Atlantis Archer, Ericka

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Atlantis at Earth Name: Archer, Ericka
Rank: Ensign
Service Number: 899-0025C
Species: Human/Bajoran
Gender: Female
Place of Origin:
  South Carolina, Earth
Height: 175cm
Build: Slightly muscular
Skin: White
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Marital Status: Single
Current Assignment:
  Assistant Engineer,
  USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D
Service Record

Ericka was a late Academy graduate. She didn’t join until she was in her mid 20s. By the time that she joined the Academy, she had already gotten her doctorate in history. Although she doesn’t consider herself a pacifist, Ericka feels like violence should only be the answer when all other possibilities have been exercised. She became a student of history because she holds these beliefs. Ericka holds fast to the idea that if one does not understand history that they will be doomed to repeat it. Her specialty was 23rd and 24th century history, with a focus on Federation conflicts. She is especially knowledgeable of the Federation wars with the Dominion and the Borg, and the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. She feels like space is so vast that she can’t fathom why any space faring species should interact with one another at all, unless they wanted to.

10 Nov 2400: Awarded Presidential Unit Citation, USS Atlantis, for Extraordinary Heroism and Exemplary Service, Xovul Conflict

Physical Description

Ericka stands at 175 cm, and is broad.  She is slightly muscular, and has curly auburn hair that falls just below her shoulders.  When she is working, she normally pulls her hair up into a high ponytail.

Family and Personal History

Ericka Eelre Archer is a Human/Bajoran born in South Carolina on Earth. Her mother was a refugee from the Cardassian Occupation. She was rescued while fleeing from Jack Archer, a Starfleet officer. The two would fall in love shortly after meeting and marry. Their daughter, Ericka would be born in the last days of the Occupation. They were divorced when Ericka was a young child, but remain friends.

Ericka’s parents are very important to her. Her father spent much of her life in space. He is a veteran of the Dominion War. He is where Ericka got her interest in science and history. He was a science officer before transferring to command during the war. He became the captain of the USS Jupiter in the final days of the war. In spite of the light years separating them, they are in frequent contact. It was her father’s proudest day when Ericka graduated from Starfleet Academy. He even took a brief sabbatical to attend her graduation.

Ericka grew up on Earth with her mother, who is an artist. Her mother settled in the town where Ericka’s father was from until Ericka was old enough to leave home, at which point she elected to return to Bajor. Like she is with her father, Ericka is also close with her mother, and enjoys frequent contact. She visits Bajor regularly, but it never felt like home, unlike Earth. Her grandparents were terrorists who fought and died in the Cardassian Occupation. This is a fact that both she and her mother are very proud of.

Unlike her mother, who is a devout follower of the Prophets, Ericka is not. Ericka acknowledges the existence of the Bajoran Wormhole Aliens, and the relationship between them and Benjamin Sisko, but does not believe that they are gods, let alone have any interest in Bajor or its people. This has caused friction between Ericka and her mother, but has never seriously damaged their relationship. Ericka goes so far as to forgo wearing the traditional Bajoran earring. She considers herself a skeptic and an atheist. She has frequent disagreements with her mother and most other Bajorans about the Prophets. She tries to not talk about it in public, unless she’s ready to aggressively argue about it.

Medical History

Ericka was assigned male at birth. When she was very young she revealed to her parents that she was not a boy, but a girl. Her name was promptly changed to Ericka, and when she began to reach puberty, she was given hormone replacement therapy, and when she turned 18, she underwent reassignment surgery.

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