CdrSulivan: Begin Sim

LtJaykumba: ::walks to the entrance of the docking 

LtJaykumba: door::

CdrSulivan: BEGIN SIM

LtJaykumba: :;stands to receive the crew::

LtSg Jovek: ::beams back in from his Lecture at the institute::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::tries to get her hands untied, without 

Dr LeilaniYamato: making a lot of noise::

Ensign Chloe: ::exiting her new quaarters, after finishing her unpacking, to head back down to earth::

Ensign Chloe: ::for even more of a vacation::

LtJaykumba: ::checks the beaming of LTsjJovek::

LtSg Jovek: +Taps+Jaykumba i am back from the Daystrom Institute

LtJaykumba: ::checks for several missing crew members

Lt jg Tiran: ::sits in the Runabout, flying back toward the Atlantis::

LtSg Jovek: ::heads to his quarters to put his materials away::

Ltjg Caine: <<are we reporting back from shore leave?>>

LtJaykumba: +taps+Jovek> Thankyou LtSgJovek

CdrSulivan: :::on the beach, burning her fair skin:::

CdrSulivan: <<No... Have fun dammit!>>

Ensign Chloe: ::walking down the corridors of the ship, locating the nearest turbolift::

Ensign Chloe: ::and entering it, mumbling her destination in her accent, lowly and waiting..

JKCJ: snot vampire attacks.

Ensign Chloe: .. as it speeds through the ship::

Ens Scale: ::Walks out of the sleeping quarters and over to Tiran:: Care for me to take over for a litt

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::manages to get her left hand untied, and 

LtJaykumba: +taps+Ashley>  What are you doing?

Ens Scale: le while?

Dr LeilaniYamato: goes to work untying her right hand::

CdrSulivan: :::shades her eyes by looking over her latest 

CdrSulivan: communication:::

Ensign Chloe: <brbafk>

LtJaykumba: ::talks to the 1st secsquad to take over the 

LtJaykumba: door::

LtSg Jovek: ::arrives at his quarters and puts his things down::

Lt jg Tiran: I think I can handle it, only another few minutes or so to the Atlantis::

LtSg Jovek: ::Sits in his chair::

LtJaykumba: ::leaves the docking door in the hands to Red 

LtJaykumba: and Charlie::

CdrSulivan: :::mutters::: Ahhhhh..... a new ensign....

LtJaykumba: ::walks to the Security office::

Ens Scale: ALright. Well, I'm up, soo.. ::Sits at the chair next to Tiran and looks over things::

Ltn Ashleigh: +Jay+ Just keeping busy.

LtSg Jovek: ::Performs breathing exercises to calm down from being asked a million questions from a 

LtSg Jovek: horde of scientists::

LtJaykumba: ::walks around the corridor to the Security 

LtJaykumba: office and enters::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::unties the rest of her limbs, stands quietly, 

CdrSulivan: :::stands and brushes the sand from her skin:::

Dr LeilaniYamato: letting her anger overcome her::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::vows to kill her attackers::

LtJaykumba: ::looks around for Ashley::

CdrSulivan: :::checks the ties on her oh-so-skimpy bikini::::

Ensign Mark: :: walks up behind CdrSuulivain:: <Ens><Cdr> I am the new Ensign Sir 

LtSg Jovek: ::remembers Dr. Shelton telling him they would contact him again if they wen't forward with 

LtSg Jovek: a preliminary feasibility and testing program::

CdrSulivan: :::turns quickly, a bit startled:::

Ltn Ashleigh: < Her name's Ashleigh, Jay. :) >

Ltjg Caine: :::arises from meditation, where something has been 

Ltjg Caine: bothering him:::

LtJaykumba: ::starts a report getting calls from Red and 

LtJaykumba: Charlie as the crew reports back in::

Ens Scale: <<Heya, Ann>>

Ensign Chloe: <back>

Ensign Mark: <Ens><Cdr> I am Sorry Sir 

CdrSulivan: :::smiles as she lowers her oh-so-cool shades over her 

CdrSulivan: eyes:::

CdrSulivan: :::puts out a sand covered hand::: Welcome aboard, 

CdrSulivan: ENsign Mark.

Ensign Chloe: ::exits out onto the starbase, glancing around::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::looks around the shack for signs of her 

Dr LeilaniYamato: attackers::

Lt jg Tiran: ::starts monitoring the course heading of the Runabout::

Ensign Mark: :: shakes her hand :: <Ens><Cdr> Thank you Sir 

CdrSulivan: I was just getting ready to beam back to the ship.  

CdrSulivan: Would you care to join me?

Ens Scale: ::Leans back in his chair:: Shore leave is fun. I could get to like this.

LtJaykumba: +taps+Ashleigh>  Ashleigh would you mind if I 

Ensign Mark: Cdr> Yes Sir 

LtJaykumba: took tactical  while we leave dock?

LtSg Jovek: to heck with it all...::looks down and punches up the latest updated schematic of portable

ISCFarrell: (({S Wide}))

CdrSulivan: :::looks at the bright sun and the uniformed ensign, 

LtSg Jovek: emitter the EEH was working on and tinkers with it::

CdrSulivan: thinking that he must be warm:::

Lt jg Tiran: Don't get too attached to shore leave, we won't get it often

CdrSulivan: <<:::chuckles::: Jay.... don't make me ORDER you to 

CdrSulivan: have fun....>>

Ensign Chloe: ::glances out the viewport as she walks by, heading to the smaller shuttle's dock::

Ensign Mark: :: thinks :: it is a bit warm out here anyway

Ltjg Caine: +Zuriyev+  Caine to Captain Zuriyev.

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::doesn't find anyone and runs out, deciding 

Dr LeilaniYamato: that she wants to be home. Now.::

Silver Splash: ::walks in holding his surf board::hey doods and dudets

CdrSulivan: :::reaches into her hair and taps the communicator that 

CdrSulivan: she had attached to her barrette:::

Ens Scale: I know. But that was a good idea of yours


CdrSulivan: *Atlantis*  Sullivan to Atlantis.... two to beam up.

ISCFarrell: (( Dudette has TWO "T's" in them   ))

Lt jg Tiran: ::looks over to Scale:: ETA 10 minutes

CdrSulivan: <<Splash.... please do not interrupt the sim... if you 

CdrSulivan: have any questions... please feel to IM me. :D>>

Ens Scale: ((And it's "dudes"))

Silver Splash: ok well thanks for informing me would you like an application

Ensign Chloe: ::checks when the earliest shuttle for earth is leaving, and waits::

Silver Splash: i meant doods to be spelt this way

Lt jg Tiran: I know it was a good idea of mine but it was good persuading on your part

ISCFarrell: (( unfortunately no.. we have a few Sim Groups to run ourselves..  ))

Ltjg Caine: +Zuriyev+  Caine to Captain Zuriyev.

Ensign Chloe: ::wearing her favorite velvet dress, a burgundy color, very long::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::after some time, arrives back at her family 

Ensign Chloe: ::her long blondish hair flowing to her mid-back::

Dr LeilaniYamato: house::

Ltn Ashleigh: < ::zaps and gets back to happy, uninterrupted simming:: >

LtJaykumba: :;walks to the tl::

Captain Zuriyev: <<Okay, folks, I'm back.>>

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandfather>::having stayed up waiting for 

Dr LeilaniYamato: her, sees the condition her clothes are in:: 

Dr LeilaniYamato: What has happened to you??

Captain Zuriyev: +Caine+ Captain Zuriyev here. ::in Vladivostok::

Ens Scale: ::Closes his eyes, relaxing:: Yeah, right. As good as I did, she'd'a let anything go.

LtJaykumba: ::enters the the TL::  Bridge

CdrSulivan: ::::the Atlantis catches the pair in a transporter beam 

CdrSulivan: and they are transported to the Atlantis;::

LtSg Jovek: ::closes up his work and heads for the bridge::

Ltjg Caine: +Zuriyev+ Thank you, you know the 

Ltjg Caine: whereabouts of Dr. Yamato?

Ensign Chloe: ::if you were to look at her, she kinda has a hippie-type-gypsy look to her::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::shaking:: I was, well, these people.  And 

Dr LeilaniYamato: they were guys.. They, you know. ::voice trails 

Dr LeilaniYamato: off, and she looks at the ground::

Lt jg Tiran: Yeah.... right, I think she just didn't wait to argue with you and just wanted you out of 

Lt jg Tiran: the way 

Ensign Chloe: ::definitely stands out on the starbase::

Lt jg Tiran: <<want>>

LtJaykumba: ::reaches the Bridge and walks to the 

LtJaykumba: tactical station::

Captain Zuriyev: +Caine+ I believe she is in Hawaii, Doctor.

ISCFarrell: (({S Livin}))

CdrSulivan: :::nods professionally to the crewman on duty:::

CdrSulivan: :::looks at Mark:::

LtJaykumba: :;checks the order of crew members 

LtJaykumba: checking in::

Ens Scale: Probably. Think maybe she heard what I was sayin'?

Ltjg Caine: +Zuriyev+ :::cryptically, just a bit unsure:::  You may wish 

Ltjg Caine: to find her, Captain.

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::stands, walks to her and holds her:: 

Dr LeilaniYamato: Leilani, you must tell me who did this.  

LtSg Jovek: ::arrives on the bridge and looks around::

Ensign Mark: Sir do you wish to ask me something ?

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::crying:: I don't know who did it, Grandpa.  

Dr LeilaniYamato: There was a fight, then when I woke up, I 

Dr LeilaniYamato: was...

Lt jg Tiran: She probably just heard the words, we and go

LtJaykumba: ::looks around to see Jovek enter::  Hello  

LtJaykumba: LTSGJovek

CdrSulivan: I guess we should get you through your coming aboard 

CdrSulivan: procedures...

Ensign Chloe: ::glances at her chronometer, wishing they would board the shuttle already::

CdrSulivan: *Caine*  SUllivan to Caine.

Ens Scale: Yeah. So let's not remind her where we went.

Captain Zuriyev: +Caine+ Download her home address to my padd, Doctor.

LtSg Jovek: ::Sits in his chair at the main science station::

LtSg Jovek: ::configures the controls and runs a few diagnostics::


Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::nods, and feels rage consuming 

Dr LeilaniYamato: him:: 

Lt jg Tiran: Since I'm not the Chief, I don't expect to talk to her anytime soon

Captain Zuriyev: <<BK, there is a game in progress, please do not interrupt.

LtSg Jovek: ::looks up:: greetings Jaykumba

CdrSulivan: :::gestures for Mark to walk with her:::

Ensign Mark: :: walks just behind but still in step with Cdr Sulivan ::

Ltjg Caine: +Zuriyev+  I do not have that, Captain...only a feeling...

Ens Scale: True enough. But, if the new one's attendance record is anything like the old's, you might 

CdrSulivan: Where are you from, Ensign?

Ens Scale: anyway

LtJaykumba: ::looking well tanned::  How it going 

LtJaykumba: LtJovek

Ltjg Caine: +Sullivan+  Caine here, Commander.

LtJaykumba: *how's ti

Ensign Mark: I am from the USA Sir 

Captain Zuriyev: +Atlantis+ Beam me directly to Doctor Caine's location.

Lt jg Tiran: Good point...

LtSg Jovek: ::raises an eyebrow:: we are probably going to disembark soon.  I do not have time for chit 

LtJaykumba: LtJovek  did you have a nice Shore leave?

LtSg Jovek: chat 

CdrSulivan: :::nods::: *Caine*  I've got ENsign Mark with me... he is 

CdrSulivan: in need of  his intial physical... do you have the time?

Captain Zuriyev: ::appears beside Caine::  Tell me about zis feeling.

CdrSulivan: *Jovek*  Sullivan to Jovek.

LtSg Jovek: I did not leave the ship except to go to the Daystrom Institute.

Ensign Chloe: ::carrying a bag, with her swimsuit in it, deciding to partake of the sun before she is 

LtJaykumba: disembarking will be a little later

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Jovek here

Ensign Chloe: stuck on a starship for months on end::

Lt jg Tiran: ::sees that the Runabout is almost at the Atlantis' position::

Lt jg Tiran: Preparing to drop out of warp

Ensign Chloe: ::hears the announcement for the shuttle leaving for earth, begins walking to the dock::

CdrSulivan: :::walking through the halls in her bikini and a pair of 

CdrSulivan: tennis shoes, her skin begining to turn red:::

LtSg Jovek: I have to make sure the sensors are fully operational and perform several tests before we 

Ltjg Caine: :::surprised to see the Captain, here among the ruins of 

Ltjg Caine: the temple:::

LtJaykumba: I see 

Captain Zuriyev: ::a concerned look on his face::

Lt jg Tiran: ::drops the Runabout out of warp::

Ens Scale: ::Opens his eyes and looks at the consoles in front of him:: Gotcha. 

LtSg Jovek: leave

Ens Scale: Back already....

LtJaykumba:  Iam still Whoa  we have an  incoming 

LtJaykumba: runabout

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::guides her to the couch, and sits, 

Dr LeilaniYamato: letting her cry all she wants::

Lt jg Tiran: It was a well spent week though

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Commander?

Ens Scale: Oh yeah. I'll contact the Atlantis, make sure they know we're coming in

Ensign Mark: :: undoes his colar :: ::thinks:: it is hot in here 

LtJaykumba: ::looking at the signature of the 

LtJaykumba: runabout::

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa> These people.  They will pay.  There 

CdrSulivan: *Jovek * I have a new member of your science team with 

CdrSulivan: me.

Dr LeilaniYamato: are ancient Hawaiian curses.  I will take care 

Dr LeilaniYamato: of them.

LtSg Jovek: ::fiddles with the science controls some more and has it start running diagnostics and tests

Ltjg Caine: +Sullivan+  My apologies to you and the Ensign, 

Ltjg Caine: Commander...I will be with you in a moment.

LtJaykumba: <<the starbase has an open door policy>>

Ltn Ashleigh: < I'm a li'l bit lost since I missed last week's sim, but I promise to make up for it with a

Ensign Chloe: ::raises her brow, seeing the line for the shuttle:: (q) My goodness .. wha' a line..

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Very good Commander where are you?

Ltn Ashleigh: log! :) >

Lt jg Tiran: Good, maybe you'll get to talk to the Commander 

Ens Scale: ::Taps a few buttons on his console:: Ummm.. maybe you should do it

Captain Zuriyev: <<We're on shore leave, Ash...  enjoy it while you can. :) >>

CdrSulivan: *Jovek* I was taking him for his initial physical....

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::looks up at him, her eyes red from crying::

CdrSulivan: :::enters a TL:::

Dr LeilaniYamato: Curses? 

Ensign Chloe: ::the line slowly moving, beginning to think she might just barely make it on the shuttle, 

Ltjg Caine: ::turns to the captain::  A feeling in the "void" ... the 

Ltjg Caine: "aum" ... something wrong... more than that, I cannot tell 

Ensign Chloe:

Ltjg Caine: you.

Ensign Mark: :: steps into the TL ::

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Very good when can i expect to see him?

Captain Zuriyev: Come with me to Hawaii, Doctor.  That's not an order, that's a 

Captain Zuriyev: request.

Lt jg Tiran: +Atlantis+ This is Runabout ______ with Lt jg Tiran and Ensign Scale coming into the hangar

LtJaykumba: ::starts a level three diagnostic on all 

LtJaykumba: systems Ops helm   Tactical::

Lt jg Tiran: ::starts to manuver the Runabout into the hangar::

Ensign Mark: :: relives it is hot because of the mannor in which Cdr Sulivan is dressed ::

Lt jg Tiran: <<maneuver>>

Ensign Mark: relises*

CdrSulivan: :::smiles at Mark:::: *Jovek*  Probably very shortly... I 

CdrSulivan: have the feeeling that the medical staff is tied up.

Ens Scale: Guess I should've stayed in bed.

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>Yes, curses.  You do not know the 

Dr LeilaniYamato: ways of the Ancients, Leilani.  It would do 

Dr LeilaniYamato: you good to study them.

LtJaykumba: +Taps+ LtJg Tiran is that a Starbase 

LtJaykumba: Runabout?

Ltjg Caine: +Sullivan+  Commander, I will be in the company of the 

Ltjg Caine: captain.  I will meet the ensign as soon as I am able.  

LtSg Jovek: +taps+No doubt wasting time under the UV rays somewhere on Earth Commander... I am on the 

LtSg Jovek: Bridge conducting Sensor and Science diagnostics

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::gets up, moves to a remote part of 

Lt jg Tiran: ::looks to Scale:: We got this from the Atlantis didn't we?

Dr LeilaniYamato: the house, sits silently, closes his eyes and 

Dr LeilaniYamato: looks as if he's asleep::

Captain Zuriyev: ::contacts the Atlantis computer and has Leilani's address in 

Captain Zuriyev: Hawaii downloaded to his padd::

Ens Scale: Sure did

Lt jg Tiran: Or was it from the Starbase>

Lt jg Tiran: ?

CdrSulivan: *Caine* Understood.

CdrSulivan: *Jovek*  We are on our way.

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::watches him, then realizes that she feels 

Dr LeilaniYamato: dirty, and cold::

Ltjg Caine: Ready when you are, Captain.

LtJaykumba: Lt Jovek  do we have room for a runabout?

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Aye.  Jovek out.

Captain Zuriyev: +Atlantis+  Two to beam to these coordinates. ::tranfers them::

Lt jg Tiran: +taps+ Atlantis Runabout sir

CdrSulivan: :::orders the lift to take them to the bridge:::

Captain Zuriyev: ::shimmers:

CdrSulivan: :::Leans back against the wall:::

LtJaykumba: +taps+  aye captain two to beam up

LtSg Jovek: ::looks at the test readings and the first of the diagnostics to finish::

Ensign Mark: Are you ok ? 

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::gets back up:: You must describe 

Dr LeilaniYamato: these men to me, Leilani. Try.

CdrSulivan: :::smiles encouragingly::: I'm fine... just relaxing.

Captain Zuriyev: ::appears with Caine on Maui, near a home::

Dr LeilaniYamato: I'm sorry, Grandpa. I just didn't get a good 

Dr LeilaniYamato: look at them.  One of them was tall, I know 

Dr LeilaniYamato: that.  And he smelled bad.. 

CdrSulivan: We're currently on shoreleave.... I don't ALWAYS dress 

CdrSulivan: this way.

LtJaykumba: Lt jovek we have a runabout trying to 

LtJaykumba: land in a bay

CdrSulivan: :::chuckles softly:::

Ltjg Caine: <<Don't let her fool you, Mark!>>

LtSg Jovek: Open the bay doors then.

Ensign Mark: :: smiles :: I thought you looked a bit pale in the face that is all Sir 

LtJaykumba: +taps+ Tiran>  standby Tiran  

Lt jg Tiran: +taps+  Is there a problem sir?

Captain Zuriyev: ::strides toward the home::

Ens Scale: Hmm? What's going on?

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::nods:: That is enough for one, at 

Dr LeilaniYamato: least.

Ltjg Caine: :::follows the captain's lead:::

Lt jg Tiran: I'm not sure....

LtJaykumba: +taps+ tiran>  yeah  the hanger bay 

LtJaykumba: doors are stuck

LtSg Jovek: +taps+Commander we have a shuttle entering the shuttle bay now

Captain Zuriyev: ::walks to the door and knocks::

Dr LeilaniYamato: :looks at her:: You need your medical tools, 

Dr LeilaniYamato: Leilani.  You are injured.

LtJaykumba: ::opens hanger bay doors::

Ens Scale: Great. So we're stuck here...

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::hears the knock and goes into a panic:: It's 

Dr LeilaniYamato: them! It's them!! They're back!!

LtJaykumba: +taps+  Tiran>  Tiran  you are clear to 

LtJaykumba: land

CdrSulivan: *Jovek* Anyone we  know?

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::shaking, screaming and crying again::

Lt jg Tiran: +taps+ Thanks

LtSg Jovek: +taps+It's Tiran Commander

Lt jg Tiran: ::flies the Runabout into the Hangar bay and lands the ship::

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa> ::goes to the door:: I doubt your 

Captain Zuriyev: ::calls out:: Leilani?

Dr LeilaniYamato: attackers would knock, Leilani.

LtJaykumba: ((Shuttle  it's a runabout))

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::opens the door:: Yes?

Ens Scale: Oh, good. ::Stands and walks out::

LtJaykumba: ::feels the hard landing in the floor::

LtSg Jovek: ((oops))

CdrSulivan: :::doors open to the bridge:::

Lt jg Tiran: ::powers down the Runabout completely and walks out with Scale::

LtSg Jovek: ((where's the script))

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::in a corner, shaking, not knowing what to do 

Lt jg Tiran: I guess it's back to Main Engineering then

LtJaykumba: XO On the Bridge

Dr LeilaniYamato: or where to go::

Ens Scale: Did good, pilot

CdrSulivan: <<Check rewrite #2145>>

Ensign Chloe: < Back. :)>

Lt jg Tiran: And staring at the dang warp core again

Captain Zuriyev: Alexi Zuriyev, CO of ze Atlantis.. is Leilani here?

CdrSulivan: :::crosses to Jovek:::

LtSg Jovek: <<oh here it is... ok.. so they did change it>>

Ens Scale: You flew all the way home. Go get some sleep. I'll watch over ME

LtSg Jovek: ::Salutes and drops it::

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::looks at him closely:: She needs a 

Ensign Chloe: ::still waiting in line::

Dr LeilaniYamato: doctor.

CdrSulivan: :::checks to make sure Mark was still with her:::

Ltjg Caine: ::: bows to the old man :::  I am a doctor.

Captain Zuriyev: ::hears the crying::  What happened to her? Can we come in?

LtSg Jovek: A bit underdressed for the bridge Commander.  I take it you came back suddenly?

Ensign Mark: :: sees her side long glanc :: i am here Sir :: smiles ::

Ensign Mark: glance*

Lt jg Tiran: Nay, I want to meet this new Chief Engineer

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::nods to Dr. Caine:: Yes.  Please do 

Dr LeilaniYamato: come in.G

Lt jg Tiran: <<Nah>>

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::steps back::

LtJaykumba: ::looks at Sullivan as she walks in::

Ens Scale: Oh, good idea.

Captain Zuriyev: ::crosses to Leilani quickly::

Ens Scale: ::Walks toward the TL and waits for Tiran::

CdrSulivan: :::smiles in her relaxed mood::: I'm on vacation, 

CdrSulivan: Lieutenant.

Ensign Chloe: :finally boards, moving to a seat and sitting down, sighing::

Lt jg Tiran: ::enters the TL:: ME

CdrSulivan: Jovek, I'd like you to meet Ensign Mark.

LtJaykumba: ::stands around with his nice tan too::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::doesn't want to look at him::

LtSg Jovek: Greetings Mark I am Lieutenant Senior Grade Jovek I am the Head of the Science Dept. 

LtSg Jovek: Welcome to the Atlantis

Captain Zuriyev: Leilani...  what happened to you?  ::looks to Caine::

Ltjg Caine: :::cautions the Captain:::  Gently, sir...quietly...

Ensign Mark: Hello Sir 

LtJaykumba: ::thinking he should have worn his Hawaiin 

LtJaykumba: shirt too::

Ensign Mark: :: smiles::

Ens Scale: ::Feels the familiar hum of the TL and steps out when it stops::

CdrSulivan: I'll leave you two to get better acquainted.

Lt jg Tiran: ::enters into Main Engineering and starts to look around::

Ensign Chloe: ::leans back in the seat, feeling the shuttle undock, and start leave the bay::

Ens Scale: Look. The core's still there.

LtSg Jovek: I run a tight science dept. but you may run any projects you may wish to persue on your own 

LtJaykumba: ::walks over to say Hi to Ensign Mark::

LtSg Jovek: time

Ltjg Caine: :::scans Leilani with his med tricorder:::

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::closes his eyes for a moment::

LtSg Jovek: Thank you Commander

Lt jg Tiran: Great....

CdrSulivan: :::whispers::: Be gentle, Jovek.  He's fresh from the 

CdrSulivan: academy.

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::takes a deep breath:: Gentlemen, 

Dr LeilaniYamato: you will not have to worry about one of her 

Dr LeilaniYamato: attackers now. 

CdrSulivan: :::crosses to the TL:::

LtSg Jovek: ::nods::

Ensign Mark: Thank you Sit 

Lt jg Tiran: ::doesn't see anyone who high ranking pips:: You see anyone resembling a CE?

Ens Scale: You know, if we jettisoned it, it'd cut down on our work load a lot

LtJaykumba: Hello Ens Mark  I have your quarters near 

Ensign Mark: sir*

LtJaykumba: LtSjJoveks

Ensign Chloe: ::wishing she didn't have to spend her first shore leave alone, but what did she

LtSg Jovek: So what do you think of the Atlantis ensign?

Ensign Chloe: expect.. it's her first starfleet assignment::

Ensign Mark: Thank you Sir :: smiles ::

Ensign Chloe: ::and doesn't know anyone well yet::

Captain Zuriyev: ::leaves Caine to tend to Leilani, crosses to her grandfather:: 

Lt jg Tiran: And then maybe we could get a window in here

Captain Zuriyev: What heppened to her?

CdrSulivan: :::watches the bridge crew make him feel at home:::

Ensign Mark: I love this ship so far Sir 

Ens Scale: Nah. we're like little worker ants. No view, just work work all day long.

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::looks at him like he's an idiot:: She 

LtJaykumba: ::walks back to his level three diagnostic::

Dr LeilaniYamato: was attacked, Captain.  Physically and 

Dr LeilaniYamato: sexually.  Can you not see that?

Ensign Mark: and if i may i would say that i shall always love it Sir

LtSg Jovek: I am sure you may have heard rumors of the famous Ghost Ship Atlantis.  I am 

LtSg Jovek: here to tell you they are unfounded.

LtJaykumba: :;walks to the Helm and checks some 

LtJaykumba: coordinates::

Ensign Mark: Thank you Sir 

CdrSulivan: ::::gives a ghostly laugh as the doors close:::

Ensign Chloe: ::the shuttle, leaving the starbase, and heading to enter earth's atmosphere::

LtSg Jovek: The ship has come back twice from it's supposed death from temporal anomalys.  

Ensign Chloe: ::a very smooth ride::

Captain Zuriyev: ::tries to contain his rage:: Who did zis?

LtSg Jovek: So she is no ghost ship.  Far from it.

Ltjg Caine: :::, Ltjg Caine, LtJaykumba, Ash Kndrll, EnsignSeal, 

Ltjg Caine: EnsTerry A, BellemiralGem, Cdr Grey, Ensign 

Ltjg Caine: MarkCptain Zuriyev, CdrSulivan, LtMerienn, Ltsg Jovek, 

Ltjg Caine: Dr LeilaniYamato, Ltjg Caine, LtJay

LtJaykumba: ::looks up hearing a ghostly laugh::

Ltjg Caine: <<dang!  sorry!>>>

Ensign Mark: Feels pretty solid to me Sir 

Ensign Chloe: <::blink::>

Ensign Mark: :: smirks a bit ::

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa> She doesn't no know their identity.  

Dr LeilaniYamato: She was able to give an adequate description 

Dr LeilaniYamato: of one of them.  He is now dead.

LtJaykumba: ::looks up to see the strange writing on the 

LtJaykumba: wallstoo::

LtSg Jovek: ::nods:: Well we are still on leave so if you feel the need to goof off somewhere we have 

LtSg Jovek: holodeck facilities or you may go back planetside.

Lt jg Tiran: ::stops a Ensign passing by and asks about the new Chief and the Ensign he had no idea where

Lt jg Tiran: he was::

Captain Zuriyev: ::tries to calm himself::

LtJaykumba: ::wonders who BellemiralGem is::

Lt jg Tiran: <<Ensign said>>

Ensign Mark: May i ask what kind of programs you have in the Holo Deack Sir ?

LtSg Jovek: If you decide to work we have several science facilities at your disposal

Ltjg Caine: :::to the grandfather:::  By your hand, old man?

CdrSulivan: :::heads to her quarters and hops into the shower to 

CdrSulivan: remove the sand that is in her hair::::

Ens Scale: Probably locked in his office

Ensign Chloe: :: hearing on the shuttle's com that they are almost at the landing area at the tip of 

LtSg Jovek: I do not use them for recreation... well not anything that would be considered recreation

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa> No, not by my hand.  By the power 

Dr LeilaniYamato: of the gods.

Ensign Chloe: Florida, where she can enjoy the beaches::

Lt jg Tiran: ::looks over to the CE's office:: No, the door is open....

LtSg Jovek: but i hear there are many programs to choose from

LtJaykumba: ::walks to Ops station continues the 

LtJaykumba: diagnostic::

Lt jg Tiran: Maybe he is still on shore leave

LtSg Jovek: you may ask Jaykumba about them he would know more

CdrSulivan: :::steps out and slips into a uniform, winces as it 

CdrSulivan: scrapes her warm skin:::

Ensign Mark: :: smiles :: thank you Sir 

Ltjg Caine: Please explain.

Ensign Chloe: ::the shuttle slowly lands, and the engines power down, and the doors slide open::

LtJaykumba: ::looks up  hearing his name::

LtSg Jovek: ::nods:: Carry on ensign

Ens Scale: Probably. Well, I'm gonna avoid this place if I can.

CdrSulivan: ::::tucks her hair into a braid and begins to do a quick 

CdrSulivan: tour of the ship:::

Ensign Chloe: ::deciding to wait until others exit, before she does.. she she doesn't get caught in the

Dr LeilaniYamato: Leilani>::quietly:: I want to take a bath.

LtSg Jovek: ::Sits back down and takes a look at the diagnostics that are done::

Ensign Chloe: rush::

Captain Zuriyev: We will find zem.

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa> An ancient Hawaiian curse, Doctor.  

Lt jg Tiran: I think I'll stick around, shore leave is almost over and I'll just end up back here anyway

Ltjg Caine: Wait, Leilani...just a few moments, please.

Ens Scale: I'm gonna go holodecking

Ensign Mark: +taps +Jaykumba  May i meet with you Sir ? 

LtJaykumba: ::walks back to the tactical staion taps a few 

LtJaykumba: codes in to check the station::

Lt jg Tiran: Have fun

Ensign Chloe: ::exits slowly, seeing a beach just a hop, skip and a jump away, starts heading towards it::

LtJaykumba: ::turns around::  Yes Ensign Mark

Ensign Chloe: ::her sandals making grinding sounds on the pavement::

Ens Scale: I'll see you later. ::Walks over in to the TL:: Deck 8

Ensign Mark: :: smiles :: Soryy Sir didnt know your face 

Ensign Mark: sorry*

LtSg Jovek: ::scrutinizes some odd readings and recalibrates the sensors::

Dr LeilaniYamato: :mutters:: I'm sorry. It's all my fault. 

Ltjg Caine: I need only complete my scans....for evidence, if 

Ltjg Caine: necessary...I need not even touch you, Leilani.

Ens Scale: ::Steps out and walks toward a holodeck::

LtJaykumba: Ensign  I just said  Hi to you a couple of 

LtJaykumba: minutes ago

Ensign Mark: I was told to ask you about the holo deck programs Sir 

Ltjg Caine: :::finishes the scan routines:::  Now you may go.

CdrSulivan: ::ends up back on the bridge:::

Ensign Chloe: ::reaches the soft sand, and takes her shoes off, so she can walk easily on the

Lt jg Tiran: ::takes a seat at a console and starts writing on a PADD on repairs of various systems::

LtSg Jovek: ::runs the diagnostic again while reviewing another that finished::

Ensign Chloe: sand::

Captain Zuriyev: Nyet... it is not your fault, Leilani...

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::keeps repeating:: All my fault.  All my fault...

Ensign Chloe: ::finds a spot not too far from the water rushing to the shore, pulls her blanket

LtJaykumba: Oh  yeah  well acouple of the Security squad 

LtJaykumba: officers has a very large collection

Ensign Chloe: out of her bag, spreading it out::

CdrSulivan: :::crosses to her chair and sits:::

Ens Scale: ::Punches in a few things on the console outside holodeck 3, locking it and steps in::

LtJaykumba: Right now you can find them at the docking 

LtJaykumba: door  there Names are Red and Charlie

Captain Zuriyev: ::glances to Caine questioningly::

Ensign Mark: Any thing with the ocean for while we are out in space Sir ?

Ensign Chloe: ::slowly pulls her dress up, flowing material, and tugs if off over her head::

LtSg Jovek: ::Finishes all diagnostics::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::begins shaking again, tries to pull her 

Dr LeilaniYamato: tattered clothes around her::

LtJaykumba: yeah  I'm sure they  like to have the largest 

LtJaykumba: collection in Gamma quadrant

Ensign Chloe: ::revealing her swimsuit, a simple dark blue, one piece::

LtSg Jovek: ::transfers the results to a padd::

Ensign Mark: if I may Sir i will head back to earth    i love the ocean Sir 

Ensign Chloe: ::with just a little embroidery at the neckline, like ivy leaves::

Ltjg Caine: Tell me more of curses and gods, old man.


CdrSulivan: THE ATLANTIS....

LtJaykumba: Pacific Atlantic  Indian or the Artic ocean?

CdrSulivan: <<<:::SHIVERS::::>>

LtSg Jovek: ::Stands up and heads to commander sullivan:: Commander I have the full analysis and

Ensign Mark: Pacific Sir :: smiles ::

Ltjg Caine: <<"Old man" is  a term of respect in Asian culture, so for 

Ltjg Caine: once, I'm not being an idiot!  : )  >>

LtJaykumba: LtSgJovek  we have an incomng transmission

Lt jg Tiran: ::gets up from his console enters the TL:: Bridge

LtSg Jovek: results of a comprehensive sensor and science systems analysis for you to review

Ensign Chloe:  ::lays down on the blanket, her blondish hair spreading out around her head::

Ensign Chloe: ::like a halo::

CdrSulivan: Very good, Jovek.

LtSg Jovek: On screen Jaykumba

LtJaykumba: Stand by  Ensign

Ensign Chloe: ::closes her eyes, though they are under sunglasses::

LtSg Jovek: On a side note commander everything on my end is running optimally

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa> Our gods have ways to avenge their 

LtJaykumba: On screen Lt

Dr LeilaniYamato: people.  Some Hawaiians even remember how 

Dr LeilaniYamato: to contact those gods to ask for their help. 

CdrSulivan: :::thinks that perhaps this may be something to read 

CdrSulivan: before bed... when she has trouble sleeping:::

LtJaykumba: ::takes the incoming transmission

LtSg Jovek: <<lol>>

Captain Zuriyev: ::crosses back over to Leilani::

Lt jg Tiran: ::enters the Bridge and looks around, not having seen the Bridge of the Atlantis before::

Captain Zuriyev: ::glances up to a shelf and pulls a blanket off, offers it to her::

CdrSulivan: :::hopes this transmission is not another commercial:::

Ensign Chloe: ::exhales, smiling softly to herself, nothing like the feel of the sun tickling your skin::

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::reaches out with a shaken and bloody hand 

Dr LeilaniYamato: to take the blanket:

LtJaykumba: <<hope it isn't a spam>>

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa> I contacted the gods and asked for 

Ltjg Caine: :::to the old man:::  And you, I take it, did so?

Dr LeilaniYamato: assistance.  They killed one of the men in 

CdrSulivan: ACTION> Admiral Chackra appears on the screen.... 

CdrSulivan: looking irritated.

Dr LeilaniYamato: question.

LtSg Jovek: <<RUSH and buy the new XP100 Trilithium Phaser Rifle for only 1,999.99 credits>>

LtJaykumba: ::looks at the screen then to jovek::

CdrSulivan: ::::looks at them both:::

LtSg Jovek: ::gives the commander a look that says this is your problem::

Captain Zuriyev: ::tucks it around her, sends calming thoughts, enveloping her 

Captain Zuriyev: mind with them in a Betazoid calming method::

LtSg Jovek: ::scurries away to the science station::

Lt jg Tiran: ::decides to go over to the Engineering console on the Bridge::

CdrSulivan: :::gives Jovek her *Oh, thanks* look:::

LtJaykumba: :<<are you on the bridge commander?>>

CdrSulivan: Admiral>  Commander Sullivan, where is Captain 

CdrSulivan: Zuriyev?

Dr LeilaniYamato: ::quietly:: Why? Why did they do this?

CdrSulivan: <<Yes, sat down a bit ago....>>

Ensign Chloe: ::could hear the sounds of people around her, laughing, talking, splashing of water::

LtJaykumba: <<I thought you walked off >>

Captain Zuriyev: I don't know, Leilani... 

CdrSulivan: :::calmly::: He is currenly on shoreleave, sir.  I'm sure I 

LtJaykumba: ::goes back to running the levelthree 

CdrSulivan: can help you.

LtJaykumba: diagnostics::

CdrSulivan: <<Showered, put on some clothes and returned....>>

Captain Zuriyev: ::glances at Caine:: Her physical injuries... anything serious?

LtJaykumba: ::walkst to the Helm  then back to the Ops 

LtJaykumba: station::

Lt jg Tiran: ::starts running diagnostics on a few Bridge systems::

Ensign Chloe: ::wiggling her toes in the sand, pulls out her personal music player, she replicated it 

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa> I am concerned about my 

LtJaykumba: :;tappin gin on a PADD::

Dr LeilaniYamato: granddaughter, Doctor.  She is strong, but 

Dr LeilaniYamato: the trauma that she has undergone...Help her, 

Dr LeilaniYamato: please.

Ensign Chloe: recently, putting on some soft music, beautiful flutes and violins::

LtJaykumba: :;walks back to tactical the to a wall cpu::

LtSg Jovek: ::tinkers with his design schematics at the science station while half paying attention to 

LtSg Jovek: the converstation::

Ltjg Caine: :::bows again::: of course...:::so the captain may hear::: it is 

Ltjg Caine: not her body that needs attention so much as her 

Ltjg Caine: spirit...we will help her.

LtJaykumba: ::checks the cpu response to all three 

LtJaykumba: stations::

CdrSulivan: Admiral>  I'm sure you can.  The Atlantis is ordered to 

CdrSulivan: report to the last known co-ordinates of the Fazir.  They 

CdrSulivan: have had a .... break down.

Ensign Chloe: ::stretching out on the sand, feeling good on her muscles, since she was so tense recently::

LtJaykumba: ::taps in the call to the next decks cpu::

Ens Scale: ::Walks out of the holodeck sweaty and ambles toward his quarters::

LtJaykumba: ::taps the cpu in sickbay::

Captain Zuriyev: Let's get her back to ze ship.

LtSg Jovek: ::turns and punches up the Fazir from the ship's library::

LtJaykumba: taps in the cpu in Engineering::

LtJaykumba: ::taps in the cpu to deck three::

CdrSulivan: Admiral>  Ambassador Kuldek needs to get to the 

CdrSulivan: Synarian Peace talks to finalize the Federation- 

CdrSulivan: Cardassian treaties.

CdrSulivan: Admiral>  He is.... :::clears his throat::: urgent in his 

CdrSulivan: demand... umm... request.

Ensign Chloe: ::sits up, opening her eyes and eyeing the water:: (q) Hmm, tha' seems like a good idea..

LtJaykumba: ::checks time for responses to the wall cpu 

LtJaykumba: on the bridge:: 

CdrSulivan: :::nods::: We'll get right on it, sir.

Ens Scale: ::Walks into his quarters and gets in the sonic shower::

Ensign Chloe: ::pulls her ear-music-contraption off and stands, jogging to the water::

LtJaykumba: ::hears the word  Ambassodor and shivers::

CdrSulivan: Admiral>  Very good.  Safe journey.

LtSg Jovek: ::looks at the schematics in awe::

CdrSulivan: Admiral> :::closes comm:::

Ensign Chloe: ::already feeling the cold water up to her ankles as the wave hits the shore::

CdrSulivan: :::stands::: Okay.... let's round up the troops.

LtSg Jovek: Commander i have the design schematics of the Fazir here if you want to look

Lt jg Tiran: ::starts checking on the status of repairs again::

LtJaykumba: ::goes back to finalllize the level three 

LtJaykumba: diagnostic::

Captain Zuriyev: ::addresses her grandfather:: Sir, I would like to take her back to 

Captain Zuriyev: Atlantis.

Ensign Chloe: Mmm ...::going deeper into the water::

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa> You would? Why? Is that 

Dr LeilaniYamato: necessary?

Ensign Mark: :: walks to his quarters to lay down for a bit ::

LtJaykumba: ::looks up to see Sullivan standing::

CdrSulivan: Thankyou, Jovek..please transfer them to my console.

LtSg Jovek: ::transfer's them:: it's rather odd that they would use a ship designed during the war

LtJaykumba: Round up the troops Cmdr?  shall I send out 

LtJaykumba: the little birdie?

Ens Scale: ::Gets out, dresses, and walks over to the TL:: Main Engineering

LtSg Jovek: for this mission of peace... it's a griffin class commander

CdrSulivan: Jay.... put out a call.... get everyone back... PRONTO.

Ensign Chloe: ::going under the water, then surfacing, smoothing back her wet hair from her face::

Captain Zuriyev: We can tend to her physical wounds... and Doctor Caine here 

Captain Zuriyev: can help her get through this... as well as myself, I can help her. 

Captain Zuriyev:  

LtJaykumba: aye  Commander

LtJaykumba: ::sets to the task to all crew call::

Ens Scale: ::Steps out, doesn't see Tiran, but ambles around ME anyway::

Ensign Mark: :: decides to go into the library and read a book ::

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa> How can you help her? You have a 

Dr LeilaniYamato: ship to run. ::looks at him in the eyes, and lets 

Dr LeilaniYamato: him know that Leilani has informed him of 

Dr LeilaniYamato: everything::

Ltjg Caine: There are also women on board who can support her, sir.

LtJaykumba: +Taps+ ALLCrew>  All crew report back to 

LtJaykumba: the Atlantis

CdrSulivan: :::sits and winces again as the uniform grates against 

CdrSulivan: her sun*kissed* back:::

Ensign Chloe: ::glances when she hears the com faintly, rushes out of the water, kneeling next to the 

Ensign Chloe: communicator::

LtJaykumba: +taps+ All Crew>  I repeat  All crew report 

LtJaykumba: back aboard the Atlantis

Captain Zuriyev: Ze situation was harsh... we were on a high-rish, high stress 

Captain Zuriyev: mission.  It was hard on everyone.  Please, sir.  Let us take her 

Captain Zuriyev: back with us.

Captain Zuriyev: ::ignores Jay's comm for now::

LtSg Jovek: They must have decided to give her one last mission before retiring her to the ship graveyar

Dr LeilaniYamato: Grandpa>::shakes his head:: You must not 

Dr LeilaniYamato: know her well, Doctor.  She will not discuss 

LtSg Jovek: graveyard

Dr LeilaniYamato: this with anyone.

CdrSulivan: I want readiness reports from all departments...

Ensign Chloe: Ye knew it wouldn't last tha' long, Chloe..::to herself softly, begins gathering her 

Ensign Chloe: things::

LtJaykumba: ::gets an ignore from the Captain::

LtSg Jovek: I am missing two personnel but science and all systems are ready to go

Lt jg Tiran: ::leaves his console and goes back to the TL:: Main Engineering

Ensign Chloe: ::slips her dress back on and starts back towards the shuttle area, where, conveniently 

Ens Scale: ::Hears Jay's call and gets back to work::

Ensign Chloe: there is also a transporter padd in the nearby building::

CdrSulivan: *Engineering*  Prepare to get underway....

Lt jg Tiran: ::exits the TL::

LtJaykumba: Yes Commander I'm just finishing a level 

LtJaykumba: three Diagnostic on the bridge stations

LtSg Jovek: Jaykumba send out a call to the dept. heads to report in on their readiness

Ens Scale: ::Nods to Tiran:: You've got a call

Ensign Chloe: ::informs the transporter chief to transport her to the atlantis, stands on the pad::

CdrSulivan: <<I love those convenient transporter pads.>>

Ltjg Caine: In things like this, it is only a matter of time until Leilani 

Ltjg Caine: will react in some way...

LtJaykumba: aye LtSgJovek  

Ensign Chloe: < Doncha..? ;)>

Captain Zuriyev: +Pause Sim+