CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: Welcome to the continuing adventures of the

CptnThorne: USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D, a Celestial Prime

CptnThorne: Alliance Free-Form Advanced Simulation!

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

EnsMDecker: kiss ass Rotain

CptnThorne: .

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=  M I S S I O N   B R I E F  =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: The Atlantis remains trapped in the past...

CptnThorne: but it seems to be the wrong past.  Stuck 

CptnThorne: around the year 2023, Earth is about to 

CptnThorne: plunge itself into nuclear war... the USSR, 

CptnThorne: China, Pakistan, India, the DPRK, and the 

CptnThorne: United States are locked in a cold war of

CptnThorne: epic proportions... a cold war that's about

CptnThorne: to get very hot...

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= E N D  B R I E F =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: .

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= B E G I N   S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=       Stardate 49805.30       =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= B E G I N   S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

CmdStecker: Hi John!!

SLtKeane: ::just Made it!::

LtCdrAkira: ::sitting in the lounge... staring at the stars::

Amb JainaB: <::thwaps Stecker IC::<g>

CnsTempest: ::sitting in her office regarding a not too interactive Mary::

EnsKiapen: ::heads up to the bridge::

EnsKiapen: ::takes place at science console::

Amb JainaB: ::waddling around, heading to the bridge::

SLtKeane: (Sorry I just got home from work)

CmdStecker: <hey, I'm a commander.. I can go in and out of character as I please. LOL>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::sitting next to him:: Are we just going to neglect duty?

EnsMDecker: ::goes to Sci Labs::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::nods and smiles::

CnsTempest: Commander Young, I think perhaps you and I should go down to the medical bay. Brooke is back

CnsTempest: from her leave, and I'm sure she can be of some assistance.

BrookeDoln: ::in sickbay, picking up pieces of glass from shattered containers::

CptnThorne: ::in the center seat looking apprehensive::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::looks at PADD:: You have a new ensign...

CmdStecker: Kapitan, vhat do you suggest ve do about this situation? 

SuliRufian: :::standing on the bridge, going over some reports at the Tac console:::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Really... 

Amb JainaB: ::enters TL:: Bridge please...:::rubbing her swollen belly gently, burps::<g>

EnsKiapen: ::trying to figure out a way to return home, studying sensor sweeps::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Yeah... maybe you should... :;waves her hand in the air::

CptnThorne: Well, we've announced our presence... let's see if anyone wants to talk to us.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> get wasted and blackout until we return to the present?

Amb JainaB: ::TL stops, exits onto the bridge, taking a quick glance around::

CnsTempest: ::sighs and stands:: Commander Young, I think maybe a little time alone would be beneficial.

EnsKiapen: ::looks over at the Captain::

EnsMDecker: ::runs rutean tests::

SLtKeane: ::In the hallway walking towards lift::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Should I go greet him, and tell him our Chief of engineering is a eccentric

CnsTempest: ::stands and walks out of her office, leaving the pictures of Mary's life on her table::

Amb JainaB: ::waddles to her seat and plops heavily::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> as all of those physicists at R&D...

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Yeah...

CptnThorne: ::smiles at his wife::

BrookeDoln: ::sets a shelf upright and sweeps away more glass shards::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> All right... I'll be back then... 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> :;exits and goes to engineering::

Amb JainaB: ::smiles to her husband and burps a little again, covers her mouth::

BrookeDoln: (m) I go away on leave for two weeks, and Carnegie trashes my entire sickbay ...

EnsRotarin: ::enters TL::

EnsKiapen: ::wonders if disabling the nuclear war heads on the planet until they can leave

SuliRufian: :::scrolling through reports on nuclear devastation::::

EnsKiapen: would break the prime directive::

CnsTempest: ::enters TL:: Sickbay.

CptnThorne: ::drums his fingers on the chair arm::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::enters engineering looking for the new ensign::

SLtKeane: +Rufian+ It's me Keane. What's our status right now?"

EnsRotarin: <TL> Main engineering

EnsRotarin: woooooosh

CmdStecker: Kapitan, perhaps ve should resend the message until someone responds..

Amb JainaB: ::glances at the finger drumming, then to Stecker::

Amb JainaB: ::trying not to be too...cold looking at her::<g>

CmdStecker: ::does not drum fingers, but shakes her leg, more to annoy Seamus than anything::

CptnThorne: Well, the DPRK, USSR and China launched weapons at us.... 

CnsTempest: ::exits TL and walks into sickbay::

EnsKiapen: I can adjust the frequency so that it appears on every operational telivision on the planet

EnsKiapen: ..would that be an over kill?

CmdStecker: ::looks at Jaina, then turns bright red::

CnsTempest: ::sees the CMO:: ::smiles:: Well, my life and soul. If it isn't Brooke Dolan.

EnsMDecker: +Rotariin+ meet me in the officers lounge after hours

CptnThorne: That... may be more than we need, Kiapen... 

Cdr MaryJo: ::follows Tempest into sickbay::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::waits for the new ensign::

EnsRotarin: +Decker+ ok

SuliRufian: *Keane* Hello, Me Keane.  We are currently awaiting some *nonagressive* response to our...

SuliRufian: presence.

EnsKiapen: ::nods, thinking about all the fun they could have without that prime directive::

Amb JainaB: ::shifts her gaze, remaining calm::

CptnThorne: Okay... I want to talk to the presidents of all these 

CptnThorne: nations... is there anyway we can bring them up here?

EnsRotarin: ::walks over to the CENG station::

CnsTempest: ::gestures for Mary to sit down::

BrookeDoln: ::looks up to see Tempest and Mary::

SLtKeane: ::Walking towards sickbay:: +Rufian+ "Let's hope that's the responce we get.. Keep me inform

SLtKeane: ed.. I'm checking on Mary."

EnsKiapen: ::checks to see if the transporters are back online yet::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::looks over:: Ah, Ensign Jake Rotarin I presume?

BrookeDoln: ::smiles:: Hi, you two. It's kind of a mess in here. And I just 

BrookeDoln: spilled milk all over my computer console.

CmdStecker: Kapitan, request permission to go down and get them.. I 

CmdStecker: would like to leave the bridge. ::very uncomfortable.. ::

EnsRotarin: ::notices an error::

SuliRufian: *Keane*  Well, judging from their initial reaction, I'm not holding my breath.

CnsTempest: The commander is suffering from amnesia, Brooke.

Amb JainaB: ::glances back at Stecker::

SuliRufian: *Keane* And I will.....

CptnThorne: Go down and get them?  How do you plan to do that?

EnsKiapen: The transporters in the shuttle craft are still functional...

CmdStecker: ::quite nervous now:: Vell, you know, sir.. Just go and get them. 

EnsKiapen: but their rang is shorter

EnsRotarin: +Akira+ Report to Main Engineering

BrookeDoln: ::frowns:: Are you serious? Damn, this is the last time I'm 

BrookeDoln: leaving Carnegie in charge of medicine for two weeks!

Cdr MaryJo: ::stares at Brooke blankly::  Am I supposed to know you?

CnsTempest: I hate to break it to you, but Carnegie left.

LtCdrAkira: +Rotarin+ Why is there some reason I have to be there?

EnsMDecker: helo? what is this?

BrookeDoln: ::sighs and gestures to Mary:: Well, come on. Have a seat, I'll take a look.

Amb JainaB: ::watching her intently::

BrookeDoln: ::stops in her tracks and turns to Tempest:: WHat did yu just say?

CptnThorne: Hmmm... that may in itself trigger the war.

Amb JainaB: <g>

SuliRufian: <BRB>

Cdr MaryJo: sits

CnsTempest: (w to Brooke) I'm hoping this has a medical cause... I sounded her out psychologically and I

EnsRotarin: +Akira+ the plasma coolent vents are clogging wiht some unknown element

CnsTempest: can't find anything to do for her.

CmdStecker: ::mutters:: That would be better than sitting here..

CnsTempest: Carnegie--he's on leave.

EnsKiapen: Then we must follow through with it Captain, or change the course of history

EnsMDecker: +Csi+ we have an unusual reading sir.

CmdStecker: Aye, Kapitan.. I vill go set up the meeting place, how ist that? 

BrookeDoln: Speaking of my staff, where the hell's my head nurse?

CptnThorne: I'd like for you to help figure out how to find the leaders.

LtCdrAkira: +Rotarin+ Unknown element? Is that from the chronoton shift of the wormhole...

CmdStecker: :jumps to her feet, anxious to get the heck off the bridge::

Amb JainaB: ::trying to keep eye contact with her::

CnsTempest: ::smiles at Brooke:: Luann left with Carnegie. THey eloped.

LtCdrAkira: +Rotarin+ wait ask Miss. Ursal, I'll be right down, she's the resident quantum expert...

SLtKeane: ::enters Sickbay and looks around::

EnsRotarin: +akira+Unknown. Posibly

LtCdrAkira: ::sighs and exits the lounge::

EnsMDecker: the paramiters form the main sensors are below par by .00012

CmdStecker: ::looks everywhere but at Jaina.. Realizes that the Captain has no idea what's going on..::

BrookeDoln: ::shakes her head and turns back to Mary:: Funny, I didn't 

BrookeDoln: think she was his type ... C'mon, I'm going to do some 

BrookeDoln: neurological scans.

EnsKiapen: +MDecker+ yes, that is probably because we are about 200 years in the past.

SLtKeane: "Doctor??" ::looking for Mary??:: "Mary?"

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> ::walks over to Rotarin:: Hello... :;smiles:: Your the new guy here...

CptnThorne: How exactly can we do this?

LtCdrAkira: ?

EnsMDecker: ah that would explain it

Amb JainaB: ::looks as sweet as ever, besides the fact she is feeling quite...bitter towards Stecker::

EnsKiapen: +MDecker+ Record it, and move on.  The monkeys in the biolab could use a bath

CmdStecker: H-How can ve do vhat?

EnsRotarin: <Ursal> yep

CmdStecker: Sir.

Cdr MaryJo: her up off the floor::

Cdr MaryJo: her up off the floor::

CnsTempest: Please, Lieutenant, I'm not sure seeing you is the best thing for the commander right now.

CnsTempest: It'll only upset both of you.

CptnThorne: Figure out where to find all of these people.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::takes a looking at the readings on the console...:: hmm...

BrookeDoln: ::whisperes to Tempest:: DIstract him, then get him out of 

BrookeDoln: here. I'm taking Mary to the back.

SLtKeane: ::stands his ground hoping that his image will help her remember:: "Mary? It's me John?"

CmdStecker: Uhm, vell.. ::paces:: Ve, ah, could find their palaces or 

CmdStecker: vhatever.. Somevhere vhere there vere a lot of guards... 

EnsRotarin: ::hands Ursal a tool kit::

CnsTempest: No, Lieutenant. I have to insist. ::smiles at him:: I know this is difficult, but you will

BrookeDoln: ::takes Mary's hand and leads her into a private room in SB::

EnsKiapen: "Knights" I think they are called...

LtCdrAkira: Akira> :;enters engineering and looks about::

Amb JainaB: ::watches her pace, piercing eyes::

EnsRotarin: ::::

SLtKeane: ::Looks at the Counselor getting Angry:: "How does not letting me talk to her help!"

CnsTempest: only do damage. Some people suffering from amnesia have mental retreats when confronted like

CnsTempest: this.

Cdr MaryJo: ::follows the doctor::

CptnThorne: Good.  Start work on that... and see if we can get the 

CptnThorne: President of the United States on the comm.

CnsTempest: Do you want what's best for her or not?

CmdStecker: ::wishes she could dig a hole in the deck:: 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::takes the toolcase...:: I'm going to go run a check on those conduits... ::to Akira::

SuliRufian: <BAK>

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Why's that?

EnsKiapen: ::taps into the phone lines, and gets the Presidents main number::

EnsMDecker: ::exits sci-lab for Bridge::

SLtKeane: ::looks past the counselor at Mary leaving::(w) "Mary?"

EnsKiapen: ::disconnects him from a conversation with some dude in USSR::

EnsRotarin: ::sits at the Asst. engineer station::

CmdStecker: Aye, Kapitan!! ::almost snaps to attention, but fears that she'll 

CmdStecker: be dragged back into the RR::

EnsMDecker: ::enters TL::Bridge

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks back at him::feeling a strange pull toward him::

Amb JainaB: <Steck...in the deck?<g>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::looks over at Rotarin:: There's some residue in the plasma vents...

EnsKiapen: Sir, we have audio with the President of the US

EnsMDecker: ::enters Bridge::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I think it has to do with the chronoton shift...

Cdr MaryJo: but follows the doctor into the little room::

CmdStecker: <LOL>

SLtKeane: ::He thinks:: "Christopher! That's it!" ::He turns and runs for Sickbay down the hall to the

EnsMDecker: ::takes Sci station::

SLtKeane: nursery::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::nods and heads over to Rotarin::  Whadda we have?

Amb JainaB: ::innocently making her life a miserable hell::<weg>

CptnThorne: Put him through in my RR.

CmdStecker: ::heads for the TL like a shot::

EnsRotarin: <Akira> The right plasma coolent conduit is shutting down

EnsKiapen: ::wishes bridge work was always as easy as these poor old fashioned saps are making it::

CmdStecker: ::yells over her shoulder:: Aye, Kapitan!! I vill be on the battle bridge!!

LtCdrAkira: ::nods:: the unknown element is clogging it I take it...

CnsTempest: ::sighs:: Brooke, do you agree with me that it is best to keep these two apart until we at

SLtKeane: ::The attentant looks up and smiles and goes and get's

EnsKiapen: ::talking in a head set::Alright Mrs. President... one moment.. yes, I know that

CnsTempest: least know what's going on?

CptnThorne: Okay Number One!

Amb JainaB: ::watches her run::<g>

SLtKeane: Christopher and hands him to John::

EnsRotarin: ::taps the console::

EnsKiapen: you were talking to someone very important.. please hold.

BrookeDoln: ::smiles warmly at Mary:: Alright, if you wouldn't mind lying 

BrookeDoln: down on this bed, please. I'm just going to do some scans.

CptnThorne: ::walks into the RR, waits::

LtCdrAkira: ::rubs his head:: Slight headache... I hate these things...

EnsRotarin: ::diverts the flow from the right coolent chamber::

Cdr MaryJo: ::lays down hesitantly::  will...will it hurt?

Amb JainaB: ::silently steaming::

CmdStecker: ::jumps in the TL:: Battle Bridge!!

SLtKeane: ::takes their son in his arms and exits towards sickbay and Mommy::

EnsKiapen: +MDecker+ Have you bathed the monkeys?  I hope they didnt bite you... they can be a bit

EnsKiapen: testy with strangers...

EnsRotarin: <Akir

EnsRotarin: <Akira> you can work on it now

CmdStecker: ::leans against the wall of the TL car, thankful to get away from Jaina::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::investigates the plasma tanks::

CptnThorne: ::turns on the comm::: Mrs. President?

EnsMDecker: +Kiapen+not now I am on th Bridge!

SLtKeane: ::Walks into Main Sickbay with his son in his arms::

CmdStecker: President>Yes, this is the President.. Who is this? 

EnsKiapen: ::turns, seeing Decker right next to her:: What are you doing here?

Amb JainaB: ::sits back in her chair, rubbing her tummy and sighing lightly::

CnsTempest: Lieutenant, I am going to ask you to leave one more time.

CmdStecker: President> ::thinking that this doesn't sound like the leader of Sinn Fein::

EnsRotarin: <Akira> 4 seconds until the left one shuts down

EnsRotarin: 3

SuliRufian: <<Oh, sure..... MRS. President and a Nuclear war??? Don't blame this on us women!>>

CnsTempest: Then I'm going to call someone and have it done for you.

EnsRotarin: 2

BrookeDoln: ::absently:: Hmm? Oh, no, not at all.

SLtKeane: "Where's Mary?" ::looking around smiling:: "If I can't make her remember Christopher's got.

SLtKeane: too.."

EnsRotarin: 1

EnsRotarin: 0

EnsRotarin: vew

CptnThorne: My name is Captain Seamus Blackthorne... I am aboard 

CptnThorne: a starship orbiting Earth, and have come from the 24th 

CptnThorne: a starship orbiting Earth, and have come from the 24th 

CptnThorne: century.  I know that sounds crazy, but I can prove this 

Amb JainaB: <LOL Suli!>

EnsKiapen: <<Hey, I said "Mrs President", ok??  Sorry!>>

CptnThorne: to you.

CmdStecker: <oh, he will.. He will.>

BrookeDoln: ::sets up the equipment and begins to run scans on Mary::

EnsMDecker: Sci #2 you are now Sci #1

EnsRotarin: ::taps the console::

CnsTempest: When we know what's wrong, Lieutenant, then we'll know whether this will be a benifit or a

CnsTempest: detriment. Until then...

SuliRufian: <<:::chuckles:::>>

CmdStecker: President>::looks at her phone:: Yeah, sure you are.. 

EnsKiapen: I am acting Chief of Science until Comander MaryJo gets back on her feet, actually...

EnsRotarin: <akira> I need to shut down the core before it over heats

Amb JainaB: <Are you sure we aren't looking for whales Captain? ;)>

CptnThorne: One second and you'll see, Mrs. President.  

LtCdrAkira: ::smiles:: Core will be fine...

CptnThorne: +Bridge+ Please beam the President directly to my ready room.

CmdStecker: President> Look, I don't know if you realize this, but we have a bit of a problem here. 

SLtKeane: ::looks at Tempest:: "I AM SECURITY! What's wrong with Mary?? Your the couselor??

EnsKiapen: Decker, you want to eavesdrop on the Captain? ::plugs in another set of headphones::

LtCdrAkira: It's like we can run on one kidney... ya know what I mean... ::smiles::

BrookeDoln: ::checks the results of the first set of scans:: Damn. Nothing. ::resets them::

CmdStecker: +BattleBridge+ Aye, Kapitan. Beaming the President now!!

LtCdrAkira: Now let's see... ::looks at his console, view paralleling the other one...::

CptnThorne: ::stands::

Amb JainaB: ::thinking, about Stecker, frowning slightly, taps her nails on the armrest::

EnsRotarin: <Ami> how long until you get that thing up?

CnsTempest: We're trying to find that out. If it's a medical cause, your presence if good. If it's psych

SuliRufian: :::thinks someone better ready the smelling salts:::

CptnThorne: +Jaina+ Ambassador, please come into the ready room.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Get what thing up?

CnsTempest: ological... a result of the head injury that has affected some part of the brain... then, I

Amb JainaB: ::hears the com, stands, moving towards the RR, waddling::

CnsTempest: can't make any guarantees. Let Brooke do her job. Please.

CmdStecker: President> ::screams:: 


CmdStecker: Secret Service personell run in the Oval Office to see their 

CmdStecker: president disappear.

CptnThorne: ::watches that on the scanner, smiles::

Amb JainaB: ::enters RR, looks to her husband::

EnsRotarin: <Whoever is working on the coolent conduits> how long?

Amb JainaB: ::and hears screaming::

EnsKiapen: ::laughs, hearing the screaming::

CptnThorne: Mrs. President... welcome aboard the USS Atlantis.

CmdStecker: ::on the battle bridge, and decides to stay there forever::

SLtKeane: ::relaxes a bit:: "I'm let you do your job.. But I'm not going to stay isolated from her lon

BrookeDoln: Okay, take two. ::rechecks scans:: Hmm ...

Amb JainaB: ::goes to stand by her husband::

CmdStecker: President> What is the meaning of this!! ::outraged:: 

SLtKeane: g.. She's my wife.. don't you forget that..." ::He turns and exits sickbay::

SuliRufian: :::rolls eyes::: I hated m y *virgin transport*.

EnsKiapen: Alright, Decker.. locate and get a transporter lock on the nation heads of

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::finishes her analysis of the element residue and traced it back into the nacelles...:

CptnThorne: Like I said, we've come from the 24th century and are 

CptnThorne: quite amazed by the situation on Earth right now.

EnsKiapen: all the waring nations... USSR, India, Pakistan.. oh, I dont know!! Do you know history?

BrookeDoln: ::glances uneasily at Mary::

Amb JainaB: ::looks to the president, offers a warm smile::

CptnThorne: You may wish to calm down your secret service personnel... ::points to the monitor::

CmdStecker: President>::looking around the room with her mouth open:: 

CnsTempest: Please, Lieutenant. Go back to your quarters. You're hysterical and you're upsetting your

LtCdrAkira: Akira> relax, the forcefields are up...

EnsMDecker: yes,woking now.....

CnsTempest: son. ::watches Christopher cry::

CmdStecker: President>::looks:: No, it'll be good for them.. They're hyper active anyway.. 

LtCdrAkira: Akira> everything else is stablized... 

LtCdrAkira: Akira> everything else is stablized... 

BrookeDoln: I think I'd like to do this one more time, just to be sure, 

BrookeDoln: Commander. ::repeats the process::

EnsRotarin: ::taps his console::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I've found something... it seems that chronoton wormhole theory has 

EnsMDecker: +transporter rooom+ prepair for ....

CptnThorne: Again, I'm Captain Seamus Blackthorne, and this is my wife, Ambassador Jaina Blackthorne.  

LtCdrAkira: some more physical proof...

Amb JainaB: ::nods to the president::

EnsKiapen: ::cuts them all off from their comunications...::

EnsMDecker: locations

CnsTempest: Now, Lieutenant, will you leave?

SLtKeane: ::Walks his son back to the nursey and returns back to work::

Cdr MaryJo: ::ears a baby crying::becomes upset::

EnsKiapen: ::shuts down television, phones, cellular hook ups, sattilite access,

CnsTempest: ::sighs::

EnsKiapen: and shuts off the electricity::

Cdr MaryJo: who was that?

CnsTempest: ::walks to Mary and Brooke::

EnsMDecker: +Transporter room report+

SLtKeane: ((John left after telling you not to forget she's his wife))


CmdStecker: ::looks around the battle bridge:: 

CnsTempest: >sorry<

EnsMDecker: +transporter room!+

BrookeDoln: ::shows a PADD to Tempest and whisperes something to her::

CnsTempest: >I'm a bit distracted<

SLtKeane: )no prob!(

LtCdrAkira: ::looks at Rotarin tapping his console:: You nervous kid?

EnsMDecker: ::goes to TL::

CnsTempest: ::looks toward Mary, then whispers back to Brooke::

SuliRufian: :::doing a few calculations utilizing nuclear physics and time/space distortions:::

EnsKiapen: Decker, dont worry about beaming them up yet...

CptnThorne: ::moves aside so that she can see out the window... 

CptnThorne: Earth slides slowly by below::   This is the starship 

CptnThorne: Atlantis, in Earth orbit.

EnsMDecker: transpoter room #1

SLtKeane: ::walks to the hall to the lift::

Amb JainaB: ::watches the president, trying to sense her feelings::

EnsRotarin: ::looks back and smiles:: a bit I've never worked on such beautiful engines

Cdr MaryJo: ::gets nervous, knowing they are talking about her::

BrookeDoln: ::smiles at Mary:: Commander, would you excuse us for just 

EnsMDecker: ::enters transporter room::

BrookeDoln: one moment please? ::takes Tempest by the arm and 

BrookeDoln: walks out::

CmdStecker: Megan> ::takes a deep breath:: Oh, my.. ::looks at the red-

CmdStecker: haired guy:: Ok, what do you want from me?

Cdr MaryJo: ::lays on the bed, imagining the worst::

SuliRufian: <<Major screen freeze>>

LtCdrAkira: ::checks the coolant tanks again... and prepares to flush them...:: 

CnsTempest: I followed that... at least it's a medical problem.

EnsMDecker: ::programs transporter:+Bridge Transporter standing by+

Amb JainaB: <:::warms up Suli's screen::>

LtCdrAkira: Yeah Atlantis is a beauty...

CptnThorne: We're in the past... but this past is wrong, Mrs. 

CptnThorne: President... Earth never was in such a war or a 

CptnThorne: standoff... 

SuliRufian: <<Thank you....>>

CptnThorne: We wish to talk with the leaders of all the nuclear powers, here.

BrookeDoln: Yes, but I'm a bit worried about how to treat it. As you 

BrookeDoln: know, my primary focus has been neuropsychology, so I'ml

Amb JainaB: ::clasps her hands behind her back:: < Welcome!>

SLtKeane: ::Enters the bridge:: "Rufian? What's our guest status?

BrookeDoln:  with the workings of the brain, and I can tell you this kind of damage may be irreversible.

SLtKeane: (Rufian? or Suli? which?)

EnsRotarin: <Akira> It might help if we change the coolent mix ratios before we go back through

SuliRufian: :::looks up::: Now that the screaming has stopped... she seems fine.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::walks back:: Well... I have it... it's an artifical element produced to specifically

EnsKiapen: ::opens up a video game on the console::

CnsTempest: ::nods:: Do you think telepathic stimulation might be a benefit? I know it's a new technique

CnsTempest: , but.

CmdStecker: Megan> Please, call me Megan.. Other leaders, huh? ::thinks: 

CmdStecker: I can think of a few... Great Britain..Germany, France, 

CmdStecker: Canada....To name a few.. You know how to get them? 

CnsTempest: <<add a couple "..." to that last one>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> emit chronotons... and it's in the warp nacelles... which is why they flooded

EnsKiapen: care to play me at Worms, Decker?

SuliRufian: <<Suli or Rufian.... I answer to *hey you* also...>>

EnsKiapen: ::grins::

Amb JainaB: <Hey you!<g>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> the warp fields... and caused the chronoton wormhole to materialize...

EnsRotarin: <Akira> ::scans the coolent conduits for more of the dtuff::

Amb JainaB: ::silently thinking::

BrookeDoln: Hmm ... ::ponders:: I've heard a bit about it. What's the 

SuliRufian: <<What?? ; ) >>

BrookeDoln: recovery rate? And who could attempt it?

EnsMDecker: +Bridge acnoalage+

Amb JainaB: < Hi! ;)<g>>

CptnThorne: Not especially... that's where we wanted your help... but 

CptnThorne: we need all nuclear powers.  The USSR isn't even 

CptnThorne: supposed to exist in the proper timeline... but we must 

CptnThorne: speak with all the leaders.

CnsTempest: I've heard there is a Vulcan onboard. A Sarel?

EnsKiapen: +Decker+ Yea Decker?

CnsTempest: It has no guarantees, but the recovery rate is better then leaving this sort of thing on its

CmdStecker: Megan> The USSR?? What is that? 

CnsTempest: own.

BrookeDoln: I have no idea. I'm a doctor, not a database.

EnsRotarin: <Akira!!!!> That stuff has grown back over the ventsand is growning even faster than before

EnsRotarin: <Akira!!!!> That stuff has grown back over the ventsand is growning even faster than before

EnsMDecker: +Transporter ready and standing by+

CnsTempest: <LOL Brooke!>

CptnThorne: Russia... the Soviet Union... ::pulls up a map and points:: There.

SLtKeane: ::next to Suli:: "Where are are guest right now? Have the proper security measures been

BrookeDoln: <<::giggles:: At least I amuse myself!!!>>

SLtKeane: taken?

Amb JainaB: <Sarel! {S runaway}>

SLtKeane: "

EnsKiapen: +Decker+ Thank you... we have transporter control from the bridge, if you would like to come

EnsKiapen: back up here

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Akira to Captain Thorne, we have a situation and explaination of the time jump...

SuliRufian: The *guest* is in the Captain's ready room.

EnsMDecker: +I am tracking heads of state from here and am ready+

CmdStecker: Megan>::looks at the map, then laughs:: Well, old Yuri isn't in 

CmdStecker: power, is he? HA!! Serves the bast...er, nevermind. 

LtCdrAkira: ::looks at Rotarin and Ursal:: You to try and neutralize it...

CnsTempest: What other cures might be possible, Doctor?

Amb JainaB: ::chuckles at the President::

SuliRufian: The other's are about to be beamed aboard....

Cdr MaryJo: ::is becoming very agitated::wondering what they are doing::

CptnThorne: If you'll excuse me for a moment, Megan?

EnsRotarin: <Akira> aye

CptnThorne: ::turns and taps:: +Akira+ Yes?

Amb JainaB: :::shifting her weight, hating to be standing for so long::

EnsKiapen: +Decker+ Understood. Stand by

CmdStecker: Megan> Certainly. 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> maybe we can... vent it out... but... 

SLtKeane: ::nods:: "Make sure we scan for weapons."

EnsMDecker: +standing by+

EnsRotarin: ::taps his panel some more::

Cdr MaryJo: ::sits up::then gets off the biobed::

SuliRufian: :::nods::::

SLtKeane: ::nods confident of Suli's abilities::

LtCdrAkira: +Thorne+ We know why we shifted time...

CmdStecker: ::sitting on the battle bridge in a really comfortable chair.. 

CmdStecker: even props her feet on a console:: 

BrookeDoln: Surgery, drug therapies ... electrocortical stimulation in 

BrookeDoln: measured doses ... but there's a chance of synaptic failure 

BrookeDoln: there.

EnsKiapen: ::plays worms alone::

SuliRufian: *Decker* Rufian to Decker.

CnsTempest: ::sighs:: Rock and a hard place?

CptnThorne: +Akira+ Please explain.

LtCdrAkira: +Thorne+ It appears as if some unknown element, man made, is in the warp 

BrookeDoln: My other concern is that she might not be mentally 

BrookeDoln: competent to choose between treatment options.C

CptnThorne: :;nods to Jaina to continue::

EnsMDecker: +Decker here+\

BrookeDoln: Can you evaluate her on that point?

EnsRotarin: ::looks at his console::

CnsTempest: Can we allow Keane to see her? I can empower him to make the decisions for her if I find her

Amb JainaB: ::smiles to Megan, warmly, walks over:: I am sure...this is all very...shocking..

CnsTempest: not to be competent.

SuliRufian: *Decker*  Make sure you program the transporters to check and disarm any weaponry.

CmdStecker: Megan> You have no idea.. ::smiles::

LtCdrAkira: +Thorne+ nacelles. it somehow caused the warp nacelles to emit the fields

Amb JainaB: :::looks to her, noticing she looks a lot like Stecker::<g>

EnsMDecker: +aye,sir+

EnsRotarin: <Akira> that stuff is organic

EnsMDecker: ::programs::

CptnThorne: +Akira+ Does that explain the altered timeline?

LtCdrAkira: +Thorne+ flooding them with chronoton particles... 

Amb JainaB: ::glances out the VP:: I do, I can feel it's a bit....uncomfortable for you...?

Cdr MaryJo: ::peeks out of the little room to see where the doctor is::

EnsRotarin: like little fish in a bowl

SuliRufian: :::looks to Keane::: We might want one or two personnel on the inside as well...

LtCdrAkira: +Thorne+ It could... 

CptnThorne: +Akira+ Suggestions?

SLtKeane: ::enters the RR and steps silently, unnoticed inside and stands next to the other Security

LtCdrAkira: Ensign, I don't think organic material of any sort can live inside a warp core...

BrookeDoln: ::bites her lip:: I suppose he could see her ... very briefly. But he can't bring their son.

SLtKeane: officer present::

CmdStecker: Megan> You can feel how I feel? How is that? Are you one of those psychic people??

CnsTempest: All right. I'll evaluate her first. If he comes in, tell him to wait outside. If he gets

CnsTempest: unmanageable, well... I guess we'll have to talk to someone.

Amb JainaB: ::looks at her, trying not to pry into her mind:: Well, I suppose you could call me that...

SLtKeane: +Suli+ "Come releave Howard in the RR. I want my best on this one."

CnsTempest: ::walks into the office where Mary is lying down::

LtCdrAkira: +Akira+ Rotarin tells me that it's building up again... and Ursal says that it may

EnsRotarin: <Akira>it has been geneticaly engineered 

Amb JainaB: ::smiles:: I'm Betazoid, a race of people that have...high sensitivity to other's feelings

CmdStecker: Megan> Forgive me.. Are you, uhm, not human?

Amb JainaB: and emotions..

BrookeDoln: ::stands guard outside the door::

Amb JainaB: ::chuckles:: Far from human. 

SuliRufian: *Keane* On my way in, Sir.

LtCdrAkira: +Akira+ cause another warp burst on its own creating another chronoton wormhole...

CptnThorne: +Akira+ Can it be stopped?

Cdr MaryJo: ::Mary is pacing::

LtCdrAkira: <Akira = Thorne>


CnsTempest: Commander, I must let you know that while your situation may be treatable, it is severe.

SuliRufian: :::closes her workings and crosses to the RR:::

Cdr MaryJo: ::having gotten off the biobed::

CptnThorne: <Akira does not equal Thorne!>

Amb JainaB: <Talking to yerself again Akira?>

Cdr MaryJo: What do you mean by severe?

LtCdrAkira: <Yeah that's it...>

LtCdrAkira: <no, I got the signals mixed up...>

CnsTempest: ::sighs:: There is a possibility of permanent mental damage.

SuliRufian: :::slips in and changes places with Howard:::>>

LtCdrAkira: ::looks over at Ami::

Amb JainaB: ::tilts her head:: Me not being human...shocks you more?

Cdr MaryJo: ::swallows nervously::  permanent?

CptnThorne: ::looks around and sees instant Security officers::

SLtKeane: ::nods as Suli enters:: (w) "Are we beaming the others directly to the RR?"

LtCdrAkira: Ami> We can vent it... but it'll clog the plasma conduits...

SuliRufian: :::nods::: I believe that is the plan.

LtCdrAkira: +Throne+ Negative it'll clog the plasma conduits with residue...

EnsRotarin: <Akira> the only option I see is to dump the coolent and put fresh coolent in

CmdStecker: Megan> Uhm, no. not really.. Are there other, uhm, non-

CmdStecker: humans here? The Captain, he sounded human.. 

CnsTempest: Yes. But it's only a possibility.

CnsTempest: Yes. But it's only a possibility.

Amb JainaB: ::nods, smiles:: That captain is human. Oh, there are many other races onboard...many.

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks at Tempest::  I want an answer to this question.  Who is the

Cdr MaryJo: man who keeps trying to see me?

CptnThorne: +Akira+ Do what you must, Blackthorne out.

LtCdrAkira: Then we'd have to completely shut down the engine, that would take days to restart...

EnsMDecker: +Bridge+ I have lost track of the Russian Premer!

CnsTempest: He is your husband and the father of your child.

CptnThorne: ::turns:: I'm quite human... Irish, actually.

Amb JainaB: ::grins:: Ah, yes, that Irish charm...

EnsKiapen: +Decker+ You have what??  ..Hold on... ::gets on sensors::

CmdStecker: Megan> ::jumps:: Oh, I, uhm, thought you were busy.. 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> If we let it burst we could be thrown into another wormhole...

SuliRufian: <<Lost track???  As in misplaced him??>>

Cdr MaryJo: Then I need to see him.  He and I would both need to decide on that

Cdr MaryJo: course of action, don't you think?

EnsMDecker: +Bridge+Comfermed

LtCdrAkira: Ami> another parallel universe and time....

CptnThorne: I was talking to my chief Engineer.

EnsKiapen: +Decker+ How did you loose him??  You have his DNA sequence locked, dont you?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> of whatever...

Amb JainaB: <That happens a lot, Suli<g>>

CnsTempest: Under these circumstances, I need to decide whether you are capable of deciding anything.

CnsTempest: I know this is difficult, but the working of the brain is still largely unknown.

EnsKiapen: ::sighs, transfering the code, and trying to get a location herself::

EnsRotarin: <Akira>not if we do a warm shutdown. it's a new posedure by chaneling enought coolent into t

CmdStecker: Megan>Oh, really.. Well, I suppose we should get the other 

Cdr MaryJo: ::crosses her arms stubbornly::  I want him here also.

Cdr MaryJo: ::crosses her arms stubbornly::  I want him here also.

EnsMDecker: +Bridge+Sorry I can not locate him on the planit

EnsRotarin: he core to keep it cool

Cdr MaryJo: If he's my husband, he needs to know  about this..

Amb JainaB: ::smiles, trying not to chuckle::

CnsTempest: He does know.

EnsRotarin: but it will only last for about 3 min.

EnsRotarin: so we have to do it fast

EnsKiapen: +Decker+ I think I have located him... he appears to have moved to a bomb shelter

SLtKeane: ::looks around then to Suli nodding:: -you have the room- nod..

LtCdrAkira: ::looks at Ami::

CptnThorne: From where would you like to do that?  Your office?  Or 

CptnThorne: we could assist from here, our communications abilities 

Cdr MaryJo: he does?

CptnThorne: are quite advanced.

SuliRufian: ::nods her *you can count on me* nod:::

EnsMDecker: No he is not on the planit!

SLtKeane: ::silently steps from the room back onto the bridge::

CptnThorne: <<you guys have some really cool nods.>>

Amb JainaB: :;shifts her weight again, small groan-sound::

CmdStecker: Megan> I think here would be best.. It would be more believable. 

SLtKeane: <<nods -We know->

EnsKiapen: ::tries to get transporters to pierce through the layers of rock::

EnsRotarin: <Computer> how much coolent do we have on board. is it enought to refill the coolent chamber


CnsTempest: Before we can progress to anything else, I must establish your mental competence.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Yeah that could do it... then we could transport the contents out...

CnsTempest: ::leans over:: Commander, this is an awkward situation, but I must have your cooperation.

EnsKiapen: ::checks again, and sees that Decker is right::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> and replace it with the new coolant, but we need to save a sample of the element.

SuliRufian: <<:::nods with a smile::::>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> we need it to go home...

CptnThorne: Okay... if you'll come with me, I'll show you our bridge.

Cdr MaryJo: I want him here..

SLtKeane: +Decker+ "This is Security? What's the situation on the lock the that Russian?"

EnsKiapen: +Decker+ You have a lock on him again?

CmdStecker: Megan> ::sighs and follows:: 

EnsMDecker: The Russian Primier is gone!

Amb JainaB: ::whispers a "thank god" and is happy to be moving again::

CptnThorne: ::walks out of the RR::

SLtKeane: Gone?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> get a sample... Rotarin, let's get this warm shutdown to work... I'll inform the 

LtCdrAkira: Captain...

EnsMDecker: I can not locate him!

CnsTempest: ::stands:: If you want to see him before the evaluation, the doctor has approved a short

EnsKiapen: ::rolls chair over to Keane's station:: I have a feeling the Russian is fleeing something...

Amb JainaB: ::exits RR::

EnsKiapen: a nuclear launch, perhaps?

SLtKeane: ::Notices the party entering the bridge:: "Captain on the Bridge."

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ Captain Thorne, we're going to commence with a warm shutdown and

CnsTempest: visit. I am only acceding to this because of your apparent mental stability. At the moment I

CptnThorne: Captain... and President.

CnsTempest: see any sign of dificulty I will terminate the meeting. Understood?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ replace the coolant...

SuliRufian: :::follows the tour at a respectful distance:::

Cdr MaryJo: yes...

CmdStecker: Megan>::looks around wide-eyed::

EnsKiapen: Captain, the Russian Premier has moved to a station orbiting Earth...

EnsRotarin: <Rotarin> there is only enough coolent on board to fill half of each coolent chambers

CptnThorne: :;walks over to TAC::  Mr. Keane, if you'll help the 

CptnThorne: President with the communications controls.

CnsTempest: Very well, then.

EnsMDecker: Confermed I have HIM!

EnsKiapen: ::checks to make sure no nukes have been activated yet::

Amb JainaB: ::smiles at Megan's wide-eyed wonder::

CnsTempest: +Keane+ Lieutenant, the Doctor and I have agreed to allow you to see your wife for a short

CnsTempest: period of time. Please come to sickbay as soon as it is convenient.

EnsRotarin: ::beams the old coolent out::

SLtKeane: ::nods:: "Aye Sir. Mr. President if you'll give me the frequency... ah.. location.. you need

SLtKeane: to reach..?"

Amb JainaB: <Ooo...he just called you "Mr" president!>

Amb JainaB: <g>

Cdr MaryJo: <<grins>>

EnsRotarin: ::fills each coolent chambers half full::

SLtKeane: +Doc+ Understood. I'll be there shortly. Keane out."

CptnThorne: +Akira+ Understood.

CmdStecker: Megan>::follows Mr. Keane:: 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::has a sample of the element...::

CmdStecker: Kristi> ::still sitting in the battle bridge::

SLtKeane: (MRS!!! :;snaps fingers!:

BrookeDoln: ::peeks back into the room:: Everything okay?

Amb JainaB: ::eyeing her seat, starts waddling back, slowly::

CnsTempest: ::stands and walks to Brooke::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::holds his head and leans against the console::

EnsMDecker: +Bridge+the Chinese ruler is moving to an underground bunker

EnsRotarin: ::looks at the console::

CnsTempest: (w) she's insisting on seeing her husband. This may be a sign of some emotional recovery.

Cdr MaryJo: ::paces::obviously a little agitated::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::looks over:: You okay? ::a bit worried::

EnsKiapen: ::starts checking the progress of the nation heads in comparison to their nearest shelters::

SuliRufian: :::gives Keane the *if you need to go, I can handle it* eyebrow quirk:::

SLtKeane: ::taps the console and establishes a link to the planet:: "Communications open. Mrs. Presid

SLtKeane: ent.."

EnsRotarin: ::hits it:: Dang!!!

BrookeDoln: ::purses her lips:: Maybe. But I've learned with this kind of 

BrookeDoln: trauma not to be too  optimistic prematurely.

EnsKiapen: Captain, it looks like all the nations are preparing for war...

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I'm fine... just a bad headache... ::looks at Rotarin:: What?

CptnThorne: +Kristi+ Number One, could you come to the bridge?  We have a guest.

CptnThorne: ::nods to Kiapen:: Then we have to hurry.

EnsRotarin: <Akira> Whatever did this infected the backuyp coolent also

CnsTempest: Yes... however, I think we need to talk to the Lieutenant before he sees her to make sure he

SLtKeane: ::steps back and nods to Suli:: -it's yours-

CnsTempest: doesn't do any damage and understands that this sort of case can seem to be going well and

CmdStecker: Megan> Thank you, Mr. Keane.  Are we in contact with the Queen of England? 

EnsKiapen: +Decker+ Get back up here on the bridge.. I have a feeling Im going to need you here in a se

EnsKiapen: sec

CnsTempest: then suddenly take a turn for the worse.

EnsMDecker: +Bridge+I don't like what I am seeing should we act?

CmdStecker: <or PM> 

SLtKeane: "Yes Ma'am."

Amb JainaB: ::plops back down in her seat, heavily::

EnsMDecker: ::Runns to TL::

EnsMDecker: BRIDGE

EnsMDecker: ::leapes to station ::

SuliRufian: :::nods and prepares to step in:::

EnsMDecker: ready,sir!

EnsKiapen: <w> Decker, lets see if we cant devise some way to disable all the

EnsKiapen: warheads from here...

SLtKeane: "Mrs. President. The link is established.. You need only speak and they will hear you."

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Damn....

EnsKiapen: Im not sure we have enough power to propell an energy field that far

EnsMDecker: +sec+send some one to Transporter room #1 to moniter

CmdStecker: Megan> Prime Minister Palmer? This is President Phillips.. I need to speak with you. 

SLtKeane: +Decker+ ::acknowledged::

BrookeDoln: ::nods:: I think that you should take care of it ...

CptnThorne: ::pacing the bridge:;

Amb JainaB: ::stares at the viewscreen, rubbing her belly::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> We may not have to much time until the warp nacelles burst again...

EnsKiapen: from this vessle, but if there is a way, we should try..

EnsMDecker: +Kiapen+ Phasers?

SLtKeane: ::nods to Suli as the president starts to speak:: -all yours-

CnsTempest: ::nods:: I'll try. You know, since I came back from my leave of absence... I've felt more

EnsKiapen: ::in on the bridge::

CmdStecker: PM Palmer> Ah, greetings, Mrs President!! How are you?!!

CnsTempest: and more passionless about my work. I'm not sure I have the skills to maintain this. Or the

EnsKiapen: ::er.. IS on the bridge::

SLtKeane: ::Turns and walks to the TL::

Amb JainaB: ::watching her husband pace::

SuliRufian: :::nods to Keane *allmine*:::

SLtKeane: Sickbay

CmdStecker: Megan> ::laughs:: You had to ask, didn't you. Hold on.. 

CnsTempest: interest. I simply don't think I have the ability to make people comfortable with my help

SLtKeane: ::wrrrrr::

CnsTempest: any more. ::sighs::

EnsKiapen: No, phasers would be dangerous.. and we couldnt possibly hit all the nukes

SLtKeane: ::the lift arrives::

BrookeDoln: ::frowns:: Funny you should mention that. I've been feeling 

BrookeDoln: similarly. Maybe it's a virus ...

EnsRotarin: <Akira> hows the headache?

SLtKeane: ::He quickly walks to the Sickbay doors and enters::

Cdr MaryJo: <<oh lord..not another virus>>

SuliRufian: :::dsipatches Howard to cover TR1:::

EnsMDecker: ::sends data of kirks missions to earth to CO::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> how long do we have? ::looks at Rotarin:: It's still throbbing...

CnsTempest: ::looks to Keane:: Welcome, Lieutenant. Before you see your wife, the Doctor and I have a

CmdStecker: Megan> Mr Keane? Could you bring the PM up here? ::smiles::

CnsTempest: few things we need to talk to you about.

Cdr MaryJo: ::still pacing::

CptnThorne: ::paces back to his chair, looks over the data::

SLtKeane: (Suli's taken over)

CmdStecker: Stecker> ::taking a nap in the qujiet battle bridge::

Amb JainaB: ::looks to her husband::

BrookeDoln: ::takes a deep breath and looks to Tempest as if to say "It's all you"::

SLtKeane: ::looks at the Doctor:: "What's that?"

CptnThorne: ::wonders where Kristi is:: +Taps+ Number One?

SuliRufian: :::smiles::: Mr Keane is currently unavaiable, but I will gladly take care of it.

CnsTempest: ::looks back as if to say "Gee, thank you so much for that"::

Cdr MaryJo: <<it's called "Passing the buck" Tempest>>

CmdStecker: Megan> ::sees a new person standing beside her:: Hello, how 

CmdStecker: are you? Could you bring the PM up here please? Thank you. 

CmdStecker: ::smiles::

EnsRotarin: ::taps his panell::

CnsTempest: First of all: there is a possibility your wife may have permanent damage. While there seem

SuliRufian: :::grins::: My pleasure....

CmdStecker: +taps+ Jawohl, Kapitan? 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Well... we'll have at least 6 hours till the next jump...

SLtKeane: "WHAT!"

CnsTempest: to be indications currently that she is recovering, this may reverse itself. The mind is a

CnsTempest: tricky thing and we have no way to know what will happen.

EnsRotarin: Yesss!

Amb JainaB: ::staring at the VS::

CptnThorne: +Kristi+ There's some people I'd like you to meet up here.

EnsKiapen: ::developes a series of friequencies that will keep the nucleous intact in the weapons::

CnsTempest: Secondly: If there are any problems, I will be forced to terminate the visit.

SuliRufian: :::makes the necessary arrangements:::

SLtKeane: ::suddenly panic starts to over take John's emotions::

Cdr MaryJo: ::sits up on the biobed::

EnsRotarin: <Akira< I've figured out somthing

CmdStecker: Megan>::laughs at the thought of the PM being brought aboard.. He is such a weenie..::

CnsTempest: Thirdly: It is entirely possible that she lacks the competence to make decisions herself.

Amb JainaB: <LOL...weenie?<g>

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Yeah?

Cdr MaryJo: <<ROFL,Steck>>

EnsKiapen: Here we go... Look at this, Decker.. I think it will work.

BrookeDoln: ::tries to smile reassuringly at John::

CnsTempest: You may be forced to do it for her.

SLtKeane: "terminate?? That's my wife in there.. not some game."

EnsRotarin: <Akira> you are talking to yourself

CnsTempest: ::gestures to the room:: Keeping all those things in mind, go in.

EnsMDecker: I know it will

CmdStecker: +Seamus+ Come to the bridge? Ist she, I mean, vhy?

EnsKiapen: Only problem is the fact that it will have to emmited within 200 meters from the nukes

SLtKeane: ::frowns and takes a deep breath:: ::Calming::

LtCdrAkira: I do alot these days... thank you Emily...

CptnThorne: +Kristi+ The President of the US is up here.

SLtKeane: ::He walks slow to the door::

SuliRufian: ::beams the PM from his morning tea into the room::::

LtCdrAkira: What's on your mind kid?

EnsRotarin: <Akira> the old style coolent had a simpler base element it can be replicted

Cdr MaryJo: ::looking down at her hands folded in her lap::

EnsMDecker: we can compansate the Enterprise did

EnsKiapen: ::thinks for a moment:; we simply need to have it repeated

SLtKeane: ::stands in the doorway:: (w) "Mary?"

EnsKiapen: Not by that much.. it would burst the eardrums of every

BrookeDoln: ::bites her lip and glances at Tempest behind Keane's back::

EnsKiapen: person living donw there

CmdStecker: +taps+ Vhy could I vant to talk to a president? ::confused::

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks up at him::  Yes?

CnsTempest: (w) Brooke? Anything to say?

EnsKiapen: not to mention the effects on microoranisms

Amb JainaB: <Could be the fact yer the XO, Steck babe<g>>

Gee709: what are you guys doing? reciting a fucking book?

EnsMDecker: No use the Phasers!

CmdStecker: Megan> Now, if you could bring the Chancellor of Germany up here, please? ::smiles:: 

EnsRotarin: but we'll have to have huge quantities of it to cool this core

CptnThorne: +Kristi+ I'm sure Germany's Chancellor will be here 

CptnThorne: soon.  ::knows that will get her up here::

CmdStecker: Megan> ::enjoying herself::

EnsKiapen: we cant... we couldnt get ot every nuke on time

SLtKeane: ::steps into the room:: ::looking at her:: ::He forces a smile:: "I hear you wanted to see m

SLtKeane: e.."

CptnThorne: <<Guys, place Gee on ignore...>>

EnsKiapen: we need to hit every one of them at once, so that one country

CnsTempest: <<sure thing... how?>>

EnsKiapen: cant take advantage of anothers misfortune

SuliRufian: ::::muttering::: Germany, Germany.....

CmdStecker: +taps+ Vell, you could have said that!! ::snarls into the comm unit::

Cdr MaryJo: Yes...they say you are my husband..

SuliRufian: :::finds it on the map::::

BrookeDoln: ::shakes her head:: (w) I don't think so ... let's just eavesdrop.

EnsMDecker: In a mass burst we could like the Enterprise Did!

CptnThorne: ::chuckles:: +Kristi+ C'mon up.

CnsTempest: ::smiles:: Well, of course.

LtCdrAkira: Ami>Let's not worry to much about that... it's being flooded from the

LtCdrAkira: Ami> warp nacelles...

CmdStecker: +taps+ JA!! I am on my vay!! I only have two feet, you know!!

EnsKiapen: ::shakes head:: We dont have the power.. we are still recovering

SLtKeane: "That's right.. I ... I am.. "

Amb JainaB: ::glances to her husband, hearing Steckers voice::

SuliRufian: ::::hopes the Chancellor is not in the shower:::

Amb JainaB: ::soft grumble::

Cdr MaryJo: I'm sorry....I don't remember..::stares at him::feeling::strange::

EnsKiapen: from the damage done to us on our way here.

Gee709: fill me in any time now

EnsKiapen: besides, it has to be in effect when its supposed to detonate.. a burst wouldnt do anything

EnsMDecker: We have to or risk turnig the earth Def.

CptnThorne: +Kristi+ ::chuckles:: Aye, I know.

SuliRufian: :::smiles::: One Chancellor, heavy on the bratwurst, coming up.

SLtKeane: ::walks over and kneels in front of her:: "That's ok for now.. You got injured.. hit your he

CptnThorne: ::walks back to the President:: How is it going, Megan?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> and they're building up... 6 hours Akira...

EnsKiapen: ...and killing all the plankton in the oceans, and killing most of the insect life,

CmdStecker: ::gets into the TL:: Bridge! Und hurry!!

EnsKiapen: ...no, it would be detromental

SLtKeane: ad.. it's just going to take time.. it will come back to you.."

CmdStecker: Megan> ::smiling:: Fine, just fine.. His Royal pain is here now. 

Cdr MaryJo: But when they said things about ...about...permanent mental damage.....

EnsRotarin: +OPS+ I need a scan of both necels put it on my viewer

SuliRufian: :::both world leaders appear in a shimmer of lights:::

CptnThorne: ::smirks::

EnsMDecker: get ops fired up,I think thy can do it!

CptnThorne: Greetings, Prime Minister, Chancellor.

Cdr MaryJo: ::looking down at him::..I knew that if you were my husband, you needed to be here..

EnsKiapen: We coudl use the satalites, perhaps...

SLtKeane: ::shakes his head:: "I not going to settle for that.. "

CmdStecker: Chancellor> Guten Abend.. Vhere are ve? ::takes over like any good German would:: 

SLtKeane: "What have they proposed as a possible cure?"

Cdr MaryJo: I wouldn't listen to any of it until you were here too.

Amb JainaB: ::grumbles to herself, now having to hear twice the german accent::<g>

LtCdrAkira: Brit PM> ::looks around:: What the bloody hell? Who are you smegheads...

BrookeDoln: (w to Tempest) How's it sounding?

CptnThorne: You're aboard the USS Atlantis, a starship from the 24th century, currently orbiting Earth.

LtCdrAkira: <sorry, had to do some Red Dwarf... :)>

CmdStecker: Steck>::exits the TL:: 

SLtKeane: "Oh.. by the way.. ::feeling strange:: "I'm John Alexander Keane."

CnsTempest: (w) I'm not sure...

Cdr MaryJo: You....you...do seem ...

EnsKiapen: ::checks:: yes.. if we get every television to emmit this frequency, at a low amplitude,

EnsKiapen: then it should simply sound like a faint humming..

Cdr MaryJo: familiar in some way...and I'm Mary...

EnsRotarin: ::looks over the scan::

CmdStecker: ::walks up :: You called me, Kapitan? 

EnsKiapen: it could work

LtCdrAkira: Brit PM> ::looks at the stars...:: 

Cdr MaryJo: I don't remember my last name..

SLtKeane: "Yes.. that's right.. your Mary Jo Keane.. formerly Mary Jo Young."

CmdStecker: Chancellor> ::slaps the Brit PM on the back:: That ist something, Ja??

Cdr MaryJo: oh...

EnsMDecker: I still say phaser the bastards!

CptnThorne: Mrs. President, Chancellor, Prime Minister, meet my 

CptnThorne: Executive Officer, Commander Kristiana Stecker.

EnsKiapen: ::glares at Decker::  You should have gone into security.

LtCdrAkira: Brit> Ja, es ist sehr schoen... 

CmdStecker: ::snaps to attention and bows at the Chancellor from the 

CmdStecker: shoulders:: Guten Abend, Herr Chancellor!!

Cdr MaryJo: and we....::looks at him::a little scared::  we have a child together?

EnsRotarin: <Akira> it's covering the bussard collectors so if we engage warp that dhit gets sucked in t

EnsRotarin: he core

Amb JainaB: ::glances to where Stecker and her husband are, seeing them together, grumble::<g>

SLtKeane: ::He smiles:: "Yes.. His name is Christopher." ::fighting the urge to just grab her and hug

LtCdrAkira: ::Nods:: All right... well we can worry about that later... we've got less than 6 hours

SLtKeane: her till she remembers::

CmdStecker: Chancellor> ::looks at Kristi:: Are you German? 

LtCdrAkira: before the next jump...

CmdStecker: Steck> Jawohl, Herr Chancellor!! 

CptnThorne: ::turns:: Jaina?  Could you come up here?

EnsKiapen: +Thorne+ Captain, we have disabled every nuclear warhead on the planet...

Cdr MaryJo: I think I remember him...

LtCdrAkira: we need to somehow redirect it back to the 24th century...

Amb JainaB: ::nods, stands, waddling over::

LtCdrAkira: or back through the wormhole we came...

SLtKeane: ::he smiles:: "You do!? That's great!"

Amb JainaB: ::puts on a smile::

CptnThorne: +Kiapen+ Impressive...excellent work.

SLtKeane: ::stands and paces around.. trying to think of things that would help her remember::

Cdr MaryJo: ::wavers::starts to fall ::oh...My head...hurts!

CptnThorne: And this is my wife, Ambassador Jaina Blackthorne.

Amb JainaB: ::smiles to all, even Stecker::

CmdStecker: ::talks with the Chancellor in German for a good bit, noticing 

CmdStecker: that it annoys the PM and the Captain::

Amb JainaB: ::offers a nodd:: A pleasure.

Amb JainaB: <err nod>

CmdStecker: ::looks at Jaina, then looks away:

LtCdrAkira: PM> ::can understand fluent German::

LtCdrAkira: PM> So where are those commie bastards...

CmdStecker: <not their dialect. :) >

SLtKeane: ::runs over and stablizes her:: "Maybe you shouldn't try and stand.."

CptnThorne: Okay... let's get everyone else up here... and the bridge is getting crowded... hmm...

CnsTempest: ::rushes into the office::

CnsTempest: ::drags Brooke behind her:: I think this is a bad sign...

Amb JainaB: ::looks to her husband::

CmdStecker: Kapitan, perhaps if we converted one of the holodecks?

EnsRotarin: ahhhh!

EnsKiapen: ::gets everyone else up there, per the Captain orders::

Cdr MaryJo: I..I...ohhh...my head!!  ::holds her head in her hands::

EnsRotarin: <Akira> The hyperstrings

SLtKeane: ::sees doc enter:: "Mary??!!"

CptnThorne: ::nods::: Good idea.. Kiapen, could you escort everyone to holodeck one?

EnsKiapen: ::scoots in chair further, making room::

LtCdrAkira: hyperstrings?

EnsKiapen: Uh... sure. ::stands:;

SLtKeane: "Doc???"

CmdStecker: ::panics:: Kapitan? I vould like to escort them myself!!!

Amb JainaB: ::tries to smile at Stecker, admiting to herself it *was* a good idea::

EnsKiapen: Alright, ::points to a group of people:: YOu guys on the first

EnsKiapen: TL

BrookeDoln: Tempest?

CnsTempest: Chinese Prime Minister> ::a frail man, has a mild panic attack and is supported by an office

CnsTempest: r::

CptnThorne: I need to talk with you for a moment, Number One.

EnsRotarin: it's like a puzzel of how the matter is put together in this particular part od space

EnsKiapen: Tell it "Deck 5", and when the doors open, step out and wait for the rest of us

SuliRufian: :::shakes her head and dispatches a security team ahead to the holodeck:::

CmdStecker: ::sighs: Jawohl, Herr Kapitan. 

CnsTempest: I don't know what to say about it... I think it's a medical thing.

LtCdrAkira: Commie Dictator> ::looks like Stalin... :) ::

EnsKiapen: ::gets on the next TL with the second group::

Amb JainaB: ::clasps her hands behind her back::

LtCdrAkira: <CD = Commie Dictator>

EnsRotarin: ::runs over to the central console::

CnsTempest: French President> ::stares stunned at his surroundings, chokes a little::

EnsKiapen: ::Meets up with the first, counts heads, does roll call, and

LtCdrAkira: CD> Who are you calling commie bastard, little man...

Cdr MaryJo: ::loses consciousness::

EnsKiapen: tells tehm all to hold ands and not to get lost::

SLtKeane: -::Security personel take postions along the parties route to see they don't get lost::-

CnsTempest: French President> ::glances at the Chinese Prime Minister:: What the hell--

LtCdrAkira: PM> Oh, there's the git now... 

EnsRotarin: ::punches up the hyperstring structure from right before the original jump

CptnThorne: Mrs. President, could you please explain the situation 

CptnThorne: to everyone... we'll be down in a moment.

SuliRufian: *Keane* Suli to Keane.

EnsRotarin: ::

EnsKiapen: <<ands=hands>>

CmdStecker: Chancellor> ::looks at the CD:: He vas talking to you, I believe!!

CptnThorne: Number One, Jaina, in the ready room please.

EnsRotarin: <Akira> come over here

SLtKeane: +Suli+ "Yes?"

Amb JainaB: ::nods, moves towards the ready room::

CmdStecker: Megan> Certainly. It  would be my pleasure.. Right this way, 

CmdStecker: ladies and gentlemen. ::smiling::

EnsKiapen: ::leads all the little prime ministers and primiers and presidents down the hall::

SuliRufian: *Keane*  Just an update... the festivities are being moved to holodeck 1.

CptnThorne: ::enters the RR, wipes his brow::

EnsKiapen: ::heards them all into the holodeck, and does roll call again::

LtCdrAkira: PM> Let's hike up the tariffs on British good... why don't we...

Amb JainaB: ::heads right to a seat, sits heavily::

Amb JainaB: ::heads right to a seat, sits heavily::

Amb JainaB: ::heads right to a seat, sits heavily::

SLtKeane: +Suli+ See that the way is clear and have sec along the route.. post guard on senetive

SLtKeane: areas on that deck."

LtCdrAkira: ::walks over to Rotarin::

EnsRotarin: ::has the present huper string structure overlay the first::

CptnThorne: Well.... that was fun.

CmdStecker: ::enters RR, stands near the door, ready to bolt and run::

EnsKiapen: ::to the French President:: Hey, lets try not to be too judgmental, 'k?

EnsKiapen: Everyone in!

EnsRotarin: <Akira> a close match but it is not the same

BrookeDoln: ::suddenly realizes that Mary has passed out!!!::

EnsKiapen: Computer, start program

Cdr MaryJo: <<ROFL>>

SuliRufian: *Keane* Already initiated, will perform follow up.

SLtKeane: ::takes mary into his arms:: "Doctor?? Where should I put her??"

Cdr MaryJo: <<took you long enough>>

EnsKiapen: ::watches as suddenly a Klingon battle program starts::

Amb JainaB: ::glances to Stecker::

LtCdrAkira: CD> We had to... UN sanctions... you idiot...

BrookeDoln: ::quickly scans her with a med tricorder:: Just leave her on the bed, lay her down!

CptnThorne: JapPM> wakarimasen!  iiye anmanri suki dewa arimasen!

CnsTempest: Chinese Prime Minister> ::has a seizure::

EnsKiapen: Oops!! Computer, start Outback program

EnsMDecker: Oh shit it took!

BrookeDoln: <<I drifted! Sorry!!! Must be the flu!!!>>

LtCdrAkira: PM> All right, let's take this out side!!!! 

SLtKeane: ::lays her down softly::

EnsMDecker: no comuter I was joking!

Amb JainaB: <Ah...::pokes Captain:: showing off the Japanese?>

SLtKeane: "what's wrong with her?"

EnsKiapen: ::gets a hypo from a replicator and heals the Chinese dude::

CnsTempest: French Pres> ::rushes to his assistance:: What is going on?

EnsMDecker: end program!

SuliRufian: :::follows the group with a bemused expression:::

CptnThorne: Okay... how are we going to approach this?

EnsKiapen: Uh... Siezure... Klingons can do that, you know?

CmdStecker: Chancellor> ::glares at the Japanese PM:: 

CmdStecker: Vhat do you mean, Herr Kapitan? ::standing at attention::

LtCdrAkira: ::BritPM and the Commie Dictator start to fight::

Cdr MaryJo: JAPANESE PM>::glares right back::

Amb JainaB: Carefully....vrey.

Amb JainaB: <err very>

LtCdrAkira: ::like the childish, petty politicians they are...::

EnsKiapen: ::walks over to the Chancellor, trying to play diplomat:: Hey, how are you? ::holds out hand

CptnThorne: JapPM> oya oya... 

BrookeDoln: ::closes up the scanner:: Psychological stress. I *knew* 

BrookeDoln: this was a bad idea. I'm sorry, John, but you need to leave.

SLtKeane: -::Security officers along the halls main cooridors nods to Suli as she passes falling in::-

CptnThorne: These people are fighting like children... 

SLtKeane: ::looks confused:: "I didn't do anything.!?? What??"

CmdStecker: Chancellor> :steps in front of the Brit PM and Commie 


CmdStecker: PEOPLE!!

EnsMDecker: sorry sir

CptnThorne: JapPM>  ::stares at the Chancellor::  Baka!

EnsKiapen: Chancellor, why dont you come over here and meet the Japanese PM?

SuliRufian: :::nods to them with her *carry on* nod:::

Amb JainaB: They are politicians...they are supposed to be like children.

EnsRotarin: <Akira> I need to take an EVA so I can get a clear hypostring reading and eactley how that

Amb JainaB: ::slight smile::

EnsRotarin: shit affects them

LtCdrAkira: BritPM> You should know you helped place sanctions against them too!

CmdStecker: Chancellor> Don't you Baka me!! I'll teach you a lesson!! My army vill crush you!!

LtCdrAkira: That won't be necessary... all of that's in the toliet...

CnsTempest: <<je suis desole, mais je serai AFK for a little while>>

SuliRufian: :::walks into the holodeck hearing the bickering:::

LtCdrAkira: Ami find away back to the 24th century... 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Already doing it...

EnsKiapen: ::walks over to the Captain:: Should we send them to their rooms?

BrookeDoln: think she may be experiencing some neural hemorraghing.as

BrookeDoln: think she may be experiencing some neural hemorraghing.as

SLtKeane: ::A security officer moves up behind the Chancellor:: "Gentlemen and Ladies. Please

EnsMDecker: ::moves to TL::

SLtKeane: follow the Commander."

Amb JainaB: ::is afraid they might tear the ship apart, sensing all that's goin' on::

Amb JainaB: ::is afraid they might tear the ship apart, sensing all that's goin' on::

Amb JainaB: ::is afraid they might tear the ship apart, sensing all that's goin' on::

EnsMDecker: holodeck 1

CptnThorne: Shall we get to this then?

EnsMDecker: ::approches Cpt::

SLtKeane: ::John stands up and back to the door:: "Mary??"

Amb JainaB: ::nods::

Amb JainaB: ::glances to Stecker::

EnsMDecker: sorry sir it was my falt

CptnThorne: ::stands and waits for them to exit first::

CmdStecker: ::looks at Jaina, then leaves quickly::

SLtKeane: ::He slowly exits and the doors close::

SuliRufian: :::resists urge to get out her shock baton and zap them into silence:::

Amb JainaB: ::exits after Stecker::

EnsMDecker: I did not think the program would take

CmdStecker: ::walks a good bit in front of Jaina, in case she gets attacked..::

CptnThorne: ::enters the TL::

EnsKiapen: ::walks over to Suli:: <w> we could get the children's manners programs loaded and running,

EnsKiapen: if you like

Amb JainaB: ::follows, right into the TL::

SLtKeane: ::John turns from the closed door enraged and punches the wall, yelling. He leaves a dent."

CptnThorne: Holodeck One.

CmdStecker: ::enters TL, reluctantly:: Kapitan, perhaps I should take a different lift?

SuliRufian: (w) I think we should have kept the Klingons.... the whole common enemy thing.

Cdr MaryJo: ::<<ouch...that's gotta hurt>>

CptnThorne: Too late now....

CptnThorne: Too late now....

EnsKiapen: ::nods:: I can get that one too you know...

CmdStecker: ::swears in German::

SLtKeane: ::feels he's loosing control, and decides he's going to go check on the visitors.. grrr::

EnsKiapen: but that guy who teaches the manners... they might as well team up to deffeat him too

EnsKiapen: ::shivers, remembering::

CnsTempest: <<voila, je suis BAK>>

CmdStecker: Megan> Ladies and Gentlemen.. I think you know why we are here. 

SuliRufian: :::chuckles::: I believe you are correct.

Amb JainaB: ::standing silently, then...:: Agh! ::holds stomach::

CnsTempest: French Pres> To listen to you spout at us about pacifism?

EnsMDecker: it was my fault!

CptnThorne: JapPM> dare desu ka?

CptnThorne: Jaina??

EnsKiapen: ::grabs the French Pres and drags her out by her ear::

SLtKeane: ::walks down the halls to the Holodeck:: ::just outside:: +Brooke+ "Keep me informed on mary

CmdStecker: ::jumps when Jaina screams:: Ach Gott!! She's after me!!

CptnThorne: JapPM> ::Regains his senses:: Why is that?  This is an outrage!

SLtKeane: ? Please.. "

Amb JainaB: ::groans, and the all powerful water breaks:: Aagh...God...

CptnThorne: ::to the TL:: sickbay!

CptnThorne: Begorah!

CnsTempest: French Prez> ::glares at the affrontery of the Ensigh:: Unhand me.

BrookeDoln: +Keane+ Ack. Dolan out.

CmdStecker: Megan> Tell me about it!! I was sitting in my office and then I was here!! 

Cdr MaryJo: ::still unconscious::

EnsRotarin: <BRB must go to B room>

BrookeDoln: ::frowns at Mary:: Let's see what we've got here.

EnsKiapen: ::quickly leads the French Pres to the corner::

LtCdrAkira: Ami>  Well... here we go... let's try this... looking at the sensor readings...

BrookeDoln: Ah ha!!!

Amb JainaB: :::inching down the wall:: Agh...help me...::groan::

EnsKiapen: You can stay here and watch, or my friend Suli can take you out...

CnsTempest: Chinese PM> ::stares at everyone around him, bewildered::

CptnThorne: ACTION:  The TL stops... and stays that way.

CmdStecker: ::looks at Seamus:: Vhat does that mean, anyvay? You alvays say that. 

SLtKeane: ::Enters the Holodeck and glares::

EnsKiapen: ::points, and grins::

CnsTempest: French Prez> Is that a threat?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> it does show the vital stats of a rotational wormhole...

CmdStecker: ::looks wide eyed around the TL:: 

SuliRufian: :::looks at Keane:::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> which was the chronoton wormhole... I'm not sure how we can emulate it...

Amb JainaB: ::breathing hard:: Why are you stopped?! Why the *tosviolation* are we stopped!?

CptnThorne: ::looks up:: This can't be good.

SLtKeane: ::walks over to Suli, obviously in no mode for trouble:: "Status." ::upset about Mary::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ Captain Thorne, we have Five hours and 41 minutes before

EnsKiapen: Well, no, ma'am.. just a warning...see those ridges on her nose?

CptnThorne: ::takes Jaina's hand:: I don't know, but we'll move again soon, I promise...

CmdStecker: Megan> Look. We're here, and they aren't going to let us go 

CmdStecker: until we resolve the conflict peacefully.. I don't know about 

CmdStecker: you all, but I want to go home.. 

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ Another Chronoton wormhole appears on the horizon and

CnsTempest: French Prez> I see them.

EnsKiapen: Her species does that as a ritual after their first 50 kills on their homeworld...

Amb JainaB: ::squeezes the hell out of his hand:: Get me.....out of here!!

CnsTempest: French Prez> ::glowers darkly::

CptnThorne: +Akira+  Understood, but we're stuck in this turbolift and 

CptnThorne: my wife is in labor... get it moving!

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ sucks us into another time period... Ursal is trying to adjust

EnsKiapen: usually at the age of 10

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ to shift us back...

CnsTempest: <<LOL Kiapen!>>

CmdStecker: ::makes a silent vow to kill all the engineers:: Kapitan, ist she, uhm, in.. Gott. 

SuliRufian: :::twitches head towards group::: Spoiled brats.

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Oh wonderful... 35 now... is it...

EnsKiapen: ::lies, and has to keep from laughing::

CnsTempest: French Prez> ::twitches a little... defeated::

BrookeDoln: A minor infarction of the subcranial ::trails off, muttering medical jargon::

SLtKeane: ::looks over the group:: "really??" ::smiles::

EnsKiapen: Can you play nice now?

EnsMDecker: we must get them back!

CptnThorne: JapPM> Peace?  That seems an impossibility.

LtCdrAkira: ::goes to a console:: +taps+ Can't fix it...

CmdStecker: Megan> So, who wants to talk  first? 

BrookeDoln: ::makes a few adjustments to the med scanner and then 

BrookeDoln: affixes a small device to Mary's left temple::

Amb JainaB: ::scream:: Owwww!!! Agh!!

CnsTempest: French Prez> All I did was voice an opinion. If you're against that, then how can you claim

SuliRufian: :::smiles:::: Yes.

CptnThorne: +Akira+ Bloody well you will fix it!!!!

CnsTempest: any fairness in dealing with us whatsoever?

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Um... well...::listens to her scream::

EnsRotarin: <Back>

CmdStecker: ::screams at Seamus::You had to drag me in here, didn't you?!!

CnsTempest: Chinese PM> ::looks to Megan::

BrookeDoln: ::softly:: Mary? Mary, can you hear me?

EnsKiapen: We are not here to be fair, President.  We are here to keep you from

CptnThorne: ::wonders how he ends up in situations like this::

EnsKiapen: destroying every life form on our planet.

Cdr MaryJo: ::moans quietly::

CnsTempest: French Prez> Harrumph

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Let's try this... I can release the clamps... and you can freefall about

Amb JainaB: Yeah! You had to drag her in- ::scream, clutches stomach:: Agh!!

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ five decks and then I can try and reclamp it down... good with that?

SLtKeane: ::walks over the Kiapen:: "Problem here?"

EnsMDecker: we have to get them back soon


EnsKiapen: ::grins:: No, I dont think so.  Is there a problem, President?

Cdr MaryJo: ::eyelids flutter::

CptnThorne: ::rambles off a string of Irish curses:: This kid's gonna 

CptnThorne: come right here... Kristi, sheddup and help me!

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Can't you just beam them out?

Amb JainaB: ::breathing hard:: YOU SLEPT WITH MY HUSBAND!!!

CmdStecker: ::eyes narrow:: Don't ever tell me to shut up, Kapitan.

EnsMDecker: ::moeves to TL::may I help?


Cdr MaryJo: <<ummm...technically they didn't sleep>>

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Yes Ami I could...

CptnThorne: And don' ye scream at my wife, either.

CmdStecker: <LOL Mary>

Amb JainaB:  :::screams, cringes in pain::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> but you won't because that does't fit the logic of doing things your way...

CmdStecker: Kapitan, don't make me hit you. 

LtCdrAkira: Akira> exactly...

CptnThorne: Oh, do that, and you'd get to deliver this child.... you want to do that??

LtCdrAkira: Ami> You can sometimes be arrogant and twisted...

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I can be... character flaw...

EnsMDecker: looks at self wondering if invisable?

CmdStecker: I could do it better than you! You aren't even in control of yourself!!

Amb JainaB: ::makes a nice grunting noise:: Stop......ARGUING!!!!!!!

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Well then... I'd beam them out, but I'm busy...

CptnThorne: ::stops::

CptnThorne: She's right... why are we still arguing?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I'll worry about the captain and his wife...

CptnThorne: <Decker, ya can't get to us... :-)>

Amb JainaB: ::seething, breathing extremely hard and already pushing, glaring at both::

Cdr MaryJo: ::opens her eyes::looks confused::

CnsTempest: Chinese PM> ::gives the Japanese PM a friendly smile::

SLtKeane: ::looks around the room:: "Who's leading this little party?"

EnsMDecker: ::opens controll panel

CptnThorne: JapPM>  ::nods to the gai jin Chinese::

SuliRufian: :::taps her baton in her palm and then points to the Brit PM:::

EnsMDecker: ::begins working::

LtCdrAkira: BritPM> We should have wasted you in World War two...

CmdStecker: :;mutters:: She's alvays right..Everyone ist alvays right but me.. 

BrookeDoln: Mary? Can you hear me?

CptnThorne: Kristi... please... I need your help... 

BrookeDoln: Can you see anything, Mary?

LtCdrAkira: USSR> Your military forces... against Soviet Winter... ha!!

EnsKiapen: ::grunts:: I was under the impression the Brits couldnt waste anyone in world war two

CmdStecker: Megan> QUIET!!!

CnsTempest: Chinese PM> ::glances at Brit and USSR and laughs::

EnsRotarin: ::taps his console::

Amb JainaB: ::groans:: Oh God....help..::grimacing::

CmdStecker: Megan> ::slams something against a table, and makes a really loud noise::

Cdr MaryJo: yes...I see you...

SLtKeane: ::huge booming vioce:: "OK.. that's IT! I want QUIET! Let's listen to the lady!" ::nods to

SLtKeane: megan::

Cdr MaryJo: and I can hear you too...

LtCdrAkira: Brit> Oh shutup... you backwards git... humanitarianism isn't a word you use much

LtCdrAkira: is it?

CnsTempest: French Prez> ::sick of being bossed around:: Look, madam president, why don't you tell us

CmdStecker: Megan> Thank you, Mr. Keane. 

SLtKeane: ::smiles::

BrookeDoln: Can you tell me how many fingers I'm holding up?

CnsTempest: what exactly it is you want? So we can stop wasting our bloody time.

EnsKiapen: ::walks over to Suli:: <w> Get on stange, and look intimidating...

Cdr MaryJo: Brooke?  ::looking very confused::  what am I doing here?

Cdr MaryJo: ummmm  3?

EnsKiapen: Im betting that snotty French President has told everyone what I told him about you by now

EnsMDecker: +Bridge+TL apperes to be fine can not explain malfuntionm

Amb JainaB: ::now pretty much ignoring them, groaning::

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Captain, you wanna try that freefall thing?

CmdStecker: Megan> ::ignores Brit PM:: 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> What's going on?

CptnThorne: +Akira+  No!

SLtKeane: ::Steps back to Suli:: (w) "I say we wipe them all out and start over.. " (jk)

LtCdrAkira: Akira> His wife's having a baby...

SuliRufian: ::::crosses carefully around the group and flanks Megan::::

Cdr MaryJo: <<you mean "the weenie?">>

CmdStecker: <yeah, the weenie> :) 

EnsKiapen: ::grins::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::looks up and stares at him:: Freefall!? Are you crazy!?!

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ I'm outta options... oh we can beam you out...

SuliRufian: (w) :::before she crosses::: I'll get the one up front. :::winks:::

BrookeDoln: ::blinks:: WHat did you call me?

CptnThorne: ACTION> As if on cue, the transporters go offline. 

Cdr MaryJo: Brooke...that is your name, isn't it?

CmdStecker: Megan> Look, I said it before. We have to stop this war.. It's 

CmdStecker: not supposed to happen.. That's what the Captain said, and I 

CmdStecker: believe him. 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> sensibility wins again...

Amb JainaB: ::wonders if they've noticed she is pushing when they were arguing::<g>

CnsTempest: Chinese PM> Madame President, what is or is not supposed to happen is beside the point. Let

CmdStecker: Steck> ::waits for something good to happen:: This ist a bad luck ship, you know? 

CnsTempest: us have peace for peace sake, yes?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> but the transporters for some reason just went out...

SLtKeane: ::nods to Kiapen:: -I've got the right side. You take left-

EnsKiapen: ::gets up behind Megan and posts the projections of life on earth after a nuclear war::

BrookeDoln: ::slowly breaks into a wide smile::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I think it's called dyanimc plot twist without rationale...

SLtKeane: (nods are like security's communicator!)

EnsKiapen: ::nods, and gets on the left side::

CptnThorne: Help me get her out of this uniform.

BrookeDoln: Do you know where you are, Mary?

EnsRotarin: ::grabs an engineering kit::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I think so too... not that there's anything wrong with that...

CmdStecker: ::looks at Seamus:: Vhy me? 

CnsTempest: French Prez> So they're from a redundant time line. Their problem not ours.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> oh, of course not... I think have an idea...

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks around::  looks like I'm in an examination room in your sickbay

CptnThorne: ::looks around:: Ye see anyone else in here?  I need your help, please!

Amb JainaB: ::grimaces in pain, moans::

EnsRotarin: <Akira> Permission to go fix the transporter

BrookeDoln: +taps+ Brooke to Tempest ... I think you'd better get in here, Counselor.

CmdStecker: But, she hates me!! She von't let me anyvhere near her!!

LtCdrAkira: Permission granted...

Cdr MaryJo: ::suddenly looks frightened::  What is wrong?  Did something

Cdr MaryJo: happen to John and Christopher??

CnsTempest: +Tempest+ At once, Brooke...

EnsRotarin: ::runs to TL::

LtCdrAkira: You did some good work today kid... keep it up...

SuliRufian: :::clears her throat experimentally:::

CmdStecker: ::thinks about taking Jaina's boots off, but figures she'll get kicked::

EnsRotarin: Transporter room 3

CnsTempest: ::wanders into TL:: Sickbay.

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Captain, we can use a shuttle's transporter and site to site you!!!

EnsRotarin: wwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooossh

CnsTempest: ::walks into the sickbay:: Brooke? What's going on?

Amb JainaB: ::is far from thinking about hurting Stecker at this point::

CptnThorne: ::looks to both women pleadingly:: Now is the time to stop this...

BrookeDoln: <<Tempest -- you realized you just paged yourself? ::giggles::>>

SuliRufian: :::using her best Marine bark::: Ladies and Gentlemen.....

CptnThorne: +Akira+ Isn't that... somewhat risky?

BrookeDoln: Shh ... relax, Mary. It's alright, they're fine. And hopefully, you are, too.

Amb JainaB: ::looks to her husband, sweating:: <q> Help me..please...::getting a bit weak::

CnsTempest: <<fine, fine, make fun of the girl with the headache>>

EnsKiapen: <<Hey, thats not so bad.. I IM myself all the time.. hours of fun!>>

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Oh it's okay... Ami?

Cdr MaryJo: ::calms down::

EnsRotarin: +Akira+ that gives me an Idea

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Quantum shift might kill the baby...

BrookeDoln: ::turns:: Counselor!!! Come here!!!

CmdStecker: Gott in Himmel. I should have left this place months ago. 

BrookeDoln: ::whispers to Tempest and smiles::

EnsRotarin: Use a shuttle transporter

CptnThorne: Now please, help me get her out of the uniform. ::starts to unzip it::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Damn you science!!

CnsTempest: ::smiles:: Oh, my. ::blinks::

EnsMDecker: ::heads for quarters::

CmdStecker: ::takes off Jaina's boots and tries to help Seamus:: 

CnsTempest: Do you think?

Cdr MaryJo: ::stares at Brooke and Tempest..wonders what the heck is going on?

BrookeDoln: Mary, how are you feeling?

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Captain what deck are you on, or inbetween?

BrookeDoln: :runs a series of several more scans::

Amb JainaB: ::flutters eyes, groans::

EnsRotarin: ::runs in TR3::

SLtKeane: ::watches the talks proceding... finally::

SuliRufian: :::using her baton as a pointer::: What you are viewing behind Madame President....

Cdr MaryJo: I feel okay...except for a slight headache..

EnsMDecker: ::enters quarters::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Your going to cut them out? the corridors are made of...

EnsRotarin: ::puls the panel off:::

EnsRotarin: ::scans it with his tricorder::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I know that! 

CptnThorne: +Akira+ Between 7 and 8.

BrookeDoln: Do you have any memory of the past few days?

CnsTempest: ::watches carefully::

SLtKeane: ::wonders where the Captain is??::

SuliRufian: Is the world as you know it, after the effects of the Nuclear Meltdown towards which you...

CptnThorne: +Brooke+ Doctor?

LtCdrAkira: Wait what if we enhance the pattern with buffers...

SuliRufian: are currently heading.

CmdStecker: ::tries to remember her own labor:: Ambassador, you must do 

CmdStecker: your breathing.. It helps.. ::lies through her teeth:

BrookeDoln: +taps+ Dolan here, Captain.

CptnThorne: Thank you, Kristi.

Amb JainaB: ::almost screams with pain:: Oh God!!

Cdr MaryJo: Not really...

EnsRotarin: Tatal failure of the pattern buffer

LtCdrAkira: Ami> We could... maybe you could beam a doctor in...

SuliRufian: (w):::to Kiapen::: Put up the children.

SLtKeane: +Captain+ ::unaware of the capt's situation:: "Captain to holodeck 1 please."

LtCdrAkira: Ami> using the site to site...

CptnThorne: +Brooke+ Doctor, I'm stuck in a turbolift with 

CptnThorne: Commander Stecker and my wife, and Jaina's in 

CptnThorne: labor.... ummm... help!

EnsKiapen: ::nods, and gets the pictures of crying babies and mommys, and starving kiddies::

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Captain, we can beam a medic in using the site to site... 

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ on the shuttle...

CptnThorne: +Keane+ ::Repeats what he just said to Brooke::

Amb JainaB: <::watches the Captain...crumble under pressure::<g>>

CnsTempest: ::looks to Brooke:: I'll take care of the Commander.

SuliRufian: :::hating impromptu public speaking:::

EnsRotarin: ::rplaces the buffer::

CptnThorne: <<hiya Admiral!>>

CmdStecker: ACTION: The King of Australia goes nuts and tries to hit Lieutenant Keane

EnsRotarin: ::the transpoter comes online

Amb JainaB: <LOL..the king of Australia?>

SLtKeane: ::looks over at Kiapen:: -I've got to go- ::Runs from holodeck to door of lift::

CmdStecker: < :) >

CnsTempest: Now, Commander... what's the last thing you remember?

EnsRotarin: +Akira+ The transporter is up and running

BrookeDoln: ::looks at Tempest in shock:: I have no staff! Jaina's in 

BrookeDoln: labor. The captain's stuck in a lift with her and Kristi?! 

Cdr MaryJo: <<John...gotta get by the king first>>

EnsKiapen: ::watches the King of Australia fall on his face.  laughs::

BrookeDoln: And we're in the 21st century!!! What's up with this ship?!?

SLtKeane: +engineering+ What's the status on the TL repairs?

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Excellent...

EnsRotarin: Should I beam them out of the TL?

SuliRufian: These are your children, your people, those that trust you with their lives.....

Amb JainaB: <Even in the future nothing works!>

CptnThorne: <<you said it Brooke! :-)>>

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Keane... transporters work...

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Beam them to sickbay... 

CnsTempest: ::sighs:: I don't know, but it'd make one hell of a good holonovel.

BrookeDoln: +taps+ Captain, can you have someone beam your wife to sickbay?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> See sensibility wins again...

SLtKeane: ::spins and slams the King of Australia to the floor::

EnsRotarin: ::swish::

Amb JainaB: ::flutters eyes, groans lowly::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::shrugs::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> not that there's anything wrong with that...

EnsKiapen: ::glares out at the group of snobby power-greedy *bleeps*::

SLtKeane: ((Keane did't leave just yet))

LtCdrAkira: Akira> shutup Ami...

CmdStecker: KofAus> ::screams:: 

EnsRotarin: ::they demoterialize in the TL and form inSB::

EnsKiapen: Do any of you even care about your people any more?  Do any of you

CptnThorne: +Brooke+ Transporters aren't working well, Brooke....

EnsKiapen: care that your people will all die??

CmdStecker: Megan> ::sighs and sits down in a chair::

BrookeDoln: <<Who the heck just beamed into SB?!?!?>>

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Captain, the transporters work fine!

EnsKiapen: Or is this just some game? ... Your pride has been wounded, so your going to kill

EnsKiapen: everyone

SuliRufian: This is *not* a game!  There is no reset button!

CmdStecker: ::looks at Seamus:: Vhat now, Kapitan?

CnsTempest: Chinese PM> ::nods:: Explain this chart.

Amb JainaB: ::grabs Seamus' arm, tightly:: Help me!!

SLtKeane: ::takes hold of the King and lift him up holding him against the wall:: "that's wasn't very

LtCdrAkira: Ami> thanks to sensibility in engineering...

SuliRufian: <<GMTA, Kia!>>

SLtKeane: effective now was it.."

LtCdrAkira: Akira> not that there's anything wrong with that...

CnsTempest: Chinese PM> How does it happen? What is results?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> of course not...

EnsKiapen: <<Lol Sul!!>>

BrookeDoln: <<Damit!!! I'm lost!!!>>

Cdr MaryJo: <<uh oh...John's already upset about Mary>>

Amb JainaB: <::hands Brooke a map::>

LtCdrAkira: <lol... not that there's anything wrong with that...>

CptnThorne: +Akira+  Beam us all there!

EnsRotarin: ::the transporter goes offline again::

CnsTempest: Commander?

SLtKeane: ::leans in close to the King's ear:: "Now.. your going to sit.. and your not going to move..

SuliRufian: :::a pair of security officers take the KofA from Keane and escort him to a chair:::

BrookeDoln: ::turns to Tempest and sighs:: I have *no* idea what's going on on this ship!!!

Cdr MaryJo: Yes, Tempest?

EnsRotarin: ::runs to the panel::

Cdr MaryJo: What is it?

CnsTempest: What is the last thing you remember?

Amb JainaB: ::grimaces, heavy breath::

EnsKiapen: Well, the thing is, you all are not only going to kill those

EnsRotarin: ::taps fureously::

SLtKeane: because if you do.. I'm going to shoot you.." ::leans back and put him in a seat:: "Now sit.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> My headache is returning in full force...

BrookeDoln: +Thorne+ Can you have Jaina beamed here or not?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> You should see a doctor...

CptnThorne: ::turns back to his wife:: Do that breathing... ::looks to Kristi for help::

EnsKiapen: of your time.. who can do nothing about it, and who probably dont even now...

EnsKiapen: er.. know

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Nah...

CnsTempest: I gave up about the time Australia suddenly evidenced a king. ::smiles::

CmdStecker: Kapitan, you must check her.. To see if the baby ist crowning.. 

Cdr MaryJo: ::rubs her head::  I remember a violent ride...and getting tossed against

EnsKiapen: But you are killing us too. And we WONT let that happen.

Cdr MaryJo: something...

EnsRotarin: ::replaces some chips::

Amb JainaB: ::looks to Kristi too, forgetting all for now, groans::

SLtKeane: ::The king of Austrailia sits quietly and very still::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Shall I call one for you?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I refuse to have sensibility win the day!!

CnsTempest: And nothing beyond that?

CmdStecker: <perfect timing> :) 

EnsKiapen: ::stands on the stage, and breaks the news:: I swear, that by the time

SLtKeane: ::John smiles::

Amb JainaB: <Typical man!>

Cdr MaryJo: no..

EnsKiapen: you all leave this ship, every single one of your warheads will be

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ sickbay, chief engineering Akira is suffering headaches... I believe

Cdr MaryJo: nothing..

CmdStecker: <really>

SuliRufian: :::mutters::: I'm a security thug...not a diplomat....

EnsKiapen: permanantly disabled, and every person on your world will

LtCdrAkira: Ami>+taps+ someone there knows what I mean... Nurse Luann...

EnsKiapen: know about what you are doing.

SuliRufian: <<Whoa..... Captn passed out cold!>>

Amb JainaB: <::snickers::>

CnsTempest: ::nods:: Very well.. describe your exact sensations right now.

BrookeDoln: +Akira+ Luann eloped with Ensign Carnegie, Mr. Akira.

CnsTempest: I was there, Brooke.

CptnThorne: <What a time to get punted!>

SLtKeane: ::Decides to remain and monitor the situation with the guest:: ::keeping an eyes on the King

BrookeDoln: +Akira+ I'm waiting to hear from the Captain on Jaina's 

BrookeDoln: +Akira+ I'm waiting to hear from the Captain on Jaina's 

BrookeDoln: +Akira+ I'm waiting to hear from the Captain on Jaina's 

SLtKeane: ::Decides to remain and monitor the situation with the guest:: ::keeping an eyes on the King

BrookeDoln: +Akira+ I'm waiting to hear from the Captain on Jaina's 

SLtKeane: ::

BrookeDoln: condition, she's in labor and stuck in a lift.

EnsKiapen: There will be civil war, and every single one of you will die.

Amb JainaB: <::thwaps her husband:: Typical male!>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Wow... then who was that?

EnsRotarin: +Akira+ transporters are online again

EnsKiapen: Your empires will disentigrate, and the world will probably be thrown back

EnsKiapen: about 200 years as far as technology goes.

Amb JainaB: ::groans, closes her eyes::

SuliRufian: :::shrugs::: Or I could save them the trouble and do it myself....

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Good Rotarin, beam the Captain to sickbay, and his wife... do it!

CnsTempest: French Prez> And your solution to this is to bully us?

EnsKiapen: Yes, we could, Sulli... or we could let them work it out on their own.

Cdr MaryJo: Where's John?  and what am I doing here?

BrookeDoln: ::throws up her hands in exasperation::

CnsTempest: French Prez> ::points to Sulli:: And set the likes of them on us?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I quit...

EnsKiapen: That is what you are trying to do to each other, so yes.

BrookeDoln: <<Me too, Akira!!!>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> So would I... if I wearn't the only one on this ship who understood 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> quantum dynamics...

SLtKeane: ::silently stewing over the situation with Mary:: ::not happy at all:: ::watching the

SuliRufian: :::grins broadly at the French Prez::::

EnsKiapen: This is what has always worked with your kind.. the only thing that has.

Amb JainaB: <::snickers:: My, my....can't handle pressure?<g>>

SLtKeane: visitors::

EnsKiapen: The sooner you are dead, the better

LtCdrAkira: <:)>

CptnThorne: ::gets into the catchign position, hopes he doesn't mess this up::

CnsTempest: French Prez> As far as I can tell you come in to a situation you have no relation to and si,

CnsTempest: mply tell us what we should be doing. Like some sort of superior beings. She may be a ruthle

EnsKiapen: NO!! We have EVERY Relation to this situation!!!

CmdStecker: ::does not envy the Captain now.::

CnsTempest: ss killer, but you're as human as I am.

EnsRotarin: +AkirA+ I have orders not to do that

Amb JainaB: ::inhales sharply, grimaces, grabbing Krisi's arm::

EnsKiapen: Everything we are stems from what you are!! IF you die, WE die!

CptnThorne: Okay, Kristi... tell me how this goes...

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ That's alright kid, you did a damn good job today...

BrookeDoln: <<desperately wants a magic ACTION to appear, 

BrookeDoln: transporting Jaina to SB where she quickly delivers her 

BrookeDoln: baby::

CnsTempest: French Prez> Then stop acting so bloody superior.

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ You play chess?

BrookeDoln: >>

Amb JainaB: <::prolly won't happen::<g>>

CnsTempest: French Prez> If you can't talk to us on our level, why should we listen to you?

SuliRufian: :::looks at the Freench Prez::: Then stop being so damn pig-headed.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::rolls her eyes:: Chess? Now?

EnsKiapen: We are superior.  You still resort to nuclear weapons and war and pain

CmdStecker: ::looks at Seamus:: Vell? Ist the baby crowning? 

EnsKiapen: and grief and tragidy to get what you want.. for selfish reasons

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Is there any better time to? Life is chess...

EnsKiapen: Money.  Pride.

CptnThorne: Aye... yes, that's the head!

SLtKeane: "Mister President. Simple put. If you all stay on your present course.. the world as you

CnsTempest: French Prez> ::points succinctly to Sulli:: ANd you resort to lies.

BrookeDoln: <<And then the Atlantis is magically transported back to 

BrookeDoln: the 24th century, and this ludicrous timeline ceases to 

BrookeDoln: exist>>

Cdr MaryJo: Tempest?  Brooke?  Can I go to see John?

LtCdrAkira: <exactly!>

CmdStecker: Ambassador, you must push now.. ::wishes a doctor was here::

Amb JainaB: ::scream:: It's coming!!!!!!! ::groan:: <LOL, this is Trek, it's not that easy!>

CnsTempest: I think it would be best if he came here. Don't you agree, Brooke?

EnsKiapen: Excuse me!! We are not discussing who is right or wrong here!

SLtKeane: and I know it.. will cease to exist, reguardless of what time were from.. "

Amb JainaB: I............am.............PUSHING!!!!!!

EnsKiapen: We are discussing how you can save your own hides!

Amb JainaB: :::glares at both of them::

EnsRotarin: ::transpoter panels explode around him::

CptVinceF: >interjection from peanut gallery:  this is trek, it's even easier than that<

LtCdrAkira: Ami> So if the transporters don't work... then the baby is delivered in the tl...

CnsTempest: French Prez> And YOU'RE discussing interfering here.

EnsKiapen: Not to mention the hides of the people you are supposedly protecting

SuliRufian: Which is more than what the rest of you were doing.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> why don't you go to sickbay...

EnsRotarin: ::a piece of glass impails him in the arm::

CnsTempest: Chinese PM> ::nudges French Prez:: The woman is right.

Cdr MaryJo: <<Men!  ::shakes head::  birthing a baby is never easy>>

EnsRotarin: ::runs out::

CmdStecker: Gut!! Sehr Gut.. Keep pushing!!

LtCdrAkira: Akira> No I'd rather not...

EnsKiapen: Interfering with mass murder and suicide does not linger in my conscious

Amb JainaB: <::snickers:: You go Mary!<g>>

CptnThorne: ::looking around frantically wishing the TL would run::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I'll take my chances with death, than that butcher shop!

CptnThorne: Now what Kristi!

BrookeDoln: ::turns back to Mary, confused and distracted:: Uh, not right 

BrookeDoln: now. We seem to be in some sort of shipwide crisis.su

CnsTempest: French Prez> So... prove to us this is not all a lie. How can you?

SLtKeane: ::walks around to the President:: "The situation has forced us to act.. Now you must.."

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Oh, or you could fix the TL...

EnsKiapen: that what is not a lie?  this ship?

CmdStecker: You just sit there and be ready!! 

BrookeDoln: John is busy with some security matter or other. But no one tells me anything, it seems.

CnsTempest: French Prez> MUST?!

Amb JainaB: ::writhes, grimacing and pushing hard::

EnsRotarin: +Akira+ you can stick a fork in TR3 it's done

Cdr MaryJo: I need to see John...please..

CptnThorne: Okay... I can do that...

CnsTempest: French Prez> I see NO EVIDENCE this is not a hoax.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I never thought of that... +taps+ Excellent...

CnsTempest: Chinese PM> Hoax or not, we have to listen to them...

EnsKiapen: Sulli, shall we take them outside?

Cdr MaryJo: Can I at least talk to him?

Amb JainaB: You! ::points at him:: This is all your fault!!!!!!

SuliRufian: I have an airlock that could prove otherwise.... any volunteers?

CmdStecker: ::looks to Jaina:: Keep doing vhat you are doing.. 

EnsRotarin: ::slowly walks to eng. holding his shoulder::

Amb JainaB: ::groans:: Damn MEN!

EnsKiapen: ::laughs::

CnsTempest: Chinese PM> They have a point. What good does it do us to wage war over land when the land

SLtKeane: ::smiles:: "Ok.. I think i've got the proof you need.."

CnsTempest: is simply destroyed by it?

BrookeDoln: ::sighs:: Sure, fine, whatever.

EnsRotarin: ::enters ME::

SuliRufian: :::smiles at Kiapen:::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Ah, here we go... +taps+ Captain I can fix the TL in a minute...

CptnThorne: +Akira+  Please!

Cdr MaryJo: +Keane+John?  are you there?  ::hesitantly::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> sensibility wins again...

CnsTempest: French Prez> Are we waging war over LAND alone?

EnsRotarin: <Akira> I'll go

CptnThorne: <<::puts on the Catcher's mitt::>>

EnsKiapen: Computer, open up space scene 104...

Amb JainaB: ::groans very loudly:: Aghhh.....:::really hard push::

SLtKeane: ::smiles::

LtCdrAkira: ::looks over:: Hey kid... what happened to you?

EnsKiapen: ::suddenly looks like she is standing in the middle of the universe...::

SLtKeane: +Mary+ "mary?"

LtCdrAkira: You should go to sickbay...

CmdStecker: ::looks at Seamus:: Vhere in the hell did you get that? Put that up!!

EnsKiapen: ::all gravity has been turned off in the holodeck::

EnsRotarin: <Akira> TR3 Blew up

Cdr MaryJo: +John+Yes.  What is happening?

CptnThorne: <<That was OOC! :-)>>

CnsTempest: Chinese PM> What else do we wage war over? Principles? To dead men principles are irrelevent

Cdr MaryJo: <ROFL>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> and you?

Amb JainaB: <::cracks up::>

CmdStecker: <knowing you....>

Amb JainaB: <Hrm...she's got a point...>

LtCdrAkira: I'll fix the TL...

EnsRotarin: <Akira> permission to go to SB

CptnThorne: <<Hey!>>

SLtKeane: "Suli, show them what Earth will look like should things not change."

Amb JainaB: It's coming!!! NOW!! :::groanscreampush::

Cdr MaryJo: <<yep...it's how he would handle it>>

LtCdrAkira: Yeah... get that fixed up...

SLtKeane: +Mary+ "You remember me??"

Amb JainaB: <:::can definitely see it::<g>>

CptnThorne: Come on dear, ye can do it!

CmdStecker: ::watches Seamus turn really, really pale::

Cdr MaryJo: +John+Of course I do....you are my husband...

BrookeDoln: <<::wonders why Jaina's labor is so much *louder* than the Stecker's or Mary's::>>

Cdr MaryJo: +John+Why wouldn't I?

SLtKeane: (There's the pitch.. looks like a slider.. )

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Akira... go to sickbay after you fix the TL... as a matter of fact go with them...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> when you get them out...

Amb JainaB: <:::was pissed at Stecker, mad at her husband, then this:<g>>

CmdStecker: <LOL.. Wondered that myself, Brooke. :) >

SuliRufian: :::smiles at Kiapen::: Shall we?

Cdr MaryJo: <<thwaps John>>

EnsKiapen: ::grins and nods::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Yes mother... ::sarcastically::

EnsRotarin: ::walks into SB::

Amb JainaB: <Hey! She wants to rip Steckers head off....::snicker::>

SuliRufian: Computer....active program... nuclear winter.....

LtCdrAkira: ::walks and takes a gangway to deck 7...::

BrookeDoln: ::thinks she'd better update Mary on her medical condition:: 

BrookeDoln: Oh, silly me. I forgot to tell you, you had amnesia.

SLtKeane: +Mary+ "i'm kinda in a situation here. I"ll be there shortly."

CmdStecker: <remember, Kristi has a Klingon protecting her.. :) >

LtCdrAkira: ::finds himself at the right TL and opens a console, opens doors::

Amb JainaB: <::actually imitating her Aunt's labor, she was yelling bad words::>

CnsTempest: ::smiles at Brooke:: ::laughs::

Cdr MaryJo: ::stares at Brooke::  I had what?

BrookeDoln: We were worried about you, you had some neural trauma. 

BrookeDoln: You lost consciousness during a conversation with John.

SuliRufian: :::the holodeck transforms to a city in post nuclear holocaust setting:::

LtCdrAkira: ::sees the top half of it... opens the ceiling:: Hello down there?

Cdr MaryJo: +John+Okay...I just wanted to make sure you were all right..

Amb JainaB: ::pushed that sucker out, hopefully into his hands::<g>>

Cdr MaryJo: I did?  I don't remember any of that..

CnsTempest: I'll have to do more detailed psychological analysis later, but right now I'd say you're

SLtKeane: -::the room shifts to a dry crusty earth.. no life.. no anything.. ::-

CnsTempest: fine.

LtCdrAkira: ::looks up at the site of Thorne's wife giving birth...::

CptnThorne: ::catches the child:: 

CptnThorne: BabyThorne> ::cries::

SuliRufian: :::a fine dust has settled over everything, an eerie wind blows through the empty streets:::

BrookeDoln: I treated you for a brain hemorrhage, and you suddenly 

Amb JainaB: ::relaxes, exhales::

BrookeDoln: regained your memory. I would hypothesize that the 

BrookeDoln: pressure of the bleeding was causing a temporary

EnsRotarin: <Brookedoln> can you get thi metal out of my shoulder?

SLtKeane: +mary+ "I'm doing much better now.. see ya in a bit."

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +Ami+ Damn you...

EnsKiapen: ah... Home sweet hom.

BrookeDoln:  but it seems to have been alleviated.

SLtKeane: (Strike!)

AdmiralGem: >>::smiles::  What a wild sim!!  See you all later!!!<<

BrookeDoln:  concerned about a potential relapse, however, so we're 

BrookeDoln: going to keep you here for a while, okay?

SuliRufian: :::carefully steps over some bones:::

LtCdrAkira: ::gets tl moving again...::

Cdr MaryJo: ::groans::  okay as long as I can see John andChristopher

LtCdrAkira: ::Opens the ceiling to the turboelevator...::

CnsTempest: And even once you're released, I think you and I are going to have to maintain sessions for

CnsTempest: a while, Commander.

CptnThorne: It's a girl, dear.

AdmiralGem: >>Congrats on the baby, BTW, Captain!!  ;-) <<

AdmiralGem: >Night!!<<

Cdr MaryJo: +JOhn+Okay  ::smiles::  and hey...

CptnThorne: <<Thanks!>>

SuliRufian: This was once New York City.

LtCdrAkira: Hello Captain, you know I oughtta not keep dropping in on you this way...

BrookeDoln: <<Where are you, Rotarin?>>

LtCdrAkira: I mean the first time...

Amb JainaB: ::glances at him:: Yeah...good...::closes eyes, exhausted::

EnsRotarin: in SB

SuliRufian: The scene would be the same no matter what the city, however.

LtCdrAkira: but this is to much...

CptnThorne: ::nods::: Yeah, Akira... ::chuckles::

EnsRotarin: ::sits on abio bed::

CptnThorne: Well.... now what?

LtCdrAkira: next stop sickbay!

CnsTempest: Chinese PM> This is... beyond horrific,

Amb JainaB: <Boy, you have just been making the babies lately, haven't ya Captain?<g>>

SLtKeane: ::looks around and the charred city.. :: "this is the future you bring to us all.." ::to the

CmdStecker: Good job, Ambassador. You did just fine. ::really wants to run away::

Amb JainaB: <::ducks::>

CptnThorne: <Who? Me?>

CnsTempest: French Prez> ::looks around:: Yes, it is. But why should we believe that this is what would

CnsTempest: actually occur?

SuliRufian: :::a cockroach skitters over her foot and she crushes it:::

Amb JainaB: ::looks to her, smiles::

CptnThorne: Thanks Kristi for your help.

LtCdrAkira: Hello Commander, Ambassador... ::looks at the baby:: 

EnsKiapen: Because your own scientists, which most of you have had exicuted, have told you

EnsKiapen: exactly the same thigns

Amb JainaB: <Yup, you. ::poke::>

CmdStecker: Ja, Herr Kapitan. 

SLtKeane: crowd:: "I'm no longer asking.. I'm pleading with you.. Change.. listen... learn.. You can

LtCdrAkira: well okay... ::opens the doors manually:: 

EnsKiapen: And the fact that this isnt something we made up... note the shape of the skulls..

SLtKeane: save this Earth and mine!"

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= P A U S E  S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D =/\= =/\=

CnsTempest: French Prez> No scientists have been executed. But all this is merely projection.

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=       Stardate 49805.31       =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= P A U S E  S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=