Capt AC Zuriyev: In that case... BEGIN SIM

Capt AC Zuriyev: ::sitting at the table with Commander Sullivan, and Admiral al-Mordja, his JAG attorney::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Fidgets with his collar::

LtJG Taryn: ::in the back of the court room::

Chloe Tiernee: ::sitting in a chair, smoothing wrinkles on her uniform::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Head of the Court-Martial Panel>  This court-martial of Captain A.C. Zuriyev and Commander Sullivan Ruffian shall convene.

Lt Belle Carver: ::still a bit shaken up, walks into the courtroom in dress::

WatcherCMS: ::sits uneasily near the back...wondering where Keith is::

Chloe Tiernee: ::and pressing down stray hairs of her french twist::

Ens Kalok: ::in the appointed place in the courtroom::

WatcherCMS: (m) come on dude...need yer help here...

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP> Admiral Graham, you may begin.

LtJG Taryn: ::looks around the court room feeling nervous, like he had before::

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::stands in the back of the courtroom, watching::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Adm Graham>  Ladies and Gentleman, what we have here is an act of recklessness by a man with a history of recklessness.  Captain Zuriyev destroyed that Starbase without properly checking to be sure there was no other way of saving it, and thus cost this fleet years of resources.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Sitting somewhere in the middle, glaring at the panel with a cold fury in his eyes::

WatcherCMS: (m) dang it Wesson...get yer butt in here...

Capt AC Zuriyev: Adm Graham>  I intend to show that this man and woman are unfit for their commands and should be stripped of their rank.  That is all.

Lt Belle Carver:  ::slides into a seat in the back and watches with a look of amazement and confusment on her face::

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  Admiral al-Mordja, you may speak.

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<I just got it...  Smith and Wesson.  Ha!>>

WatcherCMS: Lt Wesson> ::carefully enters the door, trying to be quiet...and is shocked by the big bug::

WatcherCMS: <<::smacks forehead::>>

Chloe Tiernee: ::frowns slightly as she listens, glances at other crew members::

Ens Kalok: ::just watches the proceedings, trying to decide what he thinks about all of this::

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Opens his mandibles and then closes them::

Lt Belle Carver: ::looks down at the papers she holds in utter shock wondering what she had missed::

WatcherCMS: Wesson> ::even more carefully slips by the big bug and sits near his old friend:: (w) what's up with Mothra over there?

Capt AC Zuriyev: Adm al-Mordja>  Ladies and Gentleman, the evidence I will show clearly indicates that the Starbase was a lost cause.  The defendants were perfectly justified in their actions, and it is bad policy to bother the command staff of a starship operating millions of kilometers away with such trivialities.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Looks at Axe and gestures to his PADD with a questioning look on his face::

WatcherCMS: ::looks at Axe:: he's harmless...what took you so long?

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>  In fact, the evidence I shall present should prove interesting.

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>  That is all.

WatcherCMS: Wesson> business man, "business"

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Crosses his scythes over his chest in a traditional sign of acknowledgement::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Raises an eyebrow, then nods and turns back to watch the proceedings::

LtJG Taryn: ::stares out the window, thinking of his own trial::

WatcherCMS: ah...the old "starfleet intelligence has a special mission" business

Lt Belle Carver: ::replaces the look of shock with a nuetral look and watches the proceedings::

WatcherCMS: Wesson> yeah...dang Rommies again...

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  Very well.  The first witnesses that this Court Martial calls are Lieutenant Allen Zinthys, Chief of Security aboard the Atlantis, and Lieutenant JG Dante Smith, assistant Security.

LtJG Taryn: <<what's wrong with rommies!>>

WatcherCMS: Wesson> remind me why we joined...

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Realizes that his people's traditions probably mean nothing to Zinthys::

WatcherCMS: <<don't ask...they might kill ya in your sleep...>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Stands, rather unfamiliar with court protocol::

Chloe Tiernee: ::looks at Allen, giving him a reassuring smile, briefly::

WatcherCMS: ::stands:: (w) later...

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP> Please come to the witness stand, Lieutenants.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Steps forward and enters the stand::

WatcherCMS: ::walks up::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Security Dude>  Do you both swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth under penalty of law?

Lt Belle Carver: <<Nighters all>>

Lt Belle Carver has left the room.

Lt Allen Zinthys: I do.

WatcherCMS: I do

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  Admiral al-Mordja, you may begin.

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<::Shudder:: Sounds like I'm getting married::

Lt Allen Zinthys: >>

WatcherCMS: <<not to me I hope>>

Chloe Tiernee: <<LOL.>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: <ewww>

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>  Lieutenant Zinthys, please tell me of the readings from the tactical station concerning the Starbase prior to its destruction?

Lt Allen Zinthys: The readings reported that the starbase was utterly overrun. It was thoroughly infested with  those... creatures.

WatcherCMS: ::listens carefully::

Capt AC Zuriyev: And Lieutenant JG Smith... you were on the away team that went over to Starbase Sixteen.  Tell me of your encounters.

WatcherCMS: well sir...

WatcherCMS: it was...bad...real bad

WatcherCMS: no one was alive

Chloe Tiernee: ::closes her eyes briefly, remembering that away team, nearly shuddering at the memory::

WatcherCMS: except for those....things

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>   I understand that you barely escaped.

WatcherCMS: yes sir...if it wasn't for the expertese of my security team we may not have made it

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>  Mr. Zinthys... in your opinion, was it feasible to take back the Starbase using force?

WatcherCMS: ::remember Bullet-proof Bob's bungling...well the other two did well!::

Lt Allen Zinthys: No.

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>  Your witnesses, Admiral Graham.

Ens Kalok: ::leans forward...the cross examination is always more interesting...::

WatcherCMS: ::recognizes Graham...and turns to Wesson::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  Why could some other methods of exterminating these creatures not be used?  Gas, for example.  Mr Zinthys?

WatcherCMS: Wesson> ::raises an eyebrow::

Lt Allen Zinthys: I was under the impression that Starfleet didn't employ such methods, Admiral.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  You have been in Starfleet long enough to lose that naivete, Lieutenant.

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>  Objection!

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>  Patronizing the witness.

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  Sustained.

Lt Allen Zinthys: That is not an argument for this courtroom. It wouldn't have worked anyway.

Chloe Tiernee has left the room.

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP> You don't have to answer that anyway.  

WatcherCMS: ::isn't liking this::

LtJG Taryn: ::whispers to himself, good point get the judges to think more::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  There must have been some method to clear the Starbase that would have been cheaper.

WatcherCMS: Wesson>  ::takes another look at Axe, wonders what the hell he is::

Lt Allen Zinthys: That purely depends on how much you value human life.

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Turns his head and looks at Wesson, and wonders what that smell is::

WatcherCMS: <<lol>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: Fear.  No.  Curiousity.  ::Walks over to Wesson::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham> I honestly don't think I need to go on here.  No further questions.

WatcherCMS: Wesson> ::looks up at the bug...then back to the proceedings::

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  You may step down, Lieutenants.

WatcherCMS: ::returns to his seat::

Chloe Tiernee has entered the room.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Walks back into the audience and retakes his seat, noting that Chloe has become curiously absent::

Chloe Tiernee: <<Argh.>>

Chloe Tiernee: ::dropped a ..pip, picks it up and sits back up, coming back into view:: ;-)

WatcherCMS: (w) have a seat Axe...I think you're making some people nervous...

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP> Next witness is Doctor Chloe Tiernee.

Lt Allen Zinthys: <w> good luck.

Lt JG Axelalexa: (w) These seats are desigend for my body to fit in them.

Chloe Tiernee: ::sticking it back on her collar quickly and nods to Allen, stands up and steps towards the stand::

Chloe Tiernee: <<ISP farted..sorry about that.>>

WatcherCMS: <<are?>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<aren't>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<oops>>

WatcherCMS: <<just checkin>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: Security>  Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, under penalty of law?

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<must be the Plato getting to me>>

Chloe Tiernee: ::nods:: I do. 

WatcherCMS: (w) alright ::shrugs to Keith::

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<That stuff may say it's nontoxic on the label, but who really knows...>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<what're you sniffing?>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>   Admiral al-Mordja.

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>  Dr. Tiernee, you were on the away team?

Chloe Tiernee: Yes I was, sir. 

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<I left my Plato on my desk...  I think it's going to dry out and then I won't be able to make little models with it>>

Chloe Tiernee: ::clasps her hands::

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja> What did you encounter there?

WatcherCMS: <<you're sniffing a dead philosopher?>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<::Gives up::>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Are you reffering to Pla-doh?>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<That was the intended pun.>>

Ens Kalok: <<plato's real squishy>>

Chloe Tiernee: Absolute destruction and decay. Dead bodies everywhere and creatures at nearly every turn.

WatcherCMS: <<lol...lots of dead things are>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<You have touched Plato before?>>

Chloe Tiernee: << You are all weird. <g>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<You're point?>>

Chloe Tiernee: << No point.. just an observation.. ;-)>>

WatcherCMS: <<lol>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<We're no weird.  Just deranged.>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<God, now I'm talking like Quina.>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>  Was anything left, Doctor?

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Wonders if he would gain an enemy skill by eating the prosecution::

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<What, like, 'lying well'?>>

Chloe Tiernee: Nothing but the remains of those people. No lifesigns were detected at all. The base itself was in very bad shape.

WatcherCMS: Wesson> (w) ::nods toward Axe:: this the bug guy you mentioned Dante?

WatcherCMS: (w) name's Axe

Chloe Tiernee: We barely got out of there ourselves. ::slight frown::

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>  ::nods::: Thank you, doctor.

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>  Your witness, Admiral Graham.

Ens Kalok: l

Lt Allen Zinthys: <????>

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  Tell me, doctor, do you think these creatures are sentient.

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::looks at Wesson::  (w)  Who are you?

Ens Kalok: <<  Dunno How that happened...::dinks with the keyboard::  Sorry gang>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham> ::smiles knowingly:

WatcherCMS: Wesson> ::looks up:: (w) uhm...I'm Keith Wesson...a friend of Lt Smith's here

Chloe Tiernee: From what I can tell.. I believe so. Their actions seemed to be methodical.. not just random instinct. However, I am not a scientist qualified to make a complete statement to that fact.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Glares daggers at Graham::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  ::nods::  No further questions.

Chloe Tiernee: ::eyes the smile, shivers a bit at it, not liking it::

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  You may step down, doctor.

WatcherCMS: ::looks at Graham quizically:: (w) he knows somethin...

WatcherCMS: Wesson> (w) you think our guys had somethin to do with it?

Chloe Tiernee: ::nods, and stands, leaving the stand and quickly returning to her seat::

Lt JG Axelalexa: (w)  I think he's going to ask why we didn't try to resolve peacefully.

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  Next witness is Lieutenant JG Taryn, Chief Engineer.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Takes Chloe's hand and squeezes it::

WatcherCMS: (w)'re closer to head heard anything?

Chloe Tiernee: ::glances at Allen, hoping she did okay, and taking comfort in the hand squeeze, returns it tightly::

LtJG Taryn: ::raise an eyebrow::

WatcherCMS: Wesson> ::looks at Axe:: maybe

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::looks at her smiles and nods::

WatcherCMS: Wesson> ::turns back to Smith:: (w) and, no

LtJG Taryn: ::stands::

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::gets a sharp pain in his chest which he ignores::

Chloe Tiernee: ::offers a light smile and lets out a breath::

WatcherCMS: (w) what's his assignment been lately? ::nods toward the prosecuter::

Lt Allen Zinthys: <w> We'll get 'em off. We will.

LtJG Taryn: ::winks at the prosecuter as he takes teh stand::

WatcherCMS: Wesson> (w) I know what a S31 Admiral has been doing...

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  ::frowns at Taryn::

Chloe Tiernee: ::nods:: (q) I think so too. ::thinks, "I hope so"::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Security>>  Do you swear to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, under penalty of law?

Lt JG Axelalexa: (w)  Hey, Dante, can't you just do that computer thing again to find out?

Lt JG Axelalexa: (w)  Chopping or whatever that was.

WatcherCMS: ::shrugs:: (w) you know our ranks don't always stay the same...take me for demoted to be placed on this look what happened

LtJG Taryn: ::thinks of a quote to say about a bear and rabbit in teh woods, but deson't say it::Yes i do

WatcherCMS: Smith & Wesson> ::looks at Axe in surprise:: (unison) uh-oh...

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>  Lieutenant Taryn, what kind of damage was caused to your shuttle on New Dublin?

Lt JG Axelalexa: (w)  Uh oh?

WatcherCMS: ::stands::

WatcherCMS: ::heads for the door::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Turns to look at Dante::

Lt JG Axelalexa: (w)  ::Watches the two leave for the door::  Those two are so strange.

LtJG Taryn: Nacell damage sir.....

WatcherCMS: ::waits in hall::

WatcherCMS: Wesson> is he coming?

WatcherCMS: ::shrugs:: he's odd...I thought he knew I meant him...

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::wonders what those two wanted to talk about, continues watching the trial::

Capt AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja>  What kind of attack was it?

Ens Kalok: ::produces his own PADD and taps in a few quick notes::

WatcherCMS: Wesson> did you know he could hear us?

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Looks over some PADD results::

WatcherCMS: knew some of his senses were better than human...didn't know hearing was...

LtJG Taryn: Well sir, it was an acid attack

WatcherCMS: Wesson> do you think he understood?

WatcherCMS: well...he didn't understand... ::pauses for an ensign to pass:: ...(w) hacking...

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  Yes.  According to the sensor logs, the creature spat acid at the away team and their shuttle.  Not a friendly gesture, nor were the attacks upon ships, starbases, and colonists. 

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Leans over to Chloe and whispers in her ear:: When this is over with, the two of us are gonna spend one whole day together. 

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::begins to analyse his conversation with Smith and Wesson in an attempt to work out what he might have said that caused them to run::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  ALL of the attackees tried to contact the creatures, and failed.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  Your witness, Admiral Graham. ::smirks smugly::

Chloe Tiernee: ::blinks and looks at him, a smile spreading on her face::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  I have no questions for this witness.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham> ::fuming, having just been cut off::

Chloe Tiernee: ::leans in:: (w) Sounds like a plan to me.. 

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP> You may step down, Lieutenant.

WatcherCMS: Wesson> (w) where's the bug?

Lt Allen Zinthys: <w> looks like we score one for the good guys there.

LtJG Taryn: ::nods, and steps down from teh stand::

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Comes to the conclusion that they were talking about something he wasn't supposed to hear.  But then, what?  After all, they didn't say anything weird.  The Atlantis must be good, though, that Dante would take a demotion to come on board::

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  Next witnesses are Lieutenant JG Axelalexa and Ensign Kalok, Science officers aboard Atlantis.

WatcherCMS: (w) calm down...let's go back in...we can "debrief" him later...

Ens Kalok: ::Rises and approaches the stand::

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::He'd have to talk about his findings with some of the science guys in an attempt to deduce the reasoning behind this odd behavior::

WatcherCMS: Wesson> ::smirks:: I thought he was your friend...

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Smirks on hearing that:: <q> this oughta be good....

LtJG Taryn: ::wonders if Graham remembers him::

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Walks over and approaches the bench::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham> ::eyes Taryn::

Chloe Tiernee: ::exhales deeply, this whole process making her nervous::

Capt AC Zuriyev: <<Y'all want to keep going?>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Yeah. Let's finish this off>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<Sure.  All I've done so far is discover that Smith's in the black ops.>>

LtJG Taryn: <<does a bear take a....., um I mean yeah>>

WatcherCMS: Smith & Wesson> ::retake their seats...noting Axe moving to the stand::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Security Dude>  Do you both swear to tell nothing but the truth, under penalty of law?

WatcherCMS: <<shh!!!>>

Ens Kalok: I do.

Lt JG Axelalexa: I swear that to be true.

WatcherCMS: <<lol>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: Dude>  ::raises an eyebrow, but moves away::

WatcherCMS: <<roflol>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Just always gotta be different...>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  Ensign Kalok, what conclusions did you come to when you analyzed the data collected from the dead creatures?

WatcherCMS: <<all over the floor now...>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<What is?>>

WatcherCMS: <<quiet youse!>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<I'd guess watcher...  although all I see is some strange marks on the floor>>

Ens Kalok: Analysis of the data lead me to believe that the creature was capable of lighting fast reproduction, much faster than anything else I have ever encountered.  It was highly adaptable and cunning.

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<and a rogue dustbunny legion>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  And of its DNA?

WatcherCMS: <<how'd you know?...I think they're planning an invasion...>>

Ens Kalok: <<Whoa, that's been a while...uh...>>

Chloe Tiernee: ::crosses her arms, listening carefully::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  Let me rephrase.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  Lieutenant Axelalexa, what did you discover on your excursion back to New Dublin?

Capt AC Zuriyev: <<Didn't know that there'd be a quiz, didja? :-) >>

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Somebody failed>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: On the second excursion, we came across a middle stage in the development of the creature.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  A second stage?  What do you mean?

Ens Kalok: <<I apologize.  Ritual suicide will follow>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: It's genetic makeup was similar enough that it was definitely of the same species, yet the physical form was quite different.

Lt Allen Zinthys: <<there goes another one.>>

Lt JG Axelalexa: We believe the creatures underwent metamorphisis between various stages.  We've seen two ground combat forms and a space combat form where a being acts as a living vessel.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja> So, the creature evolved?

WatcherCMS has left the room.

Lt JG Axelalexa: Yes.  Probably to the needs of the species.

WatcherCMS has entered the room.

WatcherCMS: <<::went to get a d'k tajh:: ya go Kalok>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  You're saying that evolution, a process normally taking millions of years for even a small change, happened within days or weeks for these creatures?

Ens Kalok: Possibly hours. . .

Lt JG Axelalexa: I believe that it wasn't evolution that granted these creatures these abilities, sir.

WatcherCMS: <<where's my Klingon spell check...>>

Chloe Tiernee: <<afk>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja> In your professional opinion, what do you believe is the cause?

WatcherCMS: (w) it comes....

Ens Kalok: ::looks over at Axel::

Lt Allen Zinthys: <bg>

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja> ::Refrains from smiling::

Lt JG Axelalexa: In fact, if you look at several of the genetic sequences, you'll find very curious spaces, where genetic tampering is certain.

WatcherCMS: Wesson> ::watches the prosecution::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  Objection!  This witness is hardly qualified to make such an assertion!

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  Lieutenant, please elaborate to us your qualifications.

WatcherCMS: (w) yeah right...he's a gifted geneticist...

WatcherCMS: (w) or he claims to be...

Lt JG Axelalexa: I've been to most of the major science research stations before I finally was assigned to a ship.

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  ::checks Axe's records::  Objection overruled.

Lt JG Axelalexa: And I personally was born into the scientist caste, giving me a mental capacity in the reasoning department far superior to most humanoids, at the cost of physical prowess.

WatcherCMS: Wesson> (w) weren't you supposed to watch the crew?...where'd that training go?

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja> Genetic tampering is a very serious charge, ladies and gentlemen... no further questions.

WatcherCMS: (w) shuddap...

Chloe Tiernee: <<Back>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  Ensign Kalok, how did you come to your conclusions?

WatcherCMS: ::puts his attention on Graham too::

Ens Kalok: I reached my conclusions in the same manner that any scientist would reach his conclusions...deduction and logic.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>   What *tests* did you perform?

Ens Kalok: I performed a wide battery of tests in my analysis of the foreign life form, as was detailed in my report.  I'm still conducting investigation on some of the remains.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  Were any of your results confirmed by other scientists?

Lt Allen Zinthys: <Yeah! Why don't you check his report?>

WatcherCMS: <<lol...wussy!>>

Ens Kalok: The entire investigation was conducted in unison with the members of the USS Atlantis' science department.  I was assisted by my senior officers at all times.

LtJG Taryn: ::glances back out the window, listening to the case::

Chloe Tiernee: ::eyes the Graham guy.. doesn't like him much, and hated the way he smiled at her up there::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham> Then no impartial source reviewed the matter.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja> Objection.

Ens Kalok: ::waits for the judge before speaking further::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  The impartiality of the Atlantis' crew is not subject to review here, since we have to assume they're telling the truth.

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  Sustained.

WatcherCMS: ::smiles::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  No further questions.

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::thinks, besides, most of the research had been done *before* we knew we'd need it in a trial::

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  You may step down.

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Steps down::

Ens Kalok: ::exits the witness stand, and returns to his appointed seat::

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Returns to Smith and Wesson::  (w)  So...  what did you guys think?

WatcherCMS: ::smiles:: (w) you did good Axe...

WatcherCMS: Wesson> ::nods::

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  The next witness is Ensign Fithos, assistant to Admiral Graham.

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::scythes dart in and out, in a sign of relief::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  ::looks really surprised::

WatcherCMS: ::both look up::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Quirks an eyebrow::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Fithos> ::an Andorian female, takes the stand and is sworn in::

WatcherCMS: (w) don't know

WatcherCMS: Wesson> (w) don't think so...

Chloe Tiernee: ::looks at the Ensign, hmms::

Lt JG Axelalexa: (w)  ::Tries to remember if he's seen that name in a science journal or something::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Leans in to Chloe:: <w> You know about this?

Lt JG Axelalexa: (w)  Nope, don't know her.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  Ensign, what sort of communications went out from Admiral Graham's office before the destruction of Starbase Sixteen?

Chloe Tiernee: ::shakes her head:: (q) No.. it is curious though..isn't it.

Lt JG Axelalexa: (w)  By the way, I've decided to tell no one of your secret.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Ensign>  All sorts of coded communiques to Starbase Sixteen, from Graham and several other members of his division.  I have records that I have submitted as requested.

WatcherCMS: ::looks up:: (w) secret?  what secret?

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  Objection!!! *I* Am not on trial here!

Lt Allen Zinthys: <w> He couldn't've....

Lt JG Axelalexa: (w)  The one that's making you stink of worry right now.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  Sirs, I intend to prove that Zuriyev and Sullivan's actions put an end to something illegal, inadvertantly.

WatcherCMS: Wesson> (w) maaaan...I knew I didn't like Graham...

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  Sustained.

Capt AC Zuriyev: <<Overruled, rather.>>

WatcherCMS: (w) we woulda done better than that in High School

Lt JG Axelalexa: (w)  What an interesting turn of events.

Chloe Tiernee: (q) I really do not like that man..::almost a low grumblegrowl uttered::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  These communiques detail a secret project headed by Graham and several other Admirals that created a genetic engineering lab on Starbase Sixteen for a living weapon!

Lt Allen Zinthys: <w> excuse me ::Stands and walks toward the exit::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Stands behind the back row near the doors::

Ens Kalok: ::quirks an eyebrow, and takes a few more PADD notes::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Discreetly gestures at Dante::

WatcherCMS has left the room.

WatcherCMS has entered the room.

Chloe Tiernee: ::glances as Allen leaves, raises her brow::

Lt JG Axelalexa: <<Wow, you used dark magic to get him out of the room>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Trying to get his attention::

WatcherCMS: <<ack...don't touch the escape key...>>

WatcherCMS: <<whose what?>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  Admiral Graham, Admiral Santos, Admiral Qu'E'Shar, Vice Admiral Benton, Rear Admiral Girard, Commodore Marks!  All flag officers, all involved, and all knew when Starbase sixteen transmitted cries for help back to them!

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  Ensign, how many urgent calls came in from SB16 the day of its destruction?

Capt AC Zuriyev: Fithos>  Fifteen, sir.

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Hoarse whisper:: Dante!

WatcherCMS: ::gumbles:: oh shit...

WatcherCMS: ::jumps up and rushes out the door::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  The communiques were distress calls... their 'weapon' had escaped.  Yet, the Admiral and his staff warned no one!

WatcherCMS: Wesson> ::stunned:: (w) at least 4...

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Grabs Dante's shoulder on his way out the door::

WatcherCMS: (w) hall...

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  Zuriyev and Sullivan merely solved our problems and put an end to this illegal act!

Chloe Tiernee: ::frowns more hearing this, tear nearly welling in her eyes, remembering the scene and quite angry/sad at hearing it::

Lt Allen Zinthys: <q> Dante, I may need you in here

Lt JG Axelalexa: (w)  I suppose this means I should get rid of the flesh sample I was cultivating.

WatcherCMS: (w)

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  And had those creatures on the starbase continued to 'evolve' at that rate, they certainly would have escaped and killed millions.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja> The defense rests!

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Smoldering glare:: Fine. ::Walks into the hall::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham> ::bolts for the door::

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP> Restrain him!

WatcherCMS: ::looks back in nervously:: what would you need me for?

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::attempts to jump after him, slowed by his open chest wound::

Lt Allen Zinthys: He's gonna run.

Lt Allen Zinthys: I want to stop him.

Ens Kalok: ::moves to intercept Graham::

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Unfurls his wings to speed after him::

WatcherCMS: ::eyes bulge as he comes out door::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Hears the HotCMP::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Grabs at the Admiral, already lying in wait::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham> ::pulls a phaser and fires at Al-Mordja as he runs, barely missing him::

WatcherCMS: Wesson> ::pulls phaser on Graham:: not today...

Chloe Tiernee: ::blink, ducking instinctively at the phaser shots::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham> ::Fires at Wesson::

WatcherCMS: ::draws his concealed sidearm::

LtJG Taryn: ::smirks and picks up a chair, and throws it at Graham::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  ::then charges the door::

WatcherCMS: Wesson> ::ducks expertly and returnsfires::

Ens Kalok: ::rushes Graham, heedless of phaser bolts::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Standing just behind the door, waiting for it to open::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham>  ::gets tripped, hit with a chair, and hit with a phaser all at once, then tackled by Kalok::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Graham> ::goes down::

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Jumps on Graham's chest for good measure::

Lt JG Axelalexa: Oops.

WatcherCMS: Smith & Wesson> ::both stand over him and aim::

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  Take him into custody. 

LtJG Taryn: <<lol, feel sorry for that poor bastard>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Grabs Dante:: <q> What's in the hall, Dante?

Capt AC Zuriyev: Security Dudes>  ::goes out and hauls Graham away::

Ens Kalok: ::Gets half squished by Axel::  Ooch!

Chloe Tiernee: ::stands up, watching the commotion::

Lt JG Axelalexa: Sorry, Kalok.

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  ::Turns and confers with the rest of the panel::

Ens Kalok: ::feebly:: Don't mention it...

WatcherCMS: ::grumbles:: nuthing...

Lt JG Axelalexa: Let me get something for you to drink to make up for it.

WatcherCMS: ahh!  I'm stupid!

Capt AC Zuriyev: Zuriyev> ::smiles at Al-Mordja:: <w> Thank you, sir.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Al-Mordja>  Thank me more, later.  ::Goes to confer with the Admirals on the bench::

Lt Allen Zinthys: Don't give me that. I ain't stupid. What is it?

WatcherCMS: Wesson> (w to Dante) I'll be back..."paperwork"...

Capt AC Zuriyev: ::then they all nod, and turn back::

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  Come to order!

WatcherCMS: nothing...I thought we could talk easier out here...should have known he would bolt...

Lt Allen Zinthys: About what?

Lt JG Axelalexa: (w)  What beverage does your species prefer?

Chloe Tiernee: ::falls back into her chair, wiping at her eyes, emotional from shock of it all::

Ens Kalok: I'll have a romulan ale when this is all over...

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Drags him into the hall:: Spill it.

Ens Kalok: ::Drags himself back to his seat::

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  The defendants shall rise for the judgement of this panel.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Zuriyev and Sullivan>  ::stands::

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::feels bad that he squished one of his assistants::

WatcherCMS: what?  there's nothing to called me over...remember?!

LtJG Taryn: ::hears romulan ale, thinks he should open up a bottle he has::

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  All charges against you both are dismissed in light of this new evidence.

Lt Allen Zinthys: And you insisted I go in the hall......... just to talk?

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::hears Smith's voice getting louder, walks over to the two::

WatcherCMS: too many people...didn't know...

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Shakes his head and walks back to Chloe::

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::whispers to Smith::  Does he know, too?

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  Furthermore, seeing the wrongdoing that Starfleet has done you, Captain Zuriyev, and in further consideration of the large numbers of open Admiralty positions to fill, this panel confers on you a promotion of two grades to the rank of Rear Admiral.

WatcherCMS: ::looks at Axe is shock:: would you quit that?

Chloe Tiernee: ::sitting there, trying to take it all in::

Capt AC Zuriyev: Zuriyev>  ::Stands proudly and nods::

Lt JG Axelalexa: Quit what?

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  We believe that you will be an excellent replacement for the Admirals that will soon lose their jobs.

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Excitedly flickers his wings in applause of their admiral::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Sits back next to Chloe and hugs her shoulders::

WatcherCMS: ::shakes his head:: never mind...somethings going down in there...come on

Chloe Tiernee: ::leans against Allen a bit, sighs lightly:: Finally over.

Lt JG Axelalexa: Didn't you hear?  We have an admiral now!  Good for the Captain...  err...  Admiral!

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP> Furthermore, this court bestows upon the crew of the Atlantis the Silver Star of Valor, for your excellent work in exposing this case.

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Follows Smith::

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  This court martial is adjourned!

WatcherCMS: ::thinks that he's gotta get that bug's hearing checked::

WatcherCMS: <<that go for tonight's SIM too?>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  Admiral Zuriyev, you will retain your command of the Atlantis, of course, and also assume command of the Third Fleet.  Is that understood?

WatcherCMS: <<guess not>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: ::nods::  Yes, sir.

Capt AC Zuriyev: Thank you, sir.

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  You and your fleet are also charged with the total extermination of this race of creatures.  I expect your crew to brief the other ships of the Third Fleet on methods of fighting them.

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::enters in the courtroom after Smith::

Lt Allen Zinthys: <wq> Shoot them... a lot

Capt AC Zuriyev: Yes, sir.

Capt AC Zuriyev: HotCMP>  You are all dismissed.

LtJG Taryn: ::nods::

Capt AC Zuriyev: ::Gets up and shakes Admiral al-Mordja's hand::

Chloe Tiernee: ::small chuckle at Allen's comment::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Stands and takes Chloe's hands to help her up::

Capt AC Zuriyev: ::Then returns a hug that he's suddenly given:

Lt JG Axelalexa: ::Wonders if there is a way to make a weapon that capitalizes on the creatures' genetic makeup::

Chloe Tiernee: ::stands up slowly, looking at him gratefully::

Capt AC Zuriyev: ::thanks the Admiral, then walks out among the crew::

Ens Kalok: ::nods to the captain::

Lt Allen Zinthys: You look positively traumatized. 

Capt AC Zuriyev: ::Sullivan at his side::

Ens Kalok: Easy enough in the end.

WatcherCMS: ::Wonders if there is a way to make a weapon that capitalizes on the creatures' genetic makeup::

Lt Allen Zinthys: Come. I'm no counselor, but I think I can help with that.

Lt Allen Zinthys: <deja vu, man>

Capt AC Zuriyev: ::looks like he wants to talk to the crew::

Chloe Tiernee: Perhaps you can. ::light smile::

WatcherCMS: ::grins:: congratulations!

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Guides them over to Zuri::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Extends his hand:: Congratualtions, Admiral.

Chloe Tiernee: ::follows, glad to have this all over::

Capt AC Zuriyev: All of you... ::smiles, a rare thing::

Capt AC Zuriyev: ::shakes Zinthys's hand::

Lt JG Axelalexa: Hoo rah!  We have an admiral on the crew!

Capt AC Zuriyev: Thank you all.   Without you I would have been Starfleet's scapegoat.  Again.  I owe this to you.

LtJG Taryn: Congrats 

WatcherCMS: ::thinks that it's more like Starfleet would have been Section 31's scapegoat...::

Capt AC Zuriyev: I regret that I can not reward you with shoreleave, for we have grave duties to perform.

Lt Allen Zinthys: Well, Suli had a couple fingers in it at least, but....

LtJG Taryn: Congrats

WatcherCMS: ::with the Cap'n/Admiral just getting in the way::

Capt AC Zuriyev: However... while we're on our way to start cleaning up the damage Graham and his men caused, I believe a party aboard ship is in order.

LtJG Taryn: <<sorry screen freezing on me>>

LtJG Taryn: <<gets his turn table, and blows the dust off>>

Capt AC Zuriyev: It has been a while since we've had a formal ball, so that's what shall happen.  Though, I expect to see all of you reporting aboard Atlantis at 0800 tomorrow morning.  We depart at 1000 hours!

Capt AC Zuriyev: ::smiles::  Dismissed!

WatcherCMS: <<::looks for the party hats left over from the wedding::>>

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Turns to Chloe:: As for you. I am a man of my word.

Chloe Tiernee: ::grins at him:: I know, and that's one of the things I adore about you.

Lt JG Axelalexa: Ball?  ::Tries to remember what that is, other than a spherical object used in many games and sports::

Capt AC Zuriyev: ::intends to go get smashed::

Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Looks at his chronometer:: We have a few hours. What if we get an early start on the celebration?

WatcherCMS: ::grins at Axe:: hear we go again...

Capt AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM