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Atlantis at Earth Name: Velekh, Csirr Ych'a
Rank: Ensign
Service Number: 830-2742P
Date of Birth: 2366
Species: Caitian
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Cait
Height: 192cm
Weight: 63kg
Build: Lean
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Pale Green/Deep Blue
Marital Status: Single
Service Record

11707.14: Promoted to Ensign for Graduating Starfleet Academy
11708.01: Assigned to the USS Atlantis as MED
11907.08: Removed from active duty

Physical Description

Midnight-blue, short, soft fur that covers his whole body, pale grey fur for his cheeks and has fairly long hair (down to shoulders and slightly curled) on the top of head (this, paired with his slightly higher vocal range, means that he is often mistaken for a female). His skin beneath the fur is light grey.
Pads on the bottom of his feet and padding on his palms and finger tips, giving him better grip (Often doesn’t wear shoes). Claws in both hands and feet and fairly sharp canines.
Cat ears, slight kink in the tip of the right ear.
Voice is higher than most male Caitians and has a cat-like purr undertone (like all Caitians).
Has heterochromia, left eye is a pale green and right eye is a deep blue.
His height is slightly above average for a Caitian as is his expected life-span of approx. 127 years. (Average being 115).
His weight is slightly lighter than is average for a Caitian.
His build is lean and tall, only slight definition.
Scar on left temple in the shape of inverted Star Fleet insignia.

Family and Personal History

Name: Csirr Ych’a Velekh
(Csirr has Caitian origins .//. Ych’a has Vulcan origins and means ‘secret star’ .//. Velekh has Vulcan origins and means ‘one surrounded by freedom’)

Biological father (Caitian) died before he was born and biological mother (Caitian) died soon after he was born.

Adoptive Mother
-Prora M’Nerr
-47 y/o
-Works as a botanist in a StarFleet station on Cait working to grow Terran plants and crops on Cait soil.

Adoptive Father
-Lyras Radak (Lyras: ‘being who carries emotion’ , Radak: ‘an outcast’)
-Disappeared (Assumed Deceased)
-64 y/o
-Shamed by his people (Specifics not clear, but his embracing acceptance of his own emotions and refusal to undergo Kolinahr plays a big part.)

No Siblings.
No Children.
Very secretive about his past, especially the past of his childhood growing up on Vulcan, due to his adoptive father’s shamed status decreed by his own people (Hense, a different last name).


Educational History

Entered Starfleet Academy aged 19 and took multiple courses over 9 years, Majoring in Medicine and Engineering.

When he first joined he focused on Engineering (Specialising in ‘Piloting’ and ‘Tactical and Security’ and well as the main body of Engineering), minoring in Physics. He graduated a year earlier than the others in his class (3 years) and was Valedictorian for the 1st year, not for 2nd year as he struggled in ‘Nanotechnology’ (4th in his class) or third year as he struggled with the ‘A.I.’ class (7th in his class) which brought him down slightly.

During his time there he became attracted to the medical courses Starfleet offered. He spent another 6 years at Starfleet to also specialise in the Medical fields (Majoring in ‘Biology’ and ‘Chemistry’), (Forgoing the compulsory topics he had already learned the years before and cutting his time there by 1 years). Aced his courses in ‘Xenobiology’ and ‘Mental Health’.
Total time spent at the academy is 9 years, Csirr leaving aged 28 and taking 1 year of field work planet-side before applying to join a Federation ship.

Armoury: Hand Phasers, Phaser Rifles and Artillery
Armoury: Starship Phasers and Phaser Cannons
Armoury: Photon Torpedoes
Physics: Warp Theory

14 Extra Credits-
1. Engineering: Advanced Transporter Techniques, Technology and Theory
2. Engineering: Advanced Warp Systems
3. Engineering: Artificial Intelligence
4. Engineering: Automata, Computability, and Complexity
5. Engineering: Nanotechnology 1
6. Engineering: Nanotechnology 2
7. Engineering: Bio-Neural Components
8. Engineering: Shield Systems
9. Engineering: Weapons Systems
10. Engineering: Security Systems
11. Engineering: Regulation of Chemicals, Radiation, and Biotechnology
12. Engineering: Subspace Mechanics
13. Engineering: Medical Systems and Equipment
14. Engineering: Life Support Systems

9 General Electives-
1. Physics: Classical Mechanics
2. Physics: Electrodynamics
3. Physics: General Physics 1
4. Physics: General Physics 2
5. Physics: Quantum Mechanics
6. Physics: Vibrations and Waves
7. Mathematics: Mathematics for Computer Science
8. Mathematics: Linear Algebra
9. Mathematics: Probability and Statistics

Total- 48
Core- 21
Engineering- 18
Elective- 9 (6 Minor credits)
Time- 3 Years

BIO101: Concepts
CHEM101: Concepts
CHEM201: Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM202: Organic Chemistry 2
x PHYS201: General Physics 1 (Skipped)
x PHYS202: General Physics 2 (Skipped)
MATH120: Calculus, Advanced
LANG101: Federation Standard

Total- 60 (Max)
Core- 21 (Did not study core as he had already studied it, though he still took the exams and completed coursework)
Medical- 36
Elective- 3
Time- 6 Years (First 3: Biology Major, Last 3: Chemistry Major)

Medical History

No obvious medical status affecting appearance, aside from the heterochromia, though it does not appear to effect his quality of vision unlike a few notable cases among the Caitian species.
//Note: Colour blindness test is suggested but is not required//

Slight tremor in right hand due to accident involving an incorrectly healed fracture, trapping nerves.
//Note: Does not effect work as he is ambidextrous//

Scar on cheek appears to have been self inflicted, though age of the scar tissue suggests that it was carried out when still in childhood.
//Note: Psychologist advised//

His outside of average levels for characteristics suggests a close ancestor not originating from the planet Cait.

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