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::turns to Zinthys, wonders why he couldn't have figured this out from engineering::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::waits, thinking:;
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Heads for the engineering slot on the bridge:: Go ahead and forward the information here, Commander.
Cdr Sullivan: :::eyes dart immediately to Zinthys posterior and then dart back to her console::: As you wish.... ::: does so::::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Stands and leans over the console slightly, declining to sit::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Taps on the input device::
Cdr Sullivan: <<Monster>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: Hmm... well, it's not normal, but it doesn't seem sinister.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<And you know you love it>>
Cdr Sullivan: What could cause such a discrepancy?
Cdr Sullivan: <<:::growls playfully:::>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<hehehehehe>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: Just a problem with the engine. It's possible that it was damaged and repared improperly.
Cdr Sullivan: :::nods, understanding but not quite accepting.... which is normally since she is suspicious by nature::::
Cdr Sullivan: Shall I reopen the communication, Captain?
Lt Allen Zinthys: See here ::taps:: and ::here:: taps ::Forwards to Tac:: where the readings are strange?
Cdr Sullivan: :::looks intentively and nods::: Yes.... you don't think they are masking something?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Yes, I have decided. I know Kathryn Harper to be true to her word, and I am going to allow this.
Cdr Sullivan: Opening the channel. ::::beepity beeps the console:::
Lt Allen Zinthys: Huh.... what? masking? Oh, no. It's just an inordinate amount of positrons flowing from the engine
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::decides to trust her husband on this, without interfering, hopes he's right::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<ooh!!! talk physics to me, Zinthys!!>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Captain Harper, I have decided to grant your request.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<LoL>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Harper> Thank you, Admiral. Orders?
Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at Zinthys::: If you are wrong..... I shall hold you responsible for any harm that comes to the Captain.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Keep your shields up at all times, and stay in formation. If there is a threat, do your damnedest to keep from taking damage. We can not just go back to a starbase for repairs.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Turns and leans back on his elbows:: <w> It doesn't matter. He trusts her. It's his decision.
Agent DanteSmith: ::drifts back to sleep::
Cdr Sullivan
: Of course it it.... :::leans forward::: But it is my job not to trust. :::murmured:::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Harper> Aye, sir.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Atlantis out. ::makes the cut motion again::
Lt Allen Zinthys: So you be untrusting of everything, I'll trust what I see.
Cdr Sullivan: :::wicked smile::: The question is.... when it comes down to it... can YOU be trusted?
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<::is always amused how Zuriyev makes sure to italicize ship names in sims ... ::>>
Chr Nathan Weiss: <::notes to be almost obsessive::>
Cdr Sullivan: Where do YOUR loyalties..... lie? :::eyebrow quirks playfully:::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<It's not that hard to hit CTRL-I before typing them. :-) >>
CmdrBrookeDolan: ACTION> Another vessel, not immediately identifiable, appears on long-range sensors. It is on an intercept course for Atlantis and the Yeager.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Easy smile:: I can't make you trust me, can I?
Cdr Sullivan: :::sensor beeps and she straightens::: Captain... incoming vessel... intercept course for our co-ordinates.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Can you identify it, Commander?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Again, this place is awfully crowded to be unexplored.
Cdr Sullivan: :::eyes slide Zinthys and then focus on her task:::
Agent DanteSmith: <<that's assuming you payed enought attention to know to hit Ctrl-I>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Turns, leans over and calls up what he can see::
Cdr Sullivan: Still too far out to identify with any certainty.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<On AOL, it would call up the IM window, so I got out of the habit>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: Unidentified Ship> ::approaches::
Agent DanteSmith: Kev> ::wonders around the ship aimlessly...not liking off duty time::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::taps:: +ME+ Zinthys to engineering.
Cdr Sullivan: :::checks shield integrity and makes sure weapons are online and ready:::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Unidentified Ship> ::approaches closer still::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Can we get it on the viewscreen yet?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Doesn't wait for a voice::+ME+ Boost up the shields. We may be needing them.
Cdr Sullivan: :::beepity beeps::: I'm getting a lock.... transponder codes identify it as the USS Grisson.... Intrepid class.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Doesn't wait for a response:: +ME+ Zinthys out.
Cdr Sullivan: We'll have visual in.....4.....3.....2.....1.....
Cdr Sullivan: :::brings it onscreen::::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: The Grissom... another of my ships.
Agent DanteSmith: <<they're coming for you...>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Looks at the viewscreen::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::furrows her brow:: Two 3rd Fleet ships both out here at the same time?
Agent DanteSmith: Kev> ::finds himself in the mess hall::
: Interesting coincidence.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Grissom> ::hails Atlantis::
Cdr Sullivan: :::clenches her hand to try to halt the sensual memory of his hair between her fingers:::: They are hailing us.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Grissom> ::italicizes self to look more professional::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: On screen.
Agent DanteSmith: <<heh>>
Cdr Sullivan
: :::established a communications lock and brings it onscreen as directed::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Grissom> This is Captain Adela Timon, USS Grissom.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<Timon! "Why... when he was a young warthog....">>
Agent DanteSmith: <<roflmao>>
Cdr Sullivan
: <<Man.... when I get back to the real Suli.... I'm not going to know how to act.>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<::dies:: That's what I get for thinking off the cuff!>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<::sings:: When I was a young wart hoooooooooooooooooooog!!!!!>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<LOL... yeah that would really freak Allen out..>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<Very nice.>>
Cdr Sullivan: <<Not to mention Suli...>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<::eats a grub for effect::>>
Cdr Sullivan: <<:::winces::: Gross.>>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Captain, how nice to see you out here.
Agent DanteSmith: <<mmmmm...grubby!>>
: Timon> Admiral, a pleasure as always. I was wondering ... mind if we join the party?
Cdr Sullivan: :::begins scanning and transmitting data to Zinthys console for verification::::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: I assume that you have much the same story as the Yeager?
Agent DanteSmith: Kev>::sees Bob sitting at a table and joins him::
Agent DanteSmith
: Kev> ::joins him in staring out the window::
: Timon> Actually, Harper contacted me not long ago. Seeing as how things are pretty much going to hell in a handcart, I figured no sense in voluntarily killing ourselves. We could be more useful out here, alive.
Agent DanteSmith: Kev> so what's out there?
: Timon> Not that we'd desert, just want to play it smart. You understand.
Cdr Sullivan: <<Poor Dante.... if someone would untie him... he could join the party. :D>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<::sniff sniff::>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Sees the stream of information on the left side of the console, and starts checking them out::
Agent DanteSmith: Bob> nothing...absolutley nothing...
RAdm AC Zuriyev
: One moment then, Captain.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Nurse Luann> ::approaches tied-up Dante:: Oh, you poor thing! The doctor hasn't been by to let you out yet? What a bitch!
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::turns back to Suli:: Anything?
Agent DanteSmith: Bob> well...cept that galaxy...
: Nurse Luann> ::quickly unties Dante:: There you are, you poor dear. Run and play with your friends now!
Cdr Sullivan: :::looks to Zinthys::::
Agent DanteSmith: ::springs back to life:: do-huh?
Lt Allen Zinthys
: <<::Evil grin:: Or we could bring, well, a party to him... heh heh>>
Agent DanteSmith: uhm...am I...actually...free to go?
: <<I'll bring the dip!>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: Looks right to me...
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Zinthys, let's go! WAAH HA HA HA HA!!!!>>
Cdr Sullivan: I'm seeing signatures that match a ship that's been running hard.....
CmdrBrookeDolan: Brooke> ::turns to Zuriyev:: You trust this captain as well, I presume?
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Well, I know what I wanna "dip">>
Cdr Sullivan: <<I'll bring the Chip.>>
Agent DanteSmith: Kev> you mean the one we're from? ::rolls eyes::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: <<Doh!>>
Cdr Sullivan: <<:::snickers:::>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::grins wryly:: Why is it that 3rd Fleet has the prettiest female CO's, I wonder?
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<::snorts::>>
Agent DanteSmith: Bob> oh...my mistake...that's an Akira...
RAdm AC Zuriyev
: ::nods to Brooke::
Agent DanteSmith: Kev> huh? oh...::thinks the bossman is loony::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: That would seem consistent
CmdrBrookeDolan: Timon> ::waits patiently for her view of the Atlantis bridge to return to her screen, fluffs her hair a bit::
Agent DanteSmith: ::sits on the edge of the biobed...looking around at the other free patients...wonders why he's no longer tied down::
RAdm AC Zuriyev
: All right, bring them back up.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Timon> ::looks up from her hands, where she was admiring her nail polish:: Oh, Admiral!
Cdr Sullivan: If you contact the engineering department at all... you might tell them to stop running the energy stream so richly.... :::pops the communication up::::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Replies:: Why is that?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Very well, Captain. Do not lower your shields, stay in formation, and try like hell not to take damage.
Cdr Sullivan: :::leans forward and softly continues::: It'll saef wear on their relays.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Timon> That all goes without saying, Admiral. Thank you. We'll certainly do our best.
Cdr Sullivan: <<save>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: Timon> Oh, by the way ... other than that advice, do you actually have a plan?
