Captain Zuriyev:     =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

Captain Zuriyev:     BEGIN SIMULATION

Captain Zuriyev:     =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

LtJaykumba:    ::hands the step chair down the

LtJaykumba:    line for Suli to get out of her

LtJaykumba:    chair:

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::is in sickbay::

LtSg Jovek:    ::is at holodeck 3::

LtJaykumba:    ::steps up to the Tactical staion::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Wanders around ME::

Belle9898:     ::in ME trying to debug some systems::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::sits in his temporary office, writing repair status on a PADD::

Ltjg Caine:    ::in his office, in Sickbay:::

LtSg Jovek:    ::connects mobile emitter to the holodeck computer::

Belle9898:     ::picks up her PADD and double checks things::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::lying on a biobed, out like a light::

Cdr Sullivan: :::on the bridge, looking grumpy:::

LtSg Jovek:    Computer download EEH protected program 013.3 into the mobile emitter

LtSg Jovek:    <computer> Download in progress

Captain Zuriyev:     <<Everyone, something just came up... I need to jet. 

Captain Zuriyev:     Have a good sim, and someone send me a chatlog.>>

LtSg Jovek:    <<doh>>

Cdr Sullivan: <<double doh>>

Belle9898:     <<doh? what does that mean??>>

LtSg Jovek:    <<it's what homer simpson says>>

Lt jg Zinthys: <<I think it's something you roll in...>>

Ltjg Caine:    :::finishes a report, and moves into main sickbay area:::

Belle9898:     <<ahh,,haven't watched that in awhile>>

Cdr Sullivan: <<Not me...>>

LtSg Jovek:    <computer>download complete

LtSg Jovek:    ::removes the mobile emitter from the holodeck computer::

Lt jg Zinthys: <<Er... supposed to, at least>>

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Walks over to a console, trying to repair things::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    <Hey, y'all don't forget to set your clocks

Dr LeilaniYamato:    back tonight :) >

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks around the bridge:::

LtSg Jovek:    ::heads to main engineering::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::continues with the updates to repairs on the PADD, noticing the list is getting large::

Belle9898:     <<now watch I'll forget>>

Belle9898:     ::begins to wrap up things for her systems::

LtJaykumba:    ::waves to Suli on the bridge::

Cdr Sullivan: :::nods to Jay:::

Cdr Sullivan: *Engineering*  Bridge to engineering.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::begins to wake up::

Lt jg Tiran:   +Bridge+ Engineering here

Ltjg Caine:    :::checks the readings of the biobed upon which Leilani

Ltjg Caine:    lays:::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::finishes with the PADD and exits the office into Main Engineering::

Belle9898:     ::sets her PADD down and stands up::

Cdr Sullivan: *Engineering* Status, Tiran?

LtJaykumba:    ::taps the console to continue

LtJaykumba:    scanning for unkown personnel::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Sees Tiran coming out an nods to him::

Belle9898:     ::waits semi patiently for Tiran to finish::

LtSg Jovek:    ::enters main engineering::

Lt jg Tiran:   +Sullivan+ Most systems are working properly, most of the viral codes have been deleted

Ltjg Caine:    Hmm...readings have stabilized nicely.

Cdr Sullivan: *Medical* Bridge to sickbay.

LtSg Jovek:    ::heads over to Tiran::

Lt jg Tiran:   Warp systems are almost at their peak functions

Ltjg Caine:    +Sullivan+  Sickbay -- Caine here.

Cdr Sullivan: *Engineering*  We have warp?

Lt jg Tiran:   +Bridge+  Warp 7.0

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Wanders over to another console::

Cdr Sullivan: *Medical* Doctor... what is the status of our patients.

Lt jg Tiran:   +Bridge+ Any higher would be in the danger zone

Belle9898:     ::picks up her PADD and taps a quick note to Tiran on it..leaves it on the console and heads

Cdr Sullivan: *Engineering*  Thank you. Carry on.

Belle9898:     out of ME going to the TL::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::realizes that she has a really bad headache::

Ltjg Caine:    +Sullivan+  Our patient Leilani is just awakening.  Her

Ltjg Caine:    physical condition is good.

Lt jg Tiran:   ::notices Jovek standing there:: Anything I can help you with sir?

Ltjg Caine:    How do you feel, Leilani?

Belle9898:     ::in the TL, she contemplates the note:: 

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::looks at him:: Like crap. 

LtSg Jovek:    ah yes

LtSg Jovek:    ::Hands Tiran the new mobile emitter::

LtSg Jovek:    be careful with this one... also the program is 85% tamper proof and so is the device

LtJaykumba:    ::grabs a Padd and inputs data::

LtSg Jovek:    also it is now shielded from electromagnetic pulses

Cdr Sullivan: *Medical*  And our other.... guest?

LtSg Jovek:    put it to good use

Lt jg Tiran:   I'm still reluctant to use the EEH thought

Ltjg Caine:    ::raises an eyebrow:: It is the patient's perogotive to be

Ltjg Caine:    expressive, but please be a bit more...precise. ::smiles::

LtSg Jovek:    ::turns and heads for the bridge::

Belle9898:     ::the TL stops at her level and she gets out to hit her quarters for a quick sec::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::looks at the emitter in his hand and puts it down next do a console, not planning

Dr LeilaniYamato:    I've been stunned by some genius in the

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Security department.  I have an extremely

Dr LeilaniYamato:    bad headache.  However, I do feel well

Dr LeilaniYamato:    enough to hunt down the said genius and rip

LtSg Jovek:    ::stops the TL and heads for sick bay::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    his arms and legs off.

Lt jg Tiran:   to use it unless necessary::

Ltjg Caine:    +Sullivan+  Our other guest is in stasis -- though he is

Ltjg Caine:    recovered from the poison, thanks to Chloe's idea.

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at Jay:::  Jay.... what are the results from the

Cdr Sullivan: investigations?

Lt jg Tiran:   ::walks over to Zinthys:: How are repairs going?

LtJaykumba:    ::suli:: Negative on all the

LtJaykumba:    personnel Suli

Belle9898:     ::runs water over her face and changes her uniform and gives her cats a quick pet and out

Lt jg Zinthys: Oh, rather slowly, but efficently.

Ltjg Caine:    ::to Leilani:: Yes, Security certainly did get trigger happy.

Belle9898:     the door she goes::

Cdr Sullivan: *Medical*  Let  me know when Doctor can expect visitors.

LtSg Jovek:    ::exits the TL and heads to sick bay::

Belle9898:     ::enters TL:: Bridge

Cdr Sullivan: <<Dr Yamato.>>

Belle9898:     ::the TL slows and stops at the Bridge::

Belle9898:     ::she strides out headed for her console::

Ltjg Caine:    +Sullivan+  The good doctor will be up and around very

Ltjg Caine:    soon.  Our other "guest" awaits your convenience.

LtJaykumba:    ::nods to Belle on the Bridge::

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  Sullivan to Jovek.

Belle9898:     ::glances to Jay and smiles::

LtSg Jovek:    ::enters the sick bay and taps his comm badge:: yes commander?

Lt jg Tiran:   ::walks over to a console and notices a PADD on top and starts to read it::

Belle9898:     ::slips into her seat at her console and calls up the reporets she has missed::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::sits up and lets her feet dangle off the

Dr LeilaniYamato:    edge of the biobed::

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek* What is your current objective?

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+To check on the prisoner commander

Ltjg Caine:    :::gives Leilani a hypo for her headache::: I don't think,

Ltjg Caine:    Shoot 'em all, let God sort 'em out" is in Starfleet regulations.

Cdr Sullivan: :::turns around::: Jay... you need to get a formal

Cdr Sullivan: statement from Dr Yamato.

Belle9898:     ::notices that we now have some warp capabilities and all life support is functional::

Belle9898:     ::gives the systems another once over::

LtJaykumba:    Yes Cmdr

Cdr Sullivan: :::sees Belle:::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Me either.  But I'd like to know why that

Dr LeilaniYamato:    moron thought I was the culprit. 

LtSg Jovek:    ::walks over to Caine::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::finishes reading the PADD, sets it back down and continues work on repairs::

Cdr Sullivan: ::looks at Jay::: The word for the day is sensitivity, Jay.

LtSg Jovek:    Excuse me doctor, what is the status of our prisoner?

LtJaykumba:    :: +Taps+ for a replacement to

LtJaykumba:    the bridge for the Tactical

LtJaykumba:    station::

FIBES313: ::falls into strange room

FIBES313: ::wonders how the hell he can survive

LtJaykumba:    ::nods::  With Kit gloves Cdr

Ltjg Caine:    ::looks over:: He is in stasis pending Commander Sullivan's

Ltjg Caine:    orders.  Medically, he's in good condition.

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Commander

LtSg Jovek:    thank you doctor

Cdr Sullivan: I'm sure that you are not the most favorite person on her

Cdr Sullivan: list right now.

Lt jg Tiran:   ::remembers life support had a small problem not long ago and rechecks life support::

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Commander

LtJaykumba:    ::replacement shows up for

LtJaykumba:    tactical,.... starts to head for the

LtJaykumba:    TL::

Ltjg Caine:    ::to Jovek:: You're welcome.

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  Patience is a virtue, Lieutenant.

LtJaykumba:    ::turns to Suli:: Cmdr I'll be in

LtJaykumba:    Sickbay

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::replays the events in her mind, and shakes

Dr LeilaniYamato:    her head:: This is almost unbelievable.. In

Dr LeilaniYamato:    fact, had it not happened to me, I probably

Dr LeilaniYamato:    wouldn't believe it.

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Commander what is to be done with the saboteur now that he has recovered?

Cdr Sullivan: :::nods in acknowledgement:::

Ltjg Caine:    ::to Leilani:: Physically, you are fit for duty...HOWEVER, I

Ltjg Caine:    have reservations as to your emotional and psychological

Ltjg Caine:    state.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::smiles slightly:: Did they get that creep and

Dr LeilaniYamato:    put him in custody?

LtJaykumba:    ::turns and enters TL shoop....

LtJaykumba:    shoop::

Ltjg Caine:    <<Jay's doin' 50's music>>

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek* I can probably point you in the direction of an

Cdr Sullivan: airlock.

LtJaykumba:    ::TL:: Sickbay

Cdr Sullivan: :::turns::: Carver... plot co-ordinates to the conference.

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Really commander you must learn to govern your passions

Ltjg Caine:    :::points::: The creep, as you say, is right over there.

Lt jg Tiran:   ::finishes with his diagnostic and starts again on the repairs::

Belle9898:     ::glances up to the commander:: Yes ma'am  ::plots tth coordinates for the conference::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    They guy who attacked me, I mean.. As long

Dr LeilaniYamato:    as someone has him in custody, I'm ok.. I just

Dr LeilaniYamato:    don't want him running loose on the ship.

Cdr Sullivan: *jovek*  They have served me well in the past.

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Should we revive him or leave him alone until the captain can question him?

Ltjg Caine:    I aplogize.  Yes, he is in custody.

Belle9898:     all set ma'am ::picks up the PADD ::

Ltjg Caine:    ...and as far as you being "okay" Leilani -- there are limits.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::nods: My fault.  I wasn't being very clear. 

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::sighs:: Thanks for giving me something to

Dr LeilaniYamato:    get rid of that headache.. It was a doozy.

LtJaykumba:    arrives on deck for sickbay::

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  Let him be.... if we revive him I might feel the

Cdr Sullivan: need to.... let my passions run amuck.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Yeah, I know.  I'll go on a crying jag in my

Dr LeilaniYamato:    quarters later.. And I'll probably fall to

Dr LeilaniYamato:    pieces in front of Ale--the Captain.

Cdr Sullivan: Best possible speed, Carver.

Ltjg Caine:    Leilani, please listen to me.  You've been through a great

Ltjg Caine:    deal in the past few weeks.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::chuckles:: You don't know the half of it..

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Understood Commander, who is reviewing the ambassador's plans for the conference?

Belle9898:     ::set it for at least warp 6 not wanting to push it::

LtJaykumba:    :;walks around the corridor::

Ltjg Caine:    Crying is all well and fine -- but it may take more to deal

Ltjg Caine:    with these events.

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  :::audible sigh::: I believe that falls on our

Cdr Sullivan: shoulders, Lieutenant.

Belle9898:     Warp 6 set ma'am...:: goes back to her reports::

Cdr Sullivan: Very good, Belle.

LtJaykumba:    ::walks into Sickbay::

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Let me rephrase that then... have you reviewed the ambassador'

LtSg Jovek:    s plans

Cdr Sullivan: :::sits in her seat:::

Ltjg Caine:    I will advise you that the medical staff -- Dr. MacGregor

Ltjg Caine:    and myself -- are available to you 24 hours a day.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::makes his way over to where Tiran is working:: So, what did our second officer have tosay?

Dr LeilaniYamato:    I know.. If it does, it does.. I won't have any

Dr LeilaniYamato:    control over it.. But I think I"ll be ok.. This

Dr LeilaniYamato:    seems kind of like what happens after a long

Dr LeilaniYamato:    field battle. 

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::smiles:: Thanks Dr. Caine.. I appreciate that.

Lt jg Tiran:   ::turns his head:: Just wanted to know the status of the repairs

Lt jg Tiran:   At least she didn't shout this time....

LtJaykumba:    ::looks over at the guard

LtJaykumba:    watching the sabateuor.. nods to

LtJaykumba:    him::

Lt jg Zinthys: So to be what everyone wants to know...

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+If you haven't then i will take full responsibility for knowing what the ambassador

Ltjg Caine:    I'm not asking you to control it, I"m asking to to deal with it.

Ltjg Caine:     Don't just push this aside, or it'll be under my orders, and

LtSg Jovek:    had planned for the conference so that you may concentrate on

Ltjg Caine:    not my friendly advice.  ::smiles::

LtSg Jovek:    running the ship

Lt jg Zinthys: <So=seems>

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Lt jg Zinthys: What about Jovek? Saw him come in...

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::grins:: Aye-aye, sir.

Lt jg Tiran:   Dropped off the EEH and mobile emitter

LtJaykumba:    ::looks for Leilani::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::indicates over to the emitter next to the console::

LtJaykumba:    ::steps this way to look in a side

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  That would be very helpful.

LtJaykumba:    room::

LtJaykumba:    :;steps over to DrCaines door::

Ltjg Caine:    :::touches Leilani on the shoulder:::  It's good to have you

Ltjg Caine:    back -- just stay away from the Brig!

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Gives it a quick glance:: Any intentions of using it?

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Consider it done... i am headed for security

LtSg Jovek:    ::leaves sick bay headed for security::

Lt jg Tiran:   Not unless it's absolutely necessary or I'm ordered to

Cdr Sullivan: *jovek* Very good.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::laughs:: I will, don't worry.

Cdr Sullivan: :::stands:::

Cdr Sullivan: Carver you have the watch.

LtJaykumba:    ::watches Jovek walk by::

Lt jg Zinthys: I don't even like being around that thing. I can't believe he insists upon using it. I think

Belle9898:     ::turns to Sullivan:: yes ma'am

Lt jg Zinthys: it's nothing but trouble.

Cdr Sullivan: :::exits to the TL:::

Ltjg Caine:    All right, Leilani -- let Commander Sullivan handle our

Ltjg Caine:    guest in the I believe Mr. Jaykumba would like a

Lt jg Tiran:   My thoughts exactly.... That's why I'm not planning to use it

Ltjg Caine:    word with you.

Cdr Sullivan: :::enters and the doors hiss shut behind her:::

Cdr Sullivan: Engineering.

Lt jg Zinthys: Yes, well, I have half a mind to chuck it out into space.

LtJaykumba:    ::turns to hear his name::

LtSg Jovek:    ::arrives at security looking for the officer on duty::

Belle9898:     ::slides out of her seat and turns it over to the enisgn and then slides gingerly into the

Belle9898:     captain's chair::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::nods and takes a deep breath:: More

Dr LeilaniYamato:    security.. Does he have a phaser on him?

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::chuckles::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::half joking:: Maybe we could get an ensign to do that for us

LtJaykumba:    ::slips phaser around to the rear

Lt jg Zinthys: Maybe.... but I'd rather have the satisfaction of doing it myself.

LtJaykumba:    of his belt::

Lt jg Tiran:   Be my guest ::gestures to the emitter::

Cdr Sullivan: :::tl stops and the doors open:::

Cdr Sullivan: :::she travels the distance to ME:::

LtSg Jovek:    security??

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Turns to look at it and sees Suli:: Hello, Commander.

LtJaykumba:    Dr Yamato I have a follow up

LtJaykumba:    report to do if you have time?

LtSg Jovek:    is anyone in here?

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Yeah, sure.. I'm not going anywhere for a

Dr LeilaniYamato:    while. 

Lt jg Tiran:   ::hears Zinthys and turns his head:: Commander

LtJaykumba:    ~~hoping the door was open~~

Cdr Sullivan: :::nods::: Lieutenant.

Belle9898:     ::takes the PADD at the side of the chair::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    <she's in the main sickbay area, on a biobed>

LtSg Jovek:    ::goes over to the evidence locker manifest and begins paging through it::

Cdr Sullivan: :::nods to Tiran::: Lieutenant.

LtJaykumba:    <<chuckles>>  walks closer to

LtJaykumba:    Leilani::

Cdr Sullivan: :::picks up a PADD and looks over the repair reports:::

LtJaykumba:    Are you feeling well?

LtSg Jovek:    ::locates the ambassador's things and grabs the electronic keys::

Lt jg Zinthys: Anything I--we-- uh, someone can help you with, Commander?

Lt jg Tiran:   ::starts back on his work::

LtSg Jovek:    ::enters the evidence locker room::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::thinks for a moment:: I've felt better.  But

Dr LeilaniYamato:    I'm alive, so I don't have any complaints

Dr LeilaniYamato:    about how I feel.. Physically, that is.

LtJaykumba:    Can you leave Sickbay yet?

LtSg Jovek:    ::opens the ambassador's locker and begins removing anything pertinent to the meeting::

Cdr Sullivan: How are you  boys holding up?

LtJaykumba:    ::pulls out a Padd::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    You'll have to ask my doctor.. Why do you

Dr LeilaniYamato:    want to know?

Lt jg Tiran:   Tired, been pulling double shifts with the shortage of engineers

LtJaykumba:    I thought that maybe we could

LtJaykumba:    do this report in the Forward

LtJaykumba:    Lounge?

LtJaykumba:    ::taps a few buttons on the

LtJaykumba:    Padd::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::nods:: If only there was some miracle cure for our chief, I'm sure this all would get done

Lt jg Zinthys: much faster.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    :;shrugs:: Like I said, you'll have to ask Dr.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Caine.  He's handling my case.

LtSg Jovek:    ::finishes and closes the locker... places the items in a security carrying bag::

LtSg Jovek:    ::exits the evidence locker room and puts the keys back in their original place::

Cdr Sullivan: :::nods::: I know it has been difficult, but you are aware of

Cdr Sullivan: the necessitiy for haste in this case?

LtJaykumba:    ::turns to DrCaine ::  Is Dr

LtJaykumba:    Yamato still being held here for

LtJaykumba:    Observation  Dr?

LtSg Jovek:    ::thumb prints the removal of the items on a padd and leaves it on the desk::

Lt jg Tiran:   Yes sir, we are working as fast as possible

LtSg Jovek:    ::exits the security office and heads for the bridge ready room to review the material::

Cdr Sullivan: :::frowns for a moment::: What I mean to say is...

Ltjg Caine:    :::to Jaykumba:::  Dr. Yamato is released to dury status,

Ltjg Caine:    but I warn you, Mr. Jaykumba:  tread gently.

LtJaykumba:    Yes sir Doctor

LtJaykumba:    ::offer Leilani his Left arm::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::looks at Jaykumba:: Say, can I have my

Dr LeilaniYamato:    knife back?  One of your guards took it from

Dr LeilaniYamato:    me.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::hops off the bed and accepts his arm::

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks uncomfortable for a moment:::  I would like to a...

Cdr Sullivan: apol... :::curses softly for a moment:::

LtJaykumba:    I'll get it back to you::smiles::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::smiles slightly:: Apol.......?

LtJaykumba:    ::leads Leilani oout of Sickbay::

LtSg Jovek:    ::arrives on the bridge::

LtSg Jovek:    ::heads to the ready room::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::is lead to 10fwd::

Belle9898:     ::glances to Jovek as he stepped out of the TL and walks right passed her::

Cdr Sullivan: :::chin tilts up::: What I mean to say is that sometimes it

Cdr Sullivan: is necessary for me to come down harshly on the staff in

Cdr Sullivan: order to get the necessary result.

LtJaykumba:    Terrible sorry about the guards

LtJaykumba:    Action Doctor

LtSg Jovek:    ::enters and sits down to review the materials recovered from the evidence locker::

Ltjg Caine:    :::turns and says, half aloud, though he's not sure why::: 

Ltjg Caine:    Focus, Sullivan...

Lt jg Tiran:   Oh, I think I see what you are saying sir

Cdr Sullivan: If I stepped on anyone's feelings or toes... it was

Cdr Sullivan: unintentional, I assure you.

LtJaykumba:    ::walks on around the Corridor::

Belle9898:     ::checks on her PADD if warp was fixed ot go higher than 6::

Cdr Sullivan: :::realizes she is babbling and the wordss *focus Suli*

Cdr Sullivan: float through her mind::

LtJaykumba:    :;walks to a TL::

LtJaykumba:    :;waits for Leilani to enter::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::nods::

Belle9898:     ::shakes head and begins to mumble to herself::

Cdr Sullivan: :::sighs::: I apologize if I offended you in anyway.

Cdr Sullivan: I intend to reward you for all your hard work in the future.

Lt jg Tiran:   You didn't offend me at all sir, I understand you must be under some heavy pressure at the

Lt jg Tiran:   moment

Lt jg Tiran:   Thank you sir

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::enters TL::

LtJaykumba:    :;enters TL after Leilani::  Deck 10

Cdr Sullivan: <<Zinth?  What is it you said?>>

LtJaykumba:    ::TL stops and opens door::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    May I ask you a question, Jaykumba?

Lt jg Zinthys: <When?>

LtJaykumba:    Yes Doctor::

Lt jg Tiran:   I can't accept all the credit, everyone in Engineering has been pulling there own weight

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Why did he shoot me?

Cdr Sullivan: <<Your last line?>>

Cdr Sullivan: :::nods and the reward will be distributed to all:::

LtJaykumba:    You were holding a weapon and

LtJaykumba:    he only saw you

Cdr Sullivan: <<Crap...>>

LtJaykumba:    I agree he didn't give you time to

Dr LeilaniYamato:    But I didn't advance on him at all.

LtJaykumba:    respond

Lt jg Tiran:   Is there any news on when we could expect Seal to be back in action?

Cdr Sullivan: I intend on rewarding all accordingly.

Lt jg Zinthys: <Umm... "::nods::" my log doesn't go back to the last thing I actually said>

LtJaykumba:    He is one of our new

LtJaykumba:    replacements from Earth

Cdr Sullivan: <<That's it...>>

Cdr Sullivan: :::shakes her head::: No... no word from medical yet.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::nods:: Ok, just wondering..

Belle9898:     ::sets the PADD down and heads over to the Ops console and glances at it::

LtJaykumba:    I'm sure Meirenn will give him a

LtJaykumba:    complete chewing out

LtJaykumba:    ::wlaks on to !0 forward::

Lt jg Tiran:   Too bad...

Cdr Sullivan: Now, if youwill all excuse me... I will depart and allow

Cdr Sullivan: youto get back to work.

LtSg Jovek:    ::some of the padds seem to have worthless information on them::

Cdr Sullivan: :::exits ME with a nod:::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::enters 10fwd with Jaykumba::

LtSg Jovek:    ::pokes around on one of the padds that has worthless information::

LtJaykumba:    ::enters forward Lounge::

Belle9898:     ::makes a few corrections in the navigation controls and continues with her examination::

Cdr Sullivan: :::enters the TL:: Sickbay.

Lt jg Zinthys: Well... that was... interesting

Lt jg Tiran:   I wonder if Seal is going to even recover...

LtJaykumba:    Can I get you something Doctor?

LtJaykumba:    ::stopping at an empty table::

Lt jg Zinthys: oh, don't talk like that. I'm sure he'll come around soon.

Cdr Sullivan: :::TL moves and she is transported to the sickbay area::::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    No thank you.. ::smiles::

LtJaykumba:    Tea?

Lt jg Tiran:   Hope so...

Lt jg Zinthys: We sure could use the extra manpower

Cdr Sullivan: :::exits and crosses into the medical area:::

LtJaykumba:    ::pulls chair out for Leilani::

Ltjg Caine:    :::finishes sterilization protocols in medical:::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Thank you. ::smiles again and sits::

Belle9898:     ::picks up another PADD and makes a note for reports from all department heads are due at

Lt jg Tiran:   I was surprised she apologized, weren't you?

Belle9898:     the end of shift for the captain & commander::

Lt jg Zinthys: Incredibly

LtJaykumba:    ::steps around to the oposite

LtJaykumba:    chair::

LtSg Jovek:    ::plays around with the padd and finds some hidden embedded files::

Cdr Sullivan: :::enters sickbay, deep in thought, a slight frown on her

Cdr Sullivan: face:::

LtJaykumba:    ::sits down::

Lt jg Zinthys: What kind of a reward do you think she has in mind?

Ltjg Caine:    :::turns and smiles::: Welcome, Suli.

LtJaykumba:    Now about this fellow that

LtJaykumba:    attacked you?

Cdr Sullivan: :::nods to Caine and crosses to the stasis area:::

Lt jg Tiran:   Beats me, she could have just have been being polite...

LtSg Jovek:    ::brings up one of the embedded files but it has an encryption code on it::

Lt jg Tiran:   Or maybe an commendation or something....

Dr LeilaniYamato:    What about him?

Cdr Sullivan: *Bridge*  Sullivan to Bridge.

Belle9898:     +Sullivan+ Bridge here

LtSg Jovek:    ::exits the ready room with the padd and locks the door behind him to secure the goods::

LtJaykumba:    Do you know him?

Lt jg Zinthys: Well, if that's so, do you think we ought to conceal that from the crew?

Cdr Sullivan: :::stops in front of the stasis chamber of the captive:::

LtSg Jovek:    ::heads over to the science station and connects the padd to the science computer::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Well, sort of.  He was the guy that attacked

Dr LeilaniYamato:    me in Hawaii. 

Cdr Sullivan: *Bridge*  what is our status, Carver?

Cdr Sullivan: :::watches the lights blinking softly:::

LtJaykumba:    Otherwise the only knowledge you

LtJaykumba:    have of him is being here on the

LtJaykumba:    ship?

Lt jg Tiran:   I wouldn't put too much thought into what the reward even is until you have it...

Belle9898:     +Sullivan+ We are about halfway to the conference all systems are up and functioning, sir

Cdr Sullivan: *Carver*  Very good.

LtSg Jovek:    ::punches a few buttons and the computer beings an advanced encryption code cracking

LtSg Jovek:    sequence

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::nods:: That's right.

LtSg Jovek:    ::

Lt jg Zinthys: Oh, of course not. If she's going to reward the entire engineering staff, then it can't be

Lt jg Zinthys: all that great...

Cdr Sullivan: :::stands quietly, looking at the face of betrayal::::

Lt jg Tiran:   Probably not

LtJaykumba:    ::taps a few buttons on the

LtJaykumba:    Padd::

Lt jg Zinthys: Although one can certainly hope...

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Commander I have some information that might be of interest to you

Ltjg Caine:    :::allows Sullivan to think:::

Lt jg Tiran:   I wouldn't put too much thought into it

LtJaykumba:    Mind if I ask you something that

LtJaykumba:    has notheing to do with attacker?

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek* :::slightly distracted::: Yes, Jovek?

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Sure, go ahead.

Lt jg Zinthys: Oh, I won't.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Gets back to work::

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Commander some interesting developments have taken place

LtJaykumba:    How was it on the planet you and

LtJaykumba:    the Captain ended up on?

LtSg Jovek:    the ambassador has some secretly embedded files on his data padds i am having

Lt jg Tiran:   ::continues back on his work, trying to complete repairs on the warp drive::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Well, we didn't have any shelter, and none of

Dr LeilaniYamato:    our equipment functioned..

LtSg Jovek:    the computer crack the encryption codes on one of the padds now

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  Are you telling me that you require my presence?

LtJaykumba:    Was there any life on the Planet?

Belle9898:     +Tiran+ Can we go any faster than Warp 6?

Dr LeilaniYamato:    We had to eat the native plants, not knowing

Dr LeilaniYamato:    if they were poisonous or not.. We ran out of

Dr LeilaniYamato:    water, the water that we brough, within a

Dr LeilaniYamato:    week, so we had to drink the water from the

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Just updating you... it may be nothing but if it is something i will get back to you

Dr LeilaniYamato:    planet.

LtJaykumba:    No ill effects?

Lt jg Tiran:   +Belle+ Warp 7.0, but anything higher would be pushing it

Dr LeilaniYamato:    No, no sentient life.. Just the plants and

Dr LeilaniYamato:    water.

Cdr Sullivan: *jovek*  Please... make sure you do....

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LtJaykumba:    Hmm That's strange

Belle9898:     +Tiran+ just checking..let me know when it is fixed entirely, thanks

Dr LeilaniYamato:    What's strange?

LtJaykumba:    that the plants were sef

LtJaykumba:    suffiecient

LtJaykumba:    *self

Lt jg Tiran:   +Belle+ Where are we goiing in such a hurry?

LtJaykumba:    no Symbionic insects

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Not any that we detected..

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Acknowledged

Cdr Sullivan: >>>>>PAUSE SIM<<<<<<<