CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: Welcome to the continuing adventures of the

CptnThorne: USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D, a Celestial Prime

CptnThorne: Alliance Free-Form Advanced Simulation!

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: .

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=  M I S S I O N   B R I E F  =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: The crew of the Atlantis has been stranded 

CptnThorne: with no technology and on a planet that is

CptnThorne: totally unfamiliar.   The camp is completed, 

CptnThorne: and some exploration has been done.  The

CptnThorne: task of getting of the planet still seems 

CptnThorne: monumental, however....

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= E N D  B R I E F =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: .

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= B E G I N   S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=       Stardate 49807.18       =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= B E G I N   S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

EnsDuras: < who is stuck in the cave with me?>

LtCdrAkira: <Kiap and me>

LtjgKiapen: <<me and Akira>>

EnsDuras: oh yeah

T Rainbird: ::has sought out the captain, and is standing next to him solicitously:: So, sir, where do

CmdStecker: ::looking at the black stone, trying to figure out what's written on it::

T Rainbird: we go from here? And how's your leg?

LtCdrAkira: :: in the underground city apartment::

LtjgKiapen: ::sound asleep::

EnsDuras: <what symbol do we use>

LtCdrAkira: ::wakes up::

Ens Belle: ::walks over to Mr. Kang to treat his back:: So Mr. KAng..How are we today?

LtCdrAkira: <how about @>

EnsDuras: <k>

LtCdr Kang: ::on his stomach, in a hut::

LtCdrAkira: @::looks around::

LtjgKiapen: @::woke Duras up a while ago..;) ::

CptnThorne: The leg's getting better... but we need to get a full status report in.

EnsDuras: @ oh, boy do i feel better

LtCdr Kang: Fine, it feels better.

JSCarnegie: <On Terra> ::Just gonna watch.. hard to do my log live::

T Rainbird: A status report, sir? On what? With all due respect we ARE stranded here...

Ens Belle: That's good::begins to check his back::

LtjgKiapen: ::has had approximatly 1.25 hours sleep::

Gul Pasek: ::walks around bridge:::

LtCdr Kang: oh does it look?

T Rainbird: <<Do we put Pasek on ignore?>>

LtCdrAkira: @::gets up:: Rise and shine for that... mold... ::sighs:: 

CptnThorne: <<please do.>>

CmdStecker: ::makes some notations in the dirt with a stick::

T Rainbird: <<k, thanks>>

CptnThorne: Well, I want to know exactly how far everything has progressed.

LtjgKiapen: @::rolls over away from Akira and Duras, not waking up::

EnsDuras: @ yuk, i still have that nasty taste in mouth of that slime crap we ate

LtjgKiapen: @::determined not to wake up::

LtCdrAkira: @same here... Kiapen wakey, wakey!! 

Ens Belle: It looks better..but we got to keep it from getting infected..I wish I had a hypo but this

Ens Belle: has to work

LtjgKiapen: @::covers ears:: <m> go away...

EnsDuras: @ yeah, wake up, time to do some more exploration

T Rainbird: ::nods:: I can see that logic...

LtCdrAkira: @Fine... you want me to carry you out?

Ens Belle: ::picks up a crude hollowed out shell and pours water on his back::

EnsDuras: @ bad question

T Rainbird: Ensign Adams came to me about Rotarin, by the way. I thought you ought to know. It might be

LtCdrAkira: @Hmm... wait maybe not...

CptnThorne: ::nods::

LtjgKiapen: @::eyes open slowly:: You wouldnt dare...with your luck you would drop me

CmdStecker: :::oblivious to anyone or anything around her.. concentrating 

Ens Belle: ::looks at him questionably:: did that hurt?

CmdStecker: on figuring out what's on that stone::

T Rainbird: a good idea to keep the two on alternate shifts and assignments for a while.

EnsDuras: @ i won't drop u

LtCdrAkira: @I remember the last time I poked her she almost ripped my fingers out... 

LtCdrAkira: @Duras you do it... I'll be outside... ::exits via the tunnel::

LtjgKiapen: @::nods:: You tell him, Akira..::closes eyes again::

CptnThorne: Okay, sounds good... ::hobbles over to something to lean on::

LtCdrAkira: @I just did! ::calls back, exits and stands in the semi-darkness...::

EnsDuras: @ ::picks up Kiapen and follows Akira::

T Rainbird: :;frowns:: Have you had Brooke look at that recently?

LtjgKiapen: @ ::screams, kicking and punching:: PUT ME DOWN!

CptnThorne: Nay, I guess I should... but there are more important things at hand.

LtCdrAkira: @::can hear her and laughs::

CmdStecker: ::gets really frustrated and throws the stick she's been 

CmdStecker: holding in the direction of a tree::

EnsDuras: @ u want me to drop u!?

LtjgKiapen: @::pulls Duras' hair::

Ens Belle: ::gets closer to KAng checking his vital signs::

EnsDuras: @ ow, shit!

T Rainbird: Captain, come with me to see Ensign Belle.::quiets his objections:: You can get your status

EnsDuras: @ lets her down::

LtCdrAkira: @Hey keep it down in there Duras!!

CmdStecker: <Duras, watch the language, please> :) 

T Rainbird: report from her when we get there.

LtjgKiapen: @::pokes at his eyes, and falls down onto the ground, feet first::

Ens Belle: <<language...>>

LtCdr Kang: ::wonders what Belle is doing::

Cdr MaryJo: ::looking around for Commander Stecker::

CptnThorne: Aye, all right... but not too much medical nonsense...

EnsDuras: @ Hey at least i kept my word

T Rainbird: <<::coughs:: Didn't know that wasn't allowed>>

LtjgKiapen: @ You ever try doing that again, and I promise that you may look Klingon, but you wont

LtjgKiapen: be Klingon any more, got that??!

T Rainbird: Of course not sir.. ::takes his shoulder and helps to guide him over the terrain so that he

Ens Belle: Ok pulse good..Your lucky I studied ancient medicine..

EnsDuras: @ is that a challenge?!

T Rainbird: doesn't fall/trip/do other awkward stuff::

CmdStecker: ::curses at the stone in front of her:: Vhy do you have to be so difficult?!!

LtjgKiapen: @::stomps angrilly and grumpilly out of the apartment::

LtCdrAkira: @Hurry up you too!! I found a way out!!!

LtCdrAkira: @::steps back::

EnsDuras: @ finally!

LtCdr Kang: <G>

CptnThorne: ::has a funny feeling that he's being tricked into seeing a doctor::

CptnThorne: YEs.

LtCdrAkira: @::laughs to himself::

LtjgKiapen: @::hears Akira and runs towards him:: 

LtCdrAkira: @Hurry up!!! 

LtjgKiapen: @ What did you find??

EnsDuras: @ Women!

LtCdr Kang: ::is sleepy::

T Rainbird: ::manuevers Thorne over to Ensign Adams::

LtCdrAkira: @::looks at Kiapen:: Nothing, just wanted you to hurry up... 

T Rainbird: Ensign Adams? Are you busy?

Cdr MaryJo: ::stumbles across Stecker::  What are you doing?

LtCdrAkira: @::smiles::

CptnThorne: ::nods:: Ensign.

Ens Belle: ::takes a closer look at his wounds on his back and begins mumbling ::

EnsDuras: @ ::catches up to Akira::

LtjgKiapen: @ ::glares at Akira:: Not funny.  

LtCdrAkira: @But it worried...

CmdStecker: ::sighs:: Trying to figure out vhat this means.. 

LtCdrAkira: <worried = worked>

Ens Belle: ::jumps:: What?

LtCdrAkira: <oops... :)>

LtCdr Kang: What?

Cdr MaryJo: Let me see...::looks at it::

T Rainbird: The Captain has hurt his leg. Could you spare a few minutes to look at it?

LtCdrAkira: @Come on let's go... I saw sunlight before and I can see it now... we have to climb...

LtjgKiapen: @ ::does not reply but with a look that should kill::

Ens Belle: Umm...just checking Me. Kang's back sirs...is there anything you needed?

T Rainbird: ::looks back at the captain:: And he needs a status report on the current state of the

T Rainbird: patients.

CptnThorne: ::glares::

LtjgKiapen: @::nods, though unhappily::

LtCdrAkira: @::runs... although his stomach's empty he runs anyway...::

EnsDuras: @ ::follows::

Ens Belle: ::glances to Kang:: I'll be right back..don't go anywhere...

LtjgKiapen: @::groans and runs after him::

T Rainbird: ::feels self-satisfied, smiles at the captain::

EnsDuras: @ Kiapen, u need some more sleep

Ens Belle: Ok sirs..what's the problem?

LtCdrAkira: @::stops and looks up:: I can see sun... but... 

LtjgKiapen: @ Of course I do.  But there is nothing that I can do about it now.

LtjgKiapen: @Another mirror?

EnsDuras: @ hey we could have left u

T Rainbird: ::points Belle to his leg and mouths "treat it FAST"::

Cdr MaryJo: Well...Kristi...::points::  that one looks like the Celtic fertility rune..

LtCdrAkira: @This is pretty steep... damn no footholds... not that I could climb anyway...

LtCdr Kang: ::falls asleep::

LtjgKiapen: @ No, dont even say that Duras...

CmdStecker: ::stands:: I'll leave you here for a bit.. I need to go check on 

CmdStecker: Kang.. I'll bring some food und vater back, too. 

Cdr MaryJo: All right..

CmdStecker: A Celtic vhat? 

LtCdrAkira: @Duras we'd never leave her...

Cdr MaryJo: <<there went Kang>>

T Rainbird: Captain, why don't you lie back to give Ensign Adams an easier time... and you can ask your

T Rainbird: questions...

EnsDuras: @ but we didn't, didn't we

Cdr MaryJo: A Celtic fertility rune..

RDE 454: <<Bridges!!!!>>

EnsDuras: @ i did we

CptnThorne: I'd prefer just to ask the questions.

CmdStecker: Ah..Ok, I von't ask how you knew that.. ::smiles and heads off::

Ens Belle: ::takes a quick glace at hte leg in question::

LtjgKiapen: @ ::looks up:: Anyone have some rope?

LtCdrAkira: @::glares at him:: Just think about your beer, sex, and a method to get outta here...

T Rainbird: ::smiles:: Come now, sir... what example are you giving the rest of the crew?

CmdStecker: ::enters the medical hut/tent place, looking for Kang::

CptnThorne: How are the patients, doctor?

LtCdrAkira: @::looks up:: Nope...

EnsDuras: @ i still got my spear

Ens Belle: ::here's he has questions and groans.::Sirs..If it would be all right can you just call me

LtjgKiapen: @ I wonder how soft this rock is...

Ens Belle: belle..I would feel alot easier if you did...

T Rainbird: ::ruminates on how glad she is that Brooke told her the Captain was avoiding this::

CptnThorne: ::smiles, and chuckles:: All right, Belle.

CmdStecker: ::looks around, here's voices and moves in that direction::

LtCdrAkira: @try it... I'll look for some other ways out... must be a way through the buildings...

Ens Belle: The patients are doing pretty good:: motions to Steck that Kang is across the room::

LtCdrAkira: @don't worry I'll come back for yah... ::smiles::

T Rainbird: <<when in doubt, blame it on Brooke!>>

LtjgKiapen: @::nods, and picks up some sort of metal rod::

T Rainbird: ::smiles:: Alright, Belle..

LtjgKiapen: @::begins ramming it into the rock::

Cdr MaryJo: ::continues looking at the glyphs::wondering how John's search

Cdr MaryJo: party is going for Akira and the others::

CmdStecker: ::sees the Captain and moves as far away from him as possible::

EnsDuras: @:: throws his spear about halfway up::

Cdr MaryJo: <<he said he'd be here>>

Ens Belle: Nothing fatel but it is a good thing I studied primitive medicine at the academy..

LtCdrAkira: @::walks into another building... feels around in the semi-darkness...::

LtjgKiapen: @ Be careful, we dont want to loose that..

CptnThorne: And how are our supplies?

LtjgKiapen: @::finally gets the rock to chip::

CmdStecker: ::walks up to Kang, and notes the telltale signs of a Klingon in 

CmdStecker: deep sleep. Smiles and leaves him be::

EnsDuras: @ :: jumps up and grabs the spear and pulls himself up::

Ens Belle: ::glances the Captain:: Well we are runnignlow on some things and other things we are out of

T Rainbird: <<anyone know how one goes about joining another ship w/o doing the newbie applic. thing?>>

LtCdrAkira: @::sees something...:: what's this...

LtjgKiapen: @::laughs:; You still have about 20 feet to go...

LtjgKiapen: @ Come on, lets go find Akira...this wont work

CptnThorne: Any chance of replenishment?

T Rainbird: Brooke and I can replenish some of the supplies with native herbs, but not everything.

EnsDuras: @ ::spear breaks falls down hard::

CmdStecker: ::retraces her steps:: Thank you, Doctor. ::nods and continues moving::

Ens Belle: I have been improvising..I hope that didn't hurt?::begins to probe his leg gently

LtjgKiapen: @ You ok?

CptnThorne: Ow!

Ens Belle: ::nods to Steker::

EnsDuras: @ ::curses real loud:: yeah, i'm fine

CptnThorne: Away from the leg, please, it's fine.

T Rainbird: ::calms the captain down, seeing him about to rise and leave::

LtCdrAkira: @::runs out:: Hey! ::finds them:: I think I know how to get outta here...

LtjgKiapen: @ What did you find?

LtjgKiapen: @::lends Duras an arm to get up::

EnsDuras: @ i found how to hurt myself

Ens Belle: Sorry...Well you are going to need a more through examinsation of your leg sir...

Cdr MaryJo: ::continues looking at the glyphs::thinking how similar some of

Cdr MaryJo: them look to ancient earth civilizations::

CptnThorne: ::Stands:: There's no time.

LtCdrAkira: @::looks at Duras:: What happened?  You guys try to climb up?

EnsDuras: @ ::grabs her hand and pulls himself up::

CmdStecker: ::walks back outside, and goes to the food and water area, 

CmdStecker: takes enough rations for her and Mary, signs her name, and 

CmdStecker: walks back to the stone::

LtjgKiapen: @::laughs:: Yeah, Duras thought he'd give it a shot..

CmdStecker: Here.. It ist not much, but it vill have to do. 

CptnThorne: ACTION> As if they were sneaking in, clouds slowly start to darken the sky.

Ens Belle: Okay...if want ..your leg could fall off though...::glances to Tempest with a smile on her :

T Rainbird: Sit down, Captain.

CptnThorne: Fall off??

T Rainbird: Tell me what you want for the status reports and I'll do it.

LtjgKiapen: @ ::sees the sky above darken::

EnsDuras: @ my spear broke and i fell

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks up at the darkening sky::

CmdStecker: ::looks up at the overcast sky:: Ja, this ist just vhat ve need. 

T Rainbird: You heard the good doctor. Surely you aren't questioning her.

LtCdrAkira: @::nods::

T Rainbird: ::winks at Belle::

LtjgKiapen: @ Uh-oh...looks like rain.  You dont think this will flood, do you?

CptnThorne: Umm... no.

LtCdrAkira: @::looks up and sees it getting darker...:: 

CptnThorne: ::sits::

Ens Belle: ::nods her head:: Sure especially if it isn't treated right..Gangreen can set in and WHAM

EnsDuras: @ i sure hope not

LtCdrAkira: @what the heck?

Cdr MaryJo: ::frowns::wondering if Peter is taking good care of

Cdr MaryJo: Christopher::bends her head down to look at the stone again::

Ens Belle: your leg is gone

T Rainbird: Now, Captain, if you'll tell me what you want from these reports, I'll do it for you.

CptnThorne: Counselor, check with all the projects and get reports for me.

EnsDuras: @ rain is the last thing we need

CmdStecker: Look at that, Mary.  Look at the vind that ist in those clouds. 

CmdStecker: This ist a bad storm forming.. 

Cdr MaryJo: I know...::sighs::

T Rainbird: <<What? Rain is the last thing you need? Who's talking about me> <eg>>>

LtCdrAkira: @Come on I'll show you what I found...

Ens Belle: Leg today , gone tommorrow.::smiles at hte joke she just made.::

LtjgKiapen: @ ick... mudslides, tornadoes, thunder and lightning...

LtCdrAkira: @::runs back into the room...::

Cdr MaryJo: and John is still out there with a search party...looking for Akira and his party

T Rainbird: All right, Captain. Now you co-operate with Belle, hear?

LtjgKiapen: @::follows::

CptnThorne: ::frowns at the joke:: Just do what ye must.

LtCdrAkira: @::in the building::

T Rainbird: ::smiles at Belle, winks, and exits the small medical hut::

LtjgKiapen: @::Steps in cautiously:: 

EnsDuras: @ ::follows Akira::

LtjgKiapen: @::waits for eyes to adjust;:

Ens Belle: Sorry sir..ok..just sit tight got to find something...

LtjgKiapen: @So, what is it?

EnsDuras: @ yeah, ditto

Ens Belle: ::looks around for some old bread she had lying around the medical hut::

T Rainbird: ::attempts to find Mary::

LtCdrAkira: @There are metal parts here... picks up a propeller...

T Rainbird: Commander Young?

LtCdrAkira: @<put some :: :: around that last part>

CmdStecker: ::nods:: John vill be fine.. I vouldn't vorry. 

Cdr MaryJo: Kristi...what do you make of this glyph?  ::points::

LtjgKiapen: @ holy cow... no way! ::laughs:: 

LtCdrAkira: @I think we can build a helicopter and get one person out...

Cdr MaryJo: I know..but you know me...I still worry.

EnsDuras: @ what, i can't see

Ens Belle: ::Begins muttering to herself:: I remember putting it there.....::spots it::

T Rainbird: ::remembers the name change:: Oh... Commander Keane? ::stands behind Mary, patiently::

LtjgKiapen: @ ::looks at Akira like he is crazy:: You think all the parts are here?

CptnThorne: ::grumbles, then looks at the sky, furrows his brow::

CmdStecker: ::looks at it:: I don't know. It's repeated on several of the 

CmdStecker: stones in several different places.. 

Ens Belle: Ahh there it is::picks up the moldy bread and goes back to hte captain::

LtCdrAkira: @we're scientists and engineers! we can make anything! 

LtCdrAkira: @::smiles::

Cdr MaryJo: I know...::turns to see Tempest::  Yes...?

LtjgKiapen: @ Not to mention the problem of fuel

LtCdrAkira: @Human powered... 

CmdStecker: ::looks up at the Counselor::

T Rainbird: The Captain asked me to get status reports on everyone's efforts. Have you had any luck with

Cdr MaryJo: <<make a giant rubberband, Kiapen>>

EnsDuras: @ i'm just a scientist

Ens Belle: ::holds the bread out to him:: Please eat some of this...

T Rainbird: the glyphs? And how's the science department faring in its endeavors?

LtjgKiapen: @ Helicopters are fairly compex machines... 

EnsDuras: @ ditto

LtjgKiapen: @ What if some of the parts are broken?  we had a hard enough time

CptnThorne: ::Stands:: Belle, there's a bad storm coming...

T Rainbird: ::smiles at Stecker:: Good morning, Commander.

LtjgKiapen: @ finding stuff to burn to keep us warm last night..

Cdr MaryJo: the science department is trying to keep people from eating

Cdr MaryJo: poisonous food...and making sure they have enough::

Ens Belle: Sit down sir..they are handling it...

T Rainbird: ::nods:: How are we faring with the food supplies?

Cdr MaryJo: and no...we've been trying...but haven't figured out the glyphs yet..

CmdStecker: ::nods:: Good morning, Counselor.. No, no luck vith the 

CptnThorne: ::sits, warily:::

LtCdrAkira: @Allright... fine, maybe it's just me... but we can at least use this propellor for somethin

CmdStecker: glyphs.. No luck at all.. :gets angry at the offensive rock::

LtCdrAkira: g

LtjgKiapen: @maybe we should try for something simpler... maybe a ladder

T Rainbird: <<when in doubt, blame an inanimate object, eh, Stecker?>>

Cdr MaryJo: there's plenty...thanks to a small valley we discovered yesterday..

LtjgKiapen: @ yeah, once we get back to camp

Cdr MaryJo: all good food and edible...

T Rainbird: Wondeful. I'm sure the Captain will be pleased to know that.

Ens Belle: Now please sir eat this ::breaks off a piece of bread and hands it to him::

LtCdrAkira: @We're pretty deep down for a ladder...

EnsDuras: @ i'm with Naika

LtjgKiapen: @ Well, as you said, were scientists and engineers!

CptnThorne: ::chews it, grimaces::

Ens Belle: ::looks at his leg again ::Boy I better grow some more fast...

EnsDuras: @ well then theres the three of us

CptnThorne: What is this!

Ens Belle: Moldy bread...

T Rainbird: ::finds the leader of the shelter construction and notes that all foes well and that minor

T Rainbird: wind-damage is being repared::

CptnThorne: ::spits it out::

Ens Belle: Or better known as Penicilin

Ens Belle: Eat it...it is medicine...

T Rainbird: ::returns to the medical hut where the Captain is receiving his ministrations::

T Rainbird: ::looks at a half-chewed piece of moldy bread::

LtCdrAkira: @We're 100 ft down... 

Ens Belle: ::turns to Tempest:: Tell him to teat the bread...

LtjgKiapen: @ If we can make it up past the rock bed, we can start climbing, and making foot holds

T Rainbird: ::opts not to ask::

RDE 454: <<When's Brooke coming?>>

LtCdrAkira: @Building a one man helicopter back is to long...

T Rainbird: Sir, now, Belle knows what she's doing. If she wants you to eat the bread, it's best you do

T Rainbird: so.

CmdStecker: <RDE, there's a sim going on. Please don't interrupt. Thanks! :) >

LtCdrAkira: @::snaps fingers:: scaffolding?!

T Rainbird: <<Dunno. Later.>>

CptnThorne: ::takes another bite, scowls, swallows::

RDE 454: <<Sorry!!!!!>>

Ens Belle: ::smiles::sir ...I have had this type of training before..believe me...

LtjgKiapen: @ yeah, that would work fine

EnsDuras: @ u got a scaffle

T Rainbird: ::supresses a chuckle at the Captain's expression::

LtCdrAkira: @::feels around:: There's some metal pipes...

T Rainbird: What's the prognosis, Belle?

Ens Belle: Now how about a sharp rock?  Begins to mumble to herself...

CmdStecker: ::feels the wind start to whip up:: 

LtCdrAkira: @How the hell did these people get up there!?

Ens Belle: The leg isn't broken just seriously infected...

LtjgKiapen: @ ::nods:: and we can use the stuff they used for the flooring to put between stacks

LtCdrAkira: <Hey Brooke>

Ens Belle: <<Brooke!!!>>

BrookeDoln: <<Hey everyone!!!>>

T Rainbird: <<Speak of the devil... Heya Brooke!>>

LtjgKiapen: @ Maybe they didnt...

Cdr MaryJo: Kristi...we need to get out of here...and into the shelters..

RDE 454: <<Jolan tru Brooke!>>

PrJazmin9: <::waves to Brooke::>

LtjgKiapen: @ we could look for a stairwell, but it might be as tretchurous as this by now

Ens Belle: <<is much relieved her boss is here>>

T Rainbird: ::turns to Brooke:: Belle here has been treating the Captain's leg.

CmdStecker: Ja.. ::looks around for some crewmen:: Get everyone into the 

CmdStecker: shelters, immediately.. This storm ist going to be a bad one. 

T Rainbird: She's done a great job of cajoling him.

T Rainbird: ::whispered that so the cpt didn't hear::

CmdStecker: ::back to Mary:: Ve can leave the stones here.. Nothing vill 

CmdStecker: happen to them.. Unfortunately. 

BrookeDoln: ::quickly jumps into her costume and looks for her tape 

BrookeDoln: mark, tosses her script to one side::

LtjgKiapen: @ This stuff is good though..we can come back and look for computer chips, a radio or 

LtjgKiapen: something

LtCdrAkira: @or we could just sit here and wait...

Ens Belle: ::smiles at Tempest and Brooke: then goes back to cutting the pant leg away from his leg::

LtCdrAkira: @::nods:: if they even have that advanced technology.

CptnThorne: ::winces::

LtjgKiapen: @::looks at Akira:: I never would have thought those words would come from your mouth

EnsDuras: @ jIwuQ

LtjgKiapen: @ If they have helicopters, they probably have radios

LtCdrAkira: @You'll never know what I say... ::smiles::

Cdr MaryJo: ::nods at Stecker...

Ens Belle: ::mumb;es ::sorry::goes back to work though::

BrookeDoln: ::looks over Belle's shoulder:: Nice work, Doctor. And 

BrookeDoln: make sure give him our "special" treatment. ;-)

Cdr MaryJo: Let's get back to camp...I need to get Christopher...and get inside..

T Rainbird: Oh, Brooke... ::grins::

LtCdrAkira: @Da Vinci thought of things like helicopters but no radios...

Cdr MaryJo: I'm not feeling too well..

Ens Belle: ::glances up to Brooke and raises her brow:: THE special treatment?

LtjgKiapen: @yes, but he didnt have working modles...

CptnThorne: ::glares:: Please hurry this up... we may have a problem brewing.

Ens Belle: ::pulls the pangt leg off::

LtjgKiapen: @ Im assuming this one once worked

BrookeDoln: ::smiles:: Why not? You've more than gotten your feet wet around here, after all.

CmdStecker: ::watches as the wind knocks over a partially built structure.::

LtCdrAkira: @even though he never designed it... 

Ens Belle: Umm..sir you may want to lie down for this...

Cdr MaryJo: Kristi...let's go!!

LtjgKiapen: @::begins getting materials together to build::

T Rainbird: ::grins and chuckles:: You two are awful!

Ens Belle: OK boss...

BrookeDoln: ::frowns and sobers up:: Here, let me give you a hand, Belle. ::examines Thorne's leg::

CptnThorne: ::feels the wind::  Belle... we don't have time for this.

Ens Belle: What do you think::to Brooke::

CptnThorne: ::gets up and looks at the sky::

LtCdrAkira: @What're we building? scaffold?

CmdStecker: ::grabs Mary's arm:: Perhaps ve should move to the caves up 

CmdStecker: there? ::points to the rocky area::

LtjgKiapen: @ Something like that

Ens Belle: Sit down sir...

LtjgKiapen: @ Unless you have another great idea

Cdr MaryJo: You mean the entire camp?

BrookeDoln: ::sighs:: I think if he can walk, it's fine for right now. Or if he can hobble, I suppose.

EnsDuras: @ as long as we get out, i don't care what we do

LtjgKiapen: @ ::yawns::

LtCdrAkira: @::feels some cloth...:: What's this... ::pulls it out...::

CptnThorne: ACTION> The wind increases, the sky is now totally 

CmdStecker: Ja.. If this vind keeps up, it could knock all of the shelters 

CptnThorne: dark, and one large drop of rain falls... leaving a pink 

CmdStecker: down. People vill be injured.. 

Ens Belle: ::looks to Brooke::CAn we relieve him of duty?

CptnThorne: splotch on the ground in front of Thorne.

BrookeDoln: Apparently we've got more important matters to worry about. ::points at sky:: Ugh.

CptnThorne: Quite, Belle!

Cdr MaryJo: All right...let's inform everyone...

LtjgKiapen: @::looks up at the sky:: 

CmdStecker: Get people moving.  I'll start moving them on this side. 

CptnThorne: ::looks down at the pink rain::

Cdr MaryJo: All right...

CptnThorne: Get everyone to the caves, NOW!

Cdr MaryJo: ::goes from hut to hut...telling people to get to the caves:::

LtjgKiapen: @ or maybe we should wait until the rain passes...

LtCdrAkira: @What's going on?

Ens Belle: ::looks down to the ground:: Ooohhh Pretty...

BrookeDoln: ::shakes her head at Belle:: Now's not the time. I'd say 

BrookeDoln: we have to get the hell away from this -- whatever it is.

Cdr MaryJo: ::has the science crew gather up as much of the food as they can carry::

CptnThorne: ACTION> Large drops of the pink rain start to fall.

LtCdrAkira: @::looks up:: Yeah... that's would be good... ::pink splotch just misses him...::

T Rainbird: ::nods and follows Brooke's lead::

T Rainbird: Problem with beautiful places...

LtCdrAkira: @Let's get shelter...

EnsDuras: @ hears the sounds of people runnig into the caves::

Ens Belle: ::smiles..::ok..but he better eat the bread for at least 7 days...

CmdStecker: ::runs up to him:: I already did that, Kapitan.. Some of the 

LtjgKiapen: @ ::gets hit in the head with the pink rain..doesnt see its pink::

CmdStecker: crew are not in the base camp.. 

LtjgKiapen: @::nods:: alright

EnsDuras: @ do u hear that!?

LtCdrAkira: @::runs back into the buildings...::

CmdStecker: ::sees Peter run toward the caves with two babies::

Ens Belle: ::runs over to Kang and tries to wake him up::

LtCdrAkira: @yeah it's raining...

CptnThorne: I'm aware of that.  

LtjgKiapen: @ ::looks up at it some more, intriguied::

BrookeDoln: ::grimaces at the pink splotches decorating her clothing, 

BrookeDoln: yells to Tempest and Belle:: Let's go!!!

T Rainbird: ::helps Belle to carry Kang should it become necessary::

Cdr MaryJo: ::runs up to the captain::  Sir...John and some of Security are still

Cdr MaryJo: out looking for Akira and all...

CmdStecker: ::mutters something that he can't hear:: 

EnsDuras: @ no not that

LtCdrAkira: @then what?

CmdStecker: ::moves away from him and talks to three large crewmen:::

LtjgKiapen: @::turns and walks over to where Akira is hiding::

EnsDuras: @ sounds like someone running

BrookeDoln: ::flexes her giant muscles and picks Kang up, slinging 

Ens Belle: Mr. Kang...Wake up I got to get you out of here..::struggles to pick him up::

BrookeDoln: him over her shoulder:: Let a real woman handle this, 

BrookeDoln: girls.

CptnThorne: There's no way we can get to them, Mary.... and I heard that, Stecker.

EnsDuras: @ or some people

LtCdrAkira: @::leans against the wall...:: I can here it...

T Rainbird: ::smiles at Brooke, then helps her with the weight::

Ens Belle: ::steps back::...Thanks ...

CmdStecker: ::turns:: Vhat did you hear, sir? 

LtjgKiapen: @ what?

LtjgKiapen: @ the rain?

Cdr MaryJo: ::swallows::hard::  Yes sir...::turns away::

LtCdrAkira: @Lean your ear against the wall...

CptnThorne: More of your disrespect, that's what... now go to the cave.  Now.

LtjgKiapen: @::leans over:: 

LtCdrAkira: @There's vibration... something's moving...

Ens Belle: ::notices something and begins toward it...

CptnThorne: ::hobbles away, toward some of the other shelters:;

LtjgKiapen: @ I dont hear anything

Cdr MaryJo: ::fear fills her heart::as she begins walking to the caves::

BrookeDoln: ::grunts:: Oomph. This guy weighs a ton!

LtCdrAkira: @I saw some large ass slugs... might be them...

LtjgKiapen: @::leans again:: yeah... alright

LtjgKiapen: @ Some what??

CmdStecker: Vhere are you going? The caves are in the other direction, Kapitan. 

LtCdrAkira: @slugs... we found one, but could be anything...

CptnThorne: Did I ask you?

EnsDuras: @ HIghoS and listen

CptnThorne: ::continues toward the shelters:

BrookeDoln: <<Ass slugs, everyone knows what those are, Kiapen!!!>>

CmdStecker: Fine, stay out here und rot. 

LtjgKiapen: @ more likely the ground moving as it absorbs the rain... look, the ground is already soaked

LtjgKiapen: over there

T Rainbird: <<slugs? Didn't you lie in one, Brooke?>>

LtjgKiapen: <<LOL Brooke!>>

Ens Belle: ::is drenched but doesn't notice it..continues toward the other side of the camp::

PrJazmin9: <::laughs::>

CptnThorne: ::::gets to his shelter, ensures that Jaina has Sarah:;

BrookeDoln: ::heads for the caves with Kang weighing her down and Tempest following behind::

CmdStecker: ::grabs her weapon before she enters, looks to make sure 

LtCdrAkira: @::watches some rocks fall...::

CmdStecker: her security detail has weapons as well::

LtjgKiapen: @::turns around, hearing them crash::

T Rainbird: ::follows Brooke::

Cdr MaryJo: ::turns and goes back toward the shelter::getting something she forgot::

T Rainbird: <<got distracted there for a second...>>

LtjgKiapen: @ We better get out of here...

EnsDuras: @ oh crap

LtCdrAkira: @Maybe we should run?

CmdStecker: ::waits outside of the caves, won't enter until the rest of the crew has::

LtjgKiapen: @::starts moving away from the hole::

LtjgKiapen: @::nods, and takes off::

LtCdrAkira: @::runs...::

CptnThorne: ACTION> The wind starts to drive the rain harder, 

CptnThorne: almost horizontal...  and things start to fly.n

Ens Belle: ::she sees the horizon and begins to run toward the shelters screaming :: Tornados...

Cdr MaryJo: ::is torn about whether to go and find John...or to go to the caves::

T Rainbird: I have one girl with a fear of rain, and at least two known claustrophibics...

EnsDuras: @ :: starts running::

T Rainbird: ::muttering to self::

LtCdrAkira: @::grabs Kaipen and Duras and pulls them back, because the ceiling starts to fall...::

BrookeDoln: ::makes it to the caves, yells to Stecker:: Commander! Gimme a hand!!

CptnThorne: ::ensures that his family is safe, moves as fast as he can toward the caves::

Ens Belle: ::realizes she is too far from the caves to make it in time::

CmdStecker: ::assists Dr. Dolan::

LtjgKiapen: @ ::yelps:: Jesus!!  ...we gotta get out of here!

CptnThorne: ::which is about walking speed:;

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks off in the direction of the search party::

LtCdrAkira: @::pushes them back and falls back::

T Rainbird: Doctor Dolan? Do you want my help?

LtCdrAkira: @::large rocks fall all around him...::

Ens Belle: ::notices something to her right and she begins runnign toward it::

LtjgKiapen: @ Akira??!!

CmdStecker: ::motions for one of the security guards to take over and 

CmdStecker: assist Dr. Dolan:: Here, I have something I need to do. 

EnsDuras: @ oh boy is this fun

CmdStecker: ::heads back toward the camp::

LtCdrAkira: @Ahh!!! 

LtjgKiapen: @ Oh hell... ::waits for the rocks to stop falling, and then begins digging him out::

LtjgKiapen: @ Akira??!  You ok??

EnsDuras: <::takes drink of Wine Cooler::>

T Rainbird: ::mutters "Doctor Dolan? Why didn't I just call her Brooke?"::

CptnThorne: ::bent over against the rain::

LtCdrAkira: @::looks around...:: I'm trapped between a rock and hard place!!! How's that?

BrookeDoln: ::pawns the massive Klingon off onto a sec. officer:: No thanks ... Lieutenant Rainbird.

Cdr MaryJo: ::heads back toward the caves::knowing John is a smart man...and

Cdr MaryJo: can take care of himself and those under his command:::

CmdStecker: ::looks around for anyone left in the camp, sees someone that resembles a drowned rat::

LtCdrAkira: @::pushes a hand out:: Help!!! ::waves hand::

T Rainbird: ::nods, begins to calm a distraught officer::

Ens Belle: ::finally reaches a grove of trees and she gets down and hugs a trunk::

LtjgKiapen: @ ::finds Akira:: Gesus you lucky... ::grabs the hand and begins to dig::

EnsDuras: @ over there

EnsDuras: @ ::helps Kiapen::

CptnThorne: ::moving slowly since he's trying to walk against the wind::

LtjgKiapen: @ Can you feel your toes, Akira?

CmdStecker: ::runs up to the drowned rat:: If you don't move faster, 

CmdStecker: crewman, you von't survive this storm!!! ::yelling because of 

CmdStecker: the wind::

LtCdrAkira: @Hopefully we'll get luck two more times...

Ens Belle: ::holds onto the trunk with all the strength she can muster::

Cdr MaryJo: ::bent over double::fighting against the wind::headed for the caves::

LtCdrAkira: @Now that you mention it... my other arm aches like hell...

BrookeDoln: ::panting, wipes herself off in the shelter of the caves:: Ew. What IS this stuff?!

LtjgKiapen: @ ::pulls Akira out:: ::feels his legs and arms for broken bones::

Ens Belle: :;begins praying to God or any God ::

LtjgKiapen: @::nods:: Its broken.

LtCdrAkira: @::feels the rain hitting him...::

CmdStecker: ::looks around for anyone else:: 

LtjgKiapen: @ Come on, lets move before the rest of them begin to fall too

LtjgKiapen: @::looks up and sees sky...but its so dark::

CmdStecker: ::sees someone latched onto a tree, runs, sort of, up to the tree::

CptnThorne: ::grits his teeth against the pain and keeps up::

LtjgKiapen: @::feels the wind::

BrookeDoln: ::stares back out of the cave, straining to see if there 

BrookeDoln: are crew who need help making it to safety::

LtCdrAkira: @::nods:: let's go...

Ens Belle: ::closes her eyes and begins to sing so she won't be scared::

LtjgKiapen: @ ::helps Akira up, and walks against the wall of the cave::

LtCdrAkira: @::arm is still in pain...::

EnsDuras: @ ::follows::

LtCdrAkira: @::follows::

CmdStecker: ::tugs on Belle's arm:: Come on. I vill help you!!

CptnThorne: ::can't see too well because of the flying rain, tries to make out the caves::

LtjgKiapen: @ That rain sure does taste funny...

BrookeDoln: ::decides that her fellow officers are more important than 

BrookeDoln: pink stains on her uniform, dashes out into the storm::

Cdr MaryJo: ::gets closer::notices the captain walking::comes up behind him::

Cdr MaryJo: Sir!  Need some help?

Ens Belle: ::unlatches the tree and is being pulled by her XO::

LtCdrAkira: @Tastes better than that mold...

T Rainbird: ::watches Brooke dash out into the rain, and figures trouble likes company::

CptnThorne: ::nods to whoever just said that, can't see::

EnsDuras: @ i ain't tasting anything else

LtjgKiapen: @ ::laughs:: Alright, its getting too dark... 

EnsDuras: @ the last thing i ate, made me sick

T Rainbird: What the heck... ::follows Brooke out into the torrential rains::

LtCdrAkira: @::chuckles:: 

Cdr MaryJo: ::puts her arm around him for support::walking along with him toward the cave::

LtjgKiapen: @ We cant go blindly out there... we'll wait until the sun comes back out

Ens Belle: ::yells in th edirection of Stecker::Tornados...

LtCdrAkira: @::winces in pain...:: Dammit don't make me laugh!

CptnThorne: ::grateful for the help, was about to collapse::

BrookeDoln: ::hugs herself to keep out the chilling "rain," struggles to run against the gales::

LtjgKiapen: @ Duras, you want to help me set this? or should we wait?

CmdStecker: Ja, so ve had better hurry. 

Cdr MaryJo: Sir...put your arm around my neck...

LtjgKiapen: @ ::holds Akira's arm::

CptnThorne: ::does so:: Who's there?

Ens Belle: ::begins running toward the caves::

LtCdrAkira: @::looks up:: At least the wind isn't that bad...

Cdr MaryJo: Commander Keane...

EnsDuras: @ i'll help u

T Rainbird: LLcatches site of a strange form in the midst of the rain, a slight darkness cast against

Cdr MaryJo: We're almost there sir...

BrookeDoln: :suddenly realizes she's lost her AMO:: Damn! Belle!! 

T Rainbird: the light glowing on the streaming waters::

BrookeDoln: Where are you!!! ::calling uselessly into the storm::

LtjgKiapen: @::nods:: hold Akira so he doesnt jerk the arm away

CptnThorne: Mary?? Bless you, Commander... I wasn't going to make it...

Ens Belle: ::struggles againds the wind::

T Rainbird: ::moves toward it, fighting to keep her limbs in motion and not bowed by the heavy gusts of

T Rainbird: wind::

Cdr MaryJo: ::smiles::  Glad I was there to help sir..you need to get that leg treated..

EnsDuras: @ k ::holds Akira's arm::

LtCdrAkira: @::sees the cloth in the distance between the rain::

Cdr MaryJo: Fifty more feet sir..

LtjgKiapen: @ Just relax, sir..we'll be done in a second

CmdStecker: ::gets closer to the caves with Belle:: Ve're almost there.. Not much farther. 

Ens Belle: ::notices her boss runnigntoward her:: Over here...

LtCdrAkira: @::nods, relaxes::

T Rainbird: ::seizes upon the form, moving it so that the face is apparent:: Oh my God...

LtjgKiapen: @::quickly pops the bones back together::

LtCdrAkira: @::winces hard, tears come to eyes, grits teeth, wishes he had a bullet::

T Rainbird: ::seizes up the form in a terrified burst of strength and barrels back through the gales

T Rainbird: toward the cave::

CptnThorne: Too far... ::almost to the point of tears from the pain::

BrookeDoln: ::sighs with relief:: Thank G-d!!! Belle!!! Commander!!! 

BrookeDoln: This way, hurry!!! The storm's getting worse!!!

LtjgKiapen: @ There we go... its done... you ok?

T Rainbird: ::stumbles on a wet rock, and is cast to the ground, trying to manipulate herself so that

Cdr MaryJo: 20 feet sir...you can do it..

LtCdrAkira: @::nods:: I'm fine, get that cloth over there... we can use it as a canopy...

T Rainbird: the form in her arms is protected from contact with the ground::

Cdr MaryJo: ::yelling in his ear::

Ens Belle: ::begins worry about the others:: What about the others ??

LtCdrAkira: @It's sticking out from the rocks...

CptnThorne: ::the leg buckles beneath him::  Dammit!!!

CmdStecker: The Kapitan und Commander Keane are still out there.. Ve 

CmdStecker: passed them, though. They're not to far behind. 

LtjgKiapen: @::gets it:: ::tears off a piece to use as a sling::

T Rainbird: ::stumbles to her feet, and keeps the slight form in her arms, noting how much thinner it is

LtjgKiapen: @ I wonder where this came from... it should have deteriorated years ago

BrookeDoln: You two get to the caves, Belle, I need you to look after Kang, okay?

T Rainbird: then healthy and wincing internally:: How did I let it get this far...

Ens Belle: ::nods numbly::

LtCdrAkira: @::shrugs:: Yeah... I should have...

CmdStecker: ::turns around and tries to see where Mary is::

Cdr MaryJo: ::almost falls when he does::trying to struggle to keep him upright::

LtjgKiapen: @::ties it around Akira's neck:: there you go... you should have what?

BrookeDoln: ::peers through the driving sheets and gusty winds, 

BrookeDoln: sees the Captain and Mary, calls loudly to them::

Cdr MaryJo: ::yelling at people in the cave to come and help::

Ens Belle: ::begins shaking::Where's Tempest?

CmdStecker: ::starts yelling:: Commander Keane? 

T Rainbird: ::tries to fight her way back to the cave, but loses herself in the swirling lights and

BrookeDoln: ::calls over her shoulder to Belle:: She's fine! Go!!!

LtCdrAkira: @::looks up:: I should have realized that when I touched it!

CptnThorne: I can't get... up... ::cries out:: Dammit... 

T Rainbird: water::Damn... where are they...

Ens Belle: ::begins searching for Kang::

LtjgKiapen: @ when you touched what?

CmdStecker: ::runs toward Mary's yell:: 

LtjgKiapen: @ this fabric?  when did you do that?

LtCdrAkira: @When I touched the cloth! 

T Rainbird: ::cradles the limp form in her arms, and staggers toward what appears to be a shelter::

EnsDuras: @ nuqDaq `oH puchpa`` e`

BrookeDoln: Mary!!! Mary!!! This way!!! Follow the sound of my voice!!!

LtCdrAkira: @I found it when we found the metal propellor...

Cdr MaryJo: Sir...someone will be here in a minute to help us..

LtjgKiapen: @ ::raises an eyebrow::

Cdr MaryJo: Brooke!!  The captain's fallen and he can't get up!!

LtCdrAkira: @I can't help to think that this place is fabricated!!

LtCdrAkira: @We're supposed to be able to rebuild with this stuff! New cloth, metal!

CmdStecker: ::sees their faint forms in the rain:: Vell, then ve vill have to pick him up. ::frowns::

LtCdrAkira: @that metal should be rusted but it's pristine!

LtjgKiapen: @ ::nods:: should we go back?

Ens Belle: ::finally finds him and slumps to the ground next ot him crying softly::

T Rainbird: ::stumbles into a small rock formation, shielded from the torrential rains by an overhanging

T Rainbird: of stone, bizarrely man-made::

LtCdrAkira: @This was meant to be a home?!

Cdr MaryJo: ::holding on to the captain...hoping help gets there soon::

LtjgKiapen: @ No... I dotn think so.

T Rainbird: ::sets the limp form down, and turns it on its backside::

Cdr MaryJo: ::knows she doesn't have the strength to move him by herself::

LtjgKiapen: @ I dont know.  Lets go back and check it out.  maybe it has stoped raining

Cdr MaryJo: <<please don't tell me it's a monkey, Tempest>>

LtCdrAkira: @Think about it, it's possible...

CptnThorne: ::tries to stand again, falls, the leg just won't hold weight:;

T Rainbird: <<Nope>>

BrookeDoln: ::makes it to Mary and Blackthorne:: ::sighs:: He should've used his Medical Alert Tag!!!

CmdStecker: ::finds Mary:: Vhat's holding you up? 

T Rainbird: ::wishes like hell she was telepathic::

LtjgKiapen: @ Well, Im not living here.  No way no how

EnsDuras: @ ditto

Cdr MaryJo: Thank goodness, Brooke and Kristi...he can't get up..

BrookeDoln: <<Sorry!!! Sorry!!! Lameass joke!!!>>

Ens Belle: ::notices Kang asleep and still wonders where tempest is::

Cdr MaryJo: We need to get him into <<so was mine I guess>>

Cdr MaryJo: the cave

LtjgKiapen: <<Lol.. I like it Brooke>>

BrookeDoln: ::rolls her eyes and hoists the captain over her shoulder, despite his protests::

T Rainbird: ::considers shouting into the rain for help, but realizes the futility of trying to get

LtCdrAkira: @but you can believe that we were supposed to live here? that someone wanted us to?

T Rainbird: sound to carry through the storm::

LtCdrAkira: @remember I asked if you thought this was a gift?

LtjgKiapen: @ Perhaps.

CmdStecker: ::was going to assist, but decides not to, shrugs and looks at Mary::

CptnThorne: ::is too clouded by pain to protest::

LtjgKiapen: @ But if we are to live here, it will never be my home.  Its still a prison.

EnsDuras: @ I don't see why

LtCdrAkira: @a chance to start over and make things better...

Ens Belle: ::looks to her left away from the crew members and sees a tunnel::

Cdr MaryJo: follows them to the cave..

BrookeDoln: ::begins marching back toward the caves:: 

BrookeDoln: Commanders, I think the Counselor is still out here. Can 

BrookeDoln: one of you try to find her for me?

EnsDuras: @ more of a hell hole to me

LtjgKiapen: @ ::rolls eyes at Akira:: Oh please...

LtCdrAkira: @ Earth was our prision until we found space travel to you know...

BrookeDoln: I'll taking th captain back to the cave.

EnsDuras: @ and thats coming from a Klingon

CmdStecker: Ja, I have nothing else to do.. I'll go find her.. Mary, into the cave. 

BrookeDoln: <<Wow. So THAT'S what happens when I don't look at the keyboard while typing!!!>>

LtjgKiapen: @ ::glares:: Im not going be part of some "save the human race" experiment, if thats what 

LtCdrAkira: @it's that true?

Cdr MaryJo: Kristi...are you sure?

EnsDuras: @ it wasn't my prison

T Rainbird: ::unwinds the tightly bound cloths around the form, exposing pale, sallow flesh to the

T Rainbird: light::

LtjgKiapen: @ you are trying to make this out to be!

CmdStecker: Ja, I am sure.. 

Cdr MaryJo: <<it's a mummy?>>

LtCdrAkira: @I'm not! I'm just interepting what I see...

Cdr MaryJo: All right, Kristi...::walks slowly into the cave::sitting down on a rock::

T Rainbird: <<Patience! <eg> >>

LtjgKiapen: @ And what have you seen??  An empty planet that we have been stranded on 

EnsDuras: @ well maybe we should blind fold u

CmdStecker: ::wanders around in the rain, looking for the Counselor::

LtCdrAkira: @ a city, good metal, unwehtered cloth... food, trees, caves, community...

Ens Belle: ::glances around and shakes her head::

LtjgKiapen: @ somehow, with an ancient city that has a humoungous basement and some materials

LtCdrAkira: @exploration, this ruins...

LtjgKiapen: @ that we know are less then 10 years old, that is all!

T Rainbird: ::brushes away the hair and excess fabric and feels for a pulse or a wound::

CptnThorne: ACTION> The wind and rain pick up to way past 

Ens Belle: ::feels like something is callign to her from deeper in there::

CptnThorne: hurricane force, tornados touch down in the camp, all 

CptnThorne: hell breaks loose. 

T Rainbird: What did you do to yourself? ::runs a maternal hand along the cheek of the form, and down a

LtjgKiapen: @ For all we know, something knocked us all out on the Atlantis, dropped us off on the first

T Rainbird: tail of chestnut hair streaming down her back::

LtjgKiapen: @ M-Class planet they found, and took our ship

T Rainbird: Kathryn...

LtjgKiapen: @ Nothing indicates motives to "give our species a second chance"

EnsDuras: @ thats one hell of a presumption

BrookeDoln: ::swears loudly and vehemently at the sudden increase 

BrookeDoln: in the strom's ire:: . . . ***D'OH!!!!***

T Rainbird: ::quickly realizes that her arm is broken, and that her legs are flecked with purple bruises

Ens Belle: ::gets up slowly..checks Kang and then begins to pick her way toward the tunnel in the back

Ens Belle: of the cave::

LtjgKiapen: @ ::nods:: 

EnsDuras: @ well there motives suck

LtCdrAkira: @::just looks at her:: 

LtjgKiapen: @::angry, frustrated, and tired::

T Rainbird: but that there is no physical explaination for her unconsciousness:

LtCdrAkira: @Maybe...

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks around for Christopher::

LtjgKiapen: @ Come on...::heads back towards the place with the helicopter parts::

CmdStecker: ::realizes that she's probably going to die out here, and 

CmdStecker: regrets that she won't see Ana grow up and that she won't be 

CmdStecker: with Kang anymore::

LtCdrAkira: @Where are you going?

LtjgKiapen: @ Back to our best chance of getting out

T Rainbird: ::feels for a pulse and discovers one running lightly through her veins:: Thank god...

BrookeDoln: ::shuts her eyes to keep out the driving pink sludge and 

BrookeDoln: battles, blindly and wearily, the rest of the way to the 

BrookeDoln: cave::

T Rainbird: it isn't strong. I may still have lost you...

EnsDuras: @ :: follows her::

LtCdrAkira: @::looks at the collapsed buildings::

Ens Belle: ::stops at the mouth of hte Tunnel and turns back to see her crewmates::

Ens Belle: ::then takes off down the tunel::

LtCdrAkira: @There it is, all crushed under the ceiling...

CptnThorne: ::the pain subsides somewhat, since he's not walking on the leg:: Who's there?  

LtCdrAkira: @::looks over, sees that the sinkhole forms a mountain...::

T Rainbird: Damn it... how did I ever let it go this far?

Cdr MaryJo: ::starts trying to clean the stupid pink rain off her::

LtCdrAkira: @::of rumble they can climb out...::

LtjgKiapen: @::turns around, wondering where Akira is...sees what he is looking at::

T Rainbird: Alexander Renaud> ::in caves:: Has anyone seen my daughter?

LtCdrAkira: <rubble rather... :)>

Ens Belle: ::gets a ways down the tunnel and then turns back::

BrookeDoln: ::staggers exhaustedly into the cave and sinks to her 

BrookeDoln: knees, panting:: It's ... me, captain. <pant, pant>

LtjgKiapen: @ holy cow... ::starts laughing maniacally::

CptnThorne: ::blinks his eyes clear of the pinkness:: Doctor Dolan?

LtCdrAkira: @There's a way out... 

BrookeDoln: ::panting:: Damn, boy!!! D'you eat cement for breakfast?!

LtjgKiapen: @::grabs Duras grinning:: Hey, look!

T Rainbird: <note: is anyone IN the caves?>

BrookeDoln: <Yes. Your mother.>

Cdr MaryJo: I am

Ens Belle: <<yes>>

EnsDuras: @ I'm looking!

T Rainbird: <Quiet you! (re: Megs)>

EnsDuras: @ and i see it

CmdStecker: ::is slammed into a rock formation by the wind, and loses conciousness::

LtCdrAkira: @let's go then...

CptnThorne: Thank you.

T Rainbird: Alexander Renaud> ::repeats, in caves:: Has anyone seen my daughter?

LtCdrAkira: @We'll have to brave the storm...

BrookeDoln: <<Things you eat for breakfast. 1) Cement. 2) Your ... ah, never mind.>>

Ens Belle: ::rushes to the front of the caves to where Brooke and the captain are::

LtjgKiapen: @::darts off, jetting up the "mountain"::

T Rainbird: <<MEGS!>>

EnsDuras: @ ::runs up the rocks and climbs out::

LtCdrAkira: @::has a bit of a difficult time climbing the mountain, but manages...::

EnsDuras: @ who cares!

BrookeDoln: <<::giggles madly before clearing her throat and stepping back into character::>>

CptnThorne: Now, get someone to find Stecker... 

LtjgKiapen: @::laughs:: Oh, screw the storm!  Its not going to kill me, not after all this

T Rainbird: Alexander Renaud> Has anyone seen my daughter? ::repeating AGAIN::

BrookeDoln: She should be with Tempest. I'm sure they're fine. They probably made it back by now.

Cdr MaryJo: ::stands up almost staggering with exhaustion::  I'll go and find her...

Ens Belle: ::looks to the captain...::I will go ..I have to find her...

EnsDuras: @ yeah, and plus i'm klingon

LtjgKiapen: @ ::looks down:: Hey, you ok Akira?  Can you climb ok?

LtCdrAkira: @::mud starts to wash over the rubble mountain...::

T Rainbird: Alexander Renaud> ::to Brooke:: With..... Tempest? The counselor?

LtCdrAkira: @I'm managing... watch out!! 

T Rainbird: Alexander Renaud> ::looks upset::

BrookeDoln: Hey, hey, hey. I can only answer so many questions at once here!!!

LtjgKiapen: @::grips the rocks, and lets it wash past her fingers and feet::

BrookeDoln: Belle, stay here, I don't want you going back out there.

EnsDuras: @ where do u think the rest of the crew has gone?

Ens Belle: ::glances to the woman:: Are you okay, ma'am?

LtCdrAkira: @::sits against the rubble and shoves his hand between two rocks to hold on...::

T Rainbird: Alexander Renaud> I'm going out after them.

BrookeDoln: Mary, see if you can find Tempest and Stecker. I'm sure they're not far.

LtjgKiapen: @ ::shrugs:: We'll find them.

LtCdrAkira: @:;watches as it washes over him...::

BrookeDoln: Mr. Renaud, your daughter is in good hands if she's with 

BrookeDoln: the Counselor, I can assure you of that.

EnsDuras: @ u think they headed for the cave

T Rainbird: Alexander Renaud> ::starts up to leave the caves::

Cdr MaryJo: All right Brooke...::stumbles out of the caves::

LtjgKiapen: @::continues climbing, though slower now::

T Rainbird: AlexanderRenaud> ::glares at Brooke, then dashes past her and out of the caves::

LtjgKiapen: @ what cave?

LtCdrAkira: @::mud starts to flow over faster...::

T Rainbird: Alexander Renaud> There's no need for you to go, Commander Keane. ::spits::

Cdr MaryJo: ::frowns as someone runs by her::almost knocking her down::

LtjgKiapen: @::begins to climb faster:: Come on! before it gets too strong

EnsDuras: @ the cave

Ens Belle: ::to the Captian:: sir are you okay?

BrookeDoln: ::recoils in horror at Renaud's behavior:: What the hell 

BrookeDoln: was that?! We're in the middle of a crisis, and that's how 

BrookeDoln: he behaves!?!

T Rainbird: ::bgins ministrations:: Poison... she must have eaten the berries. She knew they were poison

CmdStecker: ::winds up in the caves anyway, because she never really left in the first place::

T Rainbird: ous... good God, if I can't get her to Brooke...

LtCdrAkira: @::finds himself swept up with the mud slide...::

CptnThorne: You remember when you told me that my leg could fall off?   I wish it would.

LtjgKiapen: @::looks down, looking for everyone...cant see anyone though::

EnsDuras: @ remember we were in a cave looking around and then fell in that hole into the water

LtjgKiapen: @ Duras!! Akira!! Hey, where are you?

Ens Belle: ::smiles slightly::Oh sir..I was just joking...

LtCdrAkira: @Kiapen! ::the mud blocks the sound...::

T Rainbird: Alexander Renaud> ::manages miraculously to find Tempest::

CptnThorne: Well, it would hurt a lot less.

T Rainbird: Alexander Renaud> Get your hands off my daughter!

LtCdrAkira: @::washed into the underground city again...

EnsDuras: @ ::standing on the surface:: i'm right here

BrookeDoln: <<Woo Hoo!!! Let's hear it for good ol' ST magic, Tempest!!!>>

LtjgKiapen: @::goes back down, trying not to be swept down:: I'll go find Akira...

BrookeDoln: ::represses a smile:: Captain, I have something that will make you feel much better.

T Rainbird: ::shields Kathryn:: Mr. Renaud, go back to the caves.

Ens Belle: Let me check you  sir...

LtjgKiapen: @Ok Duras?

BrookeDoln: <<Don't even say it, Jazmin!!!>>

T Rainbird: Alexander Renaud> I TOLD you to get your hands off my daughter!

EnsDuras: @ ok, yell if u need help

PrJazmin9: <LOL!>

T Rainbird: <<LOL Brooke!>>

LtjgKiapen: @::nods:: thanks

CptnThorne: :::raises an eyebrow at Brooke::

T Rainbird: <<{S megsbed}>>

LtjgKiapen: @::slips and slides down::

Ens Belle: <<NOt even gonna ask!!>>

BrookeDoln: <<::smacks the crap outta her::>>

LtjgKiapen: @ Akira!! ::filthy now, looking like some sort of monster::

Ens Belle: ::take sthe Captains wrist to take his pulse::

LtjgKiapen: Akira??

LtCdrAkira: @Kiapen!!

CptnThorne: <<No comment... ::innocent looks::>>

T Rainbird: ::picks up Kathryn, gauges the distance, and starts desperately into the rain::

LtCdrAkira: @::holding onto a pillar of sorts...::

BrookeDoln: ::hands the Captain a small packet of medicinal herbs:: 

BrookeDoln: Take this. It tastes foul, but it'll ease the pain.

LtjgKiapen: @::hears him and rushes over:: Come on!  We have to hurry or we'll neer make it

T Rainbird: AlexanderRenaud> ::grabs at Tempest, trying to stop her::

CptnThorne: Thank you, Doctor.

Ens Belle: ::grins:: It's better than moldy bread sir...

T Rainbird: Alexander Renaud> Get your hands off my daughter.

Cdr MaryJo: ::wonders where Kristi is::sees Tempest with Renaud::

LtCdrAkira: @::nods::

CptnThorne: :::laughs, slightly::

EnsDuras: @ can u see him!?

LtjgKiapen: @::walks against the high current holding onto Akira towards the mountain::

CptnThorne: ::eats the herbs, almost gags::

BrookeDoln: ::grins wickedly::

T Rainbird: ::struggles out into the rain, TEmpest clasped in her arms:: Commander Keane!

CmdStecker: ::Kristi is back in the caves because she never left. It was all a tragic mistake::

Cdr MaryJo: Tempest  ::staggers up to her::  What is going on?

LtCdrAkira: @::the current is moving quickly in the opposite direction...::

Cdr MaryJo: <<ohhh...okay>>

Ens Belle: ::smiles at his laugh :: MAybe not::notices his gagging look on is face::

T Rainbird: ::breathes heavily:: Get back to the caves! We have to go!

LtCdrAkira: @::moves with her...::

T Rainbird: ::clings to Kathryn::

BrookeDoln: Now, keep off of that leg until this storm dies down and I 

BrookeDoln: can have a proper look. I'm going to perform some minor 

BrookeDoln: triage here. Belle, you're with me.

T Rainbird: Alexander Renaud> ::barrells after Tempest and Mary, completely out of reason::

LtjgKiapen: @::fighs hard:: Come on...::steps hard:: just a few more feet..::steps hard again::

CptnThorne: ::manages to sit up:

BrookeDoln: <<Now just how does THAT work, Stecker??>>

T Rainbird: I have more then reason to think he's been abusing her. We have to get back!

Ens Belle: Gotch ya Boss...

T Rainbird: ::struggles into the rain, desperate, frantic, clawing her way over the terrain::

Cdr MaryJo: ::steps between Tempest and Renaud::  Go, Tempest!  Now..

LtCdrAkira: @::steps hard:: Come on... come on... ::grips the rock and pulls himself up...::

CmdStecker: <Don't know, and to be honest, I don't care.. I never left. I'm just sitting there>

LtCdrAkira: @Duras! Come on help us!

LtjgKiapen: @ Take off that sling..your going to need your other arm...

Ens Belle: ::glances out of the cave ad sees Tempest::

T Rainbird: ::in a burst of adrenaline manages to claw her way through the rain, and toward the caves::

EnsDuras: <alright i got another wine cooler!>

Ens Belle: ::tugs on Brookes arm:: SIr...

BrookeDoln: <<::grins:: Now THAT'S some neat-o editing!!!>>

LtCdrAkira: @::takes off the sling, uses the arm, in great pain...::

EnsDuras: @ ok, i coming

T Rainbird: ::throws herself into the cave, and rapidly loses her energy::

EnsDuras: @ slides down the rock slide::

Cdr MaryJo: ::Renaud barrels right over the top of Mary::knocking her to the ground::

BrookeDoln: ::smiles at Belle:: Doctor will suffice, Ensign.

LtjgKiapen: @::waves to Duras, hold onto the rocks hard::

T Rainbird: ::has the presence of mind to lower Kathryn's limp form to the ground::

Ens Belle: ::shakes her head:: No sir...Tempest...

CptnThorne: ::drags himself over to a wall, sits against it::

T Rainbird: ::gasping, panting:: Doctor! She needs a Doctor!

LtCdrAkira: @::climbs a little more upward...::

BrookeDoln: In fact, if you'd like you can call me -- ::gasps:: Oh my 

BrookeDoln: G-d!!!! ::runs to Tempest:: Oh my G-d!!!

LtjgKiapen: @::grabs Duras as he almost slides past::

EnsDuras: @ ::grabs Naika's Arm and Tries to pull them up::

T Rainbird: She ate the berries. She knew they were poison. She tried to suicide.

Cdr MaryJo: ::Renaud runs toward the cave...like a madman possessed::

BrookeDoln: <<Is suicide a verb?>>

EnsDuras: <who ate the berries?>

Cdr MaryJo: ::Mary shakes her head<no>

LtjgKiapen: @::pulls up on Duras' arm:: Thanks... get Akira

LtCdrAkira: @::pushes off the rocks with his feet:: Push upward Kiapen!

T Rainbird: I think you'll also find evidence of anorexia and abuse.

T Rainbird: <<yes, it is>>

Cdr MaryJo: <commit suicide>

Ens Belle: ::jumps in front of Renaud and tries to stop him by throwing herself at him bodily::

EnsDuras: @ ::grabs Akira::

LtjgKiapen: @ ::stays close to help Akira and Duras::

T Rainbird: Her father's been abusing her... all that time.. ::gasps::

T Rainbird: I should have known. I could have stopped it!

Cdr MaryJo: ::sitting up::and dragging herself up off the ground before she

Cdr MaryJo: drowns in the driving rain::

T Rainbird: <<gasps as in gasps for air>>

Ens Belle: ::takles him to the ground and holds him there::

BrookeDoln: ::frantic:: Oh ... ::presses her hands to her mouth:: Belle!!! Help me!!!

LtCdrAkira: @::struggles against the current... manages to grab some land...::

T Rainbird: He would have killed me... to keep me from telling you...

EnsDuras: @ Maybe we should go ahead and stay down here for tonite

BrookeDoln: Or better yet, kick the crap out of her father!!!

Ens Belle: I can't Sir..

LtjgKiapen: @::holds out a boot for Akira to grab if need be:: ::has a good grip::

Ens Belle: I am kinda busy...Someone knock him out please

Cdr MaryJo: ::heads back toward the caves::

LtjgKiapen: @::shakes head:: No, its all flooded out down there

BrookeDoln: ::screams:: COMMANDER STECKER!!! Restrain that man!!!!!

LtCdrAkira: @::finds his way onto land...::

T Rainbird: She's almost dead... help her!

BrookeDoln: ::quickly begins assessing Kathryn:: I'm trying, I'm trying!!!

Ens Belle: ::gets hit in the face by his fist::

CptnThorne: ::silently tries to count who's in the caves::

LtjgKiapen: @::climbs up onto the soaked grass:: we did it...::collapses::

T Rainbird: ::tears streaming silently down her face::

LtCdrAkira: @::in great pain...::

LtCdrAkira: @::collapsed on the grass...::

Ens Belle: ::but keeps ahold of him as best she could ::

T Rainbird: I should have known! I should have seen the signs!

Cdr MaryJo: ::staggers into the cave::notices Belle struggling with Renaud::

T Rainbird: Damn it! She'll die because of me...

BrookeDoln: Ohmigod, ohmigod ... ::lunges for a bag of "homegrown" medicines::

EnsDuras: @ man, I got kicked out of the Klingon Academy for this

LtjgKiapen: @::sighs in relief, breathing heavilly.  enjoys the rain::

Cdr MaryJo: ::picks up a BIG rock::goes over and thwaps him in the head with it::

LtCdrAkira: @::sneezes...::

LtjgKiapen: @For what now, Duras?

Ens Belle: ::gets another Rain iof punches on her::Somebody HELP ME!!

LtCdrAkira: @We need to get back to camp... 

EnsDuras: @::with joy::  boy was it worth it!

LtjgKiapen: @::nods:: two minutes...

Ens Belle: ::glances to MAry::  thank you...

LtCdrAkira: @if there is one...

BrookeDoln: Nobody's going to die, Tempest. Not on my watch. And 

BrookeDoln: not like this. One suicide in my career is enough to have 

BrookeDoln: on my conscience.

LtjgKiapen: @::gets up:: You right... lets go.

LtCdrAkira: @::gets up and starts to stumble toward the direction they came...::

EnsDuras: @ easy Naika, adventure

Ens Belle: ::slowly gets up not noticing the cuts and bruses on her face and arms::

BrookeDoln: ::completely breaches protocol and screams over her 

BrookeDoln: shoulder:: KRISTI!!! HELP BELLE AND MARY!!!

T Rainbird: <<I need Renaud alive, by the way>>

LtCdrAkira: @::turns around, looks back, the city is collapsing into the sinkhole...::

Ens Belle: ::rushes over to Brooke:: Doctor..need help?

T Rainbird: <<I just decided something. ;^)>>

LtCdrAkira: @::watches in awe::

LtCdrAkira: @::just stands there...::

LtjgKiapen: @::wanders after Akira, and turns around::

CptnThorne: ::gives up, his eyes riveted on the developing situation with Renaud::

EnsDuras: @ ok, mayabe its better that we didn't stay down there

Ens Belle: <<he is hopefully out like a light>>

LtjgKiapen: @ You know, that just seems like too perfect of timing...

Cdr MaryJo: you're welcome, Belle...tie him up in case he does wake up

BrookeDoln: Do I ever . . . we need to flush the poison out of her 

BrookeDoln: system without causing major damage to her internal 

BrookeDoln: organs.

Cdr MaryJo: <<he's unconscious>>

CmdStecker: ::gets up and helps restrain the person that needs restraining::

LtjgKiapen: @ Maybe someone is controlling all this

T Rainbird: <<ok, great>>

LtCdrAkira: @::looks at Kiapen:: Maybe you were right...

Ens Belle: Milk...anyone have any milk?

Cdr MaryJo: Sir...it's okay...I clobbered him with a big rock.

EnsDuras: @ who cares right now, we are alive aren't we

LtCdrAkira: @we are on a prison...

Ens Belle: <<he's tied sort of...with part of my uniform>>

CmdStecker: ::nods and moves back to the back of the cave and sits down::

Cdr MaryJo: good

BrookeDoln: I doubt that, Belle, unless you want to ask one of the 

BrookeDoln: mothers here for a HUGE personal favor.

Cdr MaryJo: ::walks slowly over to Brooke::

LtjgKiapen: @::laughs:: Come on... Duras is right.  We'll fight for our freedom later

EnsDuras: @ no, prison isn't this much fun

T Rainbird: Commander Stecker... Commander Keane... if it's necessary...

LtCdrAkira: @::nods:: Let's go...

Ens Belle: Soryy...but milk usually helps...umm...looks over the herbs of brookes..how bout water and

LtCdrAkira: @::sees that part of the land is starting to erode into the large pit of the city...::

Cdr MaryJo: Brooke, you know I was raised on a planet like this...and know a lot

EnsDuras: @ i always am right

Cdr MaryJo: about native plants::

BrookeDoln: ::selects several plants from the assortment:: I need 

BrookeDoln: boiling water, and I need it NOW! Damn! What I wouldn't 

BrookeDoln: give for a phaser!!!

Ens Belle: this::hold a packet of herbs up::

LtjgKiapen: @::trudges through the forest::

T Rainbird: ::moves solicitously over Kathryn's form, staring at her, unable to do anything::

LtCdrAkira: @::runs with them...::

T Rainbird: I should have seen it... I SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT!

Cdr MaryJo: Here...I can make a fire...::grabs a handful of dried leaves::

BrookeDoln: Yes, Belle, that's good, too. And Mary, I'd be grateful for 

BrookeDoln: any help you could give. Herbs aren't my forte.

Ens Belle: ::glances to MAry...::Can you get her out of here and gives us space?

T Rainbird: ::struggles to her feet and moves to her father::

BrookeDoln: Tempest, stop blaming yourself!!! You're making me a 

BrookeDoln: nervous wreck!!! Make yourself useful and boil water!!!

LtCdrAkira: @::can see the camp site... torn and blown to pieces...::

Ens Belle: ::grabs some water and the hebs and begins mixing them:: Try to make her vomit...

LtjgKiapen: @::is caked with mud, and laughs looking at Akira and Duras::

LtjgKiapen: @ I hope they dont kill us on sight, as monsters or something...oh god, look at my hair!

LtCdrAkira: @::looks at Kiapen:: You look just as bad... ::smiles::

EnsDuras: @ laugh at yourself Naika

T Rainbird: ::Staring into Renaud's face:: Why did you do it? Why didn't you just tell me?

Cdr MaryJo: Well...poison...those berries..

BrookeDoln: Yes, but we have to be careful, because she's unconscious.

LtCdrAkira: @::washes his face in the rain::

Ens Belle: Right...but we need to get the poison out of her system...fast..

BrookeDoln: ::very warningly:: Lieutenant Rainbird ...

LtjgKiapen: @::does the same, but discovers something is sticky in it::

Cdr MaryJo: Yes!!  There's some ipecac leaves here..

T Rainbird: ::reaches out toward him, intent on tightening the uniform tied around his neck::

T Rainbird: ::pulls herself back::

CptnThorne: ::starts to drag himself over toward Tempest::

LtjgKiapen: @ ::some kind of sticky enzyme, or ooze in it::

BrookeDoln: Oh, how convenient! Thank you, Mary!

CptnThorne: Counselor!

T Rainbird: ::spits in his face, and moves toward Brooke::

EnsDuras: @ <BRB>

Cdr MaryJo: ::quickly gets a fire going::

Ens Belle: Great Mary...::begins mixing herbs again::

LtCdrAkira: @sick... ::throws a bunch of it off...:: wait... enzyme, protein...

LtCdrAkira: @right?

T Rainbird: ::oblivious to everything but Alexander, Kathryn and Brooke::

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks up at Tempest::  Go and check on Christopher for me, please?

LtjgKiapen: @::nods:: yeah... but is it digestable?

Ens Belle: (m) Okay gotta get this down her...::checks for her breathing::

LtjgKiapen: @Quite frankly, I dont want to try it

Cdr MaryJo: I'll hold her up

LtCdrAkira: @You know if Doc were here she'd probably hit us for thinking that...

BrookeDoln: Checks on the water and leaves. (m) Close enough.

T Rainbird: <<whoa... another half hour? I can't sim all this out cuz I need to write it in a log..>>

LtjgKiapen: @ No she wouldnt... we'd already be dead for eating that mold

Ens Belle: okay...::begins pouring the liquid down her mouth slowly::

LtCdrAkira: @::Akira goes back to getting the sludge off him...::

EnsDuras: @ why would she hit u

T Rainbird: <<Can I ghost an NPC or something for the rest of the sim?>>

LtCdrAkira: @Quiet about the mold...

BrookeDoln: <<So type ... really ... slowly ... like ... this ...>>

T Rainbird: <<I'm not Marc>>

LtjgKiapen: @::Nods:: thats our little secret.

EnsDuras: @ oh, ok

BrookeDoln: <<::chokes!!!:: LOL!!!>>

CptnThorne: <<Sure, Tempest.>>

Cdr MaryJo: God..she's so light...

LtCdrAkira: @You got that Duras?

Ens Belle: <<hate to tell you Akira..we already know bout that>>

EnsDuras: @ yeah

LtjgKiapen: <<lol...you may, but your characters dont ;) >>

EnsDuras: @ your secrets safe with a Klingon

BrookeDoln: Alright, it's hot enough!!! Get this down her throat!!!

Ens Belle: ::notices her pale color::

Ens Belle: <<yes I do..already used it on the captain>>

EnsDuras: @ do u see any uniforms?

LtjgKiapen: <<lol!>>

LtCdrAkira: @::looks much cleaner...:: At least they won't mistake us for monsters...

LtCdrAkira: <lol>

BrookeDoln: Belle, although her bruises and lacerations are 

BrookeDoln: secondary right now, see if you can assess them and 

BrookeDoln: find something to treat them with, okay?

LtCdrAkira: <but we don't know that... :)>

Ens Belle: ::looks around after the fluid got down::

LtjgKiapen: @::nods, getting most of it off herself::

Ens Belle: ::nods::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::stands next to Doctor Dolan, staring down at Kathryn::

LtjgKiapen: @ Looks like they all left camp...look, all the tents are trashed

LtCdrAkira: @::starts to feel the hot, stabbing pain from his arm again...:: 

BrookeDoln: ::does a double take:: How the hell did YOU get here?! 

BrookeDoln: Who opened up that dang wormhole thang again???

EnsDuras: @ ::cleans as much mudd of as he can::

Cdr MaryJo: ::pouring a little down her throat::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> Wormhole? Doctor?

Ens Belle: MAry ..can you stay here for a sec..gotta get something...

LtCdrAkira: @storm did it, they're in the caves maybe?

Cdr MaryJo: Sure Belle

CptnThorne: ::feeling utterly useless, not being able to walk and all that::

T Rainbird: <<well, darn it, she WAS my first character>>

LtCdrAkira: @come on! ::runs toward the caves...::

LtjgKiapen: @::nods:: lets check..::sees Akira looking pale:: You alright?

EnsDuras: @ thats what i said

Ens Belle: ::gets up and heads out of the caves::

LtjgKiapen: @::chases after him::

Cdr MaryJo: Stroking her throat::forcing some of it down::

EnsDuras: @ earlier

BrookeDoln: ::shakes her head:: Never mind. Roll her on her side. 

BrookeDoln: When she vomits, I don't want her asphyxiating.

LtCdrAkira: @I'll be fine... 

Ens Belle: ::stays onthe side::(m) it is here..it has to be...

LtjgKiapen: @::nods to Duras::

LtCdrAkira: @::to himself:: I'm going to be paying for this...

Cdr MaryJo: She'll be okay, Brooke...I'll hold her in my lap..

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::rolls Kathryn onto her side::

EnsDuras: @ ::heads toward caves::

EnsDuras: @ ::as fast as he can::

LtCdrAkira: @::stops at entrance way of cave:: Hello!?!

BrookeDoln: ::smiles gratefully at Mary:: Thank you. I'm afraid all we 

BrookeDoln: can do right now is watch and wait. ... And hope.

LtjgKiapen: @ ::stops right behind Akira:: Hey, anyone here??

LtCdrAkira: @::steps in, sneezes, coughs::

Ens Belle: ::begins a search for the herb she needs moves away from the caves::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::looks to Doctor Dolan:: Suicide?

Ens Belle: ::stumbles on a rock and falls int he mud::

Cdr MaryJo: ::forces a little more of the mixture down her throat::

BrookeDoln: <<Belle, if you get killed out there, I'm going to murder you!!!>>

EnsDuras: @ Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!

LtjgKiapen: @::looks up at the cieling, weary of another cave in::

LtCdrAkira: @Hello!!! ::walks deeper into the cave::

Ens Belle: (m) Man...I am going to end up naked after this

CptnThorne: ACTION> The wind picks up to never before seen 

CptnThorne: intensity, driving the rain drops at incredible speeds.]

Cdr MaryJo: <<too bad Rotarin's not here to see that>>

Ens Belle: ::gets up and keeps walking ...walks into the next cave::

BrookeDoln: <Ashne'e> ::correcting her:: Attempted.

Ens Belle: <<please no way>>

T Rainbird: <<Oh Mary.. ::laughs really hard::>>

Cdr MaryJo: <<ROFL>>

LtjgKiapen: @::runs into the cave, after getting smaked down by the wind::

LtCdrAkira: @::moves out of the way of the rain and wind:: Cheese...

LtCdrAkira: @::moves inward...:: They must be in here...

T Rainbird: <Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::nods:: Thank God. ::swallows:: I'll see if I can settle the panic

Ens Belle: ::the wind  picks up and pushes her into the cave::

T Rainbird: in the back of the caves. Doesn't look like Tempest's in much of a state...

EnsDuras: @:: walks farther into the cave::

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EnsDuras: @ HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LtCdrAkira: @::makes some kind of yelping yodelling noise::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::squints:: Do you ever get the feeling we've met before?

LtCdrAkira: @::hears it echo all over the place...::

LtCdrAkira: @::starts to laugh:: 

LtjgKiapen: @::sits down:: Come back and get me when you find them...

CmdStecker: ::wishes she was out with Akira and the others::

BrookeDoln: You mean, because I happen to know your name even 

BrookeDoln: though I've never seen you, and I have the distinct 

BrookeDoln: impression we served on some other ship in a bizzarely 

BrookeDoln: twisted alternate dimension? ... Nope.

LtjgKiapen: @::begins to go to sleep::

Ens Belle: begins back to hte cave then remembers where she saw that herb::

EnsDuras: @ somebodies passed out already

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::shrugs:: Just checking. ::thinks:: You know, you'd look good in purple.

Ens Belle: Runs into the cave and makes her way to the back toward the tunnel::

LtCdrAkira: @What the hell are you doing? ::yelps and yodels again...:: 

BrookeDoln: ::grins::

EnsDuras: @ hey Akira

T Rainbird: <<talk about inside jokes.. :;giggles::>>

LtCdrAkira: @Hey yeah?

EnsDuras: @ remind me never to pick her up again

LtjgKiapen: @ Im done.  Im tired and filthy and stuck here in this cave until the wind dies down

Ens Belle: (m) I know it is around here somewhere...

BrookeDoln: ::turns her attention back to Kathryn::

LtCdrAkira: @K... I'll try, unless I want to torture you, got that ensign...

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::goes into the rear caves, looking at the gathered crewmen::

LtCdrAkira: @All right fine... at least we're safe here...

CmdStecker: ::gets up, walks to the front of the cave, leans against the 

CmdStecker: side and looks out at the storm::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::stops, turns around and looks for the Captain:: Sir, I think maybe with

LtjgKiapen: @::falls asleep::

T Rainbird: your injury you should be farther from the storm.

BrookeDoln: ::watches as the frail girl's body suddenly convulses, 

BrookeDoln: and she ralphs all over Mary's lap:: Ewwww.

LtCdrAkira: @::yelps and yodels again::

Ens Belle: ::finally finds it way int he back of the tunnel and she hears something comming from the

Ens Belle: other end of the tunnel::

LtjgKiapen: @::opens one eye, and glares at Akira:: thats really annoying.

Ens Belle: <<poor MAry>>

CptnThorne: Well, I've been trying, but I can't walk, and dragging 

LtCdrAkira: @::smiles:: It's supposed to be...

CptnThorne: myself takes a while, so I just decided to sit here.

T Rainbird: <<Thank you Mary. It was a... valiant sacrifice>>

BrookeDoln: Nuts, there's never a lowly orderly around when you need one.

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> Fine. Take my shoulder.

Cdr MaryJo: ::watches as she gets covered::

Ens Belle: ::follows the voices::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::leans down and helps the Captain so that he can wobble forward a little:

Cdr MaryJo: Well...I guess it's no worse than Christopher spitting up all over me...

BrookeDoln: <<Thorne, if you're bored, you could always finger your sword, you know ...>>

CptnThorne: :::wobbles::

LtCdrAkira: Well Duras, better place than any just to sit back and ride her out... ::points toward the s

LtCdrAkira: torm::

Ens Belle: ::comes to another cave and looks at it throught he tunnel::

T Rainbird: <<::grins:: {S Jason}>>

CptnThorne: <<{S thwap}s Megs...>>

Cdr MaryJo: <<would really like some of these wavs>>

EnsDuras: @ yup

Ens Belle: ::was bout to turn back when she saw something..so she investigates::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::helps Thorne into the rear caves:: Do I remember right in thinking you

BrookeDoln: ::smiles:: That's probably true. <<G-d, I didn't even know I *had* that .wav!!!!>>

T Rainbird: have some training in psychology?

EnsDuras: <::finishes another wine cooler::>

T Rainbird: <You know, that wine cooler thing and Penny's puppy thing... ::looks violent::>>

BrookeDoln: ::glances at Mary:: What do you think? Did we get it all out before she digested too much?

Ens Belle: ::comes around the cornor and stops when she sees someone::

CptnThorne: Aye, some.  I took those classes at the Academy, and 

CptnThorne: threatened to fight anyone that had a problem with it. 

CptnThorne: ::laughs::

EnsDuras: @ I wish i had some shaving cream and toilet paper, i could get Naika good

LtjgKiapen: ::hears someone coming through the cave:: shhh...

LtCdrAkira: @::smiles::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::smiles:: Good. You get to help me calm down panicked children.

LtjgKiapen: ::glares at Duras::

LtCdrAkira: @::listens::

BrookeDoln: <<Why do I think that toilet paper is obsolete in the 24th centurey??>>

EnsDuras: @ ::grins an evil grin::

LtjgKiapen: ::stands, and creeps along the edges of the wall with a big rock::

Ens Belle: ::sees AKira and smiles begins backing away from the wall and trips on a rock::

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks at her uniform::  I do believe so...

Cdr MaryJo: ::sighs::

CptnThorne: Well, if that's all I'm good for in my state, all right.

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::looks at everyone who's panicked:: And the panicked not-so-children.

LtCdrAkira: @::Looks over:: Hey... ::forgets her name:: You...

Ens Belle: ::falls on her back::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::declines to comment::

LtjgKiapen: ::almost smashes Belle's head open with the rock:: Ack!! Its yoU!

LtCdrAkira: @Hey you! ::crawls over to her::

Ens Belle: ::begins laughing::

LtCdrAkira: @You... who the hell are you!?

Ens Belle: ::sits up ::Hey you??Is that what you think of me?

LtjgKiapen: ::sighs, dropping the rock:: Alright, where is everyone?

LtCdrAkira: @::laughs:: Sorry, I know your one of the doc's henchmen...

EnsDuras: @ who's here!!?

BrookeDoln: ::sighs:: But she must have gotten enough in her 

BrookeDoln: system to make her pass out. I'm still concerned.

Ens Belle: ::Belle ..I'm Belle..remember the AMO?

LtCdrAkira: @Where is everyone?

LtjgKiapen: Uh... Dr. Belle or something...

BrookeDoln: <<Henchmen??? ::glares::>>

LtjgKiapen: ::really bad with names::

T Rainbird: Ashene'e Al Kiara> ::finds a huddled claustrophobe:: I'll deal with this...

CptnThorne: ::frowns, generally unhappy with his situation::

LtCdrAkira: @Ah... that's right... Belle... It's Belle...::to everyone::

Ens Belle: You guys...Where have you been?

LtCdrAkira: << :)>>

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> :::gestures the captain toward a cluster of weeping children::

Cdr MaryJo: Well, Brooke

LtjgKiapen: ::laughs:: weve been to hell and back, some would say

EnsDuras: @ where is everyone

Ens Belle: ::glances down tothe herb she was carring:: Man...NOw I have to find more of that...

LtCdrAkira: Long story...

Cdr MaryJo: If she's been being abused...perhaps she is just unconscious

Cdr MaryJo: because her body is just exhausted..

LtCdrAkira: @::looks down::What's that?

T Rainbird: <<Hey! When'd Jaz drop on us?>>

Cdr MaryJo: Maybe she needs to sleep...

Ens Belle: Follow me::gets up slowly and rubs her backside:: I am sooo sore

BrookeDoln: ::frowns thoughtfully:: That's an excellent call, Commander. You may very well be right.

LtCdrAkira: My arm is broken, but I'll using it still...

LtjgKiapen: ::helps her up:: alright, lead the way

Ens Belle: It's an herb...

BrookeDoln: <<About the same time Manny did ... no comment!>>

CptnThorne: ::wobbles to the kids::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::hunkers down next to the claustrophobic man::

Ens Belle: Thanks::smiles at htem :: comeon the captain will sure be glad to see ya

LtCdrAkira: that pain is incredibly.... 

T Rainbird: <<{S jazsbed}>>

EnsDuras: ::follows::

LtCdrAkira: ::follows::

LtjgKiapen: ::nods:: It needs to be reset it looks like...

Ens Belle: ::gingerly walks down throught hte tunnel::

EnsDuras: <{S feels drunk>

LtCdrAkira: Yeah... ::winces:: yeah... 

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::has no clue what to say, but attempts to make him feel better::

BrookeDoln: <<Duras -- are you even OLD enought o be comsuming alcohol? In this country, I mean ...>>

Ens Belle: ::sees AKira wincing::STOP right there and let me look at that leg...

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::wishes she hadn't volunteered to do this since she hasn't taken a psych

LtjgKiapen: its his arm

LtCdrAkira: It's my arm ensign...

T Rainbird: class since her first time at the academy and wasn't even good at it then::

EnsDuras: <whats it to you?>

EnsDuras: <Brooke>

LtCdrAkira: I'll be fine... let's just go...

Ens Belle: Sorry mixed ya up with the captain...ok let's look at your arm...

BrookeDoln: ::strokes the girl's hair:: Poor thing ... that sick bastard. 

BrookeDoln: I have a few things I'd like to do to HIM.

LtCdrAkira: it's broken... 

T Rainbird: <<You won't though, Brookie... unless you want to take a joint on this log I'm gonna start>>

Ens Belle: (m) now's its ensign again..man..::raises hervoice:: Who set htis?

Ens Belle: <this>

LtCdrAkira: ::points at Kiapen::

Ens Belle: ::smiles at her:: Good job...

LtjgKiapen: ::nods:: thanks

Ens Belle: ::tears another piece off her uniform and ties it around his chest and arnm::

LtCdrAkira: ::looks up at Kiapen, smiles for no reason...:: 

EnsDuras: Where are the others

Ens Belle: There this sould bind that arm to ya::

Cdr MaryJo: Brooke...lets lay her down and see about keeping her warm..

CptnThorne: <<Running out of uniform, Belle? ;-) >>

LtCdrAkira: ::nods::

Ens Belle: <<not yet>>

BrookeDoln: Yes. We need to make sure she doesn't go into shock.

LtjgKiapen: ::smiles back::    ..yeah, so where are the rest of them hiding?

BrookeDoln: <<LOL!!>>

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::looks at the distressed man, and sits next to him::

Ens Belle: <<Gosh I hope I get another one>>

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> Um... feeling any better?

Ens Belle: This way::motions them to follow::

EnsDuras: <BRB>

LtCdrAkira: ::follows::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::decides that it'd be better to ask someone with a clue what they're

T Rainbird: doing::

Ens Belle: ::picks her way around the rocks and heads for the other cave::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::finds Brooke:: There's a man back there having a major claustrophobic

LtjgKiapen: ::notices this one is on higher ground, and is a better choice::

T Rainbird: fit. I don't know how to help. God, my academy days are SO long ago.

Ens Belle: ::stops at he head of the other cave::  Well here we are...

BrookeDoln: <Ashne'e> FInd Belle, she's my AMO. She should be close by.

EnsDuras: k

LtCdrAkira: At least we're alive...

Ens Belle: Come on the Captn..not to mention your loved ones will want to see you

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::locates Belle::blinks in surprise to see the others::

LtjgKiapen: ::nods:: alright, great.... I think I'll go find myself a private spot of floor and sleep 

CptnThorne: ::has the kids singing an old Irish camping song now::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> Ensign Adams? There's a man back there with a claustrophobic fit...

Cdr MaryJo: ::walks over and lays down on the ground::totally exhausted::falls asleep instantly::

Ens Belle: ::walks over to the Captian::Sir look who I found...

LtCdrAkira: Sweet Dreams... ::watches Kiapen leave::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> Hello, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant...

LtjgKiapen: ::walks in and tries to find a place not filled with echoes of othe rpeople's laughing::

Ens Belle: ::glances up...::Where?

CptnThorne: ::lets the kids continue singing:: Well, look what the cat dragged in!

BrookeDoln: ::smiles sympathetically at Mary's sleeping form::

LtCdrAkira: ::looks at the Captain, smiles:: 

LtjgKiapen: ::plops down and unhappily covers ears::

BrookeDoln: <<Bad cat!!! Leave that outside!!! Bad cat!!!>>

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> In the caves back there. ::leads Belle to the huddled man::

Ens Belle: ::doesn't bother to say bye and goes to the guy::

T Rainbird: <<Is that Megs' cat? Is he on the keyboard again?>>

CptnThorne: <<Knowing your cat, that wouldn't surprise me

Ens Belle: <<guys I gotta go..see ya inthe Logs>>

LtCdrAkira: ::turns around and finds a place to sit::

LtCdrAkira: << night Belle>>

T Rainbird: <<Night Belle!>>

BrookeDoln: <<Good night, Belle!!! Nice job!!!>>

Ens Belle: <<night everyone!!>>

Ens Belle: <<Thanks Boss>>

CptnThorne: <<Night, Belle!>>

EnsDuras: < fill me in i've been doing something>

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::joins the Captain with the children:: You certainly seem to have charmed

T Rainbird: them.

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> ::finds Akira:: Akira!!

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::looks up, laughs:: How the hell do you keep finding me?!

LtjgKiapen: ::growles, about ready to choke those dang singing kiddies..::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::looks back at Kiapen:: Ah... hello, Lieutenant. Care to join in?

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> Hey watch it! Kids six o'clock...

CptnThorne: So, Akira... what did you find?

LtjgKiapen: ::shakes head:: Sleep!! I need sleep!! 

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::turns around:: whoops.. they'll learn it sooner or later...

LtjgKiapen: ::sounds fairly out-of-it::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::turns to the captain:: What did we find...

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Well... we found an anicent city...

CptnThorne: ::perks an eyebrow::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> Then go to sleep?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> metal fragments, propeller too... cloth, pristine mind you...

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::turns back to the children and begins "Itsy Bitsy Spider"::

CptnThorne: How odd...

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I have a feeling that those things were given to us...

LtjgKiapen: I cant... too much noise.  If Akira had just let me sleep in that basement..

LtjgKiapen: well...we'd be dead I guess, but Id be well rested!

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::wishes she had a voice better then a frog::

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::wishes she had a voice better then a frog::

EnsDuras: < hey yall, i gotta go, see ya next week>

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> ::wispers to Kiapen:: They'll be asleep in a minute or two. Look at how

LtCdrAkira: Akira> but the city sank into the ground... mayve if we ever get out there again...

T Rainbird: exhausted they are! They're ready to drop.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> we can give you the grand tour of our wonderful sinkhole...

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> I'll herd 'em off to bed when this song's over.

CptnThorne: Sounds thrilling.

LtjgKiapen: ::sighs:: alright...

LtjgKiapen: ::closes eyes and curles up::

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= P A U S E  S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

T Rainbird: Ashne'e Al Kiara> "climbed up the spout again..."

LtCdrAkira: You should have seen it though... 

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=       Stardate 49807.19       =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= P A U S E  S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=