Agent DanteSmith: ::stands and nods to his former roomies:: I shall be leaving now...good bye! ::giggles like a school girl and heads out::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: hrmmm... ::Taps around::
Lt Allen Zinthys: Perhaps, but that will mean slower response times.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: To just wait, for now. If there seems to be no point in returning to the alpha quadrant, we will go elsewhere.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Timon> ... That's your plan?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: The delta quadrant, perhaps.
Cdr Sullivan: Maybe if they placed some dampening fields in the areas that don't require the precision response times... or a focusing module at the systems that do.... :::thinking aloud:::
Agent DanteSmith: ::passes by the messhall...decides to stop in for a drink::
Cdr Sullivan
: We're not going to be able to run to the nearest Star Depot for parts and spares.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Timon> ::sighs resignedly and nods:: Of course. I didn't mean to question you, sir. The Grissom will go where the 3rd Fleet goes ... or what's left of it, anyway.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Blink:: But, we can replicate them.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Good to know that we can rely on you, Captain.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Star Depot!!! LOL!!>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: Timon> Always, Admiral. Thank you. Grissom out. ::cuts comm::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Looks like we have ourselves a convoy.
Cdr Sullivan: Is it really a good idea to overly tax the replicating systems?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Brooke> ::suppresses a grin:: Starfleet's finest, eh?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Whatever that means anymore.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Just hope we don't run out of hairspray out in the far reaches of the galaxy ...
Agent DanteSmith: ::sees two of his fellow officers seated by the window and decides to join them::
Cdr Sullivan
: <<We've got a mighty convoy trucking through the night....>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Anyway, we still have a job to do.
Agent DanteSmith: <<hehehe>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Sighs:: You're right. We are gonna have to start going about things differently now...
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::nods:: Of course. We are Starfleet officers.
Cdr Sullivan: Get out the paperclips.... it's time to be creative.
CmdrBrookeDolan: So let's get to it, and bravely go ... or ... whatever.
Agent DanteSmith: Kev> hello Dante...
RAdm AC Zuriyev
: We are going to bravely sit, for now.
Agent DanteSmith: ::nods:: hi
Cdr Sullivan
: You do know how to be creative, don't you, Zinthys?
Agent DanteSmith: what're we lookin at?
Agent DanteSmith
: Bob> ::sits silently...watchin the ships::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Smiles slyly:: <vqw> You have to ask?
Agent DanteSmith: Kev> I'm not sure...
Agent DanteSmith
: ::looks out at the ships:: looks like ships
Agent DanteSmith
: Kev> ::rolls eyes:: (m) humans...
Agent DanteSmith
: what was that?
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Turns back to the console, wiggles a little::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Fine with me, Admiral. Care to join me in your ready room?
Agent DanteSmith: Bob> he said "Timon's"...that's Captain Timon's ship
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Starts to see what he can modify::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: Sullivan, the bring is yours.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::walks to the RR::
Agent DanteSmith: Kev> ::stares at him in unbelief::
Cdr Sullivan
: :::whispers::: I've seen but one performance.... what else is on your menu?
Agent DanteSmith: ::nods:: ah
: ::to Suli:: You can have the bridge too, if you like.
Cdr Sullivan: :::straightens::: Aye, sir... I have the bridge.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::suppresses a grin, follows Zuriyev::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Grins:: More than enough to whet an appetite.
Cdr Sullivan: But is it satsfying?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<Didn't catch that typo.>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<grin>>
Agent DanteSmith: ::the three Security officers continue to stare at the ships::
Agent DanteSmith
: ::drinks arrive...they drink...and continue staring::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: Like a large slab of steak.
Agent DanteSmith: ::food arrives...they eat...and continue staring::
: ::in the RR, relaxes somewhat:: I must say, Alexi. I am feeling somewhat better, which I'm sure you can tell. It's good to not be entirely alone in this. I'm glad you have good officers under you.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Or there's the soup, which is just filling.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::smiles coyly:: Myself included ...
Cdr Sullivan: I like my steak rare..... lots of.... juice.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: Safety in numbers. We have a fighting chance.
Agent DanteSmith: <<ewww...cook it...sheesh>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: Ah, yes. Good meat is the house specialty.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Better than our odds a few hours ago, at any rate.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Worse than sex with food?>>
Cdr Sullivan: <<:::rolling:::>>
Cdr Sullivan: What are you doing for dinner?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Definitely. I am glad that are feeling better. I do not wish for you to be worried.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::approaches him:: I almost feel like I can once again forget I'm your XO, and occasionally be simply your wife.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: That is always a pleasure, love.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM