Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++BEGIN SIM++BEGIN SIM+++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ++BEGIN SIM++++BEGIN SIM++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++BEGIN SIM++BEGIN SIM+++

Lt Merienn Kiela: Where are we on our way to? I seem to remember we were travelling?

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<Oh well. Tried to get it in pre-+++BEGINSIM+++>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Patroling the edge of Federation space, Merienn>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::in the center seat, frowning dangerously:;

Lt Jg Chloe: ::in her office in sickbay::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Asleep on the table in the security office, stacks of PADDs around him::

CWO FitzGerald: ::Leans on an exam table, running through the reams of Sick Bay inventory invoices::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::looks at her informational padds::realizes she has to go find a new Ensign and introduce 

Towcin: ::walks over to a Vorta and asks his name:: Hello, My my I ash your name?

Lt Merienn Kiela: him to the ship::

Cdr Sullivan: :::sitting on the bridge, trying her best to look serene:::

Lieutenant Tiran: ::still in Holodeck 1, sitting on a beach, looking out to toward the ocean::

Boreth: ::in Engineering::

NutMegGrrl: <<::rushes in, late, running on Trill time::>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::realizes they have a new Lt as well::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Everyone, meet your new Chief of Science... ::points to NutMegGrrl:: 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Introduce yourself. :) >>

Lt Jg Chloe: ::looking over a few files::

Lt Belle Carver: ::curled up on her couch sleeping since she was confined to he quarters after the episode in

NutMegGrrl: <<::looks for her dressing room:: Makeup!!!!>>

Lt Belle Carver: TL::

Cdr Sullivan: *Engineering*  Bridge to engineering.

Lt Merienn Kiela: +Towcin and Barukha+ This is Sr Lieutenant Merienn. Chief of security. As such, I have the 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::Folds his arms over his chest::  XO, how much longer will zis go on?  

Boreth: *Bridge* Engineering here.

Cdr Sullivan: *Zinthys*  Any word, Mr Zinthys?

NutMegGrrl: <<Hey everyone!!! I will be playing the part of Barukha, a joined Trill.>>

NutMegGrrl: <<I'm CSci, so direct all matters of a scientific nature to my attention. ;-)>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: duty to introduce new personnel to the ship -- show you your quarters, workspaces and 

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Awakes with a start:: Huhmph?

Lieutenant Tiran: ::realizing his shift is starting shortly, stands and exits the Holdeck, walking toward 

Lt Merienn Kiela: whatever else you may require. You may be pleased to understand you'll be working together. 

Lieutenant Tiran: the TL::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Rubs the sleep out of his eyes::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::having still not been able to sleep lately, is nursing a cup of strong coffee::

Lt Belle Carver: ::sleeping deeply needing it after what she has been through::

Lt Merienn Kiela: +Zinthys+ Please report to Tactical.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Realizes who was talking to him:: I'm sorry, Commander. Word on what?

NutMegGrrl: +Kiela+ Lt. Kiela, this is Barukha.

Lt jg Zinthys: +Kiela+ On my way, sir.

Cdr Sullivan: :::tilts her head and looks at the Captain::: We're doing our best, sir.

NutMegGrrl: <<switching to a more familiar colol :-) >>

Catie MacGregor: :::Heading for the bridge:: I never should have turned off the alarm...::Hurrying::

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<I'm Bajoran -- family designation is Merienn. Remember the fuss iwth Roe.>>

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Groggily speedwalks to the TL:: bridge.

NutMegGrrl: +Kiela+ What's your location, Lieutenant?

NutMegGrrl: <<D'oh!!!>>

Boreth: *Bridge* You need something Bridge?

Lt Merienn Kiela: +Barukha and Towcin+ Currently I am on the bridge. I would prefer to meet you elsewhere, 

Lieutenant Tiran: ::enters the TL, not sure if he should check up on Belle before duty:: Deck 7

Cdr Sullivan: *Zinthys* The integrated security/engineering force devised to locate the manner of this...

Cdr Sullivan: signal.

Lt Merienn Kiela: however. Please report to the mess hall. I will meet you both there.

Towcin: *Barukha*

Lt Belle Carver: ::switches positions in her sleep and begins to fall off the couch::

Log Entry: Arts and Entertainment - CelestialPrime [Members - 12] 6/3/00 11:45 PM

Lt jg Zinthys: +Sullivan+ No luck yet, sir.

NutMegGrrl: +Kiela+ I'm ... ah ... sort of lost, Lieutenant Merienn.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::frowns and glares at the viewscreen, such wanting to chew someone out::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Computer, location of Lieutenant Barukha.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::TL stops and he walks out onto the bridge::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::feels her eyes droop, but jerks awake again, in her mind, hearing that chilling voice 

Lt Jg Chloe: again::

Towcin: *Kiela* Where would you prefer to meet?

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at Zinthys as he enters:::

Lt Belle Carver: <<am soo glad I am not on that bridge!!>>

NutMegGrrl: Computer> Lt. Barukha is lost somewhere on Deck 5.

Catie MacGregor: ::enters a lift:: Bridge.

Boreth: ::wonders what is happening on the bridge::

Lt Merienn Kiela: +Towcin+ Lieutenant Barukha and I will meet you in the mess hall. Do you need assistance 

Lt Merienn Kiela: finding it?

Lt Merienn Kiela: +Barukha+ You're on deck five... I'll find you.

NutMegGrrl: +Towcin+  Towcin, this is Barukha. Do you have any idea how to get to the mess hall?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Red mark on the side of his face from the table:: Lieutenant Zinthys reporting for duty.

Towcin: *Kiela* Yes, It would be helpful

Lieutenant Tiran: *Boreth* I'm going to see Belle for before our shift, if something comes up notify my 

NutMegGrrl: ::wandering aimlessly around Deck 5:: There oughta be signs!

Lieutenant Tiran: immediately

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::smiles at Zinthys:: I appreciate your promptness. Enjoy the tactical post -- I know you 

Lt Merienn Kiela: have your eye on it.

Cdr Sullivan: :::spins in her chair:::

Boreth: *Tiran* You got it chief.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::starts to leave, then looks back at him:: I'm... sorry I haven't gotte to know you better,

NutMegGrrl: ::stands still, knowing that if you're lost, it's best to stay in one place until someone

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Can't conceal the grin in his tired state:: yes, sir.

Lt Belle Carver: ::keeps moving positions til she falls off the couch waking herself up ::

NutMegGrrl: finds you::

Catie MacGregor: ::exits the lift onto the bridge and heads for her seat::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::stares daggers through the viewscreen::

Lieutenant Tiran: ::exits the TL and walks toward Belle's quarters::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Lietuenant. I'll... I'd... perhaps we should book some time offduty to speak to one another.

Boreth: ::at his console monitoring Engineering systems::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::leaves abruptly for the turbolift::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Deck five.

Lt Belle Carver: ::sits on the floor at the base of the couch tangled in her blanket, trying to wake up::

Catie MacGregor: ::catches site of Alexi's face and slips silently into her seat::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Shakes his head and sits at Tactical::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::can't help but to almost smile when he sees Catie::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Computer, location of Ensign Towcin?

Cdr Sullivan: *Kiela* You have any personnel available for a hard target search?

Lt Jg Chloe: ::shakes her head, and stands, refilling her old coffee::

Lieutenant Tiran: ::stops at her door and rings the bell, hoping not to wake her::

Catie MacGregor: ::Nods to Sullivan and sees Alexi's expression change slightly::

Catie MacGregor: I am most sorry for being late, Captain.  

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Taps on the tac console, noticing there aren't any other security officers on duty::

NutMegGrrl: +Towcin+ Ensign, this is your chief, Lt. Barukha. Where are you?

Lt Belle Carver: ::hears the bell wondering who it would be, knowing Ral could just walk in::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: A few moments, Counselor?  :Gestures to the RR::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::is a total wreck inside, but trying veryhard to hide the fact::

Lt Belle Carver: Come::came out sleepily::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Frowns, realizing he'll just have to run the search from the bridge::

Boreth: ::shivers as a cold chill comes over him::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Computer> Ensign Towcin is outside Shuttle Bay 2.

CWO FitzGerald: ::Frowns, looking around, decides to head to Chloe's office::

Lt Belle Carver: ::yawns and stretches finally fully rested after everything::

Lt Merienn Kiela: +Sullivan+ I'll contact Lieutenant Al Kiara and have her head a search team. Where do you 

Lt Merienn Kiela: want them?

Lieutenant Tiran: ::walks into her quarters, and almost laughs at the sight of Belle:: Are you ok?

Catie MacGregor: ::Nods:: Of course..:rises gracefully from her seat::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::takes the newlyhot coffee from the rep and sips it carefully::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::exits onto deck five, and begins to search for Barukha::

Cdr Sullivan: *Kiela* Officer quarters.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::stands and walks pointedly toward the RR::

Lt Belle Carver: ::sees the grin on his face and laughs:: Yes.. I am, but help me, I'm tangled

Catie MacGregor: ::glances at Sullivan with a raised eyebrow, then heads for the RR::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::takes the padd with Barukha's information out, and glances at the photograph of the woman:

Lt Merienn Kiela: Hmm. A Trill.

NutMegGrrl: ::studies a schematic of the ship to no avail, still lost::

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at Catie and gives her the *give him a sedative* look::::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::enters the RR and takes a seat behind his desk::

CWO FitzGerald: ::Knocks on Chloe's hatch::  A moment, ma'am?

Lieutenant Tiran: ::walks over to Belle, trying to untangle her from the sheets::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::jumps at the knocks, her coffee mug taking flight and spilling everywhere:: Ah! 

Towcin: *Kiela*  Shall I stay put untill you find me or move somewhere?

Lt Belle Carver: ::still laughing:: Thanks..::then notices the time:: Shouldn't you be on duty?

Catie MacGregor: ::remains standing, at ease, in front of his desk:: 

Lt Jg Chloe: Err... ::picks it up quickly:: yes?

Lt Jg Chloe: ::fumbles with the mug::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::when the door closes, he softens::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Zere is someone I think you should speak to.

CWO FitzGerald: ::Kneels, helping with the cleanup while watching Chloe::  Another rough night, ma'am?

Cdr Sullivan: *Boreth*  Any new ideas to discover our.... stowaway?


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Lieutenant Tiran: ::stands back up:: I've got a few minutes, just seeing how you're feeling

Catie MacGregor: ::Lifts a brow and takes a seat, slight smile on her face::Oh?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::hands her a PADD with information on Belle's predicament on it::

Lt Belle Carver: ::smiles up at him:: better.. now 

Lieutenant Tiran: ::realizes he still has the velvet box in his pocket and can do nothing about it now::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::chuckles a bit:: Err.. a long one, yes. ::irish accent, just too lazy to type it::

Boreth: *Suli* Well, I am a bit undermanned at the moment. Tiran and myself need help to find it.

Towcin: ::looks around while waiting to be found::

Catie MacGregor: ::glances over the Padd and looks back up at him::

NutMegGrrl: ::looks around to see if there is a replicator nearby, is getting hungry::

Boreth: *Suli* I think a science officer would be better equppied to find it anyway.

Lieutenant Tiran: I'm glad ::smiles::

Cdr Sullivan: *Boreth* Unless you have a legion of mice that are educated in standard Starfleet

Cdr Sullivan: engineering...

NutMegGrrl: <<Kiela fell offline!>>

CWO FitzGerald: ::Nods::  Same here...  Anything you want to talk about, ma'am???

Boreth: ::looks around::

Towcin: ::Adjusts his uniform to look his best::

Cdr Sullivan: :::stands and heads for the turbolift::::

NutMegGrrl: +Towcin+ Ensign, I think I can make my way to SB2. I'll be there in a few minutes.

Catie MacGregor: I can see why she would be upset.  Does she know?

NutMegGrrl: ::looks around for a turbolift, enters it::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: Aye, I hev informed her.

Lieutenant Tiran: How long are you confined to quarters?

NutMegGrrl: Shuttle Bay 2.

Cdr Sullivan: Mr Zinthys.....  you have the bridge.... don't blow it up.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::nods:: Aye, sir

Lt Belle Carver: ::shakes her head:: I have no clue.. I should ask, I feel fine now.. 

Lt Jg Chloe: I.. no. Why... do you have something on your mind?

Boreth: *Suli* What would you like to be done Commander?

NutMegGrrl: ::TL doors open, Barukha steps out:: Well, that was easy enough!

Catie MacGregor: ::Nods:: I take it you would like me to go talk to her now?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<WB, Kiela!>>

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Doesn't take the chair, preffering his console.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: Da, I think she needs it.

Lt jg Zinthys: <<She isn't back..>>

NutMegGrrl: ::looks around for a well-groomed, standing-still ensign::

CWO FitzGerald: ::Frowns::  ma'am, when I was with the Marines, I had to read my people...  A lot of hard 

Cdr Sullivan: ACTION> As the Atlantis makes a slight course adjustment in her patrol, the energy signal

Lieutenant Tiran: ::sits next to Belle, trying to sense if she really is feeling better::

Cdr Sullivan: strengthens.

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<had to switch bloody ISPs; what's the last thing I typed that came through?>>

Catie MacGregor: ::stands:: I'll go find her right now. Thank you for informing me of this, A...Captain.

CWO FitzGerald: cases that wouldn't air their problems, just bottle them up...  I learned to spot them...  

NutMegGrrl: <<no idea, I'm in SB2 getting Towcin>>

CWO FitzGerald: And I'm a little worried about you...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::stands:: In private, it's still Alexi.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::magics to SB2::

Boreth: Whoa I felt that one. ::pulls out a tricorder::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::smiles::

NutMegGrrl: ::thinks she spots the ensign:: Are you Ensign Towcin?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Frowns and taps around on the console:: 

Towcin: ::Notices an officer and walks over::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Al Kiara's Team> ::reports to Sullivan at officer's quarters::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::takes a seat in her chair:: I've just had a lot of .. paperwork. Reports. Late nights..

Lt Belle Carver: ::smiles up at him knowing what he is trying to sense:: I am ok, really.. I haven't felt lik

Catie MacGregor: ::smiles:: Alexi..Mind telling me why you looked like you were about to kill someone when 

Towcin: Yes.

Catie MacGregor: I cam on the bridge? Or shouldn't I ask?

Lt Belle Carver: e this in such a long time..

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::sees a woman that matches Barukha's description::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Lieutenant Barukha?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Reaches to tap his badge, but stops:: <vq> No. The bridge is yours. You can handle it.

NutMegGrrl: ::smiles:: Pleasure to meet you, I'm Lieutenant Barukha.

Boreth: Energy signal has increased. .

Lt Jg Chloe: Just look at my desk..::points to the mess of padds::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::seeing a man in Ensign's uniform:: Ensign Towcin?

Lieutenant Tiran: ::takes her hand in his:: I've been thinking... maybe we should make more.. permanent plans

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Zere is an anomalous energy reading coming from my ship and no one can tell me why.

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at Al and nods tersely::::

NutMegGrrl: <<::dies laughing:: I'm in shuttle bay 2, Merienn!!!>>

Boreth: *Tiran* Chief your assistance is needed.

Towcin: Pleasure to meet you to Sir.

Catie MacGregor: ::Nods:: And you expect an answer yesterday. 

NutMegGrrl: Lieutenant Merienn, I presume?

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<I KNOW. I magicked to SB2.>>

Lt Belle Carver: Permanent plans? Like what did you me.. ::hears the comm and quiets::

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<I edited there. Officer's perrogative.>>

NutMegGrrl: <<Ah!!! Nice cut!>>

Boreth: *Tiran* The energy signal has increased.

Lieutenant Tiran: ::sighs softly at the comm::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: Da, of course.

CWO FitzGerald: Is that it, ma'am???  ::Brown hispanic eyes probe in to Chloe's::

Lieutenant Tiran: *Boreth* I'll be right there...

NutMegGrrl: I'm Lieutenant Barukha, Chief of Science. This is Ensign Towcin.

Lt Belle Carver: Can we talk after your shift?  I am goign to see if I can at least start mine..

Towcin: Hello Sir

Catie MacGregor: Not entirely realistic or fair, but in this situation I can understand..just don't be too hard on 

Catie MacGregor: the crew, Alexi. They do their best.

Lieutenant Tiran: ::tries to smile at Belle:: I guess we'll have to talk later...

Lt Jg Chloe: ::ponders a moment about revealing the hellish nights as of late:: I'm just 

Cdr Sullivan: ::sends word to all of the officers whose rooms are in the vicinty that their quarters are 

Lt Jg Chloe: overworking... perhaps I need a break.. 

Cdr Sullivan:  about to be searched:::

Lt Belle Carver: ::starts to get up then stops:: Are you ok... with everything::thinking of the baby::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: I never expect more zan zey realistically can give me, whether zey realize it or not.

NutMegGrrl: ::smiles:: Well, now that we've all gotten acquainted, I don't suppose we could get a tour

NutMegGrrl: of the ship?

Boreth: ::takes some tricorders and begins to modify them::

Catie MacGregor: ::smiles:: I know, but I'm not sure they always do.

Towcin: That would be a great help if we could.

Lieutenant Tiran: ::stands with Belle:: of course ::kisses her softly on the lips:: I better go

Lt Merienn Kiela: Yes... as I was saying...

Catie MacGregor: I'm going to go find Belle. Dinner later?

Cdr Sullivan: :::notes that Al has come equipped with some of the engineering enhanced equipment::::

CWO FitzGerald: ::Her eyes squint, pondering if she should push it::  Ma'am...  I think you need to open up.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: Da, of course.  

NutMegGrrl: I'm afraid I haven't got the best sense of direction. I keep walking into bulkheads!

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<Blah.>>

Lt Belle Carver: ::kisses him back:: ok.. but after your shift we'll talk ok?

Lt Merienn Kiela: Hmm. They're large, grey and they loom. Use your tricorder if you need more information to 

Lt Merienn Kiela: avoid them.

Towcin: ::puzzeled::Bulkheads?

NutMegGrrl: Luckily, I'm not piloting the ship.

Catie MacGregor: ::smiles and walks to the door:: Let me know if I can do anything in regard to the current 

Catie MacGregor: situation.  ::exits the RR::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::runs a hand through her loose hair, which is usually in a ponytail on duty:: 

NutMegGrrl: ::raises an eyebrow:: Ah, a sarcastic officer. My favorite.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::puts on his iron face::

Lieutenant Tiran: ::agreeing:: After my shift ::knowing Belle:: don't push yourself too hard

Log Entry: Arts and Entertainment - CelestialPrime [Members - 12] 6/4/00 12:00 AM

Cdr Sullivan: *Zinyths*  Mr Zinthys..... is this the last known location of the Ferengi?

Lt Jg Chloe: I have nothing to open up about .. I've had a few rough nights and a lot of hard work.

Lt Belle Carver: ::laughs softly:: I won't

Lt Belle Carver: Be careful yourself.. ok?

Towcin: Sarcastis officers can be fun if not to sarcastic

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::stalks back out on to the bridge, ready to breath fire on the pour soul in 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: charge:: Report!

Lt Jg Chloe: ::getting unusually irritated for her::

Catie MacGregor: ::heads for a lift, taps her commbage:: Computer..Location of Lt Belle Carver?

NutMegGrrl: ::grins:: Apologies. It takes me some time to acclimate myself to new surroundings.

Lieutenant Tiran: I'll see you after my shift

Lt jg Zinthys: +Sullivan+ Aye, sir. Right in front of your quarters.

Lt Merienn Kiela: In any case, since you're both science personnel, perhaps you would prefer to see the 

Lt Merienn Kiela: science offices?

Lt Belle Carver: Ok..

Boreth: *Chief Science Officer* Your help would be appreciated in locating this energy source.

NutMegGrrl: A novel idea. Wouldn't you agree, ensign?

Lieutenant Tiran: ::exits Belle's quarters, standing outside her door for a minute, almost thankful of the 

CWO FitzGerald: ::Nods, decides not to push further, speaks curtly::  Aye, ma'am...

Lieutenant Tiran: interruption::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Sees and hears the captain:: Commander Sullivan has gone to the senior officer's 

Towcin: That would be wonderful. I would like to get to know that area well.

NutMegGrrl: Lead the way, ma'am.

Lt Belle Carver: ::sighs knowing something was on his mind::

Lt jg Zinthys: quarters to handle the search personally.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::exhales:: I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to snap.I'm just ... tired.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::doesn't like being rude::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Lieutenant will do.

Lt Belle Carver: +Chloe+ Doctor.. CAn I be released from my quarters now?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods::  And ze status of ze energy reading?

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::starts off for the nearest turbo-lift::

Towcin: ::Follows Kiela::

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at Al and growls::: You tell ONE single person EVER about what you see in there

Cdr Sullivan: And I will string you up.

Lieutenant Tiran: ::decides to head to Main Engineering and walks toward the TL ::

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<great, now I have to access the deck manifest onthe website...

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Gulps:: And... the signal from... whatever it is seems to have increased

Lt Merienn Kiela: ...or else do this>>

NutMegGrrl: ::tags along::

CWO FitzGerald: ::Pauses for the communication::

NutMegGrrl: <<Magic cut!!!! Magic cut!!!>>

Catie MacGregor: ::enters the lift:: 

Lt Jg Chloe: ::clears her throat:: +Belle+ Yes..but no duty for 2 days.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::enters a turbolift:: Deck <<wherever the science offices are>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<Better than a magic cut. A magic generality.>>

Towcin: :: enters lift with Lt Kiela::

Catie MacGregor: Computer> Lt. Carver is in her quarters on Deck 7.

Lieutenant Tiran: ::entering the TL:: *Boreth* Status on the signal?

Cdr Sullivan: :::Al and Suli enter her quarters:::  What would a Ferengi want with my things?

Lt Belle Carver: ::sighs: +Chloe+ Gotchya.. thanks

NutMegGrrl: <<Ah, the magic of generalizations and these <<things>> !!>>

Lieutenant Tiran: ::to the TL:: Main Engineering

Catie MacGregor: Deck 7 it is then.

NutMegGrrl: ::hops onboard::

Lt jg Zinthys: It appears to have increased after a course correction.

Boreth: *Tiran* Still strong. No responce from any science officers though.

Lt Belle Carver: <m> 2 days no duty.. what am I going to do?

CWO FitzGerald: ::Shakes her head, her own jet black hair in a ponytail::  Don't worry about it, Doc. 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::stares nails through Zinthys:: Increased.  

Lt Jg Chloe: +Belle+ No problem, Chloe out.::glances at Fitz:: I'm still sorry. Don't think I'm

Towcin: Deck 6 has 2 science labs on it, if that would be of help.

Lt Jg Chloe: usually like this.

CWO FitzGerald: Remember, ma'am, I used to be an enlisted grunt...  I'm used to officers going off on me...

Lieutenant Tiran: *Boreth* That may not matter, we may not need them if they are busy

Cdr Sullivan: :::watches unconcerned as Al digs through her things:::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Deck six. Right. That's what I said.

Lt Belle Carver: ::puts her long brown hair in a ponytail and puts things away::

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<::winks at Towcin:: Magic generality.>>

Boreth: *Tiran* Well I'm not sure only the two of us can find it and stop it.

NutMegGrrl: ::grins:: I hate being shown up by ensigns, don't you Lieutenant?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Looks at Zuri with a mask that just almost conceals a look of suspicion:: Yes, sir.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Yes. Except when I was an Ensign -- then I loved showing up my superiors.

Towcin: Sorry, I looked over the listing before i cam on board

Lieutenant Tiran: ::exits the TL and enters Main Engineering::

Lt Merienn Kiela: I would advise you not to try to make a career of showing up the Captain.

NutMegGrrl: ::to both:: I can tell ...

Catie MacGregor: ::exits the lift: Computer..Direction of Lt Carver's quarters? :: a series of lights come up 

Catie MacGregor: leading down the corridor::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::TL stops:: To the right, please.

NutMegGrrl: ::lift stops::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::chuckles:: Well, you won't get that here... at least,not very often.

Lt Belle Carver: ::enters the bedroom putting things away::

Lieutenant Tiran: ::walks around looking for Boreth::

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<GMTA, Brooke>>

NutMegGrrl: ::exits lift to the right::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::says nothing and simply sits in his chair::

Boreth: ::hears Tiran:: I modified this tricorder for you to use. it will pick up the energy source.

Towcin: I won't show p the captian

NutMegGrrl: <<ditto!!!>>

Towcin: ::exits right::

Catie MacGregor: ::stops in front of Belle's dorr and touches the chime::

Cdr Sullivan: :::enters her bedroom and looks over her things::::

Lt Merienn Kiela: I meant Barukha..

Lieutenant Tiran: ::walks up to Boreth::

NutMegGrrl: <grin>

Boreth: ::hands it to Tiran::

Lt Merienn Kiela: If you can show up Zuriyev, go to it. He won't take it out on an Ensign.

Lt Belle Carver: ::hears the chime and sighs wondering who is it now..knowing Ral he would just comm her::

CWO FitzGerald: ::Suddenly flashes back, shudders out of it as fast as she went in::  

Cdr Sullivan: :::realizes that her outfit from the ball is still crumpled on the floor::::

Boreth: it is the only thing I was able to come up with to find it.

NutMegGrrl: So, what can you tell me about the research facilites onboard Atlantis?

Lt Belle Carver: ::walks to the door:: Who is it?

Lt Merienn Kiela: Now, some of these science labs have various kinds of shielding... to protect you from

Boreth: The energy signal does not normally show up on scans.

Cdr Sullivan: :::picks it up and puts it on her bed::::

Towcin: Ok I will keep that in mind but, most likely won't show up the captian

Lieutenant Tiran: ::inspects the tricorder:: Good work, Lieutenant

NutMegGrrl: <gmta AGAIN!!!!>

Lt Merienn Kiela: your own experiments. You can, occasionally, use these to shield you from the censors in 

Catie MacGregor: Counselor MacGregor. 

Boreth: Thank you sir.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +Sullivan+  Report, XO.

Lt Belle Carver: ::groans quietly:: Come in..

Lt Merienn Kiela: sickbay -- if -- for instance -- you don't want to go have your physical.

Lt Merienn Kiela: The facilities do have a certain amount of research animals, including a population of 

Towcin: I have heard the physicals are very unliked on the Atlantis.

NutMegGrrl: They've got censors in sickbay now? Whatever happened to freedom of expression?

Lieutenant Tiran: Let's try the Senior Officer's Lounge, I believe that was the last place the intruder was 

Cdr Sullivan: :::Al seems to be interested in her dresser::::

Catie MacGregor: ::steps through the door when it opens and smiles gently:: Hi.

NutMegGrrl: <<HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!>>

Lieutenant Tiran: before beaming off the ship

Boreth: Lead the way.

Lt Merienn Kiela: monkeys. Under the recent conventions of the TFC, these are for only humane, non-fatal 

Lt Merienn Kiela: experimentation.

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<::ignores Megs::>>

Lt Belle Carver: ::sees the counsler:: Hello..::escorts her to the couch::

Lieutenant Tiran: ::makes his way toward the TL:: *Zinthys* Tiran to Zinthys

Lt Merienn Kiela: There is also a peculiar AI experiment...

NutMegGrrl: I choose not to use animals in my research, actually.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ...called DCPIP...

Boreth: :;follows behind Tiran::

Lt Belle Carver: Would you like something to drink?

NutMegGrrl: Hmm ... sounds archaic ...

Lt jg Zinthys: ::taps:: +Tiran+ Zinthys here. What is it?

Lt Merienn Kiela: ...I don't know much about it. It's been here since the days of old Atlantis.

Towcin: ::listens to every word spoken::

Catie MacGregor: ::takes a seat:: A cup of tea would be nice. 

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<Archaic? ::bats eyes innocently::

Lt Belle Carver: ::nods and goes tot he replicator::

Cdr Sullivan: :::she steps to the dresser and looks at Al who looks at her and gestures to her clutch

Cdr Sullivan: purse from the night of the ball:::

Towcin: DCPIP? What does that stand for ?

NutMegGrrl: Speaking of physicals, I heard this ship once boasted one of the finest doctors in the Fleet

Lieutenant Tiran: *Zinthys* Allen, anything new with the signal you've picked up that Engineering doesn't know

Lieutenant Tiran: about?

Lt Jg Chloe: Perhaps.. we all needa break. ::glancing at Fitz, then leaning back in her chair::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Our last science chief, Alastair Struan... he had to leave... 

NutMegGrrl: Under what circumstances?

Lt Merienn Kiela: ... he used to play with it. Apparently it was quite dangerous at one point.

Lt Belle Carver: ::orders the tea and geta glass of water for herself:: So counsler..

NutMegGrrl: What was he working on at the time?

Lt Belle Carver: ::hands her the tea::

Lieutenant Tiran: ::enters the TL::

Catie MacGregor: I thought I'd come by and see how ye were doin'.  Perhaps ye need someone to talk to?

Lt Merienn Kiela: There was something about a fuss with marine personnel. I didn't follow it too closely. 

Boreth: :;enters after him::

Cdr Sullivan: ::::reaches out and opens the purse, turns it upside down:::

Lt jg Zinthys: +Tiran+ Yeah, the signal is increased. The team around the senior officer quarters ::having 

Lt Merienn Kiela: DCPP, actually. And I don't quite remember, honestly. I'm sure someone will be able to tell

Lt Merienn Kiela: you.

Lt Belle Carver: Ahh ::sits down on the couch:: Your here in a professional sense::

Lt jg Zinthys: spied on them:: seems to have something.

Lt Belle Carver: <<ignore that last ::>>

Lieutenant Tiran: Deck 8

Towcin: Who should I ask? 

Cdr Sullivan: ACTION> A large, blue gemstone drops from the purse, emitting some strange looking light.

CWO FitzGerald: ::Begins sweating from her foreheand::  By your leave, ma'am...

Lt Merienn Kiela: I'll find out for you, later.

NutMegGrrl: Hmm ... well, I'm looking forward to beginning work and settling in!

Towcin: Ok ,thank you

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::enters the science offices::

Lieutenant Tiran: *Zinthys* They have something? 

Lt Merienn Kiela: One of the finest doctors on the fleet?

Lt Merienn Kiela: Oh, you mean Old Atlantis...

Towcin: I agree, I can't wait to get started!

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::frowns, waiting for news:::

Lt jg Zinthys: I think so. Why don't you head there and check it out.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::turns to Towcin:: have you heard that story?

Catie MacGregor: ::takes her cup of tea and sips before answering:: Yes, but I hope that doesn't keep you from 

Catie MacGregor: thinking of me as someone who cares.

NutMegGrrl: "Old" Atlantis?

CWO FitzGerald: ::Moves to the door::

Towcin: Only a very small part, I think.

Lt Belle Carver: ::thinks for a second before she speaks::

Cdr Sullivan: *Zinthys* Mr Zinthys....

Catie MacGregor: <<::screams:: Now where did the rest of my line go?>>

Lt jg Zinthys: +Sullivan+ Yes, sir?

Boreth: I believe the ship is in chaos Mr. Tiran.

Cdr Sullivan: :::picks up the gemstone and examines it::::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Allright, I'll start at the beginning...

NutMegGrrl: A very good place to start.

Towcin: I agree

Cdr Sullivan: *Zinthys*  We see to have our culprit....

Lieutenant Tiran: Let's hope not, keeping order isn't part of our job description

Lt Merienn Kiela: And continueto the end. Then stop.

Cdr Sullivan: <<seem>>

Boreth: The bridge had commed me and 20 minutes later they began talking.

Lt Belle Carver: Where do you want me to start?:quietly answers looking past the counsler::

Lt jg Zinthys: +Sullivan+ Aye, sir. Who is it?

Boreth: That is true.

Lt Merienn Kiela: When the ship was first commissioned, it was so under the auspices of Captain Blackthorne.

NutMegGrrl: ::nods::

Catie MacGregor: Where ever you'd like, Belle.  :;watching her face::

Lt Merienn Kiela: The first crew was brave and valliant... and they served on many missions...

NutMegGrrl: I hear he was a real SOB, in a likeable sort of sense.

Lt Merienn Kiela: but eventually they became involved in the war against the Dominion.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::looks at Fitz carefully:: PerhapsYOU have something you need to talk about?

Lieutenant Tiran: ::sees the TL doors open and he exits, walking toward the Senior Officer's quarters, 

Cdr Sullivan: *Zinthys*  Technically.... I guess it is me.

Lieutenant Tiran: scanning with the tricorder::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::wheels around to get Zinthys in his sights again, waiting for the news::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::looks at Barukha:: I wouldn't know.

Boreth: Science officers would be more suited for this.

Boreth: :;follows also scanning::

Cdr Sullivan: *Zinthys*  We're coming back to the bridge...

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Looks really confused:: +Sullivan+ ...Orders, ma'am?

Lt Belle Carver: ::sighs:: Where to begin.. How much do already know?

Lt Merienn Kiela: Anyway, while involved in the battle...

CWO FitzGerald: ::Moves into the sick bay, finds some mild sedatives::

Boreth: I'm getting something. .

Lieutenant Tiran: Perhaps... but they last I heard, we have no science officers aboce Ensign after Struan's 

Lieutenant Tiran: departure

Cdr Sullivan: *Zinthys* Inform the Captain, Zinthys.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <>

Lt Merienn Kiela: The ship blew up.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<What th-?>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: Many of those onboard were sacrificed.

NutMegGrrl: What?! The ship blew up?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Test>>

Towcin: Blew up!?!!

Catie MacGregor: I know that the Atlantis fought against your father..and that in itself must be an awfully lot 

NutMegGrrl: Goodness!

Boreth: I believe some new ones came aboard this morning.

Catie MacGregor: for you to deal with..

Lt Merienn Kiela: Captain Blackthorne went down with his ship...

NutMegGrrl: <<I see you, Captain.>

Towcin: Did anyone survive?

Lieutenant Tiran: ::stops:: You're getting something?

NutMegGrrl: ::sighs:: How brave. What a brave man he must have been.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Good... a real SOB, huh?? :) >>

Lt Belle Carver: ::head snaps to the counsler:: You know about my father?

Lt Merienn Kiela: ...leaving only a single <<me too, Zuri>> bauble -- a necklace I believe -- to his wife.

Lt jg Zinthys: +Sullivan+ yes, sir. ::Looks at the captain:: It appears that Commander Sullivan is the

Lt jg Zinthys: culprit.

Lt Merienn Kiela: I'm not sure how many actually died. Many were evacuate.d

NutMegGrrl: <<oh! I didn't know you could read that fast and still CO!!!>>

Cdr Sullivan: :::feels like someone walked over her grave::::

Boreth: It's coming from down the hall. .near Commander Sullivan's quarters.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Almost all, though, suffering from the tragedy of the incident, asked to be reassigned.

NutMegGrrl: Gee ... how tragic!

Catie MacGregor: NOt much, but yes, I know a bit.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Some are still aboard... a nurse named, Luann for instance.

Log Entry: Arts and Entertainment - CelestialPrime [Members - 11] 6/4/00 12:15 AM

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::his face becomes ten times harder::  

Lieutenant Tiran: ::eyebrows raise:: You know where the Commander's quarters are?

NutMegGrrl: So, they rebuilt the ship, obviously, but there's hardly any of the original crew?

Boreth: Um. .no sir. .it just um. .

Lt Belle Carver: ::closes her eyes:: I was hoping no one would find out, but the captian knows, and both 

Lt Merienn Kiela: Only one officer remained. She was Assistant Security on old atlantis.

NutMegGrrl: What a shame. They were supposed to have been some of the best and brightest.

Towcin: Her name?

Lt Merienn Kiela: Now she's our Executive Officer -- Commander Sullivan.

Lt jg Zinthys: She's on her way here, sir.

Lt Belle Carver: doctors in sickbay know, plus Ral.. I wonder who else knows..

Boreth: :;points:: This way I'm sure.

Lieutenant Tiran: Lead the way Mr. Boreth

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<esp. the counselor and the CMO, huh?>>

NutMegGrrl: And what, pray tell, happened to that beautiful and legendary doctor?

Cdr Sullivan: ::::looking at the gem::: So this is what the Ferengi were after....

Boreth: :;walks toward the end of the hall::

NutMegGrrl: And didn't she have a friend, the counselor?

NutMegGrrl: I heard they were quite a brilliant pair ...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: She'd damned well better be.

Lieutenant Tiran: ::follows beside Boreth::

Catie MacGregor: Tis part of my job to keep up with what affects the crew. It will go na further than me, 

Catie MacGregor: please don't worry.

Lt Merienn Kiela: I don't know... perhaps you can find out yourself... in the archives.

Lt Merienn Kiela: But the strange thing is they DIDN'T rebuild the ship.

Boreth: ::comes up to the Commander's quarters and rings:;

NutMegGrrl: Really? They didn't?

Lt Merienn Kiela: Oh it exploded all right. In a brilliant, beautiful starburst.

Towcin: They didn't?

NutMegGrrl: ::looks at Towcin::

Lieutenant Tiran: ::hopes Sullivan is in a good mood::

Lt Belle Carver: ::sighs giving up at last:: I can't keep this in anymore.. it's just way too draining..

Cdr Sullivan: :::heading out the door, the doors hiss open and she practically runs Boreth open:::

Towcin: Now this is getting strange.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::stands, starting to pace, now alone with her thoughts, unpleasant thoughts::

Lt Merienn Kiela: The incident was recorded by a ship that helped with the evacuation.

NutMegGrrl: So what'd they do, glue it back together?

Boreth: I'm sorry sir. .::backs up::

Lt Merienn Kiela: But then, weeks later, the ship floated out of a spatial disturbance...

Lt Merienn Kiela: pristine... untouched...

NutMegGrrl: ::pauses:: You're joking ...

Lt Merienn Kiela: Commander Grey was given command, and he eventually promoted Commander Sullivan.

Boreth: :;almost plowed by the commander::

Lt Merienn Kiela: No. This is a Ghost Ship.

Towcin: ::shocked::

Lt Belle Carver: Where to begin<more to herslef than anything>>

NutMegGrrl: A ... what?

Lieutenant Tiran: ::tricorder going off wildly:: 

Cdr Sullivan: ::::looks at Boreth with a wry grin::: So, you figured it out as well,,,,

Lt Merienn Kiela: A Ghost Ship.

Towcin: ::shacks head in amazemen::

Boreth: Yes sir. 

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::laughs:: I've always felt it was a very appropriate place for me.

NutMegGrrl: I ... I don't understand ... ? What was the explanation?

NutMegGrrl: And why would you say that?

Catie MacGregor: ::Leans forward:: I did na have a chance to read much about yer background. Did you 

Catie MacGregor: grow up with your father?

Boreth: But it seems you have "beat us to the punch".

Lt Merienn Kiela: I'm sure Struan would have an explanation for it.. something about continuums and quarks and

Cdr Sullivan: Come on.... let's get me to the bridge... then you can take a look at this little bauble.

Towcin: A...A...Ghost Ship?

Lt Merienn Kiela: alternate dimensions...

NutMegGrrl: ::shudders::

Lt Merienn Kiela: But I don't know. I don't htink about it much.

Lt Belle Carver: No.. I just kind of met him while serving here ont he AtlantisLL

Lt jg Zinthys: <<::Indulgently:: So that's what that "thunk" in Suli's purse was...>>

NutMegGrrl: This ship is from another dimension? ::looks around, totally spooked::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::sits again, waiting for the Commander to get her rear end up here with an explanation::

Cdr Sullivan: :::holds up the gemstone for them to see::::

Lt Merienn Kiela: I suppose you might ask some of those who stayed onboard... Luann... Sullivan...

Towcin: ::thinks it may be hard to sleep tonight::

Catie MacGregor: ::Nods:: 

Lt Merienn Kiela: Or else, perhaps, contact one of the survivors.

Cdr Sullivan: <<:::chuckles:::: Thanks for remembering....>>

Boreth: ::examines over it with his eyes::

NutMegGrrl: ::looks at the floor and walls:: Freakish.

Lt Belle Carver: I was abandoined abnd adopted at the age of 2 by the Carvers on Earth\

Towcin: Where can I get a list of the suviors?

Lt Merienn Kiela: DeCater... Rainbird... Dolan...

NutMegGrrl: ::turns to Towcin:: Maybe that would make a good first research project, Ensign.

Catie MacGregor: ::Nods again:: Were you happy as a child?

Lt Merienn Kiela: It's all stored in the Starfleet database.

Cdr Sullivan: :::holds it like a carrot before mules:::: Come on, boys.... I've got to get this up the

Cdr Sullivan: bridge....

Lieutenant Tiran: ::wanting Boreth's opinion:: What do you think Boreth?

Towcin: I agree, it would also be fun to do.

NutMegGrrl: I'll keep those names in mind. Maybe I should have a look at the records.

Lt Belle Carver: ::smiles thinking about her childhood:: Somewhat.. my adopted brother George

Lt Belle Carver: made life rough for me

Boreth: ::whisper:: I think we should follow the commander.

Towcin: I want to go with you and see what they say.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::drums his fingers on the chairarm::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::loudly::

Boreth: Lead the way Commander.

Towcin: Do you find if I tag along?

Catie MacGregor: Brothers have a way of doing that. ::smiles::

Cdr Sullivan: :::darts into the nearest turbolift:::

Lieutenant Tiran: ::whispers back:: You think we have a choice on that? I meant about the gem

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::smiles:: Would you like to see your quarters now?

NutMegGrrl: Well, I don't know that we'll start working right now, Ensign.

Boreth: ::runs after the commander::

NutMegGrrl: Let's have a look at our quarters, shall we?

Lieutenant Tiran: ::enters the TL on the Commander's heels::

Lt Merienn Kiela: The wife of the first Captain was a Betazoid Ambassador -- she got us spacious quarters and 

NutMegGrrl: ::smiles::

Lt Belle Carver: He didn't like me much, I only since found that out with the death of my parents

Lt Merienn Kiela: nice, big closet space!

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Stares at the doors anxiously::

Towcin: Yes, I would like that.

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<remember that log, Meg? "Atlantis: We've got Good Closet Space"?>>

Catie MacGregor: I'm sorry. :;reaches across to touch her hand::

Towcin: We'll have to do that project later.

Boreth: :;enters:: i think ::gasp:; it is an odd stone.

Lt Belle Carver: When they died I found out how much he hated me.. 

NutMegGrrl: <<I've repressed memories of the Old Atlantis ... >>

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<It was the log introducing Jazmin DeCater>>

Lt Belle Carver: ::doesn't realize who she is talking to for memories are taking over::

NutMegGrrl: Let's have a look!

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::drums them louder, the sound echoing through the bridge::

NutMegGrrl: <<Vaguely ... ?>>

Boreth: Perhaps could be used as a new type of power source if taken apart and put back together 

Boreth: properly.

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<Eh, it was funny.>>

Catie MacGregor: :;sits back, listening intently, and watching Belle's expressions and body language::

Lt Merienn Kiela: I'm afraid you'll be on different decks.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Lieutenant rank does have its privileges.

Boreth: So that it doesn't paint a red circle on us.

Lt Merienn Kiela: On the plus side for Towcin, though, his quarters are closer to the labs.

NutMegGrrl: Of course. I rmember ensigns' quarters. ::grins at Towcin::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::heads out of the lab and back toward the TL::

Lt Belle Carver: ::keeps talking:: He threatened my very exsitence and finally I just gave in and signed 

Towcin: I will be on that deck...someday.

Lt Belle Carver: everything over to him::

NutMegGrrl: Have fun with your roommates, ensign!

Lieutenant Tiran: A power source? ::ponders:: Possibly... but I'd imagine a rather weak power source

Cdr Sullivan: :::doors fly open and Suli appears, tossing the gemstone up and catching it like a softball:

Towcin: ::Follows::

NutMegGrrl: ::chuckling, heads back to TL::

Catie MacGregor: ::Frowns and makes a mental note to do some checking::

Lt Merienn Kiela: No roommates. Not for Alpha staff in the first or second Asst position.

Lt Belle Carver: Then I find out about my father being this Fyrnal.. ::shrudders remembering the message::

Lt Merienn Kiela: We're a generous ship -- lots of space, not a huge crew.

Towcin: ::grins::

Boreth: If it were enhanced it could be. Possibly a helpful backup.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Is this your first assignment, Ensign Towcin?

NutMegGrrl: ::snap her fingers:: Life is so unfair. I had FOUR roommates in my first quarters!

Cdr Sullivan: :::tosses it to Zuri as she enters::::

Towcin: Yes, it is my first.

Boreth: :;steps out on the bridge::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::enters TL:: Deck <<wherever Towcin wants his quarters... well not WhereEVER...>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::catches it:: Explain zis.

Catie MacGregor: You talked to him?

Boreth: ::ventures no more than two steps::

Lt Belle Carver: That kind of pushed me over the edge, I guess.. ::sighs:: 

NutMegGrrl: Well, you lucked out, Ensign.

Catie MacGregor: ::speaking softly::

Lieutenant Tiran: ::enters onto the Bride, still talking with Boreth:: Possibly, but it may be hard to 

Lt Jg Chloe: :::takes leave from sickbay, walking out and briskly down the corridor::

Lieutenant Tiran: separate from the Commander now

Cdr Sullivan: It was in my purse, sir.

Towcin: I am glad I am alone in my room.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Looks at the Commander warily::

Lt Belle Carver: Not really::looking at the counslerL:: I recieved a communique from SFI about it

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::looks at her with a look that says not to stop talking yet::

Boreth: We could study it. Perhaps create an equivalent sone.

Boreth: <<stone>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::exits:: It is nice. There's still the messhall, the bar and the holodecks for meeting 

Lt Merienn Kiela: other people. Plus work of course.

Lt Belle Carver: the I recieved a message from him personally.. ::shudders::

NutMegGrrl: ::exits::

Boreth: Or recreate the type of power.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Where was your first assignment, Lt Barukha? 

Towcin: Of course

Cdr Sullivan: :::stands easily::: I think that it may have been planted on me at the ball.... 

NutMegGrrl: <<Don't ask me character details when I don't even have a 1st name yet!!!>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods::  

Cdr Sullivan: <<At this point I wish I had been able to get my log out... :D>>

Catie MacGregor: Was the message from him threatening? ::concerned::

NutMegGrrl: <<I'll pretend you didn't ask that question. Put me on the spot, will ya?>>

Lt Belle Carver: Not really.. he just said that he wanted to make sure I was taken care of

Cdr Sullivan: There was an incident.... near the end.  

Lieutenant Tiran: ::knowing SF protocol all to well:: Most likely it will be shipped to SF Headquarters for 

Lieutenant Tiran: examination

Lt Merienn Kiela: Ah... you're on Deck 10, Ensign.

Lt Belle Carver: I guess in a warped sense he really loved me..

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::still has the 'keep going' look on his face::

Cdr Sullivan: Caine and I had had.... okay.... I had a little too much to drink.

Catie MacGregor: Do you think he meant it?

Towcin: Deck 10, got it.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Here. These are your quarters.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::just walking around::

NutMegGrrl: Can we have a look, ensign?

Lt Belle Carver: Meant what?

Tayaas: what is celestial prime?????

Boreth: We might be able to catch a glance before they ship it off. Get in a good scan or two.

Towcin: :: walks into quartes::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Computer, acknowledge voice and finger print patterns of Ensign Towcin .

Catie MacGregor: That he wanted to make sure you were taken care of.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::feeling as though she is trying to flee from something, not sure::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Register quarters in his profile.

Cdr Sullivan: I thought that I had jostled the old guy by accident, but perhaps it wasn't as accidental as

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Tayaas, there is a game in progress.  Please don't interrupt.>>

Cdr Sullivan: I thought,

Tayaas: what is celestial prime?????

Towcin: Go ahead.

Tayaas: what is celestial prime?????

NutMegGrrl: <<It's a Star Trek sim, Tayaas! Welcome!>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::grins; goes after the Ensign:: Just a minute, Ensign. You have to register your voice and

Lt Merienn Kiela: thumb profiles.

Lt Belle Carver: ::nods:: I have the account numbers to several bank account in Zurich, Switerland..

Lieutenant Tiran: ::overhears the Commander and grins to himself::

Boreth: :;looks at Tiran quizzicaly::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: OK, now what is zis thing doing?

Catie MacGregor: So your brother didn't get everything. ::Nods:: 

Towcin: And how do I go about doing that?

NutMegGrrl: Go on Ensign, it won't bite you!

Cdr Sullivan: Which why the Ferengi.... :::trails off:::

Lieutenant Tiran: I doubt we'll see any more of it than we already have, but we may get lucky

NutMegGrrl: Just say your name and stick your thumb on that panel.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ;:grins:: Come out of your quarters again. Put your thumb on the panel outside the door, and

Lt Merienn Kiela: identify yourself.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::glances at Barukha:: I can see you've been through all this before.

Lt Belle Carver: Your not getting it, counslor.. Frynal is my biological father.. George got everything from 

Lt Belle Carver: my adopted father

Boreth: ::nods::

NutMegGrrl: <<We're pscyhically linked!!!>>

Cdr Sullivan: I'd like Engineering and Science to take a look at it.

Lieutenant Tiran: ::walks over to Allen at Tac:: Anything interesting going on?

Towcin: Ensign Towcin :: puts thumb on panel::

NutMegGrrl: I would hope so, I *am* an officer. It's not like I slept my way to the top.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::still going around the corridors::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Gestures to the Commander:: Oh, just routine stuff like that.

Catie MacGregor: ::thwaps herself:: Oh..tha'ts right.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Hey, it's a way to go.

Lt Jg Chloe: NurseDitzy> ::in charge of SB::

Towcin: ::walks out and puts thumb on panel by door::

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<Wow, that was soooo out of character.>>

NutMegGrrl: ::hides a grin::

Catie MacGregor: PErhaps your biological father knew what had happened.

NutMegGrrl: <<no joke!!!!!! ::dies::>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<You're a bad influence on my role playing skills, Meg!>>

NutMegGrrl: <<I know, I know, I'm mad evil!!!>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Agreed.  ::tosses it back to her:: And get it to stop broadcasting.

Cdr Sullivan: From what we can see.... we've got a fluxuating energy source that remained somewhat cloaked

Lt Belle Carver: I guess.. he knew about them dying,.. because ..well he did it himself..

Boreth: :;standing by the TL door by himself::

Lt Merienn Kiela: OK, Towcin... you can settle in here later.

Catie MacGregor: He killed them?

Lieutenant Tiran: How are things? Personally? We haven't had the chance to talk in a while...

NutMegGrrl: Well, Ensign, you can hang out here and get acquainted with your cozy bachelor pad ...

Catie MacGregor: ::shocked::

Cdr Sullivan: :::nods::::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Let's get to Lt. Barukha's quarters on Deck 8; then I'll show you the lounge where you'll 

Lt Merienn Kiela: spend most of your time.

NutMegGrrl: Or come along for the ride!

Cdr Sullivan: :::tosses the stone to Tiran:::

Cdr Sullivan: Get Science in on it.

NutMegGrrl: Vamanos!!! ...

Lt Belle Carver: ::nods:: Because my mother let them adopt me.. she died before he had a chance to get to her

Lt Merienn Kiela: And we can get a drink and get a little relaxed so your first day onship won't be

Towcin: I'll come along so I can see more of the ship, if you don't mind.

NutMegGrrl: I, ah, picked up a little Spanish on Earth.

Lt Merienn Kiela: quite so daunting.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::goes back to TL:: Deck 8.

Lieutenant Tiran: ::catches the stone:: Ah... right away Commander

NutMegGrrl: ::heads back to TL::

Lt jg Zinthys: Well... I've been real busy with this thing. Late nights i didn't even make it up to my 

Lt Merienn Kiela: At the Lt level, you get two rooms.

Cdr Sullivan: See what you can do about containing the energy signal from broadcasting.

Lt Belle Carver: Sickning isn't it.. now you see why I don't want that to get around?

Lt jg Zinthys: quarters at times.

Towcin: ::follows::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Well, two and a half.

Cdr Sullivan: Maybe a containment field of some sort?

Lieutenant Tiran: ::looks to Allen:: Another time?

Catie MacGregor: ::leans forward again:: Did he kill your biological mother too?

Log Entry: Arts and Entertainment - CelestialPrime [Members - 11] 6/4/00 12:30 AM

NutMegGrrl: What's the half?

Towcin: Two and a half?

Lt Merienn Kiela: One outer room, a bedroom, and also a sort of dining/library/all-purpose room.

Boreth: :;nodding at the Commander's suggestion::

Cdr Sullivan: :::narrows eyes::: And when you are done.... it is mine..... remember that.

Lt jg Zinthys: Yeah. You're turn to deal with that thing now.

Lt Belle Carver: ::shakes head no:: He said he didn't have a chance to get to her

Lt Merienn Kiela: Very small. I use mine for... well. Personal obje

NutMegGrrl: Ah, just like my first apartment.

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<Blah. Delete after "I use">>

Lieutenant Tiran: ::smiles sweetly to sullivan:: Of course Commander

Boreth: ::thinks Tiran has been threatened::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::reaches her quarters and opens the doors and collapses on her couch, a total wreck::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::exits onto Deck 8::

Catie MacGregor: So he punished the people who took care of you.

Towcin: ::exits::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::puts her head in her hands and just sits there, thinking, thinking::

Lieutenant Tiran: ::walks towardt he TL, gesturing for Boreth to follow::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Any idea *who* this thing is broadcasting to?

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::finds Barukha's quarters:: Mine are just down the hall there.

Lt Belle Carver: ::nods:: Yes.. sickning..

Boreth: ::follows::

NutMegGrrl: Just a hop, skip, and a jump away ...

Towcin: ::wishes his quartes were on Deck 8::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Computer, register these quarters as belonging to Lieutenant Barukha.

NutMegGrrl: Well, you can throw me a moving-in party later.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Stand ready to ackowledge her voice and thumb prints.

Lieutenant Tiran: ::to TL:: Main Engineering

Cdr Sullivan: ACTION> Atlantis makes a course correction again and the gem gets brighter and warmer....

Lt Belle Carver: ::shudders:: the only other person who knows about this is Ral..

Catie MacGregor: You don't owe him anything you know.  Not loyalty, not sympathy..not anything. 

NutMegGrrl: >to computer< Lieutenant Barukha, Chief of Science.

Boreth: I believe the Commander is very fond of her energy source.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::feels the slight jolt under her feet and frowns slightly::

NutMegGrrl: ::presses her thumb against the panel::

Lieutenant Tiran: ::feels the slight heat from the stone in his hand::

NutMegGrrl: Hmm ... was that jolt my fault?

Lt Merienn Kiela: ...I don't think so.

Lieutenant Tiran: ::once the doors shut:: Yes she is

Boreth: I believe "hot potato" is the phrase?

NutMegGrrl: I *did* have Entalian beans for lunch ...

Lt Belle Carver: I know I don't..but I did have a alot of guilt about it..

Towcin: ::wonders same thing::

Catie MacGregor: Lt Tiran is very important to you, isn't he?

Lt Merienn Kiela: Why don't you two go in the quarters and look around a little while. Then when you finish 

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Frowns, not letting the gem off his scanners.

Lt Merienn Kiela: we'll go to the lounge.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::wipes at her tired eyes, tearing from just being tired::

Lieutenant Tiran: ::eyes Boreth:: Can I trust you Boreth?

Towcin: Ok.

Cdr Sullivan: :::watches Boreth and Tiran leave and grumbles something about getting some sort of claim 

Boreth: Of course sir.

Lt Belle Carver: and now.. ::rest her hand on her stomach:: Yes he is.. I love him...

NutMegGrrl: Sure. Ensign, you can have a look at what paying your dues brings you.

Cdr Sullivan: check for her gem:::

Catie MacGregor: And now you're going to have his child. ::smiles::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::waits for them to go inside::

Lieutenant Tiran: We are to work with Science on this project...

Towcin: Oh haha, you just wait, someday I'll be here with you.

NutMegGrrl: ::goes inside already!::

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<Jesus Christ. Belle, you're PREGNANT???>>

Boreth: Yes. .

Towcin: ::goes inside::

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<Oy. This ship is oging to be a bloody nursery again.>>

Lieutenant Tiran: Once we are done, we are to return the stone to Sullivan

NutMegGrrl: <<hmm ... THIS plot sounds familiar!!!::

Lt Jg Chloe: << Oh yeah... you missed that...<g>>

NutMegGrrl: >>

Boreth: Me sir?

Lt Belle Carver: ::a smile brightens her face:: Yes

Lt Belle Carver: <<God Rachel where have you been??>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<Argh, argh, argh.>>

Lieutenant Tiran: ::grins:: No, not you....

NutMegGrrl: You'll be here with me, Ensign? I don't think fraternizing with senior officers is permitted

NutMegGrrl: ::winks::

Catie MacGregor: ::smiles:: Congratulations. I'm very happy for you.  Does he know?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::frowns and enters the ready room::

Lt Belle Carver: <<not in RL though.. thank god.. I can hardly handle my 3 yr old>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<NO going shopping for baby clothes when we stop for shore leave. I forbid it.>>

Boreth: What do you need my trust for sir?

NutMegGrrl: <<She's been enraptured by my presence.>>

Lieutenant Tiran: I'm not letting this slip through our fingers...

Towcin: Well, on this deck.

Cdr Sullivan: :::watches Zinthys for a moment:::  Are you satisfied with my explanation, Mr Zinthys?

Lieutenant Tiran: We are going to try and make a copy for future study

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<One minute to the pause...>>

Boreth: I see.

Lt Merienn Kiela: +Zinthys+ What's going on?

NutMegGrrl: ::grins:: Ah. ::looks around her BRAND NEW QUARTERS!!::

Lt Belle Carver: Yes.. I wanted to tell him myself but Dr. Chloe got to it before me

Cdr Sullivan: :::watches Zuri disappear:::

NutMegGrrl: Well! ::sighs contendedly:: Kinda nice! ... I think I just might like it here!!!

Towcin: You have nice quarters.

Lt jg Zinthys: Permission to speak frankly, sir?

Boreth: I believe I can conjure that up.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::sits behind his desk and regards a PADD full of data that he could care less about:;

Catie MacGregor: ::frowns:: Why did she? :;shakes head::I suppose it doesn't matter as long as you're all right 

Catie MacGregor: with that.He's pleased about the baby?

Cdr Sullivan: Permission granted.

NutMegGrrl: Thanks. I love what they've done with the place. You know, that sterile military look really

NutMegGrrl: lends so much!

Lt jg Zinthys: <<err.... freely, isn't it?>>

Lt Jg Chloe: ::can't help it anymore, and falls into an exhaustion induced sleep, on her couch::

Towcin: :grins::\

Lieutenant Tiran: ::exits the TL and enters ME:: Good, I'll have to keep the Science personnel busy while you 

Lt Jg Chloe: ::to whatever nightmares await her::

Lieutenant Tiran: make the copy

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++PAUSE SIM++PAUSE SIM+++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ++PAUSE SIM++++PAUSE SIM++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++PAUSE SIM++PAUSE SIM+++