CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne:  Welcome to the continuing adventures of the

CptnThorne:  USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D, a Celestial Prime

CptnThorne:  Alliance Free-Form Advanced Simulation!

CptnThorne:  =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=


CptnThorne:  .

CptnThorne:  =/\= =/\=  M I S S I O N   B R I E F  =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne:  The USS Atlantis has been ordered to enter

CptnThorne:  the Gamma Quadrant covertly and recover

CptnThorne:  the captured Galaxy-Class starship, the USS

CptnThorne:  Shepard, NCC-5561-C.  The Atlantis is 

CptnThorne:  currently cloaked and in the Gamma Quadrant,

CptnThorne: on her way to the Shepard's position. 

CptnThorne:  =/\= =/\= =/\= E N D  B R I E F =/\= =/\= =/\=


CptnThorne:  .

CptnThorne:  =/\= =/\= =/\= B E G I N   S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne:  =/\= =/\= USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne:  =/\= =/\=       Stardate 49809.05       =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne:  =/\= =/\= =/\= B E G I N   S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

SuliRufian: :::standing at TAC, her glasses up on top of her head:::

CptnThorne: :::in his seat, anxiously watching the viewer::

EnsDuras: ::Sits at Helm/Ops, happily stearing the ship::

Cdr MaryJo: ::in main Science::giving some last minute orders::

LCdWallace: ::in engineering::

CptnThorne: Duras, ETA to the Shepard?

Lt Rotarin: ::stands in Engineering beside Jessica Rane::

CmdStecker: ::sitting next to the Captain:: 

EnsDuras: 1.2 hours Sir

Lt Kiapen: ::in the bar;:

Cdr MaryJo: +Kiapen+What is your status?

T Rainbird: ::smiles at Kiapen, sitting on the stool next to her:: 

Lt Kiapen: +MaryJo+ Drunk.

T Rainbird: ::gestures to Kiapen's comm badge and mouths:: Looks like duty's calling.

CptnThorne: ::turns to Kristi:: A moment in my ready room?

Lt Kiapen: ::rolls eyes, almost falls over::

Lt Rotarin: Rane>::turns to him:: Your pips are cute "Lieutenant"

CmdStecker: Jawohl, Herr Kapitan. 

Cdr MaryJo: +Kiapen+Get sober in the next hour, Lieutenant.  We'll need your expertise with DCPP

CptnThorne: Suli, ye have the bridge.

Lt Kiapen: ::sighs:: +MaryJo+ Aye.

SuliRufian: :::nods::: Aye, Captain.

CmdStecker: ::stands and heads toward the RR::

CptnThorne: ::enters his RR::

T Rainbird: DCPP? Didn't Brooke get that thing dismantled?

Lt Kiapen: ::takes another shot of vodka::

Lt Rotarin: ::blushes:: I guess so

CmdStecker: ::enters after him and waits for the door to shut:: 

Lt Kiapen: ::laughs:: Not my copy of it.  Or copies, as the case may now be.

Lt Kiapen: ::grins::

T Rainbird: You *replicated* it?

CptnThorne: ::turns to her:: Are you ready, Kristi?

LCdWallace: ::looking around in engineering::

Cdr MaryJo: ::finishes up PADDS:::requisitions and authorizations for the upcoming mission::

CmdStecker: To take the Shepard? Ja.. Vhy do you ask?

Lt Kiapen: eh...something like that.  Its more like when we were issolating it from our computer 

Lt Rotarin: Rane> ::grabs Jake and kisses him::

Lt Kiapen: systems, I provided a reffuge, and then caged it in.

Lt Rotarin: ::stuggles:: what the he11

CptnThorne: Just curious... it's been a while since this crew's seen combat.

Lt Kiapen: you drink, Counsilor?

CmdStecker: Ja.. It has.. But sometimes that ist a gut thing.. You 

CmdStecker: don't want them on edge all of the time, ja? 

T Rainbird: ::shakes head:: No... used to... stopped. 

SuliRufian: :::looks up from her station::: Duras?  Anything we can do to expedite this journey?

CptnThorne: ::nods:: You're right... start your preparations and take that ship... the Fleet needs her.

Cdr MaryJo: ::orders the science team members who are to go on the mission to

Cdr MaryJo: go and get outfitted from security::

CmdStecker: ::blinks:: I am taking the ship? I thought Suli vas leading the team? 

Lt Kiapen: alcoholic?  or just a good-ole-fashion "likes getting drunk" type of girl?

Lt Rotarin: ::looks at her:: What the he11 am I doing? not here ::jestures toward his office::

T Rainbird: ::looks at a glass:: Alcohol does sound kind of tempting just now though.

T Rainbird: Bit of both for a while.

Lt Kiapen: Hey, its the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine...

SuliRufian: :::puts the security squads on *hot standby*:::

Lt Kiapen: ::pours Rainbird a shot:: cheers?

Cdr MaryJo: +Suli+Have you seen John?

CptnThorne: I'm keeping her back at TAC... we're going to need a good gunner with John in sickbay.

Lt Rotarin: ::walks into his office and closes the door::

T Rainbird: ::looks at the glass:: For the war effort.

Cdr MaryJo: <<he's STILL in sickbay?>>

T Rainbird: ::picks it up and takes a swig:: Damn. Didn't realize how much I missed the stuff.

CptnThorne: <<I suppose... good place for since he's not here. >>

Lt Kiapen: yeah, there we go.

CmdStecker: ::nods slowly:: Aye, sir.. Vith your permission, I vould like to 

CmdStecker: talk vith Suli.. To see vhat the plan ist?  

CptnThorne: Agreed... get to it.

Lt Kiapen: ::grins:: 

T Rainbird: ::takes another sip:: This'll give me hell in the morning.

Cdr MaryJo: <<lazy so and so...::grins::>>

SuliRufian: *MaryJo*  I believe the LtCmdr is in sickbay getting the green light.

T Rainbird: When my  conscience gets ahold of me.

Cdr MaryJo: +Suli+Understood...

Cdr MaryJo: ::walks out of main science::on the way to sickbay::

CptnThorne: ::strides out of the RR::

CmdStecker: ::does an about face and walks out of the room::

Lt Kiapen: So, tell me, there any truth to these rumors of you being in the Maquis?

CmdStecker: ::walks up to Suli:: I need to ask you some questions about the avay team. 

T Rainbird: ::looks at her askance for a moment, then looks back at the liquid in her glass and shrugs::

SuliRufian: :::studiously studying her sensor scans and checking readiness reports:::

T Rainbird: There is... hard life that. You see a lot.

SuliRufian: :::without disrespect::: Ask away...

Cdr MaryJo: ::steps out of the TL::walks down the corridor to sickbay::

T Rainbird: ::peers out of the viewscreen at the planets & stars surrounding:: That's why I don't want 

T Rainbird: to be here now. I had enough of the military life.

Lt Rotarin: ::turns to her as she grabs him in a kiss::

Lt Kiapen: ::nods:: Its alot nicer here.  A little naive, most people here, but..

CptnThorne: ::sits down in his chair:: ETA, Duras?

LCdWallace: ::checks the warp core, sees it is running at a 97%::

T Rainbird: ::nods:: Some of them are naive... some of them are just blind, and some of them are

Lt Kiapen: well, I guess thats not true.  You had that girl, right? her dad beat up on her or something

EnsDuras: about 45 mins Sir

T Rainbird: ignorant by choice. Like if they don't acknowledge it, it won't be there... but they're 

Lt Rotarin: ::somthing pokes him in the chest and looks up to see that he had been kissing a Jem-hadar::

CmdStecker: I need to know vhat ist planned.. Herr Kapitan has just 

CmdStecker: informed me that I'm taking it over there.. This ist the first I 

CmdStecker: have heard of it. ::shrugs::

T Rainbird: people. MOst of them. People don't see that about Starfleet.

CptnThorne: Speed?

T Rainbird: ::glances at Kiapen and nods:: Renaud... prime example.

Lt Kiapen: ::sighs:: I can simpathise with them.

Lt Rotarin: <<JH=Jemm-hadar>>

Lt Kiapen: Despite what you think, she probably chose the better road...

SuliRufian: It's your standard boarding and seizure... :::pulls up assignments on the console:::

EnsDuras: Warp 9.8 Sir

T Rainbird: Me too. ::takes a sip of her drink:: It's hard not to believe in some hero.

Lt Rotarin: JH>::pokes the phaser in his chest::

T Rainbird: ::sighs:: Sometimes I wonder... suicide or... ::looks out again:: This.

CmdStecker: ::nods:: Commander Keane doesn't have anything out of the ordinary planned? 

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks at John as she enters::  Well?  Is the doc going to let you

Cdr MaryJo: go on your mission?

SuliRufian: We're sending teams to the major hot spots... engineering, bridge, and the like.

T Rainbird: ::an evil grin spreads accross her face:: You realize you're getting the counselor drunk? 

Lt Kiapen: Suicide doesnt give you a hang over, or diciplinary action from your cheif.

Lt Rotarin: <<phaser=disruptor>>

T Rainbird: And I used to try to give you advice.

SuliRufian: :::smiles::: If he is...he forgot to tell me.

Lt Rotarin: Who the hell are you?

Lt Kiapen: ::laughs:: yeah, then Im going to pump you for information

CmdStecker: ::nods:: How many teams and how many per team? 

T Rainbird: No. And if you believe the right way, it does give you something.

T Rainbird: Well, you're in for it then, cuz I don't know anything. ::grins::

Cdr MaryJo: JOHN>Yes...she is letting me go.  I'm concerned about your going though..

Lt Kiapen: Yeah, anyone with any real dirt to tell you keeps their trap shut, huh?

Lt Rotarin: JH> That is not important you will help me or you'll die.

Cdr MaryJo: John...I'll be fine..you've got me in a team of 55 people for goodness sake..

T Rainbird: ::shrugs:: Who would have dirt on this ship?

Lt Kiapen: ::laughs:: Like me for example.  But hey, at least we dont have to commit suicide

T Rainbird: Nope. The Jem Hadar will do it for of us.

Lt Kiapen: :;babbling incoherantly now::

T Rainbird: Nice of the bastards, don't you think?

Lt Kiapen: ::nods::

Lt Rotarin: JH>or rather a friend of yours.

Cdr MaryJo: JOHN>But...I'm just worrried about you...and the baby...

Lt Kiapen: Cheers to the blue devils!

T Rainbird: Why not? ::raises her glass:: And to all the crewmen who die on this godforsaken ship and in

SuliRufian: We figure 20 squads of 10 should do it.

Cdr MaryJo: I'll be fine...honestly.  I wouldn't have volunteered if I didn't trust in

T Rainbird: this godforsaken war!

Cdr MaryJo: your plan...

CmdStecker: Vhere are the teams now? I had better go join them. ::grins:: 

Lt Rotarin: JH>::opens a cabinet that holds Chief Heather Lockhart::

LCdWallace: ::looks over his PADD::

Lt Rotarin: You Baster*!

Lt Kiapen: ::turns away and starts walking towards the door::

SuliRufian: :::smiles::: I have them on *hot standby* youshoul dbe able to locate them in the armory.

Cdr MaryJo: Well, Commander Keane, let's get going.

T Rainbird: ::looks after her:: Leaving?

Lt Rotarin: ok I'll help you just don't hurt her

Cdr MaryJo: ::John and Mary walk out of the sickbay::holding hands::

Lt Kiapen: Yeah.  I think I should write my brother.

CmdStecker: ::nods:: I vill.. I vish you vere going vith us.. ::smiles and 

CmdStecker: turns to head for the armory::

Lt Rotarin: JH>Cloaks himself

T Rainbird: ::sighs:: Drunk alone... that brings back memories...

CmdStecker: Kapitan? 

T Rainbird: ::smiles weakly at Kiapen:

Lt Kiapen: the guy's been an asshole his entire life, but hey...

Lt Rotarin: JH> Get this ship out of warp.

SuliRufian: :::mutters::: Sure, rub a little more salt in the wound.

Cdr MaryJo: ::they part ways as John heads for the armory::Mary for the nursery::

Lt Kiapen: ::falls down::

SuliRufian: :::grins:::

T Rainbird: Family. I know. You owe them something...

EnsDuras: ::sits at Helm, still happy and pushes some buttons::

Lt Rotarin: JH>Give me your commbadge.

T Rainbird: ::blinks:: Oh dear, that can't be good.

Lt Rotarin: like he11 I will!

Lt Kiapen: ::grunts::

Cdr MaryJo: +Stecker+Commander?  What are they going to do about the children?  Just in case?

T Rainbird: ::walks over to Kiapen and takes her pulse:: Registers... you're ok, but you blacked out. 

T Rainbird: Maybe we should go to sickbay,

Lt Kiapen: ::grunts::

CmdStecker: +taps+ I do not know, Mary.. I vill ask the Kapitan. 

LCdWallace: ::enters his office, and sips a cup of tea he had on his desk::

Lt Rotarin: JH>::stuns heather::

CptnThorne: Suli, status of the cloak?

SuliRufian: :::thinks Duras looks too happy for a Klingon and snorts:::

Cdr MaryJo: +Stecker+Understood..

Lt Rotarin: ok! ::hands him his badge::

Lt Kiapen: why not?  lets all be sober jerks before we die.  forsake our ancestor and their

SuliRufian: :::beeps some buttons:::

EnsDuras: ::looks at Suli:: what was that??

Lt Rotarin: JH>::throws it in the floor and crushes it::

Lt Kiapen: words of wisdome... eat, drink, and be mery, for in an hour we die

SuliRufian: Cloak is at full power.

Cdr MaryJo: ::walks into the nursery and speaks quietly to the attendant..then

Cdr MaryJo: goes over and picks up Christopher::

T Rainbird: We drank... I didn't see the merry.

Lt Rotarin: JH>Now GO!

CmdStecker: Kapitan? 

Lt Kiapen: ::giggles::

CptnThorne: Yes, Commander?

Lt Rotarin: ::walks out of the office and grabs a work kit::

Lt Kiapen: You should know you have to pass out before you see that

SuliRufian: :::doesn't even look up::: Sorry, I had a fuzzy feeling in my nose.

LCdWallace: ::Lt. Franklin, walks into his office::Yes

LCdWallace: Ltn.

T Rainbird: But we could go for the eat! Want to come over to my quarters? I got a shipment of Bajoran 

CmdStecker: You vill take care of Ana if I don't return, ja? 

SuliRufian: :::chuckles to herself:::

T Rainbird: keely roots from a friend and I should be able to whip up something.

EnsDuras: Yeah, sure? :-)

T Rainbird: Yeah... and after the merry, the traffic cones.

CptnThorne: Of course, Kristi...

SuliRufian: :::runs a weapons status:::

Lt Kiapen: ::grins:: alright!  ::stumbles to feet::

CmdStecker: ::nods:: Danke. ::turns and enters the TL:: Armory. 

T Rainbird: Whoa there! ::reaches out to support her:: Between the two of us we should be able to walk 

T Rainbird: there... right?

LCdWallace: ::the Ltn hands him a PADD::

Lt Kiapen: ::laughs:: lets hope no one sees us

Cdr MaryJo: ::talks to Christopher quietly::rocking him in her arms::hoping they

Cdr MaryJo: evacuate the children...having a bad feeling::

Lt Rotarin: ::Walks over to a console and tapps on it::

EnsDuras: ::all of a sudden begins to think about his father and brother::

LCdWallace: ::takes the PADD::Good everything running excellent.

T Rainbird: ::grins:: If they do... I'll tell them it's a new experimental counseling technique.

CmdStecker: ::waits impatiently for the TL to make it to the armory::

Lt Kiapen: whew-who!

T Rainbird: Most people are too afraid I'll order a psych eval. to cross me anyway.

Lt Rotarin: ::a pannel opens next to him::

Cdr MaryJo: ::John goes to the armory and begins preparing for the mission::

T Rainbird: ::grins and helps Kiapen into a turbo lift::

EnsDuras: ::mumbles to himself:: well dad, you wanted me to have an honorable death, well I might just

EnsDuras:  get it

SuliRufian: :::hears the mumble:::

SuliRufian: Not on my shift, Ensign.

T Rainbird: Um.. deck... er... deck... the deck with my quarters on it.

CptnThorne: We're going to succeed, Ensign.

CmdStecker: ::exits TL and walks quickly to the Armory.. hears the away teams talking quite loudly::

EnsDuras: I'll keep that in mind Cap'n

Lt Rotarin: ::rewires the cochrane generator and increases the power that sends Atlantis into a wormhole

Lt Kiapen: uh... lets try 5! ...no, wait..

Lt Rotarin: :: (like ST1)

T Rainbird: Um... officer's quarters.

CptnThorne: <<No wormholes, Rotarin... :-) >>

T Rainbird: ::deck lurches into motion:: Hey, cool...

CmdStecker: ::enters the Armory and looks around for the senior officer/em present::

T Rainbird: I should remember that... ::feels the motion of the lift:: You know, this is kind of fun. If

Lt Kiapen: ::falls on ass::

T Rainbird: the lifts went faster it could be like a ride in an amusement park.

CptnThorne: We should be getting close... time to the Shepard?

SuliRufian: Valet> :::snaps to attention:::Officer on deck!

EnsDuras: 10 mins Sir

Lt Kiapen: ::grins:: halt turbo lift!

T Rainbird: ::giggles at Kiapen, stoops to help her and falls over too::

Lt Kiapen: ::jumps as it stops:: start TL!

EnsDuras: wait, amke that 5 mins Sir

SuliRufian: ::::the squads snap to in rank and file:::

Lt Kiapen: ::halts and starts it over and over again::

Cdr MaryJo: ::puts Christopher down::leaning to kiss his little baby face::then

Cdr MaryJo: exits and heads for the armory::

T Rainbird: I used to know all sorts of drinking songs... but I don't remember any.

CptnThorne: All right, thank you. 

CptnThorne: +Kristi+ Stand by, 5 minutes to the Shepard.

Lt Rotarin: ::opens a commline to the bridge:: ::speaks in German:: Commander Stecker their is a Jemm-..

T Rainbird: ::starting to laugh for no apparent reason, sits in the corner of the lift grinning 

T Rainbird: hopelessly::

T Rainbird: This is the most fun I've had since... er.. since... in a long time!

LCdWallace: ::plays some of his music, Tupac::

Lt Kiapen: ::nods:: 

Lt Rotarin: Hadar in Engineering he has a Chiefe hostage and is trying to force me to take the ship...

Lt Kiapen: ::smiles weakly, laying on floor, listening to the ship rumble::

T Rainbird: Um... I think we're at deck 5... do we want to get out?

Lt Rotarin: out of warp. Help! Help!

CmdStecker: +taps+ Aye, Kapitan.

Lt Kiapen: sure... ::rolls out::

LCdWallace: ::turns to Rotarin::

T Rainbird: ::sings:: Roll out the Kiapen, roll out the Kiapen again.. ::dissolves into helpless drunken

T Rainbird: laughter and stumbles out of the lift::

CmdStecker: ::raises her voice:: Ok, you heard the Kapitan.. Check your 

CmdStecker: weapons, make sure you have extra charges for your 

CmdStecker: phasers.. Make sure your armor is one as well.. 

CmdStecker: <one=on>

T Rainbird: ::looks to the right:: I think my quarters are... that way. Or is it that way? Who knew 

T Rainbird: these decks were so large!

Coryal: ::::stands, silently watching EnsDuras::::

LCdWallace: ::walks over to Rotarin::Wait..

Cdr MaryJo: ::steps into the armory::begins to get outfitted::

SuliRufian: <<they can't take two??  They're small!>>

Lt Rotarin: ::shakes his head at Wallace::

LCdWallace: Just calm down...no one hear will hurt you..

LCdWallace: Come on..let me go..I control Engineering, not him..take me instead..

EnsDuras: ETA, 30 seconds

CmdStecker: <unless they're carrying phser rifles> :) 

Cdr MaryJo: +Kiapen+Are you sober yet?

CptnThorne: Drop us from warp.

CmdStecker: <phasers>

CptnThorne: Suli, prepare to decloak.

Lt Rotarin: <<Steck did you hear my message>>

Lt Kiapen: +MaryJo+ ::giggles insainly::

EnsDuras: Yes Sir, ::Takes ship out of warp::

Lt Rotarin: <<Wallace pretend you don't know german>>

LCdWallace: ::walks over shortly::

CmdStecker: ::grabs a phaser rifle:: Get ready. 

CmdStecker: <no, I didn't. Sorry Jake> 

Cdr MaryJo: ::rolls eyes and orders a doctor to find Kiapen and hypo her with detox::

CptnThorne: Put the Shepard on screen.

LCdWallace: <<I don't?>>

LCdWallace: <<::confused on what is going on in engineering::>>

T Rainbird: ::looks at Kiapen and laughs:: I think... I think maybe we should lock my quarters.

Coryal: <<pardon me for intruding, but I need an answer from EnsDuras>>

SuliRufian: :::hits the pre-decloaking procedure as outlined in the manual:::

T Rainbird: Then we can do whatever we want in peace.... 

Cdr MaryJo: Doctor>Computer, what is Lt. Kiapen's location?

T Rainbird: ::giggles:: Or in war.

Lt Kiapen: ::nods:: sounds good.  

CptnThorne: <<Please don't interrupt the sim, Coryal... take it to an IM. >>

Lt Kiapen: nice in safe in case some blue devil tries to poke his head in

LCdWallace: <<edit Wally lines out>>

T Rainbird: Computer! Lock quarters. Medical... er... medical... thingy. Authorization! Alpha mega gamma

Coryal: <<sorry, I had it in one and he wouldn't answer>>

Lt Kiapen: thats what I dont like about Jem Hadar...they dont drink.

T Rainbird: Blue Suede Shoes.

T Rainbird: But they do take drugs.

CptnThorne: Are we in transporter range?

Lt Kiapen: Yeah, but their drugs just make them mean.

LCdWallace: ::ensign runs into Wallace  office, we are missing Rotarin::

EnsDuras: Yes sir

LCdWallace: ::walks out of his office::

T Rainbird: Whereas us... we are just mean by nature.

SuliRufian: :::looks::: Aye, Captain.

Cdr MaryJo: COMPUTER>Kiapen is in Cnslr Rainbirds quarters..

SuliRufian: Ready to decloak on your orders.

CptnThorne: Suli, decloak.

Lt Kiapen: yep, dont need no cloning proceedure or founders to make us do that.

SuliRufian: :::hits the blue button:::  Decloaked, sir.

LCdWallace: ::finds rotarin::

T Rainbird: ::blinks:: You know... when I was in the maquis...

Cdr MaryJo: ::the doctor, incredibly annoyed at the grunt duty, storms his way to

Cdr MaryJo: the counselor's quarters::

LCdWallace: What is going on here!

T Rainbird: We used to hear these incredible stories about what they did to Bajorans in those camps...

CptnThorne: ::nods:: Get their shields down.

SuliRufian: :::brings weapons online:::

Lt Kiapen: We got the Jem Hadar beat... we rape, torment, abuse our own offspring, and have

Lt Kiapen: nightmeres beyond all belief.

T Rainbird: And, when I was in the maquis, it would just enrage us and we'd want to fight! Because it 

LCdWallace: ::motions for his engineering staff to back away::

T Rainbird: wasn't fair what they did to nice, peace-loving, docile people. But with the Jem Hadar... it

CmdStecker: ::with the rest of the boarding party in the proper place, waiting orders to beam out::

SuliRufian: :::initiates a pattern of phaser fire that is both beautiful and effective:::

LCdWallace: Well am waiting!

T Rainbird: ain't personal. We're just killing drones. 

T Rainbird: ::nods to Kiapen:: Exactly. We beat our own young.

Lt Kiapen: ::nods:: expendable drones.

T Rainbird: We drive 'em to death.

CptnThorne: ACTION> The Shepard returns fire with phaser arrays.

CmdStecker: :::looks around, notes that everyone is fully armed and prepared::

Lt Kiapen: ::eyes get glasy:: we get drunk and come home late at night,

Cdr MaryJo: Doctor>::stands outside Rainbird's quarters hitting the chime {S chime}

EnsDuras: Oh sh.....::sees cap'n:: i mean crap

CptnThorne: +Kristi+ Standby, we have engaged the Shepard.

Lt Kiapen: and if we even so much as see our lousy kids we kick them until they

SuliRufian: :::checks::: Shields are holding, Captain.

CmdStecker: +taps+ Aye, standing by. 

Lt Kiapen: cough up blood, and we dont ever buy food, and we make sure no one can see their

CptnThorne: How are theirs?

Lt Kiapen: bruises.

CmdStecker: ::senses someone coming up beside her:: 

SuliRufian: They are returning fire.... incase you didn;t guess by the rocking motion of our ship.

SuliRufian: <<: ) >>

Lt Kiapen: and we call them names, and hunt down those we hate through the dark alleys of the city,

CptnThorne: ::smirks:: Duras, evasive patterns.

CptnThorne: How are their shields?

Lt Kiapen: and when we find them we stick fire crackers and phaser crystals in their pockets and run

Cdr MaryJo: Doctor>::gets annoyed::  Computer..unlock this door medical

Cdr MaryJo: authorization override Omega Delta Two

T Rainbird: ::nods solemnly, so deeply entranced she doesn't hear the chime::

EnsDuras: Aye, sir ::begins evaisives::

Lt Rotarin: ::throws a tricorder at Wallace::

Cdr MaryJo: ::the doors open and the doctor walks in, glaring at the two young women::

CmdStecker: Chief Reinholdt> Glad to see you vith us, Kommandant. 

T Rainbird: ::drags herself to her feet:: WHo are you to barge into my... erm.. quarters like this?

Lt Kiapen: ::looks over::

LCdWallace: ::gives a look, and some of the engineers, move slowly to the rear of Rotarin, and the bad g

Lt Kiapen: ::starts to sing:: its the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine...

Cdr MaryJo: Doctor>::walks over to Kiapen and hypos her with detox::  I'm Dr.

LCdWallace: <<who are fighting again?>>

T Rainbird: ::glares and stands in front of Kiapen::

Cdr MaryJo: Jenson...as you very well know, Tempest..

LCdWallace: ::picks the tricordor up::What is this?

Lt Rotarin: JH>::stuns heather again::

Cdr MaryJo: Doctor>::then hypos Tempest::

CmdStecker: A last minute decision, Chief.. I just found out about it.. 

CmdStecker: ::nods to the others:: Are they ready? 

EnsDuras: ::taps some buttons, dodging the Sheperd's pahsers::

Lt Kiapen: ::rubs neck:: hey! Whats the meaning of this...?

T Rainbird: ::blinks, mind suddenly clear::

Cdr MaryJo: Now...you two get to work...we're at war here, in case you didn't notice...

Lt Kiapen: ::presses palms against temples::

Cdr MaryJo: <<last statement was the doctor's>>

T Rainbird: Doctor. I *am* at work. This is my office while mine is appropriated by the war effort.

SuliRufian: :::targets the shielding systems of the Shepard:::

T Rainbird: ::totally unreasonable because she's so upset::

Lt Kiapen: Yeah.  Sure.  Im being treated right now.

Lt Kiapen: ::sits up::

CptnThorne: ::watches the battle play out on the screen::

SuliRufian: :::waits patiently for the little green light to come back on:::

T Rainbird: And you have no right to violate my quarters! This Lieutenant came to me with a problem.

Cdr MaryJo: +Kiapen+Kiapen, is DCPP up and running?  We're going to need

Cdr MaryJo: the two of you to make this a successful operation..

Lt Rotarin: ::yells:: Stop it you Baster*!!!

T Rainbird: And I intend to help her. Thank you for the medicine. You may leave now. Dismissed.

Lt Kiapen: +MaryJo+ What exactly am I supposed to do with it?

Cdr MaryJo: ::the doctor glares at her and storms out...putting her on report for

Cdr MaryJo: being drunk on duty::

SuliRufian: :::it blinks softly and she presses it::: 

CmdStecker: Reinholdt> For the most part.. Some of them are green, but 

CmdStecker: that's to be expected.. I've got gut people leading the squads.. 

CmdStecker: Kommandant Keane ist a gut officer. 

SuliRufian: :::reluctant to use anything heavier:::

CmdStecker: Ja, he ist.. They both are.. ::smiles::

T Rainbird: Computer, lock quarters... and this time, maximum lock. Medical override... 

SuliRufian: Duras.... can you bring us around to her portside?

Lt Kiapen: ::beginning to remember what is going on outside::

EnsDuras: ::Rolls the Atlantis to the Port side::

SuliRufian: I can't seem to use the magic bullet theory.....

CptnThorne: ACTION> The Shepard comes about and fires a torpedo 

CptnThorne: spread, hitting Atlantis with several shots.

SuliRufian: :::rocks and grumbles:::

EnsDuras: ::braces for impact::

LCdWallace: ::rocks, back::

CptnThorne: Damage report?

T Rainbird: ::stumbles into a chair::

Lt Kiapen: ::looks out the window:: thats a Federation ship...

SuliRufian: Alright, fine.... :::getting irritatedLLL

CmdStecker: ::falls to the ground with the rest of the team from the 

CmdStecker: impact:: Mein Gott!! They'll kill us before ve even get 

CmdStecker: over there!! 

SuliRufian: <<::::>>

Cdr MaryJo: +Kiapen+Hurry!  We're under attack...

LCdWallace: ::things start to explode in engineering::

CmdStecker: +taps+ Bridge!! Vhat are you trying to do to us?!!

Lt Kiapen: ::sighs:: Come on, Ive got one thing I should do, Counsilor..

Lt Kiapen: Duty calls...::eyes the ship:: 

T Rainbird: A Fed ship?... ::sighs:: In the end we can't even protect us from us...

CptnThorne: +Kristi+  Hold on, Commander!

Cdr MaryJo: ::gets ready::heads for Stecker's location::

T Rainbird: ::nods:: I'm with you, Lieutenant... might as well die in good company.

EnsDuras: Shields at 84% sir, weapons are still at max.

Lt Kiapen: It must be crewed with Jem Hadar.. I can disable it.

SuliRufian: Duras, take us out, perform a standard Saturday Night special with a lemon twist....

T Rainbird: ::nods:: 

EnsDuras: Uh, sure thing

Lt Kiapen: ::walks into the doors, expecting them to open::

T Rainbird: ::quietly:: You know, last night I saw a wolf...

Lt Kiapen: huh?

T Rainbird: ::looks over at Kiapen:: Oh! Lock override.

Lt Kiapen: ;:opens the doors::

SuliRufian: ::;readjusts some levels:::

LCdWallace: ::panels explode, and small fire start::

T Rainbird: ::stands and follows Kiapen::

Lt Kiapen: ::jogs into the TL:: a wolf? one of those earth animals, right?

EnsDuras: ::Rolls the Atlantis along the Starboard side, dodging another spread of torpedoes::

SuliRufian: Then bring us in at her from above...

Lt Kiapen: bridge.

CmdStecker: ::makes a mental note to "talk" to the helmsman after this is over:: 

Cdr MaryJo: ::walks over to Commander Stecker::::nods::  Commander..I'm

Cdr MaryJo: ready...John has my team heading for the cargo bays..

T Rainbird: ::nods:: To me... they mean death or disaster... The shepherd... I think it's a wolf in 

T Rainbird: sheep's clothing.

EnsDuras: Sir, internal sensors picking up a fire in Engineering.

Lt Kiapen: ::nods::

LCdWallace: ::gets a team to put the fire out::

Lt Kiapen: ::exits TL::

SuliRufian: :::syncronizes the phasers:::

T Rainbird: ::laughs:: Damn it, why do I have to be the one who sees the irony?

Lt Kiapen: ::jumps into science seat and turns on DCPP::

T Rainbird: ::sings:: Why are we the prophets? Why are we the ones? WHo see the sad solution, know what

T Rainbird: must be done...

CmdStecker: ::sees Mary:: You are going vith us? 

CptnThorne: Get the engineers to take care of it.

SuliRufian: :::fires the weaponry in a very precise pattern as Duras manuevers:::

Cdr MaryJo: Yes...I'm leading the team to clear out the cargo and shuttle bays...

SuliRufian: :::counts:::

LCdWallace: ::hears something in Rotarin office, know he should not be in their::

T Rainbird: Kiapen, doesn't it need a human brain?

CptnThorne: ::watches Suli's pattern::

LCdWallace: ::runs into Rotarin office::Hey, we need...

Lt Kiapen: ::not paying much attention:: ::trying to get access to communications on the Shepard::

Lt Rotarin: JH> Don't move!

SuliRufian: :::launches a single torp which slams into the Sheperd::

Lt Kiapen: ::shakes head:: No, I just talk to it through the keyboard... its had to adapt, but it works

Lt Kiapen: find now.

LCdWallace: Wait second..

LCdWallace: ::looks at the phaser rifle pointed at him::

SuliRufian: And.... :::watches her screen:::

Lt Kiapen: Captain?

EnsDuras: ::Takes the Atlantis along the port bow and watches as Suli fires a torpedoe::

CptnThorne: Aye?

T Rainbird: ::singing more quietly:: I really didn't come here of my own accord. Just don't say I'm...

CptnThorne: ::watches::

SuliRufian: Captain, we have a green light.

Lt Kiapen: if we can get that ship to respond to our hails, I can infect it with DCPP and have it

EnsDuras: Nice shot Suli

Lt Kiapen: disabled...

T Rainbird: ::singing in almost a whisper:: damned for all time....

Lt Kiapen: I think.

CptnThorne: Begin Transport!

T Rainbird: And we kill one of our own. And we're no better then those monsters out there. Maybe worse.

CptnThorne: We have to get it out of here, Kiapen.

Lt Rotarin: ::opens a line to the bridge and hopes he isn't watching the monitor::

SuliRufian: ::::::grins::: Fancy flying, Duras.

EnsDuras: Thanx, Suli

Lt Rotarin: Captain, we have a problem in engineering.

LCdWallace: ::moves toward the door::

Lt Kiapen: DCPP will be in control of it, Captain.  If I can coax it to follow us, it will

CptnThorne: +Kristi+ You're on, take care.  Begin Transport.

Lt Rotarin: JH>::stuns him::

SuliRufian: Duras, Transport squads 11-20.

LCdWallace: Computer lock Engineering...Trevor Wallace 23211a..

SuliRufian: I've got 1-10.

LCdWallace: ::falls to the gournd::

Lt Kiapen: ::thinks for a moment:: but then it would have no reason to obey me.

EnsDuras: Aye, ::begins transports of squads 11-20::

SuliRufian: :::initiates transport :::

CptnThorne: I don't trust that thing.

CmdStecker: +taps+ See you soon, Kapitan. 

Lt Rotarin: A renegade Jemm-hadar has taken hostages.

CptnThorne: +Kristi+ You'd better.

Lt Kiapen: ::sighs:: ::nods:: I agree.  I withdraw my proposal.

CmdStecker: ::feels the transporter effect take over::

T Rainbird: ::looks at Thorne:: What does trust have to do with war? 

Cdr MaryJo: ::transports with Stecker::nods to John as she shimmers out::

LCdWallace: ACTION>Engineering systems are protected by Wallace codes.

CptnThorne: Well, I trust the Atlantis to work... but not the DCPP.

CmdStecker: ::reappears on the Shepard with the rest of the team::

CmdStecker: ::nods to Mary:: See you in a bit.. I'm going to the bridge.. ::smiles:: 

Lt Kiapen: DCPP does only what is in its best interests...

LCdWallace: ::lays on the ground, motionless, half out of office::

CmdStecker: ::waves for her team to follow::

T Rainbird: ::laughs perversely:: 

SuliRufian: :::does a standard diagnostic run on the Atlantis:::

CptnThorne: ACTION>  4 additional Jem Hadar ships arrive in the 

CptnThorne: area, responding to communications from the Shepard.

Cdr MaryJo: Good luck  ::leads her team to the shuttle bay::

Lt Kiapen: ::nods:: it is satiracle, isnt it?

Cdr MaryJo: ::through Jeffries tubes::

T Rainbird: So offer it a brain, Kiapen. One of ours. Then it will obey because it will BE it's best i

T Rainbird: interests.

EnsDuras: Sir, sensors are reading that all squads have been safely transported to the Sheperd

SuliRufian: :::notices the Wallace lock out has been initiated:::

Lt Rotarin: ::looks back and sees walace lying on the ground with his head sticking out of the door:: 

T Rainbird: One sacrifices itself for many. Hive mentality.

CmdStecker: ::begins making her way through the corridors of the Shepard::

Lt Kiapen: ::looks at Rainbird:: whose?

SuliRufian: Sir, we have seating for four.

T Rainbird: And what are we but a hive.

SuliRufian: And a problem in engineering.

CptnThorne: On screen.

T Rainbird: ::shrugs:: We have a few in the morgue with valid chemistry and no major damage....

SuliRufian: :::taps it to the main viewer:::

Lt Rotarin: ::runs forward and dives in to his office rolling::

EnsDuras: ::readies for evaisive manuevers::

Lt Kiapen: no.  it would have to be something it could interact with...

Cdr MaryJo: ::team begins firing as they enter the shuttle bay::running for cover::

CptnThorne: Target the nearest vessel and fire, don't hold back on this one.

T Rainbird: ::grins:: Alexander Renaud! He died because there was no oxygen going to his brain.... with 

T Rainbird: our technology, he is intact.

Lt Kiapen: only the borg could utilize a dead brain..

Lt Rotarin: ::jumps up and grabs the phaser training on him::

LCdWallace: ::begans to wake slowly::

Lt Rotarin: ::head-butts the Jemm-hadar::

T Rainbird: We could never resotre him to life, but the pathways are valid. DCPP could use them.

Lt Kiapen: do you really want to bring him back from the dead?

SuliRufian: :::smiles::: I wouldn't dream of it.

Lt Kiapen: that is essentially what it will do... 

SuliRufian: Duras, you ready?

T Rainbird: ::eyes start to glisten:: I think it would be the ultimate irony.

CmdStecker: Reinholdt> ::grabs her arm:: Hold on, Kommandant.. 

CmdStecker: Let Mr. Boyd take the point.. You stay back. 

EnsDuras: as ready as i'll ever be

Lt Rotarin: ::yells: computer, Intruder Alert!

T Rainbird: The prime wolf could terrorize the sheep...

CptnThorne: Get those quantum torpedos out.. they're getting dusty.

Lt Kiapen: alright.  can you get the brain ready?

Cdr MaryJo: ::jumps back as phaser fire lances toward her::

T Rainbird: ::nods:: Do we want to talk to the Captain about this?

SuliRufian: :::off-handedly dispatches two squads of security teams to engineering:::

CmdStecker: ::starts to protest, but knows better than to mess with a Chief:: Ja. 

Lt Kiapen: ::looks over:: no, he is busy.

LCdWallace: ::pushes himself up slowly::

CmdStecker: ::lets Boyd go in front of her, and watches as three more troops follow him:: 

T Rainbird: ::smiles:: Busy. Good. I'll be back up as soon as the brain's prepped... think it would be 

Lt Rotarin: ::tries to twist the rifle out of his hands::

SuliRufian: My pleasure... Prophets, I love the feel of firepower beneath myfingers....

CmdStecker: ::glares at the Chief but moves forward::

T Rainbird: easier to move DCPP down there?

EnsDuras: <<Shouldn't the AT use a symbol??>>

LCdWallace: ::shakes his head::What the hell..

CmdStecker: <AT use @>

CptnThorne: <<Yeah, you folks use @. >>

Lt Kiapen: ::nods:: ::begins disconnecting it:: I'll be down shortly

T Rainbird: ::walks into the TL::

Cdr MaryJo: @::continues firing on the enemy::running and diving to

Cdr MaryJo: cover::swears as a member of her team goes down::

LCdWallace: ::sees them rolling around::

T Rainbird: Sickbay. ::under her breath:: I really didn't come here of my own accord. Just don't say...

SuliRufian: You're doing fine, Duras..... take us in to engage the alpha target.

Lt Rotarin: Walace, help me!

T Rainbird: ::watches the TL doors open and walks out into sickbay::

Lt Kiapen: ::lifts the heavy apparatis and enters the TL::

EnsDuras: Aye

CmdStecker: Boyd> Commander? We're nearing the bridge area.

CptnThorne: ACTION>  The 4 JH ships close on Atlantis, firing an initial spread.

T Rainbird: ::regards the shimmering wall of metal morgue beds, and finds the one labeled Alexander 

T Rainbird: Renaud::

LCdWallace: ::kicks him off Rotarin:::

Lt Kiapen: ::exits about 30 seconds behind Rainbird::

EnsDuras: ::engages the Jem`Hadar ships::

Lt Rotarin: ::locks his hands around the jemm-hadar's throat::

LCdWallace: ::kicks him while on the ground::

T Rainbird: ::opens it and returns to a table of equipment for surgical and monitoring devices::

EnsDuras: ::feels the ship rock::

LCdWallace: <<err stomps>>

SuliRufian: ::;grumbles:::

CmdStecker: ::nods:: Very vell.. All squads move into position.. Ve'll enter at the same time.. 

SuliRufian: Bunch of bullies....

