Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++BEGIN SIM+++BEGIN SIM+++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ++BEGIN SIM+++++BEGIN SIM++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++BEGIN SIM+++BEGIN SIM+++

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::is wherever she's supposed to be, doing 

Dr LeilaniYamato: what she's supposed to be doing::

LtJaykumba: ::laid out on his bed in his quarters::

Cdr Sullivan: :::in her quarters, roughly pulling a brush through her hair as 

Cdr Sullivan: she tames it into a ponytail:::

Belle9898: ::in sickbay::

LtSg Jovek: ::meditating in the quiet darkness of his quarters::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::in his bathroom, shaving his head::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::sitting in the lounge, indulging in an iced tea::

LtJaykumba: ;:gets up and walks to the dressing 

LtJaykumba: closet::

Boreth: ::walking the corridors on his way to the turbolift to engineering::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::in her quarters, cleaning things up::

Belle9898: ::waiting to be released back to duty::

Lt Struan: ::asleep...I think that pretty much covers it...::

Lt jg Tiran: ::in his quarters::

Lt Jg Chloe: <<AFK, FAM>>

LtJaykumba: ::finishes a final brushing down and 

LtJaykumba: uniform straighten, walks on to the exit::

Belle9898: ::looks around for the doctor...anydoctor and sees none

Belle9898: ::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::finishes shaving, glad to be rid of that hair, finally::

Boreth: ::walks in the TL:: Main Engineering

Belle9898: ::edges off bio bed and heads towards her clothes and quickly changes::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::decides to redecorate the quarters:: 

Dr LeilaniYamato: Computer, move the couch against the south 

Dr LeilaniYamato: wall.

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks in the mirror and then glances at her razor:::

LtSg Jovek: <<the computer moves the furniture???????????????????>>

Dr LeilaniYamato: <mine does. :)>

Belle9898: ::steadys herself against the wall and then heads towards the doors

Belle9898: ::

Lt Struan: <<awesome...beats moving it yourself!>>

Lt jg Tiran: ::decides he can't sleep and exits his quarters and walks down the corridor::

Belle9898: <<I wish I really had one of those>>

Boreth: ::walks out of the TL into ME::

LtJaykumba: ::steps into the corridor brushes his 

LtJaykumba: never cut and rarely trimmed beard,  

LtJaykumba: head for the security office::

Lt Struan: Computer> Lt. Struan please wake up...

Dr LeilaniYamato: <yeah, I do to.. Would make my life easier>

Belle9898: ::walks out of the sickbay::

LtSg Jovek: ::attempting to stay his troubled emotional state another day::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::grabs his beard trimmer and trims his moustache and goatee::

LtJaykumba: ::walking around the corridor turns for a 

LtJaykumba: TL hall::

Lt Struan: Computer> ::self calling function:: Computer, remove the bed from under Lt. Struan.

Belle9898: ::glances down the corrider and heads to the TL::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Harper> ::sitting in the CO's chair on the bridge::

Boreth: ::walks through the section watching the teams at work::

LtJaykumba: ::steps in to a TL and gets off at the next 

LtJaykumba: deck::

Lt Jg Chloe: <<Back>>

Lt Struan: Struan> ::falls on the floor...:: What the hell? 

Lt jg Tiran: ::walks down the corridor toward the TL::

LtSg Jovek: ::thinks of the emotion that is troubling him most and begins to distance himself from it::

Dr LeilaniYamato: :looks at the couch:: Ok Computer.  Move the 

Dr LeilaniYamato: chair here. ::gives a coordinate::

Belle9898: ::enters TL:: Quarters, please

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::finishes trimming, thinking he looks a lot neater now::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::gets up, cracks his back and other bones and walks to the bathroom::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::sighs a little, in a bit of a depressive rut, finishes her iced tea::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::pins on his pips and commbadge::

Boreth: ::makes an amble walk to the warp core and stops in front of it just standing and thinking::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::on his way he trips over a heap of unwashed uniforms...::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::pushes the glass away and checks her chronometer::

Belle9898: ::exits the TL and heads towards her quarters::

Dr LeilaniYamato: Good.  Now move the other chair here, 

Dr LeilaniYamato: followed by the table here. ::more 

Dr LeilaniYamato: coordinates::

Lt jg Tiran: :::enters the TL:: Main Engineering

Cpt AC Zuriyev: General Computer Announcement>  Ten minutes until Alpha Shift Change.

Lt Struan: Struan> Moth... @#$%@#$!!!! Sonof$#@%#@$... ::drags himself into the bathroom::

Dr LeilaniYamato: <oooh, Struan is a potty mouth. LOL>

LtSg Jovek: ::does not hear the computer as he is deep in meditation::

LtJaykumba: ::enters the Sucurity office saying Hello 

LtJaykumba: to Merrienn::

Lt Jg Chloe: <<LOL..>>

Lt Struan: Struan> ::sees that he has no toothpaste:: @#$%#$...@#$%#!!! ::sighs:: @#$%#...

Belle9898: ::enters her quarters and heads towards the shower.. hoping that it will make her feel bette

Belle9898: r::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::stands, glancing around at various officers and strolls out, running her fingers through 

Lt jg Tiran: ::hears the annoucement and notices he is going to be early::

Lt Jg Chloe: her blondish ponytail::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::sees the comb is broken...looks at himself in the mirror::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::glances at her uniform, notes that 

Dr LeilaniYamato: everything is in order and continues::

Belle9898: ::showers quickly and pulls on a clean uniform::

LtJaykumba: ::starts tapping calls out to his security 

LtJaykumba: squads to report in::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::strides out into his living room and finishes his coffee::

Lt jg Tiran: ::exits the TL and walks toward Main Engineering::

Boreth: ::places his hands behind his back::

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks up at the announcement and puts the finishing 

Cdr Sullivan: touches on her uniform:::

Lt Struan: Struan> Eh, I look fine... ::sniffs himself, shrugs:: 

Lt Jg Chloe: ::smiles at a passing officer, then it fades just as quickly as she enters the TL::

Lt Jg Chloe: Sickbay, please computer..

Lt Struan: Struan> ::hears his door, and opens it:: Hey... 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Harper> ::blinks somewhat sleepily, waiting for the scans to turn up something::

Belle9898: ::pulls her black hair into a ponytail and begins to head out the door::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::leans against the wall, crossing her arms, wishing she felt better::

LtJaykumba: ::taps up on the computer for a ships 

LtJaykumba: scans and profiles::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::moves a couple of plants around, and moves 

Dr LeilaniYamato: a painting:: There, much better.  

Lt jg Tiran: ::enters Main Engineering and starts to walk the same route he always walks when early

Lt Struan: Lock> Eww.... Jezus... you smell like Gamma shift...

Belle9898: ::leans against the wall as she gets dizzy::

Lt jg Tiran: for duty::

Dr LeilaniYamato: But this carpet.. Yuck.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::strides out of his quarters, looking much fresher than he has since he was rescued 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: from Ventrue III::

LtJaykumba: ::watches his sec teams report showing 

LtJaykumba: on the the ships profile where they are 

LtJaykumba: at::

Cdr Sullivan: :::exits her quarters, after checking to make sure her bed is 

Boreth: ::accute ears picking up distant footsteps approaching::

Cdr Sullivan: made according to regulations::: 

Lt Jg Chloe: ::TL stops, doors open and steps out, wlaking into sickbay and straight into her office::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::enters the TL:: Bridge!

Lt Struan: Struan> :;sniffs again:: Well, I'm going to take a shower then...

Lt Struan: Lock> You're also going to be late!

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::exits quarters and heads for sickbay:: 

Belle9898: ::closes her eyes and lets the feeling swish by ::

Lt jg Tiran: ::occasionally looking over an officer's shoulder::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::plops on the chair and eyes the rose in it's vase, long dead, but not wanting to get rid

Lt Jg Chloe: of it just yet::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::Arrives on the bridge::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::shakes her head and tries to decide what 

Dr LeilaniYamato: color carpet to put in her quarters::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::shrugs:: Cover for me! 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Commander Harper, report.

LtSg Jovek: ::wrests the emotion under his control::

Cdr Sullivan: :::enters the TL and waits until the doors shut::::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Harper>  Nothing on scanners, Captain.  ::frowns::

LtJaykumba: ::checks the roster and hurries out the 

LtJaykumba: Sec Off::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::leans on her hand and stares at it:: ((m)) Not fair.. not bloody fair. 

Belle9898: ::slowly opens eyes and controls her emotions then heads out into the hall::

Cdr Sullivan: :::shines the tips of her boots on the back of her calves:::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: Understood.  I have ze conn.

Lt Struan: Lock> ::grits her teeth:: You goon, this is the last time I cover for you!

LtJaykumba: ::steps for a TL :: Bridge!

Lt Struan: Lock> ::leaves...::

Boreth: ::turns around to face the approaching officer::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Harper>  Aye, sir, you have ze, er, the conn.

Belle9898: ::enters the TL:: Bridge ::stated weakly

Belle9898: ::

Lt jg Tiran: ::stops, noticing an officer he doesn't recognize standing in front of the warp core::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::almost smiles::  Dismissed.

Lt Struan: Lock> ::walks to a science lab...::

LtJaykumba: ::arrives from other TL on the Bridge::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Harper> ::exits the bridge and heads to her quarters::

Cdr Sullivan: :::tl stops and she walks unto the bridge:::

Belle9898: ::arrives to the bridge and walks out of the TL and heads to her console::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::picks up a few padds, glancing over them, nothing really big::

Boreth: ::walks up to him:: Ensign Boreth reporting for duty. ::hands him a PADD::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::arrives in sickbay, takes some PADDs from 

Dr LeilaniYamato: the head nurse and reads them::

LtSg Jovek: ::begins bringing himself out of meditation::

LtJaykumba: ::steps over to the Tactical station, 

LtJaykumba: relieving Beta shift::

Lt jg Tiran: ::takes the PADD, while eyeing him curiously::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::looks around, still happy to be bald again::

Belle9898: ::slips in her chair and begins to do her reports from the last shift::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::glances up, hearing the movement from outside her office, then glancing back down at

Lt jg Tiran: ::reads the PADD::

Lt Jg Chloe: her reports::

Boreth: ::notices his look:: Something. . .wrong sir?

Lt jg Tiran: Oh no, I'm just not use to seeing... your species up close...

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks around with a quicxk glance and then heads to her 

Cdr Sullivan: seat:::

LtSg Jovek: ::his eyes flicker open and he takes in a deep breath::

Belle9898: ::keeps her mind on the work in front of her instead of letting it wander to Tiran...::

Lt jg Tiran: ::finishes with the PADD::

Boreth: ::slight nod:: Not many are sir.

LtSg Jovek: Computer time to Alpha shift?

Lt jg Tiran: Well, welcome to Engineering

Lt jg Tiran: Ensign

Me87: http://badder.majorhost.com/click here

Boreth: Thank you sir.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Commander, I trust you are well rested? ::sits in his chair::

Dr LeilaniYamato: Computer, put some music on.  Something that 

Dr LeilaniYamato: I like. 

LtSg Jovek: ::stands up and stretches::

Lt jg Tiran: Lieutenant jg Ral Tiran, call me Ral or whatever suits you...

Lt Jg Chloe: ::trying to keep busy, begins detailing a patient's condition in a report::

Lt jg Tiran: I guess I'm acting Chief Engineer for the moment...

Boreth: ::nods::

Lt jg Tiran: ::extends his hand toward Boreth::

Cdr Sullivan: ::nods and gives a grunt of an affirmative nature:::

Boreth: ::shakes his hand with a firm grip::

LtSg Jovek: <computer>Computer time to Alpha shift?

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::sits at her desk and goes over the PADDs, 

Dr LeilaniYamato: which are the patients charts::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Computer>  Two minuts until Alpha shift.

Belle9898: ::closes her eyes for a second trying to rid herself of a headache, opens them and begins to

Lt jg Tiran: Do you have any Engineering experience?

Belle9898: focus on the reports::

LtSg Jovek: ::Removes his clothing and puts on his uniform::

Boreth: Yes sir. It has been some time ago but, I believe I can perform adequately.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::thinks that she's remarkable verbose this morning::

Lt jg Tiran: I'm sure you'll do fine 

Boreth: ::slight nod::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Computer> Alpha Shift officers, report to your stations.

Lt jg Tiran: Why don't you take a walk around, become aware of where things etc.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::glances at the dead flower, frowns a bit, mind wandering::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::snaps at the computer:: I'm at my station 

Cdr Sullivan: :::notes that Jovek has not yet reported in:::

Dr LeilaniYamato: already. ::goes back to her reading::

Lt jg Tiran: ::hears the computer and remembers he needs to send in a status report soon::

Boreth: Aye. ::walks past him to find the things to be familiar with::

LtSg Jovek: ::finishes putting his boots on and gives his overall facial appearance a once over in the 

LtSg Jovek: mirror::

LtJaykumba: ::standing at Tactical::

Lt Struan: Lock> ::sits down at her console::

Belle9898: ::begins recieving reports from all over the ship::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::also notes that Jovek is late::

LtSg Jovek: ::exits his quarters and heads to the TL::

Cdr Sullivan: :::a frown puckers her forehead:::

Lt jg Tiran: ::sits at a nearby console and reads over a PADD of last shift's status::

Boreth: ::looking at the displays showed on the wall and the consoles::

LtJaykumba: ::taps the calls in of his sec squads on 

LtJaykumba: the console::

LtSg Jovek: ::enters the TL and has it take him to deck 1: the bridge::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::makes a few notations, shows them to the 

Dr LeilaniYamato: nurse and has her administer the proper 

Dr LeilaniYamato: medications::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::shakes her head, focusing back on her reports, making a few changes::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::starts to run his hand through his hair, but stops, realizing that he shaved it all off 

Lt jg Tiran: ::finishes with the PADD and begins the status report to send in::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: this morning:;

Lt Struan: Struan> ::gets to his console... late...::

Belle9898: ::as she begins reading reports she wonders if they will notice that she left sickbay.. perh

Belle9898: aps not::

LtSg Jovek: ::the TL stops at the bride and the doors open.  walks calmly out of the TL::

Boreth: ::walks back to Tiran a few minutes later:: I have completed my task sir.

Lt Struan: Lock> ::loud enough:: Gosh, Struan you sure are late... 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Mr. Jovek, you're late.

LtSg Jovek: I was unavoidably detained Captain

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Make sure aat you're not unavoidably detained in ze future.

Lt jg Tiran: ::looks up abruptly:: Very good Ensign... We don't you man a console, and we can chat in 

Cdr Sullivan: :::glances at the Captain and wishes suddenly that she had 

Cdr Sullivan: her ultracool command shades with her::::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <aat=zat.>>

Lt jg Tiran: a few minutes...

LtSg Jovek: Aye captain

Lt jg Tiran: <<*Why>>

LtSg Jovek: ::assumes his post at the science station::

Boreth: Understood.

Lt Struan: Struan> ::sits down:: Why thank you Miss Lockheart. It just wouldn't be right if I were

Lt Struan: early.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ACTION> A distress call from New Stratford colony comes in.

Boreth: ::walks to find an empty console::

LtSg Jovek: ::begins running standard sensor sweeps::

Dr LeilaniYamato: <LOL Suli>

Belle9898: ::console begins bepping:: Sir.. distress call coming from New Stratford Colony

Cpt AC Zuriyev: On screen.

Boreth: ::finds one and takes a seat::

LtJaykumba: ::takes a tactical LRS::

Belle9898: ::taps her console putting it on screen::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Random Colony Guy>  Whomever receives this, please help!  We're under attack by 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: unknown forces... ::statics out::

LtJaykumba: :;focus the LRS toward New Stratford::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Sounds like our mark.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Mr. Carver, set course for New Stratford, Warp 9.5.

LtSg Jovek: Scanning colony on long range sensors...

LtSg Jovek: We are too far to get any accurate readings.

Belle9898: ::enters the coordinates into her console: Aye Captian.. cousrse set and logged in

Lt jg Tiran: ::realizes he had stopped writing the status report and starts back on it again::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Engage.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Yellow alert.

Belle9898: Aye sir::engages the warp drive

Belle9898: ::

Belle9898: ::sets the ships status to yellow alert::

Boreth: ::sees the yellow alert activated::

LtJaykumba: ::taps the yellow allert::

Lt jg Tiran: ::finishes with the report, adding a small note for Belle at the end, hoping she feels

Lt jg Tiran: better and to find him later if she happens to get any off time and sends it to the Bridge::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::glances up at the yellow alert, pushes her padds away and stands up::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::stepping back into main sickbay::

Belle9898: ::with her head pounding she begins to weed throught the status reports that were sent up to

Belle9898: her::

Lt jg Tiran: ::notices the yellow alert, stands from his console and takes a seat next to Boreth:: 

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::sees the yellow alert, and leaves her office::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::begins standard procedure::

Lt jg Tiran: Looks like you may be busy on your first day in Engineering...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::frowns::  Increase speed to warp 9.9.

Belle9898: Aye sir

Belle9898: ::increases the warp to 9.9

Lt Struan: Lock> ::diligently at work...::

Belle9898: ::

Boreth: I had come to the same conclusion. . .::slight smirk at the irony of the situation::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::looking over the stuff he has to do...:: 

Lt Struan: Lock> Why can't you just get to work, just like everyone else?

Belle9898: ::finsihes reading the security report and heads to the engineering report::

LtJaykumba: ::checks the level of shielsd::

Lt jg Tiran: ::starts to tap away at the console:: So... tell me how you came to be in Starfleet?

LtJaykumba: ::the shields even::

Lt Struan: Struan> What?! I am working...yeesh...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::leans back apprehensively::

Boreth: A suggestion sir. Maybe we should have damage control teams on the standby. . .just incase.

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::looks around for the other doctors::

LtSg Jovek: ::continuing to run sensor sweeps::

Cdr Sullivan: :::quietly::: Sir... are you alright?

Boreth: ::hesitates:: it is. . .a long story.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::futzing with a biobed, focused, silent::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: I vant zis man caught.

Lt Struan: Struan> You're way to uptight, tense, and... all that crap.

Lt jg Tiran: A good suggestion, maybe you know more about Engineering than you think...

Dr LeilaniYamato: +taps+ Sickbay to Bridge.  

Lt jg Tiran: ::stands from his console and starts walking around, making preparations for 

Lt jg Tiran: damage control teams::

Boreth: ::thinks back to his days with the Dominion. . .knows a lot more other things::

Lt Struan: Lock> But I get my work done... on time...

Belle9898: ::finishes reading the engineering report and a smile slowly appears on her face as she read

Lt Struan: Struan> So do I...I'm just not tense over it all the time... 

Dr LeilaniYamato: +taps+ Helloooo Bridge?

Belle9898: the part Ral had stuck onthe end of the report::

Boreth: ::stands up and walks the opposite direction to make preperations for a possible battle::

Lt Struan: Struan> Well... I guess I'll start on the sensor calibration report...

Lt Struan: Lock> Cause that's the easy one...

Cdr Sullivan: *sickbay* Bridge here.

LtJaykumba: ::checks his LRS::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::glances at Leilani, raised brow::

Lt Struan: Struan> Easy! Fine I'll do the... uh... 

Lt Struan: Lock> Do that one... ::points:: 

Boreth: ::coming up with new ideas on how to better safeguard engineering::

Lt jg Tiran: ::continues walking about Main Engineering, double checking all preparations::

Lt Struan: Struan> Oh come on... no way... I hate that report, and no one reads it anyway.

Dr LeilaniYamato: +taps+ Could you tell us what sort of action is 

Dr LeilaniYamato: about to take place, Commander? Would sure 

Dr LeilaniYamato: help us a lot down here, to know what to be 

Dr LeilaniYamato: prepared for. 

Boreth: ::makes a mental note to tell Tiran later::

Lt Struan: Struan> Oh, you just want me to prove I can do something...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Carver, ETA to New Stratford?

Lt Struan: Lock> I didn't say that...

Lt Struan: Struan> I knew it, that's what you're saying... fine... 

Lt Jg Chloe: ::stops what's she's doing and listens, trying to overhear the comm::

LtJaykumba: <<~~pumps some oxygen back to his 

LtJaykumba: head~~>>

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at Zuri::: Is she always so nosey?

Belle9898: ::glances to her console and realized that she had been daydreaming again..:: uhhh.. sir, 20

Lt Struan: Lock> I imply nothing... this is your undoing, I mean doing...

Belle9898: minutes

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods discreetly to Suli::

Lt Struan: Struan> If it'll make you happy I'll write the report and hand it in early...

Cdr Sullivan: *Sickbay* We have received a distress call from New 

Cdr Sullivan: Stratford.  No details as of yet.

Lt Struan: Lock> It won't make me happy. Someone has to do it, I guess that's you...

Belle9898: ::overhears Suli talking to the doc and wondering if they found out about her yet::

Cdr Sullivan: *sickbay*  I would prepare for the worst.

Lt Struan: Struan> Yeah, but you want to see my lazy a$$ trip and fall on this one... well I won't...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Any more comms from the colony?

Dr LeilaniYamato: +taps+ ::snaps::Thanks for nothing, Bridge.  

Belle9898: No sir.. none what so ever

Dr LeilaniYamato: Sickbay out. 

Lt Jg Chloe: ::blinks, looking at Leilani::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::thinking that someone might actually be in a worse mood than herself::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::looks at Chloe:: The Cowboys on the bridge 

Dr LeilaniYamato: are getting frisky again.  Prepare for possible 

Dr LeilaniYamato: heavy casualties.

LtSg Jovek: ::continuing with sensor sweeps::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::nods slowly:: Aye, ma'am.. ::looks at her for another second then gets to stepping::

Boreth: ::has his personal repair kit nearby::

Cdr Sullivan: :::hands reflexively clench the arms of her chair and she 

Cdr Sullivan: counts to ten:::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::frowns::

LtJaykumba: All quiet on the LRS

Lt jg Tiran: ::gives a small nod to himself, thinking he has looked over everything that could

Lt jg Tiran: be looked at::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::grumbles, swears colorfully, then begins 

Dr LeilaniYamato: making preparations::

Belle9898: ::finsihes reports and begins double checking systems::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::taking out appropriate hyposprays:: Ma'am.. might I inquire if something is wrong? ::irish

Lt Jg Chloe: accent apparent::

Boreth: ::going through all his preperations in his mind::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: If he's is zere, he's cloaked... Carver, any ion trails leading to ze colony?

Dr LeilaniYamato: What's wrong is that we're always the last to 

Dr LeilaniYamato: know what is going on.  And we have one of, if 

LtSg Jovek: ::snaps:: I am quite capable of determining that mr Jaykumba

Dr LeilaniYamato: not the most important job on the ship.  

Dr LeilaniYamato: Keeping everyone else alive.

LtSg Jovek: I am not getting readings from the colony...

Belle9898: ::glances to the data coming in and checks for the ion... :: There are some residues of ion 

Lt Jg Chloe: Well.. sometimes the bridge officers have too much to think about.. ::presses controls

Dr LeilaniYamato: We have to put people back together.  We 

Belle9898: trails out there,, sir

Dr LeilaniYamato: have to know what we're facing so we can do 

Lt Jg Chloe: on a biobed::

Dr LeilaniYamato: the best job.  But no one outside of sickbay 

Dr LeilaniYamato: seems to understand that.

Cdr Sullivan: <<Sounds like the Cowgirl in the first aid station is riding her 

Cdr Sullivan: high horse... :D>>

Boreth: ::stands and waits::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: But zey could be normal traffic...  any way to distinguish?

Dr LeilaniYamato: <that's "Sickbay" Commander. :) >

LtSg Jovek: Perhaps with a more intesive sensor sweep captain... 

Lt jg Tiran: ::looks around Engineering again, making sure everything is in order::

Belle9898: ::thinks ofr a moment and begins to triangulate several sensors and puts her theory to the 

Belle9898: test::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods::  Sweep avay.

Cdr Sullivan: :::tries to focus on the task ahead and fails:::

LtSg Jovek: Increasing power to long range sensors ::increases the power::

LtSg Jovek: Scanning...

Cdr Sullivan: *Yamato*  Sullivan to Yamato

LtSg Jovek: Picking up a recent ion trail... determining the course heading it took

LtSg Jovek: wait one

Belle9898: ::waits to make sure.. Jovek would know more than her::

Boreth: ::nods feeling that complete efficiency has been obtained::

Lt jg Tiran: ::walks to a console and sits down, looking over a few things::

LtJaykumba: ::watches the power level drop in his LRS 

LtJaykumba: scanner::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::slaps her commbadge::+taps+Yamato here, 

Dr LeilaniYamato: Commander. ::continues preparations::

LtSg Jovek: I am transmitting the heading to helm now

Lt Jg Chloe: ::blinks a bit, but continued working, but keeping a close eye on her co-worker::

LtSg Jovek: ::transmits the course heading::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Change course to zat heading.

Cdr Sullivan: *Yamato* I don;t know what sort of yahoo training you've 

Cdr Sullivan: had.... but last time I used that tone of voice with a superior 

Cdr Sullivan: officer, I found face against a bulkhead.

Belle9898: ::the heading pops up on her screen:: Aye sir.. ::change s their present heading to match th

Belle9898: e ion heading::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ETA, present speed?

Cdr Sullivan: *Yamato* I would suggest you curb it in the future.  Sullivan 

Cdr Sullivan: out.

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::pauses:: +taps+ Yes sir, Commander sir.  

Lt Jg Chloe: ::eyes widen a bit hearing the comm::

Belle9898: ::calculates the time:: 10 minutes to destination, sir

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::looks at a tool and decides to go ahead and 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Increase to warp 9.99.

Dr LeilaniYamato: include it in the collection::

Cdr Sullivan: :::hopes the hairs on the back of her neck relax sometime this 

Cdr Sullivan: millenium:::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::nods approvingly at Suli::

Boreth: ::wondering what is happening in the rest of the ship::

Belle9898: ::increase warp to 9.99:: Aye sir

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::smiles at Chloe::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ACTION> Atlantis starts to shake slightly from the speed.

Lt jg Tiran: ::starts checking over systems::

LtJaykumba: ::acts like lighting a match off his rear 

LtJaykumba: thigh, shakes::

Boreth: ::turns to monitor the warp core::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::manages a smile back at her:: You sure nothing..is wrong, ma'am? Besides the bureacracy up

Lt Jg Chloe: on the brdige?

Belle9898: ::her grip tightens on her console::

Lt Jg Chloe: <<Bridge... I CAN spell.. really.>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ::knows that destructive speed for a Sovereign class is warp 9.9952, so he isn't worried::

Boreth: They are pushing her hard. . .

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Time, Carver?

Lt jg Tiran: ::notices a small shake and briefly wonders what happened, and then checks the 

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::looks at Chloe:: You know, part of me wants 

Dr LeilaniYamato: to just sit here and wait for them to decide 

Belle9898: ::worries a bit but knows the captian knows this ship and what she could and couldn't do::

Dr LeilaniYamato: what to do.  Just go about our business with 

Dr LeilaniYamato: our current patients and when things happen, 

Lt jg Tiran: Atlantis' speed::

Dr LeilaniYamato: they happen.  

Belle9898: 3 minutes to destination, sir

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Bah!  You engineers should know the speed by the vibrations of the deckplates! :) >>

Lt Jg Chloe: ::noticing the slight shaking, wondering what's happening::

Boreth: Is this speed safe Lieutenent?

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Red alert!

Dr LeilaniYamato: And yes, it's just the bridge business.   

LtJaykumba: ::watches the view screen turn to the 

LtJaykumba: star streak of warp 9.9952::

Dr LeilaniYamato: They're black shoes, you know.

Belle9898: ::changes the yellow alert to Red alert::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<We're only at 9.99, Jay. ;) >>

Lt jg Tiran: ::turns to Boreth:: For around 36 hours or so, then we'd be in trouble

Lt Jg Chloe: I.. ::glances up at the red alert, trailing off what she was going to say::

Lt Struan: <<hey, if we break warp 10 we can turn into lizards.. :)>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Someone read the tech specs page... impressive... >>

LtJaykumba: <<feels faster than that>>

Lt Jg Chloe: << And randomly mate with each other. ;)>>

Boreth: I see. . 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Time?

Lt Struan: <<:;shudders::>>

Lt jg Tiran: ::notices the red alert lights:: and from the judging of red alert, we won't be going this 

Belle9898: <<oh joy.. haven't done that in awhile :-p>>

Lt jg Tiran: fast for much longer

Dr LeilaniYamato: <there's a tech specs page?>

Boreth: I would hope not.

Lt jg Tiran: <<I think thats grounds for promotion :)>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Yeah, you know, that website that I've spent hours maintaining?  Someone 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: apparently actually used it.>>

Belle9898: ::makes a note while she has some free time, to see Ral after this shift, if she could::

Belle9898: <<I did.. for my story.. which I haven't finished>>

Lt Jg Chloe: << Hey.. I use it... I just never read the tech specs.. :P<g>>

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Drop out of varp, take us to half impulse.

Dr LeilaniYamato: one, but it doesn't work anymore>

LtSg Jovek: ::scanning for the vessel::

Belle9898: ::drops the ship out of warp and engages the impulse engines at half:: Aye sir

LtJaykumba: ::watches his hand streak a trail across 

LtJaykumba: the Tac console::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ACTION>  As soon as Atlantis drops from warp, the terrorist's ship decloaks and 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: launches a Romulan plasma torpedo.

Lt jg Tiran: ::notices the rumbling of the ship subside:: See? Nothing to worry about...

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ACTION> ::Followed by a phaser blast::

Cdr Sullivan: :::holding on for dear life:::

LtSg Jovek: Plasma Torpedo launch

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Evasive!

Belle9898: ::grips her console trying to move the ship out of harms way::

LtJaykumba: Going to Shields at 100% 

Lt Jg Chloe: ::hears the blasts of weapons:: Uh oh.. ::grabs onto the biobed instinctively::

Lt Struan: ::holding on...:: 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ACTION> ::the torpedo slams into Atlantis' shields, draining them significantly::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Return fire, Mr. Jaykumba!

LtSg Jovek: ::intensively scanning the enemy vessel::

Boreth: ::falls against a bulkhead:: Nothing to worry about?

LtJaykumba: Returning Fire Sir

Cdr Sullivan: *Shipwide* Damage reports.

Belle9898: ::slammed against console but continues montoring systems::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::sighs, shakes her head and holds on::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::manages to hold on, her knuckles white from holding on::

LtJaykumba: ::fires phasers banks at full spread::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ACTION> The enemy ship lets loose a volley of Federation torpedos.

Dr LeilaniYamato: You ok, Chloe?

LtJaykumba: ::target s photons::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Carver, attack pattern Alpha Two Niner.

Lt Jg Chloe: ::glances up, blows a strand of hair from her face:: Fine! You? ::hearing more blasts::

Lt jg Tiran: ::pushing himself off the console:: I may have spoken too soon...

Boreth: ::runs over to a console and starts trying to stabilize systems::

Belle9898: ::begins the Alpha Two Niner attack pattern::

LtJaykumba: ::launches torpedoes::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Jaykumba, fire Quantum torpedoes.

Belle9898: Aye Sir

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::heads for the medical ward where there are 

Dr LeilaniYamato: a couple of patients:: Physically, I'm fine.  

Dr LeilaniYamato: Mentally, I'm really angry. ::grins::

LtJaykumba: Aye Sir 

Lt jg Tiran: ::starts going over systems, compensating for systems that are losing power::

LtJaykumba: Continueing fire!

Lt Jg Chloe: So am I.. actually.. ::checking over a patient:: .. so am I.

Belle9898: ::keeps an eye on life support and other systems::

Boreth: ::hears the hissing of a broken conduit nearby::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: If he thinks he can beat Starfleet's finest class of ship, he has another thing coming... 

Lt Jg Chloe: ::glancing back with a small smile::

LtJaykumba: ::launches second volley of torpedoes::

LtSg Jovek: ::attempt to use the sensors to jam their targetting sensors::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ACTION>  QT's slam into the enemy ship's shields, convincing her to recloak.

LtSg Jovek: Attempting to jam their sensors captain

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::notes that some of the systems on one of 

Dr LeilaniYamato: the patients is starting to fizzle in and out::

Belle9898: ship is cloaking sir

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Take us to ze colony.

Belle9898: Aye sir

Cdr Sullivan: :::yells::: What ammo dump did he raid??

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Sullivan, prepare an AT, as heavily armed as possible.

Belle9898: ::begins to head toward the colony::

LtJaykumba: she's cloaking   loading a tachyon flare 

LtJaykumba: burst

Boreth: ::recalibrating to stabilze systems:: 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: Indeed, he did hev impressible armament, stolen from around ze galaxy.

LtJaykumba: ::tachyon flare burst fire in the ships last 

LtJaykumba: vicintity::

Lt Struan: ::just listening and doing what he's supposed to be and trying not to get killed for the 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<Impressive... sheesh, I can't think tonight.>>

Lt Struan: moment...::

Boreth: ::runs to the hissing conduit bringing his kit::

Lt Jg Chloe: ::still working on her patient::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ACTION>  The tachyon burst does nothing.

Lt jg Tiran: ::notices the sudden silence:: I think the worst is over, for now...

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::working, all the while swearing at the people 

Dr LeilaniYamato: on the bridge::

LtJaykumba: ::stops the flare fire  :: Looks like they 

LtJaykumba: got away sir

Boreth: Wouldn't believe how often I have heard that Lieutenent.

Belle9898: ::with head pounding even more she begins getting reports of damage from all over the ship::

Cdr Sullivan: *Yamato, Jovek, Jaykumba* Report to TR#1...full armament 

Cdr Sullivan: and weaponry.

Cpt AC Zuriyev: <<only because I'm tired of cloaking devices being rendered useless by an "insert 

Cpt AC Zuriyev: treknobabble here" beam... if they're gonna cloak, they're cloaked.>>>

Boreth: ::pulls out a few gadgets and begins to seal it up::

LtSg Jovek: ::feels goosepimples rise on his neck and his head jerks::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::hears the page:: 

LtSg Jovek: ::gets up and heads into the TL::

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++PAUSE SIM+++PAUSE SIM+++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: ++PAUSE SIM+++++PAUSE SIM++

Cpt AC Zuriyev: +++PAUSE SIM+++PAUSE SIM+++