CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: Welcome to the continuing adventures of the

CptnThorne: USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D, a Celestial Prime

CptnThorne: Alliance Free-Form Advanced Simulation!

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: .

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=  M I S S I O N   B R I E F  =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: The Atlantis has returned the Evangelion to 

CptnThorne: Earth orbit, and her crew has been granted 

CptnThorne: asylum within the Federation.  An envoy of 

CptnThorne: Starfleet Admirals has come aboard to tour

CptnThorne: the Atlantis, having heard of the recent 

CptnThorne: exploits of the crew.  They have requested a

CptnThorne: simple cruise around the solar system and

CptnThorne: a shipwide tour.  

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= E N D  B R I E F =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: .

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= B E G I N   S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=       Stardate 45/23/98       =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= B E G I N   S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

LtCdrAkira: Ami and Akira> ::in sickbay::

CmdStecker: ::wipes the smile off of her face::

EnsKiapen: ::in science labs::

CptnThorne: ::on the bridge, putting on a fake smile in front of the brass::

SuliRufian: <<Exploits???  I've been exploited??>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> You don't remember who you are? Akira?

CnsTempest: ::remains asleep in her quarters, having missed an appointment::

CptnThorne: And now, Admiral Branson, you'll see Saturn... ::sighs::

EnsKiapen: ::removing some of the hardware from the DCPP until the Admirals leave::

SLtKeane: ::Standing in the back of the bridge::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Akira? ::shakes his head:: No... where am I?

SuliRufian: :::in security filing and sorting:::

LtCdrAkira: <btw, Kensuke = Akira>

CnsTempest: ::wearily drifts to consciousness::

CptnThorne: Branson> ::nods happily::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Counselor Rainbird, please report to the sickbay...

CnsTempest: ::puts a hand to her head and rubs her eyes:: +Ami+ Sickbay? All right...

Cdr MaryJo: ::asleep in their quarters::

SLtKeane: ::Checks to see that everything is in order with the sec. teams and enters lift..

LtCdrAkira: Ami> What do you remember?

EnsKiapen: ::sets a phaser to level 14, and vaporizes the hardware::

CmdStecker: ::glad she doens't have to play tour guide. 

CptnThorne: ::looks at Kristi, wondering if she's as bored as he::

CnsTempest: ::peers at the chronomoter:: Frag! ::rubs her temple and gets dressed::

SLtKeane: "

SuliRufian: :::dusting and cleaning like a mad woman:::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I remember, the Borg... Commander Sisko, the Saratoga? What ship is this?

SLtKeane: "Security Office."

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Who are you?

SLtKeane: ::The lift lowers silently::

EnsKiapen: ::tricks the computer into registering it as a nuclear reaction::

SuliRufian: :::without the frilly apron and featherduster, naturally:::

SLtKeane: ::The lift arrives::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I'm First assistant engineer, lieutenant junior grade Ami Ursal... your on the 

CnsTempest: ::grabs her planner and leaves her quarters::

SLtKeane: ::John walks down the hall  to the office:: ::He steps in::

CnsTempest: ::enters TL:: Sickbay.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> U.S.S. Atlantis... Sovereign class starship... 

CnsTempest: ::nods to the other occupant of the TL... a low-level functionary she doesn't recognize::

EnsKiapen: ::performs usual duties in the labs::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> The Borg? You mean the attack at Wolf 359?

SuliRufian: :::closes a drawer::::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Yeah we were at Wolf when it happened...

CmdStecker: ::tries not to yawn in front of the admirals.. bad form::

Cdr MaryJo: ::wakes up suddenly::realizing she's late for her duty shift::wonders

Cdr MaryJo: why John didn't wake her::

CptnThorne: Uranus is coming up on the left... 

SLtKeane: ::Sees Rufian working away:: ::Looks at the time on the wall:: "AHH!"

CptnThorne: Branson> ::nods aloofly::

SLtKeane: +Mary+ Mary. It's John??"

CnsTempest: ::steps out of TL and walks into sickbay::

SuliRufian: :::startled, bumps her head:::

Cdr MaryJo: +John+Hi there...I'm late..

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I remember Admiral Hansen led the battle and the Borg just slaughtered us...

SuliRufian: :::rubs it and looks at the Lieutenant::::

EnsKiapen: ::makes sure the DCPP is having no more effects on her::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::looks up:: Counselor...

SLtKeane: ::looks over at Rufian and smiles:: "Sorry." +Mary+"Sorry I forgot about your wakeup call..

CnsTempest: ::looks at Kensuke:: what on Earth?

SLtKeane: the Ambassadors are keeping security busy."

Cdr MaryJo: ::gets a clean uniform out::+John+That's okay...I suppose since I

Cdr MaryJo: am the boss, no one will say anything..

EnsKiapen: ::wonders where the boss is::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> ::looks at Tempest...

Cdr MaryJo: +John+I understand.  <<smart aleck, Kiapen>>

CptnThorne: ::sits down in the center ceat and admires Neptune approching, thinking it beautiful::

EnsKiapen: ::covers up the DCPP, and sits down to relax::

SLtKeane: ::smiles:: +Mary+ "Probably right.. I'll call you later."

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Who the hell is that?

SuliRufian: :::mutters something about people who don't have the common decency to announce themselve:::

EnsKiapen: <<what else are we ensigns good for?>>

Cdr MaryJo: ::jumps into the shower::

CnsTempest: ::looks to Kensuke:: Counselor Rainbird... Akira?

CmdStecker: ::stands and watches the admirals look around at something they should be familiar with::

SuliRufian: <<Do you REALLY want the answer to that question?>>

EnsKiapen: <<lol...>>

Cdr MaryJo: <<ohhh...human sacrifice?>>

SLtKeane: ::looks around:: "Suli? or Rufian? What do you go by?"

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> akira? ::laughs:: No, not me... ::looks at Ami::

EnsKiapen: ::plays video games at science console::

EnsKiapen: ::teases the monkeys::

LtCdrAkira: Ami>Um... well... counselor... ::waves her to the side::

CnsTempest: ::to Ami:: Please... what's going on? ::rubs head::

CnsTempest: ::moves as Ami gestures::

EnsKiapen: ::sticks gum under the seat of the chair::

CptnThorne: ::thinking that these Admirals are a few cards shy of a full deck::

EnsKiapen: ::gets a new stick of smelly liquorish gum::

SuliRufian: :::chuckles::: Suli is fine... *Hey YOU!* works too.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I dunno... I did some checking from the stats of Wolf 359...

SLtKeane: ::walks over to the desk::

CmdStecker: ::wonders if she could fall asleep standing up:: 

Cdr MaryJo: ::gets out of the shower::throwing on her uniform::noticing John took

Cdr MaryJo: Christopher to the nursery already::wincing a little::needs to stop by

Cdr MaryJo: there later::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> On the Saratoga there were four crew members not accounted for...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> one a Japanese cadet, Cadet Akagi Kensuke... and he's Akira...

EnsKiapen: :;considers throwing a party in science, to completely trash the place::

SLtKeane: ::smiles:: "Ok.. Suli, have you gotten the latest weapons stores updates from Ops?"

CnsTempest: ::nods:: Do you have any idea what's causing this?

CmdStecker: ::looks at Blackthorne, wondering when this painful tour will end::

SuliRufian: :::picks up a PADD and tosses it to him:::

SLtKeane: ::looks at the monitor and sees the Admirals still on the bridge."

CptnThorne: ACTION> Chronometric particles begin to appear on sensors.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I don't know at all... He woke up this way... 

EnsKiapen: ::makes some firecrackers, and begins lighting them::

SLtKeane: ::catches it:: "Thanks."

EnsKiapen: I just love gunpowder, as outdated as it is...

SuliRufian: :::shines her boot on the back of her leg:::

SLtKeane: "What are you working on?"

SuliRufian: No problem.

SLtKeane: ::looks around and sees that most everything is done.::

CnsTempest: What a time for Brooke to be on LOA...

SuliRufian: Me?  Just doing a last minute spit and shine.... just in case.

Cdr MaryJo: ::runs out and down to the first TL::

EnsKiapen: ::cleans up all the stuff, just in time::

CptnThorne: If you look closely at Neptune, you'll see the fighter squadron running drills...

SLtKeane: ::smiles:: "Good idea." ::notices a spot on his shoe..:: "Oh boy.."

SuliRufian: You can never be too careful....

EnsKiapen: ::well...except for the bubblegum on the floor::

SLtKeane: rubbing his shoes..

CptnThorne: Branson> ::nods approvingly::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Well, I dunno what to do...maybe you should talk with him...

SuliRufian: :::chuckles::: Don't forget to spit....

Cdr MaryJo: ::slides in::  Deck 6

CnsTempest: ::nods:: I'll do my best. Though, if his prior behaviours been any indication, I'm not sure

CnsTempest: he'll talk to me.

EnsKiapen: ::reads some reports, getting comfortable... puts feet up on the Chiefs desk::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> You might be wrong there... doesn't seem like Akira, at least not to me...

CptnThorne: ACTION> Chronometric particles readings are starting to jump off the scale.

EnsKiapen: ::puts down soda on the table without a coaster::

SLtKeane: ::smiles::

SuliRufian: :::crosses to a desk and sits comfortably:::

CnsTempest: Akira dislikes counselors in general and me in particular.

EnsKiapen: ::hears something beeping::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I'd better get to engineering... good luck Counselor.

CnsTempest: ::nods:: Thank you, Ami. ::smiles::

Cdr MaryJo: ::gets out of the TL::heads for the biology lab::

CmdStecker: ::hears a beeping noise and goes to look:: 

SuliRufian: :::begins cross-referencing the weapons inventories:::

EnsKiapen: ::rolls chair over to the sensors, and takes a look::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::leaves, enters TL:: Computer, main engineering...

CmdStecker: ::reads the sensor:: Kapitan?

CptnThorne: ::looks up, wondering if something exciting might happen:: Aye?

EnsKiapen: +MaryJo+ Heya Commander, Im getting something here on the sensors..

SuliRufian: :::looks at Keane::: Anything in particular you'd like me to do?

CnsTempest: Kensuke... do you know where you are?

CmdStecker: Vould you mind stepping over here for a moment? 

CptnThorne: Gladly.

Cdr MaryJo: +Kiapen+What is it ensign?  and what is your location?

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> ::points at the door:: She just told me... I'm on the U.S.S. Atlantis...

CptnThorne: ::walks to the other side of the bridge from the brass:: What is it?

SLtKeane: ::Looks up from his shoes:: "Huh?? Oh.. No.. not at the moment.."

CmdStecker: Take a look at this.. 

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I've never seen this kind of Starship before...

CptnThorne: <w> Chronometric?

CnsTempest: Yes, well, it's new since Wolf359. What's the last thing you remember.

EnsKiapen: +MaryJo+ Im in the chemical lab ::for the gunpowder:: ..the Chronometric

EnsKiapen: readings outside the ship are kind of strange...well, thats an understatement really

Cdr MaryJo: +Kiapen+Understood...I'm headed for the bridge science

Cdr MaryJo: station..::walks back into the TL::  Bridge

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I remember everyone abandoning the Saratoga... 

Cdr MaryJo: +Kiapen+Keep monitoring it..

CmdStecker: Ja.  That ist bad.. 

EnsKiapen: +MaryJo+ Aye

CptnThorne: ::looks over to the Admirals:: Sirs, we have a situation.

CnsTempest: Focus on a single sense. Do you remember a smell? Burning wire? Crisp air?

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> ::holds his head:: I remember ... I can't make any sense of it...

Cdr MaryJo: ::steps out of the TL and onto the bridge::goes straight to the science station::

SuliRufian: :::tilts her head::: Having trouble with the shoes?

CptnThorne: Branson> Yes, Captain?

CnsTempest: Try focusing on one thing. Don't make sense of it. Just come up with the raw details.

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I remember, feeling a shooting sensation down my spine...

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> like someone poking me...

CptnThorne: Chronometric particles are appearing on the sensors in 

CptnThorne: exponential numbers... far above average.

CptnThorne: Helm, all stop.

CmdStecker: ::notices the incredible amount of military courtesty Blackthorne is using.. ::

CnsTempest: Did you see anything? Anything at all? A color or a form or a shape?

SLtKeane: +Gym to Security+??

Cdr MaryJo: ::begins scanning outside the ship::

SLtKeane: ::looks up at the sounds of the comm:: ??

CptnThorne: Branson> It's your ship, Blackthorne... do your job.

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I saw... Borg... I saw Borg...

CptnThorne: ::silently thanks God that one of them didn't try to take command::

CmdStecker: ::mutters:: How kind of him to allow you to do your job. 

SLtKeane: +Gym+ What is it?

CptnThorne: Aye, sir.

SuliRufian: ::blinks, listening:::

CptnThorne: ::stifles a laugh at Kristi's comment::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I saw everything, and then nothing...

CnsTempest: And the tingling sensation? Did a Borg initiate that? Were you... assimilated?

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I guess so... I don't fully remember...

CptnThorne: ::walks back over to Sci and nods to Mary:: Report, Commander?

SLtKeane: +Gym to Sec.+ Gron, "We've got a fight down here.. looks like the Perisy Squares game is ove

SLtKeane: r. We need some help down here."

SLtKeane: +gym+ "On the way."

SLtKeane: ::stands up:: "You coming?"

Cdr MaryJo: Sir, the chronometric particles are multiplying rapidly...very localized::

CnsTempest: Go back a little farther. What is the last thint that is clear?

Cdr MaryJo: exponentially in fact...

SuliRufian: ::stands, grabbing a stun baton for good measureLLL

SuliRufian: :::

Cdr MaryJo: We need to back off a little sir..

SLtKeane: ::smiles:: "Let's go."

EnsKiapen: <<afk>>

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I remember standing on the bridge and Commander Sisko is talking to me.

SuliRufian: Sure.... beats playing secretary....

CptnThorne: Move us away from the source, Helm.

CptnThorne: Helm> I can't seem to get control, sir.

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> He's telling me everything is going to be okay.

SLtKeane: ::runs into the hall and too the lift::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> He was wrong...

CptnThorne: ::turns back to Mary::  Is there any way to counteract them?

CmdStecker: ::yells at the helmsman:: Vell, get control!

CnsTempest: ::to the nurse:: Do you think it would be ok if I took Akira out of sickbay?

SuliRufian: :::follows him, lengthening her stride to keep pace:::

SLtKeane: ::enters lift:: Gym.

CnsTempest: I would contact you at the first sign of any trouble.

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks up at him::frowning::  No sir..

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> ::looks up...:: There's that name again... who's Akira?

SLtKeane: ::lift lowers with him and Suli.

Cdr MaryJo: It is growing too rapidly..there isn't time..

SuliRufian: :::twirls the baton in her fingers:::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::nods:: Sure... 

SLtKeane: ::The lift stops and the doors open..they can hear the fight just down the hall::

CptnThorne: ACTION> A huge temporal vortex that cost millions in 

CptnThorne: special effects opens on the viewscreen.

CnsTempest: ::to Akira:: I think, perhaps, that explaination should wait a few minutes...

CptnThorne: My God!

CnsTempest: <<LOL Thorne!>>

SLtKeane: (nice touch captain.)

SuliRufian: <<No wonder I can't get a RAISE!!!!>>

Cdr MaryJo: ::scanning the vortex::

Cdr MaryJo: Sir...if we don't back off, we might get pulled into that thing..

CptnThorne: <<Thanks!>>

CptnThorne: We can't back off...

SLtKeane: ::jogs down hall to gym doors:: "Sounds like this is going to be fun."

CmdStecker: Mein Gott. Kapitan, ve're straining the engines too much. 

CnsTempest: ::to Luanne:: Thank you.

CptnThorne: ::glares at the poor helmsman::

CptnThorne: Red Alert!

SuliRufian: :::chuckles::: Yeah... a riot.

CnsTempest: ::to Kensuke:: Have you ever been on a holodeck?

SLtKeane: Ens Herts at Tac, "Aye Red Alert."

CmdStecker: Aye!!::yells around the bridge:: Shields up!! Red Alert!!

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Yeah... ::laughs:: 

SLtKeane: --==Red Alert, All hands Red Alert.==--

CnsTempest: ::notes red alert sirens:: Oh, dear...

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> ::sees the Red Alert:: W... what's going on!? Is it the Borg again?

SuliRufian: :::jogging with Keane:::: Red alert??   Over a brawl??

CptnThorne: +Eng+ Blackthorne to Engineering!

CnsTempest: I don't think so. The Borg collective largely split up...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Engineering here...

SLtKeane: ::Sees the red alert signal:: "Dam.. I've got to get to the bridge.. I'll send you backup."

CnsTempest: I should check this out. I'll return to sickbay as soon as I know what's going on... if I ca

CnsTempest: n.

SuliRufian: :::nods:::

CptnThorne: +Eng+ How are the engines?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::quickly hitting buttons...:: God, I hate temporal vortexes...

SLtKeane: +Security teams beta and Charles to the Gym+ Code 1.

CnsTempest: ::to Luanne:: Tell me of any change in his condition...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Engines are in tip top shape... 

SuliRufian: :::enters the gym and surveys the situation:::

SLtKeane: ::The sec. teams acknowledge their orders.::

SLtKeane: ::Enters the Gym with Suli::

Cdr MaryJo: Sir...we might be able to configure a probe to close this vortex...but

Cdr MaryJo: I don't know if we can do it before we get pulled in..

CptnThorne: Give it your best shot, Commander.

Cdr MaryJo: Aye sir.

SLtKeane: "All Right Funs over.. Everyone To Your Post.."

CmdStecker: ::paces, and worries about Anna::

CnsTempest: ::leaves sick bay and walks to turbolift::

SLtKeane: ::A man falls back into Suli::

Cdr MaryJo: +Kiapen+I need your help.  We need to configure a probe to close this vortex..

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> ::still wondering if they truly lost Wolf 359... ::

CnsTempest: :;enters TL:: Bridge.

SuliRufian: :::she catches him and pushes him away from her:::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::talking to herself:: Exotic matter holds the mouth of a wormhole open...

SLtKeane: ::Other Security members arrive::

SLtKeane: "

CptnThorne: ACTION>  Regardless of the engines, Atlantis is being pulled in slowly.

SuliRufian: ::: gets a better handhold and puts him none-to-gently on the floor:::

SLtKeane: "Suli, get control of this situation. I've got to get to the bridge.."

CnsTempest: ::enters Bridge:: ::looks around--alarmed::

LtCdrAkira: Ami>a ring singuarlity is pulling the two points in spacetime together...

CmdStecker: Kaptian, it ist useless.  

SuliRufian: :::nods::: Yes, sir.

SLtKeane: ::runs to the lift:: "Bridge. Rapid Acent."

SLtKeane: ::the lift flys upwards::

CptnThorne: We've got to give Mary all the time we can... it's our only shot...

CnsTempest: ::takes a seat and runs through the latest sensor information to get an idea of what's going

CnsTempest: on::

SLtKeane: ::Runs onto the bridge::

Cdr MaryJo: ::rapidly configuring a probe, trying to figure out what will counteract

Cdr MaryJo: chronoton particles::

CmdStecker: Kapitan, the engines are beginning to strain.  

LtCdrAkira: Ami> We'll be pulled in increasingly until we hit an infinite velocity...

SuliRufian: :::the teams move in, splitting people and subduing the more aggressive ones:::

CptnThorne: ::nods with a silent grimace to Kristi::LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::trying to compensate for the warpature of the ring singularity...

SLtKeane: ::moves to Tactical and releives Esn herts::

CnsTempest: ::realizes it is highly unlikely that her services will be of any use in this situation::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Oh hell... I suggest we just go through the damn thing...

CptnThorne: Time to penetration of the vortex?

SLtKeane: "Captain. Sheilds down to 92%.. but holding at present. Hull Stress reaching design

SLtKeane: limitations.."

CnsTempest: ::to Stecker:: Permission to return to sickbay? Akira is unwell...

CptnThorne: ::nods to Keane:: Can she hold out?

CmdStecker: ::nods to Tempest:: Ja. Nothing you can do here. 

SuliRufian: :::using her baton as a cattle prod, she convinces a few to settle:::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> It's not like anything in conventional science will stop it...

CnsTempest: Thank you, sir.

CnsTempest: ::enters turbolift:: Sickbay.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::sits back and watches::

Cdr MaryJo: Sir...ready to launch probe.  I don't know if it will work..

CptnThorne: Go for it, Commander.

Cdr MaryJo: But it's our best shot..

Cdr MaryJo: Aye sir.  ::launching probe::

SLtKeane: (in gym) ::A man rushs Suli and throws her to the ground laughing:: "now that's power!" he

SuliRufian: You heard the good man, play time is over, return to your posts.

SLtKeane: yells..::still laughing::

CptnThorne: ACTION> The probe goes right through the vortex.

CptnThorne: ::sighs::

CptnThorne: ::looks at Kristi, then to the Admirals:: 

Cdr MaryJo: ::tracking the probe::frowning::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::calmly whistling to herself::

CmdStecker: Vhat now? I don't really vant to follow that probe, you know. 

SuliRufian: :::growls softly from the prone position:::

Cdr MaryJo: :looks at the captain::  Sir, it didn't work.

CnsTempest: ::walks out of TL and enters sickbay::

EnsKiapen: ::gets up and orders the replicator to make her some orange juice::

CptnThorne: In the best interest of this ship and her crew, I must 

CptnThorne: allow us to enter the vortex, wherever it takes us.  We'll 

CptnThorne: destroy ourselves if we keep fighting it.

SuliRufian: :::stands and looks at the man:::

Cdr MaryJo: Sir...best suggestion is to shut down warp engines and keep shields up..

EnsKiapen: ::next replicates some paper::

SuliRufian: That was not wise....

SLtKeane: (in Gym) ::the man eggs Suli forward:: "Come on.. what you got?"

CptnThorne: ::nods:: Keep shields at maximum... ::takes a deep breath:: Cut the engines.

Cdr MaryJo: and hope the stresses on the ship don't tear us apart..

EnsKiapen: ::sits down and takes a sip of orange juice::

Cdr MaryJo: ::watches as helm cuts the engines::

SuliRufian: :::smiles and refuses to take his bait, and takes a very defensive stance:::

EnsKiapen: ::puts down paper, and takes out a pin from pocket::

Cdr MaryJo: ::scanning the vortex as they begin to rush toward it faster::

CmdStecker: ::raises her eyebrow like a Vulcan she knows:: Engines have been shut down.

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> What's going on?

CptnThorne: ACTION> Atlantis enters the vortex, and the ship is 

CptnThorne: tossed wildly... more expensive special effects.

SLtKeane: "Sheilds at full power.. holding at 98% .. were drawing on nonessentials systems.."

CnsTempest: We've encountered a vortex...

EnsKiapen: ::begins to write::

CnsTempest: It's doing usual vortex stuff. Attempting to suck us in and being generally wierd, etc.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::sitting in a corner to prevent any excessive jossling on her part...::

SLtKeane: ::Grabs onto the console.. straining to stay standing::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> ::holding on::

CptnThorne: ::falls to the deck::

SuliRufian: :::grabs onto the nearest stable object to steady herself:::

Cdr MaryJo: ::gets thrown across the deck::

EnsKiapen: ::steadies self::

CptnThorne: ::Admirals go flying like bowling pins.. Strike!::

CmdStecker: ::mutters:: At least the colors are pretty. 

CmdStecker: ::holds onto a chair::

CnsTempest: ::is catapulted unceremoniously into a console, grips it::

SLtKeane: ::flys back from console into the rear ops station::

CptnThorne: ::shakes his head to clear it, looks up at the screen as 

CptnThorne: he gets rolled around on the floor::

CnsTempest: Say... what position were you on the Saratoga/

SuliRufian: :::holding on for dear life:::

CmdStecker: :::whispers to Seamus:: Get up!! That's bad form in front of the admirals!!!

SLtKeane: ::falls to the floor and looks up straining:: :

Cdr MaryJo: ::smacks her head into a wall::unconscious::

CptnThorne: ::looks at the Admirals rolling around on the floor, then 

CptnThorne: back to Kristi as he pulls himself to a chair::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Assitant Engineering...  ::notices that everything stopped moving...::

SLtKeane: "Hull breach.. on Deck 10..  Shields at .. 46% and falling.. we can't.. take  this much lon

SLtKeane: ger..

CnsTempest: I wonder if Ami could use some help... but then, I'd guess the engines are pretty different

SLtKeane: ::climbs back to the Tactical console::

SuliRufian: :::her teeth fairly rattling in her head:::

CnsTempest: from the ones you're used to.

CptnThorne: ::breathes easier as the ship exits the other side... safe, but when?::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::realizes that the trip is over and goes to her console::

CptnThorne: Damage report!

Ens Trek5: <<can I advertise my sim?>>

CmdStecker: Sarel>+taps+ Lieutenant Sarel to the Bridge.  

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I dunno... Ami's an engineering officer... 

EnsKiapen: ::sighs as the ship stops rocking, and returns to writing::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> She's not that bad looking...

CptnThorne: <<No, there's a game going on, Trek. Feel free to watch. :-)>>

SLtKeane: ::regains is footing:: "Hull breach deck 10, Sheilds at 20%.. Engines offline.."

CmdStecker: ;;growls:: +taps+ Vhat do you vant, Sarel?

Ens Trek5: <<ok bye>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::uses forcefields to seal deck 10...::

CnsTempest: ::nods:: No. She isn't. ::wonders how they got launched onto to *that* irrelevant topic::

CmdStecker: Sarel> +taps+ Commander, I was thrown to the floor.  Please stop these manuevers. 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Bridge, hull breeches sealed...

CptnThorne: ::looks over at Mary:: Medical emergency, bridge! +taps+

SuliRufian: :::begins assessing the rowdies for injuries:::

SLtKeane: ::looks around:: "Captain.. I'm reading major hull damage." ::displays a outer hull image

SLtKeane: on main viewer:: "Looks like we've been hit with millions of rocks.."

CptnThorne: ::looks to Keane:: Contact Engineering and get repair teams on it immediately.

CmdStecker: +taps+ Then I suggest you get up, Lieutenant.  And do not 

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> ::overhears the sickbay pa system::

CmdStecker: call me unless it is an emergency. 

SuliRufian: :::ordering them back to quarters and to their posts::::

Cdr MaryJo: ::begins to regain consciousness::

CnsTempest: Both of the doctors are LOA...

SLtKeane: ::Nods:: "Aye sir."

EnsKiapen: <afk again>

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Aren't you a Doctor?

CnsTempest: I'm a counselor.

Cdr MaryJo: ::sits up, dazed, bleeding from a gash on the head::  What happened?

SLtKeane: ::moves over to Mary and helps her into her chair.:: "It's ok Mary.. Sickbays on the way."

CptnThorne: Okay, we've got to figure out when we are.

CptnThorne: ::notes a few Admirals regaining their feet::

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks at John..::  I'm all right...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Repair teams 1, 2, 3, and 4... deck 10... hull breech, environmental

LtCdrAkira: Ami> suits required... ::looks at her console::

CmdStecker: Kapitan, perhaps the Admirals vould like to vait this out in your RR?

CptnThorne: Good idea.  Sirs, if you will?

CmdStecker: ::give him the "get them off the bridge" look.::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Isn't a counselor a kind of doctor?

CptnThorne: Branson>  All right, Blackthorne.

CptnThorne: ::they all exit the bridge::

SLtKeane: "Well let the doc make that dicision.. I'll be back I've got to check the ship.."

CptnThorne: Thank God.

SuliRufian: :::the security teams clear the gym, the occupants subdued by the *ride*:::

Cdr MaryJo: ::begins to look at the sensor data::  okay..

CnsTempest: I have some limited emergency medical training--but little more then anyone else in the flee

CnsTempest: t, yourself included.

CmdStecker: Who let them on anyvay? 

CptnThorne: I guess they don't have to be let aboard... rank and all... 

CptnThorne: those are the kind that really never had much duty.

CptnThorne: Anyway, how can we figure out when we are?  

SLtKeane: ::husles to Tac:: "Computer what is our present location?"

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Then why don't you help... ::sees Luann at work:: oh... well...

CmdStecker: Fine, then let's blow the bulkhead out and space them.. If they are useless. 

CnsTempest: <<afk... brb>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::begins working on the impulse engines...::

CptnThorne: ::chuckles::  Well, I'm sure Starfleet wants them back.

SuliRufian: :::closes up the gym and helping a wounded man, heads for  the lift:::

SLtKeane: "Captain.. The Computer's not responding.. I think it's offline also.."

CptnThorne: ::nods solemnly:: All right... let's get organized.  Repair 

EnsKiapen: ::hears some comotion outside::

CptnThorne: teams are on the job, the computer's down, we have no 

CptnThorne: idea when or where we are.

CptnThorne: Suggestions, people?

CmdStecker: Is anything vorking yet? 

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> ::decides to head down to engineering...::

CmdStecker: Vhy don't ve use conventional navigation? Star charts?

SLtKeane: "the lights.."

CnsTempest: <<bak>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::gets the backup comm system working:: +taps+ Hello?

EnsKiapen: ::puts the paper and pen away, and steps outside::

CnsTempest: ::notes Kensuke leaving:: I'm not sure you should be going anywhere on your own right now

CptnThorne: Bring up what you can.

SLtKeane: "does a visual scan of the stars.."

CnsTempest: Perhaps I should explain. You are no longer, in many ways, you.

EnsKiapen: ::sees someone collapsed on the floor, with blood dribbling out of ear, and an obviously

EnsKiapen: broken arm::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> What the hell does that mean? I'm me...

CmdStecker: Aye. I'll have.. :;smiles:: Lieutenant Sarel bring up some charts.. 

CptnThorne: <<::staples Mary to the floor::>>

SLtKeane: ::frowns:: "Captain. We've lucked out.. we haven't moved. ..A comparison of the stars

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Bridge, this is Engineering...

CmdStecker: +taps+ Lieutenant Sarel, report to the bridge vith navigational star charts immediately. 

SuliRufian: :::enters the lift:::

EnsKiapen: holy crud...::walks over, and turns the guy over::

SLtKeane: says we haven't travels more then a few thousands kilometers.."

CnsTempest: ::sighs:: You are actually not... I don't know what you *are*, but you are in the body of

CnsTempest: our chief engineer--Lieutenant Commander Akira.

CptnThorne: Okay... but how far in time?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::sees that the message was recieved...:: Good...

CmdStecker: Sarel>+taps+ But, Commander! It is dark down here!!

EnsKiapen: ::tries to get an emergency transport, but finds that they are unpowered::

SLtKeane: time??? hold on.. ::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I don't think so... this is my body... ::laughs:: 

EnsKiapen: ::redirects power to transporters, and transports the man to sickbay::

Cdr MaryJo: ::sits there, dazed::wondering who that nice man was that helped her up::

SLtKeane: "Captain.. your not going to believe this but according to the locations of the stars and

CmdStecker: +taps+ Lieutenant, get the charts and bring them up here now. ::cuts comm::

CnsTempest: Unless Akira had a twin, Kensuke, it is not.

SLtKeane: the amount of particals in this area.. of space.. I'd say were somewere around 2022 give

EnsKiapen: ::begins walking down the corridors, looking for more wounded::

SLtKeane: or take a year or so.."

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Look Counselor... I know who I am... this is my body... I happen to inhabit it

EnsKiapen: ::sees alot of damage.  shakes head::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> which would make me a more valid witness to it than you...

CmdStecker: Kapitan, vhen ve are through vith this, I need to speak vith you about Lieutenant Sarel. 

SuliRufian: :::finally gets the man to sickbay, deposits him and heds back to security:::

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks around to a totally unfamilar group of people::

EnsKiapen: ::begins helping people to their feet, and directing them to sickbay::

SLtKeane: ::Sees the Main computer Blink back online:: "Computer is back online."

Cdr MaryJo: ::puts her hand up and brings it into her field of sight, seeing that it

Cdr MaryJo: is covered with blood::

CnsTempest: ::sighs:: Have you seen a mirror since you woke up?

SuliRufian: :::frowns at the blood on her uniform:::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> Uh... could you two shut up and help me?

EnsKiapen: ::walks over and begins repairing a few dangerous live wires::

SLtKeane: ::A medical team member enters the bridge and goes to help Mary::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> I'm kinda understaffed here...

CnsTempest: If I can. I'm not sure how much of my med training I remember.

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks at the medic:: who are you?

LtCdrAkira: Luann> Just grab a tricorder and help someone!

LtCdrAkira: Luann> You too.. Akira... you... whoever you are!!

CmdStecker: ::wonders what's taking Sarel so long:: 

CnsTempest: ::finds a tricorder and begins to attend to injured personnel::

EnsKiapen: ::shocks self..:: ouch!

SLtKeane: "Captain. The Computer's confirmed my guess. It's early 2022."

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Okay...

Cdr MaryJo: ::mutters::  and who are all these people?  Where am I?

CmdStecker: +taps+ Lieutenant Sarel, vhat ist taking so long? You should be here by now!!!

EnsKiapen: ::tries again, and moves to the next console::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::gets impulse online... and reinforces the antimatter containment...::

SLtKeane: ::Thinks:: "Ah.. also Captain.. I would like to point out that during this period of time..

CmdStecker: Sarel> +taps+ I am on my way. I injured myself in the dark. 

CmdStecker: I will require a trip to sickbay first. 

CmdStecker: +taps+ Are you alive, Lieutenant?

SLtKeane: Earth did have the ability to scan this area of space.. We probably detected."

CmdStecker: Sarel> +taps+ Indeed.  

CnsTempest: ::to Luann: Would you like me to see if I can find casualties elsewhere on the ship?

CmdStecker: +taps+ Then forget sickbay and GET TO THE BRIDGE!!!

Cdr MaryJo: ::the medic is alarmed about Mary's lack of memory::

EnsKiapen: ::smells smoke::

SLtKeane: (Lost the Capt.)

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::puts a tricorder in Tempest's hand:: Yes! Go! Find someone save them!!

CmdStecker: Sarel>+taps+ Understood. ::says something in another language, definately not Vulcan::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> ::gets a tricorder and helps out::

CnsTempest: ::wonders why Luann gave her another tricorder::

Cdr MaryJo: MEDIC>+Tempest+Counselor, Commander Young has had a blow

Cdr MaryJo: to the head and appears to have some memory lapses..

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::stressed and not paying entire attention...:: 

CptnThorne: <<Wonderful, power flicker.>>

EnsKiapen: ::turns around and sees a fire::

EnsKiapen: ::a plasma fire::

CmdStecker: ::mutters:: I knew it!! He's not a Vulcan!

SLtKeane: ::smiles:: wb.

LtCdrAkira: Luann> Wonderful time Doctors... wonderful time...

CmdStecker: Kapitan, ve have another problem. 

CnsTempest: +Medic+ I see... I'll be right there.

SLtKeane: ::A flurry of radio signals start flooding this area of space::

CptnThorne: What is it, Number One?

SuliRufian: :::enters security and arms herself for red alert status:::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Hey you don't mind if I head down to engineering do you?

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I'm more use there than here...

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I'm more use there than here...

EnsKiapen: ::begins programing computer to put up forcefield to contain and sufficate it::

CptnThorne: What?  Who is he?  

SLtKeane: "Captain. I was right.. They've detect the Atlantis and are trying to hail us.. Should I

LtCdrAkira: Luann> Yeah, go... Akira...

SLtKeane: take the ship into stealth mode?"

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Cadet Akagi Kensuke, ma'am...

CnsTempest: ::walks to Young's bedside:

CmdStecker: He ist not a Vulcan.  He only appears to be one.

CptnThorne: Who's trying to contact us?

EnsKiapen: ::hears something..turns around.  its not the sound of a nice warm fire::

CnsTempest: ::to Medic:: Can you describe the situation?

SLtKeane: (The lunar base on the moon and Earth)

LtCdrAkira: Luann> Whatever... Ken... go... go! ::treating another patient...::

CptnThorne: Have him taken into custody!

EnsKiapen: ::sees someone, trapped under some fallen rubble::

CptnThorne: Go stealth.

CnsTempest: <<cancel that alst comment>>

EnsKiapen: ::curses::

CmdStecker: Nein!!! Now ist not the time. 

EnsKiapen: ::cancles the computer commands::

CnsTempest: ::leaves sickbay and heads into turbolift:: Bridge.

SLtKeane: ::nods:: "Aye Sir. Stealth engaged."

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> ::runs out of sickbay and into a tl:: Engineering...

SLtKeane: ::looks around for Mary?::

CnsTempest: ::enters bridge... walks to Young's station::

SLtKeane: --==Stealth Engaged==--

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks over at the guy at Tac::

EnsKiapen: ::walks into someones quarters, and gets the curtains, which are made of

Cdr MaryJo: ::wonders who he is::

CnsTempest: <Medic> Can you describe the situation to me?

SLtKeane: ::walks over to Mary: "feeling better?"

CptnThorne: ::looks to Kristi, trusting her judgement::

EnsKiapen: highly consintrated polyfiberic rubber::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> ::enters Engineering, taps Ami on the shoulder::

CmdStecker: ::not believing that he trusts her::

CptnThorne: Okay, did you figure out when we are?

EnsKiapen: ::wraps self in them, and runs into the fire::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Ahhh!! ::turns around:: Akira... K... Cadet...

SuliRufian: :::exits into the corridor and assumes a standard patrol pattern:::

SLtKeane: +Suli+

Cdr MaryJo: MEDIC>Sir, apparently when we entered the vortex, she was thrown

Cdr MaryJo: across the deck and hit her head on the wall there.  She is bleeding

Cdr MaryJo: from a gash on her head::

SuliRufian: *Keane*

EnsKiapen: ::throws a sheet over the victem, unrecogniseable by now::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> What can I do to help... we're not fighting the Borg are we?

Cdr MaryJo: But I'm more concerned about her apparent loss of memory..

SLtKeane: +Suli+ I need you on the bridge.

CnsTempest: Have you checked her for contcussion? ::kneels by Young's side::

EnsKiapen: ::smells burn flesh::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Borg? No... help with the deuterium stabilizers...

SLtKeane: "Memory? What do you mean?" ::to nurse::

EnsKiapen: ::drags the body out, quickly, and not gently..::

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks at Tempest in a daze::  Who are you?

SuliRufian: :::nods though he can't see it::: *Keane* On my way, sir.

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> Um... where would they be...

CmdStecker: ACTION: The bridge lift doors open and Sarel stumbles out of 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Two consoles down from this one...

CmdStecker: them with his arms filled with charts.

EnsKiapen: ::feels the flesh rip off of the victem::

CnsTempest: A friend. What can you remember? Anything? A color or a sound...

Cdr MaryJo: Medic>Sir, she knows who she is but doesn't appear to know who any of us are..

EnsKiapen: ::gags, from the smell and the heat::

CnsTempest: Well, that's something anyway

CmdStecker: ::looks at Sarel:: Ve don't need those now.. You may return them to the proper place. 

SLtKeane: ::looks at Mary:: "You know me right?"

EnsKiapen: ::drags body out of fire, and down the corridor:;

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> ::nods::

Cdr MaryJo: ::shakes her head slowly::  No...

SuliRufian: :::enters a list and announces her destination::: Bridge.

Cdr MaryJo: Should I?

CnsTempest: ::looks up to Keane:: Sir... this is difficult for you, I know... I'd have to ask you not

EnsKiapen: ::drops it, and begins a coughing fit::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> I'm afraid I'm not familiar with this...entirely... 

SuliRufian: <<lift>>

SLtKeane: "It's me John.. and this is Lt. Wetsel.. the nurse."

CnsTempest: stay here right now... I'll call for you as soon as I know what's going on...

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke> wait... ::begins to work the console::

EnsKiapen: ::looks down, and can tell that whoever it was is dead::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::stops and watches::

Cdr MaryJo: I am sorry, but I don't know you.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Akira your still there...

SLtKeane: ::stands and looks at Tempest:: "Take care of her.. I'll check on her later..

EnsKiapen: ::runs away, unable to take the sight or the stench any longer::

SuliRufian: :::the lift halts and she steps out:::

EnsKiapen: ::has the computer put out the fire::

SLtKeane: ::looks back at mary very concerned::

CnsTempest: I'll do what I can.

CnsTempest: ::smiles at him wanly, then returns her attention to Mary::

CmdStecker: Lieutenant? Did you hear me?? 

SuliRufian: :::steps pnto the bridge:::

CmdStecker: ACTION: Sarel starts to cry.  

CnsTempest: Tell me anything you remember.

Cdr MaryJo: ::to Tempest::  Should I know him?

SLtKeane: ::See Suli step in:: "I need you to take Tactical.. I've got to help Cordinate with Engineer

SLtKeane: ing..

Cdr MaryJo: I know who I am...I'm Mary Young...

SuliRufian: :::nods::: As you wish, sir.

EnsKiapen: ::suddenly is very spooked... wants to see someone else, anyone, as long as they are alive::

CmdStecker: Lieutenant! Pull yourself together! Vulcan's don't cry!

CptnThorne: Okay, I need suggestions... check the level of 

CptnThorne: technology and see when we are in the timeline.

CnsTempest: You may be very ill, Commander. Does anything look familiar?

SLtKeane: "Suli? You ok? Get injured?"

Cdr MaryJo: <<Sarel does he's a wimp>>

SuliRufian: :::shakes her head::: I'm fine, sir.

CmdStecker: <<knew you'd like this, Mary. :) >>

SLtKeane: ::hears the Captain:: "Captain.. After checking over the scans and analyizing the location

EnsKiapen: <<Vul-ul-cans, they dont cry-y-y-y, ::backup singers:: they dont cry!>.

SuliRufian: Just feel a little like a shamrock shake....

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::notices something wrong with Akira...:: Hey...

EnsKiapen: ::enters the infirmery, looking white as a sheet::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Cadet? Kensuke?

SLtKeane: of the stars I've placed us around 2022.. We're just inside the system."

EnsKiapen: ::sits down, catching breath from run::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> What? Ah... my head... 

Cdr MaryJo: <<grins...oh yeah>>

EnsKiapen: ::looks around at all the injured people..::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Kensuke?

CptnThorne: 2022 huh? Okay, take us toward earth, slowly.

CmdStecker: ::listens to Keane then looks back at the sobbing Sarel::

SLtKeane: ::nods to Suli:: "Great work on the gym thing."

CmdStecker:  Get off the bridge, Sarel. Now. 

SuliRufian: :::steps to the Tactical console:::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Akira... good, thank god, your well here... mentally again... 

EnsKiapen: ::wipes nose::

CmdStecker: Vhat a vorthless idiot.  

SuliRufian: :::smiles::: Thanks.... but the bumpy ride, sure helped.

EnsKiapen: ::suddenly feels very small again::

SLtKeane: "Captain we're also in Steath mode.. apprently sensors on earth detected our arrival

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I'm talking with the counselor and suddenly here I am... in engineering...

SLtKeane: and were attempting to reach us.. "

CnsTempest: Young? Does anything look familiar?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> The ship entered into a temporal wormhole...  ::helps him up::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Yeah... ain't that a bitch...

EnsKiapen: ::stands up, unsteadily, and picks up a dermal reginorator::

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks around slowly::her head hurts terribly::

Cdr MaryJo: ::sighs::  No...nothing..

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Well, it damaged lot of systems and we need to repair it...

SuliRufian: :::pulls up the displays and examines them:::

CnsTempest: Think back to the last thing you can remember. What is it?

EnsKiapen: ::heals her burns, and leaves::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Where did this temporal wormhole come from?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I dunno... a decay of neutrinos into chronoton particles?

CmdStecker: Have they detected us again, John? 

LtCdrAkira: Akira> What? I thought chronotons came from decaying tachyon particles...

Cdr MaryJo: getting disciplined for stealing the Commandant's runabout at the Academy

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Well that too... but neutrinos decay into class two chronotons...

SLtKeane: ::looks at Stecker:: "No Ma'am. Looks like stealth is working.. They are still sending

CptnThorne: ::wonders if the technology is advanced enough to pick us up::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::looks at the console:: What was I doing?

SLtKeane: radio signals to our last location though."

LtCdrAkira: Ami> You remember?

CnsTempest: I see... what's the very last thing you can recall? A color or a form? Something that stands

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Yeah... I was standing right here... or someone was...

CmdStecker: Kapitan, vhat if the start firing at us? Vhat sort of veapons do they have? 

CptnThorne: Okay, bring us in closer... let's see what's going on right now.

CnsTempest: out as the last thing that happened before you suddenly found yourself here...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> You were helping me stabilize the deuterium flow...

CptnThorne: Well, nuclear technology was the thing of the day... but they can't see us.

Cdr MaryJo: Ummm...I was staring at the security officer's uniform..noticing a stain on it...

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::begins to work:: So what would cause neutrinos to decay into class two chronoton 

LtCdrAkira: 'particles?

SLtKeane: ::thinks about his history:: "Commander/Captain. I don't believe that Earth was yet travelin

CnsTempest: I think we need to get you to sickbay. ::remembers the head wound:: Or maybe to my office.

SuliRufian: :::glad someone studied history:::

SLtKeane: g deep into space at this time.. more then likely they don't have any weapons that could

CnsTempest: THat's closer.

EnsKiapen: ::walks into a TL, not knowing where to go::

SLtKeane: harm the Atlantis."

CmdStecker: ::walks over to Sarel and pushes him into the TL:: Get out of here!!

Cdr MaryJo: All right..::stands::wavers::

CptnThorne: ::nods:: Agreed.  But the possibility still remains... we 

CptnThorne: could even be in an alternate timeline of some sort.

CnsTempest: ::nods to the medic for assistance:: Don't try to stand on your own!

EnsKiapen: ::just sits down, hugging knees::

CnsTempest: ::takes one of her arms and gestures for the medic to take the other::

EnsKiapen: ::doesnt feel so good::

Cdr MaryJo: MEDIC>takes her other arm

CnsTempest: ::gently guides Young toward her office::

SLtKeane: ::nods:: "That's true Sir.. But there's no way to tell that without going,.. uhh home to

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks to Tempest::  Should I know that man?

SLtKeane: Earth."

CptnThorne: Okay... set course, full impulse.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Well... um...

CmdStecker: Sarel> It's not fair!! You made me bring these charts up and 

CmdStecker: now you don't need them!! And I bruised my leg, too!!!

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Wait I remember... something about the Warp field...

CnsTempest: You should know us all.

CnsTempest: ::enters her office and sits Young down::

SLtKeane: Suli.. You've got the bridge.. I'm going to deck 10."

CptnThorne: Get that whining ::bleep:: off my bridge!!

CnsTempest: ::nods to Medic:: I think I can handle any problems that may come up... I know Luann's under

SuliRufian: :::nods::: Yes, sir.

CnsTempest: staffed. Perhaps you should go.

Cdr MaryJo: But...but...he seemed to be distressed that I didn't know him..

SLtKeane: ::Enters lift::

CmdStecker: I am trying, Dammit!! 

Cdr MaryJo: Medic>Aye sir.  :;turns and leaves::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> The warp drive maybe...

SLtKeane: Deck 10.. Security override lockouts."

CnsTempest: A very long time has passed since you were at the academy. I'm afraid you've lost a signific

SLtKeane: ::The lift arrives on deck 10::

CnsTempest: ant part of your memory.

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks scared::  I have?

CmdStecker: ::shoves him further into the TL, then has a better idea::

Cdr MaryJo: Will....will it come back?

CptnThorne: ACTION> The Atlantis slowly approaches Earth... and things don't seem *quite* right.

CmdStecker: ::yanks him out by the collar and puts him in the room with the Admirals:: Have fun. 

CmdStecker: ::locks door::

SuliRufian: :::looks about the bridge and swallows nervously:::

CnsTempest: I don't know. It looks as though this was caused by a blow to the head--if so, it should be

CptnThorne: ::smiles at Kristi and smiles::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> A certain type of warp field imbalance can create a field that will distablize 

CnsTempest: quite curable, but if not, then... well, we were caught in a time anomaly. If things have ch

SLtKeane: ::John walks down the hall and see several crew working on the repairs..::

CptnThorne: <<Uhhh.... nevermind that.>>

EnsKiapen: ::falls asleep in TL::

CmdStecker: You smile vay too much, you know? 

CnsTempest: anged, it is possible your memory is gone because your memories no longer exist. It may simp

CptnThorne: Hey, I liked that.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> neutrinos into a class two chronoton and a tachyon... with the new warp

CnsTempest: ly be that the rest of us have lost some part of our memories too--though not so much of the

CnsTempest: m as you.

CmdStecker: You liked that? He ist a Romulan und you liked that? 

Cdr MaryJo: that's too confusing for me...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> fields which fluid the field with graviton particles to keep from time dialation...

CptnThorne: I liked that you threw him in there... but I plan to have him arrested.

LtCdrAkira: <fluid = flood>

CnsTempest: ::smiles:: Of course, sir... let's start slowly...

CmdStecker: No.. I ve can use him as a double agent.. Don't you think? 

CptnThorne: Excellent idea.

CptnThorne: Now, status reports on Earth?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> from happening at faster than light speed travel... I got it!

CnsTempest: ::calls up extensive background on Young, trying to find something to trigger her memory::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> We created a chronoton wormhole... the ship acted as a conductor with the graviton 

LtCdrAkira: field...

CnsTempest: ::calls up a picture of Mary's home on earth::shows it to her:: Do you remember this?

SLtKeane: John exits deck 10 and goes the to the holodeck were sickbay is working on the crew.

LtCdrAkira: akira> Good, good... and?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> We're screwed?

SuliRufian: ::::reading reports as they come in:::

CnsTempest: <<home on Distrel>>

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Let's try to think beyond that...

Cdr MaryJo: yes...that's my home..I grew up there..

EnsKiapen: ::pulls self together, and exits the TL.  goes back to the science labs::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Well, we can recreate the wormhole, but I need to figure out how the imbalance

LtCdrAkira: Ami> in the warp field was created in the first place...

EnsKiapen: ::gains access to external sensors, and begins watching the story unfold::

SuliRufian: :::frowns:::

CmdStecker: ::almost wishes she could hear the conversation between Sarel and the three Admirals::

CnsTempest: Tell me everything you remember. As you remember it.

CnsTempest: Free-thinking. If you remember--say it.

SuliRufian: :::clears her throat nervously:::

Cdr MaryJo: okay...

SuliRufian: Captain???

LtCdrAkira: Akira> You know what you just described, don't you?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> What?

CptnThorne: Yes, Ms. Ruffian.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> A Chronoton Warp Drive... it's a theoretical particle time machine...

SuliRufian: This earth that we are...inspecting....

Cdr MaryJo: I remember growing up in a totally natural environment..

CptnThorne: ::nods::

SuliRufian: :::puts a map up on the screen:::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Well... how...

Cdr MaryJo: I was raised in a tribal village...

EnsKiapen: <<listen folks, Im really tired.  the cold I had this week wiped me out.  Im going to bed.>>

LtCdrAkira: <see ya Kiapen>

SuliRufian: I am detecting large amouts of nuclear build up and activity in these areas...

Cdr MaryJo: My dad is Cherokee and my mom is Irish..

SLtKeane: Night Kiapen.

CnsTempest: Don't give me general information. Give me vivid details. An image, not a biography...

CptnThorne: Nuclear????

Cdr MaryJo: ohh..okay

CnsTempest: Incidents. Colors. Smells.

SuliRufian: :::the areas light up:::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Go tell the Captain... ::winches::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Akira! You need to get to sickbay...

Cdr MaryJo: ::grinning::  skinnydipping in the clear deep blue lake in the

Cdr MaryJo: moonlight..::the moon shining off the water::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I'll be fine... 

CptnThorne: <<Oooo...Mary... skinnydipping!>>

Cdr MaryJo: ::running::smells of the forest floor::

SuliRufian: :::nods::: Yes, sir.  This earth appears to be on the brink of a nuclear holocaust.

CptnThorne: This isn't our history.

CnsTempest: ::calls up an image of the academy:: Tell me about this...

CmdStecker: <be careful.. John will get you for noticing that, Captain>

CptnThorne: Okay... we have to stop this.

Cdr MaryJo: <<I was a teenager then-what can I say>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::sighs:: Uh, men are so stubborn!! ::exits engineering::

Cdr MaryJo: <<get him, John>>

SuliRufian: No, sir.... it defiantely isn't.

SLtKeane: <grrrr>

CptnThorne: <<:innocent grin::>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::enters TL:: Computer bridge...::

Cdr MaryJo: the heat of the sun...beating down...

CmdStecker: <here John. Use my cattle prod>

Cdr MaryJo: <<hands John the whip>>

CnsTempest: Now... remember the stain on the officer's uniform... telll me anything you remember about i

CnsTempest: t..

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::TL stops, enters bridge::

Cdr MaryJo: it was mustard...I knocked the hot dog out of his hand when he grabbed me...

Cdr MaryJo: bright yellow on his uniform...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::looks around::

SuliRufian: If you look at the nations involved.... you will see....

CnsTempest: After you looked at that, did you notice anything else? Anything else at all?

SuliRufian: There is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

CmdStecker: ACTION: The RR doors open and Sarel is thrown out by the three Admirals.

CptnThorne: ::looks at the nations... USA, USSR, China, PDRK, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan... Denmark?::

CmdStecker: He back, Kapitan. 

SuliRufian: To borrow, Mr. Shakespeare....

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::moves out of the way as Sarel falls over::

CmdStecker: May I kill him?

Cdr MaryJo: a pictue on the wall...

Cdr MaryJo: picture too

CptnThorne: Not on the bridge, Number One, you'll have to clean it up.

Cdr MaryJo: of a ship...

CnsTempest: ::nods:: Tell me about the ship.

CmdStecker: You know, you never let me have any fun...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Hi... I figured out our little time travel sanfu...

CptnThorne: Well, if you'll take him somewhere else, I'll turn my head...

CmdStecker: +taps+ Peter, report to the bridge, please. 

CptnThorne: Anyway, we have to stop this war... we won't exist if this continues.

CmdStecker: Peter>+taps+ Aye. On the vay. 

Cdr MaryJo: it's a starship...a

SLtKeane: ::Exits the holodeck and goes to the lift..

Cdr MaryJo: the Atlantis?  no...that's not the name..

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Akira... If I accidently launch a trilithium missile at Earth do you think

Cdr MaryJo: the Enterprise...

CmdStecker: Peter> ::steps out of the TL onto the bridge:: Vhat did you vant? 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I can invoke the Kill my grandparents thing?

SuliRufian: :::looks at the screen::: But how?

CnsTempest: Try to place that in chronological terms...

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ But then their are the ramifications of screwing everything up...

CmdStecker: ::points to Sarel:: Take him to the cargo bay. Prepare the 

CmdStecker: Ancient Chinese Water Torture Rack.. Place him on it. I vill be 

CmdStecker: there soon. 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Yeah, but it's not like they would care... 

CptnThorne: ::pretends not to notice::

Cdr MaryJo: it was an old ship..

LtCdrAkira: Akira>+ taps+ You have a very valid point... most people would just never notice...

Cdr MaryJo: the original Enterprise..

CmdStecker: Peter> ::clicks heals together:: Jawohl.. It vill be my pleasure.. 

CnsTempest: No... I mean, in terms of the incident at the academy.

CmdStecker: Peter> YOU!!! Come vith me now!! 

CmdStecker: ::Peter makes Sarel goose-step off the bridge:: 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::walks to the engineering station on the bridge...:: Let's see...

Cdr MaryJo: it was after the security guy was told to leave...and the

Cdr MaryJo: commandant...laughed and said I was amusing..

LtCdrAkira: Ami> If Earth is destroyed before first contact in 2061... then that means

Cdr MaryJo: it was on the commandant's wall

LtCdrAkira: Ami> we'll never make first contact because Zeframe Cochrane will be dead...

CptnThorne: ::motions Kristi off to the side::

CmdStecker: He von't bother us anymore, Kapitan.. He von't bother anyone, for that matter. 

CnsTempest: Oh. It was a picture *of* the original enterprise... Well, that makes more sense.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> and Starfleet will never form and the War Nations will never exist...

CmdStecker: ::walks up:: Vhat did I do now, Kapitan? ::sighs::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> and everything should be better, right?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ You got it... ::laughing::

CptnThorne: Nothing... we have to stop this war, Kristi.

CnsTempest: ::calls up a picture of Mary's child:: Does this lookk familiar?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ What year are we in?

CmdStecker: Vell, duh.. You just now thought of that? 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Computer says 2022... something around there...

CptnThorne: But the Prime Directive is not clear.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Well... you wanna screw up history, just for the record books? ::smiles::

Cdr MaryJo: Yes...

CnsTempest: What does it make you think of?

CmdStecker: To hell vith the Prime Directive!! If ve don't stop this var, there 

CmdStecker: von't be a Prime Directive!

Cdr MaryJo: love...

SuliRufian: :::begins running multiple case scenarios:::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ You mean vindicate the existance of alien life before first contact...

Cdr MaryJo: it makes me think of love..

CptnThorne: I agree... just had to make sure you did.

CnsTempest: Do you remember the child? Can you put a personality to it? A name?

CptnThorne: This means that WE make first contact.

CmdStecker: ::wants to reply to that, but remembers that they have a truce::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ What's supposed to happen at this point in history...

Cdr MaryJo: it's a happy baby...Christopher..

LtCdrAkira: Ami> As I remember the next World War doesn't begin until around 2052...

LtCdrAkira: akira> +taps+ That's about right...

CptnThorne: Now... advice on how the best way is to do that?

CnsTempest: Is it your sister's baby?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ I don't see why the hell we don't look in the history books and find the 

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ bleedin' answer there...

Cdr MaryJo: my sister's baby..which sister?

Cdr MaryJo: Rachel or Beth?

Cdr MaryJo: No...neither one....they don't have babies...they are both younger than me..

CnsTempest: I didn't say it was either's.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ It'll be a hell of a lot easier...

CnsTempest: Whose baby is it?

CmdStecker: Ve could take there veapons avay. or bring the leaders of the 

CmdStecker: var up here.. Or send Sarel down there. 

Cdr MaryJo: ::looks at the picture::confused::

SLtKeane: (Folks.. I've gotten quite because of a major headache.. I think I'm heading out.. )

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ It would... but then we wouldn't have a philosophical debate like this...

CnsTempest: How do you know him?

SLtKeane: (night all)

LtCdrAkira: <Night Keane>

CmdStecker: <G'night John>

SuliRufian: <<Night, Keane!>

CptnThorne: We send Sarel down there, they'll all kill him.

CptnThorne: <<Night, John.>>

CmdStecker: You're point?

Cdr MaryJo: <<night, John>>

CptnThorne: True, but we wouldn't accomplish anything beside being rid of him.

CptnThorne: We could decloak the Atlantis and announce our presence.

CmdStecker: And if they fire at us? Can ve vithstand all of the missiles fired at us?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ Why don't we just try to find away home...

Cdr MaryJo: he's....he's....::looks up at Tempest::  he's mine...isn't he?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Why don't we go onto the surface and live there?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ ::holds what he's about to say:: You mean... 

CptnThorne: Easily... someone good at tactical would be able to vaporize all of them.

CnsTempest: Yes.

CnsTempest: He's yours.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Yeah... 

Cdr MaryJo: ::suddenly gets a raging headache::

CnsTempest: Do you remember anything else now?

CmdStecker: Und who vould do that? The bridge ist quite empty now. 

Cdr MaryJo: But then...who....who is the....father?

SuliRufian: :::looks around nervously:::

SuliRufian: :::wishes for a moment that the floor would open up and swallow her:::

CnsTempest: Who do you think it is? Do you have any idea/

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Who hear would notice?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ ::laughs:: Not much...

CptnThorne: ::looks to Suli::

Cdr MaryJo: Is it....is it....the man?  the one on the bridge?

CnsTempest: Do you remember him being the father of your child?

SuliRufian: :::looks at the Captain and smiles weakly:::

CmdStecker: ::turns around and sees Suli:: I suppose I should start looking behind me, Ja?

CptnThorne: Ms. Ruffian... can you do this?

Cdr MaryJo: Honestly...my head hurts so badly...I can barely think..

CnsTempest: ::riggles through emergency med kit and finds a mild pain killer::

SuliRufian: :::hopes her fingers aren't trembing::: I believe that answer would be yes, sir.

CmdStecker: Ve could let one of the Admiral's man tac, I suppose.. They have to be good for something. 

CptnThorne: Excellent. Enter Earth orbit.

CptnThorne: How about I let one of those Admirals clean my aquarium?  Yeah, that's it!

SuliRufian: :::snorts and mutters something abuot paperpushers:::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Okay, I'm bored...

CmdStecker: You have an aquarium? On a Starship?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ Everything checks down here...

CptnThorne: In the ready room, it's built into the wall.  

CnsTempest: ::administers the pain killer:: Tell me if you have any change in your condition.

CnsTempest: This should help you think, though.

Cdr MaryJo: All right...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ I say we take a break, go to sleep and maybe we'll be back home again...

CmdStecker: Vhat ever makes you happy, I guess.. ::walks away from him::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ square deal... meet you in the lounge...

CnsTempest: ::sighs:: ::riffles through a little research::

CptnThorne: Hey, it was here when I came. ::shrugs::

CptnThorne: Are we in Earth orbit?

CmdStecker: Oh, I believe you.. Really.  ::continues walking away::

Cdr MaryJo: <<Daddy, are we there yet?>>

CnsTempest: There's an outdated technique I think might be of assistance here. It's called hypnotism. Ar

CnsTempest: e you familiar with it?

CmdStecker: <<LOL Mary>>

Cdr MaryJo: Yes..I think so..

SuliRufian: :::smiles::: Entering now, sir...

Cdr MaryJo: <<I gotta go to the bathroom...can we pull over at the nearest moon?>>

CptnThorne: Prepare to decloak... shields at max and arm all weapons.

CptnThorne: <<::{S thwap}s Mary::>>

SuliRufian: :::her fingers fly over the console as she juggles the tasks:::

CnsTempest: The Betazoids enter it through meditaion. Close your eyes.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::leaves...:: God, I pray for a nuclear disaster planetside...

Cdr MaryJo: all right  ::closes her eyes::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> makes things helluva lot easier in the future... ::enters TL:: Lounge...

SuliRufian: Shields up.

CmdStecker: Peter>+taps+ Kristi, the rack is prepared. Sarel has been strapped down, but not sedated. 

SuliRufian: Weapons armed....

CptnThorne: Decloak, open a communication channel to all major governments.

CmdStecker: +taps+ Sehr gut, Peter. Sehr Gut. 

SuliRufian: :::a finger hovers over the cloak::

SuliRufian: Yes, sir.

SuliRufian: :::pushes and the ship decloaks with a shimmer:::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ Unfortunately, as I remember... A Chronoton drive only takes objects

CptnThorne: ::wonders briefly how to word this::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ to the past, not the future...

CptnThorne: ::clears his throat:: 

SuliRufian: :::opens a channel"""

CmdStecker: ::wonders if everyone will freak out when they see his wild 

CmdStecker: hair. wishes he'd do something with it::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ We'll just use some more technobabble and plut up that plot hole...

SuliRufian: :::hopes the Catain didn't need a cough drop:::

CnsTempest: think about a peaceful place...

CptnThorne: People of Earth, this is Captain Seamus Blackthorne, of 

CptnThorne: the USS Atlantis, a starship from the 24th century, 

CptnThorne: please respond."

LtCdrAkira: Akira> +taps+ That's to easy...

Cdr MaryJo: ::thinks of the planet Distrel::with it's three moons::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Well, and would you like to figure out a process that would get us back?

CptnThorne: ACTIO> Iraq, China, and Iran respond with a nuclear launch.

CmdStecker: <figures>

CptnThorne: <Yeah.> 

Cdr MaryJo: <<ROFL>>

SuliRufian: :::yeeps softly and targets the missiles:::

CmdStecker: Kapitan, ve have a missile launch.  

Cdr MaryJo: <<don't forget India and Pakistan>>

CptnThorne: Well, that went over well.

LtCdrAkira: <and the US>

CptnThorne: ::nods to Suli:: Destroy them.

LtCdrAkira: < and the 20,000 little states that came from the break up of the USSR>

CnsTempest: <<I've got to go... nyte all>>

LtCdrAkira: <those crazy bastards...>

CmdStecker: ::whispers:: I think she knew that, Kapitan.

LtCdrAkira: <night Temp>

SuliRufian: Sir, we'll have to let them get pretty close.... or they'll contaminate the environment....

SuliRufian: <<They killed Kenny?>>

Cdr MaryJo: <<night, Tempest>>

CptnThorne: <No USSR breakup in this timeline.>

CptnThorne: ::nods to Kristi, catching himself::CptnThorne: ::nods to Kristi, catching himself::

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= P A U S E  S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=       Stardate 45/24/98       =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= P A U S E  S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=