RAdm AC Zuriyev: BEGIN SIM
Agent DanteSmith: ::standing around in a hall...leaning on a wall::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Wearing that too-tight uniform, going to meet his date::
Kiela Merienn: ::standing at her station, what an abberation!::
LtJG Taryn: ::at helm::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::in the ready room with her husband::
Agent DanteSmith: <<shall I continue to rhyme? and waste all my time?>>
Kiela Merienn
: <<What'd'ya say, Dante, think we can rhyme all night?>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::in the RR with Brooke, reading the latest news from Earth::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<are we speaking in rhymed italics tonight?>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<Nah, too much of a fight.>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::walks into the lounge and looks around for Chloe::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::looking with thinly-disguised anxiety at Zuriyev::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::hoping against hope for some sort of good news ... ::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: It is not good... It appears to have made it as far as Alpha Centauri and closing...
Agent DanteSmith: ::takes a yawn...kicks a pawn::
Agent DanteSmith
: I don't wanna play...go back to your room OJ...
: ::wonders if her husband read her mind, or just her expression:: (w) Damn ...
Kiela Merienn: ::scanning Mars with her LCARS::
DrMeghanBelcher: ::prepares to meet Allen and tell him Chloe can't come::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Rachel, I am warning you ...>>
Agent DanteSmith: hey don't fret...it's my chess set!
: << ;-) >>
Agent DanteSmith: <<that last line was >from OJ...so so sor-ray>>
Kiela Merienn
: ::searching for a sign about the end of time::
CmdrBrookeDolan: << ::retracts her wink, turns it into a glare at Dante and Kiela:: >>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Earth is obviously next... Starfleet's standing order now is to not break the closed environ of our ships and to keep shields up at all times.
Kiela Merienn: ::wondering if the Armageddon dispensers will ever show on sensors::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Face blanches when he sees the woman in the red dress::
Agent DanteSmith: ::scratches his head...cheeks turn red::
Agent DanteSmith
: uhm...hiya Bob! we're gettin back to our job...
Agent DanteSmith
: ::Dante and OJ scramble...leavin the chess set it shambles::
Kiela Merienn
: ::sees an incoming transmission regarding their current mission::
CmdrBrookeDolan: So what does that mean for us?
DrMeghanBelcher: ::waltzed toward Zinthys::
DrMeghanBelcher: Hey sexy. Expecting someone else?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Eyes narrow:: Actually, yes.
Kiela Merienn: Incoming message, Admiral, sir! ::corrects a slight altidudinal blur::
Lt Allen Zinthys: Computer, locate Lieutenant Chloe Tiernee.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Computer> Chloe Tiernee is in sickbay.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: We have no mission, really... other than to keep ourselves alive...
Kiela Merienn: ::taps the message through the comm:: Coming to you sir; it's from Vietnam.
Agent DanteSmith: ::rushes onto the crowded bridge...winks at the very sexy Midge::
: I only hope we can ...
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<OH, dear God, Kiela.... ::throws up:: >>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Midge?>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Put it through!
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Glares at Meghan:: Why is she there and you here?
Kiela Merienn: Admiral Sui> This is Admiral Sui from emergency HQ; We've got some tragic news to impart to your crew.
DrMeghanBelcher: Your girlfriend had last minute -- obligations. You'll be dining with me.
Agent DanteSmith: <<hey, it's a name! though it IS kinda lame...>>
: <<I am going to SCREAM if you keep this up!!!!!!!!!!!>>
DrMeghanBelcher: What's wrong -- aren't you happy to see me?
Agent DanteSmith: <<but it ryhymed with Bridge...what did you want me to say? Fridge?>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: Fun is fun, but you can't fuck with my life.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::sits in front of his terminal:: Yes, Admiral?
Kiela Merienn: <<Don't scream Meghan - take it easy; breathe, relax, be light and breezy.>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>
Kiela Merienn: Admiral Sui> We've lost our allies. They've gone down the drain. Of our original 147 words, only 36 remain.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<::Twitches:: >>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: << Dr. Suess writes Star Trek.>>
Kiela Merienn: Admiral Sui> That's 110 to this thorn in our side and one world that committed mass suicide.
Agent DanteSmith: <<words? they can't speak?! oh no! all those useless beaks!>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: <<Correction. Doctor Suess "on crack" writes Star Trek>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<words? don't get it>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: So are there any new orders from Command, Admiral?
Agent DanteSmith: <<she typed it...I hyped it :-D>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: Forget this. If she can't come to me, I going to see her. ::Turns around::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<ACTION: The next freak to speak in rhyme will find themselves in the brig in no time! ... D'oh!!!! GAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! ARGH!!!>>
DrMeghanBelcher: I'll fuck whomever I please Lieutenant.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<::dies::>>
DrMeghanBelcher: Or have you forgotten the rules of our game?
Lt Allen Zinthys: fuck and fuck with are two different things.
Kiela Merienn: <<worlds was the word I had meant; the loss of an "l" made unclear my intent.>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<lol...it's too addictive! now to yourself you must be vindictive!>>
: <<::orders herself to a cozy cell, condemned to witness this rhyming hell::>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: Well, maybe I'm through with your game. You've gone too far.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Stomps off towards the TL::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: :waits for orders >from the curious-sounding Admiral:
DrMeghanBelcher: ::aproaches him, breathes on his neck, runs finger down chest::
DrMeghanBelcher: Really, lieutenant. That's not what you've said before.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::listening to the foreign enunciator, wonders if something is awry with the universal translator::
Kiela Merienn: Admiral Sui> Patience, Zuriyev. All will become clear. Let me finish explaining. First of all... fear
DrMeghanBelcher: Let's get this straight. I call the shots.
Kiela Merienn: Admiral Sui> has consumed many of our compatriots forcing them to become expatriots.
DrMeghanBelcher: We go as far as I say we go, when I say we go there.
DrMeghanBelcher: You wouldn't want me running off to tell your girlfriend, now would you?
Kiela Merienn: Admiral Sui> The Bajorans have ordered their troops to attack us on sight. THey believe the Prophets have caused this blight.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Voice goes down an octave:: you wouldn't...
Kiela Merienn: Admiral Sui> And don't rely on the Calrissians for intervention. Their President orders that his intention
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Rachel, you're too damn brilliant and quick. I can't keep up. ::reverts to normality::>>
Kiela Merienn: Admiral Sui> is to preserve his world at the cost of the rest. Allies no more - his world is a serpent's nest.
Kiela Merienn: Admiral Sui> The new orders are to trust no ships that aren't in the fleet... and be wary with them. Be discreet.
DrMeghanBelcher: Oh, but I would, Lieutenant.
DrMeghanBelcher: You wouldn't dare underestimate me?
CmdrBrookeDolan: This makes no sense! Why would the Bajorans attack US even if the Prophets did cause this?
Kiela Merienn: Admiral Sui> You're not supposed to know this, but on the sly... We lost the USS Iolanthe and the USS Tordenai.
Agent DanteSmith: ::goes into shock from too much rhymin...can't find a word to rhyme with rhymin::
RAdm AC Zuriyev
: How easily they forget how we helped them in the war...
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Turns to look at her:: ...no, I wouldn't.
Kiela Merienn: Admiral Sui> The circumstances surrounding the destruction were not auspicious. Here at EHQ we think they were downright suspicious.
DrMeghanBelcher: Excellent. Then I trust you intent to play by my rules?
Kiela Merienn: Admiral Sui> The Bajorans believe our attempts to arrest this... intrusion means that we've admitted satanly collusion.
Lt Allen Zinthys: I don't have much choice
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::throws her hands up in exasperation:: Has the entire galaxy gone crazy?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Maybe that's a symptom of the disease! If that's what it is.
Agent DanteSmith: ::couldn't comprehend the monster he unleashed...sits in a huddle...that dosn't rhyme with unleashed::
: Or maybe the universe is just coming to an end.
Kiela Merienn: Admiral> I think it's likely that you've struck gold. Even I feel strange, if the truth must be told...
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::sighs, agreeing with his wife::
DrMeghanBelcher: No, you don't. I'm glad you've finally realized that.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<That's it! The disease causes people to rhyme, which in turn causes everyone else to kill them!>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::raises an eyebrow at the Admiral:: You feel strange? Really? Then how can we be sure you're of sound mind, and that the orders you're giving us are legitimate?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<Quit solving my plots so damned early!!!>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<LOL, Zinthys!>>
Kiela Merienn: Admiral> I've reverted to poetry to help me find the dao. Perhaps you've noticed that ere to now?
CmdrBrookeDolan: (m) I've noticed that you sound crazy, if that's what you mean ...
Lt Allen Zinthys: You like that, don't you. You want me to be powerless.
DrMeghanBelcher: Choices, my good lieutenant, are highly overrated. Who want choices ::place hand on his thigh:: When you can have me?
