CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptZuriyev: BEGIN SIMULATION     Stardate 49907.17

LtjgJaykba: LOL

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

LtLeilani: <Public Flogging for Jaykumba .. :) >

Lt Jovek: ::arrives on the dominion bridge late but still not used to finding the TL and then finding 

Lt Jovek: bridge::

LtjgStruan: ::has just entered the room Belle entered, limps through the door::

EnsTiran: ::stands in Engineering::

CdrSulivan: :::sitting in what she thinks is the executive officer's chair and not the bridge portapotty

CdrSulivan: :::

CptZuriyev: <<Yep.  followed by keelhauling>

Belle9898: ::glances around the room::

LtjgJaykba: ::security squads are still marking the passageways::

LtjgStruan: Anyone in here?

Lt Jovek: <<chairs???? did we beam those up as well>>

Ens Scale: ::Stares blankly at a console:: 

CptZuriyev: ::in the captain's chair:: Report, Commander?

LtLeilani: ::is somewhere with Dr. Caine and a terrible 

LtLeilani: headache::

CptZuriyev: <<They were already here.  :) >>

Lt Jovek: ::looks at the science console::

Lt Jovek: <<not standard on a dominon ship but ok>>

LtjgStruan: besides us... ::looks around::

CptZuriyev:  <<BRB everyone.>>

CdrSulivan: <<You already determined that ship is not standard....>>

Lt Jovek: <<true>>

EnsTiran: ::sees Scale and walks over to him:: Are we stll working with the buttons on a trial and 

EnsTiran: error system?

Belle9898: ::doesn't see anyone:: Guess not::smiles weakly::

Ltjg Caine: <<great -- find Sickbay on a ship three times the size of Enterprise>>

Ash Kndrll: ::is in the makeshift security office::

Lt Jovek: :: touches buttons and begins reconfiguring the console to his preferences::

Ens Scale: Not many of them. One or two here and there

LtjgStruan: Good... +taps+ Struan to Commander Sullivan.

LtjgJaykba: Asec><Ash>  we better check the Cargo holds

Ltjg Caine: :::looks down at Leilani on the grav stretcher:::

LtjgStruan: ::hopes to get an answer::

Belle9898: ::leans against the wall and slides down to the floor::

EnsTiran: Ok, so what do you want to work with and I'll take out's left

CdrSulivan: *Struan*  Yes, Struan?

LtLeilani: ::looks at Caine:: Doc? ::tries to get off the stretcher:: 

LtLeilani: Where are we, anyway? This isn't Atlantis.

Ens Scale: You want to divy it up half and half?

Belle9898: ::sits there looking at the room with distant eyes::

LtjgStruan: +taps+ Commander, have we secured the vessel, I've got Ensign Belle with me.

EnsTiran: Sure, what half do you want?

Ltjg Caine: Be still, please, Leilani...we are on one of the Dominion ships...

LtjgStruan: +taps+ We were attacked by a Jemmie... saw another walk by as we escaped...

Lt Jovek: ::brings up the schematics and instructions for the console::

LtLeilani: Oh.. Hey Doc, I'm ok, really.  

Ens Scale: ::Thinks:: I'll take the half... closer to the entrance

CdrSulivan: *Struan*  The vessel is now secure.

LtjgStruan: +taps+ We need to get some medicial treatment... ::sighs in relief:: thanks, commander...

Belle9898: ::listens to the conversation while her mind begins to wander and her eyes drift shut::

LtLeilani: I know, I had a fractured crainium and a subdural 

LtLeilani: hematoma.. But you fixed that.. I just have a 

LtLeilani: headache now. 

LtLeilani: It would go away if those damn birds would leave!!

LtjgStruan: ::looks over:: Hey? Hey... you falling asleep? 

EnsTiran: Uhh... Ok ::turns and walks to a console farthest away fromt the door::

Lt Jovek: ::to Sulivan:: the dominion doesn't care much about the scientific aspect of sensors but all

Lt Jovek: of the basic controls are here...

LtjgJaykba: +taps+<Ash> Ashliegh?

Belle9898: ::jumps:: No....::eyes began to shut again::

Ltjg Caine: The "fix" is temporary...we must locate their sickbay...

Lt Jovek: the science station is now operable

EnsTiran: ::sits down and starts to figure out what console he is at::

LtLeilani: Why don't you ask someone?

Ens Scale: ::Walks to the closest console on his half and pokes around at the buttons, knowing some of

Ens Scale: them::

LtjgStruan: Commander says the ship is secure, she sounded fine, so I'm guessing we don't 

Ash Kndrll: +Jay+ Yes?

LtjgStruan: have much to worry about, but I'm keeping this around, just in case...

Lt Jovek: ::to Sulivan:: instructions commander?

Belle9898: ::opens her eyes and nods:: Okay..but where are we?

Ltjg Caine: ::smiles:::  The Jem Hadar are not know for their directions.

CdrSulivan: Good, Jovek.   What about the RUCT?

LtjgStruan: ::holds up the jem'hadar rifle:: 

LtjgJaykba: +Ash+  we better get to the cargo holds and do a clean sweep of them

LtLeilani: Not one of them.. One of our guys.. Surely we've 

EnsTiran: ::sees a few designs and controls he knows::

LtLeilani: secured the ship now.. 

Lt Jovek: Difficult to say commander the sensors aren't designed for real scientific study... but it 

LtjgStruan: ::looks around, it's a medium sized room::  That's a good question...

Ash Kndrll: ::grits her teeth as she limps around the "office," her hip 

Ash Kndrll: still smarting from a fall she took last week::

Lt Jovek: appears to be fine but two of the markers got destroyed in the blast

Ltjg Caine: It's a large ship, Leilani, and there are not so many of us...

EnsTiran: ::to Scale:: I think I have propulsion, know what you have yet?

Belle9898: ::tries to stand but finds it difficult and slides back down to the floot::

LtjgStruan: Hey, do you need any med treatment?

LtLeilani: What about the computer? Dare we talk to it?

Ash Kndrll: +Jay+ Good idea.. You'll take care of it?

Belle9898: <<floor>>

CdrSulivan: *Ash & Jay*  Security, come in.

Ash Kndrll: +Suli+ Kendrall here, sir.

Ens Scale: ::Pokes around:: It's either shields or some weapon system... Lots of different symbols

LtjgJaykba: +taps+<SecSqad#3>  Security 3 report to me in the Cargo Holds

Belle9898: ::glances at through half shut eyes:: I don't think so...

Ltjg Caine: If there isn't a language barrier...

Lt Jovek: ::pokes around in the system trying to improve the scientifc capabilities of the station::

LtjgJaykba: +Suli+  yes Commander

CdrSulivan: *Ash*  Ash, we need some help getting organized.  See if you can help any departments that 

EnsTiran: ::presses a few buttons trying to see if he is right in assuming he has propulsion::

CdrSulivan: appear to be lost.\

LtjgStruan: I think I'd better take ya to see the meds... just in case... 

LtjgStruan: ::goes to help her up::

Ltjg Caine: ::::turns to the desk in the room::: let's have a look....

LtLeilani: :;sits up and watches::

Lt Jovek: +taps+Straun what is your current position and situation?

Ash Kndrll: +Suli+ Aye, sir.

Belle9898: ::closes her eyes and gathers all her strength to stand with the help of Straun::

Ens Scale: ::Punches a few buttons and hears some sounds that are familiar:: Ahh. It's their torpedo 

Ens Scale: system

CdrSulivan: *Jay*  What is your present objective?

Ltjg Caine: +taps+  Caine to Sullivan.

CdrSulivan: *Caine*  Sullivan here.  Glad to hear the medical department made is aboard.

EnsTiran: ::sees a diagonostic come up on the screen:: Nope, not that...

LtjgStruan: +taps+ Struan to any medical personnel...

Ash Kndrll: +Eng+ Engineering, come in.

LtjgJaykba: +Suli+  To clean sweep of the cargo holds  looking for signs of a founder and the drug that 

Ens Scale: ::Walks to the one closest to the door::

Lt Jovek: +taps+Struan what is your current position and situation?

EnsTiran: +Ash+ Engineering here

Ltjg Caine: +Suli+ We are trying to locate medical facilities now.

LtjgJaykba: is used to control the JemHadar

Ash Kndrll: +Tiran+ Have you guys found engineering okay?

EnsTiran: ::presses another button to see what it does::

LtLeilani: ::hears Suli:: Well, we at least know someone is in 

LtLeilani: command.. 

LtjgStruan: +taps+ Jovek? ::smiles, bites his lip:: I don't know... we're in some room...

EnsTiran: +Ash+ Yeah, now the only problem is figuring out what does what

CdrSulivan: *Jay*  Be careful and make sure you take a squad or two with you.

LtjgStruan: +taps+ on some deck...

Ltjg Caine: ....and I think I know how to do it...

Lt Jovek: +taps+Can you leave the room?

Ens Scale: ::Punches a few buttons... it gets very dark in Engineering::

Ens Scale: Ahh. Lights.

LtjgStruan: +taps+ Yeah... I got Belle with me, she might need to see the medics...

LtjgJaykba: +Suli+  Aye Commander I'm never alon

EnsTiran: Hey, Scale whaty did you do?

LtjgJaykba: *alone

CdrSulivan: *Jay* :::with a slight smile::: Just making sure, hotshot.

Ltjg Caine: +Suli+  I'll get back to you when we're in Sickbay.

Lt Jovek: +taps+Ok... take care of your situation and then report to the bridge we need to get the 

CptZuriyev: <<Back, sorry about that.>>

Lt Jovek: science station up to it's best operable state

Ens Scale: ::Punches in a seemingly random code and the lights come up full blast::

CdrSulivan: *Caine*  If you need assistance, see Ash.

EnsTiran: ::squints at the sudden bright lights::

Belle9898: ::shakes her head no:: (w) I will be fine...::goes to stand on her own::

Ltjg Caine: :::takes his tricorder, sets it to scan for concentrations of "white":::

Ash Kndrll: ::runs through a mental list of departments::

Ens Scale: Ahh! ::Shuts his eyes:: Geez.... 

LtjgJaykba: ::arrives at one of the Cargo holds where Squad 3 is waiting for him::

CptZuriyev: Report, Commander.

Ens Scale: ::Punches a few more buttons and they go to half illumination::

EnsTiran: ::presses few buttons trying to figure out how to work the warp coils::

Ens Scale: Good?

EnsTiran: Better

LtLeilani: ::still hearing those birds::

LtjgStruan: +taps+ Understood... ::turns to her:: If ya say so lass, but maybe you should go to sickbay 

Ltjg Caine: :::sets the tricorder to act as a directional finder:::

LtjgStruan: on your own...

LtLeilani: +taps+ Leilani to bridge.

Lt Jovek: ::continues deeper into the system and it's programming to find things to change and rewrite

Ens Scale: ::Nods and moves to the next one::

Ltjg Caine: ::::looks at Leilani not lying still, thinks, Doctors make the worst patients.

CptZuriyev: +Leilani+ Bridge here, Doctor.

LtLeilani: +taps+ Can y'all please get those birds to hush?? It's 

LtLeilani: really giving me a headache...

EnsTiran: ::sees a few odd looking symbols come up on the screen:: Hmm...

Ash Kndrll: ::figures science is on the bridge and she doesn't need to 

Ash Kndrll: check on them, leaving one last dept to check on::

Belle9898: ::smiles weakly:: Thank you for the concern but I will be fine::goes to take a step

Ltjg Caine: :::pulls the grav stetcher to the nearest lift:::

LtjgStruan: ::watches her::

CptZuriyev: +Leilani+ Birds?

CdrSulivan: :::looks at the Captain and twirls a finger next to herad inthe universal sign for crazy:::

CdrSulivan: <<head>>

LtLeilani: +taps+ Yeah, birds.. you know, those things with 

LtLeilani: feathers that fly??

Ens Scale: ::Punches a few buttons, but nothing happens::

Belle9898: ::holds onto the wall for support::

EnsTiran: ::presses another few buttons trying to figure out how to engage warp::

CptZuriyev: ::smiles slightly at Suli::  +Leilani+ Consult Dr. Caine. 

LtLeilani: <LOL Suli>

Ltjg Caine: :::watches the readings grow stronger as the lift moves:::

Belle9898: ::begins to feel dizzy:: (w) okay maybe I do need to see the med...

LtLeilani: +taps+ I'm with Caine.. He doesn't hear anything.. 

LtLeilani: But his head doesn't hurt, either.  Look, just get rid of 

Lt Jovek: ::begins writing new code and rewriting the code for the existing programs::

LtLeilani: them, ok? Gas'em or something.

Ens Scale: ::Looks up briefly and notices something odd with the core::

Ash Kndrll: ::sighs quietly:: +Caine+ Kendrall to Caine.

CptZuriyev: ::turns to Suli:: Commander, we need to inform Starfleet... hev we 

CptZuriyev: found communications yet?

LtLeilani: ::is getting irritable::

Ash Kndrll: > ::laughing quietly at Leilani:: <

EnsTiran: ::mutters how this would be easier if someone was on the Bridge to tell hiim if something 

EnsTiran: was happening::

LtjgStruan: ::goes over to her to hold her up:: Alright, come on let's go...

Ltjg Caine: +Kendrall+  Caine here.

CptZuriyev: +Leilani+  Zere are no birds on the ship, bridge out.

Belle9898: ::leans against Straun praying she doesn't pass out either::

Ltjg Caine: :::uses a manual override to stop the lift at the correct deck:::

Ash Kndrll: +Caine+ Have you guys found sickbay yet.. need any help?

Ens Scale: Is it just me, or does that look like pre-lim for a warp core jettison? ::A voice is talking

EnsTiran: ::turns and sees the core looking strange::

Ens Scale: in the background in Jemmie language::

LtLeilani: ::gets really angry:: +taps+ ::yells:: Then I guess I'll 

LtLeilani: just have to kill one and bring it to you!! Leilani out!!!

LtLeilani: ::blood pressure starts to rise, heartrate increases::

CptZuriyev: ::thinks that Leilani got hit a bit too hard::

LtjgStruan: +taps+ Lieutenant Struan to any medical personnel, I need your location.

CdrSulivan: Not my specialty, sir.  But I'll do the best I can.

Ltjg Caine: +Kendrall+  Thanks, but I think we're just about there.

CdrSulivan: :::winces at Leilani's voice:::

Ens Scale: NONONONO!! ::Pounds the console with his fist::

CptZuriyev: And preface the message with the phrase, Don't kill us, about 

CptZuriyev: three thousand times.  ::smiles::

LtLeilani: ::gets up off the stretcher and mutters:: Ok, fine.. I'll go 

LtLeilani: kill one and dump it in his lap.. That'll teach him..

LtjgStruan: Can you walk? ::grins:: Or should I carry you all the way... 

EnsTiran: ::looks to Scale:: What seems to be the problem?

Ltjg Caine: Leilani  :::holds up hypospray:::  where are you going?

Ash Kndrll: +Caine+ All right, Kendrall out.. ::gives a weird look at 

Lt Jovek: ::takes most of the science station off line to continue working::

Ash Kndrll: nothing in general, hearing Leilani yell through the open 

Ash Kndrll: link::

LtjgStruan: Well, walk with a little of my help...

CdrSulivan: :::slides over to what she hopes is the communications gris and not the portable electric

CdrSulivan: chair:::

LtLeilani: ::still muttering:: No!! Better yet, I'll put it in his pants.. 

LtLeilani: Yeah, that's it!! I'll stick a dead bird in his pants.. 

LtLeilani: ::laughs:: HA..

Ens Scale: ::Computer's Voice stops, core returns to normal::

Belle9898: umm..::looks to the floor::I can try...

CdrSulivan: <<grid>>

Ens Scale: Huh? Oh. Nothing. Weren't you looking for warp core control?

Ash Kndrll: +Suli+ Sir, all departments report their finding their way 

Ash Kndrll: around okay.

EnsTiran: Not espically looking for it, just thought I was at the propulsion console

EnsTiran: Why?

Belle9898: ::gingerly began to take a step with his help::

Ens Scale: 'Cause I think this might be it.

LtjgStruan: ::gets a response back from a medic... and walks with her to the sickbay...

LtjgStruan: ::resumes whistling his tune again::

EnsTiran: You sure?

CptZuriyev: ::watches Suli fiddle with the communications:: I'd like to speak 

CptZuriyev: with Admiral Stanley, if we can get him...

LtjgJaykba: <--Squad  we'll check this row of cargo first  phasers set to kill

CdrSulivan: *Ash*  Very good... please make sure you get that hip checked out.

Ltjg Caine: :::quietly:::  Leilanit, if that tractor field slips, we're in big trouble...this way, pleas

Ens Scale: But it's hard to say how those Jems set things up.... never know what they'd stick next to 

Ens Scale: each other

LtjgStruan: ::remembers that he might want to keep it down:: That's smart Al... 

CdrSulivan: :::uses her *operator* voice, very nasal and high pitched:::

LtLeilani: ::now feeling nutty as a fruitcake::

LtLeilani: ::chuckles:: Sure, whatever you say. ::giggles::

Ash Kndrll: ::now gives an amazed look at nothing:: +Suli+ How'd you 

Ash Kndrll: kn... I mean, aye, sir.

CdrSulivan: Yes, sir.... please hold while I make try that number...

Belle9898: ::hears the tune and slowly smiles::

LtjgStruan: ::looks at a placard at the end of the hallway... must be a turbolift, opens the door::

Ltjg Caine: ::::closes his eyes to focus, opens them, takes Leilani's arm, and moves off:::

CptZuriyev: ::stands and paces just because::

CdrSulivan: :::thinks for a moment about Leilani:::

CptZuriyev: ::walks around the bridge and looks at the unfamiliar consoles::

CdrSulivan: *Engineering* Bridge to Engineering.

EnsTiran: ::goes back to his console and starts hitting a few buttons in order again::

Ltjg Caine: :::stops in front of a doorway, which opens:::

EnsTiran: +Bridge+ Engineering here

Lt Jovek: ::thinks it took 2.3 vorta to write something so lacking in functionality::

Ens Scale: ::Taps his badge:: Engineering.

LtjgStruan: Okay, this is not a turbolift...

CdrSulivan: :::chuckles at the enthusiasm:::

LtLeilani: ::starts whistling  "Sleigh Ride":: 

Belle9898: ::smiles weakly :: guess not..what is it??

Ltjg Caine: ::::pushes the grav stretcher ahead into the empty room, and waits:::

CdrSulivan: *Engineering*  How are things down there?

Ash Kndrll: > ::thinks Leilani's having too much fun tonight:: <

Ens Scale: ::nods to Tiran and goes back to console::

CdrSulivan: Jovek...:::spins in her seat:::

LtjgStruan: ::looks like a closet space::

Lt Jovek: Yes commander

EnsTiran: +Bridge+ I'd appreciate of someone on the Bridge could tell me if warp starts when I 

EnsTiran: try something

Lt Jovek: ::looks up from his work and spins around::

Ltjg Caine: :::looks to Leilani:::: Stay precisely here, please.  If you move, I will have to stun you.

CdrSulivan: Could you check the life controls and make sure that all variables are equalto what we 

LtjgStruan: ::reachs around for a light switch, clicks it on...::

LtLeilani: Aw, c'mon Doc!! Let's dance!! This is great music!

CdrSulivan: are used to

CdrSulivan: ?

Ash Kndrll: ::moves about the office, ignoring her hip and trying to 

Ash Kndrll: decipher things::

Lt Jovek: of course commander

Belle9898: ::peers into the lighted room::

Lt Jovek: one second

EnsTiran: ::to Scale:: You think we've got about 1/2 of Engineering figured out?

CptZuriyev: ::wishes he had a ready room::

CdrSulivan: Check specifically for the atmospheric chemistry.

Ens Scale: Something like that

Ltjg Caine: :::sighs:::  Leilani, they may've "booby-trapped" Sickbay....let me check.

Lt Jovek: ::moves to the life support station and has a look at the readings::

Ash Kndrll: > 'kay, I don't think it anymore, I *know* it ::grins:: <

LtLeilani: Ok.. We'll dance when ya get back.

LtLeilani: <LOL>

Ltjg Caine: We shall, indeed.

EnsTiran: We can try

CdrSulivan: *Engineering*  Give me a moment, Engineering.  In themeantime, please check the sub-harmonic

LtjgStruan: ::picks up an empty bowl::

Ens Scale: ::Peers at his console:: You think you're smarter than me, eh?

LtjgJaykba: +taps+<Eng>Engineering  do you have any Forcefields yet?

CdrSulivan: matrices for any unusual twitters.

Lt Jovek: Commander the readings indicate the standard air mixture and is only 5 degrees above room 

CdrSulivan: :::taps and taps and taps:::

LtjgStruan: ::and another one...and another...:: 

Lt Jovek: temperature

Ltjg Caine: :::rolls into sickbay, phaser drawn:::

CptZuriyev: ::walks to a door off the bridge, hoping it might be a CO's office::

EnsTiran: Scale you take Jay's comm

Ltjg Caine: :::nothing and no one attacks:::

Ens Scale: ::Looks at Tiran:: Did we find force fields yet?

Lt Jovek: shall i bring the temperature down?

Belle9898: ::sees all the bowls:: Is this a mess hall  kinda thingy room??

CdrSulivan: Thank you, Jovek.  Just want to make sure we're not ALL going to go delusional.

EnsTiran: +Sullivan+ I'll try to find that

LtjgStruan: Maybe... these are some elaborate bowls... 

EnsTiran: I don't think so...

Ens Scale: ::Taps his badge:: Just a minute, we're checking, sir.

Ltjg Caine: :::pushes the grav stretcher aside::: Come in, Leilani.

EnsTiran: Put it next on the list

CptZuriyev: ::enters the room and see the remnants of another Captain::

Ens Scale: ::Nods and punches some things into his padd::

CdrSulivan: :::looks up and sees the Captain disappear:::

Belle9898: ::glances closely at the bowls..curosity iving way to excitement::

LtjgJaykba: +Scale+  thank Ens Scale

Belle9898: <<giving>>

LtjgJaykba: *thanks

CdrSulivan: *Zuriyev*  Sullivan to the Captain.

Ens Scale: +Jay+ Not yet, sir, but it's next on the list

Lt Jovek: ::goes back to his station to continue programming::

CptZuriyev: ::walks back out the the bridge:: Yes, Commander?

LtjgStruan: These are either for founders, large dogs, or...

EnsTiran: Scale, we are also looking for the sub-harmonic matrices

LtjgJaykba: ::grumbles under his breath::

Ltjg Caine: :::looks around:::  The language and pharmacopia are different, but we shall make do.

LtLeilani: ::enters sickbay with Caine, singing::

CdrSulivan: :::serene calm::: I have established a communications loop, we are now transmitting our new 

EnsTiran: ::goes to another console and tries pressing a few buttons::

Ens Scale: ::Blinks:: hmmm.... I think you might have that one

CdrSulivan: identity.

LtjgStruan: ::closes the door...:: Let's go... must be a turbolift somewhere...

Lt Jovek: ::finishes preliminary and minor programming::

CptZuriyev: I want to talk with any Admiral who will listen in that thing that 

CptZuriyev: might be a ready room.

Lt Jovek: ::brings the station online with the new programming::

CdrSulivan: :::levels her gaze at him::: And it is my duty to ask you to not go wandering about without 

Lt Jovek: ::takes readings on the RUTC::

CdrSulivan: an escort.

Belle9898: ::nods dissapointed but mutly follows Straun::

EnsTiran: ::presses another few buttons trying to find the force field controls::

CptZuriyev: So noted, Commander.

CdrSulivan: Just watching out for the good of the ship.

LtjgStruan: ::wonders what those bowls are...::

Ens Scale: ::Gives up on his and walks to the next one::

CdrSulivan: :::notes a slight odor coming from the *ready room*:::

CptZuriyev: As you should be.

CdrSulivan: Should I call a janitor?

Lt Jovek: Commander the readings on the RUTC are better now... there is no change in its status

Belle9898: ::makes a mental note to brush up on Jemmie history::

CdrSulivan: :::tappitytappitytappity:::

Lt Jovek: although it has grown... 0.02 meters since the jem hadar arrived

LtjgStruan: ::looks around, seeing something that looks more like a tl door, opens it::

CptZuriyev: Not the priority right now... but, we might be here for a while.  

Ltjg Caine: ::::looks at a biobed for awhile, tentatively punches a few buttons:::

LtjgStruan: ::dead Jemmie stares out at them::

Ltjg Caine: <<is comforted by the familiar Windows logo>>

EnsTiran: ::starts to get frustrated, presses another series of buttons::

Belle9898: ::screams and jumps back ::

CdrSulivan: :::spins on her chair again resisting the urge to yell WHEEEEEEEE!:::

CdrSulivan: It has grown?

LtjgStruan: ::jumps back with her::

Lt Jovek: Commander i am detecting a gaseous anomaly near by... a dust cloud... we could hide in it 

Ltjg Caine: <<I wonder what the "Jemmies" call us?>>

Ens Scale: I wonder how that translation is going.... ::Pushes a few more buttons::

Lt Jovek: until we learn what we need to know about the ship

CptZuriyev: ::enters the "ready room" and looks around for a comm screen::

CptZuriyev: <<"Feddies"?>>>

CdrSulivan: :::tappitytappitytappity:::

EnsTiran: I hope it's going well, it would really help us out

Lt Jovek: there is a possibility that the Dominion will come looking for their battleship

CdrSulivan: :::hears a reassuring blip:::

Ens Scale: Us and every other person on this ship

LtjgStruan: Eww... :;reaches in and pulls on his rotting carcass::

Ltjg Caine: :::looks at the instruments:::

EnsTiran: How are we to know if a force field comes online, unless it come online in here, we'd never 

EnsTiran: know about it...

Belle9898: ::leans against the wall trying not to hyperventialte, watching Straun and trying not to 

Ash Kndrll: ::watches foreign symbols scroll by on a screen, wishing 

Ltjg Caine: Here, Leilani...we're just about set.

Belle9898: look at the dead Jemmie::

LtLeilani: ::sings:: "Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-

LtLeilani: tingling tooo, c'mon it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride 

LtLeilani: together with youuuuu."  ::very off key:

Ash Kndrll: like hell she understood them::

CdrSulivan: :::murmurs::: Pride goeth before a fall.

Ens Scale: We'd have to talk to the Tactical officer about that one.

LtjgStruan: How about we find another one? ::pulls an arm off it, but keeps it shielded

Lt Jovek: Commander?

LtjgStruan: from her view...

CdrSulivan: :::beeps the ready type room:::

Ltjg Caine: Please, Leilani, lie down here.

CptZuriyev: ::drags a dead JH security guard out of the ready room:: 

EnsTiran: ::punches another few buttons in a series::

Belle9898: ::closes her eyes mand concentrates on something else::

CptZuriyev: Found the smell...

LtLeilani: ::lies down, continues to sing::

LtjgStruan: ::apart of the body looks to be fused to the wall...::

Ltjg Caine: All I need is a localized containment field...

LtjgStruan: Let's start moving... ::closes the door::

CdrSulivan: Yes, Jovek?

EnsTiran: Forget this one...

Lt Jovek: you did receive my last report on the RUTC yes?

EnsTiran: ::moves to the nearest console and tries hitting a few buttons again::

Belle9898: ::nods in agreement::yes please

CptZuriyev: ::tosses the body into a convenient waste reclamation chute: 

LtjgStruan: ::sees a similar door down the hallway...:: Door number three...

CptZuriyev: You beeped, Commander?

Ens Scale: ::Kicks his consle, lights flare up on it::

CdrSulivan: *Engineering*  Tiran or Scale... send someone to the bridge.  We have a multicorder that 

Ltjg Caine: :::acitivates:::

EnsTiran: Want to go or should I?

CdrSulivan: should help to translate things for you.

Ens Scale: I'll go up there

Belle9898: ::really hates this ship and hope there isn't a jemmie alive or dead behind this door::

EnsTiran: Ok, but hurry up

Ltjg Caine: All I need do is relieve the pressure buildup...

Ens Scale: ::Walks to the TL:: <m> You better understand English.... Bridge!

CdrSulivan: *Zuri*  Yes, sir.  I have Admirla Stanley on the line.  

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The RUCT begins to get smaller, very slowly.

LtjgStruan: ::has walked with her to the door standing by it...:: Let's see what's behind door number 

LtjgStruan: three...

CdrSulivan: I seem to have interrupted his temmis game.

CptZuriyev: Ah, I'll take in in there.

Lt Jovek: Commander there is a problem here

CptZuriyev: ::walks to the RR:

CdrSulivan: <<opps.... tennis>>

LtjgStruan: ::pushes the button::

Belle9898: ::gears up for another scare::

Lt Jovek: I think you'd better take a look

CdrSulivan: What is it, Jovek?

Ens Scale: ::Walks onto the bridge, looks around::

Ash Kndrll: ::cautiously taps the console, and frowns as it freezes and 

EnsTiran: ::starts pressing another series of buttons, hoping someone on the ship bumps into a force 

Ash Kndrll: blinks out:: Oh, darn..

EnsTiran: field::

Ltjg Caine: :::uses a hypospray to remove fluid buildup:::

LtjgStruan: ::looks in:: Ahhh!! Jesus!!

CdrSulivan: :::reroutes the communication to the ready type room:::

LtjgStruan: Voice from inside> Ahh!!!

LtLeilani: ::wonders if she should be moving at all while he's 

LtLeilani: doing this::

CdrSulivan: :::stands and crosses to Jovek:::

Ltjg Caine: :::sees that the bone mass is stabilized by the force field:::

Lt Jovek: The anomaly is shrinking 

Belle9898: ::seeing Straun react belle screams and jumps across the hallway ::

CptZuriyev: ::sees the Admiral on the screen and explains the situation::

Ash Kndrll: Um.. computer.. undo last action?

Ens Scale: Commander, I think you said you have something for us?

LtjgStruan: ::squeezes Belle's hand hard, realizes and let's go as she jumps away::

Ash Kndrll: ::has no luck::

Lt Jovek: it could collapse and if and when it does it will be unknown as to

Lt Jovek: what it might do...

Ltjg Caine: All right, Leilani, I've removed the tractor field.  You should be fine.

LtjgStruan: Is that you? Lieutenant... It can't be...

Belle9898: ::hits the wall and slides down as tears begin to slide down her cheeks::

Lt Jovek: it will collapse and nothing will happen

LtjgStruan: Voice> It is... ::smiles::

CdrSulivan: :::nods at Scale as she tosses him the mulitcorder::: Feed it into your consoles down there.

Lt Jovek: or it will collapse and take both universes with it

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::helps Belle up:: You alright?

EnsTiran: forget this one too ::goes back to his first console that he believes is propulsion and 

Ltjg Caine: Let me know immediately if you have any headaches whatsoever.

EnsTiran: starts hitting a few buttons again::

CdrSulivan: :::Listening to Jovel at the same time;::

Belle9898: ::nods weakly::Who is it??

CdrSulivan: <<Jovek>>

Ens Scale: ::Nods:: Yes, sir. ::Walks back into the TL:: Engineering

LtLeilani: Thanks Doc!! Say, maybe we should go looking for 

LtLeilani: wounded? 

Ash Kndrll: ::taps the screen again:: <m> Come back..

Lt Jovek: <<yes>>

CdrSulivan: And ENsign?

Lt Jovek: <<oops>>

CptZuriyev: ::furrows his brow as the Admiral gives them their new orders::

Ash Kndrll: ::watches the symbols pop back onto the screen::

CdrSulivan: Make copies and distribute them to the other departments.

Ltjg Caine: Yes, you may, but please....don't bump your head for a day or two...

Lt Jovek: i do not know a way to stop it as of yet

LtjgStruan: Struan> It's an old aquantance... ::looks at her:: Lieutenant JG Janice Lockheart.

CdrSulivan: <<And collate and staple....>>

LtLeilani: ::grabs a med kit:: Don't worry, Doc. I'll be careful! 

LtLeilani: ::smiles::

CptZuriyev: ::nods:: Da.. we will report when we return. 

Ens Scale: ::Walks back into Main Engineering:: Ah, yes. Our key to the Jem-Hada'ar language

EnsTiran: ::wonders what is keeping Scale so long::

Ltjg Caine: <<fold, spindle, mutilate...no, wait -- that's the Post Office>>

Belle9898: ::with tears still on her cheek, she smiles and feel vastly releived::

LtLeilani: ::heads out of sickbay..smile disappears as soon as 

LtLeilani: Caine is away:: Ok, now, where are those birds??

EnsTiran: Finally, hurry and upload it into the system

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::smiles:: I'm one of the new transfers to Atlantis... I've been hiding here, crazy 

LtLeilani: <LOL Caine>

LtjgStruan: ship...

CptZuriyev: ::closes the comm::  

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::brushes the tear away:: Don't worry she's a friend... kinda...

CdrSulivan: <<No... they just lose mail totally.....>>

CptZuriyev: ::walks out to the bridge:: Commander, a brief word? ::gestures 

CptZuriyev: to the room::

LtLeilani: ::walks a short distance and enters a room::Hey, this 

Ens Scale: ::Walks over to a console and starts feeding it the data::

LtLeilani: looks like a science lab.. I bet they have birds..

LtLeilani: ::looks around::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::whispers:: She's a bit of a paranoid schzoid....nothing to worry about...

Lt Jovek: my suggestion Commander is that we back off now there might be an explosion when that thing 

Ltjg Caine: :::watches the doors close, feeling he's going to have to keep an eye on his associate:::

LtjgStruan: Janice> I can hear you...

CdrSulivan: Jovek... hold that thought.... determine how much time we have left.

Lt Jovek: collapses even if it doesn't destroy both universes

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::helps Belle up:: 

EnsTiran: ::walks over to the console Scale is at to see if the translation works::

Ens Scale: We're supposed to make copies of it, too

Belle9898: ::feels Straun wipe her tears away and smiles::thank god for that(w)

CdrSulivan: :::slides off the chair and crosses to the Captain:::

Lt Jovek: ::computes the time on the system::

EnsTiran: Man, it's not like we don't have enough to do

LtLeilani: ::sees a tank, filled with water and several large, 

CptZuriyev: ::walks into the RR::

LtLeilani: slimey, smelly, spotted fish:: Ahhh, here's a bird!!

LtjgStruan: Struan> :;to Janice:: Well, are you going to help us?

Ens Scale: Orders from above

LtLeilani: ::reaches in and grabs one:: Oooh, be still, will ya? 

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::looks around:: yeah... where to? sickbay? See I guessed right... 

CdrSulivan: <<Where  is a counselor when you need one?>>

Lt Jovek: approximately twenty four hours at its rate of collapse but it is difficult to get an 

Ltjg Caine: +Kendrall+ Caine to Kendrall -- are you aware of any wounded?

Ens Scale: ::Looks at the console as it slowly changes to English::

Lt Jovek: accurate reading on this system

LtLeilani: ::keeps whistling and walks out, allegedly looking for 

LtLeilani: wounded::

LtjgStruan: Janice> <m> I bet Kimberly couldn't even do that...

EnsTiran: ::walks back over to the "propulsion" console to see if it appears in English::

LtjgStruan: ::helps Belle into the TL:: 

Belle9898: ::reaches her hand up to her head and overhears Janice and begins to wonder about things::

LtLeilani: ::heads for the bridge, notes that the "bird" isn't 

LtLeilani: moving anymore::

CdrSulivan: <<Or more specifically.... when Leilani needs one....>>

LtjgStruan: How do you work this thing... ::presses buttons::

Ens Scale: Did it work?

EnsTiran: Great, we're back to English

Ash Kndrll: +Caine+ No, sir, I'm-- ::pauses, swears at the console as it 

CdrSulivan: :::enters the room:::You wanted to see me?

Ash Kndrll: blinks out again::+

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::eyes wide, mouth agape:: Uh...

EnsTiran: This one reads English, now just to learn the layout of the buttons

CptZuriyev: Interesting orders from the Admiral, Commander.

Ens Scale: Alright. I'll make copies, while you figure everything out?

LtjgStruan: Struan> Oh here we go... ::TL jerks and starts moving up::

CptZuriyev: We are to take this ship covertly into the Gamma Quadrant and 

CptZuriyev: gather information.

EnsTiran: I'll try, but it will take time

Ash Kndrll: +Caine+ Not aware of any, sir. ::tapping the console a li'l 

LtLeilani: ::finds the bridge doors, hides the bird in her medical 

LtLeilani: smock pocket::

Ash Kndrll: harder than necessary::

LtLeilani: ::enters the bridge:: 

Belle9898: ::smiles weakly:: I'm sorry Janice , wear are my manners?? My name is Belle...it was nice 

LtLeilani: ::looks for the CO:: 

Ens Scale: Well. We do what we can with what we have.

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::grins:: See, nothing to it...

Belle9898: meeting you even under these circumstances::

EnsTiran: I wonder if the computer is in English....

Ltjg Caine: +Kendrall+  Do you need any assistance?

Ens Scale: ::Walks over to another console as it spits the data back out::

CdrSulivan: :::looks grumpier than usual for a moment::: I see... so we are stuck with this carrion

CdrSulivan: filled ship.

LtjgStruan: Janice> Ah, don't worry about it... I'm used to it.. and worse... but it's nice to meet you.

EnsTiran: Computer, what console am I at?

CdrSulivan: WHat about the RUCT?

LtLeilani: :::sees some other doors:: I guess he's in there.. Gotta 

LtLeilani: make sure he's not injured.. ::to no one in particular::

EnsTiran: Computer>Propulsion console

Belle9898: ::smiles weakly at Janice::

Lt Jovek: ::stares at the sensor readings taking notes and making hand calcualtions::

LtLeilani: ::doesn't see a chime, so she knocks on the door::

CdrSulivan: Jovek says that it is continuing to collapse.

LtjgStruan: Struan> What happened? You give up that Advanced research on Valhalla?

EnsTiran: Great...

CptZuriyev: Da, we are.  If we're good, we might get a Starship when we get 

CptZuriyev: back.

Ens Scale: Hey, wouldn't you know it?

Ash Kndrll: +Caine+ <m> Stupid console.. ahh.. ::realizes she's 

Ash Kndrll: talking aloud:: No, sir, I'll be fine if this.. console.. will work.

Belle9898: ::leans against the wall of the TL and closes her eyes, and just listen to the conversation 

Belle9898: around her::

LtLeilani: ::knocks harder until they acknowledge her::

LtjgStruan: Janice> No... yes... all thanks to that Mr. Tombs... and his daughter... and Kimberly...

CptZuriyev: Anyway, the only problem I can forsee is that we hev to change 

CptZuriyev: the transponder signal on this ship.

LtLeilani: ::dents the door a wee bit::

Ash Kndrll: ::glances around for something to throw at it::

EnsTiran: ::starts to press a few buttons trying to figure how to engage and disengage warp::

LtjgStruan: Al> ::perks attention to the name Tombs:: Kayata?

CdrSulivan: ::thinks to herself that they won't give her another ship if she were the last XO alive:::

Ens Scale: ::Starts making more and more copies::

LtjgStruan: Janice> Yeah, that's the one... 

LtLeilani: ::gets ready to say, "I'll huff, and I'll puff and I'll 

LtLeilani: blooooooowww you're house down!!"::

CdrSulivan: ::since she has now managed to be aboard TWO Atlantises that have been *lost*:::

EnsTiran: Computer>Warp Engines are currently offline

Ltjg Caine: "Kendrall+  Focus, Ash...trust yourself.  Caine out.

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::shakes his head:: Um... uh...::TL stops:: We should be closer

LtjgStruan: to sickbay...

LtLeilani: :watches as the doors open:: 

CptZuriyev: I'm sure that they know this one was lost or captured.. so we 

CptZuriyev: have to figure out another Dominion signal.

Belle9898: ::feels the TL stop but can not force her eyes open::

Ash Kndrll: ::doesn't hear Caine as she taps the console really hard:: 

Ash Kndrll: WORK, darn you!

LtjgStruan: Struan> :: to Belle:: Come on, let's get you there... Belle?

EnsTiran: ::tries pressing another few buttons in a series::

CdrSulivan: I'll get a specialist on it.

LtLeilani: ::steps through:: Hi! ::smiles:: We're running scans on 

LtLeilani: everyone, making sure everyone is ok.. 

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::feels her pulse:: She's not dead, if you were wondering...

LtLeilani: ::looks at Suli:: You're fine. ::turns her attention to the 

LtLeilani: CO::

EnsTiran: ::to Scale:: How many copies will we need?

CptZuriyev: ::wonders why the RR doors opened::

Ens Scale: I figure I'll make twenty, then ask

CdrSulivan: :::quirks a brow at the quirky doctor:::

LtLeilani: You don't look good, sir.. Stand up, please.

LtjgStruan: Struan> Belle?

Belle9898: ::forces her eyes to open but they promptly shut again::

EnsTiran: ::sees a few paragraphs appear on the screen::

CptZuriyev: I am standing up.  And I'm in a meeting with my XO, please, wait 

CptZuriyev: until this is over.

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::worried, picks her up and carries her out of the TL with Janice behind walking

LtjgStruan: behind::

LtjgJaykba: +Suli+ Cargo holds are secure  a thorough searched turned up nothing

LtLeilani: Well, then you won't waste anytime standing up, will 

LtLeilani: you?

EnsTiran: Ahh ::presses another few buttons hoping to get warp engines online::

CdrSulivan: :::already thinking about the way that Jovek reprogrammed the shuttles in the Borg mini-cube

CdrSulivan: incident:::

EnsTiran: Computer>Warp Engines are currently online

Lt Jovek: <<ears are burning>>

Ash Kndrll: > ::waits to get called in to drag the lovely doctor back to 

Ash Kndrll: sickbay:: <

LtLeilani: ::takes the slimey, smelly, spotted fish out of her 

LtLeilani: pocket and waves it at him:: This is the bird that was 

LtLeilani: making all the nose, Captain. ::voice rises::

Belle9898: <<i thought they ring when that happens>>

CptZuriyev: Can we get a different signal for our transponder, Suli?  One 

CptZuriyev: that won't be immediately recognized?

LtLeilani: You know what I"m gonna do with this bird?? 

Ens Scale: +Suli+ Commander, how many copies will you need?

CdrSulivan: *Jay* Very good, Jay.  Please see Engineering and get copies of the translator from them and

CptZuriyev: Lieutenant, you are dismissed!  To sickbay, now!

EnsTiran: Propulsion is working

CdrSulivan: distribute to the departmetns.

LtLeilani: ::rushes him, grabs the waistling of this pants and 

LtLeilani: tries to put the bird in there. 

LtjgStruan: Janice> That's really macho like...

CdrSulivan: *Caine*  Sullivan to Caine!

LtjgJaykba: +Suli+  aye Cpmmander

LtLeilani: ::no longer whistling::

EnsTiran: ::walks to another console::

LtjgJaykba: *commander

LtLeilani: ::furious, knocks the CO down::

LtjgStruan: Struan> Hey give me a break, she weighs like a ton of bricks... ::hopes she can't hear him::

Lt Jovek: ::still tinkering with the system wishing he could access his EEH program help him::

EnsTiran: Computer, what console am I currently at?

CdrSulivan: *ENgineering*  Make as many as you can... there are a lot of...

CdrSulivan: GeesH!

Ltjg Caine: +Suli+  Caine here, XO

CdrSulivan: :::tackles Leilani:::

CptZuriyev: ::surprised, but pins Leilani under him::  Commander, wanna do 

CptZuriyev: something about this?

Ens Scale: +Suli+ Yes, sir

LtjgStruan: Janice> Oh, btw, sickbay is over there... that's a closet with bowls in it....

LtjgJaykba: +taps+<CSec> Chief Merienn permission to test fly a fighter

EnsTiran: Computer>Weapons control console

CdrSulivan: *Caine*  Get an elephant gun and a sedative to the ready room!

Ash Kndrll: > Taking bets now, on the soon-used-to-be-Doctor and the 

Ash Kndrll: Captain.. <

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::finally reaches sickbay::

LtLeilani: ::slaps him in the face with the bird:: I told you there 

LtLeilani: were birds here, but nooooo, you wouldn't believe 

LtLeilani: me, would you??!!

LtjgStruan: Struan> Hello? ::looking around sickbay::

Belle9898: ::opens her eyes slowly:: (w) put me down..I can walk , I am just really tired

CptZuriyev: ::takes the fish from her and hurls it out onto the bridge, hitting 

CptZuriyev: someone::

Ens Scale: ::Keeps making copies::

EnsTiran: Computer, are all weapons opperationly?


CptZuriyev: Matyeryebyets, what is wrong with you?

LtjgStruan: Struan> Huh.. Oh... ::sets her down gently:: 

EnsTiran: Computer>All weapons are working within normal parameters

LtLeilani: May the wrath of Pele descend upon you!!! ::snarls::


LtjgStruan: Struan> Well, we're here... 

LtLeilani: ::struggles for all she's worth::

Ltjg Caine: +Suli+ :::sighs::: On my way...

Belle9898: (w)thank you...::doesn't mention she heard him::

LtjgJaykba: ::walks into the Engineering::CHIEF YOU Around here!

Ltjg Caine: <<The wrath of a soccer player?>>

CptZuriyev: ::keeps her pinned easily:: Anyone have a handy sedative?

LtLeilani: ::snaps her head around to Suli:: What??

Belle9898: ::looks around looking for anyone::

EnsTiran: ::looks to Jay:: There currently is no Chief

CdrSulivan: :::finds her handy dandy restraints:::

Ens Scale: ::Looks at Jay:: Who'm I supposed give these translators to?

LtjgStruan: Uh... hey, sorry about that... 

LtLeilani: <no, Pele the Goddess :) >>

EnsTiran: Np

CdrSulivan: :::tosses them to Zuri::: Until Caine arrives?

LtLeilani: <You don't ever make her angry :) >

LtjgJaykba: .Scale<Suli says you have a translator

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::looking around:: If you'll excuse me, I gotta leave... hospitals ::shivers::

CptZuriyev: ::catches the restraints and restrains Leilani, stands::

CdrSulivan: :::looks at Leilani::: Is this behavior that is appropriate to a Marine?

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::leaves::

LtLeilani: ::sees the restraints:: Don't you dare!! I shall kill you 

Ens Scale: A? Take as many as you can carry.

LtLeilani: once for every restraint you put on me!!

Belle9898: no problem ::gingerly sits down and leans back her eyes sliding shut and opening every few 

Belle9898: seconds::

Lt Jovek: ::stops and begins working on designing a new piece of hardware::

LtjgStruan: Struan> Let me go find someone... be right back...

CdrSulivan: *Jay*  Sullivan to Jaykumba.

EnsTiran: ::walks back to propulsion::

LtjgJaykba: I'll need only 19  thanks

Belle9898: ::looks up to Straun:: Thank you ::watches him walk out::

Ltjg Caine: :::makes his way to the bridge:::

LtjgJaykba: +Suli+  Aye Commander

CdrSulivan: *Jaykumba* Please report to the ready room.... we have someone who needs a cooling down time

Ens Scale: Then take 19, sir. Have fun.

Lt Jovek: Commander permission to go to the makeshift science lab and work on my project

LtLeilani: ::starts rambling::

CdrSulivan: :::calls out::: Granted, Jovek!

CptZuriyev: ::bellows: Caine!

LtjgJaykba: +Suli+ SecSquad #2 is right outside the bridge

Belle9898: ::sees Janice:: Have a seat...we might be waiting for awhile...I can't sleep yet

Lt Jovek: ::leaves the bridge and heads for the deck with the science lab::]

LtLeilani: ::yells at the CO:: STOP YELLING!! 

EnsTiran: ::starts to see check the spec of the JM ship::

Ltjg Caine: :::steps into the ready room, looks at the curious tableau:::

Lt Jovek: ::muttering something about the mother of invention::

Ash Kndrll: ::sitting in the office, oblivious to all the *fun* in the ready 

Ash Kndrll: room::

CdrSulivan: :::yells at Leilani::: DOn't yell at ZE Captain!



LtjgStruan: Janice> Oh... I.. sure... why not...

Ens Scale: ::Walks back to the lights console::

LtjgStruan: Janice> better than venturing around out there... 

CdrSulivan: :::makes a strange face at her slip into his accent:::

LtLeilani: ::to Suli:: I'll yell at anyone I please!! You're in time 

LtLeilani: out!! Get in the corner!!

CptZuriyev: Do something about her! ::points at Leilani::

Belle9898: ::smiles at her::I'm new too, how long have you known Struan?

LtjgJaykba: +SecSquad #2+  report to the XO in the Ready room

EnsTiran: ::to Scale:: I guess wherever we are going, we are in no hurry since warp engines aren't on

Ltjg Caine: :::pulls a hypospray, sets it:::

LtjgStruan: Janice> ::sees that he's not around:: Just from Valhalla... 

Ens Scale: Hmm... no I suppose not

Lt Jovek: ::arrives on the deck and heads for the science lab::

CptZuriyev: ::smiles inwardly at Suli's slip into his accent::

CdrSulivan: :::Looks at Caine::: Pu ther to sleep for a week... we'll let her coll off in the brig.

CdrSulivan: <<cool off>>

LtjgJaykba: <<SECSquad#2> ::walks in to the Ready Room

Ltjg Caine: :::reaches to Leilani's shoulder::: hisssss

Belle9898: Valhalla??   Where is that??

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CdrSulivan: :::raises a hand to the security squad for them to wait a moment:::

CptZuriyev: PAUSE SIMULATION    Stardate 49907.18

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

EnsTiran: So we got Weapons and Propulsion running, that leaves what else? Shields? Environment 

LtjgStruan: Janice> Federation starship. 

LtLeilani: ::glares at the CO:: Put me in restraints, huh??  You'll 

LtLeilani: regret this!! I swear!!

EnsTiran: controls..

LtjgJaykba: <<SECSquad#2><XO>  yes Commander