CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptZuriyev: BEGIN SIMULATION     Stardate 49907.24

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CdrSulivan: <<:::chuckles:::: To the brig with her!!!>>

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::in sickbay, looking for a medic still:: Hello? heeeeee..... lllo.... ::whistles::

Belle9898: ::lays pai\tiently waiting for the doctor, but decides to get back to her duties::

EnsTiran: ::sits Engineering, now able to monitor a few things, thanks to that multicorder::

LtjgJaykba: ::piants a white line around Leilani::  you're in a brig

LtLeilani: <<::shoulda put that fish in his pants::>> 

CdrSulivan: <<Charge:  Assault with a deadly herring.>>

Lt Jovek: ::still in the science lab working on the molecular combination::

CptZuriyev: ::in his pseudo-RR::

LtLeilani: ::looks at him:: 

Belle9898: ::sits up and looks around::

Ens Scale: ::Putses around engineering::

LtjgStruan: Janice> Gosh, awful quiet in here...

LtLeilani: ::in an oddly accented voice:: I am? Argh, ye 

LtLeilani: scurrvy dog!! You'll not get to see where me 

LtLeilani: buried treasure is!!

Ltn Zan: ::settles down into the only seat on all of the main engineering deck:: (m) dang Jem'Hadar..

Ash Kndrll: ::moves around the security office, checking things and still ignoring the 

Ash Kndrll: pain in her hip::

Belle9898: ::nods in agreement:: Yes it is

CdrSulivan: *Eng* How goes the changeover?

Lt Jovek: ::plays with the molecule trying to figure it out::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::finds a medic:: You there... are you busy...

LtjgJaykba: ::finally after 5 days of searching has found the sickbay::

Belle9898: ::slides off the "biobed" and stands unsteadly holding onto the bed to keep steady::

EnsTiran: ::looks around to see if the Chief Engnieering is anywhere to be found to answer the comm::

LtjgStruan: Medic> ::looks up:: No... 

CptZuriyev: ::steps out onto the bridge, takes the hard backed thing they 

CptZuriyev: call a CO's chair::

Ltjg Caine: ::: returns to Sickbay:::

LtLeilani: ::to Caine:: You there!! Bring me some grog.  Argh!

CdrSulivan: <<Jovek.... play with molecules in the privacy of your own quarters.>>

LtjgStruan: Struan> I have a patient for you... ::takes him over to Belle and Janice::

LtLeilani: <LOL Suli>

CptZuriyev: <<Is that what they're calling it now? >>

Belle9898: ::takes a step and finds herself face to face with a medic and Straun::

Lt Jovek: <<i get the hint>>

LtjgJaykba: ::to Caine::  Is this the sickbay?

Ltn Zan: *Bridge* Changeover...?? Oh yes.. the changeover... well enough...

LtjgStruan: Struan> And here is your patient... ::smiles:: All yours doc...

LtjgStruan: Medic> ::scanning her::

Ltjg Caine: Yes, it is Jay...we shall have to make the best of it.

Ens Scale: ::Mutters about communication problems...::

Belle9898: ::stands there waiting for the medic to be done already::

Ltn Zan: ::looks over at scale ans mouths the word "changeover?"::

LtjgStruan: Struan> I best make my leave... see you Ensign... ::to Belle::

CptZuriyev: ::looks over to Suli:: Any progress?

LtLeilani: ::;starts singing again.. loudly and off key::

LtjgJaykba: >caine>   I think  I'm sick ::holding his stomach::

EnsTiran: ::to Scale:: I'd say we've basically gotten most of the bugs out now don't we?

LtjgStruan: Janice> Where are you going? ::startled suddenly::

CdrSulivan: :::looks at the Captain::: So...we're taking this trashdumpster of a ship into the unknown?

LtjgStruan: Struan> Find my way to the bridge...

Lt Jovek: ::wanders off to bridge while trying to do something about his new don king hair doo::

Belle9898: Bye...thank you again...::leans against biobed

EnsTiran: Thanks to that multilcorder we got from the Commander

Ash Kndrll: +Jay+ Jay, how're you doing?

CptZuriyev: ::nods::  Da... then maybe they'll give us a new ship...

Ltjg Caine: Belle, I shall be with you in a moment.

Ens Scale: ::Looks at Zan, points to the Ensign pip(s) on his collar and shrugs::

LtjgJaykba: +Ash+  I'm in sickbay

LtjgJaykba: Ash

Ash Kndrll: ::sits on the edge of a desk and watches a monitor::

LtLeilani: "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle allll the waaaaaay.. 

LtLeilani: Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh-

LtLeilani: aaaay!!!" :repeats ad nauseum::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::leaves heading down the corridor... ::

Belle9898: (w) okay

Ash Kndrll: +Jay+ Sickbay?  Are you okay?

Lt Jovek: ::shows up on the bridge... looking as disheveled as ever::

EnsTiran: ::starts to fun a diasgonstic on warp engines::

EnsTiran: <<run>>

Ltn Zan: ::scowls at the ensign, and slides into place behind him and Tiran, looking over their 

Ltn Zan: shoulders::

Ltjg Caine: :::scans Jovek with his med tricorder:::

Ens Scale: ::Looks over to Tiran:: Most of them, I'd say.

Lt Jovek: ::sits at the science station and starts taking sensor readings::

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::is still sitting there..sighs, has no where to go::

CdrSulivan: *Engineering*  I want all consoles to reflect Federation vocabulary....NOW!

LtjgJaykba: +Ash+  No  stomach virus Ashliegh

Belle9898: ::would just love to cry but can't::

CptZuriyev: ::smiles at his XO and her amazing patience::

EnsTiran: ::wonders if the Commander knows Engineering is already all in English..::

CdrSulivan: :::smells sarcasm in the air:::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::wanders around, whistling... looking for TL to bring him to the bridge::

LtLeilani: ::starts acting out a scene from "Singin' in the 

LtLeilani: Rain"::

Ash Kndrll: +Jay+ ::grimaces:: Oh, fun.. take care of yourself.. need me to do 

Ash Kndrll: anything?

Ltn Zan: *Bridge*  Thats all well and good, Commander... but the bridge consoles will be a 

Ltn Zan: few more moments.

CdrSulivan: :::wonders if Engineering  has fixed the other 765 consoles::::

Lt Jovek: ::sneaks his research onto a small screen at the station and continues working on it while 

Ens Scale: <W to tiran> Let her think it's still in Jemmie, then it'll look like we did something today

Lt Jovek: glancing occasionally at the sensors::

Ltjg Caine: Let's give you something for that virus, Jay.

Ltn Zan: ::pokes at Tiran:: (w) Can't you get it up there?  She sounds upset

LtLeilani: ::does the dance, pretending that it's raining on 

LtLeilani: her::

EnsTiran: ::wonders what the Commander is doing to help...::

CptZuriyev: How soon do you think we can be underway, Commander?

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::gets up:: Well, see ya later... Maybe they have an advanced research lab somewhere

Ens Scale: ::Walks away quickly, tapping on a PADD::

Ltjg Caine: :::prepares a hypospray:::

LtjgJaykba: to Caine::  I ate 4 days ago  and been puking ever since

Lt Jovek: ::to suli:: the sensors are still working... science station is not within federation 

Lt Jovek: standards yet in function

EnsTiran: I can try, but it would go faster if you would stop looking over my shoulder

CdrSulivan: :::wonders if engineering knows that her yelling is considered helping:::

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::peers out of the sickbay door and begins to move cautiously::

Ltjg Caine: :::looks at Jay:::  So you waited four days to come see me?

Ens Scale: ::Walks to an untranslated console and starts working on it::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::enters TL:: Computer bridge...  ::sits back, TL doesn't move anywhere::

Belle9898: ::waves to Janice:: Bye...hope to see you around again ...(w) maybe

EnsTiran: ::uplinks one of the mutlicorders to a console and starts downloading it into the Computer::

LtjgJaykba: ::to Caine::  This is the first time  I have been able to find this place

Ens Scale: ::Wonders how many consoles there are in Engineering... decides no more than a hundred::

LtjgStruan: Janice> Bye... <w>I doubt it... ::heads off::

Ltn Zan: Stop looking over your shoulder?  I had to do enough jury rigging to get this 

Ltjg Caine: ::::administers hypospray::::

Ltn Zan: hunk of junk working in a way I can handle, I'm not taking any chances with it now.

Belle9898: ::leans waiting for the good doctor::

CdrSulivan: :::looks at Zuri::: The way they are going today. .... probably about the time the Three

CdrSulivan: Stooges make a come back.

LtjgStruan: Struan> Computer, bridge... ::hears some jibberish come out of a speaker::

EnsTiran: ::mutters about what exactly the Lieutenant fixed::

LtjgStruan: Struan> Oh right... ::starts punching buttons::

CptZuriyev: ::smirks:::  Get it sped up, Commander... I want to get zis mission 

CptZuriyev: over with.

LtjgStruan: ::TL begins to move::

Ltjg Caine: Keep your diet simple for a few days, Jay -- you'll be fine.

CdrSulivan: *Ash* Sullivan to Ash....

LtLeilani: ::tires and sits for a moment:: 

EnsTiran: ::starts to estimate time til computer system is in English::

Ash Kndrll: +Suli+ Kendrall here, sir.

LtjgJaykba: >Caine>  alright Doc  is nothing simple enough?

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::exits onto the bridge...:: 

CdrSulivan: *Ash* Please find Ensign Belle and find out if she is ready to report to duty.

Ash Kndrll: +Suli+ Aye, sir.

Belle9898: ::sits in the "sickbay" waiting for the doctor...

CdrSulivan: :::last time she used the computer to locate.... she got sprayed with some sort of green goo

CdrSulivan: :::

LtjgStruan: ::looks for Jovek::

Ltjg Caine: You'll be able to eat now, Jay....just omit the hot sauce for awhile.

Ash Kndrll: ::slips off of the desk:: Computer, location of.. ::trails off, realizing that won't 

Ash Kndrll: work::

CdrSulivan: *Engineering*  Bridge to Engineering... we are leaving in five minutes.

Ltn Zan: ::sighs::  Just don't break anything more than it already is...   I've had to reset life 

Ltn Zan: support three times to keep it going at our levels...   um.. forget I said that.

CptZuriyev: Commander, I'm going to take a look around this ship for a few 

CptZuriyev: minutes... when I get back, I want to be ready to go.

Ens Scale: ::Looks up and around... freaks::

LtjgJaykba: Caine>   but I thought that was the water

Lt Jovek: ::to Struan:: monitor the sensors.

LtjgStruan: ::sees him:: Ah, Lieutenant, I made it... 

EnsTiran: ::sees that the system will require 15 minuites to change language to English::

LtLeilani: ::sees a horsey:: Oooh, a horsey!! I wanna go on a 

LtLeilani: horsey ride!! ::gets on the "horse"::

LtjgStruan: aye sir... ::sits down and monitors sensors::

CdrSulivan: :::smiles at him::: Hopefully we'll be off and running shortly.

Ash Kndrll: ::makes her way cautiously into the corridor, limping slightly::

Belle9898: ::feels her head cease to pound::

Ltn Zan: ::still watching over Tiran's shoulder:: Tell her it will take 20

Ens Scale: ::looks over to Tiran:: Do we have all the main systems translated?

CptZuriyev: ::nods:: Good.

CptZuriyev: ::enters the TL::

EnsTiran: Not yet...

Lt Jovek: ::to Struan:: the system for science here is below standard but you can get basic readings

Belle9898: ::Decides she is well and begins to make her way to the door::

Lt Jovek: keep an eye on the anomaly

EnsTiran: It'll take atleast 15 more minutes

Ltjg Caine: :::to Jay::: I will check the purity of the water with our Engineers...

LtjgStruan: What's happened with the RUCT since last time?

EnsTiran: +Commander+ I'll take 20 minutes to translate all Jem Hadar consoles to English::

Lt Jovek: it has begun to shrink

Ltjg Caine: :::to Belle:::  Please do not leave yet.

LtjgJaykba: ::to Caine::  Ok Doc  if I can find them

Ltn Zan: I know..  so when w do it in 20 and not 15 we'll look beter.

EnsTiran: <<It'll>>

Ens Scale: Well, we better get movin' ::looks back at his console::

Ltn Zan: ::smiles::  I see you got my point.

CdrSulivan: *Engineering* You've got 10.

Belle9898: ::mutters a small curse and turns around to go back::

CptZuriyev: ::wanders around the ship, looking at things, scaring Ensigns at 

CptZuriyev: random::

LtLeilani: ::ride around the brig on the horse:: Faster!! 

LtLeilani: Faster horsey!!

Belle9898: Sir, I really need to get to the bridge...

EnsTiran: +Commander+ 10? Jeez...

Ash Kndrll: +Belle+ Kendrall to Belle. ::walking around the corridors, thinking she can 

Ash Kndrll: walk off the pain in her hip::

LtjgJaykba: ::to Caine::Can  I go now?

Ens Scale: She drives a hard bargain.

LtLeilani: Giddy-up!! Giddy-up!! Yee-haaaaaa!!! :::giggles with 

LtLeilani: pleasure::

Belle9898: +Kendrell+ Belle here what can I do for you??

EnsTiran: Lieutenant, we may be able to speed up this process if you were to say... help out a little

Ltn Zan: 10, eh?  ::shrugs::  They'll get it in 15 and like it.  These computers just aren't used

Ltn Zan: to this kind of proccessing.

LtjgStruan: ::whistles a tune to himself::

CptZuriyev: ::ends up at the brig, decides to see if Leilani is sane::

Ltjg Caine: +Ash+ I will need a few moments of Belle's time.

CptZuriyev: ::steps into the brig area::

Ens Scale: ::enlists a few random, wandering engineering crew to start translating things::

LtjgJaykba: ::to Caine::I'll go help her Doc

Ash Kndrll: +Belle+ Commander Sullivan wanted me to make sure that you were 

Ash Kndrll: okay, and if you could return to duty-- ::gets interrupted by Caine::

Ltn Zan: Help?  You mean touch this Dominion equipment?  As long as its working, i don't try and 

EnsTiran: ::starts to re-configure a console manually, while the computer is still re-configuring 

Ltn Zan: break it... but....

EnsTiran: other console::

LtLeilani: ::running in circles around the brig:: Giddy-up!! 


Ash Kndrll: +Caine+ Aye, sir.

CptZuriyev: ::hears someone riding a horse, knows to head in the direction::

CdrSulivan: *Science*  Jovek.... how are things with your department... the Captain is eager to get

CdrSulivan: moving.

Ltjg Caine: :::to Belle::: What seems to be the problem?

Belle9898: +kenrell+ I am trying to get there ...I will be there soon (w) hopefully

Lt Jovek: Science is still as it was... basic

EnsTiran: Scale, do you know your way around this ship yet?

CptZuriyev: ::looks in on her:: Leilani?

CdrSulivan: *Medical*  Caine... I understand that you are a little shorthanded at the moment....

Ens Scale: Somewhat, why?

Lt Jovek: you want it to be better i need more time than we have... i need to reset the whole system

Lt Jovek: and gut its programming... 

Belle9898: Well..I just hit my head and it was bleeding and I was out for a while and ...::trails off 

LtjgStruan: ::can decypher the scans enough to know what is happening... just about

LtLeilani: ::runs past him:: Hi Captain!! ::pulls back on the 

EnsTiran: You may want to go to another Department, like Science and get the console working there

LtLeilani: reigns:: WOOOOOOAAAAAAHHH!!!

Belle9898: realizing she is babbling::

CdrSulivan: But could you get any members of my bridge crew out of there ASAP?

Lt Jovek: since we are not on a scientific mission i do not forsee any problemss

LtjgStruan: nothing out of the usual for where they are::

LtjgJaykba: <Red and  Charlie>  salute the Capt as he enters

LtLeilani: :::stops "riding":: Good horsey!!

EnsTiran: I'll go to the Bridge and start there

CptZuriyev: Nice horse. ::smiles::

Ltjg Caine: That's fine, Belle......let me have a look.

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::finds her way back to sickbay:: Hmm...

Ltn Zan: ::studies the console for a few moments, and reroutes 3% from each individual computersystem

LtLeilani: Isn't she pretty? Her name is Epona.

Ltn Zan: on the ship::  That should be neglible around the rest of the ship and shave about 7

Ens Scale: Wha? I don't follow.

Ltn Zan: minutes of the estimate.

CdrSulivan: :::stomping/pacing about the bridge::::

Ltjg Caine: +Suli+  Yes, as soon as I can, Commander

Belle9898: I swear I am fine..see ::shows head::I stopped bleeding and the headache is gone

EnsTiran: Nevermind then...

CptZuriyev: Da... how are you feeling, Leilani?

Belle9898: ::trys not to whine:: Can I go..???

LtjgStruan: Janice> Well great, where am I supposed to go? 

LtjgJaykba: <--- leaves the sickbay::

LtLeilani: I feel great.. Wanna go for a ride?!

EnsTiran: ::gets up and heads for the TL:: I'm going to the Bridge to start manually translating the 

EnsTiran: systems up there::

LtjgStruan: Janice> These barbarians don't heven have an advanced research lab...

LtLeilani: ::acting all bright and happy::

Lt Jovek: ::to Struan:: look take down any nonessential systems and begin erasure and reprogramming

Ens Scale: Okay ::Looks back down, finally gets that big console in English and hurries to the next::

CptZuriyev: As enticing as that offer might be... ::smirks::  I have a ship to 

CptZuriyev: run.

EnsTiran: ::enters the TL:: Bridge

CdrSulivan: *Jovek*  Thank you, Jovek...  we'll be getting underway shortly?

LtjgStruan: Struan> Sure thing... would it be easier if we just uploaded the science

Ltn Zan: As long as we don't run into any problems in the next 10 minutes at least...

Ltn Zan: we have some 47% of the ships computer capacity translating everything.

LtjgJaykba: +Suli+ cmdr  are there any orders for me?

Ltjg Caine: :::scans Belle's head:::  You've suffered a concussion, Belle...rest would be best, but...

Ash Kndrll: ::continues down the quiet corridors, trying to figure out where she is 

Ash Kndrll: now::

LtLeilani: Awww.. ::eyes go wide::: Woah!! Surf's up!! 

LtLeilani: Where's my board??!!

LtjgStruan: routines from Starfleet database after we dump the Jemmie crap?

Ltjg Caine: under the circumstances....

Lt Jovek: i tried but this system just spit it back out like a bad tasting pill

Belle9898: ::crosses fingers praying she can get out of there::

Belle9898: ::she really doesn't like doctors or medlabs..::

Ltjg Caine: :::notes Belle's crossed fingers:::

CptZuriyev: ::looks around, seeing that they're alone::  Leilani, if you're in 

CptZuriyev: there...

Ltjg Caine: Let's see what I have in the meantime...

EnsTiran: ::enters onto the Bridge and looks around, wondering where to start::

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::leaves sickbay again... and continues to look for a lab to go to::

LtLeilani: ::looks at him curiously:: Yeah?

LtLeilani: ::waits for him to finish:

CptZuriyev: Remember the arboretum and try to focus on zat.

CptZuriyev: ::looks at her::

LtjgStruan: Struan> Wonderful... Btw... quick question... how exactly do you want to program this?

LtjgJaykba: <Red and Charlie >::shows the Capt where Leilani is::

Ens Scale: ::Finishes translating one, moves on to the next::

EnsTiran: ::walks to console in the back of the Bridge and starts to uplink English into it::

LtLeilani: The what? Oh, that place with the trees and 

LtLeilani: stuff, right?

LtjgStruan: machine code?

Belle9898: ::waits for him to finish, wanting to plead to just let her go but doesn't ::

CptZuriyev: Remember the times we've had there?

LtjgJaykba: <Red and Charlie >::walk out to the corridor::

Ltn Zan: ::looks at Scale::  The Jem'hadar language is a rough one...  some of the closest matches

Ltn Zan: in Federation standard are still rather vague.

CdrSulivan: :::takes the helm and ties  in all stations to it::::

Ltjg Caine: ::::presses the hypospray against Belle's arm:::  something for the pain...

LtjgStruan: ::tries to recall all of the 10,000 some machine codes he memorized during a cram session::

LtLeilani: ::thinks:: I remember...::both eyebrows go up:: Oh 

LtLeilani: yeah, I remember that.. I also remember..

LtjgStruan: ::and realizes that none of them would apply here:: Cause this is a freakin' Jemmie ship...

Ens Scale: Aye. That's why it's so much work to translate it.

Belle9898: ::squeezes her eyes shut waiting for the pain::

Ltjg Caine: You may go, but try not to be struck in the head for a few days...

EnsTiran: ::finishes and moves to another one and starts all over again::

LtjgStruan: bloody nut... ::starts to look for the central machine codes::

Lt Jovek: machine code seems to be the way to go right now... 

Belle9898: ::opens her eyes at that and scrambles off the biobed::

LtjgJaykba: +Ash+ Ash  where are you  I'm just out of Sickbay now

CptZuriyev: What do you remember?

LtLeilani: ::a slight smile creeps across her face::

Belle9898: Thank you Doctor...::rushes out of sickbay::

EnsTiran: ::wonders how much time they have left::

LtjgStruan: Oh, well, 00101001101 to you to... 

Lt Jovek: if you have to use binary.. it's the same for all machines

Ltjg Caine: :::watches her practically run out of the area:::

LtLeilani: I remember a shower. ::the slight smile turns into 

LtLeilani: a grin, and she looks directly at him::

Lt Jovek: but then they're the same

EnsTiran: ::finishes and moves to Tac::

Ash Kndrll: +Jay+ Glad you're okay, I'm just wandering around the corridors.

Lt Jovek: machine and binary

LtjgStruan: But do the Jemmie's use binary? ::looking::

Ash Kndrll: ::doesn't let on that she's slightly lost::

Belle9898: ::gets out into the hall and finds a TL::

CptZuriyev: ::smiles:: Da.   I need to go, Leilani.

Ltn Zan: Yes..  but what I mean is...  a fair number of consoles will still be some what confusing.

Ltn Zan: We just don't have to time or resources to give these databases a full LCARS conversion.

CdrSulivan: *Engineering* Alright, boys... time to see what this lady has to sell.

LtjgStruan: Ah they do... 

LtLeilani: ::quietly:: Captain?

CptZuriyev: Da?

Ens Scale: ::Winces:: We'll have to do our best.

Lt Jovek: the computer system should use the standard principles of on and off

Belle9898: ::the TL opens and she hesitates to get into the TL ::

LtLeilani: ::near tears:: What's wrong with me?

EnsTiran: ::finishes with Tac and moves over to Helm with the Commander is sitting::

LtjgJaykba: +Ash+it was a little difference to the food

Ltn Zan: *Sulivan*  You want it now?  I make no guarantees that everything is right...

Ltn Zan: and if it isn't.... see Mr. Tiran.

EnsTiran: +Zan+ Warp engines are online, just have someone monitor it

LtjgStruan: I once had to program a trinary Ere'Marxian computer for a specialized class...

Ash Kndrll: ::nods even though Jay can't see her::

CptZuriyev: Zey are trying to figure that out... and they will, I promise you.

Cdr Grey: <Nice to see you all :-) >

Belle9898: ::practically jumps into the TL and taps the code to the bridge::

LtjgStruan: yes, no, and maybe... geez... that was near literally impossible...

CdrSulivan: :::chuckles:::*Zan*  There are no guarantees... just promises in the night.

LtjgJaykba: < :: walks along the corridors::

EnsTiran: Commander, if you could please step aside a moment, I could reprogram that console you are 

Lt Jovek: interesting... i'll watch the anomaly and work on my molecule and you start reprogramming

EnsTiran: at

LtjgStruan: but those people were messed up... spoke with ten different levels of abstraction

LtLeilani: ::nods:: Yes, sir.

Ens Scale: Good. She doesn't expect it to work.

EnsTiran: ::wonders why the Chief Engineer is ready to blame a simple Ensign that follows his orders::

LtjgStruan: to convey feeling... and they wanted their computers to do the same...

Ltn Zan: +Tiran+ When you have the bridge done, let me know and I'll apply the patch to the ships 

CptZuriyev: I need to go.  You get better.

Ltn Zan: main databases

LtjgStruan: very psychological... ::starting to program::

Belle9898: ::waits impatiently for the TL to get to the bridge::

EnsTiran: ::waits for the Commander to move from Helm::

LtLeilani: I'm going to go for a swim.. That always helps.

Ens Scale: ::Moves quickly to another console and starts deciphering it::

CptZuriyev: ACTION> If anyone is interested, the RUCT continues to get 

CptZuriyev: smaller in miniscule increments.

Belle9898: ::the TL door hiss open to reveal the bridge and Belle rushes out::

Lt Jovek: intersting... you could share you AI experience with me at dinner tonight 

EnsTiran: +Zan+ I'm almost done up here

LtjgJaykba: <<thank-you  capt>>

CdrSulivan: :::gets out of TIran's way:::

Ash Kndrll: ::finds herself in something that looks like sickbay and glances around, 

Ash Kndrll: wondering if she can get out without being seen::

CptZuriyev: Da, you do that... maybe when you get better we'll go together.

EnsTiran: Thank you Commander ::sits down and starts to reprogram the console::

Ltn Zan: Scale...  I'm going to test the patch onto the Eningeering Database...

CdrSulivan: *Jay*  I'm sorry, Jay... I saw your name on the sickbay dole....

Ltjg Caine: :::stops in the midst of what he's doing, looks around:::

Ens Scale: Cross your fingers

LtLeilani: I'll have to get a new swim suit, though. ::looks 

LtLeilani: around the foreign ship::

Ltjg Caine: Ash??

Belle9898: ::sees the commander and stops in front and saluts:: Ensign Carver reporting for duty

LtjgStruan: Sure, sure... it's amazing crap...er stuff....

Ltn Zan: Your console should have full access to all ships system sin 3...2... 1...  wll?

Ash Kndrll: ::turns to face Caine:: Um, hello, sir.. ::glances back towards the door::

Ltn Zan: >well, even<

CptZuriyev: Don't think we hev any of those around. ::Smiles:: I'll be back to 

CptZuriyev: see you, Leilani.

LtjgJaykba: +Suli+  Cmdr  it was just a little difference to the food  I'm feeling better now

CdrSulivan: Good to see you, Carver.... if you are feeling up to it... take the console when Tiran has

EnsTiran: ::finishes with the Hem console and gets up:: It's all yours

LtLeilani: ::nods:: Good bye. 

CdrSulivan: finished.

Ltjg Caine: May I help you, Ash?

LtLeilani: ::looks as if her last grasp to sanity is leaving her::

CdrSulivan: Thank you, Tiran.

EnsTiran: If you no longer need me Commander, I'll be heading back to ME

EnsTiran: No problem

CdrSulivan: :::sits in the CO's chair::::

Ash Kndrll: ::still limping slightly, the walk having done nothing to help::

CptZuriyev: ::pulls himself away from the brig::

Belle9898: ::nods:: Yes sir..::goes to the console that Tiran has finished with::

Lt Jovek: ::to suli:: the anomaly has 12 hours before it closes

Lt Jovek: give or take a half hour

CdrSulivan: Fine, Tiran.  You are excused.

LtjgJaykba: <-- ::continues to walk the corridors  meeting security gauards here and there:: 

Ltjg Caine: Ah, let me have a look, Ashleigh.

EnsTiran: ::starts to walk to the TL::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::trying to program a low level interface for accessing SF sci commands...

CdrSulivan: Belle, set co-ordinates for the Bajoran wormhole...

EnsTiran: +Zan+ All finished with the Bridge and you are welcome

Ens Scale: ::Looks at the console:: Finally, someone who can do something. Looks good, sir

CptZuriyev: ::enters the TL and heads to the bridge::

Ltjg Caine: ::::scans her hip with his med tricorder::::

EnsTiran: ::enters the TL:: Engineering

Ltn Zan: ::walks over to Scale::  Your console is responding to the entire enginnering databse.. the 

Ltn Zan: conversion was moderately successful

Ash Kndrll: ::grimaces:: I hit it back on the Atlantis.

LtjgStruan: Struan> :;creating a basic operating shell and redirecting interface...::

Belle9898: Yes sir,::Belle still not familiar with their console takes a moment and then begins to 

Ltn Zan: +Tiran+Understood

CptZuriyev: ::arrives on the bridge::

Belle9898: program the coordinates into the console::

CptZuriyev: Report, XO?

LtjgJaykba: <Red and Charlie>:: re-enters the brig::

Ens Scale: Yes, sir. As with anything, there will be glitches, but this looks good.

EnsTiran: ::exits the TL and enters Engineering::


EnsTiran: +Commander+ One thing, what warp do you plan to travel at?

CdrSulivan: :::rises from the chair she just sat in:::  We are getting underway now.

LtjgStruan: ::finishes:: We have access to our routines again... although some program fucntionality

EnsTiran: ::sits down at a console and starts to double check the warp core::

Ltjg Caine: It's not serious, Ash...the area is bruised.  Let me give you something for the pain.

LtjgStruan: is lost because the Jem'hadar don't have the connection ports...

LtjgJaykba: <--- ::finds a strange door, opens it::   Holy cow  it's a weopons room!

LtjgStruan: I've tried to redirect, but some are hard to decypher... Founders might be

CdrSulivan: *Tiran* I hope you aren't about to restrict my choices.

LtjgStruan: good at being dictators but they don't know squat about computers...

Ltn Zan: *Sullivan* More than a few references are vague, but all databases were

Ltn Zan: converted in tact.   YOu can access all systems through an active console.

CptZuriyev: Excellent. ::smiles::   Warp six.

EnsTiran: +Commander+ Restrict is such a harsh word... I'd take it slow at first and work your way up

Ltjg Caine: :::uses the hypospray:::  Try to limit yourself to walking for awhile, Ash.  

Ash Kndrll: Thank you, sir.

Lt Jovek: well keep up the good work

LtjgStruan: I wonder if we can program a virus... and then run it through their networks

CdrSulivan: :::sits in what appears to be the XO's chair, not happy that her knees are almost

CdrSulivan: touching her chin:::

Ash Kndrll: I'll try.. security involves moving about.

Belle9898: ::enters the commands for warp six::

EnsTiran: ::starts to monitor the warp core, just in case..::

LtjgStruan: ::laughs:: Well, maybe not...

CptZuriyev: Engage.

Ltjg Caine: The circumstances are not good, but rest as much as possible.

Belle9898: ::taps the right button to engage the ship::

LtjgJaykba: +Ash+  Ash  I found a weopons room  you want to join me  here and we'll check them out?

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  Just as we leave, the RUCT stops collapsing, at one-

CptZuriyev: sixteenth its original size.

Lt Jovek: run a virus through for what purpose?

Lt Jovek: ::to suli:: the anomaly has stopped collapsing at 1/16 its original size

Ash Kndrll: Rest, ah.. ::remembers what happened last time she slept, shakes her 

Ash Kndrll: head a little:: Yeah, I'll do that.

Ltn Zan: Tiran..  is that Matter/Antimatter mix ratio right? It is highly irregular by

Ltn Zan: normal standards.

LtjgStruan: ::shrugs:: you got me... for any purpose you would like... 

CptZuriyev: ::sits in the uncomfortable CO chair:: Don't these people believe 

CptZuriyev: in any comfort? 

CdrSulivan: :::frowns:::  *Jovek* Thank you, Jovek. Any indications at to why?

Ltjg Caine: ::to Ash::  Go see to the weapons, lest Jay become...overexuberant.  ::smiles::

LtLeilani: ::sits heavily on the thing that is allegedly a bed in 

LtLeilani: the brig::

CdrSulivan: :::mutters to Capt::: There is a reason we call them lead butts.

LtjgStruan: ::listens to Jovek and Sulivan::

Lt Jovek: None that i can detect ma'am

Ash Kndrll: ::nods to Caine:: +Jay+ Where is it, I'm on my way.

CptZuriyev: ::nods Suli:: Da, I see why.

EnsTiran: ::frowns:: You must take into account that a Jem Hadar warp core is different than ours

LtjgJaykba: +Ash+   one left and a right and then a left  just out of Sickbay. Just ask any security gua

LtjgJaykba: rd

Ltn Zan: Scale... now that we can actually read the panels, make sure I didn't cut Lifesupport when I

Ltn Zan: reset the indiviual system

Lt Jovek: we are currently upgrading the science system so some of its capabilities are offline

EnsTiran: It'll work, I worked on the Warp core myself

Belle9898: ::can't get the pair of eyes out of her mind and continues to see then in daydreams::

LtjgJaykba: +Ash+ I'll come back to you

Ens Scale: I don't think we did, since we're breathing, but I will double-check, sir ::Walks over to 

Ens Scale: the life support console::

Ash Kndrll: ::to Caine:: Thanks again. ::heads towards sickbay's entrance::

LtjgJaykba: <---- walks back along the pathehe got there::

CdrSulivan: *Jovek* Keep me posted.

Ltjg Caine: :::after Ash::  And come see me if that starts to hurt again!

Lt Jovek: aye

LtLeilani: ::lies back and cracks her head on the slab of 

LtLeilani: granite.. or whatever it is:: OOOOOWWWW!! 

EnsTiran: ::looks at the console, seeing the warp engines are working fine at warp 6::

Ltn Zan: I trust you... but still..  I've checked the design out...  it just doesn't seem

LtLeilani: ::swears colorfully..in a way that would make any 

Ens Scale: ::presses a few buttons:: Hmmm... odd

LtLeilani: Marine proud::

Lt Jovek: ::to Struan:: lets go beyond federation standards here.. they have a good sensor system... 

LtjgJaykba: <---::turns a right 

Ash Kndrll: ::calls back:: Aye, I will.

Belle9898: ::snaps to and begins to double check her systems::

CptZuriyev: ::reads a PADD, hands it to Suli:: These are ze coordinates zey 

CptZuriyev: want us to investigate...  weapons depot.

Ltn Zan: to be producing the power we need.. but yet it is.

Ash Kndrll: <m> Possibly..

LtjgJaykba: <---turns a left and meets Ash

LtjgStruan: Yeah, I noticed, I'm trying to figure out all of these extra data connections...

Lt Jovek: they just weren't exploiting it... i want to be able to detect a particle of dust 10 parsecs

Lt Jovek: away

CdrSulivan: :::takes the PADD from him and scans it:::

CdrSulivan: :::turns significantly pale:::

Ens Scale: It's not quite on par. Everything seems to be a little bit off.

Ash Kndrll: ::stops short, in front of Jay:: Good, it's not that far, I take it?

LtjgJaykba: To  Ash>  Hey  there Ashliegh  finding your away around?

LtjgStruan: that's useful. ::smiles to the console screen::

CptZuriyev: Commander, are you all right?

Ash Kndrll: ::nods:: Somewhat.

CdrSulivan: :::takes a deep cleasing breath::: A weapons depot, eh?

Lt Jovek: you know what i mean... i want to exploit this sensor system to its full potential which 

CptZuriyev: Da.

Ltn Zan: ::turns toward Scale::  As long as its not life threatening.. do what you have to to get it 

LtjgJaykba: To  Ash> Have yougotten one of the trranslators?

Ltn Zan: to the standards we were used to on Atlantis

Ens Scale: Yes, sir

Lt Jovek: means we need to work long hard hours....

Ash Kndrll: ::shakes her head:: Not yet.

CdrSulivan: :::opens her mouth as if to tell him something:::: I'll be fine, Captain.

LtjgJaykba: <----:: walks on down the corridor::

Ens Scale: ::Punches a few buttons. Frowns::

Belle9898: ::begins to find some glitches in some of the ships systems and begins to debug them::

EnsTiran: ::starts to a run a level one diagnostic on the warp core::

CptZuriyev: ::senses something amiss::  A moment in the... ready.. that 

CptZuriyev: place? ::points::

LtLeilani: ::blinks a few times and shakes her head, as if to 

LtLeilani: clear out cobwebs::

LtjgJaykba: To  Ash> here  take this one ::hands Ash a translator::

LtjgStruan: get the coffee, cold pizza and kung fu movies out... and I'm good to go... 

CdrSulivan: :::looks over::: Carver... y ou have the bridge.

Belle9898: Yes, ma'am...

CptZuriyev: ::walks to the RR::

LtLeilani: ::rubs the back of her head and looks around::

CdrSulivan: :::strides to the door of *the room*:::

Ash Kndrll: ::takes the translater:: Thank you.

LtjgStruan: a little anime also does the trick... I remember Akira was a good one...

Ens Scale: ::Looks at his console and runs a diagnostic on life support::

Lt Jovek: perhaps some mystery science theater

LtjgStruan: I've seen it about 50 million times... 

Belle9898: ::stops debugging and hands her console ove r to an ensign::

LtjgStruan: ::continues to code...::

CptZuriyev: You were radiating that something was wrong.. pardon me, but I 

CptZuriyev: picked up on it... so, what is it?

Lt Jovek: ::continues to secretly play with the molecule::

LtjgStruan: ah, some of that as well...

Ltjg Caine: +Sullivan+  Caine to Sullivan.

LtjgJaykba: <---  turns a left corner and points to a room::  I found this weopons room

Belle9898: ::moves quietly to the captains chair, and sits::

Ltn Zan: ::adjusts several slide bars on the ME panel, and squeezes another 5% out of the 

Ltn Zan: impulse reactors::

CdrSulivan: It's.... I.... *Caine* Sullivan here.

LtLeilani: Where am I, anyway? This isn't Atlantis..

LtjgStruan: I wonder if they have a technical manual...

LtjgJaykba: To  Ash> this room has about 10 racks of rifles in it

EnsTiran: ::leans back in his chair, reading over the diagnostic report::

CdrSulivan: Sir.... the co-ordinates that you handed me....

Lt Jovek: i doubt it... you can look though

LtjgStruan: That would help... but no... these are bleedin' Jemmies...

CptZuriyev: ::nods:: Da?

Ltjg Caine: +Sullivan+ I'm on my way to the Brig -- just to let you know.

LtjgStruan: ::muttering to himself::

Ash Kndrll: Well.. ::glances around the room:: We don't have to worry about defense, 

Belle9898: ::checks to make sure they are on the right heading and course::

Ash Kndrll: then.

LtLeilani: ::fear rises, but she manages to control it:: Have I 

LtLeilani: been removed from Atlantis? ::quietly to herself, 

LtLeilani: as if trying to figure out a riddle::

LtjgStruan: ::actually begins looking for one anyway::

LtjgStruan: Here's one... 

CdrSulivan: :::her voice leaves her for a moment::: *Caine*  Thank you, Doctor.

Ens Scale: Lieutanant? Can you help me out here a minute?

LtjgStruan: ::oddly enough it looks like a Microsoft tech manual...::

CdrSulivan: :::tilts her chin up::: Captain... these co-ordinates are the ones where the first

LtjgStruan: ::instead of a window there's a door on the cover::

Ltn Zan: ::moves to Scale with a scowl::  Problems?   What, a deck or two drop dead on us?

CdrSulivan: Atlantis met her doom.

LtjgJaykba: To  Ash> Look  there are 10 racks up in the ceiling that are empty  they must go up when emp

LtjgJaykba: ty

LtjgStruan: ::and the blue sky is a dismal grey one...::

CptZuriyev: ::blinks::  I see.  

Lt Jovek: they must have been studying federation soft ware

CdrSulivan: :::quietly::: And I watched my Captain leave his life in a crimson stain on the bridge.

Ltjg Caine: :::checks his medikit supplies, moves to the sickbay doors:::

Ens Scale: No. The life support controls aren't responding. I can't get this thing to do anything!

LtjgStruan: ::opens to a random page:: Yeah, they must have, have the same phaser

LtLeilani: ::paces, hands clasped behind her back:: Ok, I 

LtLeilani: know one thing. I can probably take out at least 

LtLeilani: one of my captors.. Probably more.. If they don't 

LtLeilani: stun me or something like that..

EnsTiran: ::brings up the specs of the JM ship and begins looking over them, memorizing them::

LtjgStruan: tech support pages ours do...

CptZuriyev: ::nods soberly::  I don't intend to make you repeat zat...

EnsTiran: <<JH>>

LtjgStruan: except where the computer is blasted to bits the computer operator is too...

Belle9898: ::begins to go back to debugging the systems from the terminal at the captian's chair::

Lt Jovek: <lol>

Ltn Zan: ::kicks the console very hard and then asks it for a weapons report::

CdrSulivan: :::eyes harden and she almost smiles::: I don't intend on letting you.

LtjgJaykba: To  Ash> by my count there must be a 100 rifles to a rack

Ltn Zan: ::smiles as most of the lifesupport buttons light up::  That did it..  you just have to 

CptZuriyev: Something tells me you wouldn't have thought that way when I 

CptZuriyev: first took command here.  ::looks at her questioningly::

Ltn Zan: think like  Jem'hadar whose hiding out as a Federation member

CptZuriyev: You didn't exactly like me, I could tell.

Ltn Zan: because thats all this worthless computer systemis doing.

LtjgJaykba: To  Ash> so there are a 1000 rifles missing and another 1000 on the racks here on the floor

LtjgStruan: ::studying the pictures::

Ens Scale: ::Shakes his head:: This promises to be quite interesting.

Belle9898: ::tries to keep her mind on her work::

Ltjg Caine: :::enters the turbolift, to find the controls more resemble Fed LCARS:::

Ash Kndrll: Do you know what the crew count of the Jem'Hadar was?

EnsTiran: ::finishes looking over the specs and begins monitoring the warp core again::

LtLeilani: ::mutters, still pacing:: I wonder how many there 

CdrSulivan: :::gives a small grin::: I never said I liked you... but two dead Captains on my record

LtLeilani: are? Looks like a Jem ship...So I know what they 

LtLeilani: are.. I also know how to take them out.. Snap 

LtLeilani: their necks is an easy way.. 

CdrSulivan: would not look good.

LtjgStruan: Ah... unfortunately their computer scientists seem to be lazier than our own...

Ltjg Caine: Brig.

LtjgJaykba: To  Ash> figuring that this ship holds 20,000 fighters we should still have some more  

LtjgJaykba: To  Ash> somewhere

CptZuriyev: ::smiles slightly::  Reassuring.  

CptZuriyev: Let's get back to ze bridge.

LtjgStruan: ::closes the 10,000 page manual, gets 4 others like it and makes a footrest for himself::

CptZuriyev: ::walks back out::

Lt Jovek: they were apparently more interested in the function of their weapons and drive systems than

CdrSulivan: :::turns on her heel and follows him out::::

Belle9898: ::smiles as she finishes her dubugging program and turns it off::

Lt Jovek: the science systems

LtjgJaykba: To  Ash> no  I don't know what the count that was here before they tried to take the Atlanti

Belle9898: ::sees the captain and commander come back she gets up and walks to her console

CptZuriyev: ::nods to Belle and takes his "Chair'::

LtjgStruan: yeah probably... ::comfortably has his feet up and rested -- just like on Atlantis::

Ltjg Caine: ::::enters the Brig area:::

Belle9898: and dismisses the ensign who took it for her::

LtjgJaykba: To  Ash>We should get the other security squads out to look for the other weopons lockers

CdrSulivan: :::looks at the Captain sitting in his *chair* and thinks that maybe she should give him a

CdrSulivan: break:::

LtLeilani: ::sees Caine:: 

EnsTiran: ::starts to check on force fields emitters, making sure they are online::

LtLeilani: ::whispers:: Doc!! Hey doc!!

CptZuriyev: ETA to Bajor's wormhole, Carver?

LtLeilani: Get down, they might see you!!

Ens Scale: Stupid Dominion. Why'd they have to come and attack *us*, anyway?

Ash Kndrll: ::nods to Jay:: Good idea.

CdrSulivan: :::smiles to herself and then thinks......nahhhhhh::::

LtjgJaykba: +Sec Squads+ All security  locate and report locations of any weopons lockers

Belle9898: Fifteen minutes and counting sir..

Ltjg Caine: :::looks around the brig, then looks at Leilani:::  There is no one here but you and I.

CptZuriyev: Increase speed to warp eight.

Belle9898: Yes sir..

LtjgStruan: Janice> :;enters the bridge, heads over to Struan and Jovek:: 

LtLeilani: Yeah, for now.. we're on a Jem Hadar ship, doc.  

LtLeilani: They aren't nice people.

Belle9898: ::increases the warp speed to 8::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::looks up:: Ah! 

CptZuriyev: We need to know what zis thing can do...

Ltn Zan: They attacked us, because the were afraid we might attack them and so on....

LtjgJaykba: +Suli+ Cmdr ~LtjgJaykumba

LtjgStruan: Janice> Ah!

LtjgStruan: Struan> What're you doing up here? I thought you were...

CdrSulivan: *Jay*  Sullivan here.

Ltn Zan: ::frowns as power levels dip and rise again as the warp level goes up::

Ens Scale: ::Looks at Zan:: It was a rhetorical question, sir.

LtjgStruan: Janice> I found it... but... ::shivers:; You don't wanna know what they're doing in there...

EnsTiran: ::sees the warp engines increase to warp 8 from his console and starts making sure interial 

CdrSulivan: :::thinks she will see engineering and see about getting call waiting for her commbadge::::

Ltjg Caine: :::quietly:::  Agreed, Leilani...but we have control of the ship...

EnsTiran: dampeners are online::

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::makes a horrid face:: I didn't even know tribbles had such big...

LtjgJaykba: +Suli+ Cmdr we have located  a weopons locker with 1000 disruter rifles in it

Ltjg Caine: :::small shrug::: "Control" being a relative term...

LtLeilani: We do? ::looks at him confused:: I don't 

LtLeilani: understand, doc.  

LtjgStruan: Struan> Uh, hey, you were right, I didn't want to know...

Lt Jovek: aha.... nope nope... 

Ens Scale: ::Hurridly accomodates for the increased speed, wondering why nobody the engineers they were

Ens Scale: going faster::

Lt Jovek: ::furrows his brow:::

LtLeilani: All I know is I woke up in here, on a Jem Hadar 

LtLeilani: ship.

Belle9898: ::begins to run diagonstics on several systems::

LtjgJaykba: *disrupter

Ens Scale: <<Hmmm "...nobody told the...">>

CdrSulivan: *Jay* ::: a la Mr Burns::: Exsssssssellent.

LtjgStruan: Janice> Anyway, I'm not going in there... 

LtjgStruan: Struan> you like to program?

LtjgStruan: Janice> No.

CptZuriyev: ::leans back in the "Chair" and thinks, then realizes that you 

CptZuriyev: can't lean back in this chair::

LtjgJaykba: +Suli+ Cmdr with a count in this room  there are 1000 missing from this Locker

LtjgStruan: Struan> You wanna help get some sensor functions online, it involves a lot of programming.

Lt Jovek: ::to Janice:: know anything about micro fusion power sources

Belle9898: ::as the diagnostic runs she remembers her mother and begins another daydream::

EnsTiran: ::sees a small change in the warp core and readjusts it::

LtjgStruan: Janice> :;to Struan:: No. :: to Jovek:: What for?

Ltjg Caine: While we beamed over here, Leilani, most of the JemHadar tried to beam to Atlantis...

CptZuriyev: Commander.... I'd like you to gather suggestions on what to do 

CptZuriyev: if we get hailed by one fo zem.

CptZuriyev: <<Of!>>

CdrSulivan: *Jay* Probably can be accounted for... if we count the one that beamed to the A...ATLANTIS.

Ltjg Caine: We fought the ones that remained here...fortunately, you and I didn't encounter many.

Lt Jovek: for a small device i am working on.

Ltn Zan: Okay...  this is strange... ::punches the console buttons rapidly,

Ltn Zan: eight lifetimes of experience giving him some idea of the problem::  Bingo.  

Ltn Zan: Voltage spike in the deflector array.  ::adjusts for is and

Ltn Zan: all systems respond at regular levels again::  Better... 

Ltn Zan: still Jem'Hadar.. but better..

LtLeilani: ::pales: The Captain? Did he....::lets the question 

LtLeilani: hang in the air::

LtjgStruan: Janice> Yeah... I know all about them, our antimatter popcorn popper

LtjgJaykba: +Suli+ Cmdr that's understandable  Ash and I have the rest of Security ooking for more

LtjgStruan: had a back up micro fusion power source...

LtjgJaykba: *looking

Belle9898: ::hears a beeping from her console and snaps out of it::

LtjgStruan: Janice> Er, the one on Valhalla anyway... 

CdrSulivan: *All Dept heads*   (not feet) The Captain requests that all departments develop plans of

Belle9898: ::begins to read the reports that are comming back from the diagnostics::

Ltjg Caine: :::not sure of Leilani's question:::  The captain is fine...do you not remember your...

CdrSulivan: action in the event we are confronted by a *fellow* Dominion ship.

Ltjg Caine: earlier "encounter" with him?

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptZuriyev: PAUSE SIMULATION    Stardate 49907.25

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=