Atlantis Tailor, Velina

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Atlantis at Earth Name: Tailor, Velina
Rank: Lt. Commander
Service Number: 808-0262A
Date of Birth: 2366
Species: Human/Bolian
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Earth
Height: 163cm
Weight: 63kg
Build: Thin/Average
Skin: Pale Blue
  Dark Blue, Purple & Teal Tinged
Eyes: Hazel
Marital Status: Single
Current Assignment:
  Starfleet Medical
Service Record

11702.15: Assigned to the USS Atlantis as Assistant Medical Officer
11709.20: Promoted to Lieutenant JG
11709.20: Assigned to the USS Atlantis as Chief Medical Officer
11904.03: Promoted to Lieutenant
12108.09: Promoted to Lt. Commander, Reassigned to Starfleet Medical
12111.10: Awarded Presidential Unit Citation, USS Atlantis, for Extraordinary Heroism and Exemplary Service, Xovul Conflict

Physical Description

Pale skin with a blueish cast, deep set warm hazel eyes set in a heart shaped face with a slight ridge running through the center. Long dark blue hair with teal and purple streaks.

Family and Personal History

Human and about 1/4 Bolian due to a genetic manipulation in her family’s past that allowed her great-great grandmother to have a child with a Terran — otherwise the incompatibility of their body chemistry would have made it very difficult. (Love is complicated, yo) In 2366, a few generations later,  Velina was born on Starbase 375 to a bolian-human Starfleet mother and human civilian father, a tech on the space station.

In 2373, the Dominion War broke out. Her mother, as a pilot, was reassigned to the USS Verdun, and Velina and her father were sent back to Earth for safety. Two years later, Velina’s mother was killed in the Battle of Cardassia when Velina was just nine years old.

Young Velina and her father moved back to his family’s home in western Montana. When she was old enough, and despite her father’s best efforts to keep her from joining Starfleet and risking her life, she applied and was accepted into the medical program as a combat medic. Inheriting her love of excitement from her daredevil pilot mother, Velina is in her element during times of chaos, bored with routine.


Educational History

Specialties: Aerospace medicine/Internal Medicine. Pilot training: Shuttles. Interned on a hospital ship, the Sirona, during the Tzenkethi War, then transferred Vinland Station just after the war for her residency. From there she was assigned to her first post on Atlantis.

Medical History

No major medical issues. Because of her Bolian/human ancestry, her system is somewhat more caustic than a full blooded human, but tempered by several generations of human genetics.  Her blood is cobalt rather than iron based, giving her skin a blueish cast, and her blood is pink rather than red when oxygenated. Therefore her lips can have a pale pink to purplish cast to them, and she blushes lavender. 

As a hybrid, her cranial ridge is less pronounced than a full blooded Bolian. Her brain structure is less divided as well, and she’s more able to diversify her interests unlike most Bolians, who specialize — she has a keen scientific mind but is a competent artist as well, and loves to read about many subjects in her off time. 

Her heart is located on the right side of her body rather than the left. There are other physiological differences, her spleen is larger due to processing and breaking down her blood cells more quickly –they have a faster decay rate because of the cobalt based blood. She needs to take cobalt based supplements because cobalt is not readily found in most standard foods, or she develops a type of anemia due to low levels of cobalt in her blood. Her body’s interior is protected from her caustic body chemistry, for example her tongue has a cartilaginous layer that humans do not have, albeit not as thick as a full-blood.

 This allows her to eat (or the ability to attempt) certain foods that a human wouldn’t normally be able to, such as a family recipe based on a lutefisk-like Bolian specialty made with rotten meat and a caustic vegetable similar to ghost pepper. She has only experienced this dish once in her life, when her great grandmother made a rare visit to Earth from the Bolian homeworld when she was ten years old. She tried it at Mamaw’s insistence, ate two bites, and then promptly tried to give it to the cat. Fortunately, the cat had enough sense to hide and never touched it, or it would have met a terrible fate. 

Additional Information


She breaks the mold of the trademark cheerful outgoing Bolian. Given to introversion and self reflection, she prefers the operating room to doing patient rounds because a patient under anesthesia can’t make small talk. 

She also dislikes large parties for the same reason. Large parties are fun for a little while and she enjoys going sometimes, but her job as Chief Medical Officer drains her social batteries and she needs solitude to recharge after. Or, she’s been known to skip the event entirely if she’s not in the mood, or it’s been a particularly demanding day. Some of the need for introspection may be due to brain wiring, or it could be related to losing her mother at such a young age, and having no siblings.

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