Captain Zuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= 


Captain Zuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= 

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::on the planet::

Ltjg Caine: I thought the  captain was missing? : )

Cdr Sullivan: <<::::shoves her lungs back into her chest cavity:::>>

Captain Zuriyev: @ ::still on the planet::

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Tiran why have we stopped moving?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Walks out of his quarters and into the TL::

Lt jg Tiran: ::in the CE's office, taking a break while the EEH is working::

Lt jg Zinthys: Main Engineering.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::stands at Tac looking like she knows EXACTLY what's going on with the ENTIRE plot down to 

Lt Merienn Kiela: the merest detail of minutia::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::sighs:: Do you still wish to use my knife?

Ensign Chloe: ::might as well be in sickbay.. always the doctor::

Captain Zuriyev: @ Da... though what I'm going to use for soap is beyond me.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Steps off the TL and walks into ME::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @:thinks:: I don't know if there's any in my 

Dr LeilaniYamato: bag or not.  

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Tiran why has the ship stopped moving we can't reengage the warp drive

Lt jg Tiran: ::gets up and enters ME:: +taps+ Uh, I'm not sure sir

Cdr Sullivan: :::jumps out of the center seat and curses as the ship 

Cdr Sullivan: stalls:::

Captain Zuriyev: @ I'll just hold off on it.

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Tiran look into it then and get the EEH to help you

Lt jg Tiran: ::sees the EEH:: What's the problem?

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Good.  I don't want to think about what 

Dr LeilaniYamato: would happen if  you cut yourself.

Ensign Chloe: ::a seemingly slow day, working at a console panel::

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>I am attempting to isolate the problem now but it isn't going to be easy to find

Captain Zuriyev: @ Though this beard is getting annoying.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::decides to go ahead and put some clothes 

Dr LeilaniYamato: on:: Why is it annoying? ::dressing::

Captain Zuriyev: @ I don't like having a beard.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::tactically, though not tactfully, does tactical things::

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>apparently the warp drive has stalled indefinitely

Captain Zuriyev: @ ::dresses as well:

Lt jg Tiran: What? Not going to be easy to find? I thought you were some miracle worker....

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  Jovek.... I want to see you in the Captain's 

Cdr Sullivan: ready room..... NOW.

LtSg Jovek: ::rushes to the ready room::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Didn't you have one before we crashed? 

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::pulls her boots on::

Captain Zuriyev: @  I don't mind the goatee... just the sides.

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>if you want to then find it yourself... i only recently began looking... viral code 

LtSg Jovek: isn't easy to find and remove

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Walks around ME, trying to decide which problem to attend to first::

LtSg Jovek: ::enters the ready room::

Ensign Chloe: ::brushes a loose strand of her blondish hair from her face, her hair a bit frazzled::

LtSg Jovek: Yes Commander

Dr LeilaniYamato: @You look nice.

Lt jg Tiran: No, you're already started, I'll just make sure nothing else breaks down...

Captain Zuriyev: @ Well, thank you.  But I can't believe I still look nice after all zis time. ::smiles::

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>::nods and continues working at the console::

Ltjg Caine: :::turns to Chloe:::  So what do you think?  A 

Ltjg Caine: sabotuer on board.  Jaykumba suspects even 

Ltjg Caine: us.

Captain Zuriyev: @ How long have we been here, anyway?

Ensign Chloe: ::glances over, raising a delicate brow:: Even us? Well..I suppose that's good detective

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Yeah, like I look wonderful? Sure.. I know 

Ensign Chloe: work...

Dr LeilaniYamato: we're stranded on a planet.  We haven't had 

Dr LeilaniYamato: a chance to bath or anything.

LtSg Jovek: Yes commander?

Ensign Chloe: eliminate all the possibilities... ::irish accent::

Lt jg Tiran: ::walks over to a console and starts monitoring repair status::

Cdr Sullivan: Jovek, what in the name of the Prophets is going on 

Cdr Sullivan: around here?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Walks over, works at the console across from the EEH:: I'll give you a hand here

LtSg Jovek: We have a saboteur on board that much is known.  The saboteur according to the EEH program

Dr LeilaniYamato: @How long? Close to three weeks, I suppose.

LtSg Jovek: has put several virus programs into the ship's computers in engineering.

Captain Zuriyev: @ I'm losing track of ze time...

LtSg Jovek: We are at the mercy of these viral programs until the EEH can remove them

LtSg Jovek: .

Dr LeilaniYamato: @It's easy to do if you aren't used to being 

Dr LeilaniYamato: on a desolate planet for long periods of time.

LtSg Jovek: I have ordered a general lockdown of all nonessential personnel

LtSg Jovek: and a special lockdown of all those personnel that may have a grudge against the Cardassians

LtSg Jovek: .

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at Jovek strangely::: I know we have a shortage 

Cdr Sullivan: in engineering.... but aren't we relying an awful lot on the 

Cdr Sullivan: EEH?

LtSg Jovek: Ask Tiran he's in charge until Seal recovers in sick bay.  I have every confidence

LtSg Jovek: in my program's ability to keep the ship running.  He is a walking technical manual.

Captain Zuriyev: @ Da, zat is true.  Well, what do you want to do now?  We could toss a rock back and forth. 

Captain Zuriyev: ::chuckles::

Lt jg Tiran: ::runs a diagnostic on life support systems on all decks::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Taps around on the console:: ::Curses under his breath:: It's in everything...

LtSg Jovek: Much like the EMH program.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::laughs:: Yeah, we could.  ::shrugs:: I don't 

Dr LeilaniYamato: know.  What do you want to do?

Ltjg Caine: Chloe, do the Irish have a word or concept for 

Ltjg Caine: the "life force" or "life energy"?

Cdr Sullivan: :::frowns::: Just don't use it as a crutch....

Captain Zuriyev: @  How's our food supply?

LtSg Jovek: I shall inform seal immediately after this conversation.  Was there anything else commander?

Cdr Sullivan: Though not human.,.... it was designed by humans....

Dr LeilaniYamato: @It's holding out.  Why?

Ensign Chloe: Hmm.. I'd have to think about that one.. not off the top of my head.. why?

LtSg Jovek: The EEH was designed by a Vulcan.  Myself commander.

Cdr Sullivan: Has Struan gotten any leads on the Captain.

Captain Zuriyev: @ Just wondering... as a Doctor, how do you feel our nutrition is faring?

Lt Struan: Lockheart> ::sitting at her console...::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::still fine tuning his leads on the Captain::

Cdr Sullivan: Human or Vulcan, Jovek.... both are fallible.

Dr LeilaniYamato:

Ltjg Caine: Just curious...I was thinking we might have a 

Ltjg Caine: common point to relate to regarding my 

Lt Struan: ::with an additional report and a better algorithm and searched sensor probe info...

Lt jg Tiran: ::finishes with his diagnostic and sees life support systems working in optimal levels::

Ltjg Caine: treatment of Mr. Seal.

LtSg Jovek: I am not in denial of these facts. 

Ensign Chloe: ::smiles:: It seems you are more of a healer than just a medical doctor.. I'm fine with that

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::waits for him to smile::

LtSg Jovek: The EEH would not be active if not for the dire situation earlier that required fast action.

Ensign Chloe: It's almost comforting.

Captain Zuriyev: @ ::smiles::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::examines his gums and teeth:: 

Lt jg Tiran: ::turns and walks toward the EEH and Zinthys:: How's it going over here?

Cdr Sullivan: Good... now I suggest you do what you can to get this 

Cdr Sullivan: ship back on its feet..... I don't care if your foot has to 

Cdr Sullivan: bond with Tiran's butt...

Ltjg Caine: I trust you are the same.

LtSg Jovek: Yes commander I am on my way to engineering

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Eh..You're ok.  You were in great physical 

Lt jg Zinthys: I'd say very slowly. But it has to, if you expect it to be done right.

Dr LeilaniYamato: shape when we crashed, so you're doing ok 

Dr LeilaniYamato: for now.  I wouldn't like to think that we'd 

Cdr Sullivan: Good.... dismissed.

Dr LeilaniYamato: be trapped here forever.  

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>slow going more viral programs...  i turn up two and three more follow..

Cdr Sullivan: :::strides out onto the bridge:::

LtSg Jovek: ::Walks out of the ready room and heads for the TL::

Captain Zuriyev: @ Should we exercise some more?

Cdr Sullivan: Struan!

Lt jg Zinthys: Seems like this is almost doing us more harm than good.

Lt Struan: Aye Ma'am?

Ensign Chloe: I think I could be... I am sure I have it in me.. a sort of power, maybe.

LtSg Jovek: ::enters the TL and heads for the engineering deck::

Lt Struan: ::looks up...::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::looks at the terrain:: What did you have in 

Dr LeilaniYamato: mind? Kinda rough for running.

Lt Struan: ::gets up to meet the Commander::

Lt jg Tiran: ::mutters under his breath:: Strange....

Captain Zuriyev: @ Maybe we can clear a place.

Captain Zuriyev: @ Not like we have much else to do.

Lt Struan: ::stands at attention before her...::

Lt jg Tiran: Well, I guess you could use some help then...

Cdr Sullivan: I want answers in regards to the Captain and I want 

Cdr Sullivan: them now.

Lt jg Zinthys: Certainly. The more we have, the faster this'll go

Ltjg Caine: Yes, your insight, your intuition, your own 

Ltjg Caine: "life force".

Lt Struan: I think I have a few possible places... I gave Lieutenant Jovek, my first report

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>perhaps if you could work on the warp drive problem at hand

Lt Struan: but I've narrowed the search further... 

Cdr Sullivan: :::tilts her head::: Well, how about enlightening me.

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>it seems that once something gets fixed another system fails... like clockwork.. it 

Lt jg Zinthys: Alright. I've been working here for a little while. Why don't you take over, Tiran, and I'll

Lt jg Zinthys: go work on the warp drive.

LtSg Jovek: would be best if i continued with the viral programs to minimize these occurrences as things

LtSg Jovek: are repaired

Lt Struan: ::nods:: If you'll come with me Commander, I can show you..

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Sure.  Sounds like a good idea.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::calculates the trajectory necessary to land a pot shot in the nearest sun::

Lt jg Tiran: Good idea Zinthys...

Cdr Sullivan: ::::lets Struan lead::::

LtSg Jovek: ::arrives on the engineering deck and heads for main engineering::

Captain Zuriyev: @  If we can make a small track... ::looks around::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @You're still the Captain.  Where do you 

Dr LeilaniYamato: want me to start, sir? ::smiles::

Lt Struan: ::walks back to his console and shows her what he has...::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Nods and walks to the console nearest the warp core::

Captain Zuriyev: @::has lost three of his four pips:: Looks like I'm an Ensign. ::smiles:;

Lt Struan: Using the nearby sensor network, I was able to track the Yacht for a distance before it

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::calculates the trajectory necessary to miss it just slightly::

Lt jg Tiran: ::takes the console Zinthys just lefts and starts working::

Cdr Sullivan: :::does not turn her head::: I hope you are still 

Cdr Sullivan: monitoring those long range sensors, Kiela.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::seeing the beginnings of a pretty neat spiral art pattern, starts putting theoretical \

Lt Struan: went down... not really much information, just warp signatures, other static...

Lt Merienn Kiela: trajectories all over the screen:: ::to herself:: Oooo. That looks like a boat.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Maybe you can replicate some more pips. 

Dr LeilaniYamato: :grins::

Lt Struan: ::stops:: Whatever... I've ploted to this sector...

LtSg Jovek: ::arrives in main engineering and goes to Tiran::

Ensign Chloe: <::laggin::>

LtSg Jovek: Tiran may i speak with you for a moment

Cdr Sullivan: How far?  How long?

Ensign Chloe: I've always had great intuition..

Lt Struan: There's a high probability... ::sector zooms in, isolated in a red display...::

Lt jg Tiran: ::stops working and looks to Jovek:: Sure, I guess....

Captain Zuriyev: @::chuckles and removes the last pip, regards it::

LtSg Jovek: The commander has divulged to me here displeasure in the ship's status.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::starts clearing rocks:: OOoh, now I 

LtSg Jovek: I know you are working very hard down here to keep everything running.

Dr LeilaniYamato: outrank you. ::laughs::

LtSg Jovek: However, the warp drive takes precendence over all other system failures

Lt Struan: If we change course now... 

Captain Zuriyev: @::pins the pip on Leilani's collar:: There, zat makes you a Major and me an Academy cadet. 

Lt jg Tiran: Other than life support, I assume.

Cdr Sullivan: :::taps her foot in impatience:::

LtSg Jovek: Please ask the EEH for any assistance you may need but do not rely on it for everything

Lt Struan: ::takes in the measurements...:: About two hours, high warp...

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::laughs harder:: Yeah, that'll be the day. 

Lt jg Tiran: It's not as simple as that sir...

LtSg Jovek: Explain

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<::wonders if Sullivan has fully considered the possibilities of NOT recovering the

Lt Merienn Kiela: Captain::>>

Lt jg Tiran: All the viruses need to be rid of first before we can restore warp power

Lt Struan: Then we can begin an extensive search for the Yacht...

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Starts tapping around on the console::

Lt Struan: There are several inhabitted systems in this sector...

Lt jg Tiran: The EEH has informed it is slow going removing the viruses

Lt jg Zinthys: <<Yeah, we can make them type "@

Captain Zuriyev: @:: works on clearing some rocks near Leilani::   At least I still have my 

Captain Zuriyev: commbadge... lot of good zat it is doing.

LtSg Jovek: Viral programs... 

Lt jg Zinthys: " before they say anything from now on>>

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::looks at him and smiles:: My goodness.  

Dr LeilaniYamato: Your hair is getting long. ::begins moving more 

Dr LeilaniYamato: rocks::

Lt Struan: and 25% of the planets are classified as habitable...

LtSg Jovek: I will work with the EEH to get rid of these viral worry about the warp drive

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Yeah, really.  All that equipment we 

Lt Struan: I suggest to check them first... 

Dr LeilaniYamato: brought..Useless.

Captain Zuriyev: @ Da, going from keeping it totally shaved to having long hair... wierd... faster 

Captain Zuriyev: than normal, it seems.

Cdr Sullivan: :::mutters a curse::: We don't even have medium warp... 

Cdr Sullivan: much less high warp/

Captain Zuriyev: @ I wonder what cooked commbadge would taste like?

LtSg Jovek: <<try no warp>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::wonders if the Captain still has his commbadge::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Might break some teeth. 

Lt Merienn Kiela: :;remembers several adventures of the Starship Enterprise in which an enterprising young lad

Lt jg Tiran: ::slightly unenthusiastically:: Yes sir

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Do you really want me to be your dentist, 

Dr LeilaniYamato: too? ::grins::

Lt Struan: What about a shuttle?

Lt Merienn Kiela: managed to dig himself out of detestable crises with nothing more than a broken comm badge

LtSg Jovek: ::goes over to a terminal to help remove the viruses::

Lt Merienn Kiela: and mysterious electronic bits left over from a crashed something-er-other::

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>so i see you have come to help

LtSg Jovek: I have

Captain Zuriyev: @ Well, I'll hang on to it.  Maybe Atlantis can detect it somehow.

Lt jg Tiran: ::walks over to the console next to Zinthys:: Looks like it's you and me working 

LtSg Jovek: What is your current progress report

Lt jg Tiran: together again

Lt Struan: Maybe I could try and blanket the region with a subspace message, but that attracts 

Lt Struan: attention...

Captain Zuriyev: @ ::starts pulling up some plants::

Lt jg Zinthys: Well, we ought to get done faster that way

Dr LeilaniYamato: @What about a balloon?

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>i have wiped 23 viral programs and more keep appearing

Captain Zuriyev: @ A balloon?

LtSg Jovek: Interesting I would say someone is working against you

Ltjg Caine: Chloe, come here a moment, please.

Cdr Sullivan: Kiela, Struan.... take one of the shuttles and investigate 

Cdr Sullivan: the possibilities.

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>you think

LtSg Jovek: ::eyes the EEH curiously::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Yeah.  We could build a basket big enough 

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>what's that expression for

Dr LeilaniYamato: to hold us... Take some of the tarps and stuff 

Dr LeilaniYamato: out of the shuttle.  Fill it with gas.  

LtSg Jovek: nothing

Captain Zuriyev: @ Where would we get ze gas?

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<The possibilities of recovering him or leaving him where he is?>>

Ensign Chloe: ::stops what she is doing, walks over to him, questioning look on her face:: Yes?

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::looks over at Struan, than at Sulivan:: Aye, Commander.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @I'd guess that we'd get it over there. 

Cdr Sullivan: <<My aren't we anxious to leave him behind....>>

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::points to a steam-type vent.

Ltjg Caine: Let's see if we can put that intuition of yours 

Ltjg Caine: to work...

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Commander, i am helping to remove the viral programs from the computer

Cdr Sullivan: *Caine* Sullivan to Caine.

LtSg Jovek: Tiran is working ont he warp drive as well

Ltjg Caine: :::turns:::  Emergency Medical Holograph

Lt Struan: ::looks at Kiela and back to his console... ::downloads the information onto a PADD::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Not to mention that we may be able to 

Dr LeilaniYamato: harness some gas from these grasses.. Cook 

Dr LeilaniYamato: them and capture the gas.

Ensign Chloe: ::smiles lightly, then blinks at the com::

Ltjg Caine: +Sullivan+Caine here, Commander.

Lt Struan: I'm ready to go when you are...::to Kiela, slight cordial smile...::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @If we got high enough into the atmosphere, 

Dr LeilaniYamato: we may be able to contact the ship.

Captain Zuriyev: What about breathing?

LtSg Jovek: ::works on the viral codes::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::nods, completely without smile cordial or otherwise:: Likewise.

MTROLL357: me

Dr LeilaniYamato: @There's O2 on the shuttle.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::logs out of the tactical console::

Cdr Sullivan: *Caine* Doctor... I need you to assign one memeber of 

Captain Zuriyev: @ An interesting idea... but wouldn't ze ship have to be nearby?

Cdr Sullivan: your staff to assist on a search and hopefully rescue 

Cdr Sullivan: mission for the Captain and Yamato.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Don't you think Atlantis is on the way?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Works away at his console::

Captain Zuriyev: @ Zey would be searching, da.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @So what have we got to lose?

Ltjg Caine: :::looks at Chloe::: Are you up for that?

LtSg Jovek: ::begins noticing familiar patterns in the coding and different styles of coding between 

Lt Struan: ::checks the roster and gets them one of the shuttles...heads for the TL::

LtSg Jovek: older and newer viruses==

LtSg Jovek: ::

Ensign Chloe: ::nods:: I'm up for anything.

Lt jg Tiran: ::continues working, wondering how long this will take::

Lt Struan: ::waits for Kiela::

Ensign Chloe: ::already reaching for a medkit::

Captain Zuriyev: @ Ze problem is zat we can't keep ze gas in ze balloon hot... ze higher we go, ze colder it 

Captain Zuriyev: gets... and we don't have a way to burn something in ze balloon.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::follows Struan::

Ltjg Caine: :::smiles::: Good -- you're going!  +Sullivan+  

Ltjg Caine: Dr. Chloe is on her way, Commander.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Don't you think we could find something?

Cdr Sullivan: *Caine* Have her report to the shuttle bay and bring a 

Cdr Sullivan: wellsotcked medlkit.

Lt Struan: ::sees her enter the TL:; Computer, shuttlebay 2...

Ensign Chloe: ::nods, has a very BIG medkit:: <g>

Cdr Sullivan: *Caine* Time is of the essence.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @C'mon Alexi!! We have to try something! If 

LtSg Jovek: So this is some of the best programming i have seen on your part

Dr LeilaniYamato: Atlantis gets near this planet, they'll crash 

Dr LeilaniYamato: too.  

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>what?

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<Now, now, Chloe. Size doesn't matter.>>

Lt Struan: ::starts to whistle his tune again...::

Ensign Chloe: ::turning a heel and rushing out of SB with a wave to Caine::

Ensign Chloe: < ::snicker:: Big and resourceful then..<g>>

Captain Zuriyev: @ I don't think it was ze planet zat caused us to crash.

LtSg Jovek: I especially like the domino effects you've created

Borg12of14: Hola

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Then what was it?

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>What are you getting at?

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::listens to Struan::

Lt jg Zinthys: <<Excuse me? Geez, Merienn>>

Borg12of14: oops am I interupting something?

Captain Zuriyev: @ I think our shuttle was sabotaged.

Borg12of14: sorry bye

LtSg Jovek: The newer viruses are yours... they match my programming style

Ensign Chloe: ::rushes into TL:: Shuttlebay.

Cdr Sullivan: :::sits back in the center chair and drums her fingers, 

Cdr Sullivan: her lips forming a slight pout:::

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<::bats her eyes innocently at Zinthys::>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::subdued:: Not bad.

Ltjg Caine: +Sullivan+  On her way as we speak.

Ensign Chloe: < Size doesn't matter... its how you use it... ::wink at Allen::<Eg> >

Captain Zuriyev: << {S Brakes} >>

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>::grabs a nearby engineer:: come after me and i'll rearrage his heart 

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::eyes grow cold:: And why do you think 

Dr LeilaniYamato: that?

Lt Struan: ::looks over:: Yeah, not bad... ::TL doors open, exits::

Ensign Chloe: ::TL moves with light speed, stops and she hops out into the shuttlebay::

Lt Struan: You know what it's called? 

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Security to main engineering the EEH has turned traitor

Captain Zuriyev: @ From ze instrument readings I recieved.

Ltjg Caine: EMH> Please nature the state of the medical 

Ltjg Caine: emergency.

Captain Zuriyev: @::sits on a rock::

Lt Merienn Kiela: I can't place it. Quite familiar though.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Looks over at the EEH, sees what's going on:: ::Curses::

Captain Zuriyev: @ Our electronics simply won't function here, da?

Lt Struan: Neither can I... I heard it somewhere...don't know where anymore.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Why didn't you say anything before now? 

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>::begins backing toward the exit to engineering::

Dr LeilaniYamato: Right.  Nothing will.

Ensign Chloe: ::looks for the other crew members::

Borg12of14: I HAVE TO PEEEEEE!!!

Lt Struan: ::enters the shuttlebay...::

Ltjg Caine: +Sullivan+ Sickbay to Bridge!

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Security to main engineering

Lt Struan: <<the hell...>>

Dr LeilaniYamato: @The batteries on my rifle were totally 

Dr LeilaniYamato: drained.  They were charged before we left. 

Captain Zuriyev: @ I still had power we when started going down.

Cdr Sullivan: *Caine*  What is it?

Ensign Chloe: <::posts sign on the door:: "No morons allowed.">

Dr LeilaniYamato: @So why did we crash?

Captain Zuriyev: <<Borg have to pee? :) >>

Cdr Sullivan: <<Guess I better leave.....>>

Ltjg Caine: +Sullivan+  Please have Engineering take the 

Ltjg Caine: EEH off line.

Lt jg Zinthys: <<Morons can't read, Chloe, dear>>

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<They probably have to rid themselves of extraneous bionutrients>>

Captain Zuriyev: @ Engines went offline.  Just ze engines.  Ze other systems were fine until we got here.

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::clears throat quietly:: Lieutenant... do you know what this Ensign who's joining us

Ensign Chloe: < Oops...maybe  I should just put a hooked on phonics kit up then?>

Lt Merienn Kiela: happens to look like?

Cdr Sullivan: *Caine* Reason, Doctor?

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>you'll want to erase me won't you but you'll have to catch me first...::the EEH runs

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Can the engines just go off line? Isn't 

LtSg Jovek: out of engineering and leaves the hostage behind::

Dr LeilaniYamato: there usually some sort of catostrophic thing 

Dr LeilaniYamato: that occurs before the failure?

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Commander

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  Yes, Jovek?

LtSg Jovek: ::runs after the EEH::

Ensign Chloe: ::looks at the others, quietly standing with a big and resourceful medkit::

Lt Struan: ::enters the for long range travel...::

Captain Zuriyev: @ If the saboteur knows what he's doing, da.  

Ltjg Caine: +Sullivan+ The EMH is flawed...I realized we 

Ltjg Caine: are relying on computer constructs to help us.

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Commander the EEH has been corrupted and is working for the opposition

Cdr Sullivan: :::thinks it is time to get an unlisted commbadge:::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::follows Struan::

LtSg Jovek: It has escaped and is now loose on the ship I am chasing it down

Ensign Chloe: ::following them:: < Who all is on this rescue team?>

LtSg Jovek: make a note to security to speed things up in the future

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::finds that Struan's tune is stuck in her head::

LtSg Jovek: .

Lt jg Tiran: ::sees Jovek run after the EEH, and wonders what is going on::

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  Can't youjust turn it off?

Captain Zuriyev: @ He could put a timed cut off on the matter/antimatter reaction.

Lt Merienn Kiela: <Me and Struan, Chloe. And yes, I know that's bad grammar.>

LtSg Jovek: +taps+It's not that simple commander it

LtSg Jovek: it'

LtSg Jovek: it

Dr LeilaniYamato: @And what the sabatuer didn't destroy, the 

Dr LeilaniYamato: crash did.

Ensign Chloe: < Heehee.>

Ltjg Caine: :::to EMH::: That will be all, thank you.

Lt Struan: ::does the precheck:: 

LtSg Jovek: it's in the mobile emitter... i can;'t turn it off until i catch him

Captain Zuriyev: @ Da.  Convenient, no?

Ensign Chloe: ::sitting down in the shuttle, exhaling and keeping a blank face::

Lt jg Tiran: ::turns to Zinthys:: What the heck is going on with the EEH?

Ltjg Caine: <<Bad grammar seems to be quite acceptable 

Ltjg Caine: while on line.  ; ) >>

LtSg Jovek: ::Chasing it down several hallways::

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  Doens't it have a standard base in the MCC?

Lt Struan: Sees Chloe enter... welcome aboard...

Lt jg Zinthys: I don't know. He took a captive and ran, but left the guy. ::Runs over to the ex-hostage::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Yeah..

Cdr Sullivan: *Caine* Please tell me that your EMH has deactivated 

LtSg Jovek: +taps+The whole program has been downloaded into the emitter... it cannot be turned off 

Cdr Sullivan: itself.

LtSg Jovek: except at the emitter

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::pauses for a moment:: Alexi, there's 

Ensign Chloe: ::nods, smile:: Thank you. ::clasps her hands and tangles her fingers together::

Dr LeilaniYamato: something I haven't told you. 

Captain Zuriyev: @ If ze gravity of ze planet had not pulled us in, we would be drifting... da?

Lt Struan: +taps+ Atlantis, Struan here, we're ready to go...

Cdr Sullivan: :::curses again:::

Cdr Sullivan: *Struan* Launch when ready.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Helps him get up and on his way::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::looks down at the ground:: One of 

Dr LeilaniYamato: the..people that attacked me..

Ltjg Caine: +Sullivan+  No, it hasn't, but it's about to find 

Ltjg Caine: out why I"m Chief Medical Officer.

Lt Struan: +taps+ :has no idea what the name of the shuttle is:: Aye ma'am... USS ...uh...

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::glancing at Chloe's tangled fingers:: Straight out of the Academy?

Lt Struan: Search and Rescue out... ::mutters:: whatever...

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Commander it uses a microfusion power plant... if you could track that then you could

Captain Zuriyev: @ ::listens:;

Dr LeilaniYamato: @He's on the ship.  I heard the voice before 

Dr LeilaniYamato: we left.  I looked to see if I could identify 

Ensign Chloe: ::blinks, looks at Merienn:: I... yes. That's correct, ma'am.

Dr LeilaniYamato: him, but there was a crowd of crew around. 

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::voice trails off::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Ma'am.

Lt Struan: Prepare for launch... 

Cdr Sullivan: *ALL SHIP*  Attention all personnel.... if you see the 

Cdr Sullivan: EEH.... use whatever force necessary to stop it.

LtSg Jovek: barricade it into a hallway and then send an EM pulse through the hallway... i didn't have 

LtSg Jovek: time to harden the emitter

Captain Zuriyev: @ Zat can not be a coincidence....

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::shrugs:: Lieutenant is more appropriate, Ensign.

Cdr Sullivan: :::mutters something about not liking this:::

Lt Merienn Kiela: Ma'am, being gender specific, can be construed as offensive. As I learned the hard way, you 

Lt Merienn Kiela: can't always tell what gender an alien is.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::mutters:: No, I don't think so, either.

Ltjg Caine: :::eyes the EMH, turns to main medical 

Ltjg Caine: console, taps a key sequence, and EMH fades:::

Ensign Chloe: ::little smile:: If you prefer it, Lieutenant. ::accent as always::

Lt Struan: ::USS S&R lifts off and out of Atlantis into the void of space...::

Captain Zuriyev: @ When I get back to ze ship and we find this fellow... ::doesn't finish::

Ltjg Caine: +Sullivan+  EMH is down, Commander.  How 

Ltjg Caine: may I assist?

Cdr Sullivan: :::sits at Struan's console and does what AJovek tells 

Cdr Sullivan: her, tracking the rogue EEH::::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::winces, remembering the little scene outside "Mister" Svak'Dlak's office::

LtSg Jovek: <EEH>enters a turbolift and heads for the shuttlebay deck::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @And what?

Lt Struan: Lock> ::glad she's not really involved in any of that EEH stuff, sits and does her work 

Lt Struan: quietly::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Alexi, I don't ever want to see him again.  I 

Captain Zuriyev: @  I will kill him.

Dr LeilaniYamato: almost fainted when I heard his voice.

Cdr Sullivan: :::activates barricade protocols around all TL's:::

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Commander he's in a turbo lift i just missed him he's going down

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Runs to the console the EEH was at:: ::taps:: +Jovek+ Sir, is there any way Engineering 

Lt jg Zinthys: can help?

Dr LeilaniYamato: @You can't do that.  You'd get into trouble.

Cdr Sullivan: :::wonders who the lazy chick in the science uniform 

Cdr Sullivan: is::::

Lt Struan: Making our jump into warp... ETA three hours ten minutes...

Captain Zuriyev: @  It will look like an accident.  But I will kill him.

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Zinthys... we need an EM pulse generated in turbo shaft 4

Lt jg Tiran: ::not knowing what's going on, continues his work on the warp drive::

Ensign Chloe: ::leans back in her chair, thinking, "Long ride..":::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::extremely quietly:: Why?

Lt jg Zinthys: Yes, sir ::Runs to the console, sets off the pulse::

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Commander EM pulse being generated has the emitter gone offline?

Cdr Sullivan: :::carefully closing the barricades in to further trap the 

Cdr Sullivan: holo-nerd::::

Lt Struan: Lock> ::trying to fix the mess that was made in the science lab computers...:

Lt jg Zinthys: ::In all the shafts, not knowing which to do, but not really caring::

Lt Struan: <<LOL holonerd...>>

Ltjg Caine: <<lol>>

Captain Zuriyev: @ He has damaged everything zat I care about in my life... you... my ship... my crew...

LtSg Jovek: << :) >>

Cdr Sullivan: :::watching the screen::: *Jovek* It is fading.... 

Cdr Sullivan: oops...:::as the dot fades out::: All is black.

Ensign Chloe: ::mind wanders to her future dinner plans...hoping they can be when they were set::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::turns around:: Well, we have a lot of time to plan out our search...soo...

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Noted

Lt Merienn Kiela: Besides being here to attack anything that looks untrustworthy... I'd like to contribute to 

LtSg Jovek: ::Calls tubolift 4 back up::

Lt Merienn Kiela: the mission in some way. Mr. Struan. Could you inform Ensign... ::pauses, trying to recall 

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Zinthys, good work.  The EEH has been neutralized

Lt Merienn Kiela: the girl's name, gives up and goes on:: .. and I what your plans are for locating Captain 

Lt Merienn Kiela: Zuriyev?

Lt Struan: ::shuttle has gone to the fastest warp possible...::

Lt jg Zinthys: My pleasure, sir.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::walks over to him, sits down and leans her 

Dr LeilaniYamato: head against his arm:: 

LtSg Jovek: ::enters the TL and gets the emitter::

Ltjg Caine: :::leaves Sickbay for the Bridge:::

Lt Struan: ::nods:: Yeah... ::lays out the infor before them::

Ensign Chloe: (q) Tiernee.. Ensign Tiernee.

LtSg Jovek: ::heads up to the bridge::

Lt Struan: Last known signature for the Captain's Yacht and visuals pinpoint that he is within this

Cdr Sullivan: :::leaves the science console and returns to the center 

Cdr Sullivan: chair:::

Cdr Sullivan: :::sits:::

LtSg Jovek: ::arrives on the bridge::

Lt jg Tiran: ::now that his work is not being halted by another set of problems, he is starting to 

Lt jg Tiran: get somewhere::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @What if the person that damaged the 

Dr LeilaniYamato: shuttle also damaged the Atlantis? 

Ensign Chloe: ::leans to look, blue-green eyes focusing::

LtSg Jovek: ::hands sullivan the worthless emitter:: a souvenir commander

Lt Struan: <<scratch that, not the Yacht, but the shuttle Radiant...>>

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks back::: I take it the genie is back in its lamp?

Ltjg Caine: :::enters the Bridge:::

Cdr Sullivan: :::takes it and examines it:::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::taps:: +Jovek+ Sir, ummm, you seemed to know what you were doing with those viruses. Do 

Captain Zuriyev: @ I'm sure zat he has.... Commander Sullivan might have killed him already, come to think of 

Captain Zuriyev: it.

LtSg Jovek: permanently... i'll have to have all new parts replicated

Lt jg Zinthys: you think you could give us a hand, sir?

LtSg Jovek: fortunately that was only a copy of the real program

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::asks the dreaded question:: What if the 

Dr LeilaniYamato: Atlantis is lost?

Lt Struan: Struan> There's a high probably the Radiant is within this area, but it's still pretty big..

Cdr Sullivan: You sure  you want to do that?

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::nods to Struan, mentally analyzing the data::

Captain Zuriyev: @ I can not consider zat possibility... 

Ltjg Caine: :::watches Jovek and Sullivan:::

Lt Struan: Struan> There are three star systems and lots of open space... some spatial phenomenon 

LtSg Jovek: After the intruder is gone i see no problem with it and i will install better software 

LtSg Jovek: protection

Lt Struan: in this subsector, but only 25% of the planets are habitable...

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::softly:: Maybe we need to.  

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Zinthys... i'lll be there in a minute

Lt jg Zinthys: Thank you, sir.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Can we confine our search to only planets, asteroids, and other gravity-bearing objects --

Cdr Sullivan: I see... may I suggest that you, in the future, limit the 

Cdr Sullivan: access of the EEH?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Works at the virus-destroying console in the meantime::

Ensign Chloe: The captain..if he could...would have aimed towards a habitable one.. right?

Lt Merienn Kiela: perhaps with atmospheres -- for the moment? One assumes if the shuttle were still able to 

LtSg Jovek: The good news is the EEH's programs will be much easier to destroy than our intruders

Captain Zuriyev: @ ::Sighs:  In zat case, Starfleet will have someone looking for us.

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at Caine::: Can I help you, Doctor?

Lt Merienn Kiela: move under its own power, he would have... ::coughs:: never mind.

LtSg Jovek: As i said better software protection... someone had to deactivate it and tamper with it for 

LtSg Jovek: it to do taht

Ensign Chloe: ::bites her lip, glancing at Kiela::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::nods:: Maybe we should think about 

Cdr Sullivan: Any thoughts as to whom?

Dr LeilaniYamato: making a permanent shelter...

Lt Struan: :;nods:: I did some shuttle projections based on Radiant's vitals...

LtSg Jovek: Possibly our intruder, who else

Cdr Sullivan: Can you narrow it down a bit further?

LtSg Jovek: Someone in engineering

Ltjg Caine: :::raises an eyebrow:::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::doesn't comment on the use of the word "vitals" for something non-living::

Cdr Sullivan: :::suppresses a frustrated growl:::

Ensign Chloe: ::crosses her arms, tilting her head as she listens::

Ensign Chloe: ::her hair still frazzled::

LtSg Jovek: Unless you want me to mind rape everyone in engineering until i find the intruder but it 

Lt Struan: We have Ventrue 6 and Maecene, those are the two closest habital worlds...

LtSg Jovek: would be ill advised as well as highly illegal

Cdr Sullivan: :::the thought has a certain appeal to her::::

Cdr Sullivan: Can  you set a trap?

Ltjg Caine: :::flinches at the Vulcan's use of the word 

Ltjg Caine: "rape":::

LtSg Jovek: I suggest we localize security teams to engineering and have them look for anyone out of 

LtSg Jovek: place or anyone acting stragne

LtSg Jovek: strange

Ensign Chloe: ::has look of thought on her face::

Captain Zuriyev: @ What kind of shelter?

Lt Struan: not much info on Ventrue 6... 

LtSg Jovek: What did you have in mind?

Captain Zuriyev: @  Other zan our cave.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @Well, like a house.  These stones can help.. 

Cdr Sullivan: :::looks at Jovek::: Strange?  That qualifies any number 

Cdr Sullivan: of us.

Dr LeilaniYamato: So can the grass.. It's pretty sturdy.

LtSg Jovek: As i said, what did you have in mind for a trap commander?

Lt Struan: SF has sent a total of fourteen probes to study her, they vanish into the planet...

Captain Zuriyev: Maybe something out of soil... it is a good insulator.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Goes back to the warp core, remembering someone saying it was a priority::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @How about a combination of the three? 

Ensign Chloe: ::blinks:: Vanish? 

Captain Zuriyev: @ Da, a good plan.

Lt Merienn Kiela: Wouldn't it be prudent to figure out what downed the shuttle Radiant before wandering into

Cdr Sullivan: It was an idea, Jovek... a thought.... not a detailed plan.

Lt Struan: Well... they enter the atmosphere and nothing comes back...

Lt Merienn Kiela: whatever it is ourselves?

Dr LeilaniYamato: @We could use the grass as a roof.  Well, 

Dr LeilaniYamato: grass and those tree branches.  

Lt Struan: That would be very prudent... 

LtSg Jovek: We would need the appropriate type of cheese for our prey

Lt Merienn Kiela: How do we make it practical?

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::gets her rucksack, opens it and pulls out a 

Dr LeilaniYamato: field shovel:: Here, you want to dig while I 

Dr LeilaniYamato: cut some trees?

Captain Zuriyev: @ Sure thing. ::takes the shovel and finds a soft looking spot of dirt::

Lt Struan: To simply our search? Go with what we can search first... We can shoot some

Cdr Sullivan: What would our culprit not be able to resist?

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::takes her knife and walks to the nearest 

Captain Zuriyev: @::starts to dig::

Dr LeilaniYamato: tree..starts hacking::

Lt Struan: subspace waveforms out when we get there as well...

LtSg Jovek: An easy way to keep the ship incapacitated

Cdr Sullivan: Is there a way to make the warpdirve appear to be 

Cdr Sullivan: activated?

Lt Struan: Maybe they'll recieve...

LtSg Jovek: Possibly,

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::shrugs:: Anyhing's possible.

Ensign Chloe: There's no possibility that maybe the shuttle itself can be a beacon? Maybe there's 

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::tosses the cut branches to the side::

Ensign Chloe: something we can find and follow it..

Lt Merienn Kiela: Are we equipped with canisters for corpse-handling?

LtSg Jovek: If i can make it happen what did you have in mind?

Lt Struan: ::nods at Chloe's statement, looks to Merienn, stares at her blankly::

Lt Merienn Kiela: We'll need to keep the bodies fresh for autopsy onboard ship.

Captain Zuriyev: @ ::starts to pile loose dirt that can be packed easily, sorting out the rocks::

Cdr Sullivan: If we get the warp appear to be functioning.... then the 

Cdr Sullivan: bastard would have to attempt to shut it down again.

Ensign Chloe: ::blinks at Kiela::

Lt Struan: I think there's a freezer in the back, but you'll have to throw all the ice cream away... ::

Lt Struan: smiles slightly::

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::wipes some sweat out of her eyes, and 

Dr LeilaniYamato: continues working:: 

LtSg Jovek: We would need someone to monitor all consoles attempting to access engineering... 

Ensign Chloe: We.. we aren't even keeping a sliver of hope of finding them ..alive?

Ensign Chloe: ::small voice::

Captain Zuriyev: @ For such a variable climate, the soil is rich...

Lt Merienn Kiela: Why are we keeping pre-replicated ice cream?

LtSg Jovek: specifically the warp core... if you can handle the latter i think i can motivate Tiran to 

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::to Chloe:: Oh, there's always hope.

Dr LeilaniYamato: @::raises her voice:: You know, I hope the 

Dr LeilaniYamato: Commandant doesn't suddenly appear.  I'd 

Dr LeilaniYamato: fail an inspection. ::chuckles::

LtSg Jovek: make the warp drive appear functional... you will of course have to play along

Lt Struan: Bloody Christ, I hope to find them alive...not dead...

LtSg Jovek: and order us to warp speed

Lt Merienn Kiela: Let's think about this practically.

Captain Zuriyev: @ I wouldn't let him be too hard on you. ::chuckles::

Captain Zuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= 

Captain Zuriyev: END SIMULATION

Captain Zuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=