Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++BEGIN SIM++BEGIN SIM+++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ++BEGIN SIM++++BEGIN SIM++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++BEGIN SIM++BEGIN SIM+++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::sitting in his RR::

Belle9898: ::with Ral in his quarters::

Boreth: ::just got off duty and is walking through a corridor::

Cdr Sullivan: :::on the bridge.... as usual::::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::is just off duty, entering a TL and murmuring her deck #::

Lt jg Tiran: ::sitting across from Belle in his quarters::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::At the Tactical spot for now::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::hasn't had much sleep at all, working overtime lately, rubs at her neck and yawns::

Boreth: ::wonders if Chloe got his message as he looks over a PADD::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::approaches Zinthys:: You are dismissed, Lieutenant.

Belle9898: ::has a devish gleam in her eyes:: Ok.. what was the worst thing you did as a kid?

Lt Jg Chloe: ::steps out of the TL and wanders down the corridor to her quarters::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Looks up at Merienn and wordlessly exits the bridge::

Boreth: ::says aloud:: I must check this out when I return to duty.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::enters the security code and enters, squints in the dimness::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::wonders if she offended him::

Lt jg Tiran: ::smiles pleasantly:: The worst thing? Umm...

Lt Jg Chloe: Computer, illuminate to 58%.

Cdr Sullivan: :::watches the changing of the guard:::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::decides not to bother about the injured feelings of her subordinates at the moment, given 

Lt Jg Chloe: ::eyes adjust as the lights come on::

Lt Merienn Kiela: the enormous potential for attack, and takes her post::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Some odd sense causes him to look back, only seeing the bridge doors::

Lt jg Tiran: My father had a shuttle craft for his personal use, I was never to go near it...

Lt jg Zinthys: ::He shakes his head and walks down the hall the the TL::

Lt jg Tiran: Well, one day I did. I was ten and thought I could handle flying it....

Boreth: ::enters the TL at the end of the corridor:: Mess Hall.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::slowly unzips her uniform jacket and takes it off:: Computr, any messages? ::not expecting

Lt Jg Chloe: any::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: :;steps out onto the bridge:;

Belle9898: ::holds her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh::

Lt Jg Chloe: Computer> You have ONE Message. 

Lt jg Tiran: Let's just say I didn't fly it again for a long time...

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Enters the TL, realizing he has nowhere to be::

Cdr Sullivan: :::doesn't see the captain and continues studying her console:::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::sits down silently:: We should almost be at Earth, da?

Lt Jg Chloe: ::blinks and walks over to her desk, taking a heavy plop on the seat, tossing

Boreth: ::says aloud again:: Time to go for a social swim.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::looks down at Belle's replacement, expecting an answer::

Lt jg Tiran: ::sees Belle suppressing a laugh:: What was the worst thing you ever did?

Lt Jg Chloe: her jacket over onto her couch:: Bring up the message, please .. Computer.

Cdr Sullivan: :::jumps and looks over, a cross look on her features:::

Boreth: ::TL doors open and he exits heading toward the mess hall::

Belle9898: Belle's replacement> Aye captian .. almost there

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::just looks at Sullivan:::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::peers at it, reading over the message from Boreth, blinks a bit .. stunned at the 

Lt Jg Chloe: invitation, but realizing he's probably having a hard time adjusting to life on the ship::

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at the console::: ETA to earth 15 mintues.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::or... other people are having a hard time adjusting to him..::

Boreth: ::enters through the Mess Hall door and takes a seat at a table alone::

Belle9898: ::thinks for a moment and smiles:: Well... there was this time when my mother was in the 

Lt jg Zinthys: Computer. Location of Lieutenant Chloe Tiernee.

Doctor Caine: :::sits in his office, considers various regimens for helping Jao:::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::leans back in the chair and smiles, she could always use another friend::

Lt jg Zinthys: Computer> Lieutenant Chloe Tiernee is in her quarters.

Belle9898: backroom doing something and there was this kid who was bothering me

Lt jg Zinthys: Deck ##

Lt Jg Chloe: ::writes back to him (which I will just write in a log after the sim :P) and sends it to his

Lt Jg Chloe: quarters::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Hail Starbase One, get docking clearance.

Cdr Sullivan: :::looking at the records, realizes that it is going to be springtime 

Cdr Sullivan: when they arrive::::

Cdr Sullivan: :::mutters:::; I hate spring.

Belle9898: and he passed our store.. so I grabbed a jar of honey and let him have it

Boreth: ::walks up to the bar and sits by another officer::

Cdr Sullivan: :::doesn't look over::: D... Yes, Keptin.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::stands shutting off the desktop viewer and slowing peeling off her uniform as she walks

Belle9898: I can't stand honey and bees to this day

Lt Jg Chloe: into her bedroom, tossing the clothes in the recycler::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::raises a brow::

Lt jg Tiran: ::grins:: That's the worst thing you ever did?

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::wonders whether the XO has allergies or has become German::

Belle9898: ::nods:: I was a good little girl most of the time

Boreth: I'll have some hot chocolate bartender.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::The TL stops and he steps off it, walking toward Chloe's quarters.

Lt jg Tiran: ::whispers softly in Belle's ear:: You're on your way to changing that... ::smiles::

Cdr Sullivan: Kiela.... open a channel to the Starbase, please.

Boreth: ::hot chocolate is set in front of him:: Thank you.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::picks out a pair of khaki pants and a light blue tank top, putting on the clothes::

Doctor Caine: ::::looks at a PADD, considers the Aberfoyle DNA helix:::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::grumbles about taking over HOps::

Belle9898: :;smiles:: But I will alwya be a good girl..

Lt Merienn Kiela: +Starbase+ This is the starship Atlantis.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Channel open.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::enters sickbay, looks around:;

Lt Jg Chloe: ::stands before her mirror and takes down her bun, taking her brush and starting to smooth 

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Hesitates briefly at her door, then rings the chime::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Dockmaster>   This is Starbase One, go ahead, Atlantis.

Boreth: ::turns to talk to the officer:: Hello. .::officer leaves::

Lt Jg Chloe: out her hair, as she hears the chime:: Come! ::from the bedroom::

Doctor Caine: :::rises, steps into Sickbay:::  How may I help you, Captain?

Boreth: ::turns to the other but the same results ocur::

Cdr Sullivan: *Starbase* Starbase one... this is Commander Sulivan, requesting 

Cdr Sullivan: docking clearance.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  I was just wondering if I am needed?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::The door swooshes open and Allen walks into Chloe's quarters::

Boreth: ::sighs and sips his drink::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Dockmaster> Granted, Atlantis.  Welcome home.

Lt Jg Chloe: I'm in here! ::calling out, still brushing hr hair::

Belle9898: ::looks to Ral:: Did you know Boreth is back?

Lt Jg Chloe: <<Her even.>>

Doctor Caine: Sit down, Captain.

Cdr Sullivan: *Starbase*  Thank you.... it is good to be home.  

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::sits:

Boreth: ::lays the PADD on the bar table and reads over it again::

Cdr Sullivan: *Starbase* Atlantis out.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Walks into her bedroom:: Package for you, madam ::Fake voice::

Lt jg Tiran: Yes, I saw him on duty a few days ago. How'd you find out?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Dockmaster>  Transfer to Starbase Control when you enter the pattern.  SB1 out.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::takes a hair band and pulls her hair back in a loose ponytail, and blinks, glancing 

Lt Jg Chloe: towards the voice:: What? ::irish accent thick::

Belle9898: I saw him.. 

Boreth: ::finishes his drink and heads out the door::

Lt jg Tiran: ::tries to sense what Belle is feeling:: Something wrong?

Doctor Caine: The cloning of your race will be relatively simple.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Phony voice very slightly different:: Come here and find out.

Belle9898: Nothing... I was just thinking about how alone he must be...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::leans back and watches Earth grow larger on the viewer::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::walks over, raising her brows curiously::

Boreth: ::walks out and into the TL:: Engineering. . .::sigh::

Lt jg Tiran: He is a Vorta, not everyone on this ship will be able to see past that right away

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::nods, listening::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Waits 'till Chloe comes around the corner and ambushes her with tickling::

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks back to Kiela::: Would you transfer control when we enter 

Cdr Sullivan: the pattern?

Belle9898: ::nods in agreement:: I wish they could

Doctor Caine: I am developing treatments for you, Captain.

Cdr Sullivan: I know helm normally handles this....

Lt Jg Chloe: ::shrieks, ambushed and nearly falls over:: Oh! Oh my ... what .. what are you doing?!

Boreth: ::exits TL and goes back to work hours early::

Lt jg Tiran: Maybe he should go see the Counselor...

Lt Jg Chloe: ::laughing/giggling::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  ::says nothing, simply nods::

Lt jg Zinthys: What does it feel like I'm doing?

Belle9898: ::thinks for a second:: When do we have do be on shift?

Boreth: You can leave Ensign. ::ensign scuffles happily by::

Lt jg Tiran: ::glances over to his clock on a shelf and laughs:: in about 10 minutes

Lt Jg Chloe: ::laughgasp:: You are so.. silly! ::pokes him in retaliation::

Lt jg Tiran: Planning for us to be on time for duty?

Lt jg Zinthys: Ack! ::Jumps back and stops::

Belle9898: ::groans and starts to giggle::

Doctor Caine: It will be a combination of Earth's most modern treatments, and centuries old medicines.

Belle9898:  I am going to have to run and get dressed

Boreth: ::takes his post back and works on his new engineering project::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  May it be successful, doctor.

Lt jg Tiran: If you give me a minute, I can walk you to your quarters

Lt Jg Chloe: ::calms her laughter a bit, looking at him:: That'll teach you to ambush me with tickles..

Belle9898: Ok.::smiles:: 

Doctor Caine: Much will depend on you, captain.

Boreth: ::to himself:: Let's see if this will help the containment field.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Grins:: I'll have to fing something else from now on.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> On me?

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at Zuri::: I have already alerted the medical research 

Lt jg Tiran: ::smiles:: ok, give me a minute ::runs off into his bedroom::

Cdr Sullivan: center.... they are eager to meet with the Captain and see the 

Cdr Sullivan: information.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: Excellent.  I am giving ze crew a couple of days of shoreleave.

Boreth: ::tweaks up the systems to see if it works::

Lt jg Tiran: ::finds a clean uniform and begins undressing and dressing::

Cdr Sullivan: :::nods and frowns a bit:::

Boreth: ::looks at the monitor and frowns::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::walks over to him, slipping her arms around his neck and snuggles against him:: Mmm.. I've

Cdr Sullivan: :::makes a mental note to stay aboard::::

Lt Jg Chloe: missed you. These few weeks have been soooo. tiring.. 

Doctor Caine: Just remember, Captain:  the spirit directs the intent, and the body follows.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Everyone leaves. ::pointed glance at his XO:;

Lt jg Tiran: ::finishes dressing and walks out of the bedroom:: Ready?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  An interesting view.

Boreth: ::walks over to the other side of Engineering and tries again on a different system::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Slides his arms around her waist:: I must agree. And all the much worse without having

Cdr Sullivan: :::gets that stubborn set to her jawline, but says nothing::::

Belle9898: ::gets up from the couch:: No.. but we have to..

Lt jg Zinthys: seen you.

Lt jg Tiran: ::grabs Belle's hand:: We could be late again...

Boreth: Hmm. . .this is not very efficent. I will leave it for now.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::leans against him, like a big cuddly standing pillow:: Have you been working hard?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Ms. Merienn, please transfer helm control to ze Starbase.

Boreth: ::walks back over to the monitor and examines systems::

Belle9898: ::let's herself get pulled::aren't we always

Lt jg Tiran: ::smiles:: It's not always a bad thing to be late...

Boreth: ::lokking for the smallest flaw in any system to fix::

Lt jg Zinthys: Not until that last battle. After that the captain started really getting tight on the 

Doctor Caine: In the meantime, once on Earth, we will rejuvenate, at least for the time being,

Lt jg Zinthys: security personnel

Belle9898: ::smiles:: true

Doctor Caine: the DNA within your own cells.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  All right.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::pulls back and looks at him:: I doni't blame him. The medical crew was working hard as 

Cdr Sullivan: :::does the transfer since Kiela seems to be busy with a sensor 

Cdr Sullivan: glitch:::

Boreth: ::notices that he is the only Engineer on duty::

Doctor Caine: This may not be enough to stop the disease in a case so advanced as yours.

Lt Jg Chloe: well... it seems like I've been awake for days .. ::pulls away from him and walks into her 

Belle9898: ::enters the TL with Ral::

Doctor Caine: It will be a good beginning from which to start.

Lt Jg Chloe: bedroom, glancing back to see if he is following:: I was just about to relax..

Boreth: Well I have been meaning to add some new dishes on the replicator.

Lt jg Tiran: Maybe I'll see Boreth on duty... try to help him adjust or keep him company...

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Closes his eyes and follows the sound of her voice:: Shounds wonderful

Belle9898: why don't you invite him to dinner with us::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  I hope to see the new generation of my people.

Boreth: ::takes out a tool kit, gets on his back, opens the panel, and works::

Doctor Caine: I'm almost certain you will, Captain Jao.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::stands and watches at the Atlantis slides through the spacedoors:;

Lt Jg Chloe: ::chuckles, falling back on her bed and exhaling:: Oh yes. Wonderful. I have been

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  Thank you, doctor.

Lt Jg Chloe: longing to lay down for a while... ::laughs to herself::

Lt jg Tiran: ::grins:: are you so eager to have a third person have dinner with us so we're not alone?

Boreth: Now there will be some food I'm used too.

Cdr Sullivan: :::out of habit, stands with him:::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::people watch from the Starbase's windows as the Sovereign Class comes home, still 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Starfleet's best ship::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Walks over to her bed and stares at her::

Belle9898: No::kisses his cheek:: don't worry .. your the only one in my life..

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::smiles out of habit::

Cdr Sullivan: :::opens a shipwide comm::::

Boreth: ::sparks flare::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::has her eyes closed, stretching to get the working aches out of her muscles::

Lt jg Tiran: Glad to hear it ::watches as the TL doors open::

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at the Captain with a half smile::: Would you care to make 

Cdr Sullivan: the announcement?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::smiles:: Da.  

Lt Jg Chloe: ::opens one eye and looks up at him... seeing him stare::

Cdr Sullivan: :::nods:::

Doctor Caine: It is not often a race gets a second chance, Captain.

Lt jg Tiran: ::walks down the hall with Belle::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: SHIPWIDE>  This is Keptin Zuriyev.  Ze Atlantis has returned to Earth for ze cloning of 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ze Aberfoyle race.

Belle9898: ::exits and goes toward her quarters::

Doctor Caine: We humans almost lost ours.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Smiles sheepishly, having been caught::

Boreth: :;stops to listen to the comm::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::smiles, opening both her eyes and looking up at him:: Something wong, Allen?

Lt jg Zinthys: Nothing, my dear. Nothing at all.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: SHIPWIDE>  I am granted ze crew at least two days of shoreleave.  Disembarking will 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: begin in one hour.  Get some rest, you've earned it.  Zuriyev out.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::nods silently;

Boreth: ::shakes head and continues working::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::listens to the comm and grins:: We have 2 days of freedom

Lt Jg Chloe: !

Belle9898: ::hears shipwide announcment and looks at Ral:: Does this mean we don't have to go to our 

Belle9898: shift?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Grins at her:: Two whole days to ourselves!

Lt jg Tiran: I guess not, but I still wanna check out Main Engineering before I leave the ship

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at Zuri::: I'll put our baby to bed if you would like to go 

Cdr Sullivan: prepare for shoreleave.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::scoots over on her bed and smiles:: Just what we need. ... you know.. you can sit if

Lt Jg Chloe: you want to...

Belle9898: ::nods::

Lt Jg Chloe: Or do you plan on standing there forever? ::slight grin::

Boreth: ::hand gets burned:: Ahh. .

Belle9898: Let me change into something else and then we can go..

Cpt AC Zuriyev: I hev to help with zis, of course... call it a fatherly instinct. 

Boreth: Damn it. . .stupid spanner

Lt jg Tiran: You want to go to Main Engineering with me?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Lays on his side, facing her:: <w> Just admiring you.

Belle9898: yeah..

Boreth: ::continues working on the replicator::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::the ship is connected to umbilicals and transferred to Starbase power:

Lt jg Tiran: ::smiles at Belle:: All right

Lt Jg Chloe: ::looks at him, and smiles .. blushing just slightly:: (q) I look tired .. not my best.

Cdr Sullivan: :::stands silently and waits::::

Boreth: ::feels a bump as the ship is transferred to the Starbase::

Belle9898: ::walks into her quarters::

Lt jg Zinthys: Your worst is better than any others best.

Lt jg Tiran: ::follows close behind Belle::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Computer, transfer command of zis vessel to Starbase One.

Boreth: ::hands now blackened::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::chuckles, and kisses his nose gently:: You are just so sweet to me. I'm lucky to have 

Lt Jg Chloe: found you.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Authorization Zuriyev Bravo Echo Oh Two Niner.

Belle9898: Be right back...::runs into her quarters and quickly changes::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Begin powerdown procedure.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Wrinkles his brow:: I thoughtI found you?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Computer> ::warbles, thweeps:: Acknowledged.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Computer> Command transfers.

Cdr Sullivan: :::contacts the Starbase and makes hasty arrangements for te 

Cdr Sullivan: Aberfoyle ship:::

Lt jg Tiran: ::eyes begin to roam her quarters, smiling when he sees the gift he gave her::

Boreth: Gotta get this done. . .

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::sits for a moment in his chair, eyeing it:;

Lt Jg Chloe: ::giggles:: Does it matter? ::stretching herself out again, wiggling her toes as she does

Lt Jg Chloe: so::

Boreth: There!

Cdr Sullivan: :::remains standing:::  Captain..... is there a problem?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::stands:: No, of course not. 

Cdr Sullivan: :::scrutinizes him::::

Boreth: ::gets up off the floor and tests out the replicator:: Computer I want Geshenick

Doctor Caine: ::rises:::  Shall we go, Captain?  It is not an overstatement to say that destiny awaits.

Cdr Sullivan: And I suppose that you were simply meditating?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::doesn't like transferring command to Starbases::

Belle9898: ::comes out nd smiles:; ready?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Just a moment of repose, XO.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Zat is all.

Boreth: ::a coffee cup full of jell-o appears::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  Yes, lead the way.

Lt jg Tiran: ::smiles as Belle steps out of her bedroom:: Ready

Lt jg Zinthys: No, I guess not. ::Yawns and stretches:: It feels so good to lie down... finally

Lt jg Tiran: ::exits Belle's quarters and walks toward the TL::

Cdr Sullivan: :::smiles  enigmatically and continues to watch him:::

Boreth: ::takes the cup and places it on the floor and resumes his work::

Belle9898: ::follows him::

Lt Jg Chloe: I agree.. ::looks at him, watching him:: How does my bed feel? First time you've

Lt jg Tiran: ::enters the TL with Belle:: Main Engineering

Lt Jg Chloe: ever laid on it. I got it extra soft.. I like things cushy.. ::smiles::

Lt jg Tiran: So, anything interesting you wanna do or see while on Earth?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <w> Transferring command to ze Starbases always bothers me... like giving someone 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: else parental rights over my child.

Boreth: ::faces now powdered with black dust::

Belle9898: Nope.. where do you want to go?

Boreth: ::shakes head to try to shake off some dust and resumes::

Lt jg Zinthys: That's definetly how it feels. Very soft... like I'm gonna sink into it.

Cdr Sullivan: :::nods understandingly::: Every parent needs to go out every  now 

Cdr Sullivan: and then... it is good for the parent and the child.

Lt jg Tiran: I grew up on Betazad...I have no clue what there is to do, only spent time in SF

Cpt AC Zuriyev: True... but zat does not make it easy.

Cdr Sullivan: Just think of it as babysitting.

Lt jg Tiran: ::sees the doors open and steps out of the TL::

Belle9898: ::smies:: Want to go to Disneyland?

Lt Jg Chloe: ::nods and rolls closer to him, grins a bit:: Exactly. I compare it to sleeping on a cloud..

Belle9898: ::follows him::

Boreth: ::thinking about where the ship is:: Oh boy. . .humans. They are my biggest fans.

Lt Jg Chloe: << Wow.. Disneyland exists in this century.. boy, I bet the rides are really GOOD in 

Lt jg Tiran: ::looks at Belle and smiles:: Aren't we a little old for that place?

Lt Jg Chloe: tomorrow land... <g>>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: Da, I suppose so.

Boreth: ::makes a mental note to go to a scarecely populated area::

Lt jg Zinthys: <<Light speed coasters in frontierland...>>

Cdr Sullivan: :::sits in her chair with a heavy sigh and sticks her legs straight out 

Cdr Sullivan: in front of her:::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Well, the rides are pretty pathetic now... I hope they've improved in 400 years.

Lt jg Tiran: ::steps over to a console, noticing the power is almost shutdown, begins to copy reports

Lt jg Tiran: to a PADD::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::walks silently into the RR:

Lt Jg Chloe: <<::snickers::>>

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Looks at Chloe:: I'd compare it to sleeping on.... ::Clears Throat::

Cdr Sullivan: <<I prefer Nutrageous...>>

Lt Jg Chloe: ::has somehow become snuggled next to him, looking at him with her wide blue-green eyes:: 

Lt Jg Chloe: ...Yes?

Lt jg Zinthys: <<I like milky way>>

Belle9898: No.. I never got to go...But we can do something else. if you want

Lt jg Tiran: ::finishes the download to the PADD and hears a soft noise farther in ME::

Lt jg Tiran: Did you hear that?

Lt Jg Chloe: << I actually like those Peanut Butter Cups... mmmm..>>

Belle9898: ::looks around::  No..

Lt jg Tiran: ::smiles to Belle:: I'll be happy going anywhere that you want, as long as it is with you

Lt jg Zinthys: Maybe I'll get a comparison pretty soon. 

Lt jg Tiran: I can'

Cdr Sullivan: :::watches him go and relaxes in her seat::::

Boreth: ::bangs his hand against the side of the panel a few times::

Lt jg Tiran: I can't believe someone would still be on duty... 

Belle9898: ::hears the sound:: What...

Lt Jg Chloe: You might.. you just might. ::drapes her arm around him, cuddling::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::then walks out toward the TL:: Remember, Number One... Everyone disembarks.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::enters the TL::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Deck eight.

Lt jg Tiran: Let's go investigate... ::holds Belle's hand while walking deeper in ME::

Boreth: ::hasn't noticed almost all the lights have dimmed out::

Cdr Sullivan: :::mutters to herself:::: That goes for you too....

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Slides an arm under shoulders, holding her close:: Or maybe we both will...

Belle9898: :;holds his hand.. getting a bit scared::

Lt jg Zinthys: <<::Desperately trying to keep it PG-13::>>

Lt Jg Chloe: <<::giggles::>>

Lt jg Tiran: ::senses Belle's nervousness and tries to send her a comforting thought::

Boreth: ::twists his hand:: Tighten this a little

Doctor Caine: <<Just close the door like they did in the old movies>>

Lt jg Tiran: ::finally sees a figure standing at a console:: Boreth? Boreth, is that you?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::arrives in his quarters and tries to figure out what to do on this leave::

Lt jg Zinthys: <<And then what? The two of us just sit at our keyboards? No thanks.>>

Boreth: ::muffled voice:: Yes sir what can I do for you?

Lt Jg Chloe: <<::snickering::>>

Cdr Sullivan: :::curls up in her chair and wonders why she always feels as if she 

Doctor Caine: <<Yeah, but the audience knows what's happening>>

Cdr Sullivan: has been evicted from her home whenever she gets forced on 

Lt jg Tiran: ::is got off guard:: Well, for one, you can call me Ral, and second you can leave...

Cdr Sullivan: shoreleave::::

Lt Jg Chloe: Allen? ::quietly::

Belle9898: ::sees Boreth and runs up to him:: Are you ok?

Boreth: ::notices his hand is a bit bleedy::

Lt jg Tiran: <<*got=caught>>

Lt jg Zinthys: <<This isn't for the audience.>>

Lt jg Zinthys: Chloe?

Lt Jg Chloe: << I think you can show a little of it.. kissing and what not.. just none of the nitty 

Boreth: Just touching up this thing. Yes fine sir.

Lt Jg Chloe: girtty.>>

Belle9898: ::notices his hand: :Oh my gosh your bleeding

Lt Jg Chloe: ::gazes up into his eyes:: Do you love me? 

Cdr Sullivan: <<It's the what not that makes me nervous....>>

Boreth: I'll be done soon. It's just a scratch nothing to worry over.

Lt jg Tiran: ::now noticies Boreth's bleeding hand::

Lt jg Tiran: How long have you been working?

Belle9898: Sit down let me bandage it up

Cdr Sullivan: :::rants to the ship::: You know... I really hate leave.

Lt Jg Chloe: <<.. only be worried if I say... "and stuff.."..<g>>

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Looks into her eyes:: With all I have left within me.

Boreth: First time I've ever bled heh. . .since my shift started. I came in a little early actualy.

Lt jg Tiran: How many hours have you worked in the past 36 hours?

Cdr Sullivan: I'm not particularly fond of earth.... especially in spring.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::sits down and realizes that he has nowhere to go::

Boreth: I couldn't say sir. I will be fine no need to worry yourselves.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: An empty home in Vladivostok...

Cdr Sullivan: All those flowers blooming and bees buzzing....

Lt jg Zinthys: <<Ahhh, but it's not spring everywhere...>>

Doctor Caine: :::hands Captain Jao a padd:::  This is your treatment protocols.  I have a copy.  keep this

Doctor Caine: with you, always.

Cdr Sullivan: Stupid people with their stupid hormone's raging.

Lt jg Tiran: As soon as Belle is done with you, you're leaving ME, we're now on shore leave

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> I shall.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::smiles, her eyes becoming a bit misty, leans up and kisses his lips lightly::

Boreth: No no no I'm fine. I'll leave after I am done.

Lt jg Zinthys: <<No names, right Suli?>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Perhaps I should go back zere...

Boreth: You two go on ahead. Don't let me hold you back.

Lt jg Tiran: Need I pull rank? You're work will still be here when you return, and you look like you 

Cdr Sullivan: <<::::laughs:::: Nope!  Just Suli being her normal fuss budget 

Cdr Sullivan: self....>>

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Smiles and kisses her back, but not as lightly::

Belle9898: ::shakes her head getting stubborn:: Sit.

Lt jg Tiran: really need a vacation

Lt Jg Chloe: << Gotta love her. <g>>

Boreth: ::gives him a hard pressed look and closes the panel:: As you wish. :;sits::

Lt jg Zinthys: <<I'll bet she has reasons for hating fall, summer, and winter as well>>

Belle9898: ::begins to bandage his hand::

Cdr Sullivan: <<No... she loves fall.>>

Cdr Sullivan: <<Things are dying...>>

Lt jg Zinthys: <<Ah. Seems winter would be more her thing>>

Belle9898: And don't worry about leave.. ::looks to Ral::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::snuggles close, continuing the kiss with him.. making it a bit more.. heated::

Boreth: I'm not worrying. Why? I know where i am going.

Lt Jg Chloe: <<"Oh.. I just love the dead leaves... "<g>>

Belle9898: <<and here I thought Iwas bad..:-P>>

Lt jg Tiran: ::sees Belle looking at him:: huh...oh, you're more than welcome to join us on Earth

Boreth: That is quite alright. I have other plans for myself. I was just be a burden.

Belle9898: ::smiles:: Yes.. join us!

Lt jg Zinthys: <<Oh, yes. You're downright horrible, Belle :)>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++PAUSE SIM++PAUSE SIM+++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ++PAUSE SIM++++PAUSE SIM++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++PAUSE SIM++PAUSE SIM+++