RAdm AC Zuriyev: BEGIN SIM

RAdm AC Zuriyev: BEGIN SIM

RAdm AC Zuriyev: BEGIN SIM

LtJG Taryn: ::walks into Engineering::

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Stands in science::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Sitting at TAC:: +taps+ <Dante> Hey, Dante. 

WatcherCMS: ::walks into Sec office::

WatcherCMS: +Z+ yo...

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::in his ready room, reading reports::

WatcherCMS: ::tosses a report on the desk::

Lt JG Axelalexa: I get it!  Smith and Wesson are lovers, and they were worried about me finding out!  Well, I won't tell anyone.

Cmdr Sullivan: :::on the bridge, sitting in her chair of doom:::

WatcherCMS: <<!!!!!>>

WatcherCMS: <<die bug-boy!>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: +D+ Why don't you prepare the reports for the captain on the security readiness, while I make sure the Tactical position is ready to go?

WatcherCMS: +Z+ alright...works for me ::plops down at the desk to start working::

LtJG Taryn: ::puts a cigar in, and lites it up::

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<I thought that would be favorable to having your cover blown.>>

Cmdr Sullivan: Caine> :::in medical::::

Lt Allen Zinthys: +D+ Alright. Zinthys out.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::leans back in his chair and looks out the window at the other ships in the dock:::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Taps on his console, letting the computerized diagnostic do most of the work, but his trained eyes watching for anything abnormal on the scan::

WatcherCMS: <<::grumbles:: we'll see...>>

Cmdr Sullivan: ACTION> A small, no-smoking sign, lights up near Taryn.

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Grins::

Cmdr Sullivan: *Engineering* Bridge to Engineering.... report!

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Well, doesn't grin, but moves his mandibles in a postive direction::

LtJG Taryn: ::looks at the sign::<W>I gotta get that lite down..

WatcherCMS: ::gets the "someone's smoking on board" signal:: odd...

WatcherCMS: +taps+ Security to Science...

Lt JG Axelalexa: We've got all sorts of cool experiments to do, now.

Lt JG Axelalexa: +Smith+  Yes?

LtJG Taryn: +Sullivan+Sir we are ready to roll....I was getting ready to send you my reports..

WatcherCMS: +Axe+ you guys gotta some sort of burning experiment thingy going on?

LtJG Taryn: ::puffs his cigar, walks out into engineering::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::Smiles softly to himself as he looks out upon them::

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Taryn's in Main E, buddy>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: +Smith+  No, we haven't started doing any experiments with fire yet.

Cmdr Sullivan: *Taryn* Menke, Lieutenant.  Kindly send them over as soon as possible.

WatcherCMS: <<i know...my light didn't say where>>

WatcherCMS: +Axe+ hmm...odd...

LtJG Taryn: +Sullivan+Sending them now....sir..

WatcherCMS: +Axe+ ok...sorry to bother you

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Just makin' sure you ain't screwing up. Figured you just wanted to pester Axe, though>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Looks at the compiled report he's made::

Lt JG Axelalexa: +Smith+  No problem.

WatcherCMS: <<lol...always...>>

WatcherCMS: ::wonders who would be smoking in this day and age>>

LtJG Taryn: ::sends the reports to the bridge::

Cmdr Sullivan: *All Depts* This is the Bridge.... please forward all readiness reports immediately in order for us to depart as scheduled.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Runs a diagnostic on helm, seeing as how the normal helmsperson isn't there::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::checks his chrono, seeing how long these reports take::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::taps:: +D+ You done yet down there?

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Forwareds his report::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Presses a few more buttons on his display::

WatcherCMS: +Z+ almost...just had a small distraction...be done in a sec

LtJG Taryn: ::puffs his cigar, and moves over to the main engineering console::

Lt Allen Zinthys: +D+ kay.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Forwards both finished reports to Suli's console::

WatcherCMS: ::types in the last few lines:: there...that should do it... ::pushes the send key::

Lt Allen Zinthys: +D+ May I inquire as to the distraction?

Cmdr Sullivan: Caine> :::sends his report with a review of crewmembers who are due up for a physical:::

LtJG Taryn: ::starts to run, a few programs::

WatcherCMS: +Z+ yeah...some thing was burning for a sec...not sure what or where though

Lt Allen Zinthys: +D+ Burning? Let me see if I can track it down.

Cmdr Sullivan: *Zuri* Captain... all departments have checked in and the Atlantis is ready for departure.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::checks his chrono again:: +Suli+ Excellent.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::Stands and walks out onto the bridge:

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Taps on his console::

WatcherCMS: +Z+ it's not the Pete-zuh eating guys...

Cmdr Sullivan: :::stands and snaps to attention with her normal grace and immeasurable charm::::

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<Mmm...  roast Pete...>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Checks for excess ozone::

LtJG Taryn: ::looks up and see some of the crew members in engineering glancing at him::

WatcherCMS: <<don't do it Syd...we don't want another Stick Figure Week>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<Very true>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: +D+ It appears that there is a tiny fire burning in... Main Engineering.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: At ease, XO.

WatcherCMS: +Z+ hmm...maybe I should go take a look...

Cmdr Sullivan: :::relaxes and continues to look solemn::::

Lt Allen Zinthys has left the room.

LtJG Taryn: Ensign Pac..can you run these tests on section 23beta....::ensign Pac just stares at him, and takes the PADD::

WatcherCMS: ::files away a copy of the report and stands to leave::

LtJG Taryn: ::turns to another engineer::I will be in my office looking over some of the reports, call me if you need me..

LtJG Taryn: ::walks back into his office::

WatcherCMS: ::enters the TL:: Main Engineering

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Status report, XO?

Cmdr Sullivan: The ship is running at 100% in all areas, sir.  All we need now is clearance.

LtJG Taryn: ::getting the reading from Ensign Pac::

Cmdr Sullivan: Caine> *Taryn* Lieutenant Taryn please report to medical for your mandatory physical.

Lt Allen Zinthys has entered the room.

Cmdr Sullivan: <<Welcome Back!>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Well that was fun>>

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::standing in front of his chair, looking at the viewer::

LtJG Taryn: +Caine+Aye aye....

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Mr. Zinthys, hail the dockmaster and request launch clearance.

WatcherCMS: ::enters ME:: hmm...

LtJG Taryn: ::walks out of his office::

LtJG Taryn: ::puffing his cigar::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Blinks back into reality, having faded out for a moment::

LtJG Taryn: ::not looking up, is rubbing his forehead::

Lt Allen Zinthys: Aye, sir

WatcherCMS: ::stares at Taryn::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Raises a channel and requests permission to leave::

Cmdr Sullivan: :::murmurs from the corner of her mouth::: Where exactly are we going, Sir?

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Sits down in his office and runs tests to calculate various curious and interesting things::

Lt Allen Zinthys: He says we're next in line sir. Just gotta wait for that Nebula-class next to us to leave.

Lt Allen Zinthys: Says they're really busy.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: We have orders to exterminate the remaining creatures, Commander.

WatcherCMS: ::eyes widen, remembering the fire on the promenade of DS22...::

LtJG Taryn: ::looks up, and pulls cigar out of his mouth to speak::Hello, and what can I do for you...

WatcherCMS: ::and the death of Ens Johnson...::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::Rolls eyes::  Put him on screen.

Cmdr Sullivan: <<Taryn..... are you in Medical now?>>

WatcherCMS: ::and the bomb that was planted by those scummy Rommies!::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Guy pops up on the screen::

LtJG Taryn: <<I getting ready to come up, but am chatting with Watcher>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: +D+ So, what's the problem? Do I have to enact emergency procedures or what?

WatcherCMS: ::lunges at Taryn:: you!

Cmdr Sullivan: <<OH!  That is who you are talking to!  Okay!>>

LtJG Taryn: ::grins, and moves to the left three steps::

LtJG Taryn: Sir??

WatcherCMS: ::face reddens:: you...you...you....

WatcherCMS: ::clenches his fists::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::watches the dockmaster look smugly back at him;:

LtJG Taryn: ::has a confused look on his face, and moves alittle closer to him::Um...

Lt Allen Zinthys: <Dockdude> Gimme two shakes of a rat's be-hind and I'll have you all outta here.

LtJG Taryn: ::looking around to see what the hell is going on::

WatcherCMS: You f***ing Rommie!  ::socks him good across the jaw::

Lt JG Axelalexa: According to this, I could create powerful power armor, using very little material, if I make it in the form of a "b-ik-in-i"?  What's a bikini?

Lt Allen Zinthys: +D+ Dante? What's going on down there? Do I have to manuall turn the sprinklers on or what?

Lt Allen Zinthys: manually*

Cmdr Sullivan: <<:::convulses at the image of a bug in a bikini::::>>

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Hurry it along.

WatcherCMS: ::dosn't hear Zinthys::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::The cruiser leaves the dock::

WatcherCMS: ::starts to pummel Taryn::

LtJG Taryn: ::moves with the punch, and wipes some greenish red blood from his mouth::

LtJG Taryn: ::grins::Nice hit...

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::shakes his head:: <w> Nebula classes...

LtJG Taryn: ::knees the attacker in the growing::

Lt Allen Zinthys: <Dockdude> Ya'll can go now. Real hectic around here I tell ya. ::screen blinks back to image of space::

LtJG Taryn: ::pushes him off::Look....am not fighting you...

LtJG Taryn: <<that's I'm>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: Computer, what is a b-ik-in-i?

Cmdr Sullivan: Now, now, sir... no need to look down on the less fortunate.

Lt JG Axelalexa: Computer>  Word does not exist.

WatcherCMS: ::stands back up...unphased:: you muther f-ing bastard!

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Da, not everyone gets a Sovereign class... especially since we only have three of them.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Taps fingers on the console and non-electrical damaging foam emits from the walls in ME, quickly somethering any would-be fire::

WatcherCMS: die pointy ears!  ::really loses it now::

WatcherCMS: <<err...looses>>

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Helm, one quarter impulse to space doors.

LtJG Taryn: Hey, am not fighting you::has torn uniform::

Cmdr Sullivan: <<Someone better be very happy that the XO is not wandering about......  >>

WatcherCMS: ::pulls his phaser:: all you have to do is die...

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Ens Otto Pilot>  Admiral, regulations specify thrusters only in spacedock.

WatcherCMS: ::ups the power::

Lt JG Axelalexa: I bet Dante will know.  +Dante+  Hey, what's a b-ik-in-i?

LtJG Taryn: ::looks at him then the phaser moves closer to it::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Blip blip about somebody overriding the stun setting on a phaser::

WatcherCMS: ::ignores Axe's question::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: What is the matter, Ensign?  Can you not fly at impulse through the space doors?

Lt Allen Zinthys: What the...?

LtJG Taryn: ::puts the phaser up to his head::Go ahead...if that will make you feel better, becauesse I have been to hell already....I don't care to go back

Cmdr Sullivan: Caine> *Taryn*  Mr. Taryn..... I am waiting.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::knows that the best way to get at a pilot is to insinuate that he can't do something::

LtJG Taryn: ::another ensign had called security::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Taps his fingers on the display and finds it coming from ME::

WatcherCMS: dumb bastard!  don't even know when your time has come!

RAdm AC Zuriyev: EnsOttoPilot> Aye, one quarter impulse! 

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ACTION>  Atlantis shoots out of her dock toward the doors.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::taps:: +ensign+ Security should already be in your area.

Lt JG Axelalexa: Computer, where is Dante?  Or doesn't he exist, either?

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Disables all phasers::

LtJG Taryn: ::security moves around teh too men::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Dockmaster> HEY!  He can't do that!

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Locates Dante and finds he's in ME::

WatcherCMS: ::smirks:: this could be more fun...take this Rommie Spy into custody boys!

Lt JG Axelalexa: Lieutenant Smith is in Main Engineering.

Cmdr Sullivan: Dock Master Flunky>  I believe he just did, sir.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::taps:: +E ensign+ Lieutenant Smith is in ME already. Why do you need more security?

Lt JG Axelalexa: Oh.  I'll just go see him, then.  ::heads down to ME::

LtJG Taryn: what's wrong can't pull the trigger? ::grins::

WatcherCMS: we need to interegate him.....d*** f***ing Tal Shiar

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Dockmaster>  Hotshots... a whole line of them since James Kirk did it.

WatcherCMS: ::smacks him across the face::

LtJG Taryn: ::laughs::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: EnsOttoPilot>  ::deftly threads the needle through the spacedoors::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Hears what's being said through the open intercom::

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<Someone is going to be in poor physical shape for his physical>>

Cmdr Sullivan: Flunky> :::bows her head in reverence:::::

WatcherCMS: quiet...!

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Otto>  Spacedoors clear, Admiral.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: DockMaster>  Oh well, at least she's a beauty to watch.

Cmdr Sullivan: <<Someone else is going to be in worse shape.....>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Sets up level 2 force fields around Taryn and Smith::

LtJG Taryn: ::shakes his head::I have already been profiled....

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Helm, set course for the former New Dublin colony.

WatcherCMS: ::turns to the other Sec officers:: well?  what are you waiting on?  take him!

Lt Allen Zinthys: Commander, I'll be back shortly.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Warp Six.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Grabs his phaser rifle and head into the TL::

Lt Allen Zinthys: Main Engineering

Cmdr Sullivan: ::ears perk up at the commotion coming from the security console::: Keep me informed.

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Enters Main Engineering, looks at Dante and Taryn::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Otto> Course laid in and ready, Admiral.

LtJG Taryn: <<who has control of the other security team??>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: Hey, is this some sort of mammal game?

WatcherCMS: ::tries to grab him...hits FF:: what?!?  dang Tal Shiar!

Lt Allen Zinthys: Aye, commander.

WatcherCMS: I shoulda been ready for this!!!!

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Execute.

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<What "other" sec team?>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Taps the override to his override on his rifle::

WatcherCMS: <<we've got a team around us right now...havn't done much though>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::arrives and steps out::

LtJG Taryn: <<oh ok the other security officer?  I thought that Andy and Barney came down to M.E.??

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ACTION>  Atlantis jumps to warp, blowing by the Nebula class that left before them.

Lt JG Axelalexa: Um, Dante?  Hello?  ::Taps Dante on the shoulder::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::In a harsh voice:: Lieutenant, report.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::Turns:: Now, what the hell is going on down there?

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Dante has a force field around him>>

WatcherCMS: ::feels nothing through the force field::

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::hits forcefield::

WatcherCMS: ::stares at Taryn::

Cmdr Sullivan: I'm sure that Mr Zinthys will get to the bottom of it, sir... and when the dust settles... I shall raise some more.

Lt Allen Zinthys: Lieutenant Dante Smith, what the <TOS> happened?

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Just doesn't have the same effect...>>

WatcherCMS: lol

WatcherCMS: <<err...that was an oc laugh>>

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Good.

WatcherCMS: We've got a Rommie spy here...

RAdm AC Zuriyev: XO, a moment in my ready room.

Lt Allen Zinthys: What?!

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::walks to the RR:

WatcherCMS: and these officers don't wanna seem to cooperate

Lt Allen Zinthys: How did you find out he was a spy?

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Thinks::  I wonder if I could get that force field off by setting down an inhibiting inverse polarity field caused by plasma coiling around a shard of solid deutrieum.

Cmdr Sullivan: :::follows him::::

WatcherCMS: and now I've got a for....wait a second...how come you don....::look of horror washes over face::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::Waits for the doors to shut::

LtJG Taryn: ::looks at his uniform which is torn, scares can be seen on his back, and chest...through the uniform::

Cmdr Sullivan: ::::braces herself as the doors shut::::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Commander, I would like to reward the crew for their excellent work in helping to clear us.

Lt JG Axelalexa: Of course, where am I going to get a deuterium shard and a coil of plasma...?

Cmdr Sullivan: :::relaxes:::: I agree, sir.

WatcherCMS: ::stares at Zinthys:: you're one of them... ::turns to Axe:: and you...you too...

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Since we can not give them shore leave...

Lt Allen Zinthys: Oh, God. ::Turns to Taryn:: What happened?

Lt JG Axelalexa: One of whom?

RAdm AC Zuriyev: I thought another formal ball might be in order.

Lt Allen Zinthys: What set him off.

WatcherCMS: ::starts to panic (well...some more)::

Cmdr Sullivan: :::her blood turns to ice::: A.... a.... another ball, sir?

RAdm AC Zuriyev: It has been quite a while since the last one.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: And they all seemed to enjoy it.

Cmdr Sullivan: Will I have to wear a.... a.... d... d...d....dress?

WatcherCMS: can't...let...them have me... ::turns phaser on himself::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Da, of course.

LtJG Taryn: ::turns to him::I don't know he came down to engineering, and attacked me....I was working up to Medical for a physical with my cigar...then...he jumps me.

Lt Allen Zinthys: Your cigar?

Cmdr Sullivan: :::tries to stifle the look of revulsion::::

WatcherCMS: ::gulps uneasily::

Cmdr Sullivan: I believe that a ball is a wonderful idea, sir.

Lt JG Axelalexa: Wait, what if I tried that chopping thing on one of the computers?  But I don't know how...  hmm...  I'll ask Dante to help!  Wait a minute...

RAdm AC Zuriyev: No really, Commander, tell me what you really think. ::chuckles::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::taps:: +ensign at TAC+ Teleport Mr. Smith to the brig.

LtJG Taryn: ::raises an eyebrow::Aye sir...a cigar?  Is their a problem?

Lt Allen Zinthys: Axe, do you know what happened?

Lt JG Axelalexa: Not really, sir.  When I came in, I thought the two of them were playing some sort of mammal game, like Tag or Battleship.

Cmdr Sullivan: Maybe something with a little bit of a theme?  Something a little less...stuffy?

WatcherCMS: ::closes his eyes:: oh shit... ::starts to depress button::

Lt Allen Zinthys: Thank you. This is now a crime scene. I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

WatcherCMS: ::is teleported to the brig while the phaser is teleported elsewhere...lucky for him...maybe...::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Turns back to Taryn:: Do you see the foam all over the ground in here?

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<phasers are still disabled>>

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Stuffy?

WatcherCMS: <<see...safety...>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::nods::  A crime scene?  ::as he walks off::  Why couldn't they have played a friendly game of "Sever" or something like that instead...

Cmdr Sullivan: Well... everything is so.... refined.  What the crew needs to do is really cut loose.

WatcherCMS: <<wait...didn't we just cut loose...>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: That is because Dante got a signal of fire. I tracked it down and sent him here. It is because of that cigar that this entire mess has happened!!

RAdm AC Zuriyev: For example?

Lt Allen Zinthys: Now, did he have any cause to attack you?

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Back in science, looking up more stuff::

Cmdr Sullivan: Like maybe something Hawaiian..... or maybe a Toga party..... or just a masquerade.... or... :::thinking like mad::::

LtJG Taryn: Well he did say you die you f***ing Romulan too....

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Looks around at the gathered engineers:: Go back to work.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::looks at her like she's grown antlers::

Cmdr Sullivan: Or we could have a formal ball.

WatcherCMS: ::sits in his cell, aware that the Atlantis has just been hijacked by the Tal Shiar::

Lt Allen Zinthys: Hmm... Looks like it's time for a talk with Mr. Smith.

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<Suli, the red nosed raindeer...>>

Cmdr Sullivan: <HEY!>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Taps:: +Ensign at TAC+ Drop the force fields in ME 

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Perhaps you are right... perhaps... a poolside luau?

Lt Allen Zinthys: I'm aware that you are in need of a physical. I'll apologize to the Doctor later. For now you will accompany me to the bridge.

LtJG Taryn: Aye sir, 

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Walks to the TL:: 

Cmdr Sullivan: I think that would be a fine idea....

WatcherCMS: ::thinks to self:: ^I hope Keith knows I've gone missing...I'm sure he can get Section 31 to help...we never leave our own...no wait...we do...oh crap...I'm doomed...^

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Good.   Organize it.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::looks at the the sec guards standing around:: Come. and watch him. Just in case Dante wasn't just raving.

Cmdr Sullivan: :::blinks:::: Me, sir?

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Stands in the side of the TL::

LtJG Taryn: ::mumbles soemthing about profiling::

Cmdr Sullivan: But I have reports to run and... and..... and just things to do.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Da.  The XO is responsible for crew-command relations.

WatcherCMS: ^but Keith wouldn't do that to me...we're a team...we've always been a team...since grade school...^

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::The sec guards "escort" him in::

Lt Allen Zinthys: Deck 1.

Cmdr Sullivan: <<Dude... someone call the counselor.....>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::taps:: +Captain+ Captain, I'm bringing you a guest.

WatcherCMS: ^...gotta get a hold of myself...they'll come for me soon...need to remember my trainning...^

Cmdr Sullivan: :::sighs::: Yes, sir.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: +Zinthys+ Understood.

LtJG Taryn: So may I ask why we need secuirty officers, besides you to escort me to the bridge sir?

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Dismissed, XO.

LtJG Taryn: what are you afraid I am a spy?

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::TL opens onto the bridge:: Because right now I don't know which of you two is telling the truth.

Cmdr Sullivan: :::nods::: Yes, sir.

WatcherCMS: ^...I need one of them believably un-believable lies within a lie...^

Cmdr Sullivan: :::turns on her heel and returns to the bridge:::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Walks out on the bridge and motions for them to follow::

Lt Allen Zinthys: Wait here for the captain.

LtJG Taryn: ::shakes head::So things never change....I guess in Starfleet..

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Walks to his TAC console::

WatcherCMS: ^...the lion and the unicorn frolic by the light of the moon...^

Cmdr Sullivan: :::watches the parade go by and wonders if anyone will be throwing candy::::

LtJG Taryn: ::dusts off unifrom::

WatcherCMS: ::rocks in the corner of the cell::

Lt JG Axelalexa: So...  mix this....  with the...  and then...  ::a large flash of bright light shines and then disappears in main science, leaving a faint scent of coconut::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::sits back at his desk, waiting::

Lt Allen Zinthys: Commander, this man was caught smoking in Main Engineering. Seeing as how he is a department head, I did not figure that it would be my pleasure to discipline him.

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Doesn't move around until his vision comes back::

Cmdr Sullivan: :::nods:::: I see.  I believe the Captain is waiting.

WatcherCMS: <<lol Axe>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<Dante's already beat him up.  How much more punishment does he need?>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Escorts them into the RR::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Repeats what he told Suli::

WatcherCMS: <<depends...can I have another round with him...>>

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Don't you knock, Lieutenant?

Lt Allen Zinthys: My apologies captain, however this man has alos ben accused of being a spy.

Lt Allen Zinthys: I decided that the swiftest course of action would be the best.

LtJG Taryn: ::looks at the Lt::

WatcherCMS: ::continues trying to cook up a good story and wonders how they could have gotten this past him::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: In the future, you will still knock.  Now, what is this nonsense about spies?

Lt Allen Zinthys: Granted that the claim of being a spy has apparently no evidence other than him being a Romulan.

LtJG Taryn: ::shakes his head::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: As I recall, he's half Romulan, correct, Mr. Taryn?

Lt Allen Zinthys: However, I felt that such an accusation by my assistant should not be taken lightly.

LtJG Taryn: ::bits his lip::aye sir...

Cmdr Sullivan: <<Even if he is most obviously a loon?>>

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Your assistant?  The one who is in the brig?

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<I was thinking something rather similar>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Well, that's his style. He seems good at it>>

LtJG Taryn: ::looks at the Lt after making that last comment::

WatcherCMS: ::thinks back to his assignment here:: ^...ok...they said I was supposed to keep an eye on things....something big was gonna happen.....!.....maybe this was it!...maybe they knew...!^

Lt Allen Zinthys: Aye, sir. It is obvious that there was a fight.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: It looks like Mr. Taryn here got the worst of it.

Lt Allen Zinthys: I had to do something with one of them, and Taryn's problems seemed to need more immediate... fixing.

WatcherCMS: ^...but why would they let the Tal Shiar get this ship?...^

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Never really looked at the results of the fight:: 

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Mr. Taryn, what happened?

Cmdr Sullivan: *Axe* Sullivan to Axelalexa.

Lt JG Axelalexa: +Suli+  Axelalexa speaking, ma'am.  What can I do for you?

Lt Allen Zinthys: If you would excuse me, sir, there is another that I should attend to now.

WatcherCMS: ^...maybe it was a trade...maybe we got one of theirs....and I was supposed to be the guy who watches them...^

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: Da, and find out why your assistant thinks him a spy, besides blatant racism.

LtJG Taryn: Well sir I was in engineering smoking on my cigar, when the officer came in M.E.  Then he told me that I had to f***ing die....

Lt Allen Zinthys: Aye, sir.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Walks to the TL:: Brig.

Cmdr Sullivan: *Axe* Axe.... I have been put in charge of the plans for a rather ornate party... one that requires a certain atmosphere.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::shoos the other security officers out too, leaving him and Taryn alone::

Lt JG Axelalexa: +Suli+  Acidic?  Methane?

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::TL stops and the doors open::

WatcherCMS: ^...aaah!  why did I do that!  now they know!  and I've lost my ability to do my job!!!...aaagh!....^

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Strides to Dante's cell::

Lt Allen Zinthys: Lieutenant Smith.

Lt JG Axelalexa: +Suli+  I would think that you would find such environment unpleasant, but I'm sure I could build a machine to help you simulate such effects.

WatcherCMS: ::freezes at the sight of Zinthys::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Computer, bring up flight recorder log, Main Engineering, time index 1030.2.

Cmdr Sullivan: *Axe* I was wondering if perhaps you could do some research into the conditions on a place called Hawaii and come up with some suitably impressive effects?  Preferably ones that will not kill the crew.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::reviews the flight recorder log and finds Taryn's story to be true::

Lt JG Axelalexa: +Suli+  Hawaii?  Isn't that one of the islands of Japan?

Lt Allen Zinthys: What happened in Main Engineering?

LtJG Taryn: ::looks down and sighs::Sir what will happen to the security officer sir...

WatcherCMS: ::stares at him...unwilling to answer::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: I do not know yet, Lieutenant... but, about this smoking thing...

Cmdr Sullivan: *Axe* I think it lst belonged to the United States... but my Terran history is hazy.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Stares back at him, willing his eyes to bore a hole into Smith's brain::

LtJG Taryn: Sir?

RAdm AC Zuriyev: At least have the sense to tweak the fire sensors so that they don't detect it, like I do in here and my quarters. ::smiles::

WatcherCMS: ^...thought he was my friend...thought they all were...^

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Emphasizing every syllable:: What...happened...Lt.?

Lt JG Axelalexa: +Suli+  I have the same problem.  Earth didn't seem like a very interesting planet.  However, I shall look into the matter as you have requested.

WatcherCMS: I don't have to answer to you!

LtJG Taryn: ::let's out a little smirk::Sir, I have box for you from my uncle Struan as well...he said he knows you

Cmdr Sullivan: *Axe* I'm thinking like maybe a volcano in the background... some cool torches....

Lt Allen Zinthys: Yes you do, because I am I superior officer.

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<2nd I=a>>

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::smiles:: Da, he does.  

Lt Allen Zinthys: And this has become and investigation.

Lt JG Axelalexa: +Suli+  A volcano!  Now that, I know about.  I'm sure I could simulate a tectonic disturbance, but I'd have to do it in the holodeck.

WatcherCMS: but I don't serve the Star Empire...

Lt Allen Zinthys: What troubles you about the Romulan?

WatcherCMS: ::decides to fight rather than lie::

Cmdr Sullivan: *Axe* We will probably be having the party on a holodeck.... but just make it a small disturbance.

WatcherCMS: ::hurumphs:: the same thing that troubles me about all you green-blooded Rommies

LtJG Taryn: Um, sir....could I drop the charges against the officer that attacked me sir?  Or will I have to file a report to security?

Lt JG Axelalexa: +Suli+  As for cool torches, I should be able to create some interesting fire effects if I get out some of the fun chemicals, but I think most of them would release sulfuric gas, which I've noticed most mammals don't like.

Lt Allen Zinthys: Dante, I'm not a Romulan. Look at me.

RAdm AC Zuriyev: :nods:: Talk to Lieutenant Zinthys about that.

Lt Allen Zinthys: I'm a human, just like you.

Cmdr Sullivan: *Axe* Sulfuric is definately unpleasant.

LtJG Taryn: Aye sir...::drops head alittle::

WatcherCMS: I know you can change your appearance...genetic manipulation...cosmetic surgery...same as us...

RAdm AC Zuriyev: You are clear to return to duty, Lieutenant.  And drop that box of cigars by my quarters after your shift. ::Smiles at him::

Lt Allen Zinthys: So how do you know I have gone to all that trouble?

Lt JG Axelalexa: +Suli+  It's really underappreciated.  It reminds me of an egg dish they used to serve at the academy.

LtJG Taryn: Aye sir::turns and walks out of his office::

WatcherCMS: oh no...that's all I'm saying!

Cmdr Sullivan: *Axe* Egg dish?

Lt Allen Zinthys: How do you  know I'm a Romulan, Lieutenant?

WatcherCMS: your craftyness ends here!

Lt JG Axelalexa: +Suli+  I can't remember what it was the eggs of, now, but it involved the eggs of some animal being heated.

LtJG Taryn: ::enter TL::

Cmdr Sullivan: *Axe* Ah..... okay.

Cmdr Sullivan: :::watches Taryn depart::::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::walks back onto the bridge:: Report.

Lt Allen Zinthys: Dante. Look at me. You know me. We play pranks on the science freaks. Like Axe.

Cmdr Sullivan: All is well, Captain.

WatcherCMS: ::folds arms and sits on the bunk::

Lt JG Axelalexa: +Suli+  So, my mission is to create a volcano and make interesting fire that won't kill creatures with low atmospheric tolerance.  I shall do as you wish.

WatcherCMS: dosn't mean you're not a freakin Rommie

LtJG Taryn: ::thinks to himself, first day got into fight, and had to go to the captain office, and they think I'm a spy...what a day::

Cmdr Sullivan: *Axe* I knew I could count on you.

Lt Allen Zinthys: Ensign, what's wrong with Romulans?

WatcherCMS: <<who's an ensign?>>

WatcherCMS: crafty bastards...

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Mental trick. Push you back so you can come forward>>

Cmdr Sullivan: <<You are now... you think you got through that without a demotion??>>

WatcherCMS: <<lol...good point>>

RAdm AC Zuriyev: ::sits in his chair, which he notices someone has made more comfortable::

RAdm AC Zuriyev: Hmm.. Admirals get nicer chairs, apparently.

Lt Allen Zinthys: Why do you hate Taryn?

RAdm AC Zuriyev: <<two minutes>>

WatcherCMS: ^...how much info did they get out of that genetic engineering fiasco recently...?...^

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Starts looking at records of famous volcanic eruptions::  The ones on my planet were too unspectacular...  Here's an interesting one from Ka'bloo E...  A spray of molten rock 2000 feet into the air.

WatcherCMS: I hate all you pointy-eared punks the same

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Leans over to the ensign guarding Smith and whispers to thim to get Caine here fast::

LtJG Taryn: ::enters and head to sickbay::

Lt Allen Zinthys: Look at my ears? Are they pointy?

WatcherCMS: ::grumbles:: we've been down this path... Mr. Shiar...

LtJG Taryn: ::enters sickbay, and looks around::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::taps:: +AXE+ Axe, can you come to the brig?

RAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM

RAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM