Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++BEGIN SIM+++BEGIN SIM+++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ++BEGIN SIM+++++BEGIN SIM++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++BEGIN SIM+++BEGIN SIM+++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::on the bridge, eyeing the relic of a ship with amazement on the viewscreen::

LtJG Andrew Seal: *in the Engineering section of the derelict ship, overseeing the data transfer to Atlantis*

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Walks up a hallway, his phaser rifle in one 

Lt jg Zinthys: hand with a tricorder in another::

Belle9898: ::sitting in her usual spot scanning the ship and surrounding area::

Lt jg Tiran: ::in a jeffries tube, crawling through::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<AT use @, please.>>

Belle9898: <<Hi Catie>>

Lt jg Zinthys: @::Walks into the Engineering area:: Anything 

Lt jg Zinthys: interesting in here, Seal?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::admiring the lines of beauty from afar, the ship's history amazing him::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Hiya, Catie.>>

LtJG Andrew Seal: @I found the skeletal remains of what I believe to be the Chief Engineer.  They have been

LtJG Andrew Seal: beamed to Atlantis.

Catie MacGregor: <<:;waves::>>

LtJG Andrew Seal: @I'm reviewing the ships logs.  I can't find anything that might explain what happened, but 

LtJG Andrew Seal: several of the logs appear to be encrypted.

Lt jg Tiran: @::finishes crawling through, emerging on what appears to be the Bridge::

Catie MacGregor: ::sitting on the bridge::

Lt jg Zinthys: @Huh. Imagine that. The last remains of an 

Lt jg Zinthys: extinct race...

LtJG Andrew Seal: @*walks over to a console, examining data* I'm finishing up the upload now... -- odd...

Lt jg Zinthys: We might become famous for this!

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::looks over to Catie:: Beautiful, da?  ::glances back at the relic on the viewscreen:

LtJG Andrew Seal: +taps+ Seal to Atlantis.

LtJG Andrew Seal: @*furrows brow*

Lt jg Tiran: @::starts to look around the Bridge, examining consoles::

Catie MacGregor: ::nodding::It is indeed.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +Seal+ Atlantis here.

LtJG Andrew Seal: @The transporter system over here is working...there is an active pattern in the buffer.

Lt jg Zinthys: @I'll be around if you need me. ::walks back 

Lt jg Zinthys: out into a hallway::

LtJG Andrew Seal: @It appears...*taps the console* fully intact.

Belle9898: ::entranced with the ship and the scans that she is getting back..::

LtJG Andrew Seal: @Permission to activate the pattern?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::awestruck for a second::  +Seal+  Er, um, da... granted!

LtJG Andrew Seal: @+taps+ Understood.  I am having the pattern beamed to the Atlantis Transporter Room.  Stand

LtJG Andrew Seal: by.

Lt jg Tiran: @::notices a console still functioning and starts to look through the operating systems::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +Seal+  Allow me time to get zere.

LtJG Andrew Seal: @+taps+ Understood.  *fingers fly over console*

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods to MacGregor::  C'mon, we have a time traveller to meet.

Lt jg Zinthys: @::Peeks inside rooms as he walks by::

LtJG Andrew Seal: Mr. Zinthys, are you any good at security encryptions?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Carver, you have ze bridge.

Belle9898: Aye Captain

Catie MacGregor: ::glancing at Zuriyev, lifting a brow:: If you say so, 

Catie MacGregor: Captain.  ::standing and following him to the lift::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::enters the `lift:: TR1.

Lt jg Zinthys: @::Runs back to the Engineering area:: Like, 

Lt jg Zinthys: decoding stuff?

LtJG Andrew Seal: Yes.  There are several ships logs that are encoded with a security pattern I do not

LtJG Andrew Seal: recognize. I was wondering if you could take a look at them.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::Straightens his uniform absently::

Lt jg Zinthys: @::Walks over to Seal and leans his rifle 

Lt jg Zinthys: against a bulkhead::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Whomever it has has been in zat transport buffer for two hundred years, at least...

LtJG Andrew Seal: *brings the encryptions onto the screen and stands back for Zinthys to have a look*

Lt jg Tiran: @::notices some systems he is unfamiliar to and begins downloading the designs to a PADD::

Belle9898: ::watches the captian and the counsler depart, then goes and takes her position in the ccom 

Belle9898: command chair

Belle9898: ::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::exits the TL and walks with Catie to the TR::

Lt jg Zinthys: @Sure thing. ::Looks at the apparent gobbely-

Lt jg Zinthys: gook on the screen, trying to make sense of it::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +Seal+  You may energize ven ready.

Catie MacGregor: MIght be a tad difficult to chat with him, don't ye think?

Lt jg Zinthys: @Amazing the power held out this long to keep 

Lt jg Zinthys: that person in the buffer...

LtJG Andrew Seal: +Zuriyev+ Understood.  Energizing.  *taps the console, activating the pattern in the buffer 

LtJG Andrew Seal: and beaming it to Atltantis*

LtJG Andrew Seal: @

Cpt AC Zuriyev: We vere aware of zem at ze time... 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::straightens as the trasporter pattern forms::

Lt jg Zinthys: @Uh, Seal... do we have their language 

Lt jg Zinthys: anywhere?

LtJG Andrew Seal: @I believe in the LCARS back aboard Atlantis.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ABerfoyle>  ::materializes, a humanoid race with larger cranial cavities, this one is 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: male with sandy blonde hair::

Lt jg Tiran: @::finishes the download and walks over to the Helm console, wondering if the engines 

Lt jg Tiran: are operational::

Lt jg Zinthys: @Alright. ::not taking his eyes away from the 

Lt jg Zinthys: screen:: Get it for me, 'cause this sure ain't in 

Lt jg Zinthys: Standard.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Aberfoyle> :sees the two standing there::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Aberfoyle> ::Before Zuriyev can even speak::  How is my ship?

Catie MacGregor: ::Lifts a brow::

LtJG Andrew Seal: @We will have to wait until we go back aboard the ship.  Some of the systems have been

LtJG Andrew Seal: damaged and I am not sure if another uplink with Atlantis would be wise.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::blinks::  Your ship... has been adrift for two hundred years.  This is the United 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Federation of Planets Starship Atlantis, from Earth.

Lt jg Zinthys: @Then we have to wait. I need their language 

Lt jg Zinthys: to decode something written in their language

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Aberfoyle>  Earth... as I recall, my people were in contact with yours, even that long 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ago...

LtJG Andrew Seal: @I concur.  +taps+ Seal to Tiran. Anything new to report?

Lt jg Tiran: @::continues tapping away, trying to get some kind of power to the engines::

Catie MacGregor: ;speaking up::Your people? And just whom might that be, Sir?

Lt jg Tiran: @+Seal+ Not really, I'm still going through the consoles on the Bridge

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Aberfoyle>  We, the Aberfoyle, of course. ::looks oddly at Catie::

LtJG Andrew Seal: +Tiran+ Understood.  Keep me informed.

Catie MacGregor: Oh, Aye..of course ye are. ::glancing at Zuriyev::

Lt jg Zinthys: @::Picks up his rifle, slings it back over his 

Lt jg Zinthys: shoulder::

Lt jg Tiran: @::begins to wonder how fast this ship once could go when fully functional::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Aberfoyle>  The rest of my crew, where are they?

Lt jg Zinthys: @Anything else, Seal?

LtJG Andrew Seal: @*looks to Zinthys* I am going to attempt to bring the ship to full power.  If all goes well

LtJG Andrew Seal: the ship will not blow up.

Catie MacGregor: ::decides to let the Captain handle that one::

LtJG Andrew Seal: there are still components of the ships memory that I cannot access without bringing the

LtJG Andrew Seal: ship to full power.

Lt jg Zinthys: @ It's been adrift for 200 years! How can you 

Lt jg Zinthys: expect everything to work right?

LtJG Andrew Seal: @I don't.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: We found your ship totally abandoned, unfortunately... You were trapped in the pattern 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: buffer of your transporter.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Aberfoyle> ::nods solemnly::

Lt jg Zinthys: @ ::blinks:: Then why are you going to do this?

LtJG Andrew Seal: @Because whatever is still in the computer's memory core may be important to our

LtJG Andrew Seal: investigation.

Lt jg Zinthys: @ You might permanently damage something by 

Lt jg Zinthys: trying to turn it back on.

Lt jg Zinthys: @ Let's make sure we know how it works 

Lt jg Zinthys: before we try to fix it?

LtJG Andrew Seal: @I am aware of that risk...but I feel it is necessary to bring the ship to full power.  I

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Aberfoyle>  ::Decide to change the subject:: I am the equivalent of one of your 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Captains... my name is Captain Jao.

LtJG Andrew Seal: have been over the ships specs and I am sure that if anything goes wrong I will be able to

LtJG Andrew Seal: correct the matter before any big problems arise.

Lt jg Zinthys: @ This is a decision that the captain should 

Lt jg Zinthys: make. This could compromise the entire mission.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods::  I am Captain A.C. Zuriyev, commander of the Atlantis, and zis is the ship's 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Counselor, Doctor Catherine MacGregor.

Lt jg Tiran: @::decides he is done of the Bridge and begins taking the long walk to Engineering::

Lt jg Tiran: <<*with the Bridge>>

LtJG Andrew Seal: @I am aware of the risk.  I am well versed in matters of Engineering and this ship has very 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  ::steps down off the transporter pad and offers MacGregor a handshake:: I 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: believe this is proper custom among your people?

LtJG Andrew Seal: little wear and tear, considering it has been adrift for 200 years.

LtJG Andrew Seal: @We should be able to bring it to full power without any major problems.

Lt jg Zinthys: @ We don't know what killed this crew in this 

Lt jg Zinthys: first place.

Lt jg Tiran: @::edits himself magically within a few feet of the door to Main Engineering::

Lt jg Zinthys: @ What if turning the power back on triggers 

Lt jg Zinthys: whatever killed them all?

Catie MacGregor: ::Nodding:: Among some cultures, Aye.

Catie MacGregor: ::shaking his hand::

Catie MacGregor: Let me be the first to welcome you aboard, Captain.

Lt jg Tiran: @::steps into Main Engineering, taking note of the atmosphere of ME::

Lt jg Zinthys: @ We should have teams of engineers and 

Lt jg Zinthys: security personnel here, not three people.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::nods to MacGregor:: Thank you, Doctor.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::turns to shake Zuriyev's hand::

Catie MacGregor: :;steps back and watches::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::returns the handshake, smiling::

Lt jg Zinthys: @ ::Idly plays with phaser and ends up setting 

Lt jg Zinthys: it to stun::

LtJG Andrew Seal: @That would be unnecessary.  

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  You Terrans have advanced in technology quite nicely over these long years...

Lt jg Tiran: @::sees Allen and Seal in what appears a heated conversation and steps within a few feet of 

LtJG Andrew Seal: @Besides, the only way we will know what happened is if we retrieve all information, which

LtJG Andrew Seal: is what the Captain asked us to do.

Lt jg Tiran: them, keeping somewhat back::

Lt jg Zinthys: @ No, I think it is quite neccessary since we 

Lt jg Zinthys: don't know what took out this ships crew, but 

Lt jg Zinthys: left the ship completly intact.

Lt jg Zinthys: @ He asked us to get information, not power 

Lt jg Zinthys: this ship up.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods:  We like to think so, yes. 

LtJG Andrew Seal: And the only way we -will- know is if we retrieve all the information, which we can't do

LtJG Andrew Seal: unless we power the ship up.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  My ship... I would like to see it.

Lt jg Zinthys: @ We dont' even know how to operate the ship! 

Lt jg Zinthys: What if it detects the Atlantis and suddenly 

Lt jg Zinthys: starts shooting at it?! 

Lt jg Tiran: @::tries to piece together the small part of the conversation he has heard::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Of course... we'll go there now.

LtJG Andrew Seal: Then I will prevent it from doing so.  Weapons systems will not activate unless we do so.

LtJG Andrew Seal: From what I can tell, many of this ships systems are not automated.  They require people to

LtJG Andrew Seal: operate them.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::steps up on the transporter pad, gestures for MacGregor to come with::

Lt jg Zinthys: @ But the autopilot might be on some setting. 

LtJG Andrew Seal: Weapons are one of those systems.

Lt jg Zinthys: How would we know that?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::Jao steps up::

LtJG Andrew Seal: We would know that when we power up the ship.  If that is the case, I will disable the auto-

Catie MacGregor: :;sighs:: If ye insist on scrambling me atoms, Captain. ::stepping up on the padd::

LtJG Andrew Seal: pilot.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +Belle+ Inform the AT that we are beaming over with one of ze Aberfoyle.

Lt jg Tiran: <<Belle got booted>>

Lt jg Zinthys: @ Okay, then it starts moving in the direction 

Lt jg Zinthys: it was when it turned off, which just happens 

Lt jg Zinthys: to be right into the Atlantis.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<d'oh!>>

LtJG Andrew Seal: @I do believe the Atlantis computer is sophisticated enough to discover that and act

LtJG Andrew Seal: accordingly.

LtJG Andrew Seal: @There is some risk involved, yes, but it is something that we should be able to handle.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods to the chief, they shimmer over to the Engineering section of the Aberfoyle 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ship, right next tot he heated conversation::

Lt jg Zinthys: @ I would still ike more security personnel 

Lt jg Zinthys: here, just in case.

Lt jg Tiran: @::notices the Captain beam over and is glad he is only listening to the conversation::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::looks around::

LtJG Andrew Seal: *turns to see the Captain* Captain Zuriyev, Counselor MacGregor.  *looks to the Aberfoyle*

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  ::the look of reminiscence in his eyes obvious::

LtJG Andrew Seal: @I was about to bring ships power online...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: These are some of my crew, Captain Jao.  ::introduces::  LtJG Andrew Seal, my CEng, 

Lt jg Zinthys: @ It is impossible to determine what destroyed 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: and his assistant LtJG Ral Tiran.

Lt jg Zinthys: everybody on this ship. What if it suddenly 

Lt jg Zinthys: awakens and comes after us?

Catie MacGregor: Tis a beautiful ship.

LtJG Andrew Seal: @Then we would die, Mr. Zinthys.  However, there is no evidence to indicate it would do that

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Zis is one of my security officers, LtJG Tiran.

Lt jg Zinthys: @ ::Sees the captain and twirls to face him at 

Lt jg Tiran: <<Wow, I'm Eng and Sec!>>

Lt jg Zinthys: attention::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> Power online?  There would be no harm in that, I guarantee.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Did I screw that up AGAIN?!?!>>

LtJG Andrew Seal: Very well.  I will now activate the power core.  *turns to the console and begins tapping

LtJG Andrew Seal: quickly*

Lt jg Zinthys: @ Sir, with all due respect, do we know what 

Lt jg Zinthys: killed this crew?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  I know what killed this crew.

Lt jg Zinthys: @ .....What?....

LtJG Andrew Seal: *lights begin coming on, multiple consoles light up and activate, the familiar hum of 

LtJG Andrew Seal: running systems can now be heard throughout the ship*

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  We all died from a slow disease, only affecting our people.

Lt jg Tiran: @::stands in the background, absorbing the information from the conversation::

Catie MacGregor: ::turns to look at Jao:: 

LtJG Andrew Seal: Retrieving dormant memory components.

Prime ToRrIn: wowo i like that name

Catie MacGregor: What makes ye think it only affects your people?

Lt jg Zinthys: @ It turns you all to dust?

LtJG Andrew Seal: Fascinating...I am getting multiple DNA patterns embedded in the computer core...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> It affects an organ that is quite unique to our people.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  Our medical technology was highly advanced, but we could not prevent it.

Catie MacGregor: Might I ask what function the organ served?

Lt jg Zinthys: <Can we lose the "@" since we're all on the 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  It is an extension to the brain, I believe you could say.

Lt jg Zinthys: ship?>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Yeah, drop the @. :) >>

Catie MacGregor: Extension...::Nods:: It augments brain function in some matter?

Catie MacGregor: <<Manner..sheesh>>

Catie MacGregor: <<::Thwaps the Captain:: It's your fault>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::nods:: Without it, we are nothing.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<HEY!>>

LtJG Andrew Seal: So the purpose of storing the DNA sequences of your crew in the computer core was for what

LtJG Andrew Seal: purpose?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  ::turns to Seal::

Lt jg Zinthys: Are you quite certain there is nothing on board 

Lt jg Zinthys: this ship that would harm anybody here?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  If we were discovered by a sufficently advanced race, we could be recreated.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  I assure you that you're safe, Mr. Zinthys.

Lt jg Tiran: ::steps forward:: How is it you survived?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Nods and flips open his tricorder::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> I was the last to contract the disease.

LtJG Andrew Seal: But you do have the disease, correct?  How long before you are completely affected?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> I probably do not have much longer to live, I shall say.

Lt jg Zinthys: How did this disease start? I mean, if we 

Lt jg Zinthys: recreate your crew, how can we be sure they 

Lt jg Zinthys: won't simply be killed off again?

Catie MacGregor: ::frowning:: You don't look as if you're sick.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  If I die, the disease dies with me.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  I am quite ill, I assure you, Doctor.

Lt jg Tiran: So everyone else in the computer core is not infected?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Zuriyev> ::thinking hard about the ethical questions in the background::

LtJG Andrew Seal: They are merely DNA strands.  They cannot be infected by the disease unless they are fully

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> What is stored there is their DNA, in the raw form.

LtJG Andrew Seal: matured bodies.

Catie MacGregor: ::Lifting a brow and glancing at their own Captain::

LtJG Andrew Seal: How large was your crew?

Lt jg Zinthys: You have the DNA, couldn't you tell from that?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  Five hundred or so.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  Ah, five hundred twenty three.

LtJG Andrew Seal: Yes, technically.  But I thought it easier to ask.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Zuriyev> ::pulls Catie aside away from the main conversation::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Zuriyev> <w> This raises an ethical question.

Lt jg Tiran: Is that all that is left of your species?

LtJG Andrew Seal: I am still uplinking the transfer of the DNA patterns to the Atlantis computer.  I wouldn't

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> Yes.

Catie MacGregor: :;softly:: This raises a lot of questions.

LtJG Andrew Seal: want to interrupt it to find out something that I could find just as easily by asking.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Zuri>  ::nods:: What do you recommend?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Turns to Jao:: This ship... how fast can it go?

Lt jg Tiran: Was the disease a biological weapon or was it simply just found and contracted by your 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  How do your people measure speed?

Lt jg Tiran: species?

Catie MacGregor: ::looks at him:: Surely ye aren't asking me to tell you 

Catie MacGregor: whether or not to ressurect his crew?

LtJG Andrew Seal: Warp Factors.

Lt jg Zinthys: It's called warp, with warp 1 being the speed 

Lt jg Zinthys: of light

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Zuri> I want an opinion, at least.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  Ah...  this ship is capable of travel at several hundred times the speed of light.

Catie MacGregor: First, we need to find out exactly what caused their 

Catie MacGregor: death.  Second, whether or not it can be passed to any 

Catie MacGregor: Federation race. Third...::sighs:: Can we cure it?

Catie MacGregor: And Fourth..do we want to play god?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Blinks:: Whoa...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Zuri>  I thought so... we should get back to ze Atlantis.

Catie MacGregor: ::nods:: Exactly.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Do y'all want to go on or stop here?>>

LtJG Andrew Seal: (I would like to go on.)

Lt jg Zinthys: <<::Yawns::>>

Lt jg Tiran: <<I can go one for a little while longer I guess>>

Lt jg Tiran: <<*on>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<That a 'no', Zinthys?>>

Lt jg Zinthys: <<I can go, if everybody else wants to>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Ten more minutes, then, to be nice to Allen.>>

Lt jg Zinthys: <<Thanks. Gotta be up in... 5-6 hours 

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Shudders::>>

Catie MacGregor: <<I get to sleep late! ::dances around::

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Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::turns back to the conversation:: Gentlemen, if we could return to Atlantis and discuss 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: zis matter further... Mr. Seal, how are the transfers going?

LtJG Andrew Seal: The final strands are being uploaded now, sir.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Captain Jao, what is your preference?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  Returning to your ship is fine... your engineer seems capable.  

Lt jg Tiran: ::wants to know the details of the conversation between Seal and Zinthys from Allen once 

Lt jg Tiran: back on the ship::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Mr. Seal, if you want to remain here and finish up?

LtJG Andrew Seal: *nods* Aye sir.  Shall I have the ship prepared for a tow?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Zuri> Da, zat would be fine.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +Atlantis+  Beam back all but Mr. Seal, five to beam up.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Disappears in a shimmering light::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::shimmers::

Lt jg Tiran: ::shimmers::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::and so does everyone but Seal::

Catie MacGregor: ::shimmers::

LtJG Andrew Seal: *finishes the uplink, disconnects from the Atlantis computer*

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::once back aboard:: Tiran, Zinthys, you may return to duty.

Lt jg Zinthys: Aye, sir

Lt jg Tiran: Aye sir

Lt jg Tiran: ::exits the TR, waiting for Allen::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Walks to the TL::

Lt jg Zinthys: Find anything interesting?

Lt jg Tiran: ::walks to the TL next to Allen:: So what happened back there?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Captain Jao, we can arrange living quarters here on Atlatnis if you like.

Lt jg Zinthys: Me and Seal?

Lt jg Tiran: You first, don't leave out any details

Lt jg Tiran: ::nods his head:: Looked intense...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  That would be acceptable.

Lt jg Zinthys: He just insisted on turning the power on. At 

Lt jg Zinthys: the time, we had no way of knowing what that 

Lt jg Zinthys: could've done

LtJG Andrew Seal: *activates the ships navigational systems, has it move into a towing position behind

LtJG Andrew Seal: Atlantis*

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Counselor, would you see to that?

Catie MacGregor: ::looks up, drawn from her thoughts::Aye, Captain.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::trying to supress his accent in case the visitor might have trouble understanding it::

Catie MacGregor: Captain Jao..if you would follow me?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao>  ::nods::

Lt jg Tiran: And you were against powering up the ship?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Zuriyev> If you'll excuse me, Captain. ::nods to Jao::

Lt jg Zinthys: Yeah. I tried to point out to him all the 

Lt jg Zinthys: problems in that, but when the Aberfoyle came 

Lt jg Zinthys: in and said there's was nothing to worry 

Lt jg Zinthys: about, I gave in.

Catie MacGregor: ::waits for Jao at the doors of the TR::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Zuriyev>  ::tosses a look of uncertainty toward MacGregor and leaves::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Walks into the TL::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jao> ::follows MacGregor wordlessly::

Lt jg Tiran: ::follows Allen into the TL::

Lt jg Zinthys: Security ::Doors close::

Lt jg Tiran: You had cause I think though. No telling what could have happened.

Lt jg Tiran: Bridge

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++PAUSE SIM+++PAUSE SIM+++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ++PAUSE SIM+++++PAUSE SIM++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++PAUSE SIM+++PAUSE SIM+++