CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptZuriyev: BEGIN SIMULATION     Stardate 49908.07

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

LtjgJaykba: <----- walks out of his quarters like he's hung over::

LtLeilani: ::vows to interrupt next weeks macro, just 

LtLeilani: because...::

Belle9898: <<hang on haveing cd problems>>

LtjgStruan: ::waiting for Lockheart to give him an update::

Ens Scale: ::Putses around ME, looking busy::

Lt Jovek: ::sitting at the science station on the bridge::

CptZuriyev: ::in the CO's chair::  Status of the passive scans?

LtjgJaykba: <ASec>::walks out to corridor to TL::

Lt Jovek: ::fiddling with the wiring under the station::

LtjgStruan: ::sitting next to Jovek at a subscience station on the bridge::

EnsignSeal: *in a Science Lab*

Ash Kndrll: ::in the security office, acting busy::

LtjgJaykba: <ASec>::walks in to the security office::

EnsTiran: ::sits in CE's officer, hoping Zan doesn't come back anytime soon::

EnsTiran: <<office>>

LtLeilani: ::on the bridge, back against the aft bulkhead, 

LtLeilani: trying not to get in the way, medical bag slung 

LtLeilani: over her shoulder::

Lt Jovek: +taps+Seal where you now?

LtjgStruan: JLock> ::messing with all sorts of fun things to reconnect the adv. sensors::

EnsignSeal: +taps+ Seal here.  I am in the Science Lab analyzing results of the last sensor sweep of

EnsignSeal: this sector.

LtjgJaykba: <ASec>Hello Ashleigh

Belle9898: ::sitting at helm, running scans, etc..:: Very well sir..

CdrSulivan: :::steps onto the bridge and looks about before moving to her seat:::

Lt Jovek: +taps+When you are done with that help Janice with the relay tie ins

CptZuriyev: No indication that we've been noticed?

EnsignSeal: +taps+ I have just finished.  Understood, and on my way.  *exits the Science Lab*

Belle9898: no sir none as of yet..

Ash Kndrll: ::smiles:: Hey, Jay.

LtLeilani: ::wonders where they are, looks out the screen 

LtLeilani: and just sees a bunch of stars::

CdrSulivan: :::takes her seat and crosses  her legs:::

EnsignSeal: *realizes he does not know who Janice is, or where she is either*

EnsTiran: ::picks up a PADD and starts reading::

LtjgJaykba: Ash>  With  the Chief  around this  shift  you want to pull Tacical?

Lt Jovek: ::removes some isolinear chips and inputs a few new ones with the new code::

EnsignSeal: +Jovek+ Seal to Jovek.  Where is Janice located, and who is she, might I ask?

CptZuriyev: We should almost have everything we need... prepare to get us 

CptZuriyev: out of here.

LtjgStruan: Janice> Stupid cable... Stupid... laser micro connecter...

LtjgJaykba: Ash> Oops   With out the chief  Ash

LtLeilani: ::sneezes::

Belle9898: yes sir::begins making the preparations, along with double checking several systems that had

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::wonders if he should ask Lockheart if she's done, like he did 5 minutes ago::

Belle9898: been acting up::

CdrSulivan: :::listens to the activity on the bridge::::

Ash Kndrll: Tactical... ah.. sure.

Lt Jovek: +Jovek+ she is another science officer and is working on the relay tie ins... for the sensor

EnsTiran: ::finishes reading the PADD and exits the office and takes a seat at a console::

Lt Jovek: arrays... ask the ship if you need more information

EnsignSeal: +taps+ Understood.

LtjgJaykba: Ash> report to the Bridge then  I had it last shift

EnsignSeal: *heads to where he thinks the Sensor Arrays are*

Ens Scale: ::Walks up to some console and runs some test on some vital system::

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The ship receives a hail from the depot.

Lt Jovek: ::looks over his shoulder and then shakes his head::

Ash Kndrll: ::nods to Jay and stands:: Will do.

LtLeilani: ::sniffs a bit, takes a tissue out of her pocket, 

LtLeilani: wipes her nose, tosses the tissue in the waste 

LtLeilani: reclaimation thingy and returns to attention::

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::continues to work, thankfully they have plug and play on this battlecruiser::

EnsignSeal: Struan will know.  Struan knows a lot...he's one of those people who...knows....stuff.

Lt Jovek: ::mutters to himself and goes back to working under the station::

CdrSulivan: ::;stiffens in her seat:::

Belle9898: ::quickly turns:: sir we are being hailed from the depot

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::perks:: 

EnsignSeal: +Struan+ Seal to Struan...

LtjgJaykba: Ash> I don't mean to be bossy Ash  just like to give  you the options

EnsTiran: ::starts to check on basics systems of the ship::

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ Struan here.

CptZuriyev: Send a text message, in their language... zat our visual comm is 

CptZuriyev: down.

LtjgJaykba: Ash>  I'll run  the  regular  Sec Squad patrols

Belle9898: Yes sir::begins to send the text message::

LtjgStruan: Janice> Well... ::looks at the mess of cables:: That oughtta do it... 

Ash Kndrll: All right.

CdrSulivan: :::tucks a lock of hair behind one ear:::

CptZuriyev: ACTION> They order us to report in for repairs to the system.

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::realizes she's talking out loud with no one else there..:: Gosh... sorry...

EnsignSeal: +Struan+ Where is the Sensor Array and how do I get there from the only Science lab on board

EnsignSeal: this Dominion hunk of garbage?

Lt Jovek: ::goes back up to the top of the station to input some new coding:::

LtLeilani: ::wonders again where in the hell they are, and 

LtLeilani: wishes she had her rifle with her::

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ Er... Uh... ::Wishes he was one of those people, like Seal, who knew...stuff:

CdrSulivan: :::uh ohs::::

Belle9898: ::turns around:: Sir, they want us to report in for repairs

Ash Kndrll: ::makes her way out of the office and to a TL:: Bridge.

LtLeilani: ::realizes that all her weapons went down with the 

LtLeilani: Atlantis:: 

Lt Jovek: ::to the captain:: Sir i think it would be prudent if we asked for white since we are here..

LtLeilani: ::blurts:: Aw CRAP!

EnsTiran: ::finishes the scans and starts checking on shielding systems::

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ Um... Okay... Ask Janice! She knows, cause she's there...

LtjgJaykba: +taps+SecSquads> SecSquads report top the Sec's office immediately 

CptZuriyev: Tell zem zat we hev other orders... and zen set course for the 

CptZuriyev: wormhole, warp six....

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ At least she's there physically...

EnsignSeal: +Struan+ I would, but I don't know her last name so I can't talk to her through the comm

Belle9898: yes sir..::send the message to the depot

EnsignSeal: system..

Belle9898: ::

Ash Kndrll: ::leans against the wall of the TL, rubbing her eyes and 

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ Easily provided for! Lieutenant junior grade Janice Lockheart!

Ash Kndrll: waiting impatiently for it to get there::

LtjgJaykba: ::SecSquads show up::

Belle9898: ::sets the course for the wormhole and warp six::

EnsTiran: ::finishes scans and starts monitoring the warp core::

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ That good enough?

CptZuriyev: Engage.

Lt Jovek: ::mutters to himself some more while putting the code in::

Belle9898: Yes sir

EnsignSeal: +Struan+ Yes, thanks.  +Lockheart+ Seal to Lieutenant Junior Grade Janice Lockheart.

CdrSulivan: :::hopes that they are suitably arrogant in the messages:::

Belle9898: ::engages the warp drive::

CptZuriyev: I hope zey believe us...

LtjgJaykba: SecSquads>  Make the routine rounds and make sure everyone  is armed properly

LtLeilani: :clears her throat:: SIR, CAPTAIN SIR! 

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::hears a voice:: Ahh! ::realizes it's her combadge:: +taps+ Lockheart here.

EnsTiran: ::watches the warp engines go online from his console and wonders what is going on::

CptZuriyev: ::covers one ear:: Waaaaat? And be quieter this time...

EnsignSeal: +Lockheart+ Where are you?

CdrSulivan: :::looks back at Leilani, half expecting her to be waving a fish:::\

LtLeilani: ::looks at him oddly:: Sir, is the Federation going 

LtLeilani: to replace our lost items, sir?

LtjgStruan: Lock> +taps+ In the sensor array place... 

EnsignSeal: +Lockheart+ Yes, I know that...but...where is that?

CptZuriyev: I doubt it.  We might get another ship, we might not.

Ash Kndrll: ::watches the TL doors open and moves to what seems to 

Ash Kndrll: be the tactical station on the bridge::

Ens Scale: Great. Deeper into Dominion space. ::Walks over and starts checking on the shields::

CdrSulivan: :::wonders what lost items that Leilani is thinking about:::

LtLeilani: Sir, I lost some extremely valuable possessions.  

LtLeilani: If necessary, I will have to file a lawsuit, SIR.

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::looks around:: +taps+ Oh my God, that's a good question... I just kinda stumbled 

Belle9898: ::begins to wonder about her cat:: 

LtjgStruan: onto it...

CdrSulivan: :::personally she is a little pissed that she lost her blades that she has to replace from

Lt Jovek: ::looks up at the public display and watches::

CdrSulivan: the LAST time:::

EnsignSeal: +Lockheart+ Well, then how do you plan on getting out?

CptZuriyev: And you'll lose.  It's in your contract that any personal items 

CptZuriyev: lost are your responsibility.

CdrSulivan: Lieutenant..... this is not the time or place.

LtLeilani: No sir, it is not.  Marines do not sign contracts, sir.

LtjgStruan: Lock> +taps+ Well, if I had planned on that I wouldn't be wondering about this! 

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::looks over:: +taps+ Oh, deck 20... sector 7-G.

Lt Jovek: ::looks back down at the screen and plugs away some more::

EnsTiran: ::runs a level 2 diagnostic on the warp nacelles::

CptZuriyev: ::rolls eyes at the incessant Marine nonsense::  You hev ze same 

CptZuriyev: service agreement as ze rest of us, Marine or not.  And personal 

CptZuriyev: effects are brought aboard at your own risk. Understood?

EnsignSeal: +Lockheart+ Excellent.  I'm on my way.  How did you find out??

LtjgJaykba: ::walks down to the weapons locker::

CdrSulivan: Save your materialism and concentrate on thinking about how lucky you are to be alive.

EnsTiran: ::turns his head, wondering where Scale is::

Ens Scale: ::Satisfied, moves to the weapons console::

Belle9898: ::now feels guilty about thinking about her cat::

LtjgStruan: Lock> +taps+ It says so... ::looks at a huge placard on the wall, poster size::

LtLeilani: Very well, sir.  You will be hearing from my 

LtLeilani: lawyer, SIR.

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  Four Dominion craft appear on long range scans, 

Lt Jovek: ::smirks at that response from the commander while plugging away::

CptZuriyev: closing.

LtjgJaykba: ::picks out an arm full of rifles::

CdrSulivan: :::stands and looks at Leilani:::

Belle9898: Sir...we are being pursued by four domionion craft..

CptZuriyev: I could care less about your lawyer, your things are NOT MY 

CptZuriyev: RESPONSIBILITY!.  Dismissed!

LtLeilani: ::is still against the aft bulkhead at attention::

Belle9898: <<forgive the spelling please!!>>

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::watching things on the bridge with interest::

Lt Jovek: ::mutters to himself:: yes yes i know... shut up i'm working here

LtLeilani: ::thinks that Alexi has turned into an ass, but 

LtLeilani: doesn't say anything::

EnsTiran: ::sees the diagnostic results come up with normal parameters::

EnsTiran: <<within>>

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::oh, and doing some work...::

EnsignSeal: *enters the Sensor Array 

CdrSulivan: :::reseats herself as the Captain does what is needed:::

CptZuriyev: I have Dominion craft in pursuit, and you're talking to me about 

CptZuriyev: your things?  Get off my bridge!

EnsignSeal: *

Belle9898: ::turns waiting to see if they heard her over the commotion::

LtjgJaykba: ::walks into  Engineering::

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::hears someone's footsteps, looks around, fearful:: Who's there?

CdrSulivan: Rate of pursuit, Belle?

CptZuriyev: ::turns to Belle::   

LtjgJaykba: :;carrying  several rifles over his shoulder::

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::goes to hide, for the surprise attack::

CdrSulivan: How long until they intercept?

Ens Scale: ::looks up, then back down to what he was doing::

Belle9898: they are closing in fast

EnsTiran: ::sees Jaykba enter:: Some I can help you with Lieutenant?

CptZuriyev: ::wipes the sweat off his head::  Increase speed to maximum.

EnsignSeal: Its Ensign Seal...

LtLeilani: ::does a perfect left face, slings her medkit over 

LtLeilani: her shoulder and marches to the TL::

CdrSulivan: Take us to red alert....

EnsTiran: <<something>>

CptZuriyev: Time to wormhole entry?

Belle9898: ye sir..::turns back to her console and ups the warp :;

LtjgJaykba: Tiran>  here  I brought you some  extra rifles

Ens Scale: ::Hears/sees the red alert:: Great....

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::comes out behind him:: Oh, whew! I thought you were someone else!

LtLeilani: ::enters TL, does a perfect about face and orders 

LtLeilani: the TL to take her some place far away from the 

LtLeilani: CO::

Belle9898: ::sounds the red alert:: 5 minutes sir..

CdrSulivan: *Ash* Sullivan to Ash.

EnsTiran: ::takes the rifles:: Thanks

CptZuriyev: Faster....

Lt Jovek: ::goes underneath the console to replace yet another chip::

Ens Scale: Oooo, rifles.... ::Gawks::

EnsTiran: Scale, why don't you grab a rifle too, just incase?

Ash Kndrll: > Suli... I'm on the bridge with ya'.. :D <

Belle9898: ::tries to urge the ship faster at the captians command::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::continuing to fix the bugs in his programming:: Every one of them I fix,

LtjgJaykba: +taps+  Suli>  look around you  she is on Tacitcal

LtjgStruan: I get two more.. sometimes, even three more... 

EnsTiran: ::sees the warp engines go to maximum::

EnsignSeal: But I told you I was coming...

EnsTiran: What the... What do you think they are doing up there...

Ens Scale: ::Walks over to the rifle pile, picks one up, slings it over his shoulder, decides the warp

EnsTiran: <<they think>>

EnsignSeal: Well, nevermind that.  How far have you progressed?

CdrSulivan: :::looks behind her::: Soory, Lieutenant.

LtjgJaykba: Scalw>  here you go  Scale  fresh  rifles

Ens Scale: engines need monitoring and walks in that direction::

LtLeilani: ::arrives in sickbay and begins to work on it.. 

LtLeilani: Turning it into a proper sickbay and cleaning it::

Lt Jovek: ::to struan:: the law of bug multiplication... live with it

LtjgStruan: Lock> Uh... Oh, well, I'm done a lot of it... 

Ens Scale: Who knows... running would be my guess

LtjgJaykba: *Scale>

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  We're about to enter the wormhole.

LtjgStruan: Struan> Yeah, I know, I plan on giving up soon...

Belle9898: ::sir wormhole comming up...

LtjgStruan: lock> Well... let me see what can you do? Ah, come here...

Lt Jovek: ::takes no notice of the wormhole as he is thoroughly wrapped up in his work::

CptZuriyev: Drop to impulse for wormhole interface.

EnsTiran: ::starts to realign a conduit powering the engines::

CdrSulivan: :::braces herself and bauckles her safety restraints:::

Belle9898: Yes sir..::immediatly drops the warp to impulse as the wormhole comes up::

Ens Scale: Thank you, sir. ::Sees tiran where he was going, and heads back to weapons, figuring they'll

LtjgStruan: Lock> These fiber optic cables and blinking lights need to be connected still...

Ens Scale: probably need them very soon::

LtjgJaykba: ::walks out  back to the weopons  locker::

EnsignSeal: *feels the ship pull out of warp, wondering what's going on*

LtLeilani: ::scrubs the sickbay like it has never been 

LtLeilani: scrubbed before::

EnsTiran: ::realigns the interial field, now that warp has been disengaged::

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::doesn't seem to notice it:: And here's the manual... 

LtjgStruan: some tools... 

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  We enter the wormhole, time slows, shaking 

CptZuriyev: happens, all of that jazz.

LtjgJaykba: ::loads another load of rifles  watches anothe secofficer pick up some too::

CdrSulivan: :::does the wormhole shake and shimmy::::

Belle9898: Sir dominion ships right behind us.....

Ens Scale: ::Goes into slo-mo mode::

EnsignSeal: Hmmm...wormhole.

EnsTiran: ::grabs ahold of the console, steadying himself::

CptZuriyev: Theeeey're stillll chasssssing...

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::loves this part, watches everything go by in slow motion::

Belle9898: ::grabs the console as not to be thrown off again..

LtLeilani: ::scrubs and scrubs and scrubs::

EnsignSeal: Blinking lights?

CdrSulivan: :::wonders what she did to deserve this:::

Belle9898: YYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss ssiiiiirrrrrrrrr

Lt Jovek: :wonders if something is wrong with the inertial dampening field::

LtjgJaykba: : : w a l k s   d o w n   t h e   c o r r i d o r : ;

CptZuriyev: Maaaaaatyeerrrryeeeeebyeeeeetsssss

Belle9898: <<huh??>>

LtjgJaykba: ^ what he said

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::drops her pad, it's floating, stopped in the air:: Whoaaa....

Lt Jovek: <<gee this never happened on DS9>>

CptZuriyev: <<Russian curse.  Don't ask. >>

Belle9898: <<okay>>

CdrSulivan: <<Not asking....>>

EnsignSeal: *looks about at the floatinb PADD* Interesting.

EnsignSeal: (floating)

CptZuriyev: <<Because DS9 conveniently ignored wormhole physics. :)  So 

CptZuriyev: I'm changing it to be more realistic. ::grins::>>

EnsTiran: ::wonders how much longer this is gonna last::

Lt Jovek: <<Ok>>

EnsignSeal: Adverse interdimensional effects.

CdrSulivan: <<We've got some extra money in the special effects budget....>>

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::moves in slow motion to see the other side of the floating pad::

Lt Jovek: <<and you can't get me more probes... what's wrong with this picture?>>

EnsignSeal: Why are you moving in slow motion?

LtjgJaykba: +taps+  Jovek>  How you doing on  weapons  there for you?

LtLeilani: ::has to replicate some sunglasses due to the fact 

LtLeilani: that sickbay is so clean that the light bouncing off 

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  We emerge from the wormhole.

LtLeilani: of the white floor is painful::

LtjgStruan: Lock> We'reee moooving throughhh a ::emerges:: wormhole... or, uh was...

CdrSulivan: <<Science budget is separate.....>>

Belle9898: ::glad to still be at her console::

EnsignSeal: I never knew wormholes did THAT...

EnsTiran: ::finally lets go of the console::

Ens Scale: I'd definetly say we're running from something...

Lt Jovek: +taps+ Jaykumba> i am in the middle of reconfiguring the science station on the bridge and 

CdrSulivan: :::unbuckles::: *ALL DEPTS* Report!

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  A Federation vessel appears on longrange scanners.

LtjgJaykba: << gosh  that will shorten our paychecks>>

LtjgStruan: Lock>> ::padd drops:: Gosh, I hate wormholes!! Anyhow blinking lights...

Belle9898: ::keeps her grip on the console and swears slightly::

EnsTiran: ::looks to Scale:: You wanna report or should I?

Lt Jovek: coordinating the sensor relay upgrades... i am not interested in weaponry at this time

EnsignSeal: Anywho, we should connect these "blinking lights", as you call them, to the rest of the

Belle9898: Sir..got a federation ship comming toward us

CdrSulivan: <<Payroll is also separate.....>>

EnsignSeal: sensor array so Long Range Sensors work at full efficiency.

Ens Scale: You go for it. You seem good at it.

CptZuriyev: Set course for it, relay our situation to them!  Warp eight!

EnsignSeal: <<I thought we didn't get paid?>>

Belle9898: <<that's why I haven't gotten my paycheck yet!!>>

Lt Jovek: Fed ship... fed Ship... oh yeah... ::punches a button::

CptZuriyev: ACTION> The Dominion vessels emerge, only two of them, 

CptZuriyev: however.

LtLeilani: ::begins to scrub the biobeds or whatever the 

LtLeilani: Dominion use::

LtjgStruan: Lock> Um... ::picks up a blinking light module:: Actually these are just blinking lights... 

CdrSulivan: :::hops up::: Federation?  Who is she.... what is her signal?

EnsTiran: +Sullivan+ Engineering here, everything's working fine for the moment

Lt Jovek: The signal has been switched to a federation signal sir

Belle9898: Yes sir::begins rel;ay coordinetes and engages warp to 8::

EnsignSeal: Then what importance do they have???

CdrSulivan: *Tiran*  Keep up the good work....

LtjgStruan: Lock> Don't ask me... the manual says to plug in at least 50 of these into every manual...

Belle9898: Sir 2 domionion ships are still chasing us

CptZuriyev: ACTION> No response from the Federation ship, and the 

CptZuriyev: coordinates are near those of the first RUCT.

LtjgJaykba: +Taps+ Struan>  how you doing  for weapons with you?

EnsTiran: ::looks to Scale:: The Commander said to keep up the good work

CptZuriyev: Are they within firing range, Lt. Kendrall?

Ens Scale: Work?

LtjgStruan: <<not manual... like circuit board>>

Lt Jovek: ::Scanning for life signs with what ever is working::

Belle9898: Sir they are not answering...they are near the RUCT..

LtjgStruan: +taps+ Weapons?

Ash Kndrll: Aye, sir.

LtjgStruan: +taps+ Oh hey, yeah, I could do with some weapons...

EnsTiran: ::grins slightly at Scale's remake:: I don't know what she was talking about either...

CdrSulivan: :::head snap::: Near the RUCT?

CptZuriyev: Get there... keep relaying our situation and get there fast!

CptZuriyev: Aft weapons, fire at them!

LtjgJaykba: +tapsStruan>  Aye   did a few extra rifles?

Belle9898: ::nods to Sulllivan: Yes sir..

CdrSulivan: Didn't we deploy hazard beacons?

Lt Jovek: Sir captain sir... i changed our signal to federation....

LtjgJaykba: <<did= need

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ Sure...

CptZuriyev: ::looks at Sullivan::

CptZuriyev: Good thinking, Jovek.

Belle9898: Begins to keep trying to hail the federation ship::

Ash Kndrll: Firing now.

LtjgJaykba: +taps Struan>  what's your location I'll bring you some

LtjgStruan: Lock> Um... well... that's about all...

EnsTiran: ::looks to Scale:: You got shields covered?

CptZuriyev: ACTION> They return fire, hitting us pretty hard.

Lt Jovek: I can't detect anything with science right now commander the stations are all but shut down

EnsignSeal: Okay....,*begins connecting blinking lights to the rest of the Sensor Array*

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ I'm on the bridge, next to Jovek, he can probably use a few too...

EnsignSeal: *feels the ship rock*

CdrSulivan: :::does what she always does when presented with a battle.... gets up and paces:::

Ens Scale: I can. ::Moves to shields, grabs the console to steady himself an starts punching buttons::

LtjgStruan: Lock/Struan> ::feel the ship rock::

EnsTiran: I'll take Weapons

Lt Jovek: <<there's a smart idea.. give the crazy guy a weapon>>

Belle9898: ::shakes with the impact::

CptZuriyev: Damage report!

LtjgStruan: Lock> Aww crap, what was that?

LtjgJaykba: +taps+  Struan>  Ok  i'll bring some soon  after I go to Sickbay

EnsTiran: ::starts checking over all phaser arrays and torpodoes launchers::

EnsignSeal: Hey..the ship is rocking.

LtjgJaykba: :;heads for sickbay::

EnsignSeal: That isn't good.

LtLeilani: ::steps back and looks at the incredibly clean 

LtLeilani: sickbay:: 

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ Thanks we'll be here, or under a mangle of wires and debris...

LtLeilani: ::happy:: There, that looks pretty good.. 

Lt Jovek: ::looking for the fed ship's transponder registry signal::

CdrSulivan: :::crosses to the auxilary tac station and takes the backup position::::

EnsignSeal: *things crash about in Sickbay as phaser fire hits, messing it all up again*

Belle9898: ::begins reading reports that are flooding in::

Ens Scale: ::Starts working. on the shields, trying despereately to boost their output::

CptZuriyev: ACTION> Casualties reports start coming into sickbay, 

CptZuriyev: wounded flood in.

CptZuriyev: Keep firing!

Lt Jovek: looking for the fed ship's transponder registry signal now commander

CptZuriyev: Belle, time to that Federation ship?

LtLeilani: ::takes the wounded into a part of sickbay that 

LtLeilani: hasn't been scrubbed::

LtLeilani: ::works on them there::

EnsTiran: ::sees a phaser array goes down and starts transfer auxiliary power to it::

Belle9898: 5 minutes sir...

LtjgStruan: Lock> Isn't good! This is horrible! I don't wanna die. ::sticking lights into the circuit 

LtjgStruan: boards::

LtjgJaykba: ::starts to help with  causualties to take to Sickbay::

Ash Kndrll: ::locks and fires again:: Firing.

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::doing it frantically::

Lt Jovek: ::computer begins decoding the signal slowly::

LtLeilani: ::orders some nurses and orderiles around::

Ens Scale: Any systems we don't need?

CdrSulivan: :::feeding tac information so Ash has the best possible info:::

CptZuriyev: ACTION> One of the Dominion ships is destroyed.

EnsignSeal: Well, sensors aren't going to help us any.  Maybe we should concentrate on weapons?

EnsTiran: I can't think of why we need Force Fields right now...

CdrSulivan: <<Oh, good Leilani... take them into the *unsterile* area... :D>>

Ens Scale: Only in boarding, but if we keep shields up, no worry about that ::Transfers energy from for

LtLeilani: <no, it's sterile..just not as sterile as the other part. 

LtLeilani: LOL>

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::stops:: You know... that's a good idea...

Ens Scale: ce fields to shields::

Noon006: (( smiles at Sheri  :P ))

EnsTiran: ::starts taking life support off-line on decks that are unoccupied::

EnsignSeal: Yes, where do we find the Weapons array?

EnsTiran: Took life support from unused decks

Belle9898: ::begins to boost life support on occupied decks::

BRlATHAREN: stop David

LtjgStruan: Lock>::grins:: Follow me... 

Lt Jovek: Commander i'm not sure but i think it's that Atlantis... the registry signal was degraded by


CptZuriyev: ACTION> The other ship fires, hitting us hard, and the 

CptZuriyev: Federation ship comes into view.. it is the Atlantis, eerie framed 

CptZuriyev: in the background by the RUCT.

Lt Jovek: the computer since the science station isn't fully operational

EnsignSeal: *follows*

LtLeilani: ::patches up the wounded and moves on, 

LtLeilani: thinking that she's working on an assembly line::

CdrSulivan: :::turns pale and yells:::   She's back!

Belle9898: ::begins to stand from being thrown to the floor:: It is the Atlanitis, sir::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::looks at the sensor read outs:: Whoa...

LtjgJaykba: ::walks into Sickbay with a wounded petty officer::  Leilani

EnsTiran: ::continues transfering power to the weapons and engines::

CptZuriyev: ::looks at the viewscreen and smiles momentarily, then the ship 

CptZuriyev: gets hit again::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::holding on to his station::

LtLeilani: ::turns:: Yes Jaykumba?

Ens Scale: ::Curses quite loudly and starts rerouting auxilary power to shields::

EnsignSeal: *console explodes near him, dives out of the way, tackling Janice to the ground so she is

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  Engineering gets hit hard.  Warp core breach 

CptZuriyev: imminent in five minutes.

EnsignSeal: not caught in the explosion*

Belle9898: Hull intregrity is down to 85%

CptZuriyev: Return fire... all power to weapons!

LtjgJaykba: Leilani>  We have Casualties  here help me wiht thiis one

EnsTiran: +Bridge+ This is Engineering, we are starting to lose primary power to numerous systems::

Lt Jovek: ::Turns to struan:: you know if the shields drop we could always use the SIF to serve as a 

Lt Jovek: sheild

LtjgStruan: Lock> Ahhhh! ::is tackled:: Uh, hey what was that for? ::sees the console:: Oh sorry...

LtLeilani: ::looks at him:: I know we have casualties, dear. 

LtLeilani: ::smiles:: 

CdrSulivan: :::practically shouting:::  Suggest we return to the Atlantis.

Lt Jovek: it could take several direct hits

Ens Scale: ::Flies around due to the hits and sparks and thing::

EnsTiran: +Bridge+ And a warp core breach in 5 minutes

Ash Kndrll: ::watches the viewscreen for a moment before snapping 

LtjgJaykba: ::drags the wounded Petty officer to a table::

Ash Kndrll: out of it:: Firing.

LtLeilani: ::motions for an orderly to assist Jaykumba:: 

EnsignSeal: We have to get off of this deck.  Life support is starting to fail here...

EnsignSeal: I think they took it offline, this deck is relatively unused...

LtLeilani: Let me finish up here..::suturing up a nasty belly 

LtLeilani: wound::

CptZuriyev: We can't lower the shields to transport.... zis thing doesn't have 

CptZuriyev: the separately shield transporter emitters!  All power to 

CptZuriyev: weapons, we hev to destroy zat ship!

Belle9898: ::grabs her console and begins to try to keep life support oprational::

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::Nods:: Crap! Let's get the hell out of here then... 

EnsTiran: Scale, change of plans, I need force fields online in here now!

Belle9898: Life support is failing all around tje ship sir..

Belle9898: <<tje=the>>

EnsignSeal: *jumps up and starts heading towards a Jeffries Tube, or the Dominion Equivalent of one*

Ens Scale: ::transfers power back into the force fields:: Done

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::nods:: Yeah, but ::looks at his console:: We figure out how to do that with this 

CptZuriyev: Take it offline and get the power to weapons... we have more 

CptZuriyev: than five minutes of air anyway!

LtjgStruan: blasted thing?

Ash Kndrll: ::firing off as much as she can::

EnsTiran: ::activates force fields around warp core::

CptZuriyev: Fire all we have!

Lt Jovek: +taps+ Tiran> if you increase the power to the structural integrity field above normal it ca

CdrSulivan: :::curses this blasted ship::::

Lt Jovek: can serve as a secondary shield

Belle9898: ::shocked but begins to take life support offline and redirect it to wepons:: Done sir

Ens Scale: Maybe if we jettison the core, than blow it up in the middle of those ships...

LtLeilani: ::finishes up the belly wound and moves to 

LtLeilani: Jaykumba's patient:: Now, what have we here?

LtjgJaykba: +taps+Secsquads> SecSquads  On your toes  Help with the wounded  and keep a sharp eye out 

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::following him::

EnsTiran: +Jovek+ I can try, but we don't exactly have a lot of energy to spare

Belle9898: ::out of habit ahe crosses herself::

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The Dominion ship is destroyed, but the shockwave 

CptZuriyev: takes most of the systems offline.

Belle9898: <<ahe=she>>

EnsignSeal: Here.  *rips open part of a wall to show a Tube* Go in, I'll follow behind you.

LtjgJaykba: Secsquads> for intruders

Lt Jovek: +taps+ Tiran... use the back up

Lt Jovek: to power it.

LtLeilani: ::starts to repair the injured petty officer::

CdrSulivan: *Eng* Get transporters up..... NOW!

LtjgJaykba: ::helps  more  wounded in::

Lt Jovek: Well it's been real nice being on the bridge but i really must go... to the science lab and 

CptZuriyev: Time to breach?

LtjgStruan: Lock> No, you go, that's an ... order.. 

LtLeilani: ::wonders what those clowns on the bridge are 

Lt Jovek: my quarters

CdrSulivan: :::practically dancing on the bridge:::

LtLeilani: doing...::

CptZuriyev: ::wipes blood from his forehead::

EnsTiran: ::mutters:: One thing at a time

Belle9898:  2 mins sir..

Ens Scale: ::His fingers fly across the console, working to activate the transporters::

EnsignSeal: Okay then.  *goes into the Jeffries Tube*

Ens Scale: I'll get 'porters, you shield the core

EnsTiran: You got transporters covered Scale?

Lt Jovek: I'm not leaving without my things...

CptZuriyev: +Engineering+ ALL efforts to transporters, get ready to 

CptZuriyev: abandon ship.

Lt Jovek: I'll die here first

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::looks back, looks nervously:: I hate being a Lt. junior grade... ::goes after him::

CdrSulivan: :::looks to see the Captain bleeding:::

Ens Scale: Let's get outta here

EnsTiran: ::starts transferring all power to transportersLL

EnsignSeal: *crawling rather quickly, though doesn't know where he is going*

CptZuriyev: ::stands:: Time to core breach, Carver?

Belle9898: ::begins to reroute power to the transporters to help enginneerong::

EnsignSeal: I think we have a core breach...

Lt Jovek: ::goes to the TL and heads down to the science la

Belle9898: ::glances up:: 1 min 50 sec..sir

Lt Jovek: lab::

Ens Scale: Might as well kill the shields, can't use them in transport anyway... ::Does it::

LtjgStruan: Lock> Hurry, hurry, hurryhurry...

EnsignSeal: Out here.

Lt Jovek: ::Drops his com badge on the floor::

EnsignSeal: *exits the tube*

CptZuriyev: Get every ounce of power this bucket has... 

LtjgJaykba: Leilani>    did I hear that right  we are all being transported?

EnsTiran: ::takes power from life support, if any is left to transporters::

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::exits after him:: Great now where are we?

CptZuriyev: If there is ANYTHING that isn't the transporters online, kill it.  

CptZuriyev: Even sickbay's power.

EnsignSeal: Near a transporter room.

Belle9898: begins shutting additional systems down 

Lt Jovek: ::goes into the lab and begins to extract his information::

LtLeilani: ::looks at Jay, then back at the patient:: I have no 

LtLeilani: idea.. I'm up to my elbows trying to save this 

Ens Scale: ::Starts killing everything::

LtLeilani: guy's life..

EnsignSeal: Good enough.  *dashes into the room*

CdrSulivan: :::smiles to herself knowing that a certain doctor will have his head for that:::

CptZuriyev: ::sweating and bleeding both::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::looks for Jovek:: Hey? Where the hell did he go? +taps+ Jovek?

LtjgJaykba: ::walks around  sickbay making s8ure everyone has a combadge:: 

EnsTiran: ::starts transfering power from primary lights to transporters::

Lt Jovek: ::no answer com badge on floor::

CdrSulivan: :::crosses to Zuri::: Captain.... are you alright?

EnsignSeal: *nasty burn across his arm from where the console exploded*

CptZuriyev: Come on.... get power, dammit....

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::following him into the transporter::

CptZuriyev: I'm fine, XO.   

LtLeilani: ::notes that the power just went off in sickbay, 

LtLeilani: feels all her muscles tense with incredible anger::

EnsignSeal: *goes over to the console* I don't know if there is anywhere near here to transport to...

Belle9898: 1 minute sir

Lt Jovek: ::finishes the extraction and runs to his quarters near by::\

CdrSulivan: Y...y.....you're head, sir....

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The extra power gives the boost needed for the 

CptZuriyev: transporters.

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ Jovek?! ::locates his signal and goes to find it::

LtjgJaykba: ::finished with that::   What?

Belle9898: 50 seconds sir..

CptZuriyev: Da, I'll be fine.

CdrSulivan: <<your... not you're....>>

EnsTiran: Scale, we got minute until this ship blows, all transporters are online now right?

LtjgJaykba: ::snaps a flashlight on::

CdrSulivan: :::frowns:::

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::shakes head:: Well, that Federation ship...

LtLeilani: Jaykumba!! Get that light over here NOW!!

Ens Scale: ::Looks for anything else to shut down:: Don't see any that aren't.

EnsignSeal: Federation ship.  Well, lets hope their shields are down, otherwise we'll be scattered into

EnsignSeal: space.

Lt Jovek: ::Arrives at his quarters and begins frantically packing while muttering to himself::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::finds the combadge on the floor:: Jovek! Where the bloody hell are you?

LtjgJaykba: Leilani>  Aye   here you go

LtjgJaykba: ::holds light::

CptZuriyev: ACTION> Atlantis hangs there, apparently not even powered 

CptZuriyev: up, waiting...

LtLeilani: ::repairs by flashlight, thread and needles::

EnsTiran: +Bridge+ All power has been transferred to the Transporters, can I ask where we are going?

CptZuriyev: Mass transport us to the Atlantis... NOW!

Lt Jovek: ::Still packing::

EnsignSeal: Engaging transport...

Belle9898: ::begins closing her eyes:: @0 seconds sir

CdrSulivan: *TIran*  You'll find out soon...

Belle9898: <<20>>

EnsignSeal: *jumps onto the Transporter Pad*

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::goes looking for him::

CptZuriyev: ACTION> The entire crew is beamed to the Atlantis, in 

EnsTiran: ::stands up, preparing for beaming::

CptZuriyev: generally corresponding locations.

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::with Seal on the transporter pad::

Lt Jovek: ::finishes and rushes to a wall panel::

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  And it is dark aboard Atlantis, life support the only 

CptZuriyev: thing functioning.

EnsignSeal: *arrives on another Transporter Pad on the  Atlantis*

Lt Jovek: Computer transport me to the Atlantis now

LtLeilani: ::notes that she's on a different ship now, and that 

LtLeilani: her patient has died during the transport::

CptZuriyev: ::looks around and tries to figure out where we are::

Ens Scale: Looks like we need power

EnsTiran: ::squints, trying to find where he is::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::feels himself transported:: Jovek! ::appears on Atlantis:: Blast it!

LtjgJaykba: ::stands at leilani's side with a flashlight::  Where are we?

CdrSulivan: ::::unshimmers and begins barking orders to the computer::::

Ash Kndrll: ::glances around::

Belle9898: ::opens eyes seeing she is still around:: begins to work on her console getting other system

Lt Jovek: ::transports out as the ship blows into a million pieces::

Ens Scale: Lights being first

Belle9898: online::

LtLeilani: I don't know.  Nor do I care. ::voice low and full 

CptZuriyev: Get impulse online, we have to get away from that core breach!

LtLeilani: of anger::

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::opens her eyes:: Oh my God, we're dead... ::sees it's all black::

EnsTiran: Can't fix lights, if you can't see what you are doing

EnsignSeal: No, its just dark.  This isn't the state of "Dead."

LtjgStruan: Lock> Oh, no wait a second... 

CptZuriyev: ACTION> Ten seconds....

EnsignSeal: Unless you call Dead a transporter pad in a darkened room..

Ens Scale: ::His fingers fly across his console, trying to get something::

Belle9898: 10 secs sir..

LtjgJaykba: ::looking around:;

EnsignSeal: Well, if we don't get shields up HERE we'll die anyway from the explosion of the other ship.

LtjgStruan: Lock> Well, how else would you describe the afterlife?

CptZuriyev: Impulse power if we've got it, get shields up...

CdrSulivan: *Engineering* We need juice, NOW.

EnsignSeal: Well, certainly not a Transporter Pad...

LtjgJaykba: ::can't believe his  eyes::

Lt Jovek: ::something is beaming onto the padd but the signal is unstable::

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The warp core blows on our former home, the 

CptZuriyev: shockwave approaches...

Belle9898: ::checks the warp drive and tries to get impulse power

EnsTiran: +Bridge+ Working on it, hard to work in the dark...

CptZuriyev: SHIELDS!  NOW!

LtjgJaykba: Leilani  does this look familiar?

LtLeilani: ::absently wipes the sweat off of her brow, and in 

LtLeilani: the process smears her face with blood..then 

LtLeilani: absently wipes a hand across her tunic::

EnsTiran: ::tries making something happen::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::sighs, but feels a temor:: Sh... ::goes to brace himself::

CdrSulivan: *Engineering* Then turn on your lights....

Ens Scale: ::Desperate. Low power on his rifle, enough to illuminate his console:: 

Lt Jovek: ::the signal begins to fade after the ship blows up and is losing integrity::

Ens Scale: Computer! LIGHTS to full!

EnsTiran: +Bridge+ You think it's that simple?

LtjgStruan: Lock>::sees the console come to life:: A signal...

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The shockwave hits, effortlessly tossing Atlantis 

CptZuriyev: with it.. we're shaken all over the place.

EnsignSeal: NOW we're going to die.  The other ship exploded.

EnsTiran: ::sees the lights come on:: 

EnsTiran: +Bridge+ Nevermind

EnsignSeal: *tossed around, yelling "I TOLD YOU!"*

LtjgJaykba: ::falls over::

LtLeilani: ::is thrown to the deck, swearing colorfully all the 

LtLeilani: way::

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::gets to it as the ship explodes and is joslted around::

CptZuriyev: ::smacks his head hard on his chair as he falls::

Ens Scale: ::Not prepared, gets flinged against a bulkhead::

Lt Jovek: ::the signal is continuing to fade even more as teh shields come up::

LtjgJaykba: ::gets back  up  goes to help Leilani::

Belle9898: ::is thrown across her console landing on the other side cutting her head and hands::

Ash Kndrll: ::tossed to the floor, cursing lowly::

EnsTiran: ::hits the ground hard numerous times::

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::grabs the signal... dumps it into a buffer and locks it there::

CdrSulivan: :::gets tossed to the floor where she falls in an ungraceful heap:::

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The shockwave dissipates.... and we're not blown to 

CptZuriyev: bits.   

LtLeilani: ::pulls herself up with the aid of a biobed:: 


LtjgStruan: Lock> ::console sparks, erupting as she falls aside from it::

EnsTiran: ::pulls himself up and looks around::

CdrSulivan: ::::pulls herself up with the help of the Captain's chair:::

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::falls over:: Owww...

EnsignSeal: *sees the console erupt* Oh dear....

Belle9898: ::begins to pull herself up::

EnsTiran: Hey, a Federation ship. This is more like it

CptZuriyev: ::staring at the deck::

LtjgJaykba: Computer>  full lights

CptZuriyev: ::his voice raspy:: Report...

EnsignSeal: *from the ground, tries to stand, find his leg badly damaged, possibly broken*

CdrSulivan: :::shakes him gently::: Captain?

CptZuriyev: ::tries to get up::

CdrSulivan: :::pushes him back into his seat:::

Belle9898: ::wipes her forehead and smears blood across her cheek::

CptZuriyev: ::tries to clear his head::

EnsTiran: ::sits down at a console, running through all systems::

CdrSulivan: We're fine... we made it.

LtjgStruan: Lock> I dumped a signal into the buffer... ::looks a bit shocked, wonders who it was::

LtjgJaykba: ::helps another assistant to her feet::

CptZuriyev: We did it...

Ash Kndrll: ::mumbles something intelligible and kinda stares at the 

Ash Kndrll: tac station for a moment, from the floor::

Ens Scale: ::Finally staggers to his feet::

CdrSulivan: ::nods:::

CdrSulivan: *Medical* Sullivan to medical...

LtjgStruan: Struan> Hey, anyone here! ::yelling::

LtLeilani: ::walks over to the sink area, still swearing, and 

LtLeilani: washes her hands::

CptZuriyev: ::blinks three times::  

LtjgJaykba: ::helps a wounded yeoman  back to the bio_bed::

EnsignSeal: *braced against the wall for support* Well, we had better get to the bridge, or something...

LtLeilani: +Sullivan+ ::sneers:: Yes, Commander?

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::making his way down a dark cooridor:: Hello!

CptZuriyev: ::smiles:: We had no right to make it, but we did.

LtjgStruan: Lock> Do you here that? 

Ens Scale: Tiran. You ok?

EnsTiran: ::sees many systems are offline and starts to get to work::

Belle9898: ::sits in her chair and begins to get life support online once again::

EnsTiran: Just some bruises and minor cuts. You?

CdrSulivan: :::smiles back at him::: It's the legacy.

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::gets up, wipes some blood from her face, frowns:: Yeah... let's go...

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  This Atlantis is just as we left it... everything is 

CptZuriyev: intact, all of our possessions, pets, et cetera... we're just banged 

CptZuriyev: up a bit.

LtjgJaykba: ::more Secofficers  walk in  with the wounded::

Lt Jovek: ::the pattern begins to degrade in the buffer::

CdrSulivan: *Leilani* Watch your tone...

CptZuriyev: How's the ship?

Belle9898: ::looks at her hand and sees the blood on it and begins to get squimish but continues workin

Ens Scale: I'll live. Hopefully. ::Wanders to the nearest console and punches buttons::

CdrSulivan: *Leilani* You might want to send someone  up to the bridge...

Belle9898: Sir, it is in one piece...

Ash Kndrll: ::finally pulls herself up and starts checking the systems on 

Ash Kndrll: the tac station::

LtLeilani: +taps+ We're a bit busy down here, sir.  

Belle9898: ::belle rasps::

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::sees that the buffer is degrading on a read out screen:: Crap...

CdrSulivan: The reports are coming in.... she seems to be as good as she was before...

LtLeilani: ::still angry, still repairing wounded::

LtjgStruan: Lock> I need to get to another transporter console...

Belle9898: <<my cat!! yeah!!!>>

CptZuriyev: ::wipes the blood clean::

CdrSulivan: *Leilani*  Fine.  I'll see to the Captain myself.

EnsTiran: ::starts transfering power to get life support up to full::

EnsignSeal: Well, why don't we just take a Turbolift?

LtjgJaykba: +taps+ Suli>  we have an awful full sickbay here  

CdrSulivan: *Leilani* Sullivan out.

EnsignSeal: It looks like we are on a Federation vessel...

LtLeilani: +taps+ Very well, Commander.

CptZuriyev: I'm fine now... just glad to be alive.

CdrSulivan: :::looks at him:::

LtjgStruan: Lock> Uh yeah, ::sees Struan enter:: 

CdrSulivan: You have a very nasty head wound.

LtjgStruan: Struan> Hey... you guys alright?

LtLeilani: Jaykumba, get me that cortical stimulator. ::points 

LtLeilani: to a device::

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptZuriyev: PAUSE SIMULATION    Stardate 49908.08

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=