CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=


CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

Belle9898: ::begins to slowly wake up wondering where she was::.

Ltjg Caine: <<Is that a RUCT or a RUCKUS?>>

LtjgStruan: ::is not on the bridge...::

CptZuriyev: ::on the bridge, in the center seat::  

Lt Jovek: ::sitting at science station trying to figure out the mechanics of the anomaly to the last 

Lt Jovek: detail::

LtLeilani: ::in sickbay::

LtMerienn: ::at tactical looking unapproachable::

LtjgStruan: ::but heading there...::

Belle9898: ::glances around and sees that she fell asleep in the lab::

LtjgJaykba: <ASec>::walks in to the security office::

LtjgStruan: ::whistles::

CptZuriyev: Anything new, Jovek?

Belle9898: Oh my gosh.......::grabs her PADD's and heads out to the bridge::

LtjgStruan: ::enters tl:: Computer, bridge.

Ltn Zan: ::In his office in Eng, looking over the ship info and wondering who 

Ltn Zan: he ticked off to get this posting::

Lt Jovek: Well i may have specialized in subspace fields and mechanics but this anomaly has me baffled

Lt Jovek: i have nothing but suggestions

CdrSulivan: :::on the bridge, staring stonily at the view screen:::

Ens Scale: <2ENG> ::Looks from his console, to his PADD, checking things::

Ash Kndrll: ::in security office, looking over reports::

Lt Jovek: and they all have an extremely high risk factor... we could follow standard procedure and de

CptZuriyev: Suggestions?

LtjgStruan: ::enters the bridge, continues to whistle, but remembers... not on duty...::

Lt Jovek: deploy the buoys and report the anomaly

LtjgJaykba: <ASec><ASH>  Hi  Ash

Ash Kndrll: ::looks up at Jay and smiles:: Hey.

Belle9898: ::immpatiently waits for the TL::

LtMerienn: ::suddenly decides she needs to look over the charts that illustrate the deployment of the 

LtMerienn: forcefields again:: 

LtjgStruan: ::but still whistling...::

Lt Jovek: we could try to disperse the gravitons with gravitons of opposite polarization

CdrSulivan: :::quietly::: I don't like it.

LtjgStruan: ::sits down at his console::

CptZuriyev: And that would accomplish?

Lt Jovek: we could build a subspace generator but i wouldn't know how engineering might

LtMerienn: ::subvocally:: Or should I put it in grid 4303... might help in a situation Alpha...

Lt Jovek: or we could enter the anomaly and try and set up a static warp bubble or subspace field

Belle9898: ::the TL's doors hiss open and Belle quickly walks in :: Bridge

LtjgStruan: ::catches bits and parts of what Jovek and the Captain are talking about::

LtMerienn: ::mutters; shakes her head; slowly walks into a TL without really registering what's going 

CptZuriyev: We are NOT entering that thing.

LtMerienn: on around her::

LtLeilani: ::putters around in the lab, working on some 

LtLeilani: viruses, trying to figure them out::

Lt Jovek: The first would solve the problem with the gravitons which are keeping the tear open

Belle9898: ::becomes antisy and would really like to get out of the TL::

Lt Jovek: the latter would hopefully repair the damage and keep space normal in this part of the secto

Lt Jovek: sector

CdrSulivan: :::getting that eerie feeling:::

CptZuriyev: Mr. Jovek.... What are the ramifications of this thing?

Belle9898: ::the door hiss ope to revel the bridge::

CdrSulivan: :::notices Merienn leave:::

LtMerienn: ::stands in the TL; letting the doors close:: If I combine the Alpha emergency protocols 

CptZuriyev: ::glances at Suli::

LtjgStruan: ::just looking back and froth between Jovek and the Captain::

Belle9898: ::belle steps out and walks puposly to her station::

Lt Jovek: At present the theory goes that the universe is like a rubber band except the rubber band 

LtMerienn: with the lighting and power restrictions from Zeta...

LtMerienn: Computer> Please indicate destination.

Lt Jovek: is dry rotted and will snap and break instead of snapping back

Ltn Zan: ::grumbles something about having lived too many lives to be sent out into the middle 

Ltn Zan: of all of this, and wonders where he gan get a drink on this flying death trap::

Lt Jovek: this is a product of that and warp drive usage

Ltn Zan: ::Thinks.. "I liked the space stations.. but noooo.. they put me on a Starship"::

LtMerienn: ::looks up:: Oh. ::thinks:: Bridge.

LtMerienn: ::gets back off onto the bridge and resumes her post at tac::

CptZuriyev: We're causing this?  

LtjgStruan: That's one theory.

Lt Jovek: There are presently thousands of these anomalies theorized to be in existence throughout the

Lt Jovek: the universe

Belle9898: ::sets her PADD's next to the console and begins to run diagnostics on the comm::

LtMerienn: ::calls up the forcefield protocols and starts fussing::

CptZuriyev: Set the warnding bouys... we're leaving.

LtLeilani: ::sits back, rubs the bridge of her nose to relieve 

LtLeilani: stress, and stretches a bit::

Lt Jovek: Through warp and pulling on the fabric of space with the warp drive

CptZuriyev: >> Warning, too! <<

CdrSulivan: :::eyes slide sideways to keep an eye on a certain someone::

Lt Jovek: ::Sets the standard buoys and launches them::

CdrSulivan: :::almost sighs  in relief at the Captain's decision:::

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  Three Dominion vessels appear on long range 

CptZuriyev: scanners, scanning the anomaly actively.

LtMerienn: No, no no! It won't work if we have a dual shield there... too vulnerable on that aisle...

Lt Jovek: Buoys launched sir

LtMerienn: ...Jesus Christ!

Ltn Zan: ::wanders out into main engineering::

CdrSulivan: 99999999****************************************************--------------------------------

LtLeilani: ::returns to her work::

Lt Jovek: it never rains but it pours

LtLeilani: ::makes notations on a PADD::

LtMerienn: Captain. I'm getting three Dominion vessels on long range scanners.

LtjgStruan: I'm always happy when it rains... ::hears the warning becon of oncoming vessels::

CdrSulivan: >>:::curses:::: Sorry..... kitty decided it was her turn.... my apologies.>>

CptZuriyev: ::quirks a brow:: Yellow alert, hail them and inform them of their 

CptZuriyev: boundary transgression.

Belle9898: ::does a double check and really begins to get nervous:: (m) always hated confrontation

Belle9898: Yes sir..

Belle9898: ::begins to hail the Dominion ship::

LtjgStruan: <m> and when things get complicated...

CdrSulivan: ::takes her seat:::

CptZuriyev: <m> Like it will do any good...

Lt Jovek: Sir perhaps we should warn them of the anomaly?

Ens Scale: ::Looks up, hearing the alert sound::

CptZuriyev: Yes, warn them. ::smirks:

Ltn Zan: ::curses as the yellow alert blares, mumbles::  My first day here and they're already going

Ltn Zan: to get me killed, wonderful!

LtjgStruan: <w> No, let the buggers get sucked in... 

