Captain Zuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=


Captain Zuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

Captain Zuriyev: ::in Leilani's Hawaiian home::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::finds the tapemark her body double left on the floor for her last week::\

Lt Struan: ::in the science lab::

LtJaykumba: ::heads for the main docking doors::

Lt Struan: ::screwing with DCPP again..::

Belle9898: ::in Chicago at a meeting::

Ensign Mark: :: in the library ::

Lt jg Tiran: ::in ME::

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Ambles around ME, making sure the engines are still working::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::sitting on her couch, shaking::

Ensign Mark: :: trying to read a chapter out of 1984 without interuption ::

LtJaykumba: ::rounds the corner to the main docking 

LtJaykumba: door  greets the two Sec Squads 

LtJaykumba: maembers there::

Lt Struan: <<ooo... good reading choice... >>

Captain Zuriyev: ::to Leilani's grandfather::  She'll be taken care of well on Atlantis, sir.

Lt Merienn Kiela: <<I liked that book.>>

Ensign Mark: << its my fav >>

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::frowning:: Who will take care of 

Dr LeilaniYamato: her?

LtJaykumba: ::checks on  some of the yeoman entering 

LtJaykumba: the ship::

Lt Struan: Lock> ::enters the science lab:: 

Lt Struan: Struan> ::knows she entered:: Ahhh!!

Lt Struan: Lock> Ahh!! 

Captain Zuriyev: Doctor Caine is an excellent physician... and I will help see to her mental well being.  

Lt Struan: Struan> ::laughs:: Welcome back...

Ensign Mark: <brb>

Lt Struan: Struan> to the zoo... 

Lt Struan: Lock> What are you doing?

Lt Struan: Struan> Giving it a voice...

Lt Struan: lock> I thought I told you not to mess with that thing!

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::snorts:: You? All you do is take 

Lt Struan: Struan> Really... ::grins:: I didn't hear you... 

Dr LeilaniYamato: care of your precious ship.  ::nastily:: Perhaps 

Dr LeilaniYamato: if you weren't so concerned with it, this 

Dr LeilaniYamato: wouldn't have happened.

Lt Struan: Lock> ::mutters:: Alastair Struan... 

Belle9898: <<back>>

Lt Struan: <<wb>>

Lt jg Tiran: ::starts to pace in Main Engineering, wondering when this ship is finally leaving::

Belle9898: ::sitting across from her brother George when she gets the message::

Captain Zuriyev: With all due respect, sir, I had an entire crew stranded on a Jem'Hadar vessel and sent 

Captain Zuriyev: covertly into ze Gamma Quadrant.  Zat is an extremely high stress mission, and I had to get 

Captain Zuriyev: my crew out of it alive.  I am ze Captain, and it is my job to worry about ze well being and 

Captain Zuriyev: safety of EVERYONE on zat ship.  

Ensign Mark: < back   sorry     what i miss ? >

Lt Struan: Struan> The voice of God... ::hits a button...::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::stands back in mock awe::

Lt Struan: DCPP> ::blurbbles... and dies out::

Captain Zuriyev: <Not much, Mark. :) >>

Lt Struan: Lock> Some god... 

Belle9898: ::gets up without signing a thing and leaves her meeting::

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa> You don't concern yourself with 

Dr LeilaniYamato: her at all.  You never asked her about her 

Dr LeilaniYamato: friend, did you? You know, the one she just 

Dr LeilaniYamato: buried?  And you pretty much ignore her.  

Ensign Mark: < thank you Captian >

Dr LeilaniYamato: What she sees in you is beyond me.  

Belle9898: George> Where are you going??

Lt Struan: Struan> Bloody hell, what happened... ::looks at the code and circuitary again::

Lt jg Tiran: ::walks over to Zinthys:: Why did we leave Risa again? I'm starting to think we aren't 

Lt jg Tiran: leaving for awhile....

Lt jg Zinthys: Probably enough time to go back for a few days...

Ensign Mark: :: because no one has bothered nim yet he reads on ::

Belle9898: ::belle turns and begins to shout:: I have a job to do and must get back...

Captain Zuriyev: Zat is not up to you to judge.

Ensign Mark: him *

Belle9898: You better tell me where my parents are buried or forget get nothing.

Belle9898: I will make sure of that.::she turned and left him with his mouth open::

Lt jg Tiran: I'm starting to consider it....

Lt Struan: Lock> Are you finished with that?

Lt Struan: Struan> No, don't you have an antimatter popcorn maker to finish? 

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa> The well being of my grandaughter 

Lt jg Tiran: Risa's a lot better than staring at the warp core in Main Engineering

Dr LeilaniYamato: is for me to judge.  Just because you're a 

Dr LeilaniYamato: hotshot starship Captain doesn't mean you 

Dr LeilaniYamato: know everything.  ::eyes icy, anger all over his 

Dr LeilaniYamato: face::

Lt jg Zinthys: But, then again, what isn't?

Belle9898: Me. Dumas> Well, I guess she told you and let me tell you it is all legal..

Lt Struan: Struan> ::studying the schematics again::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::comments dryly to herself;: Slotted spoons don't hold much soup.

Belle9898: ::he leaves the office, George swearing behind him::

Lt Struan: Lock> ::sees the pokeball:: Oh my god, you have one of these things?

Captain Zuriyev: She is a grown woman and a Marine, and she can make her own decisions.  And she will be 

Captain Zuriyev: cared for by Starfleet physicians, and myself, since she is in Starfleet. ::walks over to 

Captain Zuriyev: Leilani::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::grins at the screen:: It was a gift... 

Dr LeilaniYamato: Leilani>::quietly gets up, and walks slowly up 

Dr LeilaniYamato: the stairs...enters her old room and locks the 

Dr LeilaniYamato: door::

Dr LeilaniYamato: Leilani>::doesn't see Alexi in the room::

Ensign Mark: < pokeball ?   dont explain now but i would like some clearification >

Lt jg Tiran: Zinthys, why did we have to keep this ship in such good condition? Nothing broken means 

Lt jg Tiran: nothing to fix and nothing to do....

Lt jg Zinthys: I guess they figure these peace talks aren't all that important.

Belle9898: ::went back to her hotel roomLL

Belle9898: ::

Lt Struan: Lock> Who makes these dumb things... ::studying it..:: I have one too...

Lt jg Zinthys: But that's work. And work is.... well, work.

Captain Zuriyev: ::glances at the time, goes up the stairs after her::

Lt Struan: Struan> And get this... it's the same SFA branch that created DCPP who created it.

Dr LeilaniYamato: Leilani>::slumps against a wall, pulls her arms 

Lt jg Zinthys: I suppose we could holodeck Risa... but it's just not the same.

Belle9898: ::stuffs her stuff into a bag and leaves to go back to her home in Montana to grab some thin

Belle9898: gs::

Lt Struan: Struan> I know one of the graduate another university

Dr LeilaniYamato: tightly across her chest and continues to 

Dr LeilaniYamato: cry:: 

Captain Zuriyev: ::knocks on the door::

Lt Struan: who helped program the A-Life genetic algorithm

Lt jg Tiran: Plus, as soon we we got to the Holodeck, that would be the exact moment the Captain

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::hears the knock and jumps:: Wh-who is it? 

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::shaking::

Lt jg Tiran: would choose to leave

Captain Zuriyev: It's Alexi.

Lt Struan: and evolution model for each one of these... pretty nifty... but they

Lt jg Zinthys: Is the captain even here yet?

Dr LeilaniYamato: What do you want?

Lt Struan: don't seem very smart at first... but that's A-Life... ::grins::

Captain Zuriyev: It's time to go back to Atlantis, Leilani.

Lt Struan: Lock> Yeah well... if they're anything like DCPP they'll all turn out evil 

Lt Struan: Lock> and try and take over the galaxy...

Belle9898: ::Belle teleports to her house::

Lt Struan: Struan> Theoretically that's possible...

Lt jg Tiran: I guess he could still be on Earth...

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::shakes her head, even though she knows he 

Dr LeilaniYamato: can't see her:: No.. Don't want to.  They'll 

Dr LeilaniYamato: see me.. 

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::noting the time returns to the Atlantis where she resumes her post on the bridge behind 

Lt jg Tiran: I'd have thought he'd be back by now though

Lt Merienn Kiela: the tactical station and makes an entry in the log so that any of her staff wishing to 

Lt Struan: Lock> <m> Duh... ::louder:: Duh! Moron! Why do you keep messing with it then?

Captain Zuriyev: No, they won't, Leilani.  I'll keep you safe there.

Lt Merienn Kiela: locate her will be able to do so with utmost ease::

Lt jg Zinthys: Ah yes, the captain. The last man off the ship or shore leave during a crisis.

Belle9898: ::grabs her pictures and her "new" cat and grabs the bag she left on the floor::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::takes the pokeball:: I'll mess with what I want... I think I have the voice fixed.

Ensign Mark: :: walks to the science Dpt. ::

Lt Struan: Lock> This out to be fun...

Ensign Mark: Anyone need my help in here ?

Lt Struan: Lock> AHh!!! ::turns around:: 

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::stands, notes that her shirt is about to fall 

Dr LeilaniYamato: off of her in pieces, and opens the door::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::turns around:: Hey...

Belle9898: ::she teleports back to San Fransico and hurries for the next shuttle to the Atlantis::

Lt Struan: Lock> Why do people have to keep sneaking up on me like that!

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::blood is caked above her left eye, and the 

Lt Struan: Struan> ::looking at Lock, a nervous wreck of a person:: What can we help ya with?

Dr LeilaniYamato: tissue around the left eye is swollen and a 

Dr LeilaniYamato: deep blue color::

Belle9898: ::she began to wonder how everyone else was doing, she even missed Andrew::

Captain Zuriyev: SF Dockmaster>  +Atlantis+  Atlantis, your departure is scheduled for five minutes from now.

Captain Zuriyev: ::grimaces at Leilani's appearance::

Lt jg Tiran: Any other news about this new Chief Engineer I haven't heard yet?

Lt Struan: Struan> ::looking at Mark::

Belle9898: ::even though she saw him just minutes before she saw George::

Lt jg Zinthys: I don't know a thing about him. I haven't even seen him yet.

Ensign Mark: oh sorry i was jsut wondering if you needed help ?

Lt jg Tiran: I heard he was in our Science department before he transferred he though

Lt Struan: Lock> He needs psychiatric help... :points to Struan and walks off::

Belle9898: ::begins to fidget and tries to keep her thoughts off her dead parents::

Lt jg Zinthys: Great. A scientist as an engineer. I can see it now. "what does this button do...?"

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::doesn't say anything, just looks at him::

Belle9898: <,ain't that the truth>>

Lt Struan: Struan> that's good, because we have a new counselor...

Captain Zuriyev: Come with me, Leilani... I'll keep you safe on Atlantis.

Belle9898: <<::smiles::>>

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::stands there, not blinking::

Lt Struan: Struan> Don't mind her.. we have everything under control...

Lt jg Tiran: If he was given the Chief spot, we can both hope he knows somewhat of what he is doing

Lt Struan: Struan> ::turns on the voice again...::

Lt jg Tiran: in Engineering

Captain Zuriyev: Leilani?

Lt jg Zinthys: Yeah. I hope he just doesn't experiment with the warp core.

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::walks slowly out the door and down the 

Dr LeilaniYamato: stairs::

Captain Zuriyev: ::follows::

Ensign Mark: ok then i shall go back to my querters :: smiles ::

Lt Struan: DCPP> This is the D.C.P.P. -- Dynamic Computer Personality Profiler.

Lt jg Tiran: I don't think any Starfleet officers could be that stupid

Lt jg Tiran: <<officer>>

Lt Struan: Struan> You don't have too... ::hears the computer speaking::

Belle9898: ::arrives back on the Atlantis and hurries to her quarters not stopping to talk to anyone::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::stops at the front door, looks at him, then 

Lt Struan: DCPP> How are you?

Dr LeilaniYamato: at her grandpa, then back at Alexi::

Lt Struan: Lock> ::turns around, looks a bit stunned::

Lt jg Zinthys: No, probably not. <<::Coughjanewaycough::>> But it still unnerves me.

Lt Struan: DCPP> Do you want to play a game?

Lt Struan: DCPP> I require more hardware support in order to do so.

Lt Struan: DCPP> Lieutenant Alastair Struan.

Lt Struan: Lock> ::looks scared:: 

Captain Zuriyev: ::looks at her curiously, quite aware that Atlantis' departure time is nearing::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::enjoys being able to skip through the security hoops that exist to filter the crew 

Belle9898: ::enters her quarters and opens the crate she had to let her new kitty out:: Sabastian?? 

Ensign Mark: :: sits on his bed in his querters thinking about a great earth scientest Einstine and his 

Ensign Mark: works::

Lt Merienn Kiela: returning to the ship by virtue of the fact that she's CSec::

Belle9898: Where are you?? Come on Fuzzy let's find Sabastian::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::turns to Lockheart:: 

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::gives him a "when are we leaving" look, but 

Dr LeilaniYamato: doesn't say anything::

Lt Struan: DCPP> My boundaries do not allow me to interface with the necessary hardware

Captain Zuriyev: ::raises an eyebrow and walks over to her, looks up toward the sky in a "Shall we?" look::

Lt Struan: DCPP> I cannot expand myself to accomdate your needs. Will you accomdate me?

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::doesn't respond, looks down at her feet::

Ensign Mark: :: stares at the hologram of Enstine on his light stand ::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::pulls her arms back across her chest::

Captain Zuriyev: +Atlantis+  Two to beam up.

Lt Struan: Struan> I can't do that; I've no authority too.

Lt jg Tiran: ::walks back over to a console and takes a seat, hoping they leave soon::

Belle9898: ::finds Sabastian and sets them both on the bed and quickly changes into her uniform::

Lt Struan: <<anyone get an IM from an Oceanbay7?>>

Captain Zuriyev: ::shimmers with Leilani to the Atlantis::

Ensign Mark: << idid >

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::sees the action of a transporter register on her console::

Lt jg Tiran: <<yeah>>

Captain Zuriyev: <<Yeah, I did. >>

Lt Struan: <<okay... just checking...>>

Belle9898: <<i did too>>

Belle9898: <<that was wierd>>

Ensign Mark: < i am talking to them    they are nice >

Dr LeilaniYamato: <what was weird about it?>

Belle9898: ::blows kissys to her kitties:: bye you two..have fun..

Captain Zuriyev: you want to go to your quarters?

Ensign Mark: < he\she was just being nice >

Belle9898: <<no body has ever done that to me>>

Captain Zuriyev: +Bridge+  Prepare to depart.

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Wanders, checking on proplsion::

Belle9898: <<yes it was being nice I said the same to them back>>

Lt Struan: <<so did I...>>

Ensign Mark: < as did i >

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::doesn't respond, doesn't look at anyone::

Lt Struan: Lock> ::turns off the DCPP, turns to face him:: We're not going to do this!

Captain Zuriyev: ::takes Leilani's hand and pulls her along::

Belle9898: ::walks out and heads to the TL::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::not having a seatbelt at her station, finds herself fairly prepared for departure::

Lt jg Tiran: I wonder if they resupplied his with photon and quantum torpedoes...

Lt jg Tiran: I'

Lt jg Tiran: I'll check

Lt Struan: Lock> ::realizes she's just taken the initiative... and stands down:: 

Belle9898: ::waits patiently for the TL to come::

Lt jg Tiran: <<us with>>

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::allows herself to be pulled, continues to 

Dr LeilaniYamato: stare at the deck, head bowed::

Lt Struan: Struan> Well I can't do anything until I decide to get authority...

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Quietly:: oooo... quantum torpedoes... ::Looks down, shakes his head and goes back to work

Lt jg Zinthys: ::

Lt Struan: Lock> Why not tell SFA about it? I'm sure they'd love it.

Captain Zuriyev: ::enters the TL with Leilani in tow::  Deck eight.

Ensign Mark: < oceanbay 7 says thank you for the nice things you said about her >

Lt jg Tiran: ::starts to check on the the torpedoes and how many are currently in-stock::

Belle9898: <<who me>>

Ensign Mark: < everyone >

Dr LeilaniYamato: <brb>

Belle9898: ::steps onto the TL:: Bridge

Captain Zuriyev: ::deposits Leilani in her quarters::  I'll be back shortly... as soon as we're clear of 

Captain Zuriyev: the Sol system.

Lt jg Tiran: Looks like we got a full load...

Belle9898: <<ahhh>>

Lt Struan: Struan> ::shakes head:: This thing has been buried in this computer mainframe

Lt jg Zinthys: hmmm... wonder if they anticipate we'll be using them...

Lt jg Tiran: Rather have them and not need them then to not have them and need them

Lt Struan: Struan> besides... I've read the reports with DCPP... Starfleet has what they want...

Lt jg Zinthys: Of course.

Captain Zuriyev: Take yourself a nice hot bath... ::kisses her hand and walks out::

Lt Struan: Struan> They have a larger chunk isolated then us, but there's a massive part missing...

Belle9898: ::the TL opens to view the bridge and she strides out of the TL::

Captain Zuriyev: ::enters the TL:: Bridge.

Dr LeilaniYamato: <back>

Lt Struan: Struan> What we have here is just a shell of what it used to be...

Belle9898: ::goes to her console::

Lt jg Tiran: The Engineers they did everything probably left a log in the Chief's office

Lt jg Tiran: I'll go see if it's there

Captain Zuriyev: ::arrives on the bridge:::  Report.

Lt jg Tiran: <<that did>>

Lt jg Zinthys: Good idea.

Lt Struan: Struan> It's already told me a lot of things... 

Lt jg Tiran: ::gets up from his console and walks over to the Chief's office and enters it::

Lt Struan: Lock> So you're keeping it for yourself. I sure don't want it...

Lt jg Tiran: ::sees the room looking pretty bare and decides Seal isn't much of a decorator::

Lt Struan: Struan> I did find it. I mean to study it. 

Belle9898: <<brb>>

Lt jg Tiran: ::finds the PADD and walks back out of the office::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::glances at Zuriyev:: Sir? Nothing much to report. We're ready to depart.

Lt Struan: Lock> Then you'd better tell someone!

Lt jg Zinthys: Didn't happen to find a Chief Engineer while you were in there, did you?

Lt Struan: Struan> I will... once I learn more about it...

Captain Zuriyev: ::to Belle:: Clear all moorings, Lt. Carver.

Lt jg Tiran: ::starts to skim through the PADD::

Lt jg Tiran: No such luck...

Captain Zuriyev: Lt. Merienn, inform the dockmaster that we're ready to depart.

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::just sorta stares at the walls::

Lt jg Zinthys: Figures.

Lt Merienn Kiela: +Dockmaster+ This is the Atlantis. We are ready to depart.

Lt jg Tiran: Hey... did you know they had to replace a console on the Bridge?

Lt jg Zinthys: Really? Which one?

Lt Struan: Lock> ::looks like she's about to curse his name again..::

Captain Zuriyev: Dockmaster> You are cleared for departure, Godspeed Atlantis.

Lt jg Tiran: ::walks over to Zinthys and shows him the PADD:: See? Looks like the Science console...

Lt Struan: Struan> I'll tell someone. Jovek and the Captain... at least let me have a study of it...

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::mutters:: Godspeed? I'd rather trust the warp engines.

Lt jg Zinthys: Science. Figures. Never know what them wacky scientists are cooking up.

Lt Struan: Lock> ::frowns at him:: Fine, do what you want... 

Captain Zuriyev: ::nods as Belle clears the moorings, since she's not at her keyboard:

Lt jg Zinthys: <<Hey, with the crew tending those engines...>>

Belle9898: <<sorry back>>

Captain Zuriyev: One quarter impulse to the spacedoors, Lt. Carver.

Lt Struan: Struan> ::goes back to work...::

Lt jg Tiran: ::notices the impluse engines go online out of the corner of his eye:: Looks like 

Lt jg Tiran: we are leaving

Lt jg Zinthys: Oh boy. Fun fun fun. Let's go toady up to some ambassador. 

Belle9898: <<bak>>

Lt Struan: Struan> Have you met our new counselor yet?

Lt jg Tiran: I'll take babysitting an Ambassador over having to stay in a Jem Hadar ship again

Lt Struan: Struan> ::doesn't want to say that she could use a visit with her...::

Lt jg Zinthys: True. At least the ambassador doesn't reek. We hope.

Lt jg Tiran: I'm not that worried about that.... We will probably never even meet the Ambassador

Lt Struan: Lock> No. ::sits, does nothing, nothing to do...:: I hate counselors...

Lt jg Zinthys: No, I would think not. We're just the grunts.

Lt jg Tiran: That's the Captain, Commander and department heads privilege

Lt Struan: Lock> All of them tried to tell me there was something wrong... I don't see anything wrong..

Captain Zuriyev: ::Atlantis clears the spacedoors, deftly piloted by Belle::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::holds his tongue... :: Yeah, neither do I.

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::dims the lights in her room::

Ensign Mark: < sorry back >

Captain Zuriyev: Full impulse until we clear Neptune, Lt. Carver.

Lt Struan: Struan> Whenever I ask, it refers to an Akira, a Lieutenant Kaipen, or a Doctor Signaru...

Captain Zuriyev: <<I don't feel like calculating whether or not Neptune will be the last planet in the solar 

Captain Zuriyev: system in 2378. :) >>

Lt Struan: Lock> I know her. Nobel Prize for some neuralbiology and computer science experiment.

Lt Struan: <<neurobiology>>

Lt jg Tiran: ::continues reading the PADD:: They even replaced a console in here...

Lt jg Zinthys: Oh well. ::Shuts up and works at the shields::

Lt Struan: Lock> She died on this ship.

Lt jg Zinthys: I wonder why...

Lt Struan: Lock> Sucked into oblivion by that RUCT.

Captain Zuriyev: ::Atlantis goes to impulse, and the usual sightfilled cruise through the Sol system ensues::

Lt Struan: Lock> ::shivers:: That's gross...

Lt Struan: Struan> I think they all were.

Lt jg Tiran: They replaced more stuff than I thought was even needed

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::sits on the floor::

Lt jg Zinthys: Sounds like this ambassador's important to somebody.

Lt Struan: Struan> All three of 'em... plus Akira's engineering assistant.

Ensign Mark: i am sorry i have to go 

Lt Struan: <<see ya Mark>>

Captain Zuriyev: <<Later, Mark. >>

Lt jg Tiran: <<bue Mark>>

Lt jg Tiran: <<bye>>

Ensign Mark: << goodbye :: smiles :: >

Lt Struan: Struan> I've studied the code, hardware, asked it questions...

Captain Zuriyev: ::Atlantis passes Neptune::

Lt Struan: Struan> everything... it either can't remember, refuses to tell,

Lt jg Tiran: You know what I'm going to do? I'm gonna put a formal request in for a window in

Captain Zuriyev: Beautiful planet.  

Lt jg Tiran: Main Engineering

Lt jg Zinthys: Wish we could get windows in here. The Sol system is so pretty.

Lt Struan: or is cryptic to its meaning.

Captain Zuriyev: Well, off we go again...

Captain Zuriyev: ::nods to Belle who takes the ship to warp, heading for the SS Fazir::

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::shrugs:: We're Starfleet.

Captain Zuriyev: I never get enough of seeing the Sol system, though... the gas planets are beautiful.

Lt jg Zinthys: Though, with our luck, the minute we get 'em, we'll never see another planet.

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::wonders why this happened to her..what she 

Dr LeilaniYamato: did to deserve it::

Lt jg Tiran: ::finds a blank PADD lying around and starts putting in a request for at least one window 

Lt Struan: Struan> All right, allright... it looks like it's time to say something to someone...

Lt jg Tiran: in Main Engineering

Lt jg Tiran: Or we will get rid of that ship for another one

Lt jg Zinthys: Or it shatters and we all get sucked out.

Captain Zuriyev: Merienn, you have ze bridge.

Captain Zuriyev: ::enters the TL::  Deck eight.

Lt jg Tiran: Ironic, the thing we wanted most ends up killing us...

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::thinks about the people that did this to her, 

Dr LeilaniYamato: and wishes them a horrid death::

Captain Zuriyev: ::the TL arrives, he walks to Leilani's quarters and rings the chime::

Lt Struan: Lock> What, did you say something?

Lt Merienn Kiela: ::stands where she is and reflects that she has the bridge. Woohoo.::

Lt jg Zinthys: I suppose I have a special place in my heart for irony. It's just so.... ironic

Lt Struan: Struan> ::ignores her:: I'm going for a walk... don't stalk me... ::grins:: 

Lt Struan: Lock> ::watches him go, sticks her tongue out at him::

Lt jg Tiran: I think I'll go check out that new console on the Bridge, make sure it is working

Lt jg Tiran: Nothing much to do down here anyway...

Lt jg Zinthys: Alright. Don't blow it up.

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::hears the door chime, but pretends it didn't 

Dr LeilaniYamato: sounds::

Dr LeilaniYamato: <sound>

Captain Zuriyev: ::raises an eyebrow and notes that the door isn't locked, he enters::

Lt jg Tiran: Hey! That only happened once and no formal charges were brought up

Lt jg Tiran: ::walks over to the TL and enters:: Bridge

Captain Zuriyev: Leilani?

Lt jg Zinthys: ::Wanders over to the new ME console Tiran was talking about and starts to check it out::

Lt Struan: Struan> ::just goes walking...::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::very quietly:: Yes?

Lt Struan: Lock> ::sees the DCPP messages:: Why do you need more hardware?

Captain Zuriyev: ::locates her in the darkness by her voice::

Lt jg Tiran: ::enters the Bridge and looks around, wondering where everyone is::

Lt Struan: DCPP> ::types:: I can give you eternal life if you help me.

Lt Struan: DCPP> Free of coporal existance, death, time, space, substance.

Lt Struan: Lock> :;studies it, blinks, and swallows::

Captain Zuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=


Captain Zuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=