Agent DanteSmith: ::switches his mode now, to a different poet. now he speaks Haiku::
LtJG Taryn
: ::looking around the bridge::
Kiela Merienn: <<::takes Dante's challenge, and likewise hears the rhythym, of five seven five::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Orders please, Admiral?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Voice involuntarily becomes more throaty:: You're right. Just like always.
Agent DanteSmith: Admiral might I? I think the problem might stem.....from the prophets too...
Kiela Merienn
: Admiral> Stay on your guard and keep your shields in place. Guard your back and your front... stay on the case.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Should we go someplace more private?
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Dante, where the hell are you? I don't know about you, but we're in the RR. Did you warp here?>>
DrMeghanBelcher: Actually -- I had more interesting plans for us, Lieutenant?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Blinks::
DrMeghanBelcher: I was thinking of something a bit more -- invigorating?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Is there anywhere in particular we should be going?
Agent DanteSmith: <<::falls over in place:: I don't remember at all...I think I'm insane...>>
Kiela Merienn
: Admiral> You are not to allow any intrudors on your vessell. Don't pout. Just do it. Check out supposed "friends." Sui out.
DrMeghanBelcher: What would you say to a little playtime in the Jeffries tube?
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<LOL!>>
DrMeghanBelcher: ::leans in:: It's always more fun when you know you might get caught
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::stares incoherently at the screen:: What the hell was that?!
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Thinks:: I....I .... don't know...
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Earth must have been compromised.
DrMeghanBelcher: Does someone need to be reminded of the rules?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Shakes head::
Kiela Merienn: Kiela> ::runs her scans some more, seeing nothing but knowing, that might change soon::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::throat tightens:: Is this really a disease? Is that's what going on? Some kind of wave of insanity sweeping the quadrant? There have been such incidents before, but never on anywhere near this scale.
Agent DanteSmith: <<I think I might have...yes, I fried my thinking thing...too late to fix me...>>
: Check out our "friends"? What?! That was crazy!
DrMeghanBelcher: Good. I'll be in Jeffries Tube B17 in 15 minutes. I trust you'll be there to greet me?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Nods::
Agent DanteSmith: <<5-7-4?>>
Kiela Merienn
: <<It's called Murphy's variation>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<or it's called you making up your own brand of Haiku to fit your words in ...>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<heh heh heh>>
Kiela Merienn
: <<Shhhhhhhh.>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::turns to her husband worriedly:: Lexi, I don't trust this Admiral Sui.
DrMeghanBelcher: Good. Don't be late, Lieutenant. ::whispers in his ear:: That's an order.
Kiela Merienn: <<But his name sounds cool! Sui! Sui! Say it! It's fun.>>
DrMeghanBelcher: ::swivels, exits lounge::
Agent DanteSmith: <<::smacks her with a happy trout::>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Scampers off towards the appropriate tube::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<soooo-weee!!!>>
Kiela Merienn: <<::makes the trout unhappy::>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<awww....poor trout...>>
Kiela Merienn
: <<Shwey, actually.>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: I do not either.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Pauses along the way to replicate some good wine and two glasses::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<shwee or shway? like Fung Shui?>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<::points at self:: see...this is what happens when your partners in insanity don't show up...>>
Kiela Merienn
: <<The latter>>
DrMeghanBelcher: ::Takes the scenic route, wants him hot, bothered and waiting::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: We shall continue our course away from Earth.. and if Earth falls, then we shall leave as we discussed.
CmdrBrookeDolan: What do we do, Lexi? When we can't trust our own superior officers?
CmdrBrookeDolan: But what if we're being sent right into the middle of this ... thing?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Rushes off to the tube to be sure that he makes it there before her::
CmdrBrookeDolan: What if we're being ordered not to defend ourselves, but to die?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: Then we shall change course... into the intergalactic space between the spiral arms would be a good place to lurk until we see what happens.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::As an afterthought, makes sure that that Jefferies tube is cleared until he says otherwise::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::becoming almost panicked:: But we can't see it! We don't know what we're fighting! We have no idea where it is or how it moves or what it is or ... !!!
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::pulls her to him:: It seems to like inhabited worlds... and that space is empty, and logically, safe.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::tries to breathe and collect herself:: God ... sometimes I almost wish we weren't married, we were just captain and first officer ... it's so hard sometimes ...
Agent DanteSmith: ::walks over to Midge and lays his head on her shoulder:: hey hot stuff...when did your head get grafted onto my body?!
: To remember I'm a Starfleet Commander, when all I want to be is your wife. That we have to fight these battles to keep everyone safe, when all I want is to run away with you and hide and let someone else deal with it.
Kiela Merienn: Harp player> ::sits in the ready room closet, plucking the appropriate strings::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: I think we are almost to the point where Starfleet does not matter so much.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<what the hell kind of a come on line is that, Dante?!>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<::chuckles at harp:: ah ... MELODRAMA ...>>
DrMeghanBelcher: ::moves toward tube:: Computer, locate Allen Zinthys
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::gazes up at him:: Then let's just forget about it, Lexi! Let's just run away! Everything's lost anyway. Let's take the children and the ship and go somewhere safe, where it can't find us!
Agent DanteSmith: ::gets a smile for his efforts...and an elbow in the gut for his line::
Kiela Merienn
: <<Do you remember installing a piano on the bridge of crusader?>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<no...but I remember the security cameras I put in the showers...>>
: You're right, Starfleet doesn't matter! What good are ideals and prime directives when there's no one left alive to follow them? Let's get the hell out of here! Please!
Agent DanteSmith: <<:-D>>
Kiela Merienn
: <<When you and I hosted the academy and Graham played the villain >from Villainious and forced you into a blonde wig before tying you to the railroad tracks?>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: We will be safe between the spiral arms, and our shields will keep it out...
Kiela Merienn: <<By the warp core>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<oh, GOD ... don't bring up properly repressed memories! it takes months of therapy to undo the damage they cause!!!>>
DrMeghanBelcher: Computer> Allen Zinthys is in Jeffries Tube b17
DrMeghanBelcher: ::smiles slyly::
Kiela Merienn: <<What did I do? Was it saying Graham?>>
Kiela Merienn: <<So I guess I shouldn't hum "Music of the NIght?">>
Agent DanteSmith: <<I still think my cameras were more fun :-(>>
: ::taps comm badge:: +Tiernee+ Dr. Belcher to Dr Tiernee+
DrMeghanBelcher: Tiernee> Yes, doctor
CmdrBrookeDolan: Yes! Yes! Let's just go! Forget the orders from Starfleet, I don't think they're even legitimate. Everyone's gone crazy! Let's go! Please, sweetheart, think of our children, we can't let them die, can't sacrifice them for orders and
CmdrBrookeDolan: principles!
DrMeghanBelcher: <<Sorry, Nurse Tiernee>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::pauses, breathless and hoping::
DrMeghanBelcher: +Tiernee+ Nurse, i want you to meet me in Jeffries Tube b17 on the double... there's a medical emergency
DrMeghanBelcher: Tiernee> Oh my gosh golly! I'm on my way!
DrMeghanBelcher: ::smiles, moves quickly toward tube, meets Zinthys::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: We will be safe within our shields, Duscha. But we must remain, even just to know that Earth fell. There still may be hope and something for us to do.
DrMeghanBelcher: Hey there -- miss me?
Lt Allen Zinthys: Terribly. Wine?
DrMeghanBelcher: Of course.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::hugs him tightly:: I don't want to, I can't watch my home be destroyed, I can't wait around for the death of everything I know. Let's go, now. There's nothing we can do here, we're only one ship against this unknown evil!
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Decides not to tell her that he locked down the Jefferies tubes for everyone but her::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::Hugs her back, just as tightly:: We will be safe in intergalactic space, yet close enough to return if we are needed.
Agent DanteSmith has left the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Then we can go? Now? We don't have to stay?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::nods::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: +Taryn+ Zuriyev to Taryn!!
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::sighs tremendously:: Oh, thank you. Thank you, Lexi! I love you so much!!!
DrMeghanBelcher: Now -- once you've poured me that wine -- take off your uniform
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Pours her a glass::
LtJG Taryn: ::wakes up::+Zuriyev+Aye sir?
CmdrBrookeDolan: We won't regret this. I know we won't. Our children will be safe. We will be alive.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Slowly peels his tight uniform off::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: +Taryn+ Set course to take us out of this galactic arm and into intergalactic space. Warp nine. And inform the Socrates to follow.
DrMeghanBelcher: Going commando, i see?
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<ewwwwwwwwwww!!!>>
LtJG Taryn: +Zuriyev+um....aye
Lt Allen Zinthys: That's what you wanted, isn't it?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: +Taryn+ Execute.
LtJG Taryn: ::enters the course and informs the Socrates::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::closes the comm and caresses Brooke's face:: I love you, too, Duscha. I promise to keep you and our children safe.
LtJG Taryn: ::wondering why::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::hugs him tightly and kisses him passionately, almost sobbing:: Thank you, thank you ...
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Of course, love. Of course.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::a stray thought flicks through her mind that she is abandoning her post and her duty ... but she ignores it and it is quickly forgotten::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::The uniform comes away, revealing Allen in all his glory, looking down meekly::
DrMeghanBelcher: :Places hand on thigh, moves finger teasingly:: Shut up and fuck me
Kiela Merienn: <<Shut up and fuck me... are those the lyrics to a pop song?>>
Agent DanteSmith has entered the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<blessed are the meekly ...>>
DrMeghanBelcher: ::Tiernee moves toward tube:: Tiernee> Golly -- it says this area is restricted
Agent DanteSmith: <<computer freeze :-( recap please?>>
: Tiernee> It must be because of the medical emergency.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Nods wide-eyed and tears into her clothing, getting rid of it as fast as he can::
LtJG Taryn: <<no not a pop song, but a rap song>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Brooke has convinced Zuriyev to screw their orders and get somewhere safe, Belcher is doing unspeakably rude things to Zinthys.>>
DrMeghanBelcher: Tiernee> Hmm... should I ask the doctor, or should I just ignore the sign?
Agent DanteSmith: <<gotcha...thanx :-D>>
: ::Looks over him slyly:: Undress me, Lieutenanat
LtJG Taryn: ::still wondering why they are headed here::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<in short, the entire ship is full of odious corruption and contemptible characters :-D >>
Kiela Merienn: <<Shut up and fuck me; then you'll have to duck me; I'm a comin' with a gun; Lookin' after number one...>>
LtJG Taryn: ::slows the ship::
Agent DanteSmith: ?!
Lt Allen Zinthys
: <<Yes, but also lots of fun!>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: +Taryn+ Inform me when we cross the galactic border.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<is frightened that Rachel knows those lyrics ... >>
DrMeghanBelcher: Tiernee> If it's a real emergency, there probably isn't time for me to find out... I'm sure they'll understand if I go in anyway.
DrMeghanBelcher: Excited, lieutenant?
Agent DanteSmith: <<::covers ears::>>
LtJG Taryn
: +Zuriyev+Why are we heading their sir?
Kiela Merienn: <<::is making them up::>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::wonders to herself:: Don't bizarre things happen when Starfleet ships corss galactic borders?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Removes her clothing, not wasting much time::
Lt Allen Zinthys: I thought you might be able to tell
RAdm AC Zuriyev: +Taryn+ Because I ordered us there.
DrMeghanBelcher: Less talking. More fucking.
LtJG Taryn: ::slows the ship to warp 2::+Zuriyev+Sir...that doesn't help me out any...
Kiela Merienn: <<::to the tune of Children and Art: A little less talking, a little more fucking, I'm just quoting Mama...>>
DrMeghanBelcher: ::Chloe makes her way down tube:: Chloe>Gee -what are those strange sounds?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Fucks her with very little pretext::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: +Taryn+ We have slowed... to warp two, I believe. Take us to warp nine. That is an order, Lt.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<or foreplay>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<::covers ears again::>>
: Nice work, lieutenant!
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<that too>>
Kiela Merienn: <<::reminds Dante of that time he came into the chat room talking about his girlfriend's flavor::>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::aghast:: Is he questioning your orders?
DrMeghanBelcher: Chloe> ::rounds bend, sees Meghan and Zinthys:: OH MY GOODNESS!!
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<GAAAAAAAAHHH!!! ::covers ears!!!::>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: He had damned well hope that he is not.
Agent DanteSmith: <<I did what when?>>
Kiela Merienn
: <<When I rejoined as Tempest.>>
DrMeghanBelcher: Chloe> ::lip trembles:: What --I--- what-- what-- what--
LtJG Taryn: +Zuriyev+Sir....but why....
Agent DanteSmith: <<::scratches head::>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Hears her, turns, looks, and falls off Meghan, rolling away from Chloe::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::about to rip out a padd and write Taryn up for insubordination::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::storms out onto the bridge::
DrMeghanBelcher: Chloe> Allen!?
LtJG Taryn: ::closes eyes as headache occurs again::
Agent DanteSmith: <<I'll take your word for it>>
: ::follows Zuriyev, furious::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Dammit, Taryn, I gave you an order!
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::barely restraining herself from physically pouncing on the upstart bridge officer for disobeying her husband::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Gets up and all fours and skewers Meghan with his stare:: You!! You lying cheating bitch!!