LtMerienn: +Ash+ Lietuenant Kendrall, get the staff warmed up and ticking. We have a possible emergency

CdrSulivan: :::quirks an eyebrow::: Or maybe we can push them in.

LtMerienn: situation. Make sure we're not dealing with any civillian hazards... and make sure the 

LtMerienn: drills are ready to be put into practice.

CptZuriyev: Don't tempt me, Commander.

Belle9898: ::tries to hide a small smile at the comments she hears::

LtLeilani: :is oblivious to what is happening on the bridge...::

Ash Kndrll: +Merienn+ Aye, sir, will do.

Ltn Zan: ::looks around, his gaze falling on Scale::  You work in this section?

CptZuriyev: ::clenches the arm of the chair with the Dominion near::

Ltjg Caine: :::heads to Sickbay in response to the alert:::

LtjgStruan: ::smiles to the console screen overhearing the Commander::

Ens Scale: ::Looks at Zan:: Yes.

Ash Kndrll: ::glances up at Jay:: Never a dull moment, eh?

LtjgStruan: ::gets busy tapping some button::

CptZuriyev: ACTION> The Dominion cruisers ignore the hails and close on 

CptZuriyev: the anomaly.

LtjgJaykba: +Taps+<SSq#1>Security Squad One report to me immediately

Belle9898: ::sir they are not responding to our hails

CdrSulivan: :::grips the arms of her chair:::

Lt Jovek: ::Sends an official scientific notification of the hazard and its present location back to 

Lt Jovek: starfleet::

Ens Scale: ::Hurriedly walks to another console and touches a few buttons::

CptZuriyev: There's a surprise...

LtMerienn: Reading their position as nearing the anomaly.

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The cruisers break off and head to the Atlantis.

LtjgStruan: :;wonders what the difference is between having a Federation fleet

LtMerienn: ::sighs:: (vq) I didn't want to have to implement my weapon's training *this* soon after g

LtMerienn: getting on the job.

LtjgStruan: wipe out a Dominon fleet and having an anomaly wipe out three dominion ships...::

LtjgStruan: ::shrugs:: Glad I'm just a pawn...

LtMerienn: Cruisers breaking off. Heading for us, sir.

CdrSulivan: :::quietly as she feels as if she is replaying a bad dream::: No no no no no.....

Ash Kndrll: ::taps the computer viewer in the office, running 

Ash Kndrll: through the drills and making sure they're ready::

CptZuriyev: Red Alert! 

Ltn Zan: Hmm.. good..  ::squints at him::  Alright, kiddo...  keep the power going to the primary 

Ltn Zan: systems.  No matter what happens.  I have a gut feeling we'll need shields an

Ltn Zan: and weapons indefinitely

Lt Jovek: Sir official report sent to Starfleet of the anomaly it will take a few days to reach them

LtjgStruan: Aw, nuts... ::frowns at the sensor readings::

Belle9898: ::sets the red alerts off::

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LtjgJaykba: ::stands and heads out to the corridor::

LtMerienn: ::looks at Zuriyev:: (w to him) Remember, you're a child of war. Take courage, and take 

Ens Scale: ::Hears the red alert:: I defiently think we'll need those shields now, sir

LtMerienn: strength. You can have power over them. ::referring to the Dominion and their encounter with

LtMerienn: same on the holodeck::

Ash Kndrll: ::checks her phaser out of habit as she stands, hearing 

Ash Kndrll: the red alert::

CptZuriyev: ::surrepitously acknowledges Merienn's whisper and turns to 

CptZuriyev: the viewscreen::

LtLeilani: ::notices that the lights turn red, and half 

LtLeilani: wonders if this is someone's drill..becomes angry, 

LtLeilani: puts forcefields up around the experiment and 

LtLeilani: goes out into main sickbay::

LtMerienn: ::would be pondering whether or not today was the best time to get an ENTIRELY NEW 

CdrSulivan: :::looks at Merienn and wonders which side the chips are going to fall in favor of:::

Ltjg Caine: :::looks at Leilani::: I'll be on the Bridge

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  They fire on the Atlantis.

LtMerienn: ENGINEERING STAFF, but is frankly too "out of it" to have registered that we have one::

LtMerienn: They're firing on us, sir. 

Ltjg Caine: :::enters TL::: Bridge!

LtjgStruan: ::feels the ship suddenly jerk:: I felt that one...

CdrSulivan: :::looks at the Captain:::

LtLeilani: Ok, Doctor.. I'll hold the fort down. 

LtMerienn: Sending tactical information and projections to Helm. Coordinating evasive manuevers with 

CptZuriyev: Return fire, matyeryebyets!!!

LtMerienn: Belle through console link-up.

LtMerienn: Phasers locked on the larger Dominion vessel. Firing.

Lt Jovek: Struan the anomaly has a gravitational pull yes?

Belle9898: Got it...::begins to do the evasive manuvers to avoid getting hit by the Dominion::

LtLeilani: ::gets the EMT teams ready to deploy, checks her 

LtLeilani: first aid bag::

LtMerienn: Readjusting target lock to focus on their engines.

Ltjg Caine: :::enters the bridge, stands in the background:::

CptZuriyev: Quantum torpedos!

Ltn Zan: ::grumbles at no one in particular and starts shouting orders around 

Ltn Zan: to the Engineers::     Get everying online.  Everything.  Get all backups

LtjgStruan: ::checks his sensors:: Yeah, but we're all outside any major gravitational pulls.

CptZuriyev: ACTION> Atlantis begins to take a beating from the three ships.

Ltn Zan: on standby, and the secondary powersystems ready. ::stops on one poor 

LtMerienn: Running their ship formation through the computer to identify the location of their weapons.

Ltn Zan: ensign:: ANd you...   get in that Jefferies tube.. just for the hell of it.

LtjgStruan: Since, we're outside of the distorted space region... still we need some

LtMerienn: Torpedoes launched. Assailing the engines of the smaller two ships

Lt Jovek: Is there a way we could make its gravitational pull stronger?

LtjgStruan: minor corrections to trajectories and such... ::stops babbling:: 

Ens Scale: ::Runs around, madly trying to keep everything stable::

LtjgJaykba: ::steadies himself in the corridor::

LtjgStruan: ::starts rocking::

LtMerienn: Concentrating phaser fire on the larger ships' weapons systems. Firing again.

Belle9898: ::begins to get really scared but concentrates on getting out of their range::

LtMerienn: ::keeps firing and readjusting the target lock rythmically::

Lt Jovek: perhaps powerful enough to pull a starship in?

CdrSulivan: ::: watching the damage reports and such on her side console:::

CptZuriyev: ACTION> One of the cruisers goes up in an explosion, putting 

CptZuriyev: a strain on the special effects budget.

LtjgStruan: Well, if we enter the distorted region... and take our bloody chances...

Ash Kndrll: ::steps up to a console checks the security systems::

LtMerienn: Belle... if you can get us under one of the smaller ships, I think we'll be in an awkward 

LtjgStruan: someone's going to get sucked into that whirlpool of dimensional slush out there...

LtLeilani: ::helps up a medic that has fallen:: 

Lt Jovek: we can't do that... can we feed it with a graviton beam...

LtMerienn: place for it to fire on. The explosion could be a good chance for us to mask our movement.

LtjgStruan: I just don't want it to be us... ::braces for the impacts::

LtLeilani: ::mutters something about those on the bridge..it 

LtLeilani: is unkind::

CptZuriyev: Do it.

LtjgStruan: Feed what with a graviton beam? The RUCT?

Lt Jovek: you are correct sir

Ltn Zan: ::frowns as systems damage comes across his screen::  I want more power out of that core, 

Ltn Zan: Mister.  And damage repair on those systems ::indicates two "really" important ones::

Belle9898: Good idea:: begins to move the Atlantis under one of the remaining ships::

LtMerienn: Firing on the other ship. 

CdrSulivan: *Zan* I need those engineering reports.

LtjgStruan: ::nods:: Sure, why the hell not...

LtMerienn: Weapons targetted.

CptZuriyev: ACTION> The other ship that we're not under hits Atlantis hard 

CptZuriyev: with torpedos.

Ens Scale: Yessir. ::Begins rerouting power::

CptZuriyev: ACTION> The whole ship shakes... SHAKE!

Lt Jovek: would it increase the gravitational pull of the anomaly?

LtjgJaykba: ::SHAKES::

LtjgStruan: ::shakes!!, and falls over::

LtMerienn: We can't attack the ship we're under... we're too close if there's an explosion.

CdrSulivan: :::does the choreographed shake and shimmy:::

Belle9898: ::is knocked to the floor::

Ens Scale: ::Grabs his console and manages to stay up::

Lt Jovek: ::holds onto chair as the ship rocks::

CptZuriyev: ::grabs his chair arms for the shaking::

LtLeilani: ::stumbles, falls and hits her head hard on a shelf::

LtMerienn: ::shakes, doesn't fall, probably is too high on adrenaline to fall::

Ash Kndrll: ::curses as she hits her hip on the side of a desk, 

CptZuriyev: Return fire, Quantum torpedoes!

Ash Kndrll: falling::

LtMerienn: ::want some fries to go with that... sorry. Sorry. Sorry.::

LtLeilani: ::is now unconscious, blood seeping out of her 

LtLeilani: right ear::

Belle9898: ::stunned and still for a minute::

Lt Jovek: ::goes over to Struan:: are you all right

Ltn Zan: ::holds onto the counsole tightly, wondering if now would be a bad time to send a non com 

Ltn Zan: to get him a drink::

LtMerienn: Quantum torpedoes... targetting command center of the other Dominion ship...

Belle9898: ::slowly begins to get up pulling herself up by her console::

LtjgStruan: ::gets up:: yeah, I'm okay... the graviton beam... :shakes head:: I don't know...

CdrSulivan: :::pulls herself out of her chair and makes her way unsteadily to the auxiliary tac console:

LtjgStruan: ::can't think between the two different things... survival and science, think, think...::

CptZuriyev: Damage report, Commander Sullivan?

LtMerienn: Continuing phaser barrage on weapons systems...

CdrSulivan: :::pulls up the reports with a blip:::

Ash Kndrll: ::waits for the ship to steady a little before pulling 

Ash Kndrll: herself up::

Ltjg Caine: :::sees that everyone on the bridge is basically all right, heads back to sickbay:::

Lt Jovek: ::holds up 3 fingers:: how many fingers am i holding up lieutenant?

CptZuriyev: ACTION> The second cruiser explodes nicely.

Belle9898: ::begins to think::

LtMerienn: Readjusting target... concentrating on their Engines and Engineering section.

LtjgJaykba: ::helps an injured Petty Officer to the TL::

CdrSulivan: We're taking heavy damage to our forward shields.

Ltn Zan: Scale..  hold things together.  I'm heading to the Eng console on the Bridge.. I want to

Ltn Zan: know what they're blowing up this close to us.

LtMerienn: That worked... looks like we blew sometihng up that ignited the rest of the damage.

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The third ship hits engineering with a torpedo 

CptZuriyev: spread, severely crippling Atlantis.

LtjgStruan: What? Three. Lieutenant. Three, three fingers...

Ens Scale: Yessir

Ash Kndrll: ::limps slightly and moves back to the console she was 

Ash Kndrll: working at::

LtLeilani: ::medic finally sees Leilani:: 

Ens Scale: AHHH ::Flies about::

Lt Jovek: ok... you hit your head just checking

LtMerienn: Belle, can you get us somewhere in the debris shield?

Belle9898: ::feels something wet on her head and reaches up to wipe it away ::

Ltjg Caine: :::the ship's computer feeds a message to his med tricorder:::

LtjgStruan: ::feels the ship jerk violently:: Ah... ::curses::

CdrSulivan: :::winces::: We've got injuries and major damage through our engineering section.

LtMerienn: Preferably somewhere where we're shielded by debris or can confuse their sensors with it.

CptZuriyev: We're outmatched....

Ltjg Caine: :::leaves the turbolift at a run:::

CdrSulivan: :::thinks::: Those poor *censored*.

CptZuriyev: Belle, signal our surrender.

LtLeilani: Medic> Oh crap.. Now what do I do?? I'm not a 

LtLeilani: doctor!! ::bites his lip in panic::

LtjgStruan: ::yelling:: If we entered the anomaly's distorted region, they may not follow...

Ltn Zan: ::ends up flat on his face before he makes it to the turbo life... mumbles a few censord 

Ltn Zan: profanities::

Lt Jovek: Sir i have an idea what if we could lure them near the anomaly and fire torpedoes into its

Belle9898: I'll try...::begins to head toward the debris sheild::  We're doewn to just impluse power...

LtjgJaykba: ::exists TL and escorts petty officer to sickbay::

LtjgStruan: cause it's suicide!! 

LtMerienn: Understood.

Lt Jovek: center after we pass by and they might get caugh in a violent explosion

LtMerienn: We're out of range of a possible explosion...

CptZuriyev: Stop our evasives and move us in close... we're not through yet.

LtMerienn: Targetting phaser fire on the last ship.

CdrSulivan: :::a fist lands hard on the console::: 

Ltn Zan: ::sees collant sputting out::  Seal those ruptures!

LtjgJaykba: ::enters Sickbay::

CptZuriyev: Merienn, cease fire.

Ens Scale: ::Manages to tap his comm badge:: We need a medical team in Main Engineeirng

LtMerienn: ...

LtMerienn: ...Aye sir.

LtMerienn: ::stops pressing the pretty red "FIRE ME NOW!" button::

LtjgStruan: ::shakes his head, watching the view screen::

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  Atlantis continues to deteriorate, weapons going 

CptZuriyev: offline, the warp core threatening breaching.

Ltjg Caine: :::kneels at Leilani's side, scanning with the med tricorder:::

CdrSulivan: Sir!  The Dominion does not treat their captives within the ugideines set by 

LtMerienn: ::watches her console:: We have no weapons at all now.

CdrSulivan: <<guidelines>>

Ltn Zan: Dang.. shields will fall at this rate and weapons aren't far behind.  

Belle9898: ::looks at her console and sees the red blood on her hands and now console..she ignores it::

CptZuriyev: I know that Commander... I don't plan on us being captured.

CdrSulivan: Amnesty Intergalactical.

CptZuriyev: ACTION> The Dominion commander responds to the surrender 

CptZuriyev: hails.

LtjgStruan: ::standing there, best he can, and waiting to see what happens::

LtMerienn: +Kendrall+ Report, Lieutenant.

CptZuriyev: ::walks to the screen, fires breaking out around him.

Ash Kndrll: ::watches the console as systems go offline:: What are 

Ash Kndrll: they doing up there?..

LtLeilani: ::med tricorder tells Dr. Caine that she has a 

LtLeilani: fractured skull, bleeding in the brain and swelling 

LtLeilani: in the brain..bad, bad news::

Belle9898: Sir the Domion ship is hailing us..

Ens Scale: ::Stands, blood oozing out of his left arm and leg, limps to a the nearest console::

CdrSulivan: *Zan* Zan!  Get your people out of there!

CptZuriyev: We signal our surrender. ::to the Dominion commander: Name 

CptZuriyev: your terms.

Ltn Zan: +Sullivan+ What are you doing up there?  half of our systems are down and I've already had 

Ltn Zan: cut the other half to keep us alive!

Ash Kndrll: +Merienn+ Things don't look good, sir..

CptZuriyev: Dominion Commander>  Prepare to be boarded.  You have one 

CptZuriyev: minute.

CptZuriyev: ::nods and has the comm cut::

LtMerienn: +Kendrall+ I've noticed that. Tell me how they don't look good.

Ltn Zan: ::sliding under a falling baricade::  

Belle9898: ::belle begins to black out and slips out of her chair at her console::

Ens Scale: ::Gets out::

CptZuriyev: Belle... prepare for a large scale transport through their shield 

CptZuriyev: generators.

Ltjg Caine: ::smiles gently, thinks what was bad news in the 20th century isn't quite so terrible in the

LtjgJaykba: ::leaves sickbay to go to Engineering with a med team::

CptZuriyev: ::sees Belle slump::

Lt Jovek: Captain can we push them close enough to the anomaly with a tractor beam to get them off our

Lt Jovek: back

LtMerienn: +Kendrall+ Do we have forcefields? And do we have enough personnel in good physcial 

CptZuriyev: Merienn, you do that then.

Ltjg Caine: 24th century:::

LtMerienn: condition to exercise one of our... one moment.

LtMerienn: Aye, sir.

CptZuriyev: Jovek, we can't do anything with the ship in this condition... so 

CptZuriyev: we're taking theirs.

LtMerienn: ::reroutes OPS controls thorugh TAC::

LtjgStruan: ::runs over and takes a look at Belle:: Hey, hello?

CdrSulivan: :::gasps::: We're abandoning the Atlantis?????

Lt Jovek: I see

LtMerienn: ::starts crunching numbers and making preparations::

CptZuriyev: Prepare to transport the entire crew to their ship when they 

CptZuriyev: beam over here... Ready security teams to attack when we get 

CptZuriyev: there.

LtMerienn: <<...Again?>>

Ltjg Caine: :::places cortical stimulators on Leilani's forehead:::

CptZuriyev: You see the damage reports... Atlantis is through, Commander.

LtMerienn: +Kendral+ Get your people to weapons. What they can't get, have them destroy. We want to be 

LtMerienn: ready to attack.

CptZuriyev: Merienn, inform the crew.

LtMerienn: +All hands+ Prepare for mass beam out.

LtjgStruan: ::figures this would probably not be a good time to take her to sickbay...

Belle9898: ::begins to come around::

Ash Kndrll: +Merienn+ ::blinks:: Aye.. sir...

Belle9898: What happened???she whispers

LtLeilani: ::still out like a light::

LtjgJaykba: ::leaves eng to go to a weopons locker::

CptZuriyev: Computer, initiate self-destruct... authorization Zuriyev Gamma 

LtMerienn: +All hands+ We will be entering hostile territory. A Dominion ship. Prepare to attack and 

CptZuriyev: Tango Four.

Lt Jovek: looks around

LtMerienn: defend yourself. You ahve litlte time. Good luck.

CptZuriyev: ::looks to Commander Sullivan:: Your turn.

CdrSulivan: She... I.... :::curses with great creativity as she goes to the emergency bunker and grabs 

LtjgStruan: We're abandoning the vessel... How are you?

LtjgStruan: ::to Belle::

Lt Jovek: ::grabs a phaser::

LtMerienn: ::places the final chinks in her program::

CdrSulivan: a phaser rifle with grenade launcher::::

CptZuriyev: Countdown to one minute, silent warnings.

Ash Kndrll: ::snaps back into professional mode:: +Jay+ Get your 

Ash Kndrll: team armed best they can.

Ltn Zan: ::blinks:: Mass beam out!  Are they nuts!  ::looks at the injured SCale:: Stay close..  

Ltn Zan: ::reluctantly draws his sidearm:::

Lt Jovek: Are we coming back captain?

LtMerienn: We're prepared, sir. When they beam, we can use it to bring us back to their ship.

Belle9898: ::moans:: oh man...okay i think::stammers a bit::

CdrSulivan: :::looks at him levelly as she slings it over her shoulder:::

CptZuriyev: Computer> Auto-destruct initiated, one minute, no further 

CptZuriyev: warnings.

LtjgJaykba: +taps+ Ash  Heading out weopons now

Ens Scale: ::Draws his phaser, almost grinning at its feel:: Aye, sir

CdrSulivan: Confirmation... Commander Sullivan, Delta 9565.

Lt Jovek: :::runs to holodeck 3 to retrieve his programs onto a holodata module::

LtMerienn: +Medical+ Have your people and anyone around the area instable condition take what 

Ash Kndrll: ::leaves the security office at a run::

CptZuriyev: Dominion Commander> ::appears on screen: Prepare to be 

CptZuriyev: boarded, Captain.

LtMerienn: provisions you can. You may have to set up a field hospital on enemy lines.

CptZuriyev: ::nods to the DC:: We're ready.

Belle9898: ::reaches up and touches her head , pulling her hand away revealing blood::

CptZuriyev: ::cuts the comm:: 

LtjgStruan: ::frowns:: Alright, hold on lass... everything'll be... better in a moment...

LtMerienn: ::finger poised over the right button, nods her assent to the Cpt::

Lt Jovek: ::downloads the programs to the module::

CdrSulivan: :::grumbles:::  Can;'t they detect the auto destruct?

CptZuriyev: Merienn, as soon as you get their transport signal, beam us and 

CptZuriyev: shut down all Atlantis systems.

Belle9898: ::struggles to get up:: got a job to complete...::whispers

LtMerienn: Not if they're not looking for it.

Ash Kndrll: ::calls in allll the security teams, sending them to the 

Ash Kndrll: armory to grab weapons::

LtMerienn: Aye, sir. The very minute.

CptZuriyev: They might detect it, Commander... but they're not getting off 

Lt Jovek: ::runs to his quarters at lightining speed::

CptZuriyev: this ship.

Ltjg Caine: :::places a portable tractor field generator on Leilani's head:::

CptZuriyev: Once we're there, we have to get away from Atlantis fast... we 

CptZuriyev: have to take the bridge immediately.

CdrSulivan: :::murderous thoughts running through her head:::

Ltjg Caine: I only have time to stabilize this.  We must leave the ship.

LtMerienn: ::tugs at her earlobe where she sued to wear her earring::

Ash Kndrll: ::steps into a 'lift:: Armory.

LtjgStruan: ::still holding onto her hand:: Hold still lass...nothing more to do here...

LtMerienn: The Dominion transporters are activating.

CdrSulivan: We'll get the bridge, Captain.

Ltn Zan: ::looks at the other Engineers:: Stay with the security teams and get to their Eng...  

LtjgStruan: ::looking at the viewscreen::

LtMerienn: +All Hands+ ...Now. Don't get yourselves kille.d

Ash Kndrll: ::taps her foot impatiently::

LtMerienn: ::presses the button, initiating the mass transport::

LtjgJaykba: ::moves with a security sqaud to the transporter::

CptZuriyev: ::nods and takes a deep breath, grabs a phaser rifle::

Lt Jovek: ::downloads all of his research material during his stay on the Atlantis onto several padds:

LtMerienn: {S Shimmer

Ltn Zan: ::hears merienn:: Hmpfff... easy for her to say

Belle9898: ::glances to Struan::but I have to....

CptZuriyev: ACTION> The dominion beam over and the Atlantis crew 

CptZuriyev: transports to the Dominion ship.

Lt Jovek: ::NOOOOOOOOO::

CdrSulivan: :::feels herself shimmer out and remolecularize:::

LtjgStruan: ::listens, but suddenly feels himself being transported::

Ens Scale: ::Materializes, looks around::

Belle9898: ::feels herself being transported along with the rest of the crew::

CptZuriyev: ::looks around:: To the bridge.

LtMerienn: ::comes out on the other side, reaches to her belt for her phaser and wihps it out::

CdrSulivan: :::unslings her rifle and racks it:::

Ash Kndrll: ::curses, not ready, and levels the rifle she grabbed as 

Ash Kndrll: she left the office as she rematerializes::

CptZuriyev: Random Dominion officers> ::appear on a dark Atlantis::

Lt Jovek: stands in a hallway hands loaded with research material and holoprograms::

LtMerienn: ::claws herself to her feet, staring out around herself and keeping close to the Cpatain::

LtjgJaykba: ::steps up on a transporter padd , Red and Charlie step beside him::

CptZuriyev: ::starts running toward the bridge::

Ens Scale: ::Limps around looking for someone to shoot::

CptZuriyev: ::trying to keep a mental count in his head on the time left for 

CptZuriyev: the autodestruct::

LtjgStruan: ::rematerializes somewhere on the Dominion vessel still next to her::

Ltjg Caine: :::has Leilani in tow on an antigrav stretcher:::

LtMerienn: <<Jay, we were all transported off Atlantis at the same time. No padds.>>

Belle9898: ::reaches to her side only to find she has no  phaser::

CptZuriyev: <w> Thirty seconds.

LtjgJaykba: ::beams off the Atlantis:::

CdrSulivan: :::keeps pace with him:::

LtMerienn: ::follows Zuriyev; ready to use her weapon and body to defend him::

Lt Jovek: ::darn i lost about half my research down the drain::

LtMerienn: ::wonders when the hell she decided this man was a good enough person to bother with::

CptZuriyev: RDO's>  What's going on here... no power, nothing...

Ltn Zan: ::looks around::  I know their design... ::directs his people toward the Main Eng::

LtjgJaykba: ::materializes on the Dominion ship::

LtjgStruan: ::has no weapon:: Bloody hell... ::hopes no Jemmies come::

CptZuriyev: ::enters the bridge and starts shooting Jemmies.

Ens Scale: ::Follows Zan's directions::

LtjgStruan: You okay?

Belle9898: Gotta hide...(m)

Lt Jovek: ::looks for a place to move quietly and find a bag to carry everything in::

CdrSulivan: *Zan* Get your people to engineering!  I hope you can read Dominion!

Ltn Zan: Let security go in first...  let them be the human shields...

LtjgStruan: Agreed... 

LtMerienn: ::fires::

Ash Kndrll: ::looks about, trying to figure out where she is, and 

LtjgJaykba: Take them out guys!::firing at the dominion crew::

Ash Kndrll: starts down a corridor::

Belle9898: Nods slowly:;

CptZuriyev: Fifteen...

LtMerienn: ::hopes Ash has sense enough to be helping the other crew settle in::

CptZuriyev: ::blasts one that tries to jump him::

LtjgStruan: ::looks around for a hatchway:: Over here... ::pulls the hatch open::

LtMerienn: ::has faith in Ash::

Ens Scale: ::Follows the sec team in::

Ltn Zan: ::waits patiently as Yellow suited Security people take out most of the Jemmies in Eng::

CptZuriyev: That's it, they're clear... get us away from Atlantis!

Ltn Zan: Okay!  In.. 

LtjgJaykba: Come on  let's get to the bridge! ::moves through the hell::

Lt Jovek: ::Finds a carrying case and begins putting his things meticulously into it so as not to 

Belle9898: ::tries pulling herself up and make way to the hatch he opened:;

Lt Jovek: damage::

CptZuriyev: Ten seconds...

Lt Jovek: ::puts his phaser on the table as he loads it::

Ens Scale: ::Fires at a Jem'Hadaar that got to close to him::

LtMerienn: ::tosses a body away from a bridge console::

LtjgStruan: ::looks in, hears some footsteps from down the hall, a trot then run...:: Sh... 

CptZuriyev: RDO's>  ::make it to the bridge, finding it dark and abandoned::

Ash Kndrll: ::sighs, thinking:: Okay.. they've got the bridge covered.. 

Ash Kndrll: gotta find the rest of the crew..

LtMerienn: ::stares at the contorols, then guesses at what comnbination will take them away from the 

LtMerienn: Atlantis::

Ltn Zan: ::phasers one of the few Jems left::  

LtMerienn: ::engages it::

LtjgJaykba: ::fires phasor at a dom creep::

LtjgStruan: ::Helps her into the hatchway:: Come on...

CdrSulivan: :::wrests control of a console and brings up what she can figure out:::

Belle9898: ::hears the footsteps and almost freezes::

CptZuriyev: ACTION> The Dominion ship speeds away from Atlantis.

Ltjg Caine: :::looks down at Leilani:::  I need to get you somewhere quiet.

Ens Scale: You know what any of this says, sir?

LtMerienn: ::breathes quietly:: That... worked...

CdrSulivan: ::::looking at a viewscreen that shows the receding Atlantis:::

LtLeilani: ::still unconscious::

CptZuriyev: Two... one... ::watches the screen::

Ltn Zan: ::and jams another one in the ribs before breaking his neck:::  I never thought I'd like 

Ltn Zan: that Max was a butcher.. ah well... 

LtjgJaykba: ::reaches the bridge::

Ash Kndrll: ::peeks around a corner::

CdrSulivan: :::holds her breath:::

LtMerienn: ::looks to Sulivan:: I think we should keep you and Zuriyev separate until we reach safety..

Lt Jovek: ::wonders if we're getting a new ship::

Ltn Zan: Alright Scale...   which one is the main console...

LtjgStruan: ::pushes her by the behind through the hatchway, or tries::

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  Atlantis' saucer starts to deteriorate as fire spreads 

CptZuriyev: through the cooridors.

LtMerienn: ::purposely not looking at the Atlantis::

Lt Jovek: +taps+Struan where are you?

Ens Scale: ::Looks around and points at the biggest one:: I'm guessing that one, sir

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The saucer explodes upward and Atlantis lists 

CptZuriyev: downward , fire spreading

LtjgStruan: Jemmie> Did you hear that? ::hears Struan's comm:: 

LtjgJaykba: ::vpinch on a  command Dominion crew member::

Belle9898: ::is pushed into the hatchway by Straun::

CdrSulivan: :::mesmerized by the blossoming fire that once was the Atlantis:::

LtMerienn: ::looks at the consoles:: There has to be a way to read where the remaining Jem Hadar are.

Lt Jovek: +taps+Struan report

LtjgStruan: Jemmie> ::comes around the corner and sees Struan putting the hatch back over the hatchway::

LtMerienn: So we can get rid of them.

Ltjg Caine: :::tries to locate the Jem Hadar sickbay::: 

CptZuriyev: ACTION>  The warp core breaches as the final part of the 

CptZuriyev: autodestruct sequence, turning Atlantis into a fireball, and the 

CptZuriyev: anomaly reacts somehow....

Belle9898: ::keeps quiet but has to bite her lip to keep from making any sound::

Ash Kndrll: ::fires a quick blast at a Jemmie and continues down 

Ash Kndrll: the corridor::

LtjgStruan: +taps+ Jovek, I'd like you to meet my Jemmie friend... 

LtMerienn: ::thinking "Damn. Another ship blows up on my watch."::

Ltn Zan: Okay.. ::looks it over::  Find the weapons and shiled controls... I'll figure out propulsion

Ltn Zan: Wee need to keep this thing able to fight, defend and most importantly.. move.

LtjgStruan: Jemmie> :;fires at him, and misses... lucky:: 

Lt Jovek: +taps+If you think that is necessary i am on deck 5 room 22A

Ltjg Caine: :::moves unarmed through the cooridor:::

CptZuriyev: ::watches the screen:: I only had her for a short time... goodbye, 

CptZuriyev: Atlantis...  ::sighs:

Ens Scale: Aye sir ::Looks around, trying to understand the symbols::

CptZuriyev: ::turns:: Status report of this ship?

LtjgStruan: Struan> +taps+ It's very bloody necessary!! Hey, hey wait... I surrender...

CdrSulivan: :::ghosts and memories flit through her mind::

LtLeilani: ::starts mumbling::

LtjgStruan: Jemmie> ::looks at him weird:: We're not falling for that one again!!!

LtMerienn: ::swallows:: I'm not sure. I can't read all the consoles.

LtjgStruan: Struan>::takes that moment and rushes him into the wall::

CptZuriyev: ::checks his rifle and leans on the CO's chair::

Ltn Zan: ::frowns:: Not a standard Antimatter/matter mix.. but it will do..

Belle9898: ::listens to the conversation out of the hatch::

CdrSulivan: :::blinks at the Russian accent that startles her out of her reverie:::

Lt Jovek: +taps+Struan of course i await your arrival

LtMerienn: We need to co-ordinate our people...

Ltjg Caine: :::pulls Leilani along:::  Be still, Leilani...you will be safe.

Belle9898: ::would love to scream but can't struggles up and jumps on the Jemmies back::

LtLeilani: Head....

LtjgStruan: ::all she can hear is punching and kicking and something clatter::

CptZuriyev: Find out how the rest of the ship is.. get everyone together and 

CptZuriyev: organized. ::to Sullivan::

LtLeilani: hurts.. Got any aspirin? ::smirks::

Ltn Zan: +taps+  Command...  we have engineering in...  moderate control.  

Belle9898: ::sees some skin in front of her and bites hard on it::

LtjgStruan: ::Belle can hear a shot from the corridor::

CdrSulivan: ::slightly deflated:::

CdrSulivan: Yes, sir.

CptZuriyev: Merienn, get some security to Engineering.

Lt Jovek: ::hears footsteps and soemeone entering the room:: ahh Struan i was... <jemhadar>Hands up 

Lt Jovek: Vulcan

Ash Kndrll: > ::thwaps aol:: Bad bad bad. <

Ens Scale: ::Suddenly turns without thinking and blasts a Jem::

Belle9898: <<wait a sec..I'm totally lost here>>>

LtMerienn: ::nods to Zuriyev::

CdrSulivan: *Medical* Report, please.

Ltjg Caine: :::a Jem crewmember approaches, starts to dreaw a sidearm:::

LtMerienn: +Zan+ Lieutenant... identify your location, if you would. Have you figured out how these 

LtjgJaykba: ::leaves the bridge:: come on Red Charlie  we're going to engineer

LtMerienn: systems work?

Lt Jovek: ::Raises hands and taps his communicator while he does it so everyone can hear:: all

Lt Jovek: right my hands are up

CdrSulivan: *Zan*  How are you making out with the engineering section?  Anything making sense?

CptZuriyev: <<When the Jems beamed over to board us, we beamed aboard 

CptZuriyev: their ship and took it, Belle.>>

Lt Jovek: <jem hadar> get over by the wall face forward

Belle9898: <<knew that....i got breifed ..>>

LtMerienn: ::glances at Sulivan::

Ash Kndrll: ::keeps going down the corridor, trying to find some 

Ash Kndrll: other crew people::

Lt Jovek: ::moves over to the wall and faces it::

CptZuriyev: ::hears the comm:: That's Jovek... find him.

Belle9898: ::tries to open the hatch::

Lt Jovek: <jem hadar> hands on the wall

LtMerienn: I'm tempted to say great minds think alike, Commander, but under the circumstances I think 

Ltn Zan: +taps+  we have engineering in...  moderate control.     And thats as good as I'm willing to

Ens Scale: ::Presses a few buttons, power drains from propulsion:: ::Curses::

Ltn Zan: quote you now.  It will work for us.. one way or another.

LtjgStruan: ::someone is removing the hatchway::

LtMerienn: they're too much work to be done for ust o repeat ourselves.

Lt Jovek: ::all right::

LtjgStruan: <<hatch::

LtjgStruan: >>

LtjgJaykba: ::on the run throught the halls   shoots another Dom crew member that showed his face::

Lt Jovek: ::places hands on the wall::

LtMerienn: +Zan+ I'm sending Lieutenant Jaykumba down to meet you. He'll take care of you along with 

Belle9898: ::struggles to get away from the hatch..::

Lt Jovek: <jem hadar> what's in the case Vulcan?

Ens Scale: ::Frantically tries to reverse it::

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::pulls it open, falls backwards:: Ow... F... 

CptZuriyev: Can someone figure out how to scan for the remaining 

CptZuriyev: Jem'Hadar aboard this ship?

LtMerienn: whatever subordinates he deems necessary. If you're attacked, contact me, Zuriyev or 

LtMerienn: Sulivan immediately.

Lt Jovek: nothing you'd be able to understand

CptZuriyev: ::looks at the strange signals::

Ltjg Caine: :::intercepts the rising sidearm, as he strikes the Jem crewmember:::

CptZuriyev: ::Symbols too::

Ltn Zan: ::whispers to scale::  Please tell me you found the shield and weapons generator controls

LtjgStruan: Struan> :Holding the Jemmie's rifle:: I got us a weapon... ::smiles crookedly::

CptZuriyev: ::gets distracted for a moment by the strange look of the 

CptZuriyev: anomaly on the screen::

LtLeilani: ::has a feeling that Caine is busy, so doesn't 

LtLeilani: bother him..can't assist, anyways::

LtMerienn: +Jay+ I want you to take whoever's around and able down to Engineering. Protect them. If we 

Ltn Zan: +Merienn+  We can handle ourselves, you know.

LtMerienn: lose them, we've lost the ship. We may even end up being killed by our own people.

Ens Scale: I got the propulsion one.... ::Curses loudly:: ANd it won't go back on!!

Lt Jovek: Nevermind i will kill you and then the rest of your crew prepare to die

Belle9898: ::begins to scream and raises her hand to strike but calms down when she sees straun::

CdrSulivan: :::overhears the com::: 

LtjgStruan: Struan> ::is pretty beaten up, black eye, bruises::

LtMerienn: +Zan+ I'm Security. Handling you is my job. You just get everything working while we watch 

LtMerienn: your backs.

Lt Jovek: turn around vulcan

Ltn Zan: ::kicks the console hard, watches it pop back on::  There.

Lt Jovek: ::turns::

Belle9898: ::sees how beat up he looks:: Are you okay??

LtjgJaykba: +Merienn+  right  "Chief"

Ash Kndrll: ::glances at a console, wishing she knew how to read it::

Ens Scale: Very scientific

Ltn Zan: I try.

Belle9898: ::begins to inch towards him::

LtjgStruan: I'm fine... kinda... how are you feeling? Sorry for pushing ya in there...

CdrSulivan: ::::looking between consoles, comparing their symbols:::

LtMerienn: +Kendrall+ Can you co-ordinate things? Be a leader?

Ltjg Caine: :::decides the crewmember's quarters will have to do:::

Lt Jovek: <jem hadar> get over here on your knees and hands on your head

Ens Scale: ::Runs (er.. limps fast) over to the next one, a begins examining it::

LtjgJaykba: ::reaches what He thinks is engineering::  <Charlie>  It's down hill Jaykumba

CptZuriyev: Hmm... ::wishes for a Science officer and a JH dictionary::

Belle9898: ::smiles:: no prob...Ummm i doing okay i think...

Ash Kndrll: +Merienn+ Aye, sir.. if I can figure out where I am. 

Ash Kndrll: ::mutters something that can't be heard::

LtMerienn: ::turns to Sulivan:: Do you have your tricorder with you? I might be able to program it with

LtjgJaykba: ::follows Charlie::

Lt Jovek: ::moves slowly over toward the jem hadar and gets on his knees and puts his hands on his

LtMerienn: something that could help...

Lt Jovek: head::

LtLeilani: ::groggy:: I'm ok, Dr. Caine.. We've got injuries, 

LtLeilani: right?

LtjgStruan: ::smiles:: That's good... can you walk? 

LtMerienn: ::swallows:: All the data has to be doubled in Cardassian, doesn't it? And I... know some.

LtjgStruan: ::hears some footsteps::

Ash Kndrll: +Merienn+ What do you need me to do, sir?

Belle9898: I think so...::stands and almost falls but stays up::

LtMerienn: ::tries to look nonchalant as she turns raptly to the console::

Lt Jovek: ::the jem hadar moves in front and places the rifle against his head::

LtjgJaykba: ::Charlie and Red rush into Engineering::

LtMerienn: +Kendrall+ Get people together and safe. Co-ordinate security to round up the injured and 

LtjgStruan: ::stands up, limps a bit:: Okay, then...we need to find the others..

CdrSulivan: :::waspishly::: I'm sure that you would volunteer any information that you have willingly.

LtMerienn: get them to wherever the hell Caine and Leilani are. And... co-ordinate attacks.

CptZuriyev: ::starts walking around the bridge, trying to figure out what 

CptZuriyev: everything does::

Belle9898: ::hears the footsteps:: Yeah..I don't think it's a good idea to stay here...

Ens Scale: ::Turns and about blows Jay's head off:: ::Looks at the phaser aimed at Jay, and goes back 

LtjgStruan: hopefully, there's somewhere secured on this boat...

Ens Scale: to his work silently::

CdrSulivan: :::unsnaps the MC from her hip and tosses it to her:::

LtMerienn: I will. I am. But I need a tricorder to access it.

LtMerienn: ::catching it:: Thank you, sir.

Ltn Zan: ::turns to Jay:: Realx, Kiddo.   ::points to the catwalks::  We need that area cleared, lord

Lt Jovek: ::looks up at the jem hadar and time seemed to slow down as he reached out quickly and 

Ltn Zan: knows whats hiding up there.

Ash Kndrll: ::nods:: +Merienn+ Aye, sir.

LtjgJaykba: +Merienn+  "Chief" We have taken Engineering

Belle9898: Which way??

Lt Jovek: grabbed the rifle as the shot went off and hit the wall behind him::

Ltjg Caine: :::to Leilani::: I need to finish with you, first.

LtMerienn: ::wonders why in all the machinations of hell and heaven the first officer had to be a 

LtMerienn: Bajoran::

LtjgStruan: Come on let's go... how bout away from the footsteps?

LtMerienn: +Jay+ Good work, officer.

Ash Kndrll: +Caine+ Doctor.. what's your location?  Found the 

Ash Kndrll: sickbay yet?

LtjgJaykba: Gotcha Lt |Zan, Charlie  overhead::points up::

CdrSulivan: :::returns her attention to the console before her and pushes a few buttons and watches the 

LtLeilani: Ah, I'm ok.. Just answer me this one question: 

CptZuriyev: ::wonders how Leilani is doing for a few moments, then turns 

LtLeilani: Why are those birds singing?

CptZuriyev: his thoughts back to getting everyone out of here safely::

Lt Jovek: ::pulls the gun out of his hands and hits him in the head with the stock::

Belle9898: ::smiles at the crack:: that would be good::begins to follow him ::

Ltn Zan: ::::shakes his head at the hyper, young security people::  Foolish youths...  

LtMerienn: ::starts transferring data between the tricorder and the console, using the tricorder to 

Lt Jovek: ::the jem  hadar goes down and out::

LtjgJaykba: ::climbine up to the Catwalks::

CdrSulivan: screen blips to life with a report of something or another:::

Ens Scale: ::Looks at the gashes on his right side and gets woozy::

Ltjg Caine: *Ash*  negative.  We're in a crewmember's quarters for the time being.

LtMerienn: decode the Cardassian, thus providing a Rosetta stone to the Jem Hadarian::

LtjgStruan: ::starts to limp his way away from the footsteps, peers around a corner and beckons her to 

LtjgStruan: follow::

Belle9898: ::follows his limp with a limp of her own::

Ash Kndrll: +Caine+ Are you okay?

CptZuriyev: ::turns to Sullivan:: Report?

Lt Jovek: +taps+I have detained a jem hadar on deck 5 room 22A

LtjgJaykba: ::shoots two Dom engineer crew with a stunsetting::

Ltn Zan: +Medical+  We've got an injured man down here. Where are you located?

Ltn Zan: ::grans Scale's shoulder:: Steady man.  You can't make me look good if you're dead

LtjgStruan: ::waits till she gets around the corner, sees what the footsteps were... another Jemmie::

Ens Scale: No. I'm fine. Ship needs shields.

LtMerienn: ::turns to Sulivan:: Ihave a partial translation. 

LtjgJaykba: ::steps behind another Dom engineeer Vpoinches him::

CdrSulivan: We have taken engineering.

LtjgStruan: <w> Lucky... do you think we can communicate with anyone without being...

LtjgStruan: overheard?

LtMerienn: ::tosses her the tricorder:: This will tell you how to get around and how to communicate 

Lt Jovek: +taps+Ash i have detained a jem hadar... instructions on what further to do are requested

Ltjg Caine: This would be better in a sickbay, Leilani, but we'll make do...

Ens Scale: ::Presses buttons, trying to figure out what they do

CptZuriyev: And the rest of the ship?  Our crew?

Ens Scale: ::

LtMerienn: with things. Navigation and communication: Basic HOps. I'll get another tricorder and start 

CdrSulivan: :::attaches the corder to the console:::

LtMerienn: in on internal sensors...

LtMerienn: ...And weapon's control...

Ltn Zan: Okay.. follow the matter/anti matter flows and the power junctions.

Belle9898: ::looks around:: if we whisper mybe...

Ash Kndrll: +Jovek+ Kill him.

Ltn Zan: We should find the primary systems that way.

LtLeilani: ::taps her commbadge:: +taps+ Dr. Yamato to 

LtLeilani: bridge.  Make those birds stop singing, will ya? 

LtLeilani: I've got a bad headache.

Lt Jovek: +taps+Ash noted but would it not be wise to question them?

Ens Scale: ::Nods and slowly does just that::

Ltn Zan: ::points to the main schematic::  NOthing is flashing so I assume we're running at moderate

CdrSulivan: It seems that the remaining Jem Hadar forces have been neutralized.

Ltn Zan: efficiency.

LtjgStruan: Maybe we should find somewhere safe first instead of standing in the open... 

Ash Kndrll: +Jovek+ Then stun him.. we'll deal with it later.

LtjgJaykba: ::returns to main floor in engineering:: LTn Zan  this  is clear overhead

LtMerienn: ::lets Suli handle the doctor's communique::

Ltjg Caine: Leilani, please...no uneccesary communications...

CptZuriyev: Any clue how to operate this bucket?

Ltn Zan: Good work lieutenant.

LtMerienn: ::finds an unsuspecting Ensign who has a tricorder and pilfers it from him::

LtjgStruan: ::hopes that the'll bump into someone by then... better traveling in groups::

Ltjg Caine: Or do you want this ship's computer to figure out that we're here.

LtLeilani: What? Why not? What's the matter? ::has no clue 

CptZuriyev: ::hears Leilani's comm, but unsure as to what she means::

LtLeilani: as to where they are::

LtMerienn: ::to Zuriyev:: Suli has navigation control.

Lt Jovek: +taps+Ash he has a concussion at the moment of that i'm sure he'll be out for hours

LtjgStruan: ::has no idea where the hell they are::

Ltn Zan: ::sends a few odd engineers  up the cat walks:: I want to know what s up there.

Belle9898: good idea.::spies another corrider::  how about down here...

LtLeilani: Hey, that computer's smart.. It always knows 

LtLeilani: where I am.. 

LtMerienn: ::starts working up a translation database for the next layer of bridge controls::

Lt Jovek: +taps+Ash where would you like the prisoner delivered?

Belle9898: ::begins inthat direction and sees an empty room::

LtMerienn: ::..using her knowledge of Cardassian...::

LtjgStruan: ::looks over:: Looks good... ::follows::

Ash Kndrll: +Jovek+ If you can find the brig, see if you can get him 

Ltjg Caine: I'd prefer a Jem Hadar computer not know we're here.

CptZuriyev: Okay... get this ship's computer to recognize Commander 

Ash Kndrll: there.

CptZuriyev: Sullivan and myself as the ship's CO and XO... override the 

CdrSulivan: *Caine* Sullivan to Caine.... Has Leilani ended up in an aviary?

CptZuriyev: previous occupant's authorizations.

Ens Scale: Good idea, sir. 

Lt Jovek: +taps+Ash noted

Ltn Zan: ::slides himself under the main console and pulls the wiring out:: I hope this works

LtjgStruan: ::stops in front of a door, can't read the writing:: Should we knock?

Ltjg Caine: *Sui* Negative.  :::adjusts tractor field:::

LtMerienn: ...That's a little beyond what I'm doing, sir. I'm still trying to work up a translation 

LtMerienn: database.

CdrSulivan: :::in the absence of the HOps personnel, she slides behind the console and hopes to hell 

Ens Scale: ::Works at the next console, and he sees something odd happening with the weapons on the 

Lt Jovek: ::drapes jem hadar over his shoulder.  Grabs his case and phaser and heads for a trip around

Belle9898: ::looks around the corridor:: (m) now if I can remember books I've read on these ships..

Lt Jovek: the ship::

LtjgJaykba: +Merienn+ "Chief"  I'm starting a room to room search

LtMerienn: ::turns to Zuriyev:: Sir... I've seen your skills with hacking. With all due respect, I 

CptZuriyev: Good.... and we have to let SF Command know what's 

CptZuriyev: happened, lest they attack us.

Ltn Zan: ::starts rearranging the cards and resseting what looks like power inducers before shocking

Ltn Zan: himself and sliding out::

LtMerienn: think you're more qualified than I.

Ens Scale: main skematic::

LtjgStruan: ::listening:: Yeah?

CdrSulivan: that someone didnt have a mistranslation of the word *reverse*:::

Ltn Zan: ::stares at the console again and smiles::

Belle9898: ::smiles ar the little joke..:: Naw...walks in the room..

LtMerienn: +Jaykumba+ Understood. What provisions have been made to protect engineering?

CdrSulivan: <<Sui????  I am NOT a piggie!>>

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptZuriyev: PAUSE SIMULATION    Stardate 49907.11

CptZuriyev: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=