Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++BEGIN SIM++BEGIN SIM+++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ++BEGIN SIM++++BEGIN SIM++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++BEGIN SIM++BEGIN SIM+++

Belle9898: umm.. it is also rated PG 13... so if I offenned anyone .. sorry

Doctor Caine: <<Oh, now for sure I have to read it!!>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::in a meeting with Captain Jao::

Lt jg Zinthys: ((Not me. The higher the rating the better.))

Lt jg Zinthys: ((Did I just say that?))

Lt jg Tiran: ::in his quarters, getting ready for his shift::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::behind the Captain, watching intently::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Walking around, doing security-type stuff::

CWO FitzGerald: ::Walking slowly through the gardens on Deck 10, her eyes closed::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  Ethical questions aside, my race needs to be returned to existence.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::regarding Jao critically, trying to judge him... somehow thinking he's not giving the 

Lt Merienn Kiela: Captain the full story::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Is that really feasible, Doctor?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Enters the Bridge and looks around::

Doctor Caine: It is quite feasible.

CWO FitzGerald: ::Makes her way to the TL, bringing it to Deck 1::

Doctor Caine: ...but there are considerations to be made...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  I do not wish to be the last of my race.

Lt jg Tiran: ::finishes dressing and goes to look in the mirror::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Sees the Tactical spot empty and sits on its chair::

Belle9898: ::sitting in her quarters not really wanting to get ready for her shift but somehow begins::

Lt jg Tiran: ::exits his quarters and makes his way to the TL::

CWO FitzGerald: ::Reports to the conference room, standing behind and to the right of the Doc::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: What sort of considerations, Doctor?

Doctor Caine: :::turns to smile at the new doctor::: Please, have a seat.

Belle9898: ::brushing her hair while gazing off into space not really concentrating on anything but 

Lt jg Tiran: ::enters the TL and barely murmurs a deck number::

Belle9898: happiness and other mind boggling feelings::

Doctor Caine: :::looks to the two captains:::

CWO FitzGerald: ::Nods with a smilie, taking a seat, trying to gear her mind into the conversation::

Lt jg Tiran: ::exits the TL and walks down the deck, glances as people pass him by::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::notes the new face::

Lt jg Tiran: ::stops at Belle's door and rings the bell::

Doctor Caine: We must proceeed with caution...as all of life has its seasons...

Belle9898: ::finishes brushing her hair and begins to tie her hair back into a pony tail and stops as

Belle9898: the bell rings

Belle9898: ::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::raises an eyebrow at Caine::

Belle9898: ::walks slowly to the door calling as she goes:: Come in

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::blinks, trying to remain concious::

Doctor Caine: We must be sure of the reasons for your race's decline, Captain Jao.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  I do not have long, Doctor.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::shakes her head, thinking he's truly been brainwashed by the tacit acidity of the prime 

Lt Merienn Kiela: directive::

Lt jg Tiran: ::hears Belle's voice and enters:: Hey Belle

Belle9898: ::smiles as she sees Ral:: Hi Ral.. 

Lt Merienn Kiela: Captain.. ::not clearly referring to Jao or Zuriyev:: May I ask a question?

Belle9898: ::grabs the remote on the table and turns the music down a bit more::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::looks back to Merienn:: Da?

Lt jg Tiran: Thought we could walk together to  duty

Belle9898: ::smiles:: ok.. let me just put my hair up and grab my PADD out of my bedroom...

Lt jg Tiran: ::grins:: You are on soon, aren't you?

CWO FitzGerald: ::Her intelligent blue eyes watch Jao, as she tries to imagine what it'd be like::

Belle9898: Of course when ever am I not on?

Belle9898: :;laughs jokingly::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Your race is clearly spacegoing. If you are the last of your race, why did you not appeal to

Lt jg Tiran: You look beautiful with you hair in any style...

Lt jg Tiran: ::laughs with Belle::

Lt Merienn Kiela: a technologically superior civilzation sooner? It seems ridiculous to wait "until the last 

Belle9898: ::quickly pulls her hair back and secures it and races to the bedroom to grab the padds::

Lt Merienn Kiela: minute." What are the origins of this disease you've wiped out? It seems to point to 

Belle9898: ::cheeks become a bit red with that compliment:: Thanks...

Lt Merienn Kiela: something hidden.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  Not to sound arrogant, but we are the most technically advanced race we knew of.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Then why do you assume our geneticists can do what yours can not?

Belle9898: ::walks out of the bedroom with the PADDs and shuts the stereo off as she walks by it:

Belle9898: ::walks up to Ral :: Ready?

Lt jg Tiran: ::starts to look around Belle's quarters, noticing her cat::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> All of our people were infected.  We have to start over... 

Lt jg Tiran: ::turns around to face Belle:: Of course ::grabs Belle's hand and leads her out::

Belle9898: ::turns and wavesw to Sabastian as they head out::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Infected. Again, you refer to an initiation. What was it?

Lt Merienn Kiela: Are you implying that you had no time to react? If so,why have you survived so long?

Lt jg Tiran: ::walking slowly beside Belle:: Any idea what will happen with Captian Jao and his race?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> I lived in the transporter buffer for two hundred years... everyone else is dead.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Of course.

Belle9898: ::shakes her head:: ?No unfortunatly.. I wish we could help him survive and exterminate this

Belle9898: disease

Lt Merienn Kiela: However, if your race died before they had a chance to balk this disease then we must assume

Lt Merienn Kiela: that it acts quickly. If your entire race couldn't find a cure in that time, andyou are 

Lt Merienn Kiela: already infected and therefore have even less of that time, why should our ship be able to 

Lt Merienn Kiela: do so?

Lt jg Tiran: ::shakes his head slowly:: I'm not sure we can though... They are more advanced than us and 

Lt Merienn Kiela: Or do you expect us to resurrect your race after you are, to put it bluntly, already in 

Belle9898: :;stops dead in her tracks:: Do you think it could affect the ship?  ::stated very worridly:

Lt jg Tiran: they could find a cure

Lt Merienn Kiela: immortality?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> Theoretically, if you were to use the DNA to restore us, we would not have the 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: disease.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::sits silently, letting the concerns be voiced::

Lt Merienn Kiela: And your people did not try this?

Lt jg Tiran: ::stops with Belle, sensing her worry, hugs her:: Don't worry, there is no way we could get 

Lt jg Tiran: infected with it

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> If they were created near the infected, like all of us, they would be infected too.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  I must die to ensure that the new members of my race are not infected... the 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: disease dies with me.

Belle9898: ::hugs him back:: I sure hope not.. but there is always a risk of it happening

Lt Merienn Kiela: how will they escape this disease? How is it incubated?

Lt Merienn Kiela: What assurance do we have that we are not susceptible to it as well?

Lt jg Tiran: ::grins slightly:: Then I may already be infected... I was on the ship

Lt Merienn Kiela: You sit among us unquarantines.

Lt Merienn Kiela: <unquarantined.>

Belle9898: ::makes a mental note to double check all the "disease catchers" and life support systems::

Belle9898: ::smiles at him:: Well, then .. we better get to Doctor Caine now shouldn't we??

Lt jg Tiran: ::jokingly:: That hug could have infected you also

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  The disease only affects those of my race.

Lt Merienn Kiela: All right, now let me plead another devil's advocacy.

Doctor Caine: :::turns to Dr. FitzGerald:::  Please scan all of us.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Morally, do we have any right whatsoever to do this? It is very compelling to see the last 

Lt jg Tiran: ::grins more widely:: I think I'll avoid that encounter...

Lt Merienn Kiela: vestige of an ancient race sitting here, pleading for some respite from the inevitable march

Belle9898: ::rolls eyes but laughs::  Oh joy.. but only if I can be with you would I catch something!

Lt Merienn Kiela: of time, however we routinely pass civilizations that have been wiped out by the infinite 

Lt Merienn Kiela: destructive forces of the galaxy. Ought we to resurrect them as well or are they doomed to 

Lt jg Tiran: ::smiles at Belle, and grabs her hand again, and starts for the TL:: Come on, we can't be 

Belle9898: ::smiles at that remark he said, only kow ing how close to the truth he came::

Lt jg Tiran: late again

CWO FitzGerald: ::Nods::  Aye, sir...  ::Stands, powering up her tricorder, initiating the scan::

Lt Merienn Kiela: oblivion by the lack of a spokesperson as eloquent as he who sits so calmly before us now?

Belle9898: ::lets her self be pulled along:: Again?? When were we late?

Lt Merienn Kiela: In addition, if we use DNA to create copies of those who were wiped out on the planet, we 

Lt Merienn Kiela: will, in effect -- if I am aware of the cloning process -- have millions of newborn infants 

Lt jg Tiran: ::laughs:: You don't remember that morning? It wasn't that long ago.

Doctor Caine: :::smiles inwardly, noting that he'll gently suggest next time she be less conspicuous:::

Lt Merienn Kiela: on our hands who are ignorant of the culture and achievements of their ancestors. We would 

Lt jg Tiran: You got tangled up in your sheets....

Belle9898: ::blushes:: Oh that morning...

CWO FitzGerald: ::Her eyes quickly take in the results::  All clean, doctor.  Including our guest.  I'd like

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::listening to the speech::

CWO FitzGerald: to run a second scan from the lab, to make sure.

Lt jg Tiran: ::smiles:: Yes, that morning

Lt Merienn Kiela: be responsible for raising these millions. All they would be is genetically identical to our

Belle9898: You would remember that...::smiling::

Lt Merienn Kiela: visitor. They would have nothing of his cultural background. His race is dead and, without 

Lt jg Tiran: One of us need to remember the special occasions...

Lt Merienn Kiela: the means to have it propagated by adult guidance, will remain so, whether or not 

GeMiNi LoVe 2002: http://amateurs.tinybikini.comclick here to see my pic

Lt jg Tiran: ::reaches the TL and enters::

Lt Merienn Kiela: genetically identical men and women are resurrected with Federation standards.

Doctor Caine: You are right, Doctor.  That's a good idea.

Belle9898: I remember them.. It's just that.. that..

CWO FitzGerald: ::Sits, replacing the tricorder, leaning to the doc, whispering something::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Doctor, is zis assertion correct?

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<This feels like TFC>>

Belle9898: <<TFC??>>

Lt jg Tiran: <<TFC?>>

Doctor Caine: <<KFC???>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<Wednesday night sim. The Federation Council.>>

Doctor Caine: <Ohhh...>>

Lt jg Tiran: <<Oh, of course...>>

Belle9898: <<ahh.. man I could go for some KFC right about now...though>>>

Belle9898: << :-P>>

Lt jg Tiran: ::smiles at Belle, remembering that fond morning:: Deck 1

Lt jg Zinthys: <<ewww... I'm already sick, Belle>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  You will find the culture and history of my race stored in the computers of my 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ship... they will not be lost.

Belle9898: <<hey haven't eaten it in awhile>>

Lt jg Tiran: <<We got Replicators, :)>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: Reading about something and experiencing it as your own are two different things.

Lt Merienn Kiela: If simply reading about your cultural information was the same as reliving your culture, our

Lt Merienn Kiela: archaeologists would do as well as any resurrected masses to keep your race alive.

Belle9898: ::turns and gazes into his eyes:: I forget everything when I am just around you.. ::glances 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  Have you no compassion? ::glares at Merienn::

Belle9898: away quickly:: I now that must sound  corney..

Belle9898: <<now=know>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: Are you only ruled by sentimentality?>

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Runs diagnostics on the phasers::

Lt jg Tiran: ::takes both her hands in his:: It doesn't, from someone else it might... but not from you

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  I simply do not wish for my race to die.

CWO FitzGerald: ::returns her attention to the exchange between the Lt and Jao::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Man will ever fight the brace of fate.

Belle9898: ::smiles:: thank you.. I thought you would think that it would.. it's just that I can't form

Lt Merienn Kiela: How did your people contract this disease?

Belle9898: thoughts or anything like that when your around.. ::<g>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> Fate... such a primitive concept.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::leans over to Doc Caine and whispers:: Would we have to clone them all as infants?

Lt Merienn Kiela: Watch what you'd call those you beg favors from. You keep avoiding my question. HOW did your

Lt Merienn Kiela: race contract this disease?

Lt jg Tiran: ::smiles, and pushes a stray hair away from her face:: I'm a telepath, remember? You need

Lt jg Tiran: only think what you want to say

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  We are unsure.

Doctor Caine: :::whispers back:::  Yes...I think that's better than accelerated growth.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Then what's to keep it from recurring?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: We believe it was related to the environment of our planet.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::still believes that the disease was contracted in some way of which the man is sure, but 

CWO FitzGerald: ::Whispers to the Doc::  Technically, we could clone them at 100 years old, but to install 

Lt Merienn Kiela: doesn't want to admit::

Belle9898: :;reaches up and places a kiss on his cheek:: 

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::wonders if it has something to do with biolgical weaponry::

CWO FitzGerald: the cultural knowlege, we should have them young, I guess...

Lt Merienn Kiela: The environment of your planet.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Then it could well recur.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  Our planet is as dead as our race.

Lt jg Tiran: ::smiles as Belle places the kiss on his cheek:: 

Belle9898: ::tl ddors hiss open to reveal the bridge as she steps a bit back from him::

Lt jg Tiran: ::grins:: If you forget things while I'm around, I guess you wouldn't want me to work on the

Lt jg Tiran: Bridge today...

Belle9898: <<supposed to be TL doors>>

Doctor Caine: Then where do you propose to live, Captain Jao?

Belle9898: Only when you are next to me like this do I ever forget things..::smiles:: Come on.. We're l

Belle9898: late again..

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  I do not know.. perhaps there is another uninhabited planet, to allow us to 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: rebuild...

Lt jg Tiran: ::looks around the Bridge:: Only Allen is here and I don't think he'll tell on us ::smiles::

Belle9898: ::steps out of the TL still holding his hand:: I sure hope not ::smiles::

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<Belle, do you have an invisible arrow with little hearts painted on it sticking out of 

Lt jg Zinthys: ::looks at the two of them, grins, and goes back to his console::

Lt Merienn Kiela: your side? And is there a little naked infant with a mischeivious look in his eye hovering 

Lt Merienn Kiela: about?>>

Lt jg Tiran: ::steps out with Belle, not wanting to let her go::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Rebuild. A race of infants?

Belle9898: <<must be Rach... watch out you might be next on his list!!>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<::takes out her anti-saccharine protection gun::>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  Our children mature quickly... they would not have to stay in foster care for long.

Lt jg Tiran: <<Everyone's getting hooked-up, me and Belle, Zinthys and Chloe, who knows who will be next>

Lt Merienn Kiela: I still maintain this situation is not logistically feasible.

Lt jg Tiran: ::walks with Belle to her console::

Belle9898: <<hears the Theme from the Love Boat being piped in to the ship::

Belle9898: >>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Doctor, your overall opinion?

Lt Merienn Kiela: But I leave the argument to you, Doctor. The Captain will consider the ethical ramifactions.

Doctor Caine: :::sighs:::  It is only the ethics that are a barrier.  

Belle9898: ::walks with Ral to her console and slides into her chair::

Doctor Caine: We can recreate the race with enough genetic diversity...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Medically, what can we do?

Doctor Caine: to avoid mutations, and the like.

Lt jg Tiran: ::whispers to Belle:: Dinner later?

Belle9898: ::whispers back:: of course.. your place or mine?

Doctor Caine: But I wonder if we are recreating a race...

Doctor Caine: Or a mere image, a memory, of what once was.

Lt jg Tiran: ::still whispering:: mine, after duty 

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::looks soberly at Caine, a glitter in the hidden depths of her eyes::

Belle9898: (w) ok

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Smiles to himself and runs more diagnostics::

Belle9898: <<always wanted to say that.. your place ort mine!!>>

CWO FitzGerald: Something we must consider when thinking is how it will effect the Prime Directive...

Lt jg Zinthys: <<Commander Sullivan..... amazing>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::looks to Fitzgerald::  What do you think?  I would like a variety of opinions in this 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: difficult matter.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <Hiya, Suli!>

Lt jg Tiran: ::in a more SF face and tone:: Very good Lieutenant

Cdr Sullivan: <<Yes, I am.... thanks for noticing... :D>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: <Well, well, well. If it isn't a Suli.>>

Lt jg Tiran: ::walks over to his console, behind Zinthys::

Belle9898: ::enters her codes into the console and brings up the reports that she has to get caught up 

Belle9898: on::

Belle9898: <<Suli!!  HI Long time no see!!>>

Cdr Sullivan: <<Hmmmmmm... is that a Kiela I spot over my port 

Cdr Sullivan: bow?>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<::performs a low curtsy:: It is. One who is no longer in Evita.>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::notices Sullivan walk in late to the meeting, nods::  Commander.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Whispers, so only Tiran can hear him:: I remember a time when a certain engineer would 

CWO FitzGerald: By attempting to rebuild a race that has, cruely or not, been targeted by a natural disease 

Cdr Sullivan: <<This one is finishing up a run of I Hate Hamlet...>>

Belle9898: ::continues to smile while processing reports::

Belle9898: <,always loved that play>>>

Cdr Sullivan: <<I think that is my cue to go on....>>

Lt jg Zinthys: make fun of me for getting... close with someone else on this ship...

CWO FitzGerald: caused by natural evolution, could be a breach in the Prime Directive.  On the other hand, 

Cdr Sullivan: :::nods:::: Captain.... I apologise... I was unavoidably 

Cdr Sullivan: detained.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Of course.  Have a seat, XO.

Lt jg Tiran: ::laughs slightly and whispers back:: I made fun of you for leaving duty for it, and we

CWO FitzGerald: rebuilding the race could bring a new host of understanding into the Federation.

Lt jg Tiran: were shorthanded at that time in fact

Belle9898: ::also begins to run diagnostics on all life support systems and "disease catching" filters

Belle9898: ::

Lt jg Zinthys: <w> Hey, I was done, anyway

Cpt AC Zuriyev: The Aberfoyle were noted for their intelligence and benevolence.

Belle9898: ::listens to them behind her whispering and smiles::

Cdr Sullivan: :::sits and crosses her legs::::

Lt jg Tiran: <w> Sure you were...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Number one, your opinion.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Are we fair judges of another race's worth?

Lt jg Tiran: ::in his regular tone:: Anyone thing interesting going on?

Lt Merienn Kiela: What about cultural relativism?

Lt jg Zinthys: <w> Well, it's not like you aren't now, anyway. Good thing all the senior crew are in a 

Lt jg Zinthys: meeeting

Lt jg Tiran: <<*anything>>

Belle9898: ::slides out of her chair and heads to the science console to check something out::

Belle9898: <<scratch that>>

Lt jg Tiran: With Jao?

Lt jg Zinthys: Yes. Captain Jao... he looked like he was gonna go any second

Belle9898: <<sorry forgot what I was doing>>

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks up from her PADD:::: With the exception of the 

Cdr Sullivan: possibility of them holding some grudge that we might 

Cdr Sullivan: not know about....

Lt jg Tiran: ::turns to his console, enters his authorization code, still talking with Allen::

Lt jg Tiran: All the senior officers?

Cdr Sullivan: If given the chance to revive some extinct race of 

Cdr Sullivan: animal, we'd be jumping at it.... why not an extinct 

Cdr Sullivan: race....

Belle9898: ::begins to monitor the life support finding some errors in it

Belle9898: ::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: 

Doctor Caine: Captain?

Lt jg Zinthys: Yup. Even the good Doctor.

Belle9898: ::frowns and begins to delve deeper into the problem, concentrating so much she tuns the 

Lt jg Tiran: ::laughs softly:: And I was worried about being late...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: All right.  I believe zat the benefits of restoring ze Aberfoyle outweigh any ethical or 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Prime Directive concerns that might be raised.

Belle9898: friendly banter out::

Belle9898: <tunes>

CWO FitzGerald: ::Smiles at the XO's logic, offers a smile and a nod::

Doctor Caine: Excuse me, Captain?

Lt jg Tiran: ::turns to his console, reading through reports, making sure no immediate problems need 

Lt jg Tiran: his attention::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::didn't realize the decision was going to be made here::

Belle9898: ::wonders in her mind how this could of happened and begins to manually try to fix them::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Doctor?

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::is still worried about what Jao is hiding::

Doctor Caine: I agree...:::turns to Jao::: but you must understand:

Belle9898: ::sees what happened and corrects it..all the while wondering how those certain sensors were

Doctor Caine: In my tradition, if you save a life, you become responsible for that person.

Belle9898: turned off, so she turns them back on::

Doctor Caine: If we save your race, Captain Jao, we will be responsible for that.

Doctor Caine: ...and for your future conduct.  How do you intend to comport yourselves?

Lt jg Tiran: ::finishes reading the Engineering reports, smiling that the Engineers had not 

Lt jg Tiran: needed to turn to him for help::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::nods: We are a peaceful people, Doctor.  I am sure your history notes that.

Belle9898: ::relaxes a bit and continues to progress through those hated reports::

Lt jg Tiran: ::mumbles:: They most be getting better...

Cdr Sullivan: :::listens intently::::

Doctor Caine: :::nods to Jao:::  Then be sure your future reflects that aspect of your past.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::nods:: Of course.

Lt jg Tiran: ::runs diagnostics on random systems, making sure no errors we left behind::

Lt Merienn Kiela: How can he?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Doctor Caine, I wish for you to conduct ze initial experiments on zis matter.

Lt Merienn Kiela: He'll be dead, and his children raised by races of strangers with imperfect understanding of

Lt Merienn Kiela: his culture.

Doctor Caine: :::smiles at Merienn::: Perhaps not...

CWO FitzGerald: ::Her mind suddenly shifts to her home, an almost random thought brings her to her favorite 

CWO FitzGerald: tree...::

Lt Merienn Kiela: You mean to cure him?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::glances at the Doctor:;

Doctor Caine: :::shrugs::: I'm not sure.  I mean to try.  Perhaps he may live long enough to be a teacher 

Doctor Caine: to the new generation.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::says nothing::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::stands::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: I hev word from ze Federation Council on zis matter.

Lt jg Tiran: ::notices a small problem, slowing down the efficiency and begins to get rid of it::

Cdr Sullivan: :::glances up to follow Zuri's movement:::

Belle9898: ::her mind slides out of her concentration mode and slips somewhere she would rather hide 

Belle9898: from::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::wonders how Weiss voted::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::comments no further on that aspect::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Doctor Caine, you will begin ze initial cloning while we transport back to Earth.

Cdr Sullivan: :::her eyes slide around the room, assessing the 

Cdr Sullivan: individuals::::

Belle9898: ::console begins to beep sounding that the reports had finished, drawing her out ::

Doctor Caine: <<<sliding eyes again??>>

Belle9898: <<ewwwwwwww>>

Lt jg Tiran: ::finishes fixing the problem, turns in his seat, stretching his arms::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++PAUSE SIM++PAUSE SIM+++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ++PAUSE SIM++++PAUSE SIM++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++PAUSE SIM++PAUSE SIM+++