LtJG Taryn: ::opens eyes::Aye sir I know, but....I...
Agent DanteSmith: ::hands the R rating sign on the door of the ship...goes back to his post::
: Thanks for the compliment, Lieutenant.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<lol>>
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Either follow it or be relieved and spend some time in the brig. Your choice.
RAdm AC Zuriyev: I have no need to justify myself to you, Lieutenant.
DrMeghanBelcher: Hello, Nurse Tiernee. I'm impressed by your punctuality.
DrMeghanBelcher: Too bad you don't make it to sickbay that quickly
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::stands with her arms crossed, eyes blazing, practically spitting fire::
LtJG Taryn: ::stands up::No sir it doesn't make sense to me...
LtJG Taryn: why we are going here.!
RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<That's not all you skewered her with, I see.>
DrMeghanBelcher: Allen just finished telling me how much he loves me....
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Pounces on top of Meghan:: You scheming power-hungry little whore!
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<EW!>>
Agent DanteSmith: <<heh>>
: After I told him I was pregnant -- with his child!
Agent DanteSmith: ::dramatic soap opera music sounds in the tube::
: Me -- a whore? And who's the one sleepin with two people at the same time?
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Backhands her:: That's a lie!!
Agent DanteSmith: ::more music::
: Taryn, you do not question the orders of the admiral. He is in command of this ship. Either execute his command or find yourself facing charges of insubordination! I am five seconds away from throwing you in the brig myself!
DrMeghanBelcher: Oh, but don't you wish it was.
Lt Allen Zinthys: Sleeping with you? Is that what you call it?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::waits a few more moments to see Taryn's response::
DrMeghanBelcher: I am pregnant, Allen, with your child. I haven't used contraception a single day we've been together.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>
DrMeghanBelcher: ANd how does that make you feel?
Agent DanteSmith: <<slut!!!>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: So? You'd never let me fuck you properly until now! It's not mine.
LtJG Taryn: ::smirks alittle bit::
Kiela Merienn: <<This is the point where Chloe's female mentor turns out to be a man and her father, right?>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<::dies::>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::is poised to wipe the smirk off Taryn's face::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::looks to the Admiral::
Agent DanteSmith: <<right...and Zuriyev turns out to be the father of my child>>
: Oh, but it is. And the DNA tests will prove it.
Lt Allen Zinthys: How?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: Want to know why we are going there? You will have plenty of time to figure it out during a few days in the brig.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<well, Zinthys, it's like this. when a man and a woman love each other very much ... >>
DrMeghanBelcher: I'm the ship's medical officer, Lieutenant. I can impregnate myself by whomever I choose. And you can't prove you didn't make love to me.
Agent DanteSmith: <<...or they just get drunk...or horny...>>
: <<Welcome to Medical Ethics 101 ... NOT.>>
LtJG Taryn: Aye sir...
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Stands quickly:: I'll deny it forever!
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::gestures to a security officer to cart Taryn away::
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Which is often the same thing...>>
Agent DanteSmith: ::stops staryin at MIdge...grabs Taryn...pulls him toward screen at front of room::
Agent DanteSmith
: ::realizes it's not a valid exit and turns around...hoping no one noticed::
RAdm AC Zuriyev
: ::sits at helm and lays in the course and speed himself::
DrMeghanBelcher: ANd who's going to believe you. You took advantage of me. You cheated on your girlfriend.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Dresses as quickly as he can::
RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::makes sure that the Socrates knows to follow and executes::
DrMeghanBelcher: You must believe me, Chloe -- I never intended to hurt YOU
Kiela Merienn: Executed order> ::dies horribly::
LtJG Taryn: ::enters the TL::
DrMeghanBelcher: Chloe> How could you do this, Allen?
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::rests a shaky hand on Zuriyev's shoulder::
Lt Allen Zinthys: Me. And that is all that matters.
DrMeghanBelcher: ::to Chloe:: He told me he was breaking up with you
DrMeghanBelcher: Chloe> Allen -- you lied to both of us!?
Lt Allen Zinthys: Liar!
Lt Allen Zinthys: Scheming power-hungry bitch!
DrMeghanBelcher: Chloe> It's no use, Allen. It's too late! You've destroyed everything we had! How could you!?
Agent DanteSmith: ::lays his head on Taryn's shoulder:: hey hot stuff...when did your head get grafted onto my body?
: ::regains control and remembers she is a commander:: Is there anything you need from me, Admiral?
RAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM