CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: Welcome to the continuing adventures of the

CptnThorne: USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D, a Celestial Prime

CptnThorne: Alliance Free-Form Advanced Simulation!

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: .

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=  M I S S I O N   B R I E F  =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: The USS Atlantis is blessed this episode, for 

CptnThorne: the marriage of Lieutenant Commander Mary 

CptnThorne: Jo Young and Senior Lieutenant John Keane

CptnThorne: will be taking place. 

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= E N D  B R I E F =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= B E G I N   S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=.

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=       Stardate 49804.18       =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= B E G I N   S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

FCptKeith: {S WeddingMarch}

ShaneJ77: ::Sitting in quarters... quite upset::

Lt MaryJo: ::in her quarters::getting dressed::

EnsKiapen: ::checking in on science real quick, figuring the bride wont have time to::

CnsTempest: ::in her office finishing up paperwork::

LtCdrAkira: ::in quarters::

SLtKeane: ::Putting the finishing touches on his dress uniform::

CmdStecker: ::in her quarters, feeding Ana before getting dressed.. Just to mke sure.::

BrookeDoln: ::in CMO office, asleep on the desk (again) and drooling::

CptnThorne: ::pulling on the dress uniform::

ShaneJ77: <lol>

FCptKeith: ::Shuttle Hope approaches and calls for permission to dock::

LtCdrAkira: ::puts on his CPA issued dress uniform...::

CptnThorne: <<BTW, all guests tonight feel free to take part::

EnsKiapen: ::tugs on dress uniform, wonderingif they made them out of wool::

CnsTempest: ::looks at chronometer, realizes wedding will begin soon, quickly changes out of jeans and

CnsTempest: flannel shirt::

FCptKeith: +Atlantis+ This it the Shuttle Hope, requesting permission to dock

CmdStecker: ::finishes feeding Ana, then puts her down for a nap::

CptnThorne: Bridge> +Hope+  You're clear, Shuttle Hope.

CmdStecker: ::quietly begins to dress::

Lt MaryJo: ::swears at her gown::kicking at the hem::

SLtKeane: +Akira+ SLt. Keane to Akria?

CnsTempest: ::is unable to find suitable attire... panics, then replicates something::

Lt MaryJo: ::mutters about wedding gowns being a torture to get into::

ShaneJ77: COMPUTER> Personal reminder, time to get ready for the wedding.

FCptKeith: +Atlantis+ Thank you...

ShaneJ77: Geez... just great. Ok computer.

LCdrPicard: ::Sitting in the back of the shuttle...gazing out the Shuttle window:::

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Akira here...

ShaneJ77: ::walks to sonic shower::

EnsKiapen: ::feeds the monkeys and the rats and the biologics in the petry dishes::

Lt MaryJo: ::Christopher is with a sitter::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> ::rings Akira's door::

FCptKeith: ::pilots shuttle into bay:: Last stop... everyone out

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Enter.

CptnThorne: ::straightens his uniform::

LCdrPicard: ::Looks over at Keith and inhales..tugging on his tunic as he stands to exit:::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> Hey... ::laughs::

SLtKeane: ::Looks in the mirror and smiles nervously:: "Commander, I'm in need of your help."

CnsTempest: ::discovers she's gained a couple pounds and must wear new dress size::

Lt MaryJo: ::finally gets her dress adjusted how she wants it::

CnsTempest: ::replicates another dress::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> Hi Akira, Hi Emily.

LCdrPicard: ::ducks to clear head of shuttle doors and looks around at shuttle bay of Atlantis::

ShaneJ77: ::gets out of shower... starts getting dressed in formal uniform::

BrookeDoln: Nurse Luann> ::enters CMO's office:: Brooke! Get up, 

FCptKeith: ::glad he put on the new CPA Dress uniform::

BrookeDoln: you've got to get ready for the wedding!!!

Lt MaryJo: ::::wonders where Kristi is::

BrookeDoln: Brooke> ::picks up her head:: I'm up! I'm up! ::wipes her chin::

SLtKeane: ::Exits his quarters and heads for the Atlantis's Chapel::

BrookeDoln: >afk/brb!<

Lt MaryJo: ::picks up a brush and tries to do something with her hair::

LCdrPicard: ::Wipes a few pieces of lint from the sleeve of his dress uniform and walks toward a panel::

EnsKiapen: ::replicates a drink, suddenly feeling a bit homesick::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Oh, and Emily says Hi too...

CnsTempest: ::fusses with clasp and curses self for not replicating a dress with a zipper::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> ::laughs:: You look silly...

EnsKiapen: ::looks at the clock, deciding it is almost time to go::

ShaneJ77: ::looks in mirror... rembers the last time he wore this uniform... Emily's marrage::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> So do you...

SLtKeane: ::Turns the corner to see that a few of the crew are already at the chapel::

LCdrPicard: ::Steps up to the Panel::Computer..Lt Cdr Picard..#3214-56-5555..please allow clearance for 

LCdrPicard: use

EnsKiapen: ::teases one of the monkeys with a prodd on the way out::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> Did you get a wedding gift?

FCptKeith: ::looks as non-chalant as possible, as he navigates through ship::

Lt MaryJo: +Kristi+Kristi?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I haven't had time to think of something thoughtless...

LCdrPicard: ::Inhales and runs his fingers through his ponytail...hears the clearance chirp::

CptnThorne: ::looks to Jaina:: Ye ready, my dear?

SLtKeane: +Akira+ I need you to fill in as my bestman. Turns out Kang's not aboard.

ShaneJ77: Computer, is the holodeck simulation for Lt Keen ready?

EnsKiapen: ::arrives at the cerimonial area, and takes a seat in the back::

CmdrTim: ::wakes up, still in shuttle, hops out quickly and catches up to Keith::

ShaneJ77: COMPUTER> Holodeck simulation prepared, sitting in mail for delivery after wedding.

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Well... uh... so... what does one do as the best man?

SLtKeane: ::looks around nervously making sure everything is arranged::

CnsTempest: :::finally in dress, realizes she doesn't know where the chapel is, calls up schematic::

FCptKeith: ::turns to see Tim:: Commander... might want to wipe the ::motions to mouth::

CmdStecker: brb

ShaneJ77: well at least I got something done in all this.

LCdrPicard: Computer..please state location of oneLtCdr. Mary Jo Youngs wedding location...

EnsKiapen: ::pulls out a magazine:  Rat Fecies Monthly::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> Thoughtless... hmm... I didn't even get anything...

SLtKeane: +Akira+ You stand next to me and hand me the ring.. that's about it."

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> I don't know them... ::shrugs::

CmdrTim: ::grins and wipes the spittle from his chin:: Thanks, Cappy. ::winks::

ShaneJ77: ::final once over, and heads out to the chappel::

FCptKeith: Can't have the JAG looking like that ... :-)

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Okay... Um... I don't have a ring...

Lt MaryJo: ::finally gets her hair fixed::

LCdrPicard: ::Stares at the panel then drops eyes to the floor..his hands clasped behind his back:::

CptnThorne: ::his wife takes his arm and walks with him to the chapel::

SLtKeane: +Akira+ I'll give it to you when you get to the Chapel.

ShaneJ77: ::decides to stop by sickbay and look in on Emily:;

SLtKeane: +Akira+ Thanks.

FCptKeith: ::walks past an airlock:: ::sees Commander Stecker ooutside:: :::sighs::: that'll slow down

FCptKeith: the wedding...

LCdrPicard: Computer> Location is Atlantis Chapel...please follow wall guidance lights

FCptKeith: ::keeps walking::

CnsTempest: ::on her way out the door realizes she didn't get a wedding gift, pauses to replicate one::CmdrTim: ::smiles evily:: A little foaming at the mouth goes a long way to keeping them in line.LtCdrAkira: +taps+ All right...

LtCdrAkira: I believe I've done this in another life...

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> Really? 

FCptKeith: I guess so, Commander, I guess so... too bad the Admiral couldn't join us...

ShaneJ77: ::enters sickbay... walks over to Emily's body:: 

FCptKeith: I know how so much she likes shindigs like this

LCdrPicard: ::Walks down the corridor..looking around the ship...his hands clasped behind his back..:::

BrookeDoln: >bak! sorry!<

LtCdrAkira: Okay, maybe Emily did, since I can't see the groom and bridge...

LCdrPicard: ::In no real hurry...:::

BrookeDoln: ::gets up and dresses hurriedly, runs a comb through her curls::

CptnThorne: ::enters the chapel, his wife takes a seat, walks up to the front::

SLtKeane: :stands at the enterence greeting people as they enter:

Lt MaryJo: ::reaches over and grabs her veil....puts it on carefully::

CmdrTim: ::nods:: You know those Admirals, always busy doing something.

FCptKeith: Ah... here we are... the Chapel...

ShaneJ77: It's not fair Em. 

SLtKeane: ::nods to the Captain and walks to the front::

FCptKeith: That's why I'm here...

BrookeDoln: Argh! Luann, I'm going to be late!!!

LCdrPicard: ::Walks over to the entrance of the chapel and notices Keane, and a group entering::

FCptKeith: Tim, that's why I'm here.

CptnThorne: ::smiles at Keane::

BrookeDoln: Luann> You shouldn't have overslept then, doc.

CnsTempest: ::unable to find gift to replicate, looks around, grabs vase given to her when she left last

BrookeDoln: ::glares at the nurse and dashes out::

CnsTempest: assign.::

SLtKeane: ::smiles at the Captain and nods:: "Sir."

ShaneJ77: ::hears Brooke yelling from her office...:: Doc, you need an escort?

CmdrTim: ::enters the chapel with Keith::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> Oh well, you ready?

Lt MaryJo: ::Mary's father waits nervously outside her quarters::

FCptKeith: ::tries to look inconspicious as possible::

BrookeDoln: ::skids to a stop at Shane's voice:: I'm sorry? What?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I think so... oh, I have to move my chess piece...

LtCdrAkira: Akira> I'm playing aginst Emily...

LCdrPicard: ::Enters silently....clenching his jaw...his brow raised...glancing at all the people there:

ShaneJ77: Would you like an escort to the wedding?

SLtKeane: ::John's mother and stepfather take there seat in the chapel::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> ::looks at the chess board and moves a piece::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> What was that?!

BrookeDoln: Oh! ::taken aback:: Why, I'd be honored, Shane, thank you!

CnsTempest: ::dashes out door, then remembers she's still wearing her uniform boots::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> I moved a piece for you... 

CmdrTim: ::glances around:: (w) ::to Keith:: Lets find a seat in the 

CmdrTim: back, we can get to the reception faster that way.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> You can't just move a piece for me! You gotta think it over...

CnsTempest: ::grabs new shoes, changes in a flash, grabs schematic and picks her way to the chapel::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> I did...

CptnThorne: ::nods to the Fleet Captain as he enters::

ShaneJ77: ::Offers arm:: Doctor, if I may...

SLtKeane: ::rocks back and forth waiting::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> Oh, checkmate, Emily...

FCptKeith: ::nods to Captain Blackthorne::

LCdrPicard: ::Stands in the center of the chapel walkway and looks from one side to the other..::::

LCdrPicard: ::wonders which side is for Mary's guest..or if it is set up that way::EnsKiapen: ::remembers she left something on in the lab... runs out::CnsTempest: ::finds herself lost somewhere near engineering. Consults schematic::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Shut up...

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> Now can we go?

FCptKeith: ::walks up and takes a seat:: ::letting Tim in:: good idea.. I will have to dash..

BrookeDoln: ::takes Shane's arm::

Lt MaryJo: +Stecker+Kristi?

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Yeah, yeah, yeah... boy I look stupid...

BrookeDoln: ::walks with him::

FCptKeith: <Kristi is off ship>

CnsTempest: ::finally manages to find the right deck, darts into holodeck::

FCptKeith: <Kristi is on ship>

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> ::smiles and exits:: You should be used to that...

Lt MaryJo: nuh uh

CmdrReed: ::finds his ways into the arboretum::

CmdrTim: ::sits and looks expectantly toward the Captain::

ShaneJ77: ::walks to TL:: Ship's chapel.

Lt MaryJo: +Stecker+Kristi?

LCdrPicard: ::Shrugs and takes a seat near the back....resting his elbow on the armrest:::

CnsTempest: ::ppeers around for a friendly face, sees Brooke, smiles and joins her::

BrookeDoln: Shane, I never got the chance to tell you how sorry I am about Emily ... 

CmdStecker: +Mary+ Yes, Mary?

BrookeDoln: I don't know how close you were, but I know what it's like to lose someone you care about.

Lt MaryJo: +Stecker+Are you almost ready?

EnsKiapen: ::grabs the petry dish with a bacterial sample on it, and turns off the radiation shower

EnsKiapen: being used on it::

LCdrPicard: ::Crosses his legs..and starts to fumble with the gold loop within his left ear:::

BrookeDoln: ::smiles as Tempest walks over to her::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> So what is that like with her in your head?

ShaneJ77: It's ok.. I'm just really upset at all of this... I never got to tell her how I feel about..

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Well, it's like I get to see two points of view...

ShaneJ77: ::Sigh:: I never got to tell her I loved her.

CmdrReed: ::enters the chapel, smiling as memories return::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> Really

LCdrPicard: ::Sits in the chapel and waits patiently...thrust his arm out loosely :::

BrookeDoln: ::swallows:: Oh, I know exactly how you feel. It was the same for me with Shannon.

EnsKiapen: ::checks the population remaining, and curses:: well, what do I need sleep for tonight?

CmdStecker: +Mary+ Ja.. I have to find my shoes.. Schultz hid them..

SLtKeane: ::looks around for Akira::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Yeah, it's like... um... you know... I see my point of view

LCdrPicard: ::Looks at his chrono..then around again..a blank expression on his face::

FCptKeith: ::checks chronometer again::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> and then I see her point of view... 

Lt MaryJo: ::groans::+Stecker+Okay...if you can't find 'em, replicate some more..

CnsTempest: ::uncomfortably realizes she's walked into a private conversation. Politely turns head::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> So does that mean you have a better understanding?

CmdrReed: ::finds a seat behind Commander Ryan and Fleet Captain Keith::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Yeah, actually I do...

ShaneJ77: It's tough... part of me wants to scream and run out an airlock, the other, well... 

Lt MaryJo: ::then looks down, realizing her own shoes are not on her feet::

LtCdrAkira: ::enters into the chapel::

BrookeDoln: Shane, would you excuse me for just a moment?

ShaneJ77: Let's just say rationality makes sense right now... 

LCdrPicard: :::Glances over at Ryan, Reed and Keith...then back forward :::

CmdrTim: ::sees Reed sitting down, turns and shakes his hand quickly:: Hello again, Commander.

SLtKeane: ::breaths a sigh of relief::

Lt MaryJo: ::sits down and puts them on, muttering::

ShaneJ77: Sure...

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> Well, see ya later... ::laughs:: 

BrookeDoln: ::approaches Tempest:: Counselor, would you do me the honor of sitting with me?

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> Break a leg...

CmdrReed: ::gives Tim a firm handshake::

EnsKiapen: ::returns, slightly deffeated, to the wedding::

CmdStecker: ::finds her shoes, which the dog dragged under the bed::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Oh sure thanks... ::goes to find Keane...::

CnsTempest: ::smiles:: I was hoping you'd ask that.

EnsKiapen: ::returns to seat::

CmdrReed: ::smiles over at Lieutenant Commander Picard::

CnsTempest: I hate being the new girl on the ship. I don't know anyone.

BrookeDoln: ::smiles:: Wonderful. I'll be over her with Shane.

BrookeDoln: Don't worry, like I said, I'll show you around.

CptnThorne: ::leans against the pulpit and goes over those vows::

CnsTempest: Thanks.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::looks around and stumbles toward the front...::

SLtKeane: ::Sees Akira approach:: "Thanks so much Commander..Here's the ring. You just hand it to me w

LCdrPicard: ::Smiles and nods to Reed..then drops eyes to his lap..waiting patiently::

ShaneJ77: Councelor ::As he stands and offers a seat to both ladies::

SLtKeane: when the Captain asks for the rings ok?"

EnsKiapen: ::notices Picard's head is blocking her view::

SLtKeane: ::Hands over the ring::

CmdStecker: +Mary+ Mary, I've got my shoes.. Do you vant me to go to your room?

LtCdrAkira: I'll try to remember... ::smiles::

Lt MaryJo: +Stecker+yes..

CnsTempest: Why thank you. ::smiles and sits::

CmdStecker: +Mary+ Understood.. On the vay.

ShaneJ77: Welcome aboard... you're just in time to see us at our best, I think.

CmdrReed: Aw...weddings...always great affairs.

EnsKiapen: ::sighs, and moves up to Picardss isle in able to see::

LCdrPicard: ::Continually fiddling with his earring...his legs crossed..foot bouncing::

CnsTempest: A crew always bands together for a wedding.

LtCdrAkira: Uh... where do I stand or sit?

CmdStecker: ::exits her room and heads for Mary's.::

SLtKeane: ::Soft tone sounds signaling everyone to start to take there seats in the Chapel::

CmdrTim: ::shifts in his seat:: (w) ::to Keith:: Always the guest...never the groom.

LCdrPicard: ::Looks up and notices Kiapen...stares for a second..then moves eyes away quickly::

CmdStecker: ::stops, reenters the room and wakes up her brother::

CnsTempest: You're the operations officer, aren't you? Ensign Johnson?

FCptKeith: I'm sure we can change that... Commander

CmdStecker: Peter!!! Don't forget about Ana!!! ::pours a glass of ice water on him::

EnsKiapen: ::glances over, now feeling self conscious::

EnsKiapen: ::wonders what that earing is...::

ShaneJ77: yes... Both helm and Ops... I've taken on two duties lately... on top of my hobbies of

ShaneJ77: holodeck programming.

SLtKeane: ::Leans towards the Captain:: ::smiles:: "Thank you for performing this service.. Are you..

CmdrReed: ::smiles::  Indeed, I notice Keith's always checking his chrono,

CmdrReed: perhaps he feels it's past time for him to be taking the little trip

SLtKeane: tired of giving these yet, sir?"

CnsTempest: ::smiles:: I know. I've been doing my reading. A counselor has to know her crew.

LCdrPicard: ::Catches her glance and he smiles..his dimples standing out from his etched french italian 

LCdrPicard: features::

FCptKeith: <brb>

BrookeDoln: ::winces:: Maybe you can undo all the damage Akira and 

BrookeDoln: Ursal managed to inflict on the holodeck systems ...

CptnThorne: ::to Keane:: It's my favorite Duty of Command, John.

LtCdrAkira: ::stands to the side...::

CmdrTim: ::smiles::

EnsKiapen: umm... interesting earing... Bajoran?

CmdStecker: ::exits the room again and this time doesn't turn back.::

ShaneJ77: ::sighs... looks down... doesnt talk::

BrookeDoln: ::bites her lip:: Oh, Shane, I'm sorry.

LCdrPicard: ::Smiles:::No..it was a gift from my mother...I'm human...LCdr Picard...and you are ?

SLtKeane: ::smiles:: "Really? I thought that would have been Commanding one of the most powerful ships

CmdrTim: ::chuckles over at Reed:: I think you scared him off with that comment. ;-)

CmdrReed: ::nods::

SLtKeane: in the Fleet?"

BrookeDoln: ::shares a glance with Tempest::

CmdStecker: ::arrives at Mary's quarters..rings the chime::

ShaneJ77: It's ok... it's really tough... perhaps I need to just let go.

EnsKiapen: Im Ensign Kiapen, sir.

CptnThorne: That's an added perk, John.   ::chuckles::

Lt MaryJo: Come in..

CmdrReed: ::laughs::

LCdrPicard: ::Smirks and nods...::

EnsKiapen: ::training makes her almost try to come to attention while seated..::

SLtKeane: ::smiles:: "She's a amazing ship, is she not."

CmdStecker: ::enters the room and looks around::

CnsTempest: ::smiles, tries to recover situation:: Please, Ensign Johnson, tell me about your holoprogam

CptnThorne: Aye, that she is... this Sovereign class continues to amaze me.

CnsTempest: s

CmdStecker: ::smiles:: Guten tag, Mary.

CmdrTim: ::catches Jasmine entering out of the corner of his eye:: (w) 

Lt MaryJo: Oh, hi...::mutters about the veil::

CmdrTim: Lieutenant, over here. ::waves her over::

LCdrPicard: Relax Ensign...I'm just a guest here...:::looks her up and down and smirks...to himself::

CmdrReed: ::glances up at Jasmine::

PrJazmin9: <::smiles and walks over to Tim::>

CmdrTim: ::elbows Keith to make room for Jamine::

FCptKeith: ::reappears in Tims pew::

ShaneJ77: Well the latest one is for Lt Keane to relax after the wedding... Shore leave may not come

FCptKeith: ::slides down::

ShaneJ77: right away... 

CnsTempest: ::laughs::

EnsKiapen: ::returns attention to the front, put a little off guard::

BrookeDoln: You mean he wouldn't even get to take a honeymoon?

PrJazmin9: <::slides in::Hi guys>

CmdrReed: ::chuckles::  Figures...

CmdrReed: ::nods at Jasmine::

LCdrPicard: ::Purses lips smiling a little...staring at the center/front of the chapel:::

ShaneJ77: Well, you never know... at least he can have a chance at one... ::giggles::

CnsTempest: What do you have in store for the happy couple?

Lt MaryJo: Kristi, help me with this damn veil...

CnsTempest: Or is that a surprise?

CmdrTim: ::hands Jasmine a copy of the "program":: (w) It should be a lovely wedding.

Lt MaryJo: I can't  ::slaps it out of the way::

LCdrPicard: ::Inhales and looks at his chronometer again...:::

ShaneJ77: Well the moon of Toran V is what I programmed... I just added a "rissa" touch... ::laughs::

PrJazmin9: ::takes it::(w)Who is getting married?

CmdStecker: ::walks over to Mary:: You don't need to abuse it, Mary.  It ist just a veil.. Here.

SLtKeane: ::stands at the Ready:: ::looks over the crowd::

EnsKiapen: ::remembers she forgot to put a force field around the monkey cages....::

CnsTempest: Sounds like a great time. Even if it is a simulation.

EnsKiapen: ::smacks head, automatically::

CmdrReed: ::points::  The real nervous red-looking fellow up there...

Lt MaryJo: I'm just nervous...

CmdrTim: (w) Mary Jo and John Keane.

FCptKeith: ::Whispers to Jaz:: You and Tim...

CmdrReed: ::peers over Jasmine's shoulder:::

CmdStecker: ::fixes the veil:: Here.. Now, vas that so hard?

ShaneJ77: Well, if he runs it long enough he's in for a supprise... ::laughs::

LCdrPicard: ::Glances over at Kiapen::Are you alright...Something wrong ??

EnsKiapen: <m> just what I need to finish the day, to clean monkey poop

CmdStecker: ::chuckles::

CmdrReed: ::laughs::

CmdrTim: ::glances at Keith::

PrJazmin9: ::looks over at Tim::(w)Well...he is cute and all...but I am just not ready

CnsTempest: ::raises eyebrows:: oh?

Lt MaryJo: No, I guess not..

Lt MaryJo: Are we ready?  Is the captain ready?

Lt MaryJo: Is John there yet?  ::babbling nervously::

SLtKeane: ::Looks past the Captain out the window:: ::two starships hang motionless, in formation with

CmdStecker: Ist das Kapitan ever ready? ::laughs::

ShaneJ77: Let's just say, I didn't get to make it to the bachelor party... 

EnsKiapen: ::sighs, and slouches down into the seat, now having a really bad day::

FCptKeith: (w) he is... he was just saying to me.... how he can't wait to be the groom

SLtKeane: the Atlantis::

CmdStecker: +taps+ Kapitan? Are you ready for us?

CnsTempest: ::laughs:: Have you both known the bride and groom long?

LCdrPicard: ::Smiles a crooked grin and looks at her intently...then shakes head..a light chuckle::

CptnThorne: +Kristi+ Aye.

EnsKiapen: ::looks over at Picard, not finding anything funny:: Have you even cleaned monkey poop?

BrookeDoln: I'm afraid I don't know either of them very well ...

FCptKeith: {S WedMarch}

BrookeDoln: I haven't made many friends in the time I've been aboard. ::frowns somewhat::

EnsKiapen: Its not like regular poop, from like rats and mice...this stuff sticks...clings to the walls

Lt MaryJo: ::looks at Kristi and sighs nervously::then heads out the door::

CmdStecker: Mary, they're ready for us.

Lt MaryJo: I heard...

CmdStecker: ::chases after Mary::

CmdrTim: ::sighs:: (w) Pay no attention to him, I think he's been hitting the 

LCdrPicard: ::Smiles::I'm a Chief medical officer..Actually ..I've cleaned up far worse than that..but..

CmdrTim: champagne a little early.

EnsKiapen: ::goes into a full, elaborate description::

BrookeDoln: But I did deliver Mary and John's baby ... oh, no, actually, 

BrookeDoln: it was a hologram of me. But it did a great job!

CmdrReed: ::glances over a program::

ShaneJ77: Several months now... I got transfered onto Atlantis... oh... they're starting.

CnsTempest: ::smiles:: I'm sure that's a temporary situation, Brooke. Do you mind if I call you Brooke?

LCdrPicard: I know how you feel right now

CmdStecker: Vhy are you running? It ist difficult in heals, you know.

BrookeDoln: ::smiles:: I was hoping you'd ask that. Please do.

Lt MaryJo: I'm not running..::laughs::

SLtKeane: ::Turns and looks back towards the door::

EnsKiapen: ::laughs:: Well, its better then, say, biofluid from the replicators....

CmdrReed: Nothing wrong with a little vodka to warm the pallot

ShaneJ77: Gee... and I just get to call you doc... ::giggles::

EnsKiapen: that stuff just plain stinks

SLtKeane: ==soft tone== signaling the start of the wedding.

CmdrReed: ::takes a bottle from his stash:::

CmdStecker: ::walks with Mary::

BrookeDoln: ::smiles at Shane's giggle::

CptnThorne: ::straightens::

LCdrPicard: ::Smiles wide..his eyes sparkling as he stares into hers:: You could say that again !

EnsKiapen: ::hears everything quiet down, and shuts up::

BrookeDoln: ::turns her attention forward::

CmdrReed: ::clears throat::

CnsTempest: ::shares amused look with Brooke, sits back silently::

SLtKeane: ::Takes a deep breath and snaps too::

Lt MaryJo: ::slips her arm in her father's, as they all walk to the chapel::

LCdrPicard: ::Inhales and clenches his jaw a devilish smile apearing on his lips...hearing the signal::

SLtKeane: ::The firmilar wedding march starts to play::

SLtKeane: ::John's heart seems to stop::

BrookeDoln: ::smiles at the ancient wedding music::

CnsTempest: ::wonders how well the vase she's going to give the happy couple will be recieved. And how m

CnsTempest: any others they'll get::

ShaneJ77: ::wispers:: there's a song I hope to hear again and again...

CmdStecker: ::begins the walk down the aisle, hoping Mary will follow::

LtCdrAkira: ::standing to the side still...::

BrookeDoln: ::hopes no one beside her is giving Mary and John a vase as a gift::

SLtKeane: ::See Kristi enter:: ::smiles::

LCdrPicard: ::Smirks to himself...noticing the wedding procession..awaiting sight of Mary::

CnsTempest: ::is impressed by intricate bead work on wedding gown::

Lt MaryJo: ::Mary and her father begin walking down the aisle::following Kristi::

BrookeDoln: ::watches the lovely maid of honor begin the bridal procession::

CptnThorne: ::watches the radiant bride walk down the aisle and then glances at the groom::

ShaneJ77: ::Turns and looks, stands as the bride enters::

Lt MaryJo: ::totally focused on getting to the front of the room with out tripping::

FCptKeith: ::stands::

BrookeDoln: ::smiles and stands as Mary enters on her father's arm::

SLtKeane: ::smiles, overtaken by Mary's ellegance and beauty::

CmdStecker: ::takes her place::

CmdrReed: ::smiles and stands::

LCdrPicard: ::Uncrosses legs and sits up straight...slightly leaning..tugging on his earring..amused::

CmdrTim: ::stands::

LCdrPicard: :::Stands :::

PrJazmin9: ::stands::

CnsTempest: ::realizes what protocol is, having never attended a standard wedding, stands::

FCptKeith: ::is glad it's not a betazoid wedding::

BrookeDoln: >LOL, Keith!<

CptnThorne: <<Hey, that's what I had!!>>

LCdrPicard: ::Stares at Mary and Mr. Young as he knows him...the Brow raised and cocky grin in place::

Bomb9629: hi all

ShaneJ77: ::faintly realizes he is alone, and yet not... Wishes Emily was here.::

Lt MaryJo: ::smiles as she makes it all the way up the aisle without falling on her face::

CptnThorne: ::smiles and nods to Mary::

BrookeDoln: ::whispers to Tempest:: Isn't she beautiful?

CptnThorne: ::waits for the music to stop::

SLtKeane: ::smiles to mary and steps up to her Father:: "Sir."

CnsTempest: ::whispers back:: stunning.

Bomb9629: helloooooooooooooooooooooooo

CptnThorne: <<Bomb... shh, there's a sim going on. :-)>>

Bomb9629: <<oops sorry>>

CnsTempest: <<easy mistake>>

Lt MaryJo: ::nods to the captain::

CptnThorne: ::motions for everyone to sit::

Lt MaryJo: ::looks at John, nervously::

CnsTempest: ::sits::

ShaneJ77: ::helps Brooke sit...::

SLtKeane: ::John moves to stand next to mary::

PrJazmin9: ::sits::

CmdrReed: ::retakes seat::

SLtKeane: ::He smiles at her::

CmdrTim: ::sits::

EnsKiapen: <<uh-oh...cold feet>>

ShaneJ77: ::smiles and sits as well::

CptnThorne: <<Doesn't that always happen?>>

LCdrPicard: ::Sits down slowly..next to Kiapen...staring at Mary..Speaking softly:::Still...beautiful..

LCdrPicard: after all this time

CnsTempest: ::whispers to Brooke:: I've never been to a wedding before... I mean, off the planet I was b

CnsTempest: orn on. This is beautiful.

SLtKeane: ::looks at the Captain::

ShaneJ77: ::sighs::

BrookeDoln: ::tries not to glare at Shane for "helping" her to sit down, turns to Tempest instead::

BrookeDoln: (w) I'd love to hear about your planet sometime.

CmdStecker: ::stands there, and realizes that her shoes are uncomfortable::

Lt MaryJo: <<shakes head>>

CnsTempest: (w) It'd be my pleasure to tell you.

CptnThorne: ::clears his throat, prepares to begin::

Lt MaryJo: <<magically reappears>>

BrookeDoln: <<Poor Mary!!! Booted from her own wedding!!!>>

SLtKeane: ::whispers to Mary:: "You look amazing.." ::he smiles::

ShaneJ77: <<Lol>>

Lt MaryJo: ::smiles at John::

EnsKiapen: <<that punt monster has no shame>>

CnsTempest: <<at least it didn't happen in the middle of the vows>>

Lt MaryJo: <<nope>>

SLtKeane: (You know I just missed it.. I didn't even see her leave)


CptnThorne: Dearly Beloved...

BrookeDoln: ::smiles as the captain begins the ceremony::

Lt MaryJo: ::faces the Captain::after handing her bouquet to Kristi::

ShaneJ77: ::Wonders if he was over his boundry by helping Brooke as a gentleman::

CmdStecker: ::takes the bouquet::

CptnThorne: We are gathered here to witness the promise of a 

CptnThorne: new beginning between these two kindred souls...

BrookeDoln: ::thinks how odd it would be to be married by the man 

BrookeDoln: she once performed a three-hour physical on::

CnsTempest: ::back of her neck begins itching, she tries to remain still::

CptnThorne: John Alexander Keane and Mary Jo Young have 

CptnThorne: come before us to promise theirselves to each other.

CptnThorne: If there be anyone here who can show just cause why 

CptnThorne: these two shouldn't be wed, let them speak now or 

CptnThorne: forever hold their peace.

BrookeDoln: ::holds her breath::

LCdrPicard: :::Inhales and leans on the armrest..resting his chin on his hand..a slight smile...but 

LCdrPicard: keeps silent:::

CptnThorne: ::nods, and continues::

CptnThorne: Please, join hands.

SLtKeane: ::takes Mary's hand::

ShaneJ77: ::sighs::

CptnThorne: John, repeat after me.

SLtKeane: ::smiles at her::

SLtKeane: ::listening to the Captain::

Lt MaryJo: ::puts her hands into John's::

BrookeDoln: ::gently pats Shane's hand, reassuringly::

CptnThorne: I, John, take you Mary, to be my wedded wife. To 

CptnThorne: have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for 

CptnThorne: worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, 

CptnThorne: to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And 

CptnThorne: hereto I pledge you my faithfulness. 

BrookeDoln: <<That's a mouthful!!!>>

ShaneJ77: ::realizes Brooke is patting his hand... smiles at her, offers to hold her hand::

SLtKeane: I, John, take you Mary, to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, fo

SLtKeane: better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish

SLtKeane: 'till death do us part. And  hereto I pledge you my faithfulness..

CptnThorne: ::smiles:: Mary, repeat after me.

SLtKeane: ::takes a breath:: ...

LCdrPicard: ::::Raises a brow at the vows and stares at Mary...nodding to Utoka who turned slightly and 

LCdrPicard: acknowledged him::

CptnThorne: I Mary, take you John, to be my wedded husband. To 

CptnThorne: have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for 

CptnThorne: worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, 

CptnThorne: to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And 

CptnThorne: hereto I pledge you my faithfulness. 

Lt MaryJo: I, Mary, take you John, to be my wedded husband.  To have and to

Lt MaryJo: hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for

Lt MaryJo: poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'til death do

Lt MaryJo: us part.  And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness.

CptnThorne: ::smiles::: Have you the rings?

LtCdrAkira: ::moves toward Keane and holds out the rings::

SLtKeane: ::nods:: ::turns to Akira::

BrookeDoln: <<::thinks:: "Have you ... the wing?">>

CptnThorne: <<I was thinking the same thing, Brooke!>>

SLtKeane: ::takes ring:: "Thanks." ::smiles and turns back to mary::

LtCdrAkira: ::nods and steps back to the side::

CptnThorne: John, do you take Mary as your wife?

SLtKeane: I do.

CptnThorne: Place the ring on her finger and repeat, "With this ring, I thee wed."

SLtKeane: ::takes Mary's hand and places the ring on her finger, "With this ring, I thee wed."

Lt MaryJo: ::smiles::

CnsTempest: ::silently applauds::

CptnThorne: Mary, do you take John as your husband?

Lt MaryJo: I do.

CptnThorne: Place the ring on his finger and repeat, "With this ring, I thee wed."

Lt MaryJo: ::takes John's hand and places the ring on his finger, repeating

Lt MaryJo: "With this ring, I thee wed."

CptnThorne: Then, by the power vested in me by Starfleet 

CptnThorne: Command, I proclaim ye to be Man and Wife.  Ye 

CptnThorne: may kiss the bride.

LCdrPicard: ::Sighs lightly and raises a brow..his eyes fixed on the ceremony:::

BrookeDoln: ::smiles::

CmdStecker: ::smiles, and tries not to grin like an idiot::

SLtKeane: ::John smiles to the Captain and slips his arms around Mary and kisses her passionately::

CnsTempest: ::mentally schedules a counseling appointment for the couple. Just to get them started::

Lt MaryJo: ::kisses him back::losing all sense of anyone else in the room::

ShaneJ77: ::sighs, smiles, silently hopes::

BrookeDoln: ::applauds::

SLtKeane: ::smiles at Mary::

Lt MaryJo: ::tries to catch her breath::

ShaneJ77: ::joins the applause::

CmdStecker: ::silently wonders what her wedding to Kang will be like.. Definately not

CptnThorne: ::smiles at the couple and applauds::

EnsKiapen: ::smiles::

CmdStecker: this..normal::

LtCdrAkira: ::applauds the new couple::

LCdrPicard: ::Glances around and smiles weakly...tilts head staring...golf clap:::

LtCdrAkira: <for the new couple rather...>

CmdrReed: ::claps::

CmdrTim: ::claps::

CnsTempest: ::applauds::

Lt MaryJo: ::blushes::

SLtKeane: ::grins::

EnsKiapen: ::claps::

PrJazmin9: ::applauds...gets some rice ready to throw::

FCptKeith: ::applauds::

CmdStecker: ::would clap, but has her hands full of roses::

ShaneJ77: +computer+ initiate holorice program.

CnsTempest: ::shifts collar of her dress, turns to smile at Brooke::

SLtKeane: ::Turns to face the crowd::

Lt MaryJo: ::turns and takes her bouquet back from Kristi::

BrookeDoln: ::raises an eyebrow at Shane:: What holorice program?

CmdStecker: ::gladly hands over the bouquet of thornes::

CptnThorne: I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. John Keane!

CnsTempest: ::wonders what a holorice program is::

ShaneJ77: ::giggles:: This one... 

Lt MaryJo: ::smiles at John::

BrookeDoln: ::applauds more loudly::

CmdrTim: ::applauds loudly::

SLtKeane: ::Smiles at Mary::

SLtKeane: ::Takes her hand and start down the isle::

ShaneJ77: ACTION> Holographic rice shoots out in an arch down the pathway as the couple walks...

BrookeDoln: Oh, that's lovely, Shane!

LCdrPicard: :::Stares and inhales..clenching his jaw ..a smile for appearance sake:::

CmdStecker: ::looks at Herr Kapitan and tries to picture him as the priest for a Klingon

EnsKiapen: ::hopes no one gets rice shot into their eye::

CnsTempest: ::blinks, startled by the foreign custom, a laugh escapes her::

CmdStecker: wedding.  Tries not to laugh::

LtCdrAkira: ::watches the rice rain down::

Lt MaryJo: ::walks with John down the aisle::

CnsTempest: (w to Brooke) So that's what a holorice program is.

BrookeDoln: ::to Tempest:: It's some ancient tradition. Archaic, if you ask me.

SLtKeane: ::John and Mary exit the Chapel::

Lt MaryJo: ::ducks the rice::

CnsTempest: ::in reply to Brooke:: best kind.

LCdrPicard: ::Watches the rice..amused...::::

ShaneJ77: ::overhears:: at least this one is easy to clean... ::laughs::

BrookeDoln: Good point. ::smiles::

SLtKeane: ==Ladies and Gentlemen there is a reception in Ten-Forward==

PrJazmin9: ::shields her eyes from flying rice::

EnsKiapen: ::takes a handfull of rice as a suvonier::

Lt MaryJo: ::sighs in relief that the ceremony went well::

FCptKeith: ::hurries to congratulate the couple::

SLtKeane: ::Looks over at Mary:: "Mrs. Keane.. looks like we made it!"

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> ::finds Akira:: 

LCdrPicard: ::Looks at Kiapen and the handfull of rice and smiles..shaking his head::<m> Cute..

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> So?

BrookeDoln: Tempest, would you like to go meet the newlyweds?

Lt MaryJo: Yes, we did...

CnsTempest: ::rises to greet the newlyweds:: I would indeed.

SLtKeane: ::Enters Ten-Forward::

ShaneJ77: +computer+ end holorice program.

LtCdrAkira: Akira> ::shrugs:: You wanna go?

EnsKiapen: ::sighs:: If you must look at it that way

CmdrReed: ::goes with Keith to congratulate the newlyweds::

Lt MaryJo: ::enters Ten-Forward::

BrookeDoln: Shane, would you do us the honor of escorting us to the lounge?

CnsTempest: ::to Brooke:: Would you be so kind as to introduce me?

BrookeDoln: Certainly, Tempest.

ShaneJ77: ACTION> chapel is cleaned of rice.

LCdrPicard: ::Rises to walk towards TenForward:::I think it's cute..Kiapen...Would you mind showing me 

CmdrReed: ::enters ten-f::

FCptKeith: ::enters 10-F::

LCdrPicard: to the lounge...

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> ::shrugs:: 

PrJazmin9: Good night everyone...lovely ceremony!

CmdStecker: ::follows everyone to wherever they're going::

ShaneJ77: ::offers both arms:: Ladies...

CptnThorne: ::moves toward the door, waits for his wife to take his arm::

LtCdrAkira: Akira> All right, let's go... ::both walk out to ten-forward::

FCptKeith: ::walks over to the couple:: Congratulations, on behalf of myselfa

SLtKeane: Thanks for coming PrJazmin9.

CnsTempest: ::takes Ensign Johnson's arm. Smiles::

EnsKiapen: ::laughs:: Well, I think I know where it is.. I only came aboard a few days ago

FCptKeith: nd Admiral Rhee, who so wanted to be here... but couldn't make it

ShaneJ77: ::walks to 10-forward::

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> ::looking around the holodeck:: I'll never look at this place the same...

LCdrPicard: ::Offers a arm and smiles::Well...we could find it together...Come let us go

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Yup...

Lt MaryJo: Thank you sir.We appreciate your being here.

EnsKiapen: ::puts the rice in pocket, and takes the arm ackwardly:: Alright

LCdrPicard: ::Smiles and walks following Kiapens lead:::

CmdrTim: ::edits himself to 10-4ward::

ShaneJ77: ::enters 10-forward::

CmdrReed: ::smiles at the couple::  And congratulations to you!

SLtKeane: ::savors the moment.. feel Mary's hand in his.. things just can't get any better::

EnsKiapen: ::follows the heard of people heading that way::

Lt MaryJo: Thank you sir.

LtCdrAkira: ::Akira and then Ursal enter 10-F::

FCptKeith: Now, I must be off... Good luck to you both

SLtKeane: ::smiles:: "Thank you Commander Reed."

Lt MaryJo: Thank you again for coming sir.

CmdStecker: ::follows the crowd to 10-F, finds and empy table and puts down her bouquet::

CmdrReed: ::smiles and nods::

SLtKeane: Thanks for coming FCaptKeith.

CmdStecker: Empty, even

Bomb9629: <<bye all>>

ShaneJ77: ::walks over to John and Mary, w/Brooke and Tempest::

FCptKeith: Thank you for the invitation

LCdrPicard: ::Enters TFL with Kiapen and releases her arm slowly...::Thank you ..I must ..give my 

EnsKiapen: ::enters 10-F with Picard:: Mission accomplished, sir.

LCdrPicard: congrats...

CmdStecker: ::walks up to Mary and John::

CnsTempest: ::waits to be introduced to the newlyweds::

EnsKiapen: ::nods::

CmdStecker: :gets in line behind everyone else::

LCdrPicard: :::Walks over and awaits his turn to congrad the newlyweds:::

BrookeDoln: Mary, John ... Mr. and Mrs. Keane, this is our new counselor, Tempest Rainbird.

Lt MaryJo: ::smiles at Kristi::<w>We made it..

FCptKeith: ::Turns to head out the lounge, back to the shuttle bay::

LtCdrAkira: ::walks over to a table and sits and stares out the window...::

SLtKeane: ::See Tempest::: "Welcome to the Atlantis Counselor.. "

CmdStecker: ::smiles:: Ja, you did.

EnsKiapen: ::exits 10-F, heading for the labs::

SLtKeane: ::smiles::

ShaneJ77: ::Shakes John's hand:: Congratulations John.

CptnThorne: ::enters 10-F with his wife::

Lt MaryJo: Welcome, Tempest...we did that last night, didn't we?

CnsTempest: ::shakes his hand:: Thank you, Lieutenant. May I wish you and your wife many long years of h

CnsTempest: appiness.

SLtKeane: ::smiles and Kristi and mouths a thank you::

BrookeDoln: ::smiles:: Congratulations, you two. Best wishes.

CmdrReed: ::moves off, glancing around the lounge::  Nice...very nice...

CmdrReed: ::picks up a glass of champagne::

CmdStecker: ::grins at John::

EnsKiapen: ::sighs in relief, entering the company of the familliar monkeys and lab animals::

CptnThorne: ::takes a glass of the bubbly::

CnsTempest: ::smiles and nods at Mary:: Yes, you did. And most well!

LCdrPicard: :::Standing there silently..his hands clasped behind his back waiting patiently::

EnsKiapen: ::looks at the walls:: Bad Monkeys!  Bad, Bad, Bad!

EnsKiapen: ::turns on the forcefield::

ShaneJ77: ::wispers to John:: check your mail, only if you cant get away... ::grins::

SLtKeane: ::See Picard:: ::smiles:: "Thank you for coming Commander."

Lt MaryJo: ::notices an old friend in the line::

CmdrReed: ::steps out:::

LCdrPicard: ::Walks over and stands in front of Keane:::Thank you..It was my pleasure...your'e a lucky 

EnsKiapen: ::quickly cleans up the mess, glad that the animals only get vegitables in diet::

SLtKeane: ::looks over at Shane:: "ok??"

SLtKeane: ::smiles::

LCdrPicard: man

CptnThorne: ::waits in line with Mrs. Blackthorne to greet the couple::

CmdStecker: ::looks around, and wonders where Kang is::

SLtKeane: That I am..

CnsTempest: ::to Brooke:: I guess we'd best leave the happy couple to their celebrations. In the meantim

SLtKeane: Very lucky.

CnsTempest: e, care for some cake?

Lt MaryJo: Kevin...I mean Commander Picard...thank you for coming..

LCdrPicard: ::Clenches his jaw staring at Keane..a smirk on his lips::Ummhmm...

CmdStecker: ::walks off to the side and comms Peter::

BrookeDoln: ::grins:: We have to wait for the bride and groom to cut it first.

CmdStecker: ::checks on Ana::

ShaneJ77: ::looks at Brooke:: shall we hit the punch bowl then?

SLtKeane: ::looks at Picard and smiles::

Lt MaryJo: ::looking up at Picard::

EnsKiapen: ::returns to quarters and changes out of stuffy dress uniform::

LCdrPicard: ::Walks over to Mary..::Hello Mary...Save the formalities....for duty...

CnsTempest: ::nods:: of couse...

CmdStecker: ::hears that everything is ok, and turns her attention back to the reception::

Lt MaryJo: Hello Kevin...thank you for coming..

BrookeDoln: Punch sounds fine.

SLtKeane: ::Sees the Captain approach:: "Captain! Once again thank you so much."

EnsKiapen: ::throws dress uniform into the replicator:: good riddens..

CnsTempest: ::walks with Brooke to refreshment table::

CptnThorne: It was my pleasure!

ShaneJ77: ::walks over to the punch, gets 3 glasses, offers them:: ladies?

LCdrPicard: ::Smiles at Mary...and reaches into his pocket::

EnsKiapen: ::changes into a regular uniform::

LCdrPicard: ::Hands her a locket...and smiles...::I...uhh....thought you could use this...the pictures 

LCdrPicard: can be replaced..

LCdrPicard: ::smirks::Of course...

CnsTempest: ::pours a cup of punch, gives it to Brooke, pours another::

CmdStecker: ::walks up to Brooke and Tempest::

ShaneJ77: ::nods:: Commander.

EnsKiapen: ::hears stomache growling...::

Lt MaryJo: Umm....Kevin...are you sure?

CnsTempest: ::smiles:: Good evening, Commander

CmdStecker: :sees Shane for the first time:: Greetings all.

CmdStecker: ::nods::

CptnThorne: ::::pulls a bottle of 2300 Irish Whiskey from behind his back::: 

EnsKiapen: ::decides to try some of the reception food before returning to duty::

SLtKeane: ::Greets others in line as they make there way up::

LCdrPicard: ::Inhales..stares at her..smirks and walks away....towards Utoka:::Take it..Mary...

CptnThorne: Here ye are, John... drink in good health!

SLtKeane: ::looks at the Captain::

LtCdrAkira: I'm going to change out of this... 

Lt MaryJo: ::takes the locket::

CnsTempest: It was a lovely wedding.

LtCdrAkira: Ursal> Yup... see ya in engineering?

SLtKeane: ::Smiles:: "Wow.. thank you Sir.!"

LtCdrAkira: Akira> Yup...

ShaneJ77: Commander, may I present Councelor Tempest.

BrookeDoln: ::smiles at Kristi:: How are you and Ana doing, Commander?

LtCdrAkira: ::discreetly exits the reception and heads back to his quarters...::

CptnThorne: No problem, John, enjoy!

LtCdrAkira: ::Same with Ursal::

CmdStecker: Gut, very gut.. She ist starting to sleep throughout the night now.. No more

CmdStecker: midnight feedings. ::smiles::

Lt MaryJo: Thank you again captain..

CptnThorne: All I ask is the second dance with the bride.

EnsKiapen: ::re-enters 10-F and checks out the buffet::

Lt MaryJo: ::smiles::  Of course sir..

SLtKeane: ::smiles at Mary::

LCdrPicard: ::Walks over and stands next to Utoka:::Hello Sir...Long time no see..

LtCdrAkira: ::enters into his quarters and changes::

LtCdrAkira: ::hangs the suit up in his closet...::

CptnThorne: Jaina>  ::hands Mary an elaborate picture frame:: For the wedding picture, dear.

EnsKiapen: ::jaw drops, seeing all the fresh fruit...:: oh wow...

LtCdrAkira: Emily, you a packrat too... 

EnsKiapen: ::takes a large plate, and begins filling it with bluebarries, and strawbarries, and

LtCdrAkira: Yes, the wedding was beautiful... ::looks at his chess board::

Lt MaryJo: ::takes the frame::  Well, thank you Mrs. Blackthorne..

EnsKiapen: cantalope, and fruit salad::

LtCdrAkira: I still can't believe she did that... just moved my chess pieces...

SLtKeane: ::grins and takes two glasses of champagne from a passing waiter::

LCdrPicard: :::Takes the drink a waiter hands him ...doesn't even look at it..just sips:::

CptnThorne: Jaina> No problem, Mrs. Keane.  ::smiles, and leads her husband to the buffet::

SLtKeane: Thank you Mrs. Blackthorne..

LCdrPicard: ::Raises a brow at the taste of Champagne:::

BrookeDoln: ::to Tempest:: Did you get them anything? I found a 

BrookeDoln: lovely flower vase on a small planet in the Rarthian 

BrookeDoln: System.

LtCdrAkira: Oh, bicker about the petty things in life... what if this was it...

LtCdrAkira: Oh, I should get one, eh... well I accidently got yours...

CnsTempest: A vase? Oh dear... Not a small vase ::gestures with hands:: about so high...

SLtKeane: ::John hands Mary one of the two glasses::

LtCdrAkira: I like you better when we're drunk and philosophizing about nothing...

CptnThorne: Jaina> ::smiles over her shoulder at John::

BrookeDoln: Why, yes. I thought it would be perfect.

Lt MaryJo: Thank you, John..

CnsTempest: ::winces:: Bluish green with a shiny glaze?

LtCdrAkira: Yeah well... ::resets the board::

EnsKiapen: ::savors every bite of the fruit, remembering how hard it was to get on mars as a child::

LCdrPicard: :::Standing in TFL..sipping the Champagne...staring around the Lounge::

SLtKeane: Certainly. Interested in taking the floor?? ::Hears music start to play::

BrookeDoln: Goodness, yes! How did you guess, Tempest? You're not a telepath, are you?

Lt MaryJo: Yes... of course..

Lt MaryJo: ::puts the drink down::

ShaneJ77: ::winces, as he figures it out...::

SLtKeane: ::extends his arm, placing his drink on a nearby table::

CnsTempest: ::laughs:: that's another story... but, I guess the couple can use a pair of vases. They can

CnsTempest: set them on their mantle or something...

LtCdrAkira: All right, a man's life in the 24th century with his modern simplicity...

Lt MaryJo: ::takes his arm::

BrookeDoln: A pair ... ? Oh ... ::frowns ... then laughs::

CptnThorne: ::smiles as the music starts and leads Jaina out on to the floor, starts the waltz::

LtCdrAkira: Yes and yours... ::exits to engineering::

BrookeDoln: Looks like we might have something in common!

SLtKeane: ::John proudly guides Mary to the dance floor:: ::He step infront of her and slips his arm

EnsKiapen: ::finishes the fruit, with a childish grin on face::

CmdStecker: ::answers a frantic comm from Peter::

CnsTempest: I suppose so! ::grins::

BrookeDoln: ::looks around:: Hmm ... I wonder where Commander Akira is?

EnsKiapen: ::strolling down memory lane::

LtCdrAkira: Why do you want to see your body again? I thought your corporal existance

BrookeDoln: +Akira+ Brooke to Akira.

SLtKeane: around her waist and extends his arm.. ::He winks at her:: "Your amazing. ."

LtCdrAkira: didn't matter anymore...

CmdStecker: ::quietly slips out of 10-F and hurries to her quarters::

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Akira here... ::enters sickbay::

ShaneJ77: ::looks at both of them, laughs:: Ladies, if you'll excuse me a minute... 

Lt MaryJo: Why do you say that?  ::smiles up at him::

SLtKeane: They both start to move around the dance floor with style...

EnsKiapen: ::exits the party; will give congrates later::

LtCdrAkira: Oh so you still can't let go of it... well here she, you are...

BrookeDoln: +Akira+ Commander? Where are you? I thought you'd be at the party.

CmdStecker: ::enters her quarters:: Peter!! Peter, was ist los?

CnsTempest: ::picks up puch, sips::

EnsKiapen: ::puts the plate up, and returns to work;:

BrookeDoln: +Akira+ There's someone here I'd like you to meet.

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ I'm in sickbay appeasing the better half of myself.

SLtKeane: ::while dancing:: "Because I can't stop my heart from jumping every time I look at you..

SLtKeane: You inspire something in me..

BrookeDoln: ::nods at Shane, distracted::

BrookeDoln: +Akira+ I'm sorry?

Lt MaryJo: I feel the same way..

SLtKeane: ::He leans in and kisses her..::

ShaneJ77: ::leaves 10-forward::

CnsTempest: ::watches newlyweds dancing, smiles::

Lt MaryJo: ::kisses him slowly::

ShaneJ77: ::walks to Holodeck 1::

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Nevermind... I'm heading toward engineering, who do you want me to meet?

EnsKiapen: ::goes to the bridge:

CmdStecker: Peter>::runs out of Ana's room:: Ach Gott!! Das Idiot Leutnant Sarel has

CmdStecker: me scheduled for emergency duty!! He von't let me out of it!

LtCdrAkira: ::exits out of sickbay::

Lt MaryJo: <<ROFL, Steck>>

CmdStecker: Peter> You vill have to take Ana.

BrookeDoln: +Akira+ A new friend of mine. Why aren't you at the party? Nearly the whole ship is here!

LCdrPicard: :::Hears the music and shakes his head....walks over and sets the glass down on the table::

EnsKiapen: ::sighs, sitting down to the nearly empty bridge::

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ ::stops:: I'm not one for social gatherings Doc... 

ShaneJ77: Computer, activate Shane-Renatru 2 program

LtCdrAkira: ::whispers:: Not even the better half of me...

BrookeDoln: +Akira+ Well ... would you consider coming as a personal favor? To me?

SLtKeane: ::glides around the dance floor with Mary::

EnsKiapen: ::relaxes, finding comfort in the familliar sensor pannel::

CnsTempest: ::mentally reviews case notes on Akira::

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ Allright, allright, I'll be right down...

BrookeDoln: ::exchanges a knowing look with Tempest::

CnsTempest: Thank you, Brooke. I've been wanting to meet him.

LtCdrAkira: I wish I knew what this was about...

BrookeDoln: ::smiles to herself:: +taps+ Acknowledged.

SLtKeane: The first song starts to end..

LtCdrAkira: Yes maybe I should start checking the bulletins...

CnsTempest: Doing it at a party will make it easier... I don't want to press myself on him.

CptnThorne: ::kisses his wife as the song ends::

BrookeDoln: >afk<

EnsKiapen: ::begins fine tuning the sensors::

SLtKeane: "Looks like your going to have a full dance card::

ShaneJ77: ::Watches as the holodeck changes to Rentaru V landscape outside of the city of Otaka.::

CmdStecker: ::nods:: Ja, I understand. You go.. I vill handle Leutnant Sarel later.. Trust me.

LtCdrAkira: ::stops:: Well, I'm sorry Emily, I'm just not as organized as you!

Lt MaryJo: looks at him laughing::  Probably..

CptnThorne: ::moves to Mary as the next song begins:: May I have this dance?

LtCdrAkira: Hey! Well.. up yours to... ::turns the corner::

Lt MaryJo: Of course, captain..

LtCdrAkira: Oh, I thougth the wedding was beautiful... 

CnsTempest: ::wonders about best way to approach to Akira::

ShaneJ77: Computer, create a bench, over there ::points::

SLtKeane: ::Steps back and smiles:: "Take good care of her Captain." ::winks;:

ShaneJ77: ::Bench appears, Shane walks over and sits::

CptnThorne: ::smiles at John, and leads Mary to the floor::

LCdrPicard: ::Stares at Keane...then to the Captain...and then to his glass..fiddling with it slowly...:

EnsKiapen: ::pulls up files on a personal project...well, not quite *hers*::

LtCdrAkira: ::10-F lounge doors open::

Lt MaryJo: ::follows the captain onto the dance floor::

LtCdrAkira: Why didn't I get a gift... ::whipsers:: I didn't have time to think...

LtCdrAkira: ::looks of the Doctor::

SLtKeane: ::John watches them dance away..::

LtCdrAkira: <of = for>

CptnThorne: ::begins the dance::  Hope the ceremony was to your liking, Mary?

ShaneJ77: ::sighs::

CptnThorne: Jaina>  ::approaches Keane:: Would you like to dance, John?

SLtKeane: ::he shakes hands with fellow crew members, chatting and enjoying himself::

ShaneJ77: Computer... . . . .  never mind.

LtCdrAkira: Emily, I'm surprised, you haven't asked to see Shane yet...

EnsKiapen: ::studies the personality algorythems:: fascinating... genius..

Lt MaryJo: Yes, sir, it was beautiful...

SLtKeane: ::Turns to Jaina:: "Certainly!"

ShaneJ77: sits, and watches the suns shine off the mountain ranges.

LtCdrAkira: Well, why not?

CptnThorne: ::sighs wistfully:: That's me favorite duty of command, Mary.

EnsKiapen: ::notices how efficiently the program worked the ships systems::

CmdrTim: ::grabs some champagne off a passing waiter, and sits in the corner, people watching::

LtCdrAkira: No, absolutely, I wasn't going to use that as an excuse...

SLtKeane: ::John smiles and guides Mrs. Blackthrone onto the floor::

CptnThorne: Jaina> ::grins and follows John::

LtCdrAkira: Oh yeah... well, I'll just have to hide my secrets better...

Lt MaryJo: why is that sir?

CmdStecker: ::takes a peek at Ana, then changes into less formal attire::

LtCdrAkira: damn you... ::looks at the food::

CptnThorne: Things like this happening among a crew bring it closer together.

ShaneJ77: ::stands:: Computer, delete bench.

EnsKiapen: ::looks at the human interfaces:: down right frightening..

ShaneJ77: ::walks to Otaku::

SLtKeane: ::glides around the dance floor with Mrs. Blackthorne, who's quite a dancer::

LtCdrAkira: ::looks around for the doctor again:: Well, I can't find her...

LtCdrAkira: Look harder... 

LCdrPicard: ::Motions to the waiter....for another glass....one chilled more:::

EnsKiapen: ::compares it to information on the Borg, wondering just how close they came...::

CptnThorne: Jaina> You're quite a dancer, John... Mary's a lucky woman!

EnsKiapen: ::to creating a new race of them::

ShaneJ77: Last time I was here... I was walking to see Emily.

LCdrPicard: ::Inhales and stands...performing the Picard Maneuver on his tunic:::

SLtKeane: ::grins:: "Why thank you.. Your quite a swinger.. you dance alot with the Captain?"

LCdrPicard: ::Walks over to the dance floor....his lips pursed..a slight grin...taps the Captains 

LCdrPicard: shoulder::

EnsKiapen: ::licks lips, suddenly very glad they were able to deleat the program::

LCdrPicard: May I...?

CptnThorne: Jaina>  That's our favorite thing to do together.

LtCdrAkira: ::walks toward the window...:: A bottle of ale and Nietzsche's book...

CptnThorne: Why, certainly, Commander.

ShaneJ77: I ran into her on my way to her house... she was exstatic.. 

Lt MaryJo: ::looks at Kevin...then at the captain::

SLtKeane: ::smiles:: "Well it shows."

CptnThorne: Jaina

ShaneJ77: It was when she told me about getting married.

CmdStecker: ::hears Ana start to scream::

LCdrPicard: ::Smiles and steps to Mary...taking her hand...beginning to dance slowly:::

CptnThorne: Jaina>  Thank you, John.

ShaneJ77: ::sighs:: 

CptnThorne: ::wanders to the buffet::

LtCdrAkira: ::sits down:: Now, I get to have the eternal arugment with you...

CmdStecker: ::runs back into her room before she can wake up this side of the ship::

CnsTempest: ::looks at Commander Akira, bites her lip thoughtfully::

Lt MaryJo: ::begins dancing with Kevin::

ShaneJ77: ::keeps walking... right up to Emily's house::

LCdrPicard: Congradtulations.. Mary...::Stares into her face::: 

SLtKeane: ::smiles:: "Certainly.. my pleasure.. I stands releaved Captain!" :;winks::

CmdStecker: ::picks her up, and talks softly to her, trying to get her to stop screaming::

CnsTempest: ::at buffet:: hello, Captain. Did you enjoy the wedding?

LtCdrAkira: ::smiles:: Wonderful... I'll never be bored again...

Lt MaryJo: ::looks up at him::  Thank you Kevin..

ShaneJ77: ::stands outside... and just stares at the door::

SLtKeane: ::looks over and sees Mary dancing with Picard:: ::grins::

LCdrPicard: ::Spins her around the floor:::Been a long time ...huh..? Since I last danced this dance..

CptnThorne: Immensely, Counselor.

LCdrPicard: with you ??

EnsKiapen: ::begins to think about Akira, and his double personality disorder::

CnsTempest: Please, call me Tempest as long as we're off duty.

Lt MaryJo: That's true...a very long time..

CptnThorne: Jaina>  Thank you for the dance, John.

CmdStecker: ::replicates a bottle, and sits down in the Stecker family rocking chair::

LtCdrAkira: ::gets up:: I'd better get to engineering... 

LtCdrAkira: Doc can introduce me later...

CptnThorne: As long as ye call me Seamus. ::smiles::

LtCdrAkira: ::walks for the exit::

SLtKeane: ::nods to Mrs. Blackthorne:

CnsTempest: ::smiles back:: All right, Seamus. Is this the first couple to be married on the Atlantis?

EnsKiapen: ::considers the limits of human consciousness...and if it has any::

CptnThorne: Jaina>  ::Wanders to join her husband::

LtCdrAkira: Why engineering? I couldn't think of anything else to major in...

CptnThorne: On this Atlantis, ye.

CptnThorne: Yes.

SLtKeane: ::walks over to the food table and looks at what's offered:: Woo. nice selection.

LtCdrAkira: ::exits again and looks to the left and right for the Doc:: 

LtCdrAkira: ::shrugs and leaves::

CnsTempest: ::nods:: Hopefully it won't be the last...

CptnThorne: ::smiles as his wife takes his arm:: Jaina, have ye met our new counselor?

LCdrPicard: Well...::Inhales and places a fake smile in place::I'm glad you found happiness....even 

ShaneJ77: Computer, encode a personal message to Emily... 

LCdrPicard: if it wasn't me

CmdStecker: ::notices that the bottle shuts Ana up quickly::

ShaneJ77: Computer> Ready.

BrookeDoln: >Bak<

CmdStecker: Mein Gott, Ana!! You act like your grandfather!

BrookeDoln: ::looks around for Akira::

LtCdrAkira: I should go back...

SLtKeane: ::Walks back towards the dance floor stopping at the edge and talking with fellow crew membe

SLtKeane: ers.

LtCdrAkira: Do you really... all right... 

ShaneJ77: Emily, I don't know where you are.  All I know is that I miss you.

CptnThorne: Jaina>  Hello, Counselor.

CnsTempest: ::smiles at Jaina, notices Akira leaving, winces:: Hello, Ambassador Blackthorne

LtCdrAkira: Yeah right, I'll never know what I can miss...

Lt MaryJo: Kevin...I don't know what to say..

CptnThorne: Please, call me Jaina.

BrookeDoln: ::sighs:: Drat. Must've missed him. +taps+ Akira, where'd you go?

LtCdrAkira: The virtue of being spontaneous...

CptnThorne: <<::Tacks a Jaina> on the front of that. >>

LCdrPicard: ::Stares into Mary's eyes and grins...inhales:::Don't say anything...You just let me know if

EnsKiapen: ::two completely different perspectives-realities of the universe-forced to merge::

LtCdrAkira: +taps+ I'm right here Doc...

LCdrPicard: you need me in the future okay

LCdrPicard: ??

ShaneJ77: It's not fair to me. I want so much to have you just open the door five years ago...

CnsTempest: ::nods:: All right I will.

LtCdrAkira: ::walks back into 10-F:: 

CptnThorne: Jaina>  Welcome aboard, Tempest... it's good to have you as part of the crew.

EnsKiapen: ::has no doubt that he is now insaine, or will be shortly::

SLtKeane: ::looks over at Picard and Mary::

LtCdrAkira: Your right, I don't want to go back to engineering...

BrookeDoln: ::sees Akira across the room, calls to him:: Akira! Over here!

ShaneJ77: Instead you tell me of a marrage... now you've lost him, and just as we start to see each

Lt MaryJo: Kevin....I...I... all right...but I am very happy...

CnsTempest: ::sees Akira:: Thank you. Excuse me Jaina, Seamus.

ShaneJ77: other again, now you're gone.

CmdStecker: ::Ana looks up at her with incredible green eyes::

EnsKiapen: ::is glad there is a new councilor onboard::

LtCdrAkira: ::looks around and eventually sees and moves toward the doctor::

SLtKeane: ::Walks back them and taps Picard's shoulder:: "May I. Commander?"

CptnThorne: ::nods to Tempest::

CnsTempest: ::joins Brooke as Akira nears::

BrookeDoln: ::smiles:: I'm sorry I missed you. Here's the someone I wanted you to meet.

LtCdrAkira: I dunno, I guess I'm not just interested anymore...

LCdrPicard: ::Nods and steps back as the music ends....glances over at Keane::Sure..Of course..

ShaneJ77: I love you... but I cant wait forever. 

SLtKeane: ::smiles::

BrookeDoln: Commander Akira, Counselor Tempest Rainbird.

CmdStecker: ::shakes head:: Vell, you certainly don't have the Stecker eyes, do you?

CmdStecker: I'm terribly sorry about that.

CmdStecker: I vill tell you how it happened, one day.

LtCdrAkira: Neural sciences... ::pauses:: Hello Counselor...

CnsTempest: ::smiles and extends hand:: Pleased to meet you, Lieutenant Commander.

LCdrPicard: ::Stares at Mary as he back away..and heads for the TFL exit...::

Lt MaryJo: ::looks at Kevin...then back at John::

SLtKeane: "Thanks for coming Commander."" ::smiles and takes hold of Mary::

ShaneJ77: Perhaps I should just move on.

LtCdrAkira: ::accepts and shakes her hand::

ShaneJ77: Computer end message.

LtCdrAkira: Likewise.

CmdStecker: ::Ana makes a gurgling noise::

CnsTempest: And please, do call me Tempest. I feel uncomfortable with formality.

ShaneJ77: Computer, be sure to mark it as personal and urgent.

Lt MaryJo: ::goes into John's arms::

SLtKeane: ::While they dance:: "Mary? Picard seems struck with you? Know him well?"

LtCdrAkira: Sure... Counselor... um... Tempest... 

ShaneJ77: Lock it out with her personal access code.

Lt MaryJo: Yes, John...

BrookeDoln: Ah, if you two will excuse me ... ::smiles at Tempest::

Lt MaryJo: He's an old friend...from the academy..

ShaneJ77: ::thinks to self...:: I should get back to the party.

CnsTempest: ::nods:: Of course, Brooke.

LtCdrAkira: Sure...

LCdrPicard: ::Stops and walks over to Utoka...leans and whispers something and the two laugh as if old 

Lt MaryJo: I've known him for a long time..

LCdrPicard: friends::

BrookeDoln: ::turns and goes to look for Shane::

LCdrPicard: ::Waves and exits:::

CnsTempest: Lieutenant Commander, I've been wanting to meet you. I've read up on your case history. ::sm

SLtKeane: ::raises and eyebrow:: "I see."

CnsTempest: iles::

LtCdrAkira: ::whispers:: Will you quit, I know the virtue of spontaneousness...

CmdStecker: Ja, I know.. Maybe ve can get the color changed, ja?  To blue, like the

CmdStecker: rest of the family.

LtCdrAkira: Oh you have... ::smiles::

Lt MaryJo: John, what does that mean?

BrookeDoln: Computer, locate Shane Johnson.

CnsTempest: I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other. My door is always open.

CmdStecker: At least you look like a Stecker. ::smiles at her and Ana smiles back::

SLtKeane: ::smiles:: "Oh. nothing Mary.. absolutely nothing..

BrookeDoln: Computer> Ensign Johnson is on Holodeck 2.

LtCdrAkira: ::smiles:: I'm sure...

CptnThorne: ::he and his wife make a discreet exit from the party::

CmdStecker: Thank Gott that you have blond hair.. Vhat little you have, anyvay.

LtCdrAkira: but, I'm not really into seeing counselors...

EnsKiapen: ::notes an annomaly, and sends the coordinates and a discription to Star Fleet Hq::

Lt MaryJo: ::looks at him::

BrookeDoln: ::exits the lounge, almost running into Captain and 

BrookeDoln: Ambassador Blackthorne:: Oh, good evening.

CptnThorne: Doctor, hello.

CnsTempest: ::raised eyebrows::Oh? Why?

SLtKeane: ::looks at Mary and smiles:: "Think we should cut the cake?"

LtCdrAkira: ::shrugs:: I dunno, I just accept this has normal.

Lt MaryJo: that might be a good idea...

ShaneJ77: It's still not fair... ::As he stairs at the door to Emily's house on Rentaru V::

CnsTempest: I know of many times I could've used them. And people think I am normal.

Lt MaryJo: ::grins at him::

LtCdrAkira: well, that as normal... now this... well, I'll have to accept all the same.

SLtKeane: ::smiles and follows Mary to the cake::

BrookeDoln: ::continues on toward HD 2::

CmdStecker: Und it doesn't look like...your fathers.  Thank Gott for that. ::frowns at that

CmdStecker: thought::

CptnThorne: ::returns to the Blackthorne quarters with Jaina::

CnsTempest: I'm not here to change you.

CnsTempest: ::smiles:: But I won't force you into anything. I just thought I could help.

LtCdrAkira: That's good to hear...

SLtKeane: What do we cut it with?

LtCdrAkira: I don't see how you could really help... 

SLtKeane: ::looks around::

CnsTempest: We all have problems, Lieutenant Commander, I'm just an ear to tell them too. ::shrugs:: But

SLtKeane: ::Can only find a sword::

LtCdrAkira: I'm perfectly normal with my mental status... but we could have used you with 

CnsTempest: I don't want to impose.

LtCdrAkira: that computer... ::smiles::

Lt MaryJo: ::No John..

LtCdrAkira: ::nods:: Okay...

Lt MaryJo: Not a sword  ::puts her hand on it::

SLtKeane: "ahhh.."

CnsTempest: ::laughs::

Lt MaryJo: ::picks up the knife::  Here...

SLtKeane: ::smiles:: "What then?"

LtCdrAkira: ::nods:: What?

Lt MaryJo: Well....we cut the cake...

BrookeDoln: ::approaches HD 2::

SLtKeane: ::looks over at sword:: "I'll bet we could cut clean through that cake with that.." ::smiles

CmdStecker: ::takes bottle out of Ana's mouth and burps her before she can spit up all

CmdStecker: over creation::

CnsTempest: Nothing... ::shrugs:: I'll leave you to yourself. ::turns, turns back:: Remember, I'll be he

SLtKeane: "Ok.. " ::follows Mary's instructions::

CnsTempest: re if you need me.

Lt MaryJo: No doubt...and the table too

LtCdrAkira: Well, if you'll excuse me I should get going... my first is waiting for me in engineering

CnsTempest: ::walks away::

LtCdrAkira: ::walks off and exits the lounge::

CmdStecker: ::smiles as Ana does what she wants to, and resumes feeding::

LtCdrAkira: What Emily? No, Emily...

BrookeDoln: +taps+ Brooke to Ensign Johnson.

ShaneJ77: ::hears the arch behind him open::

Lt MaryJo: ::John and Mary cut the cake::

LtCdrAkira: Now, that I've seen all of these facets of you... 

ShaneJ77: Come on in Brooke.

BrookeDoln: ::enters HD, sees Shane:: Oh, there you are!

CnsTempest: ::looks for Brooke, discovers she has left, asks a petty officer to dance::

LtCdrAkira: I can't say I'm entirely happy with this arrangement, but

LtCdrAkira: I'll learn... Yes, I know that's what life is about...

BrookeDoln: I was wondering what happened to you.

SLtKeane: ::John withdraws the first piece from the cake and smiles at mary:: "Aren't you supposed

ShaneJ77: ::arch disapears, Shane turns and looks at Brooke... tears on face:: I can't keep up the 

CnsTempest: ::realizes she doesn't know the dance he's doing, guides him into a waltz::

SLtKeane: to eat some of this??"

ShaneJ77: face for long.

SLtKeane: ::Grins evenly::

LtCdrAkira: You know I can't go back to engineering...

Lt MaryJo: Yes...I think so...and so are you..

BrookeDoln: ::swallows, thinks:: Hmm ... I wasn't really prepared for this.

SLtKeane: You first.

LtCdrAkira: Emily, why don't you want to talk with Shane?

CmdStecker: ::has a sudden thought:: Computer! Location of Lieutenant Sarel!

BrookeDoln: Do you want to be left alone, Shane?

Lt MaryJo: Okay..

LtCdrAkira: You continue to rack that subject through every thought...

SLtKeane: ::John raises a rather large peice to mary::

CmdStecker: Computer> Lieutenant  Sarel is in his quarters.

LtCdrAkira: I can't do integral calculus when your asking yourself that question...

SLtKeane: ::looks around:: ::smiles;:

ShaneJ77: Eventually I have to break down... So I came in here... I didn't want to ruin the party.

CmdStecker: +taps+ Stecker to Lieutenant Sarel.

CmdStecker: +taps+ Sarel here, Commander.

LtCdrAkira: Computer, locate Shane Johnson.

Lt MaryJo: Umm...John...don't you think that piece is a little big?

ShaneJ77: I don't know if I wnat to be alone.

CmdStecker: +taps+ Lieutenant, report to my quarters immediately. Understood?

SLtKeane: ::grins:: "Yeah..I do.."

CptnThorne: <<2 minute warning>>

SLtKeane: ::smiles::

BrookeDoln: ::bites her lip:: Do you want to talk about something?

CmdStecker: +taps+ Why, Commander? I just got off duty.

Lt MaryJo: ::looks at him::frowning a little::


SLtKeane: "Just take a bite."

Lt MaryJo: ::opens her mouth to take a bite::

SLtKeane: ((Hears the ship rumble))

SLtKeane: ::looks around:: "What was that?"

Lt MaryJo: what?

LtCdrAkira: Computer> Shane Johnson is in holodeck 2.

LtCdrAkira: ::Akira heads off for the holodeck::

ShaneJ77: Actually... ::looks down:: I was working out my loss.

CmdStecker: +taps+ Understood, Commander.  I will be there soon.. :;starts

CmdStecker: whimpering about life in general::

SLtKeane: (Talking about steckers scream)

CnsTempest: ::thanks him for the dance... mills around::

LtCdrAkira: More confined in there, eh? Not like the cyberconscious...

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= P A U S E  S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\=       Stardate 49804.19       =/\= =/\=

CptnThorne: =/\= =/\= =/\= P A U S E  S I M =/\= =/\= =/\=