CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptZuriyev: BEGIN SIMULATION     Stardate 49907.31

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CdrSulivan: <<:::blows her whistle in Caine's ear::::>>

Belle9898: <<just glad it isn't in mine>>

Lt Jovek: ::has Janice continue upgrading the science station::

LtjgJaykba: ::walks up to Suli::<ASec><XO> Captain, here is the crew count for the next shift, 

LtjgJaykba: oops

Ens Scale: ::Putses in ME::

LtLeilani: ::is wherever she's supposed to be::

CptZuriyev: ::on the bridge, in what passes for a CO's chair::

LtjgJaykba: *Commander

Belle9898: ::slowly walks back to her console...::

CdrSulivan: :::sitting on the bridge, looking like she has a headache::::

EnsTiran: ::in ME going over a few PADDs::

CdrSulivan: :::takes the PADD from Jay:::; Thank you.

Belle9898: ::sits in her chair and begins to run diagnostics::

Lt Jovek: Commander upgrades to the science systems and sensor array tie ins are proceding on schedule

LtjgJaykba: ::turns  and checks the two secsquad men

LtjgJaykba: ::walks to theTL::

Lt Jovek: i predict another month before fully upgraded.

CptZuriyev: ::looks over the ship's status on the console at his chair::

Lt Jovek: well maye 3 weeks

EnsTiran: ::starts to run a diagnostic on the weapons::

CdrSulivan: :::nods::: Hopefully we'll be off this barge by then....

LtLeilani: ::to Caine:: What do we do now, Doctor?

CptZuriyev: ::would give just about anything right now for a Starfleet vessel::

CptZuriyev: Mr. Carver, ETA to the wormhole?

Lt Jovek: Commander i found something floating around in the ship's computer a few days ago i think 

Belle9898: <<Mr??>>

Lt Jovek: you may want to take a look at it

LtLeilani: <::notes that Caine was on her buddylist a minute 

LtLeilani: ago::>

CptZuriyev: <<Standard address... everyone in the military is addressed as 

CptZuriyev: Mister. :)>

Belle9898: <<sorry forgot>>

Lt Jovek: ::hands her a padd with the specs on the completed molecule::

Belle9898: Ten minutes, sir (m) and counting::prays he didn't hear that last part::

LtLeilani: :grabs a medkit and wanders around looking for 

LtLeilani: injured people::

CdrSulivan: <<:::puts a big *T* in the black book::::>>

EnsTiran: ::finishes with his diagnostic and starts another on the shield systems::

Lt Jovek: ::goes back the science station and monitors while janice continues the slow upgrade process

CptZuriyev: ::hears, but overlooks::  When we arrive, slow to impulse for 

CptZuriyev: passage.

Belle9898: ::really hates this ship as she continues to debug the secondary life support system::

Belle9898: Yes, sir..::begins preprations for arrival::

CdrSulivan: <<I'm sorry.... I'm dealing with a renegade kitten again...>>

Belle9898: ::continues debugging::

CdrSulivan: <<Any one have some sodium penethol?>>

Lt Jovek: <<one word   Catnip >>

Belle9898: <<or cat treat>>

Ltjg Caine: <<Pentathol is not for kitties!>

LtLeilani: <<my kitten likes those beanie babies from 

LtLeilani: McDonalds.  he kills them>>

Ens Scale: <<Anyone else notice there's a sim going on?>>

Lt Jovek: <<yeah>>

Belle9898: <<yeah>>

CptZuriyev: ::clears his throat and shifts in his chair, hoping that no one 

CptZuriyev: hails them yet::

Lt Jovek: Commander no Anomalies detected but with this system there could me a micro spatial vortex 

EnsTiran: ::finishes with his diagnostic and starts the final one on the warp systems::

Lt Jovek: and we wouldn't notice it

Lt Jovek: ((be a micro))

Ltjg Caine: <<Leave my brain out of this.>>

CptZuriyev: XO, any progress on the problem of what to do in case of a hail 

CptZuriyev: from our "Fleetmates"?

LtjgJaykba: ::Suli:: Commander a word with you?:: stepping forward

CdrSulivan: *ALL DEPT HEADS* <<And bodies....>>  Where are those plans of action that I asked for?

EnsTiran: ::finishes the diagonostic and sees the mixture is slightly off and readjusts it::

LtjgStruan: ::is doing some programming::

EnsTiran: ::wonders Dept head, who would that be right now....::

LtLeilani: ::looks at Caine:: You have that plan of Action?

CdrSulivan: :::looks at the Captain::: I'm in the process of finding out, now.

CdrSulivan: What is it, Jay?

CptZuriyev: ::nods to Sullivan::

CdrSulivan: :::looks up from her reports:::

LtjgJaykba: ::Suli::do we have Tac properly covered?

LtjgStruan: JLock> ::standing next to Struan duped into checking his code::

LtLeilani: ::looks around the sickbay:: This isn't much of a 

LtLeilani: sickbay, is it? 

CdrSulivan: :::chuckles::: Would you like to assume the tactical post, Lieutenant?

Belle9898: ::begins to slow to impulse as the come upon the wormhole::

Ltjg Caine: No, Leilani, it's not...but a sickbay is more than a place, is it not?

Lt Jovek: Science and the array tie ins are being upgraded as we speak one month at the most to 

LtjgJaykba: ::Suli::  Yes Cmdr if you need me there

Lt Jovek: complete the upgrade

CdrSulivan: :::nods::: Take the post, Jay.

Belle9898: ::turns slightly to see the captain:: Sir we are nearing the wormhole

EnsTiran: ::starts to go over a few systems of the ship::

LtLeilani: True.. wonder what their doctors are like? I'd 

LtLeilani: rather not find out first hand, mind you.

LtjgJaykba: ::steps to the Tac station::

Lt Jovek: Struan please send janice to work on the array tie in and continue working on the coding 

Lt Jovek: ere

Lt Jovek: here

CptZuriyev: Slow to impulse.

CptZuriyev: Set course to enter.

CdrSulivan: :::rubs her temples:::

LtjgJaykba: ::starts to read the symbols for Dom lang::

CdrSulivan: :::whispers::: Guess we punt....

LtjgStruan: Janice> I heard... I heard...  ::gets up to go work on the arrays::

Belle9898: ::smiles:: we are at impulse and course is laid in sir, ::she says as she lays the course in

LtjgJaykba: ::taps in the control for sensors

Lt Jovek: Struan could we work a special virus through the system to change the language on the 

Ltjg Caine: :::forwards a readiness report to Cdr. Sullivan's PADD::

Lt Jovek: computer terminals to english?

CptZuriyev: Time to entry?

CdrSulivan: *Jovek* Jovek... is the transponder still set for the Dominion signals?

LtLeilani: So, Doctor, do we just wait here? ::frowns::

CptZuriyev: +ALL HANDS+ Prepare for wormhole entry.

Belle9898: ::glances to her terminal then turns back around:: 3 minutes sir..

Lt Jovek: yes it is still set for dominion signals... if we encounter our friends though i can switch 

LtLeilani: ::mutters:: Worm hole??

Lt Jovek: it over immediately to the Atlantis transponder signal

Ens Scale: ::Finds something to hang to::

CdrSulivan: Good....

EnsTiran: ::starts to wonder what else can be look over in Engineering::

Lt Jovek: it might confuse them long enough so we don't get any friendly fire and give us the time to

Lt Jovek: communicate

Ltjg Caine: <<Admiral on the Bridge!>>

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::continues  to program::

CdrSulivan: :::holds on to the arms of her chair:::

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  Our captured vessel enters the wormhole.  The 

CptZuriyev: normal special effects ensue.

Ltjg Caine: Would you prefer to wait elsewhere, Leilani?

RAdm Tim: >>::smiles:: As you were, evening all<<

Lt Jovek: Struan any thoughts on that virus i mentioned?

LtjgStruan: <<btw Lock is short for Janice Lockheart>>

Belle9898: ::grips her console a bit::

LtjgJaykba: <<ooooh narly>>

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::goes to work on the arrays...::

CdrSulivan: <<Evening, Tim!>>

CptZuriyev: >> Evening, Tim. >>

Ltjg Caine: <<June's younger sister?>>

LtLeilani: ::looks at him:: I'd prefer to be on the ground 

LtLeilani: with a rifle in my hand, leading the charge.  But, 

LtLeilani: I'm not. I'm here, on an enemy ship.

LtLeilani: <LOL Caine>

CdrSulivan: <<Oh... now that sounds SOOOO doctor like... :D>>

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The producer reminds the crew that wormhole 

CptZuriyev: special effects include a slowing of time.

LtjgStruan: <<Huh? No, but she has an equally neurotic sister named Kimberly...>>

EnsTiran: ::starts to tap his fingers on the console, trying to think of something else to do::

LtjgStruan: Struan> Virus? Virus... ::trying to remember:: Jovek, all I can speak is machine code right 

LtjgStruan: code right now...

CptZuriyev: ACTION>   And a lot of shaking.  

Lt Jovek: Continue i'll work on it 

CptZuriyev: ::holding on to the arms of his chair to ride out the shaking and 

CptZuriyev: slowing of time::

CdrSulivan: Editor> Prepares to slow the film speed....

Lt Jovek: ::begins working up a preliminary design on a data padd::

LtjgJaykba: ::f e e l s   a b n o r m a l l y   s l o w e r  a n d  s h a k e y: :

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::feels everything goooo-inggggg slllllloooooowwwweeerrr....::

Ltjg Caine: There will be time enough to fight, Leilani...

Belle9898: ::shakes a bit with the ship..also feels a slowing to the ship::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::starts to shake in slow motion...::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::wonders if there will be some cool slow motion Matrix effects...

CdrSulivan: :::her head hurts a little more with the shaking:::

LtjgJaykba: <<So that's what it feels like??>>

LtLeilani: ::leans against the wall to steady herself from the 

LtLeilani: shaking::

EnsTiran: ::starts to monitor engines as the ship goes through the wormhole::

Lt Jovek: ::wonders where the darn intertial dampeners are::

CdrSulivan: :::says a little prayer to the Prophets to remind them that they are friendly:::

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The ship emerges from the wormhole.

Belle9898: ::prays they come through in one piece::

CptZuriyev: Status report.

CdrSulivan: *ALL DEPT* Report in.

LtjgJaykba: ::CO::  Tactical still operative

Lt Jovek: Science operational

Ens Scale: ::Nods to Tiran:: You can deal with the commander

EnsTiran: +Sullivan+ Everything's fine

LtjgJaykba: ::CO:: Ready

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::finds the arrays and begins to work on them:: 

Belle9898: Helms operative, life systems operative..

LtLeilani: ::shakes her head:: I bet we'll have wounded now.. 

LtLeilani: All that damn shaking.

CdrSulivan: :::looks to Zuri::: All departments reporting in...

Lt Jovek: No apparent anomalies in our flight path

EnsTiran: ::looks toward Scale:: Everything if working, right?...

EnsTiran: <<is working>>

Ens Scale: Nothing wrong I see ::Walks around::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::trying to access the ports for the advanced science functions::

CdrSulivan: Everything seems fine....

LtjgJaykba: ::is wondering if shields are up::

Lt Jovek: ::goes back to designing the virus::

CptZuriyev: Mr. Carver, set course for these coordinates.... ::hands her the 

CptZuriyev: PADD with the information::

Belle9898: ::takes the PADD and set the course in the console:: Yes sir

CptZuriyev: Engage... try warp five, I think zat's their standard cruise speed.

CptZuriyev: ::turns back to Jay at Tac:: Maintain condition green, but be on 

CptZuriyev: the lookout.

CdrSulivan: ::winces::: Permission to report to sickbay... I seem to have developed a bit of a headache.

Belle9898: Yes sir:: enters the warp commands and prays that all goes well::

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::looking through the technical manual trying to match the strange markings::

CptZuriyev: Granted, XO.

EnsTiran: :::starts to monitor warp engines again and sees the ship go to warp 5::

CdrSulivan: We shouldn't encounter any.... friends... for a while...

Ens Scale: ::Hurries to a console as he feels the ship go into  warp::

CptZuriyev: Try to be back up here by ze time get zere, XO.

Ltjg Caine: You are welcome to go to the Bridge, Leilani...it is not out of place to have a Doctor there

LtjgJaykba: ::CO:: Aye Captain <<sorry had to let the dog out>>

Lt Jovek: ::finishes the preliminary outlined design and function of the virus::

CdrSulivan: :::crosses to the exit, not really willing to leave him alone:::

LtjgStruan: Struan> Once Lockheart gets those ports in... we can test some of these...

LtLeilani: ::nods:: Thanks, Doc.. I feel like a tiger trapped in 

LtLeilani: a cage right now.

Belle9898: ::closes her eyes for a sec and reopens them to find that her console is beeping::

Lt Jovek: ::begins programming the virus::

CptZuriyev: One happy fleet... no need to hev shields up in our home space...

LtjgJaykba: <TAC>Maintaining Green Alert sir!

LtLeilani: ::heads for the Bridge, has no clue where it is, but 

LtLeilani: just starts walking::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::looks at his programming, puts his feet up:: I'm a master at the Tao of 

CdrSulivan: :::exits the bridge and steps into the TL::: Sickbay.

LtjgStruan: Programming... ::chair gives way falls over:: Oww....

CdrSulivan: :::leans against the wall:::

Lt Jovek: ::smirks and quickly hides it::

LtLeilani: :enters a TL:: Bridge! ::hopes it sounds more 

LtLeilani: convincing than she feels::

Belle9898: ::fear begins creeping up her throat, she tries to swallow it but it is always there::

EnsTiran: ::gets up and walks around ME, somewhat bored::

Lt Jovek: let me help you us Struan

Lt Jovek: ::holds out a hand::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::gets up:: I got it, I got it... damn chair...

CdrSulivan: ::::Tl stops and the doors hiss open:::

Lt Jovek: ok

LtjgJaykba: {s door5

CdrSulivan: :::she steps out:::

Belle9898: ::tries to not to smile but a small one creeps up::

LtLeilani: ::steadies herself as the TL jolts to a stop and 

LtLeilani: waits for the doors to open::

CptZuriyev: Belle... ETA?

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::sits down:: Anyway... I wonder how Lockheart is getting along...

Belle9898: ::glances at her console:: 10 minutes sir..

LtLeilani: ::steps out onto the bridge when they do open, 

LtLeilani: med kit slung over her shoulder::

CdrSulivan: :::stops in front of the sickbay doors, thinking that maybe the headache isn't THAT bad:::

Lt Jovek: ::continues programming::: lockheart?

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::tangled in a spider web of glowing fiberopitic cables and dodads::

CptZuriyev: ::nods and sits down::

Ltjg Caine: :::looks expectantly at the Sickbay doors:::

LtLeilani: ::looks around the bridge::

LtjgStruan: Struan> The girl that was just here.

Syrcia9517: ::walks sullenly into the room::

LtjgStruan: Struan> dark brown hair tied into a pony tail.

Lt Jovek: ahhh... ok Struan... i'd barely noticed

CptZuriyev: ::stares straight ahead at the viewscreen::  <w> Please, no 

CptZuriyev: company...

LtjgJaykba: <--performs a sensor sweep::

LtLeilani: ::notes that everyone looks ok::

LtjgStruan: Struan> Looked like she was freaked out... trust me, stay away from her...

CdrSulivan: ::::enters sickbay::::

LtLeilani: ::walks up to Alexi and hands him a towel:: 

Belle9898: ::hears the captains whispered plea and begins to chatit in her head::

EnsTiran: ::sits back down at a console and begins making sure all force field emitters are online::

CdrSulivan: <<Sorry, Leilani.... your victim went to SB.... :D>>

Lt Jovek: ::finishes the virus:: i've finished it Struan you might want to back out of there for a few

Lt Jovek: minutes

Belle9898: <<chatit = chant>>

LtLeilani: ::quietly:: You're sweating, sir. ::steps back against 

Ltjg Caine: Sullivan -- good to see you.

LtLeilani: the wall and stands at attention:

CdrSulivan: :::sighs in resignation as she enters:::

LtLeilani: <that's ok. :) >

CptZuriyev: ::starts and looks up, takes the towel gratefully and wipes his 

CptZuriyev: head::

LtjgStruan: Struan> back out of where? 

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::yanks all kinds of wires out:: I guess we won't be needing them anymore...

Lt Jovek: Out of those cables i'm going to send the virus through to fix the language problem on the

Lt Jovek: consoles

CptZuriyev: At ease.

CdrSulivan: Hello, Caine....  I trust you are finding your way around?

Lt Jovek: well hopefully it will work 

LtjgStruan: Struan> Then I guess I'd better warn Lockheart?

CptZuriyev: Zank you for ze towel.

LtLeilani: ::stands at Parade Rest instead of At Ease::

Ltjg Caine: ::shrugs:: I manage...but I'm glad I brought things with me.

LtLeilani: Sir, yes sir!

CptZuriyev: ::stands::  You are well?

CdrSulivan: I'm sure you are....

Belle9898: ::begins to check her reports ::

EnsTiran: ::finds that numerous emitters are offline and starts to put them online::

Lt Jovek: yeah warn her

LtLeilani: Sir, yes sir!

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ Hey, Lock, don't go near the wires, Lt. Jovek's going to send a virus through

Ltjg Caine: May I help you, Commander?

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ Might be a surge or something really bad...

CptZuriyev: ::wipes his head with the towel again::  

Lt Jovek: Commander i am attempting to fix the language problem on the consoles throughout the ship

Lt Jovek: permission to run it through the system

CdrSulivan: :::crosses her arms and tilts her head at him::: I don't know... can you?

LtjgStruan: Lock> ::eyes go wider and frantically gets herself out of the tangle of wires...::

LtjgJaykba: CO>Sir are we under No -comm to starfleet? 

Lt Jovek: the virus that i created that is

LtjgStruan: Lock> +taps+ ::squeaking and cursing:: Okay I'm free... 

CptZuriyev: ::nods to Jay:: Da... zat would look very suspicious.

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::doesn't want to know:: Yup... ::backs up his work::

LtjgJaykba: CO> If we are then may I suggest a probe to do it for us

Lt Jovek: Commander?

Ltjg Caine: That would depend on the problem, Commander...I take it, in the middle of a wormhole, this..

Ltjg Caine: is not a social call.

CptZuriyev: Nyet, Lieutenant, no communications whatsoever until we 

CptZuriyev: return.

CptZuriyev: ::turns to Leilani::  Dismissed... and zanks for ze towel.

LtjgJaykba: CO> Aye Captain 

Belle9898: ::props her arm on the console and leans her head on it::

Lt Jovek: ::realizes he is rudely interrupting a conversation and waits patiently::

LtLeilani: ::wonders where they are, and where they are to 

LtLeilani: return to:: Sir, if it is ok with you, I would like to 

LtLeilani: remain here. Doctor Caine gave his permission, sir.

Belle9898: ::while reading the reports::

CdrSulivan: :::sits on a biobed and almost grins::: Come now, teacher... there was a time you knew what

EnsTiran: ::starts to wonder what to do next and decides to check on the nacelles::

CdrSulivan: was wrong with me before I did....

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::takes time to admire the bridge::

Lt Jovek: ::Realizes she's not on the bridge...:":

LtjgJaykba: CO> Normal readings on sensor sweep sir

CptZuriyev: ::nods to Leilani:::   Very well.

Lt Jovek: Captain may i have a minute of your time?

CptZuriyev: ::turns to Jovek:: Da?

LtLeilani: ::loudly:: Thank you, sir!

Ltjg Caine: True, Sullivan, true...part of it is that I'm trying not to "intrude" with this crew...

Lt Jovek: I have created a simple virus that i intend to run through the entire ship which will 

Belle9898: ::closees eyes for a sec::

Ltjg Caine: let them come to me...

LtjgStruan: Straun> <m>Wow, I thought our bridge was ugly... guess I was wrong... 

Lt Jovek: translate and display all words in english 

Lt Jovek: if it works

CdrSulivan: :::quietly::: I'll try not to take it personally.....

Lt Jovek: permission to run it through the system?

CptZuriyev: Excellent.  Proceed immediately.

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::trying to study the tech manual:: 

Lt Jovek: ::nods and moves to the science station::

LtjgStruan: Janice> +taps+ ::to Struan:: Hey I got some of the ports wired up.

Lt Jovek: here goes nothing....::pushes the button to run the virus::

Belle9898: ::her head slips off her arm and she suddenly wakes up in a start::

CdrSulivan: :::more cooly:::: Quiet simply.... I have a headache.

EnsTiran: ::finishes looking over the first nacelle and starts running scans on the seond::

Ltjg Caine: Please don't -- even so, I've not wanted to be too pushy in our...reaquaintance.

Ens Scale: ::Taps repeatedly at a console, kicks it when it does nothing::

CptZuriyev: ::doesn't notice that Belle was asleep::

Belle9898: ::shakes her head to clear it and begind to work on the system::

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ Any clue as to what they do?

LtjgJaykba: <--checks the SecSquads reports as they check in on his PADD::

Ltjg Caine: Yes...it has been a tense time for all of us...

Lt Jovek: ::Waits for the results as the panels throughout the ship begin to flash::

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The virus works.

LtjgStruan: Janice> +taps+ somewhat. 

Lt Jovek: Captain we have english on my console

Ltjg Caine: :::sets a hypospray:::  This should care for that.

CptZuriyev: Everyone have English?

LtjgStruan: Struan> Yes sir. ::smiles:: 

CdrSulivan: :::closes her eyes as the medicine infiltrates her system:::

CptZuriyev: Excellent job, Mr. Jovek!

Belle9898: ::glances to her terminal and sees english displayed on it:: Yes sir ::trying not to sound 

Belle9898: disappointed, she was beging to understand that language::

LtjgJaykba: <-- taps in the stations command to change to english::

Lt Jovek: ::nods and turns around to smile::

Belle9898: <<beging = beginning>>

Ens Scale: ::Looks around for Tiran, sees him:: Tiran! I'm having problems with the shields. I'm going 

Ens Scale: to see if I can fix it up on the bridge.

CptZuriyev: ACTION>   The ship nears its destination.

Ens Scale: ::Hops in the TL:: Bridge.

Lt Jovek: Captain i'm picking up something on the sensors... the energy pattern is distorted but i 

EnsTiran: Really?  Last time I checked they were working fine..

LtLeilani: ::really wants to know where they're going, but 

LtLeilani: doesn't ask::

Lt Jovek: would put my best guess that it is another RUTC at our destination

CdrSulivan: Thank you, doctor....  ::slides off the table:::

Belle9898: ::turns to the captain:: Sir? 1 minute to reach our destination..

Ltjg Caine: <<another ruckus?>>

Lt Jovek: The depot is on sensors as well but i am unable to pick up anything more at this range

CptZuriyev: Slow to impulse again.  Don't attract any attention to us...

Belle9898: ::completes the sentence in her mind...Where ever we are::

Ltjg Caine: :::touches Suli's arm:::  I do not mean to be "standoffish"

EnsTiran: ::starts to lean back in his chair, having nothing to check over at the moment::

Belle9898: Yes sir...::begins to slowly slow to impulse::

Lt Jovek: ::looks at the mess underneath the science stations and tries to ignore it::

Ens Scale: ::Gets off and sits at the Engineer on the bridge post::

LtjgStruan: ::wonders where they are and what they are doing, but decides it best not to and just flow 

LtjgStruan: with it::

Ltjg Caine: I thought it best to take all this slowly....

LtjgStruan: ::gets his foot out of one of the open pizza boxes under the science station::

CptZuriyev: Jaykumba and Belle, passive scans....  don't draw attention to 

CptZuriyev: us...

LtjgJaykba: CO> Aye Captain  

Belle9898: yes sir..

LtjgStruan: Geez, looks like someone should clean this up.

CptZuriyev: But get us ze information zat Starfleet wants....

LtjgStruan: ::can't think of anyone::

Lt Jovek: RUTC readings are clearer... it is 1/16th normal size like the last anomaly we left behind

Belle9898: ::begins her scans trying to not look suspicious::

CdrSulivan: :::tilts her chin upwards slightly:::  I expect nothing, Caine.

CdrSulivan: :::her arm tingles slightly::: You are simply doing your job....

CptZuriyev: RUCT?  Zere is an RUCT here?

LtLeilani: ::wonders if there will be a ground battle anytime 

LtLeilani: soon::

Lt Jovek: most fascinating... the two could be interconnected somehow

Belle9898: ::hears the word RUCT and wants to go into a panic, she surpress the urge to panic::

Lt Jovek: yes sir..

LtjgStruan: ::overhears:: Nuts, another one of those...

Ltjg Caine: You are more than a "job" to me, Sullivan.

LtjgJaykba: CO>Settings for Spacial Anomilies only::coughs into his hand::

LtLeilani: ::blurts:: What in the hell is a RUCT?

CptZuriyev: One-sixteenth of normal size?

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::goes back to work:: +taps+ Struan I'm done... 

Lt Jovek: yes exactly like the one we left behind in the alpha quadrant

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::opens his mouth to explain to Leilani::

CptZuriyev: It is ze same kind of anomaly we were studying when we lost 

CptZuriyev: Atlantis, Lieutenant.  ::to Leilani::

CptZuriyev: ::shooshes Struan, knowing the explanation will be too long::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::but sees that the Captain's done a good job and nods with a smile::

LtLeilani: ::realizes that she spoke without permission:: Yes 

LtLeilani: sir, sorry sir. 

LtLeilani: ::snaps to attention::

Lt Jovek: Struan play with your cables and chips

CdrSulivan: :::a little sarcastically::: I know, Caine... I'm your  pet project.

CptZuriyev: ::recalls that Commander Sullivan told him that the Atlantis' first 

CptZuriyev: destruction was here::

CptZuriyev: Are we getting good data on the depot?

LtjgStruan: ::goes to say something...but stops himself:: Oh, Janice is done with the advanced sensors.

Lt Jovek: <<asking me?>>

LtjgStruan: :;says that instead:: 

LtjgStruan: ::goes to mess with those things::

CptZuriyev: >> Belle and Jay>>

Belle9898: ::looks to the captain:: Yes sir..tons of data..

EnsTiran: ::sits back up and runs a diagnositc on shield sysytems, trying to find the problem Scale 

EnsTiran: did::

Ltjg Caine: My Higgins to your Doolittle, Sullivan?  I harldy think so...

LtjgJaykba: CO> Aye captain

Lt Jovek: Struan tell janice to start upgrading the programming for the tie ins then... if she's done 

CptZuriyev: Zey haven't done anything to indicate suspicion?

Lt Jovek: with the hardware

Ens Scale: ::Gets up, walks back into the TL:: Main Engineering

CdrSulivan: :::heads to the door::: Just you wait, 'enry 'iggins....

CptZuriyev: At ease, Leilani.. take a seat or something.

Belle9898: not that I know of sir..

CptZuriyev: One big happy fleet...

LtjgStruan: +taps+ ::to Janice:: Lieutenant wants you to start upgrading the porgraming for the tie-ins 

LtjgStruan: and then, if you're done with the hardware... ::awaiting::

CdrSulivan: :::turns back at the door::: You might want to be ready for injuries.... this could get

CdrSulivan: messy.

LtjgJaykba: CO>I'm  just getting readings on the depot now Sir! 

Ltjg Caine: :::calls after her::: I must've missed the part where she starts by saving his life, rather.

LtLeilani: ::doesn't move::

Ens Scale: ::Steps out of the TL, into ME and slows down::

LtLeilani: I'm fine, sir.

Ltjg Caine: than simply learning the King's English.

Lt Jovek: ::begins working on that set of micro circuitry blue prints for the mobile emitter::

Ens Scale: ::Ambles around ME::

EnsTiran: ::turns his head and sees Scale walk back into ME and continues::

EnsTiran: <<continues working>>

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::to Jovek:: Hey, hey, wait a second, when did I...

CptZuriyev: ::paces a couple of times::

CdrSulivan: :::an enigmatic smile crosses her lips and she steps through the doorway:::

LtjgStruan: Struan> become a middleman...

CdrSulivan: :::smiles broadly as the door shuts behind her:::

CdrSulivan: :::hops into the TL and swooshes to the bridge:::

Lt Jovek: you're right i will contact her myself... you just work

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::waits for the rest of the words:: Oh great, Oh, and then... ::sticks her tongue 

LtjgStruan: out::

Lt Jovek: +taps+Janice upgrade the programming for the array tie ins since you are done with the 

Lt Jovek: hardware aspect of the upgrade

CptZuriyev: Continue ze passive scans until we know everything..

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::nods:: ok... ::tries the new sensors::

CdrSulivan: :::steps onto the bridge and looks around:::

CptZuriyev: ::sees Suli:: XO, a moment?

Lt Jovek: they're not ready yet

LtjgJaykba: CO>  Aye Aye Sir  passive scans

CptZuriyev: ::gestures to the RR::

LtjgStruan: Janice> +taps+ Aye sir, I'm right on it.

CdrSulivan: :::sees Leilani::: If I had known you were doing housecalls... I would have waited.

EnsTiran: ::to Scale:: Did you fix that problem you found with the shields?

Lt Jovek: we have to finish the tie ins... all we're going to get is more detailed basic readings

Lt Jovek: until the stations are completely upgraded

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::nods:: 

Ens Scale: Wasn't really a problem. Just saw the shields weren't working a peak efficency, so I tweaked

Ens Scale: a litle and they're better

Ltjg Caine: :::admits to himself that Sullivan keeps him "honest":::

EnsTiran: Oh, ok

Lt Jovek: by the way how is it going down there Struan?

LtjgStruan: ::looks over to Jovek:: Down where? ::looks under the sci console::

CptZuriyev: ::enters the RR and waits for Suli::

LtjgStruan: Just as long as no voles or rats appear, I'd say, just fine...

CdrSulivan: :::nods and crosses to the ready room:::

LtjgStruan: ::kicks another pizza box away::

Belle9898: ::watches the captian and XO go into the RR.and continues gather ing the data::

CptZuriyev: Commander... you said zis was ze place the Atlantis went down 

CptZuriyev: ze first time?

Belle9898: <<we had pizza??>>

Lt Jovek: ok... ::wonders if he's working the science crew like dogs and then shoves that thought

CdrSulivan: :::enters and looks at Zuri:::

Lt Jovek: quickly out of his head::

CdrSulivan: :::a stone drops into her stomach:::

LtjgStruan: <<you don't remember?>>

Belle9898: <<I didn't get any>>

CdrSulivan: :::nods::: Yes, Captain.... we are at those co-ordinates...

LtjgJaykba: CO> Shields have increased on the pso

Belle9898: <<man science has allthe fun...>>

CptZuriyev: Zere is an RUCT here... one sizteenth of normal size, like the one 

CptZuriyev: we left...  

Belle9898: <<begins to pout>>

LtjgJaykba: CO> where did the Capt go?

CdrSulivan: <<Like dogs?  Puh-leeze..... :::chuckles::: Though I do suspect that Struan has fleas.>>

LtjgStruan: <<Sorry, I'll remember you next time...would you like some leftovers? :)>>

Belle9898: ::turns to Jay..::Ready Room

Ltjg Caine: <<No, it's just that Science Diet for them is pizza and twinkies>>

LtjgJaykba: <--- looking up to see him gone

CdrSulivan: :::blinks:::A RUCT?

Belle9898: ::looks at them and makes a face..no thank you>>

LtjgStruan: <<No I don't... ::scratches himself::>>

CdrSulivan: Could we have caused it.... I mean... when the Atlantis exploded?

Belle9898: <<uhh..I think I'll stick to salads>>

CptZuriyev: I think it was already here... 

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptZuriyev: PAUSE SIMULATION    Stardate 49908.01

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=