LtSg Jovek:    ==begin sim==

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *cue: Chief Engineer Andrew Seal*

Ensign Chloe: ::walking down the corridor, on her way to sickbay, for maybe

the second time..::

Ensign Chloe: ::this time for official duty::

LtJaykumba:    +Jovek+  we need a helmsman

LtSg Jovek:    <2nd O>helm Eta to the Fazir?

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::resting in her quarters, under the watchful

Dr LeilaniYamato:    eye of the Captain...who has also fallen

Dr LeilaniYamato:    asleep::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::sits at a console, reading a PADD::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *standing in Engineering, supervising a horde of Engineers

who are standing about drinking

LtJaykumba:    ::enters the bridge::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    day old coffee*

LtSg Jovek:    <<who's the normal helm??  wasn't that merienn?>>

Lt jg Zinthys: <<Merienn's Tac>>

LtJaykumba:    (( Belle))

Catie MacGregor:     ::unpacking in her new quarters::

LtSg Jovek:    <<i'll do it then>>

LtJG Andrew Seal:    ((Belle said she would be unable to make it today.))

Ltn Ashleigh: ::in the security office, checking reports n' such::

LtSg Jovek:    <helm><2nd O>2 days sir

Lt jg Zinthys: <<You're the CO>>

LtJaykumba:    (( you are CO Jovek sir))

Lt Struan:     Struan> ::in science lab doing the stuff that a science can


LtSg Jovek:    <<i'll do both for now>>

LtJaykumba:    ((I volenteer  Helm))

LtJG Andrew Seal:    Hmmm....everything seems to be working correctly...

Lt Struan:     <<science guy can do...>>

LtJG Andrew Seal:    You all know what that means, right?

LtJG Andrew Seal:    <Engineers> *turn towards Seal*

LtSg Jovek:    ==2 explosive devices go off on the ship in engineering and the

ship hurtles out of warp==

LtJG Andrew Seal:    <Seal> *expression of joy* ROUTINE MAITENENCE!

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Walks around ME, doing something::

Ensign Chloe: ::entering sickbay, glancing around, her long blond hair

pulled back in a ponytail::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::looks over to Zinthys:: Who is Seal talking to?

LtJaykumba:    ::gets throwed to the floor::

Lt Struan:     Lock> Why are you doing nothing?

LtSg Jovek:    ::holds onto the captain's chair for dear life::

Lt jg Zinthys: The people in his head, as far as I can tell

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *abruptly interrupted by two explosive devices which just

happen to be right behind his head

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *

Lt Struan:     Struan> Cause lass, that's what we science types do... ::grins::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::grabs ahold of his console to steady himself::

LtSg Jovek:    ==several engineering officers are injured and or dying==

Catie MacGregor:     ::gets shaken around a bit::

Lt Struan:     ::feels the ship rock:: The hell was that? ::sits up::

LtJaykumba:    ::gets up and walks to the Helm::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    .....*on the ground*.....owww....

Lt Struan:     Lock> Oh uh...::goes to her console::

LtSg Jovek:    ::the helm regains control and stabilizes the ship::

Ensign Chloe: ::tumbles by the shaking:: oof...

Ltn Ashleigh: ::head snaps up tiredly as the ship shakes::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::gets back upright in his chair::

LtSg Jovek:    ==several microfractures have appeared in the hull from the

sudden stop==

Catie MacGregor:     ::sits down to avoid falling:: Great..just great..what on

Catie MacGregor:     earth?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Grabs a console, steadying himself::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::hears the explosion, jumps up, gets dressed

Dr LeilaniYamato:    and rushes out::

Ensign Chloe: ::groans a little, laying on the ground, blinks:: Wha'...thee


LtJaykumba:    ::finds blood dripping down his

LtJaykumba:    face::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    <Computer> Coolant leak, evacuate Engineering


Lt Struan:     Struan> Everyone okay? ::to no one::

LtSg Jovek:    ==hull breach on decks 3, 6 and 10==

LtJG Andrew Seal:    <Seal> ....ow...

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::heads for sickbay::

Lt Struan:     Lock> Fine here.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Leaps over the consoles and runs to the blast area, taps

his badge:: We need medical in ME

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::runs in as she adjusts her cap::

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Seal what

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::looks around:: What in the hell was that?

LtSg Jovek:    what's going on down there!

LtJG Andrew Seal:    +taps+ Owwww......

Ensign Chloe: ::sits up slowly, her head a bit clouded, a cut on her

forehead:: Mmm.. ::blink::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::hears the computer:: Hull breach? coolant leak?

Catie MacGregor:     ::wonders if perhaps she shouldn't head up to the bridge::

Ensign Chloe: ::grabs the edge of the biobed she hit.. and stands slowly


LtJG Andrew Seal:    *makes his way to his feet, a huge burn on his shoulder,

part of his neck is gashed badly by

LtJaykumba:    ::walks over to the OPs station::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    shrapnel*

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Talking to his badge:: We have an explosion in ME, we need

a medical team.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::hears the comm:: You ok, Doctor? ::looks at

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Engineering report... what's going on down there? 

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Chloe::

LtJaykumba:    ::looks at the condition of the

LtJaykumba:    ship::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    Everyone....out of Engineering....*staggers forward*

Catie MacGregor:     ::stands and exits her quarters, heading for the nearest

Catie MacGregor:     TL::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    +taps+ Medical here, Zinthys.  On the way.

Lt Struan:     Lock> There's been a blast in engineering...

Ltn Ashleigh: ::scans a console to see where the explosion came from::

Ensign Chloe: ::blinks, looks at Leilani:: Aye.. I think so. I just hit me

head..::thick irish accent::

Lt jg Zinthys: Acknowledged

Lt Struan:     Lock> ::frowns:: I hate this ship!

LtJG Andrew Seal:    +taps+ Seal here...there has been an explosion...I am

evacuating Engineering...but I am

Lt jg Tiran:   ::grabs his PADDs and starts to help others out of ME::

Ensign Chloe: I should be fine... are ye well?

LtJG Andrew Seal:    staying.  An ejection of the warp core may be neccessary.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Runs over to Seal:: Need help?

Lt Struan:     Struan> Ah, Lock, <m> You'd love living in a cave...

LtJaykumba:    Asec>Jovek  We have hull

LtJaykumba:    breechs  i'm settinup force fields

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Let's go.. Injuries in Engineering.. Yeah,

Dr LeilaniYamato:    physically I'm fine.

Catie MacGregor:     ::enters when the doors open:: Bridge

Lt Struan:     Lock> I heard that...

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *looks to Zinthys* No, I am fine....get everyone


LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Understood.  Can you determine what caused the explosion?

LtJG Andrew Seal:    Evacuate.

Ensign Chloe: ::glances around, picks up a few medkits, ready to follow


LtJG Andrew Seal:    +taps+ Yes, most clearly.

LtJG Andrew Seal:    +taps+ A really big bomb.

Lt Struan:     Struan> I'm going to the bridge. Have a ball...

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *boom

LtJG Andrew Seal:    <<Not bomb.>>

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::grabs a bag:: Ready?

Lt Struan:     Lock> ::shivers::

Lt jg Zinthys: Yessir. ::Speaks really loudly:: Everyone in Engineering get


Catie MacGregor:     ::exits the lift onto the bridge, looking for the officer


Catie MacGregor:     charge::

LtJaykumba:    Asec> Jovek  I've established

LtJaykumba:    force fields

Ensign Chloe: ::nods:: Aye, let's go.

Ltn Ashleigh: ::makes her way out of security and to a TL:: Main


Lt Struan:     Struan> ::heading out to survey things... ::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *moves to the main Engineering console, coolant spraying

about him from various conduits*

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Ashleigh.  I want a security team in full environmental

suits to assist the evacuation

LtSg Jovek:    of engineering and i want you to investigate this possible


Lt jg Tiran:   ::puts one of the Engineers down outside of ME and goes back in

to help another::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *makes motions on console* +taps+ I am sealing


Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::heads out and runs for Engineering::

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Caine send help to engineering immediately

Lt Struan:     Struan> ::sees people going in the way of ME, but heads to the

bridge quickly::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Tries to help the chaos by directing people::

LtJaykumba:    ::stilll bleeding down his face::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *doors in Engineering start to seal*

LtJaykumba:    Sir  we need a Yellow alert?

Ensign Chloe: ::following closely behind, blinking away the small hints of

wooziness she feels from

Ltn Ashleigh: +Jovek+ Aye, sir, I'm on my way now.

LtJG Andrew Seal:    EVERYONE OUT!!

Catie MacGregor:     ::walks over to Jovek:: Lieutenant?

Dr LeilaniYamato:    +taps+ Leilani to bridge.  Med teams en route

Ensign Chloe: the hit on her head::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    to Engineering.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::arrives slightly out of breath from the run::

LtSg Jovek:    ::turns around quickly:: yes?

Lt Struan:     Struan> ::enters the bridge and takes his console::

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+ noted

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *makes sure everyone has left Engineering and begins

sealing the final door, and himself

LtJG Andrew Seal:    inside*

Lt jg Tiran:   ::helps another engineer out of ME::

Catie MacGregor:     I'm the new counselor..Catie MacGregor..reporting for

Catie MacGregor:     duty.

Ltn Ashleigh: ::sends for security teams to suit up and get to Engineering

as she steps out of the TL on

Ensign Chloe: ::heaving, moving to the first person she sees, flipping out

her tric::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Looks at Seal:: Come on! Let's go!

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::sees a whole bunch of people outside

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Engineering::

LtJaykumba:    All Hands  Yellow Alert

Ltn Ashleigh: the engineering deck::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::begins triage::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    No.....leave...I have to stabilize the core...

LtSg Jovek:    Welcome to the Atlantis counselor

Lt Struan:     Lock> ::checking everything to make sure that things are okay...

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::to no one in particular:: Anyone know what

Dr LeilaniYamato:    happened?

Catie MacGregor:     ::Hears the alert:: Nice welcome...Might I ask what is

Catie MacGregor:     going on...Sir?

LtSg Jovek:    <computer>core breach in 10 minutes

Lt jg Zinthys: You can't do that with one person and you're injured at that

::Runs back in to help::

Ensign Chloe: ::glances at all the people, then to the person she is working

on, trying to look comforting

LtJG Andrew Seal:    Zinthys!  Leave!  That's an order!

Lt Struan:     Struan> Oh blood wonderful...

LtJG Andrew Seal:    I can handle it...*grabs at his shoulder, which is

bleeding profusely*

LtJaykumba:    WE have a core breach in 10

LtJaykumba:    minutes

LtSg Jovek:    Apparently someone may have attempted to sabotage our ship for

some reason

LtJaykumba:    sir

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *all doors into Engineering have been sealed*

Ltn Ashleigh: ::pushes her way towards the front of the crowd, glances at

Leilani:: Good question...

Lt Struan:     Lock> ::hears the computer:: Awww!! ::cries to herself:: Stupid


Ensign Chloe: ::digs through the kit, grabbing a *yadayada* to treat burns::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *staggers towards the core*  Computer....give me a

stability check on the coolant reactors..

Lt jg Zinthys: Oh well. It's too late now. ::Runs to a console and starts

punching buttons::

LtSg Jovek:    We are currently looking into the situation you may help with

the wounded if you like

LtJaykumba:    ::wipes blood out of his eyes::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    <Computer> Scanning...stability reading at 21% and


Lt Struan:     Struan> ::looks at Jovek::

LtJaykumba:    ::works the Opsa station 

LtJaykumba:    maintaining force fields::

Lt Struan:     Struan> ::fingers flying on the compute console::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    <Seal> Reroute all coolant from the warp core and through

the plasma conduits.

Catie MacGregor:     ::Nods:: I'll report to Sickbay immediately.

Ensign Chloe: ::her chest still heaving, blinking her eyes, speaking softly

to the man:: (q) It will be

Lt jg Tiran:   ::starts to look around for Zinthys or Seal::

Ensign Chloe: all right...

LtJG Andrew Seal:    <Computer> Unable to comply.

Lt jg Zinthys: Can you pin down the source of the leak?

Catie MacGregor:     ::turns and heads back to the TL::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    <Seal> Damn...

LtJG Andrew Seal:    Its coming directly from the core...breach is going to be

imminent in about ten minutes.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::looks at Ashleigh:: You see these burn

Lt jg Zinthys: If we shut it down, it won't need the coolant so it'll stop


Dr LeilaniYamato:    patterns?

Dr LeilaniYamato:    <Hi Suli>

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *the temperature of Engineering has dropped considerably*

Lt Struan:     <<Hey Commander! :)>>

LtJaykumba:     I have coolant leaks along

LtJaykumba:    deck 3

Catie MacGregor:     <<Hi Commander>>

Catie MacGregor:     ::walks back into the lift: Deck...Hmm..Sickbay.

Ensign Chloe: ::moves to the next person, swiftly, in front of engneering's

closed doors::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::doesn't see Zinthys or Seal on this side of ME and assumes

they are still inside ME::

Cdr Sullivan: <<Hi, guys.... sorry I'm late... my play ran a little long.

Cdr Sullivan: :D>>

LtSg Jovek:    Commander we've had a potential bombing

Ensign Chloe: :nearly knocking people over, moving so fast::

Ltn Ashleigh: ::peers closer:: Yeah... They do look like patterns.

Lt Struan:     ::listening::

LtSg Jovek:    engineering is being cleared out and security is on the way to


LtJaykumba:    :trying to keep the blood out of

LtJaykumba:    his eyes at the Ops station::

LtSg Jovek:    the core is on a build up to detonation as well

Lt Struan:     Lock> ::notices that some computer sectors have been


LtJG Andrew Seal:    *walks over to the warp core, begins to open the dilithium


Ltn Ashleigh: ::glances around:: Where's the chief engineer?

Lt jg Zinthys: Let's take the warp core offline. Then we can figure out just

what's wrong.

Ensign Chloe: ::exhales, putting her hand to her head, groans a little::

LtSg Jovek:    <computer>core breach in 5 minutes

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::sighs:: Yes, they are patterns.. Indicative of

Dr LeilaniYamato:    being in close proximity to a blast of some

Dr LeilaniYamato:    sort.

LtJG Andrew Seal:    I have to stabilize the coolant leak otherwise there will

be NO core to take offline...

Lt jg Tiran:   ::hears the computer and starts to think of where the nearest

console is with Engineering

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *feels lightheaded from loss of blood*

Lt jg Tiran:   codes::

LtSg Jovek:    orders Commander

Catie MacGregor:     ::Exits the lift and heads in the direction she thinks SB

Catie MacGregor:     is::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *begins physically adjusting the dilithium chamber,

routing the coolant to other areas of

LtJG Andrew Seal:    the ship*

LtJaykumba:    Asec> I got the force fields on

LtJaykumba:    the damaged hulls sections

Lt jg Tiran:   ::decides to go to the Engineering console on the Bridge and

walks over to the TL and enters

Lt jg Tiran:   it:: Bridge

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::looks around:: Where's the Chief Engineer?

Ensign Chloe: ::running the *yadayada* over this person's burns, biting her

lip quite hard:::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    Damned warp're not going to fail on me...too

many hours put into making you work

LtJG Andrew Seal:    right...

Dr LeilaniYamato:    :heals wounds as she looks::

Lt Struan:     Lock> ::moving quickly:: +taps+ Struan, we have a problem...

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *heads to the console and begins rapidly attempting to

take the core offline and stop the

LtJG Andrew Seal:    matter/anti-matter flow so they don't all die*

Catie MacGregor:     ::finds Sickbay and walks in:: Anyone home?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Runs over to another console and starts pushing buttons::

Lt Struan:     Struan> +taps+ Really? ::doing something::

LtSg Jovek:    <computer>1 minute to core breech

Ltn Ashleigh: ::grabs the wrist of some random engineer and pulls him up a

couple feet::Where's the chief?

LtJG Andrew Seal:    Zinthys...shut down the anti-matter reactors...

Lt Struan:     Lock> +taps+ Some of the boundaries written for the AI have been

corrupted and it's

Ensign Chloe: ::stands up quickly, sways.. knows she'll have to get that

bump on her head looked at

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *succeeds in taking the warp core offline, now must shut

down the reactors to avert the

LtJG Andrew Seal:    breach*

Lt jg Tiran:   ::exits the TL and walks over to the Engineering console::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::His fingers fly across the console, working as fast as he


Ensign Chloe: eventually, kneels next to another person::

Lt Struan:     Lock> +taps+ oozing out...

LtJaykumba:    Asec>::looking around starts

LtJaykumba:    to see red,  wipes blood out of

Cdr Sullivan: <<Folks... I'll be right back... a little something I need to

LtJaykumba:    face again::

Cdr Sullivan: take care of.>>

Lt jg Zinthys: ::The reactions slowly stop, then die all together::

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Security... Engineering report

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::sees Chloe sway out of the corner of her

Dr LeilaniYamato:    eye:: Doctor? Could you come over here for

Dr LeilaniYamato:    a moment?

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *very dizzy...falls to the ground, clutching his shoulder*

Ltn Ashleigh: RandomEng> ::shrugs:: He's still inside, I believe.

Lt Struan:     Struan> +taps+ Sh... Where to?

Ensign Chloe: ::blinks, nods and stands back up, moving towards her:: Aye,


LtJaykumba:    +1stSecSquad+  Security One

LtJaykumba:    report to me immediately

Lt jg Tiran:   ::sees the time to a warp core breach:: +Seal+ What's going on

down there?

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *no response*

Lt Struan:     Lock> +taps+ Subspace interrupt port 34C.

Lt jg Zinthys: What else, sir?

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *but the core is now stable, although offline*

Ltn Ashleigh: +Jovek+ My men are standing by, I'll send them in as soon as

we know the place won't blow.

LtSg Jovek:    <computer>warp core offline.  Have a nice day :)

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::scans her:: That's a nasty bump you got

Dr LeilaniYamato:    there, Doctor.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    How is your vision? Any dizziness?

Lt Struan:     Lock> +taps+ This is not good. I can isolate it, but it'll have


Catie MacGregor:     ::no one answers:: Hmm.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Taps his badge:: +Jaykumba+ Can you get the doors to Main

Engineering open? Or, at the

LtSg Jovek:     +taps+understood Ashliegh... keep me informed

Ensign Chloe: A... bit blurry, ma'am... t'is kinda hard ta keep me eyes open


Lt jg Zinthys: least, get Seal out of here. He's wounded badly.

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+understood seal... try and get the core back online after

security investigates

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::nods:: I can imagine. Hold on just one

LtJaykumba:    +1stSecSquad+  Security One

LtJaykumba:    Give me reports on the crew

Lt Struan:     Lock> +taps+ To port 34C.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    second.  I can fix that.

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *is unconscious*

Lt Struan:     Struan> +taps+ Try and isolate it. I'm busy making sure we have

all our equipment online...

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Runs around, trying open the doors, but he's locked out::

Ensign Chloe: ::plants her feet sturdy on the ground, determined to be

strong in this situation::

Lt Struan:     Lock> +taps+ I told you, you shouldn't have played with that

stupid thing, Alastair Struan!!

Lt jg Tiran:   ::starts to check on the ships systems from his console::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::grabs a few things out of her bag, and

Dr LeilaniYamato:    attaches one of them to Chloe's forehead::

LtSg Jovek:    Struan i want all internal sensor sweeps of the entire ship...

if we have even a stow away

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *temperature in Engineering is at the freezing point*

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::activates it:: This won't hurt at all.  ::gives

Dr LeilaniYamato:    her a hypo injection::

LtSg Jovek:    mad bomber tick i want to know about it

Lt jg Zinthys: +Security+ I need help getting the doors open in here!

Ltn Ashleigh: ::moves to a panel by the door to ME and taps at it, to see if

it's ready for her men::

Ensign Chloe: ::closes her eyes a moment::  Thank'am..::light smile::

Lt jg Zinthys: And somebody turn up the environmental controls!!

Lt Struan:     Struan> Aye sir... Sensors are online... power diverted, organic

scanner on...

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::removes the device:: Ok.  You're fine now. 

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Let me know if you start to get a headache. 

Dr LeilaniYamato:    We can take care of that too.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Curses under his breath and runs to the doors::

Ltn Ashleigh: +Zinthys+ Where are you?

LtJaykumba:    Security One > +Jaykumba+ 

LtJaykumba:    heavy damge to the hull,  Lots

LtJaykumba:    of injuries...  We are helping

LtJaykumba:    out to get them to the Sickbay

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::sees Ashleigh and walks up to her:: I want

Dr LeilaniYamato:    to go in with you.

Ensign Chloe: ::nods:: Aye, ma'am..::moves back to the patient she was

working on::

Lt jg Zinthys: +Ash+ Main Engineering. I need these doors opened!! Medical


Ltn Ashleigh: ::nods to Leilani:: All right.

Catie MacGregor:     ::standing around SB:: All right..where did he say had

Catie MacGregor:     experienced the explosion?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Finds a panel next to the doors, pulls it out::

Lt Struan:     Struan> I have matched a Starfleet combadge signal with all crew


Ltn Ashleigh: +Zinthys+ We're right on the other side of the doors, I'll see

what we can do...

LtSg Jovek:    ::drumming his fingers on the chair listening to the internal

comm channels::

Lt jg Zinthys: +Ash+ Same on the other side. Can you get a transport lock on


LtSg Jovek:    So there are no unauthorized life forms on board that is good

Catie MacGregor:     Engineering...::Nods and heads back out::

LtSg Jovek:    but if we were bombed it appears our bomber will get away

Ltn Ashleigh: ::pulls out what she believes is the right panel and peers

inside of it::

Lt Struan:     Struan> And it means he's one of us.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::to Ashleigh:: What about putting a charge on

Dr LeilaniYamato:    the door and blasting it open? ::always thinks

Dr LeilaniYamato:    like a Marine::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Starts moving wires and punching buttons, muttering about

security bypasses::

LtSg Jovek:    ::Stands up and salutes:: Welcome back Commander

Ensign Chloe: < Gah...brb.>

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *silver hair is strewn about his shoulders, parts of it

stained in blood*

LtSg Jovek:    warp core breech has been averted and i have had a full sensor

sweep done and there

LtSg Jovek:    are no unauthorized life forms on board...

Lt Struan:     Struan> ::runs some other internal scans... phase


LtJaykumba:    Asec>  Lt Jovek  there seems

LtJaykumba:    to be no Unauthorized

LtJaykumba:    personnel

LtSg Jovek:    security is attempting to get into engineering right now

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Sparks fly from his console and the doors budge slightly::

Catie MacGregor:     ::finds the lift again:: At this rate I'll have explored


Catie MacGregor:     whole ship before lunch..

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+noted

Lt Struan:     Where did the explosion happen? Where in ME?

Ltn Ashleigh: ::glances at Leilani:: Let's hope we don't have to do that.

LtSg Jovek:    orders commander?

Lt Struan:     Lock> ::trying to isolate it...:: Stop spreading! I can't move

that fast...

Dr LeilaniYamato:    We've got to get Seal out of there. 

LtJaykumba:    ::wipes the blood off his 

LtJaykumba:    forehead with a hankie holds

LtJaykumba:    the hankie to his head::

Lt jg Zinthys: +Medical+ Can anybody get a transport lock on Seal? He's in

the core with a shoulder injury

Ltn Ashleigh: Computer... Override lock and open doors... Auth Ltn


Catie MacGregor:     ::enters the lift again:: Engineering deck.

Ltn Ashleigh: ::curses as the doors don't move and pokes at a panel:: Is

there any way you can transport

LtJaykumba:    ::loncks on to Seal signal to

LtJaykumba:    beam him to sickbay::

Cdr Sullivan: ::::rubs her temples::: For Prophets sakes....\

LtJaykumba:    *locks

Ltn Ashleigh: Seal out?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Splices a wire and shoves it into other circuts::

LtSg Jovek:    i think i should go down there to inspect the damage commander

LtSg Jovek:    with your permission of course

Lt jg Tiran:   ::continues checking the ship's systems for damages::

Lt Struan:     Struan> ::sees someone moving in a place where they really

shouldn't be at this time...::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    I don't know.  It depends on how badly he's

Ensign Chloe: < I'm feeling kinda icky. I'm gonna go to bed. Sorry all.

Night. ::falls out::>

Dr LeilaniYamato:    injured.

LtJaykumba:    +

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *life signs are fluctuating too badly for transport*

Lt Struan:     I think I have something over here...

Dr LeilaniYamato:    If he's injured to badly, the transporter

Dr LeilaniYamato:    won't take him::

Catie MacGregor:     ::exits the lift and begins looking for someone..anyone::

LtJaykumba:    +Ashleigh+Ashleigh    I have

LtJaykumba:    Seals  signal  I'm beaming him

LtJaykumba:    to sickbay

Lt jg Zinthys: +Ash+ blow the door. I can't manually override it. Seal needs

help. And it's friggin' cold

Lt jg Zinthys: in here!!

Ltn Ashleigh: All right... ::starts motioning everyone away from the door::

Let's blast it.

Lt Struan:     ::picking on a blinking signal from a shielded area in the

Jefferies Tubes::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::moves back::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Rolls away, just in case she does::

Ltn Ashleigh: +Zinthys+ Stay back from the door.

Lt Struan:     There's someone in an isolated part of the Jefferies Tubes...

Lt jg Zinthys: +Ash+ Ahead of you, ma'am

LtJaykumba:    ::SEAL is Beamed to Sickbay::

Ltn Ashleigh: ::one of the security peoples appears at Ash's side and hands

her the charges::

LtJaykumba:    {s shimmer

Dr LeilaniYamato:    <Seal is injured to badly to transport>

LtJG Andrew Seal:    <What she said. ;)>

Lt Struan:     ::wonders if anyone heard him:: Commander?

Ltn Ashleigh: ::glances around to make sure everyone's back far enough and

sets the charges by the door,

Lt Struan:     Lock> +taps+ Okay, I got it. It's contained again, it accessed

the subspace port though...

LtJaykumba:    Asec>Jovek force fields are

LtJaykumba:    holding the hull breaches

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Sits waiting for the blast::

Ltn Ashleigh: moving back as well after setting the detonation time::

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Noted Jaykumba

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+Ashliegh I am on my way down to engineering to inspect the


LtSg Jovek:    ::enters the TL and goes down to the engineering deck::

Cdr Sullivan: :::spins in her chair suddenly::: What?

LtJaykumba:    Asec> Helm still operating

LtJaykumba:    under warp drive  course reset

Lt Struan:     Struan> +taps+ Tell me later... ::turns around:: Commander...

Ltn Ashleigh: +Jovek+ Aye, sir, we're about to go-- ::the charges blast::

LtJaykumba:    Asec> Still under a Yellow Alert

Cdr Sullivan: <<Okay.... we need to have NO intruders and this is an

isolated incident, designed to keep

Lt Struan:     Struan> There's someone lurking in the JTs...

Cdr Sullivan: us from reaching the ambassador...>>

LtSg Jovek:    ::Arrives on the engineering deck:: say again ash?

Catie MacGregor:     ::standing outside the TL on Engineering Deck::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Rolls out from behind the wall and points to the core::

He's in there!

Lt Struan:     Struan> he's got an SF combadge signal, but it's laying several

meters from him.

Ltn Ashleigh: ::points to the engineering door:: We're going in right now,

too. ::heads in::

Cdr Sullivan: <<The lurker can be a crew member that is having some sort of

flackback episode...>>

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::runs in::

LtSg Jovek:    ::rushes to main engineering... with tricorder in hand::

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *slumped near the warp core, blood staining his hair, his

clothes, and the floor*

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::finds Seal and frowns::

Ltjg Caine:    <<Let's try this again.>>

Lt jg Zinthys: ::slumps against the wall, freezing cold::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::starts to stabilize him, and yells at two

Lt Struan:     ::waits for the commander to say something:: Possibly an injured

crew member.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    orderlies:: HEY! GET OVER HERE NOW!! WE

Dr LeilaniYamato:    HAVE TO MOVE HIM!!

Lt Struan:     What should we do?

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::watches them take Seal to sickbay then

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *Seal's body is luke warm, when normally it is slightly

(very slightly) hot to the touch*

Dr LeilaniYamato:    sees Zinthys::

Ltn Ashleigh: ::shivers as the cold hits her::

Catie MacGregor:     ::can hear someone yelling from where she is, heads

Catie MacGregor:     toward the voice::

Cdr Sullivan: <<Be patient, guys.... I've got company.>>\

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Hello, Lieutenant. What's wrong?

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::notes how freaking cold it is::

LtSg Jovek:    ::Arrives at main engineering with the tricorder::

Ltjg Caine:    +MacGregor+ CMO to Ship's Counselor

Lt Struan:     ::finds it strange that he's in a shielded junction...::

Lt jg Zinthys: S-S-Something's wr-wr-wrong with the t-t-temp-p-perature

Catie MacGregor:     +Caine+ Finally...I mean..Yes, Doctor?

Cdr Sullivan: :::grumbles:: What do YOU think you should do?

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *life signs are very low*

Lt jg Tiran:   ::starts to tap his fingers, wondering what is going on::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Stands and leans against the wall::

LtSg Jovek:    ::Shivers a bit and enters engineering:: Ashliegh what have you

got so far?

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::nods:: Yeah.  Let's get you out of here. 

Lt Struan:     Struan> ::alerts medical to the JT junction::

Ltjg Caine:    +Catie+  What seems to be going on?

Ltn Ashleigh: ::wraps her arms around herself and looks towards the door for

an engineer to fix the temp::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::to Asheigh:: Lieutenant? I'm taking Seal and

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Zinthys to sickbay.  Hypothermia.  You are

LtJaykumba:    ::stumbles a lttle at the Ops

LtJaykumba:    station from loss of blood but

Dr LeilaniYamato:    not to stay here to long either. 

LtJaykumba:    regains his stance::

Lt Struan:     Struan> +taps+ Alright, what happened with the AI?

LtSg Jovek:    ::scans around engineering::

Catie MacGregor:     +Caine+ If I knew, I'd be glad to tell you..all I know is

Catie MacGregor:     there was some kind of explosion in ME..I'm headed

Catie MacGregor:     there now.

Ltn Ashleigh: ::glances at Jovek:: Nothing yet...

Lt Struan:     Lock> Ah! +taps+ It's isolated, but it made a call, tranfered a

stream of bit patterns.

Catie MacGregor:     ::walking into whereever Yamato and CO are::

Ltjg Caine:    +Catie+  I'll me you there....

Ltn Ashleigh: ::nods absently at Leilani::

LtSg Jovek:    ::finds the blast area and scans intensively::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Walks out of ME, trying to warm up::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::heads off to Sickbay with Zinthys::

Catie MacGregor:     +Caine+ I'll be here.

Cdr Sullivan: :::sighs and sits back in her chair::: What is the ship's


Ltjg Caine:    :::wonders::: Why no manual override for life support?

Catie MacGregor:     ::almost runs into Yamato:

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Follows Leilani::

Lt Struan:     Struan> ::tries to make contact with the man in the JT...::

+taps+ Hello?

Ltn Ashleigh: ::mutters lowly:: Gods, it's cold.

LtSg Jovek:    Ashliegh i believe i may have something what do you make of

these chemical readings on

LtSg Jovek:    the tricorder?

Catie MacGregor:     Excuse me, Doctor..

Cdr Sullivan: Can't you just lock on to his life signs and beam him out?

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::avoids being run into:: Hello. ::smiles::

LtJaykumba:    Asec> permission to leave the

LtJaykumba:    bridge sir  I need medical

LtJaykumba:    attention

Ltjg Caine:    +Sullivan+  What is the status of life support manual overrides.

LtJaykumba:    ::holding the redbloood stained

LtJaykumba:    hankie to his head::

Lt Struan:     Aye ma'am, where do you want me to beam him?

Catie MacGregor:     Can I help? I'm the new Counselor.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    :to Zinthys:: We need to get you warmed up. 

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Your body temp is pretty low.

Ltn Ashleigh: ::looks at the chemical readings on Jovek's tri-c:: Looks like

the explosion was deliberate.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::smiles at MacGregor:: Sure.  If you'll come

Dr LeilaniYamato:    to sickbay with us.

Lt jg Zinthys: I c-c-coulda t-told y-you th-th-that

Cdr Sullivan: Go, Jay.... you should have gone earlier.

Lt Struan:     I see him as a potential threat. That's a sensitive part of the


Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::chuckles::

LtSg Jovek:    What type of explosive would you say was used here?

Catie MacGregor:     ::nods:: Well I'd be glad to.  I believe Lt Caine is on his


Catie MacGregor:     way down here.

Lt jg Tiran:   ::walks over to the TL and enters:: ME

LtJaykumba:    ::walks out across to the TL::

Lt Struan:     Then again, it could be an injured person.

LtJG Andrew Seal:    <<BRBAFK>>

LtJaykumba:    ::stands against the wall:: 

LtJaykumba:    Sickbay

Lt Struan:     Although, I don't know why they'd be doing there at a time like

this, or any time at all..

LtSg Jovek:    ::rubs his arms a bit and moves his feet around::

Cdr Sullivan: So, beam him into a contained area.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::nods:: Ok.. I know what you could do to

Dr LeilaniYamato:    help.  Lieutenant Zinthys here has been

Dr LeilaniYamato:    exposed to a coolant leak.. His body temp is

LtJaykumba:    ::TL  stops on Sickbay deck::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    low.  Could you get him covered in blankets

Dr LeilaniYamato:    and such? 

Cdr Sullivan: *Engineering*  What the hell is going on?

Catie MacGregor:     ::Nods::Of course...

LtJaykumba:    ::walks out into the corridor::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::arrives in sickbay as she speaks::

LtJaykumba:    ;;around to the sickbay::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::runs off to where the orderlies and Seal

Dr LeilaniYamato:    are::

Ltjg Caine:    +Catie+  Belay my last -- I'm returning to Sickbay.

Lt jg Tiran:   ::exits the TL and starts to walk to Engineering, avoiding all

the people standing around::

Catie MacGregor:     ::immediately retrieves some blankets, (warmed of

Catie MacGregor:     course) and covers Zinthys:::+

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::begins to repair the damage, and wishes Dr.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Caine were here to help::

Catie MacGregor:     +Caine+ I'm back there already, Doctor.

LtJaykumba:    ::walks into sickbay to one of

LtJaykumba:    the techs there::   I think I

LtJaykumba:    have a large cut on my skull

LtSg Jovek:    +Sullivan+Commander bombing confirmed we are attempting to

determine bomb make at this time'

Lt jg Zinthys: Ahhhhhhhh. Finally. A counselor with a warm personality.

Lt Struan:     ::transports the man to a secure holding area::

Catie MacGregor:     ::watching Zinthys' biosigns::

LtJaykumba:    ::sits on a bio bed::

Ltjg Caine:    :::arrives in Sickbay:::   Status, please.

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek* I want this ship up and running ASAP.

Catie MacGregor:     ::laughs softly:: I'll bet you say that to all the new crew


Catie MacGregor:     members.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::up to her elbows in Khenalian blood::

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  What is the deal with life support?

LtSg Jovek:    +Sullivan+Understood but most of the engineering crew was

injured and the chief is down and

LtSg Jovek:    out

Lt jg Tiran:   ::enters ME, looking around at the damaged consoles and


Lt jg Zinthys: Only the pretty ones

Ltn Ashleigh: ::looks to the door as Tiran walks in:: Lieutenant!  Can you

fix the temperature in here?

Lt Struan:     ::still has his suspicions::

Catie MacGregor:     ::laughs again:: Are you sure you aren't delirious?

Catie MacGregor:     ::grabs another cover::

Ltjg Caine:    +Sullivan+  Why no manual override for life support?

LtJaykumba:    ::medical assistant seals the

LtJaykumba:    wound creating a new part in

LtJaykumba:    the hairline::

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  Do I need to turn this ship around?

LtSg Jovek:    Tiran we need the warp core online as soon as possible use

whatever damage control resources

LtSg Jovek:    you need

Lt jg Tiran:   I guess...

Catie MacGregor:     ::Notes his temperature is rising finally::

Ltjg Caine:    <<Thanks, Jay, I was going to get to you.>>

LtJaykumba:    Asec>  you better give me

LtJaykumba:    some hair in that line

Lt jg Tiran:   Sir, the warp core is not coming online for awhile.....

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::mutters:: Geez.  What happened in there??

LtSg Jovek:    +Sullivan+It is fixable but it will take some time

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Shivers stop:: I suppose it's possible. But, then again,

I'm not a medical person, so I

LtJaykumba:    ::Medical assistant transplsnts

Lt jg Zinthys: really wouldn't know

LtJaykumba:    new hair::

LtSg Jovek:    +Sullivan+We could go back but it would put us further behind


LtSg Jovek:    your call of course

Cdr Sullivan: *Caine* Put on a sweater, Caine.  We're working on it.

Lt jg Tiran:   ::starts to walk around Engineering, looking around for a

console that is working::

Catie MacGregor:     ::studies his bioscan::No, no delirium...::smiles:: How

Catie MacGregor:     about a nice warm....cover?

LtSg Jovek:    +Sullivan+Tiran says the core will be offline for a while... we

may need to get to thte

LtJaykumba:    Asec>  nice temperature  you

LtJaykumba:    have in here

LtSg Jovek:    nearest starbase ASAP

Ltjg Caine:    :::turns to Jay:::  Your hair will be just fine, Lieutenant.

Lt jg Zinthys: The more the merrier

LtJG Andrew Seal:    <<back.>>

LtSg Jovek:    if we intend to complete our mission in any reasonable time


LtJaykumba:    Asec>  I like it cold

Ltn Ashleigh: ::rubs her arms and moves closer to the explosion site,

studying it::

Lt jg Tiran:   ::finds a working console and sits down::

Lt Struan:     :: checks the repair schedule for that section... ::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::loudly to anyone that's in sickbay:: Could

Dr LeilaniYamato:    someone bring me some Khenalian blood? 

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  :::grumbling:::  You realize that the ambassador is

not a patient man and the peace

Catie MacGregor:     ::whisks away the cooled ones and tucks fresh warm ones

LtJaykumba:    ::looks at his time piece::

Catie MacGregor:     around him:: There you go...feeling any better?

Dr LeilaniYamato:    He's lost too much and needs it replaced.

Cdr Sullivan: talks will not wait.

Ltjg Caine:    +Sullivan+  If secondary and manual life support is off line,

this may be sabotage.

Lt jg Zinthys: Yes, thanks ::Smiles:: I think you're needed elsewhere.

Catie MacGregor:     ::looks over:: Khenalian Blood? 

Lt Struan:     ::sees that no one was supposed to handle that area until the

next day::

LtSg Jovek:    +Sullivan+I somehow feel responsible for this mess since it

happened on my watch

Catie MacGregor:     ::Nods::Right away..::To Zinthys:: I'll be back.

LtJaykumba:    ::gets up  from the Bio bed

LtJaykumba:    gets a Hypospray for stability::

LtSg Jovek:    i will board a shuttle and meet up with the ambassador while

Lt jg Tiran:   ::starts to adjust the temperature controls to a more suitable


LtSg Jovek:    the Atlantis gets repaired

Ltjg Caine:    :::takes the watch away from Jay:::  You needn't concern

yourself with the time.

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek* Negative.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::finds the artery that's causing all the God-

Dr LeilaniYamato:    awful bleeding and clamps it::

Catie MacGregor:     ::locates the blood and hurries over to Yamato:: Here you

Catie MacGregor:     go...

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek* I'm not sending ANYONE to meet this ship in a shuttle.

Catie MacGregor:     :;sets it up for her::

LtJaykumba:    ::grabs quickly a wrist that has

LtJaykumba:    grabbed something from his

LtJaykumba:    hand::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::turns and takes the blood:: Thank you!!

Ltjg Caine:    :::takes the hypospray:::  and in this sickbay, you leave the

treatment to the doctors!

Lt Struan:     ::slips off the bridge to take a look...::

LtSg Jovek:    +Sullivan+I am running out of options Commander... we will be

late if we don't

Lt jg Tiran:   ::finishes with the climate settings and up they hurry up and

warm up ME::

Catie MacGregor:     Welcome. Is there anything else? ::watching what she's

LtJaykumba:    <<It was from  you r

Catie MacGregor:     doing::

LtJaykumba:    assistant>>

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek* Unless you have a death wish.... in which case I will

refer you to the counselor.

LtSg Jovek:    +sullivan+negative commander.  If you wish to send the ship's

full complement of shuttles

Lt jg Tiran:   ::gets back up and continues walking around, surveying the

damage to ME::

LtSg Jovek:    that will work as well.  otherwise we should go to a starbase or


Catie MacGregor:     <<woohoo..send him to me!>>

LtSg Jovek:    starfleet to send someone else... or the last option move

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::thinks:: Uhm, no, not right now.  But I may

LtJaykumba:    ::walks out to go back to duty::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    be screaming for something else in a minute.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::chuckles::

LtSg Jovek:    on at maximum impulse till the core comes online

LtJG Andrew Seal:    *eyes open wide*

Catie MacGregor:     ::Nods::I'm going back to check on that Lt...I'll be right

Catie MacGregor:     over there.

Ltjg Caine:    +Sullivan+  Caine to Bridge.

Lt Struan:     ::enters JT and finds his way to the junction slowly::

Catie MacGregor:     ::walks back to Zinthys, studies the readings::

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  I'll handle the diplomatic repurcussions.... you get

this ship back online....

LtJG Andrew Seal:    C...coldd....cold...

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::sees him looking at her:: What in the hell??

Lt jg Tiran:   ::sees that the Chief Engineer's office is completely trashed

and shakes his head::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Yeah, I know you're cold.  That's how I want

Dr LeilaniYamato:    you right now. 

Cdr Sullivan: *Caine* What is it, Doctor?

LtSg Jovek:    +sullivan+yes commander

Lt jg Zinthys: So how do I look?

LtJG Andrew Seal:    Need...warm...*pupils dialated*

Lt Struan:     ::the area is relatively undamaged... looks at the connector


Ltjg Caine:    +Sullivan+  Lt. Jaykumba has left sickbay without authorization.

Catie MacGregor:     ::smiles:: From here...not bad. ::glancing down at him::

Catie MacGregor:     You could stand to be warmer however.

LtSg Jovek:    Tiran what can i do to help

Dr LeilaniYamato:    You'll get warm soon enough.  I've almost

LtJaykumba:    ::walks around the corridor to

Cdr Sullivan: *Jovek*  And you better make some miracles happen.

LtJaykumba:    the TL::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    got this bleeding stopped.

Cdr Sullivan: ::::curses creatively:::

Lt Struan:     ::link to several of the decentralized computer units::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::seals the artery back together::

Cdr Sullivan: *Jay* Sullivan to Jaykumba.

Lt jg Tiran:   I detailed report of all damaged systems and decks for starters

LtSg Jovek:    +taps+aye captain::gives himself the scotty hypo injection::

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Ok.  We'll work on warming you up now. 

Dr LeilaniYamato:    ::turns her head and raises her voice::

Lt jg Zinthys: It'll get better. Feels like the air's warming.

Dr LeilaniYamato:    NURSE!!

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Warm blankets, lots of 'em.

LtJG Andrew Seal:    So..cold...

LtJaykumba:    +Suli+  Aye cmdr

Lt Struan:     ::doesn't see anything out of the ordinary...::

LtSg Jovek:    ::stands by a terminal and processes all damage reports into a

neat convenient reable format

LtSg Jovek:    ::

Catie MacGregor:     ::Nods::You're temp is coming up..I think you'll live.

LtSg Jovek:    <<readable>>

Cdr Sullivan: *Jaykumba*  Lieutenant.... I suggest you get you stubborn

tuckus back to sickbay until you a

Lt jg Zinthys: You're being paged.

Lt jg Tiran:   ::starts to take estimates of how long repairs to the warp

systems will take::

Cdr Sullivan: are released by a docotr.

Cdr Sullivan: <<doctor>>

Dr LeilaniYamato:    Nurse> ::disappears and reappears with the

Dr LeilaniYamato:    blankets::

LtJaykumba:    +Suli+  Aye Cmdr

Catie MacGregor:     ::Lifts a brow:: Well, I'm not a nurse, but...::turns to


Catie MacGregor:     if she's needed::

Cdr Sullivan: ====/\====PAUSE SIM====/\====

Cdr Sullivan: ====/\====PAUSE SIM====/\====

Cdr Sullivan: ====/\====PAUSE SIM====/\====

Cdr Sullivan: ====/\====PAUSE SIM====/\====