CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: Welcome to the continuing adventures of the

CptnThorne: USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D, a Celestial Prime

CptnThorne: Alliance Free-Form Advanced Simulation!

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: .

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=  M I S S I O N   B R I E F  =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: The Atlantis has been requested to escort the

CptnThorne: captured Evangelion back to Starbase One, 

CptnThorne: and her Captain and crew have been granted 

CptnThorne: asylum within the Federation.  

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= E N D  B R I E F =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: .

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= B E G I N   S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=       Stardate 49805.16       =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= B E G I N   S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

CnsTempest: ::in her office, looking at her appointment schedule::

CptnThorne: <<Now, go ahead with the IMs.>>

CmdStecker: :::sitting in her chair on the bridge:: 

CnsTempest: ::notes that Akira's name is on the top of the list::

CptnThorne: ::on the bridge, wondering how Hacker is doing::

CnsTempest: +Akira+ Please report to the counselor's office for your appointment. You are already half a

CnsTempest: n hour late.

CnsTempest: ::wonders if the obstanant engineer will show up or if she'll have to fight::

CnsTempest: ::recalls all her techniques for forcing crewmembers to come whether they want to or not::

EnsKiapen: ::in science, messing with the computer::

LtCdrAkira: ::Akira stares at the image of Emily Signaru...::

CmdStecker: Kapitan, vhy are ve allowing them to return to SB1? Vhy not 

CmdStecker: just blow them out of space now? 

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Ami... ::Looks over:: Get up...

CnsTempest: +Akira+ Respond please.

CptnThorne: So, Number One... we don't exactly have a surplus of starships these days...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> What, what? I fainted right? I'm fine now...

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::releazies that his combadge is lost... but no matter...::

CnsTempest: Computer, identify location of chief engineer Akira.

LtCdrAkira: Emily> Well, hello again.

CmdStecker: But they're traitors und terrorists!!

CnsTempest: Computer> ::does so::

Cdr MaryJo: ::walks into science lab::looking over at Kiapen

CnsTempest: Right. Well, if he won't come to me, I'll go to him.

EnsKiapen: ::closes down the computer::

CptnThorne: Who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.. Major Ryan is in custody, and I believe that

Cdr MaryJo: Report, Ensign.  What are you working on?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::laughs:: This is incredible...

CptnThorne: Hacker is sincere.

CnsTempest: ::walks down several decks to Akira's location::

EnsKiapen: I am working with the computer, on its relationship development

CmdStecker: Yes, Kapitan. ::returns her attention to the screen::

Cdr MaryJo: Ensign Kiapen, I believe we need to talk.  Come into my office, please..

LtCdrAkira: Emily> ::watches Akira and Ami...:: There was always a way...

EnsKiapen: ::sighs, and stands::

CnsTempest: ::enters engineering... sees Akira and Ami and... a woman she remembers from a little trip t

LtCdrAkira: Akira> but I can't return you to your body?

CnsTempest: hrough Akira's mind::

Cdr MaryJo: ::walks into her office::

EnsKiapen: ::follows the Commander into her office::

LtCdrAkira: Emily> Just destroy it.... ::looks over::

Cdr MaryJo: ::walks around the desk and sits down::

CnsTempest: ::blinks:: What on Earth is going on?

Cdr MaryJo: Please have a seat, Ensign.

EnsKiapen: ::sits down in the chair infront of the desk::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::looks over:: Hello Counselor.

CnsTempest: ::walks over to Ami:: Will you tell me what's going on?

EnsKiapen: ::appears very calm and cool::

Cdr MaryJo: Ensign, I need to know what you are hiding from me..

CnsTempest: ::looks at Akira:: And after this... we DEFINATELY need to have our appointment.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> So... studies the schematics... incredible...

EnsKiapen: ::looks confused:: I am not hiding anything from you, sir.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Well... um... Akira and I have been busy...

CmdStecker: Vhat vill they do vith them on SB1? Lock them up? 

CnsTempest: And why is this woman no longer in Akira's brain?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> That woman, there is Emily Signaru, Doctor of neural sciences... 

CptnThorne: They'll be interrogated, of course... but if everything checks out, they'll be released.

Cdr MaryJo: Then why is it that every time I walk in, you shut the computer

Cdr MaryJo: down...and you appear secretive and paranoid whenever I'm

Cdr MaryJo: around..?

CnsTempest: ::smiles at Emily:: Nice to meet you, I'm sure.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> she still is in his mind, but is at this moment projected through this receptor and 

EnsKiapen: ::thinking quickly...decides a half truth might best work in this situation::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> holoemitter...

LtCdrAkira: Emily> ::ignores Tempest...::

CnsTempest: This appointment is long overdue...

EnsKiapen: I am sorry.. that stems from my childhood environment, sir.

CnsTempest: ::walks to Akira:: I can use my medical authority to shut down the emitter, you know.

EnsKiapen: I will try to become more... social in your prescence.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::smiles:: Then why don't you Doc...

CnsTempest: You need a counseling appointment. I fear for your mental health.

CnsTempest: I'd like to give you an opportunity to be sensible before I call medical rank.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I don't fear my mental health, just because I talk with myself just means something's

Cdr MaryJo: Well, Ensign, I think you need to speak to our counselor.  I can't

Cdr MaryJo: have you hiding your work from me.  ::smiles::  Especially since I'm

Cdr MaryJo: responsible for whatever you are doing..

CmdStecker: That figures.. Starfleet has gotten soft. 

LtCdrAkira: constantly clicking in there...

Cdr MaryJo: It might be nice to know what that is from time to time..

EnsKiapen: I am not hiding any work, sir, I can assure you of that...

CptnThorne: They did ask for asylum, you know.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::looks at Akira::

CnsTempest: ::to Ami:: And your opinion?

EnsKiapen: most of my work recently has been so vague it is hard to explain

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::looks over:: 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> My opinion of what?

CmdStecker: They killed people.. They're terrorists.  They don't deserve 

EnsKiapen: ::talking almost in monotone::

CmdStecker: asylum. ::voice just a bit louder than what is normally used 

CmdStecker: on the bridge::

Cdr MaryJo: Well, do attempt to do so anyway.  As you know, I am the chief

Cdr MaryJo: science officer...and I do believe I can understand it..

CnsTempest: Fine... I'll be back. In the mean time, have fun talking to yourself. I'm sure it'll be very

CnsTempest: therapeutic.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::shuts off the receptors...::

CnsTempest: ::stalks out of engineering::

LtCdrAkira: What do you want to talk about? 

CnsTempest: ::enters TL::

EnsKiapen: skills

EnsKiapen: skills

LtCdrAkira: ::shrugs:: Oh well... a minute to late...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I'll start cleaning up...

CnsTempest: ::walks back into engineerign:: and ONE more thing!

CnsTempest: ::sees receptors are off:: Did you decide to come to your senses?

Cdr MaryJo: Well, I'm sure you can communicate quite well, Ensign.  You

Cdr MaryJo: appear to be doing so presently...::smiles::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Yes Counselor...

Cdr MaryJo: <<LOL, there he goes again>>

EnsKiapen: ::smiles slightly and nods::

CnsTempest: Good. Come with me to my office immediately.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::laughs:: 

CnsTempest: ::nods to Ami:: Nice to see you again. ::smiles::

CmdStecker: ::fells like she's talking to herself::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Just go... will you... Hi... ::waves to Tempest::

Cdr MaryJo: <<that's because she is..::>>

CmdStecker: <I know> 

CnsTempest: ::waits for Akira to say something cohesive::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> All right, all right I'll go, but have the computer record, I'm going

EnsKiapen: ::decides to lay off the DCPP for a while..till Mary looses interest::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> because my dear friend Ami Ursal said so...

CnsTempest: All right--fine with me.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> and so it shall be done...

EnsKiapen: is that all, sir?

CmdStecker: ::wonders what would happen if that ship just happened to blow up::

CnsTempest: ::nods to Ami again, and starts to walk... waiting for Akira to follow::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::chuckles:: Psycho... ::puts the emitters on...::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::follows::

CnsTempest: ::walks into TL::

Cdr MaryJo: No...I want you to schedule an appointment with the Counselor...

CnsTempest: I'm sorry to do this--but it's the third appointment you've broken since my coming onboard t

LtCdrAkira: Akira> You seem to have some explaining to do to... Like why are wolves trying to eat me in

LtCdrAkira: Akira> my dreams.

CnsTempest: his ship and you can't keep eating up my time.

EnsKiapen: ::looks away, fighting panic:: May I ask why, sir?

CnsTempest: Dreams? Well, according to Freud...

CnsTempest: ::TL opens::

LtCdrAkira: Why what were you planning to do with all of that free time?

CnsTempest: ::whirls on Akira::

CmdStecker: ::taps her fingers on the arm rest::

LtCdrAkira: Freud? Your one of those people that turns everything into a sex fantasy...

EnsKiapen: <<lol>>

CnsTempest: See members of the crew who actually want my help!

LtCdrAkira: Like who?

CnsTempest: Like Kiapen for one.

LtCdrAkira: Why don't you see her... 

EnsKiapen: <<lol..who told you that?>>

CnsTempest: The rest are both none of your business and I'm not delaying a minute further

LtCdrAkira: ::follows Tempest::

CmdStecker: ::jumps out of the chair and stands at attention:: Kapitan, 

CnsTempest: And as for Freud, I neither ascribe to his philosophies nor care to.

CnsTempest: And as for Freud, I neither ascribe to his philosophies nor care to.

EnsKiapen: ::waits for the Commanders reply::

CnsTempest: ::enters her office::

EnsKiapen: ::really wanting to get out of the office..::

LtCdrAkira: ::stops:: You are one of those psychologists that turn everything into a ... ::enters her 

LtCdrAkira: office::

EnsKiapen: ::still appears calm::

CnsTempest: ::takes a seat, gestures for Akira to turn likewise::

CnsTempest: <<or do likewise even>>

CptnThorne: Why in the hell are you at attention?

LtCdrAkira: ::sits::

LtCdrAkira: ::puts feet on desk and leans back:: So doc, how to wolves fit in with this?

CnsTempest: Look, the first thing I want to talk to you about is why you keep making appointments with m

CnsTempest: e and then refusing to come. Your behaviour has been beyond obstanant!

Cdr MaryJo: Kiapen, I feel that you need to speak with her..j

CmdStecker: ::looks at him like he's insane:: Request persmission to leave the bridge!

CnsTempest: I regret having to come down and haul you off like a fugitive, but what else am I to do?

CptnThorne: Denied until you act like you have some sense.

LtCdrAkira: ::laughs::  That must be my first... she's concerned, but it's genuine concern...

CmdStecker: That ist it!! ::turns and walks away::

LtCdrAkira: not your... Freudian, pick your brain apart to write case studies concern.

EnsKiapen: just what?

CnsTempest: The computer registers two of these appointments in your hand.

CptnThorne: ::roars:: SIT DOWN!

Cdr MaryJo: <<lose the j>>

CmdStecker: ::ignores him::

LtCdrAkira: I must have been drunk on lack of sleep.

EnsKiapen: Why?  I do not think it would be a wise use of my time... I am very

LtCdrAkira: ::shrugs:: Oh well...

CmdStecker: ::hits the call button for the TL::

CnsTempest: No excuse.

EnsKiapen: busy, as you know.  I will try to fix my problems...

CptnThorne: ::stands and gets right in her face:: Do you have a hearing problem, XO?

CnsTempest: Obviously on some level you want help.

EnsKiapen: she is quite busy I hear as well... with Comander Akira and all

LtCdrAkira: Wait... Emily!

CnsTempest: Yes?

CmdStecker: You no longer give me orders. I vill depart as soon as we reach Starbase One. 

LtCdrAkira: Emily... Emily... Emily... you did it... 

EnsKiapen: ::hopes she didnt sound like she is begging::

LtCdrAkira: I thought so... why?

CnsTempest: ::looks at Akira skeptically thinking he is faking this fit to make her feel "useful" or els

LtCdrAkira: ::stares at the ceiling::

CnsTempest: e make her look stupid::

CptnThorne: Get in my ready room, now, or I'll have you court martialed so fast you won't know what hit 

CptnThorne: you!

Cdr MaryJo: Ensign Kiapen, I believe you need to talk to the Counselor.  If you

Cdr MaryJo: wish to question my decisions, I will have to relieve  you of duty

Cdr MaryJo: until such time as you can get an appointment with her.  I think that

Cdr MaryJo: it is important for you to discuss your behavior with her..

Cdr MaryJo: Dismissed, Ensign..

LtCdrAkira: ::looks back at Tempest:: Someone does want help... 

EnsKiapen: ::nods:: ::leaves the office, calmly::

Cdr MaryJo: And Ensign, that is not a request.  It's an order.

CmdStecker: I am not going back in there!! You can court martial me all you vant. ::glares::

EnsKiapen: Understood.

CnsTempest: Fine. And if that person is Emily--she's part of you as I understand it. Your better half yo

Cdr MaryJo: ::nods::

CnsTempest: u call her? So let her get help even if you just sit here and get nothing.

CptnThorne: This is your last chance.  I've put up with your disrespect for far too long as it is!

CnsTempest: Which would be your choice and an unfortunate one.

LtCdrAkira: ::smiles:: My better half indeed... you know... I've been getting two points of view...

EnsKiapen: ::leaves the science labs after looking at the clock, and heads for the bridge::

CnsTempest: I'm here to help.

CmdStecker: So I have to put up vith your disrespect, ist that it? 

LtCdrAkira: a man's view and a woman's view... she sees things that I can't...

EnsKiapen: ::takes a detour into the ladies room::

EnsKiapen: ::promptly throws up::

CnsTempest: Fine. So tell me about them...

CptnThorne: ::physically picks her up and carries her into the RR::

LtCdrAkira: Do I sense a tone of... of... 

EnsKiapen: ::washes face, and stares into the mirror::

CmdStecker: ::absolute outrage overcomes her:: How dare you do that to me!!

Cdr MaryJo: +Tempest+Counselor, may I have a word with you?

CnsTempest: ::wonders why patients have to be so difficult::

CptnThorne: Computer, seal this room, Captain's authorization.

EnsKiapen: ::enters the TL and heads for the bridge::

CnsTempest: +MaryJo+Must it be now? I'm in the middle of an appointment...

LtCdrAkira: What do you want me to tell you about her?

CptnThorne: Now, by God, you're going to tell me what the hell is wrong with you!

CnsTempest: What do you want me to know? Or what does *she* want me to know?

CmdStecker: Vhat ist wrong vith me!?  Very vell.. You are my problem, Kapitan.. 

Cdr MaryJo: +Tempest+No, but when you are finished

CnsTempest: Obviously one of you wants me to know something or these appointments wouldn't be registered

CptnThorne: Oh?  Do be so kind as to enlighten you.

CptnThorne: <<me, not you.>>

LtCdrAkira: She was graduate of Starfleet Academy, married... still in love with someone on this ship...

CnsTempest: +MaryJo+ As soon as I'm done and not a minute later. Sorry about this.

LtCdrAkira: watched her family die in New Australia, blames the Atlantis and her crew...

LtCdrAkira: hmm... that I never got before...

CnsTempest: ::sits back and smiles and takes notes::

CnsTempest: ::makes encouraging little "aa" noises::

EnsKiapen: ::enters the bridge, and takes science station::

EnsKiapen: ::scans the ship bellow::

CmdStecker: Fine.. I do not like the fact that you do not trust me, und the fact that you disrespect me.

LtCdrAkira: something went wrong on New Australia... Evert... created a bug that... 

CptnThorne: Then your whole problem is based on false pretenses.

LtCdrAkira: well zombified people... that's what I remember... killed her son and her husband committed 

LtCdrAkira: suicide...

LtCdrAkira: She saw Shane, but it wasn't him she was so overly concerned about...

EnsKiapen: ::sempithyses with them::

CnsTempest: ::nods sympathetically::

CmdStecker: Ja. Und you have never accused me of lying to you.. You 

CmdStecker: have never acted like I am a complete idiot in front of the rest

CmdStecker: of the crew..

EnsKiapen: <<oh thanks Tempest... for making my mispelling look really bad!!>>

Cdr MaryJo: ::leaves her office, heading for the nursery to pick up Christopher::

CnsTempest: <<lol Kiapen! Sorry!>>

LtCdrAkira: ::suddenly tips forward and clutches his head and let's out a muffled sound::

EnsKiapen: <<::knew there was a y somewhere in there::>>

CnsTempest: <<tpyo's I nuderstand>>

LtCdrAkira: ::falls off of the chair...::

CnsTempest: +medical officers+ Send an emergency detatchment to the counselor's office immediately!

EnsKiapen: ::thinks about the appoinment..deciding what is safe to say, and what to keep to self::

CnsTempest: ::kneels by Akira::takes his pulse::

LtCdrAkira: ::seizes... ::

CmdStecker: ::standing with her fists clenched and looking as if she's about to kill something::

CnsTempest: <<is Carnegie here or do I have to NPC someone?>>

CptnThorne: If I wanted to make you look like an idiot, I would have.  But what you think I've done, I

CptnThorne: haven'y.

CptnThorne: <<Haven't, either.>>

CnsTempest: +medical officers+ Scratch that.

CmdStecker: See, there ist no point in trying to talk to you!! You deny that 

CmdStecker: you have ever done anything wrong!!

EnsKiapen: ::dont talk about... talk about hiding from Authorities, and Tristan::

LtCdrAkira: ::stops... huffs and puffs, breaths normally...::

CnsTempest: +medical officer+ the seizure's over... I'll get him down there.

CptnThorne: And your blatant disprespect for your CO in front of the crew is any better, right?

LtCdrAkira: :;breathes normally::

CnsTempest: What happened?

CnsTempest: ::helps to support Akira::

EnsKiapen: ::gets too sad, and stops thinking about it.  thinks about worming way back into

CmdStecker: You don't respect me, therefore I vill not respect you.. 

EnsKiapen: MaryJo's trust::

CnsTempest: ::walks Akira onto the bridge::

CptnThorne: Before you started acting in this manner, I did respect you... that's the only reason I put 

CnsTempest: Kiapen! Can you help me get Akira to sickbay?

CptnThorne: up with your behavior.

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke...

EnsKiapen: ::looks over, and gets up quickly taking Akira's other side::

CmdStecker: Fine, the let me leave vhen ve dock at the Starbase. Ana vill 

CmdStecker: Fine, the let me leave vhen ve dock at the Starbase. Ana vill 

CmdStecker: be much better off vithout your influence.. 

EnsKiapen: What happened?

EnsKiapen: What? No, Im afraid not..

CnsTempest: I don't know... he was think-talking to Emily and he had a seizure...

CnsTempest: ::drags Akira into TL::

CptnThorne: ::looks at her like she just struck him::

EnsKiapen: ::takes Akria's feet::

LtCdrAkira: Kensuke...

CnsTempest: Computer, sickbay immediately!

CmdStecker: ::looks at him::Vhat? Surely you have several other people you'd prefer to be XO.. 

CnsTempest: Computer, run the word Kensuke through the vocabulary database. Give me any and all matches.

EnsKiapen: Here, lean him against the wall... if he wakes up, hanging him above the floor could be

EnsKiapen: bad

EnsKiapen: ::has gone through this drill a thousand times::

CptnThorne: Before your behavior changed, no, I didn't.

CnsTempest: ::nods::helps Kiapen get Akira upright::

CnsTempest: Good idea, Kiapen...

CnsTempest: ::feels like a failure::

EnsKiapen: ::stands infront of Akira so he doesnt fall forward::

CmdStecker: Fine. Then I vill leave.. ::does an about face and steps toward the door::

CptnThorne: The room is sealed, you'll remember.

EnsKiapen: ::watches the TL doors open:: ::throws Akira's left arm over her shoulder::

EnsKiapen: ::watches the Councilor stand there in shock:: Come on...

CmdStecker: ::tenses:: Ja, you did that on purpose, didn't you? 

CptnThorne: Aye.  I want this foolishness to stop, and we're not leaving here until it does.

CnsTempest: ::nods:: Right... sorry... this is all very upsetting...

EnsKiapen: I take it this is one of those telepathic things?  he isnt choking or had

EnsKiapen: cardiac arrest or something, right?

LtCdrAkira: Commander Sisko where are you?

CmdStecker: Fine.. Vhat do you vant me to do? 

CnsTempest: No, I don't think so.

CnsTempest: I think he's regressing into memories...

CptnThorne: ::walks around behind his desk:: First, sit down.

CnsTempest: I wonder if this had something to do with our telepathic experience when the "red thing" was

CnsTempest: attacking us...

EnsKiapen: ::drags Akira into sickbay with the Councilor:: ::feels sorry for Akira::

CmdStecker: ::waits for him to sit first, not trusting him for a second::

CnsTempest: ::enters sickbay::

EnsKiapen: Could be, I dont know... where are all the freggin doctors??

CptnThorne: ::sits::

CnsTempest: <<ok, we're in an EMPRY SICKBAY... do we just NPC it? I mean Nurse> Hiya!>>

CnsTempest: <<or even an empty sickbay?>>

CmdStecker: ::sits, but remains on guard::

EnsKiapen: <<Akira, your not doing anythign... do Doctor Akira..NOT Tombs::

LtCdrAkira: <Luann is Brooke's nurse::

CnsTempest: <<So be Luann, Glenn>>

EnsKiapen: <<Be nice or Doctor Tabier is going to come in to it>>

LtCdrAkira: Luann> Hello... 

LtCdrAkira: Luann> What do we have here?

CptnThorne: <<All of ya be quiet, or Doctor Struan will come. >>

EnsKiapen: ::lays Akira onto a biobed:: Hey...

CnsTempest: Lieutenant Commander Akira has had a seizure... possibly related to telepathic activity.

LtCdrAkira: <Dr. Tombs... :)>

EnsKiapen: <<ahhh!! ::runs and hides::>>

CmdStecker: <<::screams:: NO!! Not Dr. Struan!!>>

CmdStecker: You vanted to talk.. Talk. 

CptnThorne: ::Takes off his pips and lays them on the desk, waits for her to do likewise::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::looks him over and scans him:: Well... he's... his brain waves are off the chart...

EnsKiapen: ::stands by eavesdropping, deciding this could be very important::

CnsTempest: Should we lie him down?

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::watches them spike all over the place...

CnsTempest: ::looks nervously to Kiapen::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::nods:: Yeah... get a neural stablizer...

CmdStecker: ::smiles:: That kind of talk, Ja?  Fine vith me. ::takes the pips 

CmdStecker: off and sets them on the opposite side of the desk::

Cdr MaryJo: ::stumbles into the nursery, after having somehow gotten lost::picks

Cdr MaryJo: up Christopher and heads for their new quarters::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> Jesus, I've never seen anything like this...

CmdStecker: <LOL Mary>

EnsKiapen: What is it? ::walks over to have a look::

EnsKiapen: Those are brain waves?  Are you sure...

CnsTempest: ::tries to find a neural stabilizer::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::nods:: Ever since his merge with Doctor Signaru...

CptnThorne: For all purposes here, I'm Seamus and you're Kristi... no formality.

CnsTempest: ::remembers enough of her medical training to locate one, grabs it the wrong way round, and

CnsTempest: brings it to Luann::

EnsKiapen: ::sighs:: of course...alright.

LtCdrAkira: Luann> it altered his brain wave patterns... ::takes the device from Tempest::

Cdr MaryJo: ::grumbles, thinking she thought she knew the ship pretty well,

Cdr MaryJo: decides she needs John to take her through the bowels of the ship::

CmdStecker: Ja.. Seamus.. ::shudders a bit:: 

Cdr MaryJo: ::walks into their quarters::sighing and sits down exhausted::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> but it's never been this erradic... ::places stablizer on his forehead...:: Jesus...

CptnThorne: Now, Kristi, do go on with your list of problems.

EnsKiapen: That wont hurt him, will it?

CnsTempest: Oh, I have something I promised to do. Tell me if you need ANYTHING.

LtCdrAkira: Luann> It's like he's on the verge of entire mental collapse...

CnsTempest: ::walks to side::

CmdStecker: You vant me to list them again? 

LtCdrAkira: Luann>::looks up:: What?

CnsTempest: +MaryJo+ Sir, this is the counselor... what can I do for you?

CmdStecker: Very vell.. You don't trust me, you don't respect me. The only 

CmdStecker: reason you keep me here ist because of Ana.. 

EnsKiapen: ::sighs, thinking quickly:: Any ideas on what to do?

Cdr MaryJo: +Tempest+Counselor, Ensign Kiapen needs to make an

CptnThorne: I keep you here because I keep thinking your behavior will return to the way it was.

Cdr MaryJo: appointment with you...on my orders...

EnsKiapen: ::thinking about nabbing the DCPP, seeing if that would help stabilize him::

CmdStecker: Vhat about your behavior? 

CptnThorne: I do respect you... that's why I picked you for the job.

CnsTempest: +MaryJo+ May I ask why?

EnsKiapen: ::wonders if they are now somehow interdepenant::

CmdStecker: Vhen vill it return to the vay it vas? 

LtCdrAkira: Luann> I don't understand enough of what's happening...

CptnThorne: How exactly do you mean?

EnsKiapen: ::sighs:: I will be back...

EnsKiapen: ::runs down the corridor back to the science labs, and quickly flips on the DCPP::

CmdStecker: You know und I know that you didn't pick me.. Your father 

CmdStecker: told you to pick me. That bothers me greatly.

CnsTempest: ::glances over at Kiapen... then worriedly at Akira::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::watches as suddenly vitals drop...:: Sh..!!! 

EnsKiapen: ::types: I need you to open all memory you have retained on Akira::

CptnThorne: Regardless of what you think, I don't let him tell me what to do.

EnsKiapen: ::reads: Opened::

CptnThorne: The decision was mine, and mine alone.

EnsKiapen: ::types:  Akira is suffering some kind of mental collapse due to

EnsKiapen: stress::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> He's dying! ::uses a hypo on him::

CmdStecker: :looks at him, thinking that he really isn't a good liar::

EnsKiapen: ::Types in the story as she knows it::

EnsKiapen: ::Types: Suggestions?::

CptnThorne: I know that look, and I'm not lying.  You've been around me long enough to know that I don't

CptnThorne: let anyone make my decisions for me.

CmdStecker: ::says nothing::

EnsKiapen: ::reads: Give him back to me::

EnsKiapen: ::types: No.  Next suggestion::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::watches as the monitors show everything turning into jumping, wild lines...

Cdr MaryJo: +Tempest+Well, Counselor, she is being very paranoid and

EnsKiapen: :;reads: That is the only one I have::

Cdr MaryJo: secretive...even with her job in science..

EnsKiapen: ::types: I do not trust you with him..or them::

CnsTempest: +MaryJo+ I understand. I'll see what I can do and arrange an appointment. Do you think you c

EnsKiapen: ::reads: Do you desire my assistance or not?::

CptnThorne: I treated mine and your father's recommendation just like anyone else's recommendations.

CnsTempest: ould give me a list of suspicious behaviours before then?

EnsKiapen: ::types: No.  Never mind.  You will never get another human mind again::

EnsKiapen: ::flips off the computer::

CnsTempest: ::looks to Luann:: ::whispers so it won't be picked up on the comm connection:: Can I help?

CmdStecker: Then perhaps I vas wrong to accept this job. I should have stayed vhere I vas. 

LtCdrAkira: Luann> Yes!!! Of course you can!! His vitals are going erradic...

CptnThorne: Would you like to see the list of candidates I had?

CnsTempest: What do you want me to do?

EnsKiapen: ::runs back to sickbay, and catches herself seriously considering DCPP's suggestion::

CnsTempest: ::walks over to Akira and Luann::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::busily trying to find a way to stablize him...:: Just hope he doesn't...

CmdStecker: ::shrugs:: It does not matter to me at all. 

CmdStecker: I know vhy you disrespect me, und vhen I leave, the problem vill be solved.

Cdr MaryJo: +Counselor+Of course, let me know when you need them by..

CptnThorne: Oh?  Why do you think I disrespect me?

EnsKiapen: How is he doing? ::walks in::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::stabs another hypo into his neck...

CnsTempest: +MaryJo+ I'll do that. Thank you, sir. Have a good day.

EnsKiapen: ::hears MaryJo's voice on the comm...::

CnsTempest: ::grabs a medical tricorder and begins to do her own scans, hoping her med training is what

CptnThorne: <<You know what I meant to type. :-)>>

CnsTempest: it used to be::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> No!! Someone help me!!! ::struggles, the monitors go insane...::

EnsKiapen: ::knows that Tempest knows now::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::jumps back freaked out::

CmdStecker: <sorry, I was laughing too hard to type my reply>

EnsKiapen: Akira!!  ::walks over:: What do you want?

CnsTempest: Look... is there any possibility this could be linked to telepathic behaviour?

EnsKiapen: DCPP, will it help you Akira? ::speaking loudly::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::can't see them...:: Stay away from me!!! 

CmdStecker: You disrespect me because of vhat happened in here und 

CmdStecker: because I had your daughter.... That bothers you und you 

CmdStecker: can't do anything about it. 

CnsTempest: He said he was dreaming about wolves..

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::falls off the table and tries to scurry away::

EnsKiapen: ::restrains Akira's flailing arms:: Akira, what is wrong??!

EnsKiapen: ::stands back::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::grabs a sedative, closes her eyes and lunges at him and hypos him...::

CptnThorne: Kristi... that is no reason for me to disrespect you... if anything, that increased my 

CptnThorne: respect for you.

EnsKiapen: ::watches Akira fall to the ground::

CmdStecker: Ja, I believe that.   

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Noo!! ::looks at his hands, but alas falls over::

CnsTempest: ::goes to Akira:: Are you seeing the wolves?

EnsKiapen: ::curses::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::falls backwards::He's asleep...

CmdStecker: she thinks of him as her father, not you. 

CmdStecker: she thinks of him as her father, not you. 

CnsTempest: Luann... do you have anything that might supress telepathic capability?

LtCdrAkira: Luann> That man is the most mentally intense creature I've ever seen...

CptnThorne: ::shakes his head:: I encourage that... I really don't belong as Ana's father-figure.

LtCdrAkira: Luann> He doesn't have telepathic abilities...

CnsTempest: I am aware of that.

CnsTempest: I want you to use it on me.

LtCdrAkira: Luann> What? Why?

CptnThorne: I have always thought that you and Kang were good together, and I want him to be there for

CptnThorne: her.  

CnsTempest: If he's dreaming of wolves, it's got to be my responsibility... I was in his mind...

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::Still looking over at Akira...::

EnsKiapen: ::thinking about the whole wolf thing::

CmdStecker: Ist that vhy everytime I mention Ana, you look like you've been kicked in the stomach?

CnsTempest: ::glances at Akira's face and complexion worriedly::

EnsKiapen: that isnt it, I dont think... he is part of the pack.  you are not a pack..

CnsTempest: What?

EnsKiapen: ::shakes head:: Never mind.  I dont know what I am talking about

LtCdrAkira: Luann> Look, I don't know what the hell to do... I don't understand enough of what's 

LtCdrAkira: Luann> happening...

EnsKiapen: Who does? I doubt even Akira does

Cdr MaryJo: ::feeding Christopher::as he eats, he begins to fall asleep...and so does Mary::

LtCdrAkira: Luanna> First him and Doctor Signaru, this DC...whatever it was, and cyberworld... conscious

CnsTempest: Kiapen... I want to hear what you think... his life could be at stake. What did you mean?

EnsKiapen: ::gets Akira back up onto the biobed::

CptnThorne: No... I look that way when you use her as a weapon.

EnsKiapen: The DCPP... it was a collection of personality types and processing units

LtCdrAkira: Luann> Then we find him stealing equipment from sickbay for use on something...

EnsKiapen: from different ships... each enteracting, like one being... the pack

EnsKiapen: Akira and that doctor-whats-her-name were each members of it too

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::looks up:: +taps+ Engineering this is sickbay.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Engineering here...

EnsKiapen: and now they are separated, and confronted by another pack... us maybe?

CmdStecker: ::jumps to her feet:: I do not use my child as a veapon!!

EnsKiapen: ::shakes head:; I dont know

CptnThorne: You have since we came in here.

LtCdrAkira: Luann> +taps+ When do we get our medical equipment back...

CnsTempest: It could be... ::to Luann:: Just in case, I think you should give me that suppressent anyway

CmdStecker: How long until ve reach the Starbase? 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Um... well... you kinda can't... it's been disected.

CptnThorne: Please, sit down.

CnsTempest: ::thinks about lighting a candle::

LtCdrAkira: Luann> I don't think it's you... +taps+ Well bring it here I wanna see it...

LtCdrAkira: Luann> +taps+ Whatever it is...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ All right, engineering out... ::brings the neural devices and emitter with her..

CmdStecker: Vhy the hell do you vant me to sit down?!

CnsTempest: ::to Kiapen:: Is there something you've been worried about lately? You look a bit... harried

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::enters Sickbay:: 

CptnThorne: So that we can talk like two rational adults.  You threaten me with Ana... I may not want to

EnsKiapen: ::shrugs:: Personal matters, Counsilor.  It will pass...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::looks over:; Akira! ::runs over:: What happened?!? ::looks at the Counselor and 

LtCdrAkira: Kiapen::

CptnThorne: be her father figure, but it hurts when you threaten to take her away and say that you don't

CmdStecker: I am not threatening you with Ana.. I am merely stating the facts.. 

CptnThorne: want me anywhere near... how do you think that makes someone feel?

CnsTempest: ::to Ami:: He had a seizure... he was talking to Emily and all of a sudden he fell on the fl

CnsTempest: oor..

CmdStecker: How do you think I feel vhen you bring me in here, yell at me, 

CmdStecker: like you've done so often in the past? How do you think 

CnsTempest: ::to Kiapen:: If you need to talk, Kiapen, I'm here.

CmdStecker: I feel vhen you act like I don't have enough brains to come in 

CmdStecker: out of the rain in front of the rest of the crew? 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I brought it... ::holds the two small neural devices and portable holoemitter...::

CptnThorne: Why do you think I've done that?  I do that as a direct result of your behavior.

EnsKiapen: It is unnecissary, but as I am sure you have heard councilor, ordered.

LtCdrAkira: Luann> What are those?

EnsKiapen: ::says it coldly::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::holds it out:: I think Emily devised them... and worked through Akira... it's a way 

CnsTempest: ::to Kiapen:: Mary talked to me, yes.

CmdStecker: to do my job, und you act like I don't exist.. 

CmdStecker: to do my job, und you act like I don't exist.. 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> for her to... 

EnsKiapen: ::turns attention back to Akira and co.::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::can't find the words:: To be here...

LtCdrAkira: her...

CptnThorne: This is all because I won't take some of your suggestions?   

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Why? What's going on?

CmdStecker: Nein.. It ist because of the vay you act.. You think you're 

CmdStecker: better than everyone else.. I don't have to put up vith it, und I 

CmdStecker: von't. 

LtCdrAkira: Luann> He's a sleep but he had some kind of violent, hallucinogen.

CnsTempest: <<brb.. afk... motrin is calling my name>>

LtCdrAkira: hallucination... <that's better>

CptnThorne: I make my decisions, and they stand, Kristi.  And as for that, I do not "think I'm better 

CptnThorne: than everyone else"...

CptnThorne: I weigh all the suggestions that come in, and then decide the best way to act.

EnsKiapen: ::slips out of sickbay, heading back to the bridge::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::attaches the receptors behind his ears...::  We'll see what he saw...

EnsKiapen: ::does not want to start a counciling session in the middle of sickbay::

LtCdrAkira: ::suddenly a holographic half Borg, half human appears, scaring the daylights out of the 

LtCdrAkira: ladies...::

Cdr MaryJo: ::sound asleep, in a chair, cradling Christopher::

EnsKiapen: ::enters the bridge::

EnsKiapen: ::gets some juice, and sits down at science console::

CmdStecker: ::doesn't reply, just lets her dark blue eyes stare through him::

CnsTempest: <<bak>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami and Luann> ::jump back and hold each other and stare at the Borg...::

CptnThorne: If you don't agree with a decision, that's fine... but you talk to me about it in private.

EnsKiapen: ::grins, realizing that she has the bridge::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::looks at the Borg's eyes... :: OhmyGod.. Akira... 

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::suddenly realizes that the Borg is Akira...::

EnsKiapen: ::she condsiders blowing up several moons::

CnsTempest: This has GOT to be symbolic.

LtCdrAkira: Luann> ::lets go of Ami and shuts off the holoemitter, Borg disappears...::

CmdStecker: Und you vill agree not to treat my suggestions as moronic? 

CmdStecker: One more thing. Vhy do you hate the fact that I use military courtesy? 

CnsTempest: ::to Ami:: Do you think this is related to this whole cyberconciousness thing?

CptnThorne: ::nods:: If I did, it was unintentional.

CptnThorne: The military courtesy?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I... I... dunno... I saw stuff in there... but Aysha blocked it out... 

CptnThorne: When done in the fashion you did it, it implies more disrespect than respect.

CnsTempest: Aysha?

CmdStecker: Ja.. You sneer vhen I stand at attention or salute or call you 

CmdStecker: 'sir".  Vhy does that bother you? 

CptnThorne: I try to maintain an air of approachability... and such stiff rigorous antics in front of 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> that was the Yeager's computer... the DCPP gave it a personality...

CptnThorne: the bridge is unnecessary.  

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Doctor Tombs, called her Aysha, means life or something like that...

CptnThorne: It's place is more like a ship inspection or something.

CnsTempest: ::nods:: I see...

CmdStecker: Not the vay I vas taught.. 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Tombs is ::shrugs:: Vanished...

CmdStecker: You've noticed Peter, ja?  He does the same thing. 

CptnThorne: You went to the same Academy I did, Kristi... there's no need for that on the bridge.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> The Yeager's computer helped us fight the Atlantis' cyberconscious...

CptnThorne: It takes more time than it's worth, especially in an alert situation.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> eventually I believe she gave her "existance" for us...

CmdStecker: Ja, but I also attended different ones as vell. 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::shivers::

CptnThorne: And having instructed there, I know that sort of thing is not encouraged on regular duty.

CnsTempest: <<sorry.. brb again>>

EnsKiapen: ::becomes even more determined to make sure DCPP never touches Akira again::

EnsKiapen: <m> Akira is dangerous enough, as he is...

CmdStecker: Und this ist how ve vere taught to behave.. You did not teach 

CmdStecker: at the German Military Institute.. 

CmdStecker: <yeah, I made that up>

EnsKiapen: <m> look at what happened to him because of one silly little mental inspection

CptnThorne: Their methods and Starfleet's methods are quite different.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::walks over and looks at Akira::

CptnThorne: Starfleet frowns on stiff military practices during normal duty situations.

EnsKiapen: <m> DCPP is going to be destroyed soon enough... they have to find an alternate way anyway

CmdStecker: Starfleet frowns on everything. 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> DCPP, being in there... I was able to see my dreams and fantasies...

CptnThorne: You see, they waste time... and increase the stress on the crew.

CnsTempest: <<back once more>>

CptnThorne: During long duration missions, such stress can hurt more than it helps.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> my thoughts... ::talking to no one...:: and now I remember them clear as day...

CmdStecker: Ve used them at the Test Flight School, und it didn't cause 

CmdStecker: added stress.. It improved efficiency. 

CptnThorne: Not during a long duration mission.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Akira... are you remember again? You said you had some dreams before...

CptnThorne: We have families on board... this ship is not only a military institution, but a home.

CmdStecker: You vill note that all of my required administration vork is completed on time every day.. 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Maybe a mental overload... and Emily can't be helping... she's going to drive

LtCdrAkira: Ami> you to pieces...

EnsKiapen: ::looks around, and decides its safe to duck duty::

CptnThorne: I have... but as your CO, I ask you not to continue with the military protocol... at least 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::still talking to Akira, even though he can't hear:: I never really liked her... 

EnsKiapen: ::exits the bridge, and heads down to quarters::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> she was arrogant and cold...

CptnThorne: tone it down to the level of everyone who didn't attend the German Military institute.

EnsKiapen: <m> I need to relax... this stiffness is what got me into trouble

EnsKiapen: <m> its going to kill you, girl.. if you dont watch it

CmdStecker: Then I may as vell come to the bridge vearing shorts und a tee-shirt.. 

CnsTempest: ::looks at chronometer:: Oh, dear... I have an appointment... I have to get out of here.

CnsTempest: ::gets in TL:: Bridge.

EnsKiapen: ::changes into jogging clothes::

CptnThorne: Not at all.

CptnThorne: We wear uniforms...we call superiors sir and follow their orders.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::watches Tempest leave::

EnsKiapen: ::heads down to holodeck::

CptnThorne: But the way you were acting is more fitting for Starfleet Marines.

CptnThorne: Academy trained officers have no need for such things.

CnsTempest: ::exits TL::enters bridge::

EnsKiapen: ::brings up prairie plains landscape, and a running path::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I'll stay here Akira... she's just one of those case study hacks...

CmdStecker: Then I suppose you should be glad that I am not in command. 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> I hate psychologists... ::leans against the biobed::

EnsKiapen: ::sighs, and stretches::

EnsKiapen: ::looks at the path and landscape, all so pretty...but the sun isnt

CnsTempest: ::enters her office::picks up her schedule::

CptnThorne: ::sighs:: Kristi, we used to be friends... you haven't always acted so rigid.

EnsKiapen: bright enough, for eye protection, giving the whole scene a false air::

CmdStecker: <Hi Jaina!>

CptnThorne: <<Hiya, dear!  The casserole was great!!>>

EnsKiapen: ::starts down the path::

CnsTempest: ::notices a message from the woman she has an appt with... it's been cancelled::

Amb JainaB: <Hola! ::just getting home from work, falls in::>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Akira... what if Emily hated you so much that she would stay to destroy you...

LtCdrAkira: <Hi Ambassador>

CmdStecker: Ja. I let myself slip.  You see vhat the result of that vas, don't you? 

CnsTempest: ::wonders what to do now::

LtCdrAkira: Ami>Oh, I'm just paraniod... you know that...

EnsKiapen: ::runs for about half a mile, and pauses to breath:: ::hasnt done this in a while::

CptnThorne: Yes... this increasing conflict between us.

EnsKiapen: ::laughs, realizing already all thoughts of other problems are gone::

CmdStecker: Nein.. I let myself forget that you vere the Kapitan, not a 

CmdStecker: friend. I let myself get to close to you, und the result vas Ana.. 

CnsTempest: Computer... locate ensign Kiapen

EnsKiapen: ::laughs some more, just for the fun of it... doesnt do that often::

CnsTempest: Computer> Ensign Kiapen is in the holodeck

EnsKiapen: ::misses Earth, suddenly... and all the beautiful trails::

CptnThorne: I would like to be your friend again, not just your Captain.  And us being friends was not 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::leaning on the biobed, her head next to Akira's, studies his face...::

CptnThorne: what brought Ana, as you well know.

EnsKiapen: ::starts running again::

CnsTempest: ::enters TL:: Holodeck, please.

CmdStecker: Vell, then, vhat vas it? 

EnsKiapen: ::comes to a stream that is down a steap slope::

EnsKiapen: ::beautifly gushing, sun dancing off the waves::

CptnThorne: That virus... we were locked in here, under the influence of that... whatever it was.  We 

CnsTempest: ::enters HD::stands to the side watching and saying nothing::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::leans over, brushes her hair against him...::

CptnThorne: were not in control of our faculties.

EnsKiapen: ::carefully slides down::

CmdStecker: If I had been using military discipline as it vas taught to me, I 

CmdStecker: vould have been able to overcome it. 

Amb JainaB: ::sleeping, I guess:: LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::suddenly realizes what she's doing and pulls her head up swiftly::EnsKiapen: ::lays on the ground, and dangles hands in the water::

CnsTempest: ::walks up behind Kiapen::

EnsKiapen: ::hears Tempest, and quickly sits up::

CnsTempest: ::kneels down next to her::softly:: Naika...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::holds her head in her hands:: God, I'm pathetic...  ::turns away::

CptnThorne: No, you wouldn't have.  ::shakes his head::  Our horomones were at 40 times the level of a 

CptnThorne: Deltan's.

EnsKiapen: Yes?  I am sorry, do you want the holodeck?  Yes, I know I am on duty...

CnsTempest: No... ::smiles:: and I won't tell if you don't.

EnsKiapen: ::caught off guard, and is now despiratly trying to cover up anger and panic::

EnsKiapen: Alright, thank you..

CnsTempest: Naika... you're not covering very well. What's wrong?

CptnThorne: And besides... are you sorry that you have Ana?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::sinks onto the floor... and curls up next to the side of the biobed... closes eyes::

EnsKiapen: ::stands:: Nothing, Im just tired... I was running before you came in

EnsKiapen: Computer, arches..

CmdStecker: I am not sorry that I have Ana.. I am sorry about the 

CmdStecker: circumstances surrounding her existance. 

CnsTempest: ::sighs:: Computer, belay that.

CnsTempest: ::arch disappears::

EnsKiapen: What?  Why did you do that?

CptnThorne: The means justify the ends... it all turned out for the best.  

CnsTempest: I'll go if you want me to, but you don't have to leave. Look... Naika.. I'm here to help.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Commander Sisko... 

EnsKiapen: ::decides that if Tempest gives MaryJo a report about her telling Tempest to go away,

EnsKiapen: she would be put off duty::

EnsKiapen: Alright.  Fine.

CmdStecker: Did it? Vhat do you think the crew is saying now? The two of 

CmdStecker: us in your RR vith the door sealed? 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::overhears him...:: What? Sisko? Wolf 359!!

CnsTempest: Will you tell me what's wrong?

CptnThorne: They saw what happened before we came in here.

LtCdrAkira: <Hey, there's your wolf... :)>

EnsKiapen: I spoke to my brother over shore leave... he is not doing so well.

CnsTempest: <lol>

EnsKiapen: That is what is bothering me.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::jumps up...:: Computer, display records of Wolf 359, Borg engagement...

CmdStecker: Ja, but you know they're talking about us.. Everytime ve're 

CmdStecker: seen talking to each other in a casual vay, someone ist

CmdStecker: going to think something bad ist happening. 

CnsTempest: ::glances at Kiapen sadly and sighs:: I can see you don't want me here. Computer, arches.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::walks over to a monitor...:: I remember the Captain coming to talk to us about Wolf..

CnsTempest: ::arch appears::

EnsKiapen: What did you want me to say?

CnsTempest: ::turns to her:: Say whatever you want.

CptnThorne: If the way we act toward each other on the bridge changes, so will what they say.

EnsKiapen: It is true.  You can get the subspace records..you can look him up

LtCdrAkira: Ami> He was on the ... ::thinks:: Saratoga... ::brings up the file and crew roster...::

Amb JainaB: ::slowly waking up, stretching out:: <::tired, not very creative:: ;)>

EnsKiapen: Tristan Kiapen.  17 years old.  Dropped out of school.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> but Akira, your not on here!

CnsTempest: I'm not talking about truth! Look, you can't take counseling from someone you don't trust.

EnsKiapen: Almost starved to death age 6.

CmdStecker: ::sighs:: You aren't going to let me out of here until I agree to this, Ja? 

EnsKiapen: Why would anyone trust someone they are ordered to talk to?

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::has the computer find that there were twenty Japanese men on board the vessel

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Dammit, this doesn't help...

CnsTempest: So forget the orders! I was going to talk to you anyway.

CptnThorne: ::nods:

EnsKiapen: Someone who has the power and the will to terminate ones career

CnsTempest: Do you think I don't notice when someone is upset? I was hoping you'd come to me.

EnsKiapen: I do not need help

CnsTempest: The will? I don't have the will, Naika. Look at my record.

CmdStecker: You do understand that it vill not happen overnight, don't you? 

Amb JainaB: ::sits up, wiping her eyes and taking a squinted glance around the room::

EnsKiapen: ::laughs, considers mentioning something about Akira, but decides that would be too mean::

CptnThorne: Aye... there's been too much... but we should become friends again...

CnsTempest: If you say so. I'll leave now, and tell your boss we spoke. If she orders you to me again ::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::gives up... scrolls through all of the ships lost...::

CnsTempest: shrugs:: I'll deal with it. Good day, Ensign.

EnsKiapen: Good day.

CnsTempest: ::straightens, her upset showing clearly in her posture::

Amb JainaB: ::noticing she is alone, the whole quarters dimly lit and silent::

CnsTempest: ::exits HD::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::finds number rescued... death... :: U.S.S. Atlantis...

EnsKiapen: ::sighs, feeling sorry for Tempest::

CnsTempest: ::enters TL:: Deck 4, crew quarters.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> U.S.S. Melborne... U.S.S. Intrepid...

CmdStecker: ::softly, not looking at him: Und how vill Mrs. Blackthorne feel about that? 

EnsKiapen: ::thinks about what MaryJo will do now... or someone eventually::

Amb JainaB: ::stands up carefully, cracking her back a little:: Hmm...

CnsTempest: ::enters her quarters::

CptnThorne: Why would it bother her for us to be friends?

EnsKiapen: ::go through her old records, piece stuff together, confront her..black mail?::

CmdStecker: ::looks at him:: 

Amb JainaB: <::can think of a few reasons::<g>>

CnsTempest: ::enters her quarters:: Lights off

CmdStecker: <See, she knows> :) 

EnsKiapen: ::stomache hurts::

CnsTempest: ::sits in the darkness and rubs her temples to try to get rid of her newly formed headache::

Amb JainaB: <::gives him stern look::>

EnsKiapen: ::throws up in the bushes::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::looks back at the Saratoga's... blinks...:: Hey... these numbers are wrong...

Amb JainaB: ::sighs lightly, moving out from the bedroom and into the living area::

CptnThorne: <<::glares::>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> there's four members missing... ::re-adding the deaths, rescued, and compares

Amb JainaB: <::gives him "The Look"::>

CnsTempest: I hate my job.

CptnThorne: She and I have been together for 30 years... and having a female for a friend is no big deal

CnsTempest: ::tries to sleep w/o much luck::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> to total crew compliment...:: Four members...

EnsKiapen: ::starts to run again::

CmdStecker: <<::ducks:: Oh God, not The Look!!>

EnsKiapen: ::stops, having lost the heart::

Amb JainaB: <::THE Look::<g>>

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::Crosses the total crew to those rescued and found dead... finds the four names...::

Amb JainaB: ::paces, padding softly on her bare feet::

EnsKiapen: Computer, change landscape.  I want Mars, Ara City, downtown

CptnThorne: <<::isn't even going to touch that::>>

CmdStecker: Ve had a child together!! She has every right to not vant me 

CmdStecker: around you!! Mein Gott, she hasn't even spoken to me since 

CmdStecker: she's returned, und I have been avoiding her like the plague!!

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Lt. Alica McMillier, Cadet Akagi Kensuke, Dr. Markus Fries, Ensign Christoper Dile

Amb JainaB: ::is kinda, bothered by that whole thing, though won't admit it:: 

CptnThorne: I'm not saying it hasn't been difficult for us, Kristi... we had many problems.

EnsKiapen: ::looks around, trying not to cry::

CmdStecker: Und don't even ask how Kang feels about it! Gott!!

EnsKiapen: ::decides that maybe its time to try and make a friend::

EnsKiapen: Computer, Arches.

CnsTempest: ::manages to drift into a disturbed sleep::

Amb JainaB: ::moves to a soft, comfy chair, carefully sits down::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> You mentioned you were in Wolf 359 once before... 

EnsKiapen: ::walks into quarters, and changes::

Amb JainaB: ::glances around, the only thing heard is her own breathing::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> At least I know who's missing from there... I wonder why?

CptnThorne: How Kang feels about it is between you and Kang.

EnsKiapen: ::lays on bed, depressed now::

LtCdrAkira: Ami> but no one named Akira is on the ship... 

EnsKiapen: ::gets something to eat::

CmdStecker: you as a threat, und you know vhat Klingon's do to threats 

CmdStecker: you as a threat, und you know vhat Klingon's do to threats 

CmdStecker: against their mates. 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::walks over and leans against the biobed...:: Why do you say you were there?

CnsTempest: ::faces of crewmembers float up her dreams--Naika--Akira--she nearly wakes::

CmdStecker: <hey, one of my lines disappeared>

Amb JainaB: ::can't help but feel a bit.....lonely::

Amb JainaB: <Happens to me alot....AOHell>

CptnThorne: He'll have to deal with that.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::rolls his head:: Kensuke...

CmdStecker: <It has been acting up tonight.. though not as bad as Thorne's..Right? :) >

CmdStecker: Ja, und so might you. 

LtCdrAkira: Ami> What?!

LtCdrAkira: Ami> ::blinks:: That's insane... but?...

CptnThorne: Aye... but I will, and so will he.  For the crew to respect us as a team, we have to get 

CptnThorne: along... and as well for our personal selves.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Kensuke...

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::opens eyes::

Amb JainaB: ::light sigh:: Computer, illuminate 30 percent, please...

LtCdrAkira: Ami> Akagi Kensuke?

CmdStecker: ::nods:: Ja.. May we finish this later? It ist time for Ana's 

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Yeah, that's me... Cadet Akagi Kensuke... 

CmdStecker: bottle.. She ist in the nursery. 

CptnThorne: Aye... we shall.

LtCdrAkira: Ami> +taps+ Counselor Tempest, please report to sickbay... 

CnsTempest: ::wakes::

CptnThorne: =/\= Pause Sim =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= Pause Sim =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= Pause Sim =/\=