Lt Kiapen: ::drops the DCPP::

Lt Rotarin: JH>Dies

Cdr MaryJo: @::another AT member goes down as the last of the JH hits the ground::

T Rainbird: ::starts to cauterize the synapses and prepare the brain for removal::

CptnThorne: Damage report.

Lt Rotarin: ::jumps up::

CmdStecker: ::all teams around the bridge report in::

LCdWallace: ::looks at Rotarin::

SuliRufian: Ensign, bring us out of the middle of this monkey playground.

Lt Kiapen: ::gawks::

EnsDuras: ::Dives the atlantis trying to dodge as much of the fire power as possible::

T Rainbird: It'll be like giving Alexander Renaud a rebirth... no memories, no experience... but the 

Lt Kiapen: ::begins picking up all the little pieces::

Cdr MaryJo: ::runs over to the fallen and scans him::he's dead::

Lt Rotarin: ::runs tp the closet and gets heather out::

T Rainbird: same pathways... ::laughs wryly:: Damn, this'd make a good paper on nature versus nurture.

LCdWallace: Get this JH out of engineering now, please.

CmdStecker: @::gives the word to move in:: 

T Rainbird: ::looks down at the corpse:: All ready when you are.

LCdWallace: ::staggers out of engineering::

LCdWallace: <<oops that office>>

CptnThorne: ACTION>  The 4 ships attempt to flank Atlantis, firing all the way.

EnsDuras: Shields at 75% and weapons 87% sir

Lt Rotarin: Not now sir. ::picks her up in his arms and runs out of engineering into the TL::

Lt Kiapen: ::waddles in:: I think it will still work... 

Lt Rotarin: TL>SB

EnsDuras: ::braces for impact as the ships rocks::

T Rainbird: Do we give it the brain first or save it as a bribe?

Lt Kiapen: ::puts the broken off pieces back on;adheres them with duck tape::

Lt Rotarin: ::falls against the wall::

CmdStecker: @::storms the bridge with the rest of them, taking 

CmdStecker: down at least one Jem'Hadar before the team behind 

CmdStecker: her starts firing::

LCdWallace: Shut down some holodeck system now!  to help with the shields!

SuliRufian: :::grits her teeth::: Firing...photontorps....

LCdWallace: ::learns against console::

Lt Kiapen: lets hook it up first... make sure it needs us.

CmdStecker: @+taps+Commander Keane, status report? 

CmdStecker: @::looks around the bridge, notes the scorched areas:: 

Lt Rotarin: ::runs into SN and lays her on a bed::

T Rainbird: ::nods:: And not give it full access...

SuliRufian: :::hits the button and releases the PT's towards their target:::

Lt Rotarin: ::activates the EMH:: Help her!

Cdr MaryJo: @+Stecker+Shuttle bay secured, 2 casualties..

CptnThorne: ::watches the Tac/Helm team work::

Lt Kiapen: ::notices the firing as stopped:: I guess they did it..

EnsDuras: ::Takes the Atlantis to the Starboard bow, still trying to dodge as much fire power as

EnsDuras: possible::

CmdStecker: @See vhat ve can salvage.  Get a sensor sveep going und make sure the veapons are on line. 

T Rainbird: ::starts to connect the dead synapses to the DCPP wires::

Lt Rotarin: ::runs out and back into the TL after grabbing a hypo spray::

Lt Rotarin: TL>ME

CmdStecker: @+Keane+ Very vell.. The Bridge ist secured. 

CptnThorne: ACTION>  The 4 JH ships all fire a spread at once, striking Atlantis heavily.

EnsDuras: ::a few sparks fly around the helm:: ow crap!

SuliRufian: Duras, bring us around to the other side... we'r etaking an awful pou..... EVASIVES!

Lt Rotarin: ::falls out of the TL when the doors open::

T Rainbird: ::feels the weight of the fire:: 

CmdStecker: Copeland> Commander!! Atlantis is taking fire!!

T Rainbird: ::finishes connection:: That should do it... ready, Kiapen?

Cdr MaryJo: @+Stecker+We are now enroute to CB1-4...splitting up..

Lt Kiapen: ::nods:: ::presses the power button on the DCPP::

CptnThorne: Come on Duras!

Lt Rotarin: ::gets to his feet and walks over to wallace""

EnsDuras: Aye, ::brings the Atlantis to the Port side and begins evaisives::

CmdStecker: @::snaps head around:: Vhat? Status of our shields und veapons, now!!

LCdWallace: ::panels explode throwing some engineers in the air::

Lt Kiapen: ::gets no response from the monitor::

Cdr MaryJo: @::the team splits up::heading for the various cargo bays::

LCdWallace: ::turns to Rotarin::Yes?

Lt Kiapen: whats the activity in the brain?

T Rainbird: ::checks a readout screen::

SuliRufian: :::sets a full spread of photon torps, peppered with phaser fire::::

T Rainbird: It's transferred it's communications systems... we need to hook it up to something that will

T Rainbird: let it speak...

Lt Rotarin: ::puts the hypo to his arm and injects him:: That should with the residual affects of the st

CptnThorne: Suli, damage report.

Lt Rotarin: un.

T Rainbird: ::glances around and finds a dream recorder, and hooks it up to a verbal interface:: This 

T Rainbird: should do it... I can hook it up to the brain, can you hook it up to DCPP?

LCdWallace: Thanks, now get to work..

CmdStecker: @Copeland> Weapons operational.. Shields at....83% and rising. 

CptnThorne: ACTION> Suli's firing destroys one of the JH ships.

Lt Kiapen: Lets try it through the brain

Cdr MaryJo: @::gets to CB 1 with the first team::storms it::shooting at the JH::

SuliRufian: :::frowns::: Shields are at 75% but holding.

CmdStecker: @Helm! Bring us into firing range of those ships.. 

EnsDuras: Yes! Thats one!

T Rainbird: ::attaches the dream recorder to the hypothalamus::

Lt Rotarin: <<BRB AFK>>

T Rainbird: ::swallows:: If it talks... you talk to it. It knows you.

CptnThorne: Good shooting, Ruffian!  Keep it up.

LCdWallace: +Bridge+I don't know how much longer we can keep shield that strong!

CmdStecker: @Helm> Aye Commander!!

SuliRufian: :::cool as a cucumber::: Thank you, sir....

Lt Kiapen: ::laughs:: I never met Alex though

CmdStecker: @Tac, prepare a spread of torpedos.. Then hit them vith the phasers. 

T Rainbird: If Alex is awake... you don't want him to talk to me.

Lt Rotarin: <<back>>

CptnThorne: +Wallace+  Do your best, Commander.

EnsDuras: Sir, the Sheperd is advancing towards the Jem`Hadar

Lt Kiapen: ::chuckles:: 'k.

T Rainbird: Actually, if any of his memories are left... DCPP will probably kill me.

Cdr MaryJo: @::the 4 teams each take the CBs....but suffer 3 more casualties::

CptnThorne: <w> Good work, Kristi...

EnsDuras: There Shields are rising and so are weapons

Cdr MaryJo: @+Stecker+Sir...all the cargo and shuttle bays are retaken...but we

Cdr MaryJo: have a total of 5 casualties...

Lt Kiapen: No, DCPP will probably neutralize them.  Such emotions would make it a threat, one

Lt Kiapen: that it would guess we would destroy.

Lt Rotarin: Commander if we evacuate people from crew quarters we can draw power from there.

CmdStecker: @+taps+ Understood, Mary..  ::frowns:: 

T Rainbird: It would be too human.  

Lt Kiapen: ::nods:: pretty much.

CptnThorne: ACTION> The 3 JH ships rally and attack the Atlantis 

CmdStecker: @Helm> In range now, Commander

CptnThorne: with torpedos and weapons, totally knocking out her 

CptnThorne: shields, and causing a coolant leak in Engineering.

T Rainbird: ::glances at the dream recorder:: I"m getting readings...

Lt Kiapen: Hello? ::speaks to the brain/DCPP::

CmdStecker: @Veapons free, Tac. 

SuliRufian: :::smiles::: Okay, Duras.... :::frowns::::

LCdWallace: I have done that only place that has power are the major parts of the ship..

SuliRufian: Captain....:::small voice::: Shields are down.

Lt Rotarin: ok

CptnThorne: ::blinks::

CptnThorne: +Engineering+ Get those shields up!

CptnThorne: Suli, target and fire with all you've got!!

EnsDuras: There is also a coolant leak in engineering.

LCdWallace: +Bridge+We have coolent leak!!::

LCdWallace: Rotarin get everyone out!

CmdStecker: @Copeland> Direct hit!! Direct hit on a Jem'Hadar ship!! They're disabled!!

T Rainbird: DCPP> You have acquiesced to my desires for a brain. You want something. What?

CptnThorne: +Wallace+ Seal it off if you can.

CmdStecker: @Finish them off.. Status of the Atlantis? 

SuliRufian: Duras,  you're our shields now.... 

Lt Rotarin: Evacuate Engineering!!!

Lt Kiapen: Your loyalty.

SuliRufian: Don;t get hit....

EnsDuras: Aye

CptnThorne: ACTION> Another JH ship splatters itself nicely over the starfield.

LCdWallace: ::runs toward teh leak area::

Lt Kiapen: For you to be indebted to us, at least.

LCdWallace: You think...you going to beat us?

T Rainbird: DCPP> Loyalty? This brain... this brain died by violence. 

LCdWallace: ::at a console::

Cdr MaryJo: @::leaves parts of the teams in CB and SBs in charge and heads for the bridge::

EnsDuras: ::rolls the Atlantis to the Port bow, dodging as much firing as he can::

T Rainbird: DCPP> Indebted? That is more likely.

Lt Kiapen: Yes, but it is a brain.

Lt Rotarin: ::grabs a kit and runs after him::

LCdWallace: Your not taking engineering while am here..

SuliRufian: <<how many are left?>>

T Rainbird: DCPP> You have my debt. How do you want it repaid?

EnsDuras: << 3 >>

CptnThorne: <2, actually. >>

Lt Kiapen: I am unsure at this point.  we are still in battle with the Jem Hadar in their space.

EnsDuras: <<oh, sorry, my bad>>

T Rainbird: DCPP> And you want them to be destroyed.

Cdr MaryJo: @::steps onto the bridge::looking around for Kristi::

LCdWallace: +bridge+I can't seal the leak..

Lt Kiapen: We need to be able to trust you if we should need to use you

T Rainbird: DCPP> How the noble crawl when it suits them.

SuliRufian: Okay, cowboy.... let's target....:::picks randomly:::

CptnThorne: +Engineering+ Evacuate engineering.

SuliRufian: The one with the pretty red stripe.

LCdWallace: ::sees Rotarin::Get out of here..I will be out shortly..

Lt Kiapen: Since when have I ever been pretencious enough to call myself noble?

EnsDuras: ::dodges a spread of JH torpedoes::

T Rainbird: DCPP> Trust me. Hmmm. I can destroy the ships for you.

Lt Rotarin: ::drops down a JT and starts working::

LCdWallace: Don't want to lose all of our engineers..

Lt Rotarin: No sir I'm stayin'

Lt Kiapen: What do you propose?

T Rainbird: DCPP> Point given. But how do I know your senior officers won't take away this brain when it

CptnThorne: Suli, you've got just a few minutes to get these two.

T Rainbird: is no longer convenient for me to have it?

CmdStecker: @Tac, pick any target you vant.. 

LCdWallace: That is an order::grabs him by the collar::go I will throw you into the brig!!

CmdStecker: @Copeland> ::grins:: Aye Commander!!

SuliRufian: :::rolls her eyes::: Oh,.... no pressure.

T Rainbird: DCPP> If you can put me in communication with any of their computers, I can shut them down. 

CptnThorne: ::smiles just slightly::

Lt Kiapen: I dont.  But I will tell you this much, they dont know you have it now.

T Rainbird: No weapons and no sihelds. You can kill them.

T Rainbird: DCPP> I figured as much. They would never trust me. So why do you?

Lt Rotarin: ::grabs his hand:: No Sir! you can't do this alone

Lt Kiapen: Even though they are Jem Hadar?  I thought you didnt like the way their computers tasted...

SuliRufian: :::pulls the quantum torps up on screen:::

Cdr MaryJo: @Commander Stecker...what is the situation..::walks over to her::

Lt Kiapen: I dont.  That is why I am making sure you are grounded here.

T Rainbird: DCPP> But... with a brain!

Lt Rotarin: Now let me go and quit wasting time

LCdWallace: I said go..YOU are trhe only other officer to be able to run engineering Go!

Lt Kiapen: You wont abandone your home here now.  With your "brain".

T Rainbird: DCPP> Grounded? Ah... in this form... it is a liability.

LCdWallace: ::trying to work:;I will be out I promise..

T Rainbird: DCPP> I won't abandon ship.

SuliRufian: :::dimples the JH ship with a heavy concentration of phaser fire and slams two QT's from out

CmdStecker: @::looks at Mary:: Shepard is operational.. Atlantis 

CmdStecker: has taken a beating. ::shakes head:: They vere 

CmdStecker: ambushed by several Jem'Hadar ships.. Too many.. 

CptnThorne: ACTION> Under fire from both ships, another JH costs a 

SuliRufian: of the Atlantis:::

CptnThorne: lot of money in special effects to create a cool explosion.

Lt Kiapen: ::nods::

T Rainbird: DCPP> Put me in your computer. I will erect a forcefield around myself. Then they can't take

T Rainbird: this brain away.

LCdWallace: ::radiation light, come on::

Cdr MaryJo: @::gets very pale::::whispers::  what about the children?

Lt Rotarin: If I help you we'll be out in half the time

LCdWallace: NOw go..

Lt Kiapen: ::laughs:: No.

SuliRufian: One more, flyboy.... think you're up to it?

EnsDuras: Good! Now the odds are ours

CptnThorne: ACTION>  The last JH ship charges the Atlantis and 

Lt Rotarin: do we dump the core?

CptnThorne: scores deveral direct hits with torpedos, the computer 

CmdStecker: @::shakes head:: I do not know.. I do not feel that 

CptnThorne: indicates a warp core breach is imminant.

CmdStecker: Ana has been harmed in any vay.. But I am 

CmdStecker: concerned.. 

T Rainbird: DCPP> I will destroy these attackers. As a show of good will. 

LCdWallace: ::sees the warp core breach::

LCdWallace: Shit.

CmdStecker: @Helm> Commander!! Another Jem'Hadar is making an attack run at Atlantis!

CmdStecker: @::yells::MOVE US INTO POSITION NOW!!

Lt Kiapen: ::thinking::

EnsDuras: Sir, there is a warp core in engineeing!!!!

T Rainbird: Tempest> ::notes unusual activity in the brain and begins scrawling notes to see if she can 

Cdr MaryJo: @as am I..

LCdWallace: Leave!

T Rainbird: deduce what is going on in it::

CmdStecker: @::turns to Mary::They've lost their shields.. 

SuliRufian: :::curses creatively:::

LCdWallace: ::starts to move::

Cdr MaryJo: @Oh god...

Lt Rotarin: ::grabs his arm: lets go it's over!

CptnThorne: +ShipWide+ All hands, abandon ship!   Prepare for transport to the Shepard!

Lt Kiapen: ::looks over Rainbirds shoulder:: ::whipers:: whats going on?

Lt Rotarin: ::runs after him::

CptnThorne: +Kristi+  We're finished, we've got to evacuate to the Shepard... get that last ship!

T Rainbird: ::whispers to Kiapen:: I'm not sure. But it looks like DCPP is taking over the whole brain..

SuliRufian: :::not breaking a sweat, initiates the escape pods procedures:::

T Rainbird: activity all over the scale! 

CmdStecker: @+taps+ Jawohl, Kapitan!!

LCdWallace: +Bridge+Am sealing off teh lower decks...

CptnThorne: +Peter Stecker+ Cadet, you get Ana off here safely, that's an order!

Cdr MaryJo: @::heads for the science station::scanning as soon as she gets

Cdr MaryJo: there...trying to find the weaknesses in the JH ship::

CmdStecker: @::yells at Tac:: You heard him!! Full veapons on that ship!!!

LCdWallace: You take the east side..::

LCdWallace: goes to the west::

Lt Kiapen: I sure hope our Alex fella wasnt telepathic in any sense..

Lt Rotarin: aye ::runs east::

SuliRufian: :::pulls all remaining power she can salvage to the transporters:::

LCdWallace: ::runs down the hall::

CptnThorne: Time to core breach?

T Rainbird: Or telekenetic...

T Rainbird: DCPP> Do we have a deal?

EnsDuras: 5 mins

Lt Kiapen: ::grimaces::

LCdWallace: ::makes sure everyone is out::

SuliRufian: :::swallows a little nervously:::

Lt Kiapen: No.  No deal.  This requires more study.

Lt Rotarin: ::runs faster::

CptnThorne: Clear the bridge!

CmdStecker: Peter>::takes Ana and one of her toys that keeps her 

CmdStecker: laughing instead of screaming, and heads for the 

CmdStecker: abandon ship place::

T Rainbird: DCPP> More "study?" Your ship runs out of time...

CmdStecker: @Copeland> Target destroyed, Commander. 

EnsDuras: ::clears the bridge on the cap'ns orders::

Lt Kiapen: ::looks up:: hey, were supposed to abandon ship..

SuliRufian: :::looks at Captain::::

Cdr MaryJo: @Ensign G'Rok>::grabs Christopher and heads for the escape pods::

LCdWallace: ::sees the computer is shutting some of the doors, and runs to one::

CptnThorne: ::eyes narrow:: Go, Suli... I'll be down in a few. 

LCdWallace: ::hears something crying::

Lt Rotarin: ::the TL door closes in front of hi,::

CptnThorne: ::just as he says that, an explosion happens overhead, dropping a beam onto him::

LCdWallace: ::sees alittle girl:::

EnsDuras: ::follows Suli to an escape pod::

CmdStecker: @::looks at Mary:: Vhy don't you supervise the transport? 

SuliRufian: :::her mouth sets in a hard line::::

LCdWallace: :picks up::Hello, honey don't worry...

Lt Rotarin: Oh god!

EnsDuras: Captain!!!

T Rainbird: DCPP> I might be able to save this area of the ship... if you give me access to the computer

CptnThorne: ::almost cut in two by the beam, staring wide eyed at the cieling::

Lt Kiapen: Liar.  Tempest, lets go.

Cdr MaryJo: @of course....::begins to coordinate transporters::transporting the first group::

T Rainbird: ::nods to Kiapen::

CmdStecker: @::watches helplessly as the Atlantis falls apart in front of her::

LCdWallace: ::runs over to another door the computer is locking down automaticaly::

CptnThorne: ::calls out telepathically to his wife::

Lt Rotarin: ::runs back down the corridor to Engineering::

Lt Kiapen: Good bye DCPP.  I'll take a copy of you with me.

EnsDuras: ::Tries to lift the beam but can't, so checks his pulse:: Damnit! hes dead.

Lt Rotarin: ::jumps into a space suit::

Cdr MaryJo: <<not yet, Duras>>

T Rainbird: DCPP> Useless human sentimentality. Thanks for the brain. I'll survive.

CptnThorne: <<Hey!  I'm not dead yet!>>

EnsDuras: well, almost

Lt Kiapen: ::makes a quick copy::

CmdStecker: <<chuckles>>

Lt Rotarin: <<LOL!>>

LCdWallace: ::puts is arm in the door::::

SuliRufian: :::grimaces:::

Lt Kiapen: No, you wont.  ::looks around for a weapon::

CptnThorne: ::musters energy to speak::   Get off the ship... go, that's an order.

LCdWallace: ::opens it up alittle::Help!!

EnsDuras: ::tries his best to lft the beam, but can't budge it::

SuliRufian: :::kneels by her bloved Captain:::

CptnThorne: ::looks at Suli:: Go...

T Rainbird: ::injects a sedative into the brain:: That'll do it. Too concetrated a dose is fatal, and 

Lt Kiapen: ::gets a scalple and destroys the brain and the power pack to the computer::

EnsDuras: Damnit, we can't just leave you here

T Rainbird: that's about as concentrated as you get...

Lt Kiapen: ::grins::

SuliRufian: :::looks at Duras::: GO!

Lt Kiapen: GMTA

T Rainbird: Come on. Let's get out of here. 

T Rainbird: Yeah. Too bad DCPP didn't have one.

CptnThorne: Tell Kristi to take good care of Ana for me...

EnsDuras: ::hesitates to go::

Lt Kiapen: ::chuckles maliciously::

SuliRufian: I will, sir.

CptnThorne: By God, I still outrank you, Duras... get off this ship.

Cdr MaryJo: @::transports the second group over to the Shepard::

Lt Kiapen: ::jogs to the evac area::

Lt Rotarin: Beams himself to the bridge in a space suit::

T Rainbird: ::follows Kiapen::

CmdStecker: @::looks around:: Status report!! Someone tell me something!! 

Lt Rotarin: {S Beam

LCdWallace: ::pushes little girl though::Help!

Cdr MaryJo: @+Rufian+Security...what is the status of Atlantis?

CmdStecker: @::several emotions going through her now::

CptnThorne: Suli... good work...

SuliRufian: ::::smiles weakly::: How are you holding up?

LCdWallace: ::doors starts to push hard against Wallace::

EnsDuras: ::slowly follows Suli, staring back at the Cap'n

EnsDuras: ::

LCdWallace: Go honey..go..

SuliRufian: *MaryJo* We're in process of evacuation....

Cdr MaryJo: @::transporting third group off the Atlantis::

CptnThorne: Well, I've been better.... ::laughs, winces in pain::

T Rainbird: Kiapen... we tried.

LCdWallace: ::starts to cry::

SuliRufian: Is there anything I can do?

Lt Kiapen: ::nods:: 

Lt Rotarin: ::appears seeing Sulli and duras leave::

Cdr MaryJo: @+Rufian+Understood...let me know when you are ready to beam

Cdr MaryJo: out...are you going to activate autodestruct

Lt Rotarin: Captain!

LCdWallace: ::door gets closer, and his muscles get tired::

Lt Kiapen: ::isnt feeling much right now anyway::

CptnThorne: Get the crew off safely... 

Lt Kiapen: ::no pity, no regret, nothing::

Lt Rotarin: ::kneels beside him::

SuliRufian: They're almost all gone....

SuliRufian: :::looks::: Jake, go....

LCdWallace: ::little girl won't leave::

LCdWallace: Honey leave..

CptnThorne: Computer... activate auto-destruct... authorization 

CptnThorne: Blackthorne Delta Epsilion Pi 114... time at five minutes.

LCdWallace: ::door pushes on his chest::

Cdr MaryJo: @::continues transporting groups over....the security officers

Cdr MaryJo: escorting them out of transporter area::to makeshift quarters::

T Rainbird: Do you really think Kathryn took the right way out?

CptnThorne: Computer> Auto-destruct engaged, 5:00 remaining.

SuliRufian: :::bites her lower lip:::

EnsDuras: +Sheperd+ Two to Beam out

Cdr MaryJo: @::transports Duras and Rotarin to Shepard::

CmdStecker: @Copeland>::eyes bug out:: Commander!! They've activated the auto-destruct!!

Lt Kiapen: ::sighs:: ::doesnt say anything::

Lt Rotarin: ::still kneels beside the captain::

CptnThorne: ::reaches up and removes a pendant from around his 

CptnThorne: neck::  Give this to my wife, if you see her again.  

EnsDuras: ::arrives on the Sheperd::

CptnThorne: ::hands it to Suli::

LCdWallace: ::if bones start to crack, then his left arm breaks::Help!!

Cdr MaryJo: @::head jerks over toward Copeland::..what?

SuliRufian: :::smiles and takes it::: 

T Rainbird: ::looks down quietly::

Lt Rotarin: +Wallace+ Where are you?

CptnThorne: Now... get off my ship... that's an order.  

EnsDuras: ::puts hands over his face::

CmdStecker: @::turns pale:: Mein Gott.. 

Cdr MaryJo: @::quickly scans the Atlantis...  Commander Stecker, the only

Cdr MaryJo: people left on the ship are bridge crew and two or three in

Cdr MaryJo: engineering...

LCdWallace: ::hears the tap, but can't repsond::

Lt Kiapen: ::on the Shepard now, I guess::

EnsDuras: ::and slowly walks to the Bridge of the Sheperd::

LCdWallace: ::starts to spilt some blood::

CmdStecker: @ Get them over here, immediately!! Vhere ist the Kapitan??!

SuliRufian: :::bends quickly and kisses his cheek::: Thanks for the dance, Captain.

SuliRufian: You're not bad for an old guy.....

EnsDuras: ::arrives on the bridge of the Sheperd:: Hello Commander

CptnThorne: Thanks, Suli... now go...

LCdWallace: ::Wallace is wedge with his shoulders behind a door way::

CmdStecker: @::sees Duras:: Vhat ist happening!! Who ordered the self 

CmdStecker: destruct?? Vhere ist Herr Kapitan??

CptnThorne: ::his eyes stare widely at the ceiling for a moment::

Cdr MaryJo: @Scanning....::looks up at Stecker::her face pale::...he's on the

Cdr MaryJo: bridge,...life signs weakening, commander..

CptnThorne: ::his eyes close as his mind calls out for Jaina in its last moments of life

SuliRufian: :::stands and salutes him::::

CmdStecker: @::all but yells at the poor guy::

T Rainbird: ::quietly to herself:: Thorne's still over there...

LCdWallace: ::little girl will not move::

EnsDuras: ::sighs:: The Captain did

Cdr MaryJo: @::transports remaining bridge crew to Shepard::

CptnThorne: ::slumps under the beam::

CmdStecker: @Vhere ist the Kapitan? 

SuliRufian: :::taps::: Ruffian to beam out....

EnsDuras: It is set for 5 Minutes

Lt Rotarin: +Wallace+ If you are hearing this I'm about to leave

T Rainbird: ::looks out at the starfield, quoting quietly:: Lord have mercy on them, they know not what 

T Rainbird: they do.

SuliRufian: ::::beams to the bridge of the Shepard:::

EnsDuras: ::sighs:: A beam landed on him, he's barely alive

Cdr MaryJo: @::then pinpoints the lifesigns still in Engineering::transporting

Cdr MaryJo: them out to Shepard::

CptnThorne: Computer> Auto-destruct in two minutes.

Lt Rotarin: ::isn't wearing a commbadge::

LCdWallace: ::throws his dead lim up::+Beam me Rotarin..

SuliRufian: :::appears, pendant practically embedded in her palm:::

LCdWallace: ::with his good hand throws the comm over to the little girl::

CmdStecker: @Vhy didn't you get him out?? You und the others left him there? 

SuliRufian: :::she holds it so tightly:::

Lt Rotarin: ::runs over to the panel and beams him over::

Cdr MaryJo: @:<<already done, Wallace>>

EnsDuras: ::walks up to Suli:: it'll be alright

Lt Rotarin: ::goes back to the captain::

SuliRufian: :::crosses to Stecker::::

Cdr MaryJo: @::scanning the bridge::...Commander..

CptnThorne: ::the bridge is quite a scene, ruined and with the ship's 

CptnThorne: dead captain under a beam, smoke and fire surrounding 

Lt Rotarin: I'll miss you sir.

LCdWallace: ::little girl appears instead of Wallace::

CptnThorne: him::

CptnThorne: Computer> Auto-destruct in one minute.

Cdr MaryJo: @There is no one left alive on the bridge...

CmdStecker: @Ja, Mary? 

LCdWallace: ::spilts some blood up, still on the Atlantis::Well, shit...

SuliRufian: @:::quietly::: Do you wish me to assume TAC?

Lt Rotarin: ::lays a cross beside him::

CmdStecker: @::stunned::

Lt Rotarin: ::scans the ship::

CmdStecker: @::looks to Suli and nods::: If you want. 

CptnThorne: Computer> Auto-destruct in thirty seconds.

EnsDuras: @ shall I take Helm?

LCdWallace: ::door killing him::

Lt Rotarin: ::beams himself to the last person alive on the ship:: (Wallace))

SuliRufian: @:::a single tear runs down her dirt streaked cheek:::

LCdWallace: ::starts to shake::

T Rainbird: @ Suli...? 

Lt Rotarin: ::kneels next to him::

CptnThorne: Computer> Auto-destruct in 15 seconds.

Lt Rotarin: Commander

CptnThorne: Computer> Ten seconds.

SuliRufian: @:::crosses to the station and slipping the pendant into her pocket gets familiar with the 

SuliRufian: controls:::

CptnThorne: Computer> Nine... eight.... seven..... six... five....

Lt Rotarin: ::picks him up and walks over to a panel::

Cdr MaryJo: @::pinpoints two lifesigns still on Atlantis::in Engineering::transports them out::

LCdWallace: GET OUT YOU Have 15 seconds!!!

CptnThorne: Computer>  four... three... two... one.... 

Cdr MaryJo: @::transports Rotarin and Wallace out::just in time::

CmdStecker: @::completely oblivious to everything and everyone around her::

CptnThorne: ACTION>  The specially placed anti-matter charges in 

CptnThorne: the Atlantis' hull detonate, spreading fire through the 

CptnThorne: ship's decks in a really expensive display of special 

CptnThorne: effects.

Cdr MaryJo: @Suli....get us out of here...

EnsDuras: ::turns away as the Atlantis explodes::

Cdr MaryJo: @::notices Kristi not paying attention to anything::

Lt Rotarin: :::holds a hand over his cutt of arm::

CptnThorne: ACTION>  Atlantis lists horribly to one side as the fire dissolves her saucer.

LCdWallace: ::spitting up blood::

Cdr MaryJo: @::transporter crew transports Rotarin and Wallace directly to sickbay::

Lt Rotarin: ::yells:: Help me! Help me  please

Lt Rotarin: ::puts walace on a bio bed::

CptnThorne: ACTION>  Atlantis lists downward, most of the saucer gone, fire arcing out into space.

T Rainbird: @ ::quietly tends to the wounded, silent::

EnsDuras: ::Turns to the Commander:: Tell me this, wasn't worth it.  All this to save a stupid ship.

Lt Rotarin: ::walks out of SB and heads for the bridge::

CptnThorne: ACTION>  Atlantis's warp core detonates, anti-matter 

EnsDuras: And all it costs us was our ship and our Captain.

CptnThorne: and matter destroying each other in a fireball that 

CptnThorne: brightens the sector.

LCdWallace: ::grabs a nurse with is only good arm::I..could have done..more..

T Rainbird: @ ::finds a single thought echoing uselessly through her mind and berates herself for the 

CmdStecker: ::doesn't hear Duras at all::

T Rainbird: triviality of it. "The candles are gone, and I promised them to light them forever..."::

Lt Rotarin: ::tears start streaming down his face::

T Rainbird: @ ::watches the blaze of the Atlantis die back into the inky darkness of surrounding space::

T Rainbird: They had a final blaze of glory. The candles are out.

Lt Rotarin: ::wipes his face and steps out onto the bridge::

EnsDuras: ::Sits down at helm and resumes duty::

Lt Kiapen: ::sighs, not having anything to say that can add to that::

CmdStecker: Helm, take us home. 

CmdStecker: ::almost a whisper::

EnsDuras: Aye

Lt Rotarin: ::walks over to Kiapen::

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks at Commander Stecker:::  Kristi?

EnsDuras: ::plots course for the wormhole::

Cdr MaryJo: ::touches her shoulder::

Lt Kiapen: ::looks over:: So, I see you made it Rotarin.

CmdStecker: ::turns:: Ja? 

Cdr MaryJo: <q>Go to your daughter...she's waiting for you...I'll take the bridge..

Lt Rotarin: I guess so.

EnsDuras: Warp Factor sir??

LCdWallace: ::tears down his face::Is the little girl ok..

Lt Rotarin: I should have stoped that breach it's my fault.

SuliRufian: <<Damn ISP>>

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks at Duras::  Impulse through the wormhole...then warp 6 once we're clear..

T Rainbird: It's no one's fault.

EnsDuras: Aye sir

SuliRufian: <<Did you have to auto-destruct me as well??>>

Lt Kiapen: No its not.  This was destiny, plain and simple.  We got out with our lives,

Lt Kiapen: and we should be greatful.

Lt Rotarin: ::leans back against the wall::

CmdStecker: ::stares blankly at her, then nods:: 

T Rainbird: ::feels the urge to damn the captain for sacrificing himself like that when he had so much

CptnThorne: <<Sorry, didn't know it would do that, Suli!>>

T Rainbird: to offer to the world in his remaining span, remembering an incident long ago on the ocean 

T Rainbird: in a ship::

SuliRufian: :::stands quietly at her station, immersing herself in the routine:::

Lt Rotarin: The captain died because of me I should have ejected the core

CmdStecker: ::walks off the bridge in a daze::

T Rainbird: The Captain died because he wouldn't leave the ship... ::whispers:: poor hero... he lost his

T Rainbird: Camelot.

LCdWallace: ::a little girl runs into Stecker::

Cdr MaryJo: +Counselor+Tempest....you need to round up your staff.  A lot of

Cdr MaryJo: people need to start healing...

Lt Kiapen: We all make mistakes.  Here, Councilor, you handle this...

CmdStecker: ::feels something run into her, sees a small child:: 

Lt Kiapen: it'll get you out of your dark mood too

LCdWallace: ::breathing starts to get rapid::

T Rainbird: +MaryJo+ I've done what I can for minor injuries... we need someone with more expertise then

T Rainbird: me.

Cdr MaryJo: ::medical crew works over Wallace::trying to stabilize him::

EnsDuras: ::Turns to Commander Mary Jo:: Cmdr, May i be excused?

SuliRufian: :::refusing to acknowledge what she knows to be true::::

Cdr MaryJo: +Tempest+I'm talking about psychic wounds here, Tempest..

Cdr MaryJo: Yes, Duras...of course...

EnsDuras: Thank you Sir

Lt Rotarin: ::walks over to helm:: I'll take it durass.

T Rainbird: +MaryJo+ ::swallows:: I'm not sure I can do anything for them either... time, maybe... it 

Lt Rotarin: ::sits down::

Cdr MaryJo: Rotarin..take the helm..

T Rainbird: brings forgetfulness.

EnsDuras: ::enters TL:: Crew Quarters

LCdWallace: ::little girl has blood on her, and is holding a comm badge::

CmdStecker: ::smiles a bit at her, noting that she's terrified:: 

Cdr MaryJo: +Rainbird+You need to try..

T Rainbird: +MaryJo+ I'll do what I can.

CmdStecker: ::tries to reassure her:: Hello, I'm Kristi. 

Cdr MaryJo: +Rainbird+Acknowledged...

EnsDuras: ::exits the TL walking down the corridor looking for a room::

LCdWallace: ::looks up itno the lights in sickbay::I don't want too...

T Rainbird: ::quietly to Rotarin:: It wasn't your fault. It was no one's fault... I used to repeat that 

Lt Rotarin: ::looks back at mary:: I'm not needed at helm it's course is set in may I leave sir?

T Rainbird: to myself like a mantra every night before I fell asleep after I lost a ship, and it still 

EnsDuras: ::Finds a room and enters:: I need some rest

T Rainbird: aches. But it's true. It wasn't your fault. It was no one's fault.

Cdr MaryJo: you're excused, Rotarin..

CmdStecker: ::softly:: Why don't you come vith me? 

Cdr MaryJo: ::nods at Ens J'Chala to take the helm::

SuliRufian: ::::::quietly::: Cmdr...we can transfer helm to TAC.... 

LCdWallace: ::little girl hand s her, Wallace comm badge::He said needed help..

Lt Rotarin: ignores tempest and walks off the bridge

LCdWallace: ::little girl tries to smile::

Cdr MaryJo: It's all right, Suli...let the ensign do it...he needs the practice..

CmdStecker: ::looks at it:: Do you know where he ist? Can you take me to him? 

EnsDuras: ::walks over to the bed and lays down and quickly falls asleep::

Cdr MaryJo: Suli?  Do you know if..::swallows hard::  John is okay?

Lt Rotarin: ::walks up behinde steck::

LCdWallace: ::has tear down her check::Yeah.

SuliRufian: :::nods quietly and begins a check in of security personnel:::

LCdWallace: <<err cheek>>

Lt Rotarin: ::notices she has walace's commbadge::

CmdStecker: Ok. Why don't ve go there? 

Cdr MaryJo: ::sits back in CO chair::

Lt Rotarin: Mind if I come to commander

CmdStecker: ::holds out her hand for the little girl to hold on to:: 

Cdr MaryJo: ::waiting for reports to begin coming in about casualties and damages::

LCdWallace: ::takes her to sickbay where Wallace is on biobed talking::

CmdStecker: ::turns:: Certainly, Leutnant. 

Lt Rotarin: Walace is hurt pretty bad.

LCdWallace: Forgive me father for I have sinned...

SuliRufian: The LtCmdr has checked in and is reporting.

LCdWallace: ::crying::

CmdStecker: Ja, Leutnant, I gathered.. Please do not scare the child. 

Lt Rotarin: I won't

EnsDuras: ::tosses and turns, and loudly snors::

CmdStecker: ::sees Wallace and looks at the girl:: Vhy don't you let me go 

CmdStecker: check on him? You vait heir until I get back, ok? 

Cdr MaryJo: ::breathes a sigh of relief::  Thank you Suli...

LCdWallace: ::little girl nod::

SuliRufian: :::begins noting those lost and with a shakey hand makes the list to inform next of kin::::

Lt Rotarin: ::folows her over::

CmdStecker: ::smiles at her, then goes to where Wallace is::

SuliRufian: :::swallows a sob as she notes the Captain's name::::

LCdWallace: ::shaking, and is ghostly white::

Amb JainaB: <::grumbles, walks in, just got the computer back from her mom::>

CptnThorne: <<Heya Jaina! ::Waves from the afterlife::>>

Cdr MaryJo: Suli?  are you all right?

Amb JainaB: < I'm gonna kill her. ::waves:: You look good see-through.>

CptnThorne: <<Too late. >>

SuliRufian: :::bites her lip and tilts her chin up:::

SuliRufian: :::nods::: Yes, Commander.

Cdr MaryJo: I'll understand if you need some time...someone else can handle that..

CmdStecker: ::tries not to gasp when she sees Wallace:: Commander? 

LCdWallace: ::sees Stecker::Is, the..lit..tle..girl..safe..

Amb JainaB: <::wonders where she should be::<g>>

Lt Rotarin: ::walks on the other side::

SuliRufian: :::shakes her head::: Right now...time is the last thing I need.  There'll be plenty of that

CmdStecker: Ja, she ist fine.. Don't vorry about her.  How are you? 

SuliRufian: later.

Cdr MaryJo: ::nods::  I understand..completely...

CptnThorne: <<Safely on the Shepard with Sarah, Jaina. >>

LCdWallace: Not to good...just cold..

Lt Rotarin: Aint' you glad I don't folow orders Commander (wallace)

Amb JainaB: ::is, what he said:: 

T Rainbird: ::sees the ambassador:: Mrs. Blackthorne... I... anything I can do to help... I'm here.

CmdStecker: ::nods:: Leutnant, get a blanket please. 

Amb JainaB: ::just sorta stares ahead, as if she doesn't know what is going on::

CmdStecker: The medical staff vill fix you, Commander.. Conserve your energy.. 

Amb JainaB: <::and that's the truth;:<g>>

Lt Rotarin: ::grabs a blanket from underneathe the bed and spreds it over him::

SuliRufian: :::sees Jaina's name onthe list of survivors:::

LCdWallace: I..going..to die...

Amb JainaB: ::cradles Sarah, silent::

CptnThorne: <2 minutes.>

Lt Rotarin: Like hell you will you gotta come back and boss me around

CmdStecker: Nein, Leutnant...You cannot die.. 

SuliRufian: :::hands a nearby security officer something and sends him to Jaina *on the double*::::

LCdWallace: ::little girl watchingfrom the distance::

CmdStecker: You know that little girl? She ist an orphan now.. Don't you 

EnsDuras: ::Still sleeping::

CmdStecker: think you should stick around? Jake, go get her. 

Amb JainaB: ::lower lip starting to tremble, since she feels an emptiness in her::

Lt Rotarin: ::walks over and picks her up::

SuliRufian: Gabriel>:::approaches the ambassador:::

Lt Rotarin: ::walks back::

LCdWallace: ::crying, looks at Stecker, then to Rotarin, the little girl::

SuliRufian: Gab> Ma'm'?

Lt Rotarin: Now honey give him a kiss on the cheek.

Amb JainaB: ::looks at him, eyes starting to water::

CmdStecker: ::holds his hand:: It vill be ok, Commander.. You vill be fine. 

LCdWallace: ::closes hi eyes::Aye..sir..

SuliRufian: Gab> :::looks at her with compassion::: Lt Ruffian ordered me to give this to you.

SuliRufian: Gab> :::presses the pendant into her hand:::

Lt Rotarin: ::lays his hand on walace's shoulder::

SuliRufian: Gab> SHe said to tell you..... his last thought were of you.

CmdStecker: ::smiles:: Ja, that ist right.. It is an order. 

Amb JainaB: ::swallows hard, takes it:: (vq) I .. I know ...

Amb JainaB: ::felt it::

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= P A U S E  S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D =/\= =/\=

Cdr MaryJo: ::::begins to tremble as the casualty reports come in::

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=       Stardate 49809.06       =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= P A U S E  S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=